Hello! I would like to rp with anyone who wants to! Please friend me, and we can talk about this!


Some info:


Skuld is a Valkyrie, and also a Norn, which is one of three deities that watch over/control the destinies of men. She is the youngest, being the Norn of what is to be, or the future. Her name means "debt" or "is to be". She has been cast out of Asgard and Valhalla for a reason that is unknown to her. She is now living as a mortal, trying to find her way back home to the other Norns Urd and Verdandi, the Norns of the past and present. Skuld's mortal name is Skye Futursdottir (future's daughter).


I'm open to any kind of rp, but if it winds up being romantic/smexual, we would've had to be rping for a while and established a solid plot.


Please join me :)

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  • Hello, I would like to help you! If you're still looking.

  • Hi there! I'm willing to try for the first time on this website. How do you think of a having a sentient sword from another dimension as your fellow traveller to accompany you?

    >:) -StormyDay

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