Tempest is a young Arctic Oceanic Drake from a dying breed that’s been poached into near extinction for their ability to manipulate water. Since being liberated from the New Zealand royal navy’s control, he’s been roaming the seas alone for several years in hopes of seeking out other dragonkin.


For the most part, he's a jovial type of being, lazy, and an idiot at times, rarely takes anything seriously. 



- Aquamancy -


Tempest possesses an advanced form of water manipulation, being able to create tsunamis, summon hurricanes at will, conjure up storms, whirlpools, or shoot beams of pressurized water at either an enemy or prey. His skills even allow him to influence the water molecules in a person’s blood to a degree. For fast travel across the seas, he can manipulate the surrounding water to propel himself at unimaginable speeds below or above the surface.

- Ice Magic -


Another unique trait his kind carries. This includes being able to cool his surroundings, freeze a selection of water, create hardened ice spikes that can be turned into projectiles, and cause a devastating hailstorm by freezing a small portion of the heavens. A common defense move used by him is creating thick ice walls.


Weather Manipulation - Like the rest of his kin, he can conjure up devastating storms and hurricanes. This allows him to flood entire towns and cities if given enough time. While weather control can be one of his most powerful abilities, it often burns out most of his magic depending on the scale it’s being done on.

Lightning Redirection - Exactly what it sounds like. Knowing basic Atomkinesis has enabled him to draw electrons from the atmosphere until they can be charged enough to create a brief bolt and be projected where he wishes. If not done correctly, Tempest can risk frying himself in the process or anyone around him. This rare attack move doesn’t change the fact he’s vulnerable to electricity naturally. This can only be used if a severe thunderstorm is present.


Poseidon’s Trident - A legendary item given to him by the God of the seas himself. This allows Tempest to use more special forms of water manipulation and can be used as a melee weapon while in human form. In addition, the Trident can break any Ocean bound curse or be used to alter the sea level.



Tempest is roughly ninety-one feet in length from head to tail. Reflective azure scales cover most of his hulking form, with a golden underbelly and varying turquoise flippers. Three horns can be found bent back across his head almost like a trident, along with emerald serpentine irises, and webbed ears. While he lacks a pair of wings, two large fins remain on his back to keep him level in water. Gold spinal fins run down along his armored back and stop near the end of the tail.



Long ago sea drake populations used to range in the hundreds per pod, arguably one of the ultimate apex predators with the exception of Leviathan. There were many different variations of them, from their unholy deep-sea cousins to freshwater species, tropic breeds, and many others throughout the globe. While their winged counterparts inland were being wiped out, their numbers in the wild remained unchanged for some time.

With the industrial age came the ultimate decline. As mankind's technology became more advanced, so did their weapons, and that enabled them to finally combat the aquatic dragons effectively despite their docile temperament. But this was not the root cause for their elimination: Pollution of the seas claimed more of their lives than humanity's crusade over could. As a direct result, most became biologically vulnerable and died of illness. All that contamination wiped out many of their pods. Tempest is one of the few survivors of this.

Prior to being forcibly separated from his mother, the juvenile of a drake was captured and had undergone training to serve the Navy for a new program they created. Though defiant at first, they managed to tame him when a woman named Diadena Hernandez was assigned to him as his handler. She succeeded in getting him to corporate and went on a number of missions with her Draconic partner. The two became emotionally attached after a period of time.

Once the news had spread of a decision to dissect him came about, Diadena removed his tracker and turned him loose. From there, he fled from the Naval base before migrating hundreds of miles away.

It was only later until the young Dovah heard a song coming from the shoreline. Something about that melody had drawn him towards it in ways that could not be described, other than an uncontrollable urge to confront it and be with whoever was singing it. The one responsible was what appeared to be a young brunette woman, who was too shocked to flee at the sight of him. In his seemingly delusional state, Tempest showered her with affection in the form of licks, nuzzles, and even attempting to hold her. As if knowing he'd be in danger just for staying out there in the open, she chose to travel and run off with him.

Whether his love for her became willing or was a long-term side effect of her sings, the two became an inseparable pair who got in and out of trouble together.

He was a Sea Dragon, she was a Siren, and neither one had a place to call home.

Together they became an unlikely duo, like two fugitives who had no one but each other to rely on.

As they carried on together, the two became increasingly frustrated with the size difference between them, it almost became a sort of barrier. To compensate for this, he drained the Siren's blood and replaced it with his own, which held some magical properties that could convert another into one of his kind. As a result, Clarion instead became a sea serpent. It was through him that she learned how to hunt prey with her new lifestyle. Them migrating together became a daily routine.

