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Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

Valkyrie: battle armor, long blonde hair, sharp gold eyes, 5' 11"

Mortal: band-tee's, bomber jacket, ripped jeans/shorts, ankle boots, short blonde hair, icy blue eyes, 5' 4"

Character Personality

Curious, wise, rebellious, on-her-guard.

Character Likes

Wolves, fighting, making true allies, doing her Valkyrie job

Character Dislikes

Being on Earth, being unable to see the future clearly, those who cheat death

Character History/Story

Skuld is the youngest of the three Norns (three deities who decided human fate), the oldest being Urd (Norn of the past), and the middle being Verdandi (Norn of the present), making her the Norn of the future. She does not remember how she was cast to Earth. Now she goes by Skye Futursdottir ("future's daughter"). She wants to find allies to help her get back home to her sisters, and possibly find love.

Character Inventory

Spear (in the form of a switchblade knife carried on an ankle holster), wolf Magnar (summoned by special whistle-call)

Character Abilites

Enhanced fighting skills (both) Superhuman strength/agility/stamina/durability (both) Foresight (Valkyrie, shared with Heimdall) Summon Magnar (both, pet wolf, which she rides into battle)

Lesser forsight (mortal, see a little ahead, or just a small glimpse)

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)


Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I'm absolutely OBSESSED with mythologies, and have fallen in love with Norse mythos. I love Norse and Viking music. I've also been roleplaying for a few years :)

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  • Skye didn't say anything, but simply nodded, and stared at the ceiling when Nat left. Eventually, she fell asleep, and had very fitful dreams about what HYDRA had done to her, leading to her feeling very groggy when she woke up the next morning.

    She sat up, then swung her legs over the side of the bed, scanning the room for a set of clothes, since she was in a hospital gown. Her thoughts roamed, and finally rested on something: "When will I go home?"

    She took off the hospital gown and put it on backwards, so she was able to pull it closed around herself. Then, not seeing any other clothes, she wandered out of the impeccably white room and into another room, where she saw a few people talking. Skye almost didn't recognize them without their supersuits, but she guessed who they were just fine. "E-Excuse me," she said timidly. "Where can I get a set of clothes, instead of this?" She gestured to her hospital gown.

  • Nat: “Nice to meet you, Skye.  You are most definitely safe here and you are in one of the many safe houses we have around the globe.” 

    She didn’t want to to give her the true location as there were still so many questions that needed to be answered and they weren’t sure if she had been turned the way Bucky had been.

    Nat: “Yes, we were fighting against the “Evil Men”, we call them HYDRA, very nasty people to say the least.  You were pretty badly beaten up, but our doctors took care of you, bandaged your wounds, and let you rest.  We have a lot more questions for you, and then you can meet the rest of the team.  How does that sound?  I’ll let you get some sleep; we will check in with you later.  And don’t worry, you are safe, no one is going to hurt you again.” 

    Nat stood up and the gave her a smile before turning and walking out of the room.  She closed the door behind her and then met up with Tony and Steve in the hallway.

    Nat:  “She has been through a lot, but I believe we can trust her, but we should let her rest, she has been put through a lot.”

    Tony and Steve nodded in agreement, as they all headed down the hallway to the break room, as they all had the same thing on their mind, did HYDRA turn her.  Only time will tell, but for now they wait.

  • Skye looked up at the red-head. Somehow, she made her feel more safe, more secure, like a friend or sister would. Her mind cleared, and she spoke softly, but with an air of Asgardian authority.

    "I am....Skye." She wasn't sure she could trust anyone, so she just went with her human name. But names didn't matter at the moment, in her mind. Currently she had a very important question to ask.

    "Where am I?" she asked. "Am I safe?"

    Suddenly it clicked. This was one of the heroes she had seen at that one base, before she had been kidnapped. "Wait! You were there! Fighting those...evil men. You're one of the heroes, so that means that I MUST be okay, right?"

    She was happy now, to be able to meet and talk to one of the ones who wished to do good, and Skye had a child-like naivete, seeing as she wasn't from Earth.

  • When the heart monitor started beeping faster and louder, the nurses came rushing in to make sure everything was alright.  The first nurse arrived at her bed side and quickly adjusted the monitor and then looked down at the woman.

    Nurse 1:  “Its ok, you are safe, no one is going to beat you or torture you anymore.  Please try to relax.  Are you hungry?”

    The nurse looked down at her, if anything she wasn’t lying, she was there to help. 

    In the other room, Cap and the rest of the team were relaxing and talking about the missions.  They managed to shut down over twenty HYDRA Bases, but they weren’t able to capture Strucker or the Red Skull, as they kept evading them.  Steve was the first to speak up about the elephant in the room. 

    “What about the woman?  We know anything about her, name, where she is from and who she is?”

    Tony:  “She isn’t in any database that we know of.  It’s as if she doesn’t exist or isn’t from this planet.”

    “Wait are you trying to tell me that you think she is an alien of some sort?”

    Tony: “Not alien, but maybe someone like Thor.  You know Asgardian.  Maybe if we can contact Thor he would know more.”

