"Darkness does not befall those who commit evil, it stalks them, until the right time to strike." 


Names: Fenrir Lokison, Fenris Wolf, Fenrisulfr 

 Nicknames: Fen

Parents: Son of a Jotunn Queen, Agraboda and God of Mischief, Loki 

Age: Physically closer to the range of 25, young for an immortal, he was locked away at 13 where he did not age, only resuming to do so after Ragnorok and his release.

Eyes: A brilliant galactic green with flecks of gold; in times of great power or anger they may shift to a molten amber, the eyes of his mother.

Hair/Fur: Thick black and grey with a slight curl, more prominent in human form

Piercings: Right eyebrow and left nostril golden hoops 

Tattoos: None 

Scars: Across his lips, his right shoulder, and along the left side of his ribs

Form: Often 6'1, with a wide shouldered muscular build, warm tan skin/ Black and Grey wolf about the size of a horse

Gender: Male presenting, fluid. 

Sexuality: Pansexual




Shifter-Frankly pretty poor shifter, only having learned after his release in order to better fit in among his new peers, often leaving his ears out and rarely able to put away his canines, usually stays between his natural form and his more human disguise, not usually able to change into much more without immense effort and some preparation. 


Fire Breath and Pyrokinetics- A deep fire burns in his belly...literally. Often hot to the touch he is able to both breath and control fire. 

Chaos Magick- Similarly not the most well practiced of magick users, the Old Gods far too afraid of his raw power he only began to learn real magick after his release, teaching himself. 

Physical Strength: One of the most physically powerful beings in all the realms, his strength and raw power has yet to be overcome. 



Cynical, quick to anger and accustomed to being alone. Fen is nearly desperate for affection, understanding and companionship- but does not trust anyone enough to let them that close, and has never had anyone try. He is, however, altruistic. Often trying to help others if and when he has the means to do so, though the oppurtunity rarely presents itself where he is capable.


The Youngest son of Loki and Agraboda, he and his siblings were taken from their mothers kingdom to live with the Aesir. So that Odin, Loki's blood brother and god of Order, could keep a better eye on them. Agents of literal chaos the Great God Odin feared they would be the downfall of his kingdom and might challenge his own sons to the Throne of Asgard. 

Hel was sent away to another realm of darkness and cold, and Jorgmungandr was soon to follow. 
But Fenrir, Odin had prolific dreams of his uprising, and though only a young pup when he reached the height of the gods around him Odin's fear began to grow. When he turned thirteen the Old Gods, with the aid of Fenrir's only friend, tricked the wolf into Gleipnir, unbreakable confines. And left him bound to a mountain on the Island of Lygnvi, in the middle of the lake Amsvartnir, the pitch black, a great sword was driven through his jaws to keep them closed. 

He did not age or die or hunger on Lygnvi, but he considered it a Hellish punishment for a crime he had not yet committed. So when the New Gods approached him, the children and lesser of those who had locked him away, and offered him a deal in return for his release, he was quick to agree. 

Though the New Gods protected him from the prophecy as of his own death in Ragnarok, they fashioned his old confines into something new, a golden harness of chains, made from the unbreakable Gleipnir. He still slayed the Great King of the Gods, Odin falling to his monstrous jaws at the New Gods request. 

But in the wake of the realm shattering war he found little favor in the eyes of the new Courts, instead they too regarded him as a dangerous loose canon, though he had only done as his deal required of him. 

Giving up on ever being considered a member of the Gods in any functional manner he has confined himself to the Archives beneath the New God's great Library, where he studies their relics and scrolls for a means out of his confines, and out from under the thumb of his new keepers. 






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  • Fenrir’s strained moan caused Arania to snap her head in his direction. Her attention was drawn from Apollo to the incomer, her eyes scrutinizing over the gilded chained man’s figure up, then down. The little angry expression she had seconds before was gone; replaced with a curious one. “Olympus to little Arania,” The Sun God hissed out in a low tone, “you need to listen and not be distracted.” 

    It was clear that Arania’s eyes weren’t the only ones looking at Fenrir- little nymphs had cast their gazes, gleaming nosely into the meeting and the handsome man. Apollo noticed, his dismissive attitude turning sourly into a seering glare. At first he sunk into his chair, then he leaned forward, snapping his fingers by Arania’s ears. When he snapped, the nymphs looked away, most leaving right there, and Arania blinked rapidly, turning back to Apollo. Seeing how annoyed Apollo was, she gave the softest smile she could manifest. “Of course. I will make sure to focus on my mission for you.” Arania’s voice was sweet as honey, but her body tensed up and she licked her lips when her mouth went dry. She quickly leaned forward to the Sun God, putting her hand on his forearm briefly “Your reputation must remain untarnished, that is what is most important to me.” She reassured him, briefly patting his arm, before leaning back. 


    The fawning reaction that Arania had to Apollo’s whining seemed to subdue the Sun God’s grievances.