. . .

Sometime prior to meeting a man who forged an adopted family of monsters, something terrible happened that forced their group to disband. In the midst of all that chaos, Tempest and his mate Clarion were unable to locate each other quickly enough and fled separately. Just like last time, he was required to travel alone for a second time.

Hopefully for the last.

 As for his whereabouts, Tempest is currently on an endless migration, whether it be in search of Clarion, the family, or to seek something else. With no one left to turn to, he conceals himself from any boats or ships that would draw attention to himself. He'll frequently roam in shallow waters, and is known to occasionally take on human form to explore any populated coasts thanks to a special transformation powder.



Alternative Muses:



One of Tempest's surviving siblings, who was captured by Onyx Corp, had his memories wiped, received heavy augments for combat, and trained to be paired with a handler/rider. Like all augmented water drakes, Answerer mostly lacks a personality and only knows how to follow orders due to the brainwashing inflicted by his captors. He has a difficult time when it comes to independent thought.

Now without a rider, the modified brute actively seeks out another in hopes of being given a purpose again, unable to contemplate the idea of choosing his own path or going against what his mind was programmed to do. Anyone with a resemblance to his prior handler, even just personality-wise, is likely to be approached. It's not uncommon for someone to react negatively before Answer either retaliates or continues on.

When interacting with others, one of three things are likely to happen: Either assisting them, eliminating the one in question, or simply ignore said individual. Avoid falling into the wrong category unless he can be subdued.



Being a former prince from a long-lost empire, Trua is a hybrid between an Eastern dragon and a European sea drake, able to wield both water and air-manipulation-based magic. This has enabled him to take to the skies, in addition to being amphibious.

Despite the incredible feats he's capable of, he is unusually small for a Dragon, being only twenty feet long from head to tail. The former royalty suffers from amnesia, unable to remember his past. To make matters worse, he often experiences back problems due to the disproportionate amount of weight on his spine from his body structure, also mute from an injury he received to his vocal cords.

It's common for him to hide his walking disability from others, which affects him even in human form, often choosing to sit in a wheelchair when possible, or swim in water while in his true appearance to reveal the strain on his bad spine. Others may find out from him hurting himself by accident or abruptly stopping during a lengthy walk.

To communicate with others since he's mute, Trua will either use sign language, or physically write words into soil or paper if someone doesn't know it.




Being a biological uncle to and the same species as Tempest, Mel is an ancient sea drake who is also Trua's father, in addition to being the former leader of his now long lost pod. Said beast is very well composed due to being literally thousands of years old, he is both the oldest, largest, and most wise member of his kind, often being a father-like figure to those around who befriended him.

Having vast experience in combat, he is a prodigy with water-manipulation magic. It is said that wherever Mel is present, a great tropical storm will follow, and that his aquamancy is so advanced, that he can separate the hydrogen from oxygen, and ionize it to create a burning hot plasma, which can be fired in beams. Mel is also highly proficient in the use of cryomancy since ice is just water in a different form. Despite how devastating most of his ranged attacks can be, the big guy prefers getting up close and personal during a brawl. Very heavy explosives are needed to pierce his armored scales.

Due to his massive size, only large prey is sought after, often favoring large species of sharks (including Great Whites), walruses, and rays. One exception to this is sea lion pups, which he finds sweeter in terms of taste. Despite hunting all sorts of marine life, he does not prey on humans or two-legged beings.


July 7

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  • Little was spoken by the Nereid as she lead Tempest back into the temple grounds and into the magnificent structure that seemed to keep its glow in all hours. Once they entered the Queen’s chambers, Amatheia studied the glowing between the Rider’s shoulder blades curiously and then studied Yuna’s face with a watchful, pensive gaze. Yuna’s attention meanwhile peered to Tempest upon his arrival and a gentle nod of her head was given. 

    Spencer glanced up and over his shoulder where the glow of the mark was already starting to dissipate. He turned toward Tempest.  “It was a custom long ago, to the Riders of Nightwing that their partner would grant them a gift in the form of a marking… It was a symbol of partnership, not to mention, they could hold certain magical properties. My mark is a remnant of partnering with Chanook.” Spencer looked back over his shoulder to Yuna and nodded. The gills he had cast on himself to reach the temple were gone. “Yuna was gracious enough to lend me a gift as well.”

    “I brought you here to discuss the terms and reasoning for your… unexpected visit,” Yuna spoke. Her soothing voice emanated throughout the chamber. The young Queen’s train of thought paused at the sea drake’s following question. Her eyes narrowed, and the feelers alongside her maw curled when it wrinkled.