    The team looked at each other and then Steve spoke up again.

    “Maybe we should talk to her, see if she will tell us who she is and what she was doing on a HYDRA Base and if she knows anything about their plans.”

    Tony:  “That sounds like a plan, but who should interrogate her?”

    “I say let Natasha talk to her, a woman to woman chat so to speak.”

    Nat shook her head in agreement and then left the room and headed for the infirmary.  Once she got there, she noticed the nurses were all in the stranger’s room, trying to calm her down.  Nat quickly entered the room and made her way to the woman’s bed.  Telling the nurses to step aside to let her try to talk to her.  The nurses quickly disengaged and stepped back as Nat pulled up a chair and sat down.

    Nat: “So, do you have a name?  I’m Natasha, but you can call me Nat.  You have been through a lot, we just have a few questions, if you can possibly answer them, that would be great.”

    Natasha waited to see if she would cooperate before she continued.

  • Skye had been passed out for a few days. When she woke up, she was in a strange bed in a strange place. This scenario seems awfully familiar, she thought. But wait! The star-spangled hero had come and gotten her! That meant that she had to be somewhere good. She looked around, taking in her surroundings. There were some machines, and her clothes had been replaced by a hospital gown, and her hair had been tied in a loose high-bun, so they could treat her bruises on her neck and face. She laid her head back down and looked at the impeccably white ceiling.

    Then a thought dawned on her. What if they find out what I am? Her thoughts began growing steadily more worried, and that caused her heart to race, and thus the heart monitor started beeping faster.

  • Cap easily dispatched the numerous HYDRA guards on his way into the base.  As he turned a corner, two guards raced towards him, he easily got rid of them, the first one he drop kicked across the hallway, the guards body slamming into the wall next to the Asgardian, the second one, he punched into the next room.  Both guards were now unconscious, and as he continued down the hallway, he noticed a figure lying on the ground, could it be the mystery woman?  He ran down the hallway, and as he got closer, she looked up at him and then passed out.  It was her and she was badly bruised and beaten up.  He signaled to the others.

    “I found the woman, lets wrap this up and destroy this base”

    With that command, the others acknowledged him and set up the C-4 charges.  Unfortunately, the Red Skull and Von Strucker managed to escape yet again.  As the Avengers made their way to the QuinJet, the HYDRA base exploded from within, the mountain collapsing on itself.  Cap carried the fallen warrior and then placed her on a makeshift bed, as Natasha began to look her over.  She gave her oxygen and then checked her vitals.  She needed medical attention and fast.

    Natasha:  “She is in pretty bad shape, we need to get her bask to SHIELD and under a doctors care.”

    Cap shook his head and agreed and then left Natasha to take care of her as the QuinJet raced home.

  • Skye sat chained to a metal chair, finishing an interrogation not five minutes before the guards left. Her head lolled down in front, her hair covering her eyes. She didn't think it would be possible for them to even get close to breaking her, but they did. However, they had gotten close. She was drifting in and out of consciousness. She had given up on the notion that anyone would come looking for her, so she needed to fight on her own, and she did. Every ounce of strength was used to spit on the head honcho's cheek, or shove a guard against the wall of her cell when he beat her.

    Now she had countless bruises, and probably a couple of fractured bones. Her hearing picked up on the sound of an explosion a ways away, showing that this facility was truly a large one. She tried to pick up her head to look around, but it hurt too much to move. However, from what she could hear, there were no guards guarding her anymore. That meant that they had been needed somewhere else, leaving a perfect chance to escape. But could she do it? Did she have enough strength to do so?

    She did indeed, because she pulled her wrists apart, as well as her ankles, and sure enough, the chains broke as she gave a loud groan/shout. She stood up and shuffled over to the wall and banged her shackles against it, breaking them easily. Then she stumbled to the door and tried to open it, although it was locked. Skye pushed, with one last show of strength, and she finally broke the lock, and the door swung free. She made her way into the hall, and saw who she thought was the hero in red, white, and blue, but it couldn't possibly be him, because he didn't know her, or where she was, right? Well, she collapsed there in the dimly lit hall, bodies flying through the air and hitting walls. Her vision clouded, and soon became dark, and she passed out, her last memory being the hero in red, white, and blue running over to her and bending down to check on her.

  • The QuinJet races towards the HYDRA Base in Russia.  This just wasn’t a seek and destroy mission but a possible rescue mission if the women they saw fighting with them is there.  Natasha puts the QuinJet on auto-pilot as she gets up and walks to the back, past Hawkeye, Falcon, Winter Soldier and Ironman.  They are all just relaxing as they get ready for what lies ahead.  She walks up to Steve, who at this tie is looking out the window, lost in thought.

    Natasha:  “Penny for your thoughts”

    At first he didn’t respond until she nudged him

    “Sorry Nat, was just thinking of that last op we were on, trying to wrap my head around who that woman was and what was she doing there?”