    Apollo’s eyes flickered to Fenrir and full lips upturned into a smug smirk. “How’s the library, Fenrir?” There was a tilt of the head tossed into the question. “I figured I do you a bit of a favor and get you out of there on this mission,” He said, his hand extending out to flick over at Fenrir’s outfit frivolously. “Is this a new look? I know you’ve had those chains forever, but I figured the next look you’d get would be a bit more… liberating. Freeing.” He gleefully said, rubbing his chin, watching Fenrir’s expression. “Since we’re friends, I figured we could help each other out. You get this monster heart for me, I could put in more than a good word at the next council meeting for you. God I just know I can count on someone who is as loyal as a dog! Just one little catch.” 


    Apollo got out of his seat, circling the pair before standing behind Arania’s chair. His fingers curled around the back of the chair, knuckles white from how hard he was clenching them. “I need you to make sure Arania doesn’t get hurt in this process, vice versa for her as well. You’ve got to work together, hold each other accountable,” His hand snaked from the back of her chair to grip the bottom of her jaw, forcing her to look a bit upwards at him. Her face went still and disinterested in her not reacting, he let go of her face by turning her head back downwards, letting go.  “She’s like a, uh, prized pet? Relatable to you, I’m sure, but mortal. Arania, please introduce yourself, you’re being ruuuuuude.” 

    A deep sigh was suppressed as Arania looked up, forcing a polite smile and nod. “Arania. I’m just a humble hunter, he speaks too brightly of me. It’s nice to meet you, I’m sure this will be fun.” Her tone toed the line of dry sarcasm and polite facade, and puzzled the attending Sun God.

  • The summon to stand before Apollo was given to Arania via a business card left in her dressing room. She noticed the golden slip of paper that shined under vanity lights, and greek letters that almost glowed as manicured tips traced over them. Her eyes were drawn to the words that promised her a ‘travel visa’ of sorts to the gods' realm, and she imagined the jobs she would obtain there if she was able to do this at any time. “I’m down to play a little game Apollo,” Arania mumbled to herself, stuffing her feet into a pair of black cowboy-esque style boots. “And I’ll win too.” She thought to herself, not daring to say it outloud.

    Arania quickly got dressed, looking at her 5’2” self in the mirror, brushing her dark hair into a loose pony tail, wiping the remnants of her circus makeup off her face. What was left was the eyeliner in her waterline, but other than that, she wore a bare face. She was dressed like a cowgirl at best, pistols proudly displayed on the sides of her hips, throwing knives hidden away in a garter and in the heels of her boots. A leather black satchel held all the trinkets and snacks she might need for the trip, and in a final glance into the mirror, Arania decided it was time to go. The gilded summon was thrown into her dressing room fireplace, and in a burst of flames,  Arania was whisked away to Apollo’s court. 



    The Sun God was not patient and not happy. He enjoyed his luxurious mansion tucked away in his sister’s forest that outskirts the City of Olympus, and he couldn’t complain about the beautiful rotating door of lovers that filled up his afternoons with song and dance. What plagued the Sun God was rumors that Scylla, a woman turned sea monster for offending him, had been gossipping with the local witch, Circe, that she had never really loved Apollo, even back when they were on ‘good terms’. It hurt him, but what followed the hurt was anger. So he organized a clandestine meeting in his garden, where he sat on his throne, waiting for his audience to appear. Just as his foot started to jingle in a fit of strained patience, there was a thud as Arania’s body hit the smooth marbled path. 


    Her spurs rattled as she struggled up, her hands feeling the sting from her landing. She brushed off her pants quickly, adjusting the little black cowgirl hat she donned to look up, mimicking Apollo’s smile with a smile of her own.  “Apollo, you needed me?” 

    “Need? No. But I would like to use you for a… special purpose while I stay here. You see, there is some little monster that is tasting my name when I’d like her to taste lead instead.” As Apollo spoke, a small group of attending river nymphs rushed to grab the mortal a chair and a table lavished with food, put to the side of the path, making room for another guest. “Scylla?” Arania guessed, and at the uttering of Scylla’s name, Apollo’s face tensed briefly in anger.  The nymphs chatter died down almost immeadiately as they looked to Apollo for his reaction. He cleared his throat, clearly trying to hide his unpleasent feelings with a sharp smile. “Yes, her… But before I get into the objective of the mission, we have another guest who you’ll be paired with.” His voice, usually smooth, thundered like his Father's, so loud that you couldn't hear the usual strumming of harps or playing of lutes. It echoed even, off the walls that surrounded the court yards, and it forced Arania to breifly flinch. 


    Arania’s face went blank with shock and immediately she bit her tongue, nodding slowly as she processed the information. She crossed her arms, propping a foot against the table as she leaned back into her chair, hat tipping downwards so her dark grey eyes weren't visible - and neither was the frustration in them.  “Who am I being paired with, exactly?” Her hand pressed against her temple, as she shook her head slightly in dissaproval. The words came out dry, almost angry, but the hunter knew better than to get snippy with a God. "Are they going to hold me back?" Apollo's body language seemed dismissive as he stretched a bit, shrugging with little care. 



    A golden slip of paper fluttered down from what appeared to be thin air onto the cold floor of the library, gleaming with what little light poured into the room. It was a summons from Apollo.

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