The realm of Fae, here resides many odd creatures and beings. You can find a wide array of Fae beings, and visit each of the courts. Just be sure to look out for yourself, and be careful who you trust
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  • hey i will do any rp all you have to do is message me
  • I’m new! Would anyone love to roleplay?
    • I would like to try! :>
  • Hello ✨
  • ((Hello World! I’m new! Would anyone like to role play?
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    • “Really? Must you take it out on the trees? What have they ever Done to you?”

      Came a voice from above him as a black winged silhouette slowly came into view. Steely glowing green eyes looked down upon the stranger as her wings beat to keep her hovering in mid air.

      “What will you find here indeed. Well. You found me. Tell me stranger. Why have you come here?”
    • “It is fine with me. Long as no harm come to the trees and plants. Do as you will. If you happen to kill any humans who happen to trespass here. That is fine too.”
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