Rules to RP


- Respect me and my Muse. Refusal to do so will end with a block

- Writer is an adult with two jobs. I may go a few days without replying so don't be afraid to give me a bump as a reminder 

- I'm flexible with plots and different verses, if fantasy is not your preferred genre I can edit my character to fit a certain idea for any sort of plot

- NSFW Is accepted, but ONLY if it adds to the story

This is a multi-muse page


Eris - Pure blood high elf - historic Fantasy / mdern fantasy

Belial - High elf / Vampire hybrid - historic Fantasy / modern fantasy

Kuma - Human - Space / Fantasy

* More characters to be added*


February 14

I am open to new roleplay threads

Threads are Closed

Character Age

A few hundred years old

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Straight / Single / Sub

Character Appearance

Long black hair, light and flowy

Complete Heterochromia - one sage green eye and one golden brown eye

Light freckles across her cheekbones and nose

Pale skin

Long black polished nails

Deep scars from whip lashes across her back and scars around her wrists from shackles

Elongated canines

Soft angular features

Short and slender

Character Personality

Shy and introverted

A little childish when it comes to certain things

Insecure and full of anxiety

Character Likes



Stuffed animals




Shiny things

Character Dislikes

Overly confident people

Spicy food

Hot weather / sunshine

Character History/Story

Eris of Terra-Mutantur

Eris' life started off well enough. Like most high elves she was born into an upper class family. Her father and mother were both nobles and lived a very comfortable upperclass life. But Eris' father had a gambling problem and when she was just a child her father gambled their family into so much debt that there was no escaping the mercinaries that came to collect a debt that they couldn't pay.

Unfortunatley for Eris, elven women and girls were worth a lot in the slave trade. Sought after for thir eternal beauty and quick healling abilities. So Eris was sold off to settle debts that she was too young to understand

Her life only spiraled downwards after that. From a brothel at 10, to prison at 15, to escaped prisoner at 120.

No one knew she escaped, but everyone across the contintent had heard of the famous cavernous prison of Terra-Mutantur being over run with an electrical surge and shadowed creatures from dark and ancient places. Everyone in the prison died that night, ad Eris was assumed to be among them, but she made a run for a southern contintent and built a small business there where she tries to live a boring life, but trouble always seems to find her

Character Inventory

A small pouch on her hip containing money, and a few ingredients for a quick healing salve

Character Abilites

  • Lightening magic and summoning

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, One-liners

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Friendly Elder emo Book worm

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  • Ooc: Hey thanks for accepting my request, your character looks really cool, hope to discuss something with you and start a story soon together. I'm pretty open to everything but enjoy writing sci-fi, fantasy settings. 

  • I'm sorry for the second friend request. I was scrolling on my phone and hit your name by accident 😭

  • Drauf I wouldn't mind plotting something for sure

  • Hey how are you doing? Woudl you care to rp? 

  • Hey fam, you mentioned having issues getting your character info on your page?

    Instead of the 'edit profile' section, When you look on your page there should be two text boxes you can edit and add information in. That's how a lot of people edit their info to look the way they like, along with customizing the page.

    Shoot me a message or drop a comment on my page if you have any questions!

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