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Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

Valkyrie: battle armor, long blonde hair, sharp gold eyes, 5' 11"

Mortal: band-tee's, bomber jacket, ripped jeans/shorts, ankle boots, short blonde hair, icy blue eyes, 5' 4"

Character Personality

Curious, wise, rebellious, on-her-guard.

Character Likes

Wolves, fighting, making true allies, doing her Valkyrie job

Character Dislikes

Being on Earth, being unable to see the future clearly, those who cheat death

Character History/Story

Skuld is the youngest of the three Norns (three deities who decided human fate), the oldest being Urd (Norn of the past), and the middle being Verdandi (Norn of the present), making her the Norn of the future. She does not remember how she was cast to Earth. Now she goes by Skye Futursdottir ("future's daughter"). She wants to find allies to help her get back home to her sisters, and possibly find love.

Character Inventory

Spear (in the form of a switchblade knife carried on an ankle holster), wolf Magnar (summoned by special whistle-call)

Character Abilites

Enhanced fighting skills (both) Superhuman strength/agility/stamina/durability (both) Foresight (Valkyrie, shared with Heimdall) Summon Magnar (both, pet wolf, which she rides into battle)

Lesser forsight (mortal, see a little ahead, or just a small glimpse)

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)


Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I'm absolutely OBSESSED with mythologies, and have fallen in love with Norse mythos. I love Norse and Viking music. I've also been roleplaying for a few years :)

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    Steve got up from the table, excusing himself as Natasha went to look for Bucky.  He decided to see if Skye needed anything, and when he looked around, he noticed she was gone.  She probably went exploring and figured she needed to clear her head.  Lord knows she was put through, and what she went through was more than anyone should have to go through, she didn’t deserve that.  As he walked out of the mess hall, he heard something, a faint thud, and then another and another, until it was a repetitious flurry of thuds, and he realized where she was, she was in the gym.  As he approached the gym he entered, at first he didn’t say anything as he leaned against the doorway and watched as she punched the bag.  She had some great technique, she pummeled the bag, right, left, right, left and then a flurry or punches to the mid-section of the bag. 

    “Great technique, where did you learn to fight?

  • As he took his seat at the table, he looked back at Skye, and then over to Natasha.

    “I need to talk to Bucky, see if he can talk to her, get to know her better and help her cope with what she went through.  I don’t think there is anything else we can do for her, except make her comfortable and let her know we are on her side.”

    Natasha nodded and got up from the table and walked out of the room, she was going to speak to Bucky first and then see if she can convince him to talk to Skye.

  • Steve knew it had to be the same machine.  Perhaps she would open up to Bucky, considering he went through the torture already.  Steve as just grateful that they didn’t get a chance to try it out on Skye.  He watched as she got up from the table and walked to the window.  Nat was about to get up when Steve motioned for her to stay, he would go over to her.  He got up from the table and walked over to where she was standing, taking up a position on her right.

    “Beautiful view isn’t it.  Every time I’m here it still amazes me how beautiful it is.  When you are up to it, I would like you to talk to someone, a very close friend of mine.  You two have a lot in common I believe, but take your time, there isn’t any rush.”

    He places his hand on her shoulder and then walks back to the table and sits with the others.  He can’t imagine what she is going through, only time will heal old wounds, but she seems to be strong and there is something about her that makes him realize that she is a lot tougher than she looks.

  • What she was talking about is the machine that brainwashed Bucky.

    When they heard her mention a machine, that is when the conversation turned.  Bucky told Steve about a machine HYDRA used on him when he was captured after he fell from the train.  Could this be the same machine?  If it was, then this made it even more imperative to locate it and destroy it once and for all.  No one should be put through what Bucky had to endure, and for Skye to be so close to being placed in that machine, well it made him angry.

    “What if anything can you tell me about this machine?  Were you showed it at any time when you were captured?”

    Steve knew this was going to get intense for Skye, having to remember everything that they did to her and then tell them.  But he knows it had to be done.

    Natasha:  “Whatever you can tell us, would be most beneficial.  Just take your time.”

    They all sat and waited for her reply.

  • He couldn’t believe that she was put through so much trauma, and still managed to keep her wits about her.  He wanted nothing more then to take down the Red Skull and Von Strucker, now more than ever.  Tony rubbed the back of his head and then sat down with them.

    Tony: “So what is the next plan of attack, you know me, attack is my game plan.”

    “Not sure yet, I want the doctors to check out Skye first and then we can discuss it as a team.  I would like Skye to join us in our discussion if that is ok with you.”

    He looks over at Skye, waiting for her reply.  He believes she may have some valuable information to give them and assist them with taking down HYDRA once and for all.

  • Skye looked up at Steve as he spoke. She paused at the word 'doctors', then nodded giving her consent.

    When the comment about her appetite was made, she stopped eating, and looked down. Then she shook her head. "I didn't eat much. Now that I think about it, I never really got a decent meal."

    She smiled slightly at Nat, grateful for the female company, but then she looked at Steve again. She still couldn't believe that he had saved her life.

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    Hope you have a Safe and Happy 4th of July!!!!!!

  • He could see she was hungry as she grabbed a plateful of food and then began to eat.  Whatever she was put through, she wasn’t fed, or if she was fed, it wasn’t much.

    “Easy, no one is going to take away your food.  They must have really hurt you.”

    When she mentioned they wanted her for her unique physiology and she didn’t know how she got there, more questions ran through his head, but for now he figured he would let her eat and relax.  The one thing he wanted to do though, was to have one of the doctors check her out.  When they brought her in here, they just gave her a quick look over, but nothing in depth. 

    “Once you are finished eating and have relaxed a bit, I would like to have the doctors give you a thorough exam.  Want to make sure that you are ok, no residual effects from your captivity, if that is ok.”

    He waited for her answer as Tony and Nat joined them at the table.

    Tony: “So I see you have a hearty appetite”

    Nat smacked him upside the head, then turned to Skye.

    Nat: “Don’t pay him any attention, you just eat as much as you like and then we will have the doctors check you out”

    With that, Nat began to eat along with her, and gave her a smile.  Steve still had questions, but for now they would have to wait.

  • Skye nodded. She could really use some food. She quickly gathered her food on a plate, and began eating like she hadn't eaten in a long time.

    Then she swallowed a huge bite, and told him.

    "They wanted me for my...unique physiology," she said. "And like I said, here I'm Skye. I don't know how I got to the place I was staying at."

    She rubbed her head, because she had a minor headache.

  • As he waited a million and one questions ran through his head.  He still didn’t know what she was doing there, why HYDRA wanted her and more importantly, why did she risk her life to save them, only to be captured.  When she was done changing, she tapped him on the shoulder, and he turned around.  Looking her over he gave her a smile and nodded.

    “So, they captured you after you saved us?  Can you tell me how you arrived at that base?  I mean it isn’t on any tourist maps.  It just seemed odd and a little strange that you would be out in the middle of nowhere.”

    Steve didn’t know what she was going to say, so he motioned for her to follow him back to the break room where she had met everyone earlier.  Perhaps, just perhaps she might open up to Nat, as they seemed to have a good working repertoire at the moment. 

    “I must apologize for all of the questions, but we are just a little curious as to who you are and where you came from?  And here we are.  Are you hungry?  The food is good and you look like you could use a good meal.”

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