    Pérase Mésa,” Amatheia spoke into the open waters tauntingly to break a moment of silence. At the mention of the serpent’s attack in the labyrinth, the Nereid’s eyes lit up in realization and her fins rose up in intrigue. “Hmmph,”  Her arms crossed and her head turned toward one of the corridors. “Are these your outsiders I mustn’t worry about?”

    “This isn’ a time to go alon’ given invitation now, issit?” 

    The stranger’s voice had a graveliness to it that vibrated in his chest like a growl.  Spencer hadn’t sensed the presence in the least… how long had the stranger been standing there? The man stood close to 7 feet tall in height with a strong, solid stature. His pale skin strangely differed from the purity of Spencer’s own ghostly complexion. It contrasted with jet-black hair that was swept out of his face that went past his torso, and a strip of facial hair just below his chin. The man’s ears came to a long and prominent point. They were pierced with several hoops and marked with bands of black along their tips.  Similar black tattoos were etched along his fingers, visible even as his arms were crossed over his chest. He had a strong jaw, alongside other striking facial features. The stranger was dressed in black with his arms covered, down to leather bracers on his forearms. A set of belts held various pouches and items at his waist.

    “Withhold yourself, Rourke,” Yuna commanded calmly, sitting up in her seat and peering down at the two topsiders. “Our intruders come from the mainland. Furthermore, we hold the Rider of Nightwing’s General in our midst.”

    “-Tch awful bloody convenient, isn’-…”

    A sharp glance from Yuna seemed to silence the stranger’s griping. The most prominent feature the man possessed were sharp blue eyes that seemed to glow, even in the warm light of the temple. Rourke’s gaze fell upon Tempest, and then on Spencer firmlyin a way that made the mage wish that he hadn’t. Notably, a pair of fresh scars were etched deep into the lip and brow of the man. It was almost as if the bleeding had been stopped recently.

  • No matter the sea drake’s attempt to focus, his sight was limited to that of the murky-eyed space behemoth until the vision ended and the life forces of the surrounding area faded. The dark yet serene atmosphere of the waters returned. Irrlith gave a low grunt in response and shifted to lower his head once more. Whether it was in agreement or his own wondering over the stranger’s presence nearby, it was hard to say for certain.

    While Tempest settled in nearby, Irrlith’s eyes closed, minus a set that were closer to where the sea drake rested. “The battleground is empty,” A deep tone entered the other’s mind. The angler drake had slipped away from its makeshift chambers to either hide or regroup; surely there was some sentience in that? Still, the behemoth sensed something yet, off in the distance. While the creeping feeling lingered, without truly having the language to describe the matter, he simply wouldn’t close his eyes. “Sleep,”  Irrlith was not a beast of worry but of duty. He was a sentinel in his world, and so he would be in theirs.

    With the brute’s watchful eye in place, Tempest was free to rest, recap, or simply wonder over all that had happened in the past several hours. Spencer had spent the duration asleep, as exhausted as any full mortal might be, despite being half. The ‘magic trick’ pulled to save him from drowning had cost him a considerable amount of energy. The spell he cast and the pressure changes had taken the rest.

    . . .

    When the chime of a gong deep within the temple permeated through the waters, Spencer awoke to the room as he remembered it, minus a change of clothes left in the entry. As he got up he shook out his hair, instinctively reaching for the messenger bag where he had tucked it. The clothes that he changed into were attuned to black robes, loose-fitting, and secured with strips of fabric to match.

    “Spencer of Nightwing,” Amatheia’s voice hummed from the entrance where she appeared on the water's surface. “Yuna wishes to speak, she has a gift for you.”

    . . .

    At the sound of the chime, it was the signal to return. Should Tempest rise, Irrlith was hunkered down with all eyes closed. Whatever disturbance was on the beast’s mind had dissipated for now. When the sea drake might wander back into the temple, Amatheia would greet him from behind, just as she did Spencer, sometime before. 

    “Come. Yuna and the Rider are waiting in the temple chambers.”

    Amatheia’s guidance took Tempest upwards through the temple to the final floor, twisting and turning through the corridors until they reached a final entrance to swim up towards. The temple’s core chambers opened up to a dome-shaped room with the same ephemeral glow as the rooms before it. Along the walls in between each column holding up the ceiling were three-dimensional paintings and carvings. 

    One depicted the Nereids, their elegant finned forms swimming upward toward a circular shape in the painting’s corner. The next depicted similar figures with a more jagged shape to their bodies and circular patterns along their tails. They mirrored the same circular pattern as the other.