    Natasha:  “Don’t worry about it too much, I’m sure whoever she is, she is an ally”

    “Not worried about that, more concerned what HYDRA might be doing to her, especially what they did to Bucky.”

    She doesn’t say a word as she gently places her hand on his shoulder and then leaves to pilot the QuinJet to its final destination.  An hour goes by as Natasha steers the QuinJet to the location they decided would be the LZ (Landing Zone).  Once they get into the area of where they were to be, she lands the QuinJet.  Before heading out, Steve briefs them on their assignments.  Ironman and Falcon will take to the air and attack from above, Hawkeye, Winter Soldier Black Widow and Cap will strike from the ground.  Hawkeye and Black Widow will take the West Side of the base while Cap and Winter Soldier take the East.  Once they have their orders, they all head on out. 

    Once they reach the outskirts of the base, the two ground teams move in, meeting little resistance, as it seems the rest of the HYDRA agents and soldiers must be inside.  Slowly and strategically, they move in, Ironman and Falcon meet up with the ground crews, and once they are all together, they head on into the base.  Once they breach the entrance, the bullets and HYDRA weapons start to fly.  Explosions happen often as numerous fuel and equipment depots start to go up in smoke.  An alarm begins to sound as Red Skull and Von Strucker begin to mobilize their crews to attack the Avengers.  Deeper inside the base, where the Asgardian is being held, the guards look at each other and then leave her unattended as they are needed elsewhere. 

  • !!Trigger warning!!

    Skye struggled against her restraints. "Damn you, villain!" she angrily shouted at no one in particular. She continued to try to break free, but sometimes a guard would come in and use a long stick to electrocute her, and she would pass out. Skye's mind was occupied with thoughts of the previous fight. Who were those heroes, and would they come help her? She doubted that, seeing as they probably didn't know she existed, but yet she had a feeling about the one in red, white, and blue. She thought that, although he was fighting like a total badass, he might actually be quite kind.

    Every day, she was escorted to a machine that looked terrifying, and was told how it worked, in hopes that she would be frightened into submission. When she refused to comply, she was taken back to her cell-like room, and beaten and r@ped by guards. Her days and nights, when she wasn't facing the atrocities of HYDRA, were spent not answering the leader's interrogative questions. She was also kept chained to her bed, and was unable to break out.

    One night, after weeks of attempting to be broken, she laid on her measly cot, wondering if anyone back in Valhalla missed her. Eventually, she got to a point where she thought, 'No one's coming. Maybe I should submit. What's the worst that could happen?' Then she shook her head. No, she couldn't give in. These people wanted her for a bad reason, and she wouldn't let them use her to harm any innocents.


    ~~Avengers HQ~~

    From what Intel they were able to get and what SHIELD was able to come up with, there was another HYDRA Base in Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia.  There was very little known about this installation, and anytime a recon outfit went in, they were never heard of again.  Just from this information, they all knew this was one of HYDRA’s main bases and it would be heavily armed. 

    As the team was getting ready to embark on this next mission, Steve walked over to Sam (Falcon) to ask him a question.

    “When you had your drone flying around the area, was it recording?”

    Sam:  “Yes it was, why do you ask?”

    “Show me the footage from the op, I need to see if there might have been any other operative on the ground that we weren’t made aware of.  I have a gut feeling we weren’t alone that day, and I just want to check my sanity.”

    Falcon brought up the drone footage and put it up on the main screen in the briefing room.  As the two watched it, the drone flew over an area away from the battle and something caught Steve’s eye.

    “There, zoom in on that area.”  He pointed to the area of the screen that was far enough away from the battle, but close enough to have someone watch them.  “Just as I thought, there was another operative on the battlefield, but who is that?  Can you zoom in closer?”

    Sam meddles with a few settings and then zooms in closer.  He magnifies it and tries to clear the picture up to get a better view of who this is.  As he adjusts it, and the figure comes into view, it is a woman, and she helped them take down a few of the HYDRA soldiers.

    “Who the hell is that?  Did SHIELD send someone else in with us?”

    Sam:  “Good question, why would SHIELD do that, unless maybe they didn’t think we can handle it?”

    “I don’t think that is it, there is something off about this, if she was sent in to help us, shouldn’t she have announced herself to us and tell us she was there to help?”

    Sam shook his head, realizing that Steve was right, this wasn’t a SHIELD agent this was someone new and as they watched the recording, they soon realized that whoever she is, she needs their help now.  As the video shows, after they left, she was kidnapped by some HYDRA Agents and taken aboard one of the HYDRA airships.  From the direction it was flying off, they were heading towards the new HYDRA base in Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia.

    “Get the team together, this mission to take out this base, now has a second objective, rescue this woman.”

    Sam leaves the room as Steve stares at the figure on the screen.  “Sit tight whoever you are, we’ll get you out soon.”  He then leaves the room and suits up, meeting the rest of the team in the hangar where the QuinJet is being prepped.  Once the team is assembled, he goes over the plan to take down the base, but also to rescue this woman.  They then board the QuinJet and this time Natasha (Black Widow) is at the helm, piloting them to Russia.

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