    On the opposite side of the room, two similar paintings depicted a battle between serpents on either end, the water’s streams passing through showing the turbulence of whatever event had come and passed. 

    Yuna was coiled into a comfortable seated position at the far end of the room. A mural behind her depicted her mother’s silhouetted form coiling around what seemed to be the temple itself. She cast her eyes to the entrance as Amatheia brought their other visitor in. Spencer meanwhile stood before her with his back to the entryway. A strange, light glow emanated from the Rider’s mark on his back.

  • As the little Mici squeaked and nestled into her cleavage she chuckled. It was the first time since the fiasco that she had a real smile on her face. Then she felt a warmth surround her and she looked at the little one and gently tapped its nose "Thank you for that..." she said softly knowing the little one had flooded her with some kind of energy. The dragonmere did not have magic like dragons could have but they were very empathic and responded to energies around them. 

    "I just need the blood and some tissue samples, so if someone more skilled at collecting them I can start. This biosuit has capability to keep me from infections and from being bitten but I would rather not put that to the test if someone is more skilled than I am. I am not arrogant, I know when I am outmatched. You won't get any Wonder Woman from me." she said then smiled at the male. 

    Her stomach growled just in time for him to get up to take her to get a meal. When he placed a hand on her shoulder, she felt something deep within her core. It was fast and vanished after he had taken his hand away. She stared at him as she followed him. She was a White, it was impossible or her to feel what she had just felt. Maybe it was the little one? She wondered and peered down but it had started to snooze being warm and cozy, so it was not the Mici controlling her feelings. So she stayed silent as she stepped into the turbo lift. His long serpentine body coiled around the lift so she stepped over it coming to stand where she was straddling his tail. 

    Now she had never been on  a turbo lift and she detested elevators because they made her feel dizzy. She would run up ten flights of stairs just to avoid them. So when the lift moved she sucked in a breath then grabbed his arm to steady herself as she waited for it to end. Her body reacted in the same manner it had when he had touched her. Normally she would have pulled her arm away but she waited until the lift stopped, then she moved her hand from his arm. "Sorry...I have never ridden one of these and they work like elevators..." she said then slightly stumbled out of the lift and stood there still for a few moments. 

    The Cantina had exactly what she needed. Food and a much needed drink. She wasn't one to drink much but tonight she would shoot back a few shots of whatever they had. And eat enough to feed a few men. Dragonmere had to intake a large amount of calories to maintain their energy and body. Zafira was underweight because she ignored her body and worked. Where she could get away with it in the hospital, it could cost her her life out here so she would have to eat to build her body to a fighting form. The problem was, she was also a cheap drunk. 

    When she woke up the next moring, she was in a nice room and her little friend was tucked into a drawer beside the table. There was a vague recollection of being carried? Oh shit....she thought as she rubbed her temples. She had gotten drunk on three shots? Or was it two? She didn't know. What she did know, was someone had taken off her biosuit and put her in a huge t-shirt. She blushed and sat up from the bed tapping her body with her hands "Fully naked under here..." she mumbled "bollocks...hopefully...." she then shook her head. If it had been the black scaled male that had stripped her and put her in the shirt, well at least he was decent enough not to have his way with her. 


    A while later she arrived on the bridge, she noted the male sitting on the chair and walked to him. "Is that coffee?" she asked then took the mug and tasted it. It was foul "Yup.." she said then handed him the mug back. If he saw her naked, what did it matter if she stole a sip of his coffee? She then listened to his story about the planet and noted his look of surprise at her stealing a sip of his drink. She didn't dare drink to much nor eat just yet, even if her body wanted it. So she had tucked a meal bar into her pocket for later. 

    When the got into the turbo lift she side eyed him "I....I am sorry about last night...I don't usually drink...but after....everything...." she stammered then looked down at the black scaled tail that coiled up on the floor " and for not....you know....most males would take advantage of the situation....but you didn't....also...the room is nice.. thank you.." she said then the doors opened and she stepped out leaving him behind for the moment. 

    As he spoke to the others, she braided her long hair into a braid that hung down to the back of her knees. Then she coiled it up around her horns so there was no way anyone could grabe her by the braid. She had learned that the first day at the ER when a strung out male had grabbed her braid and nearly choked her with it. Since then she coiled it up around her horns. When he had finished speaking, she realized this was going to be a more dangerous situation. So she tapped a button on the biosuit and it shifted from white to black as it moved into a stealth mode. Why the hospital had such suits, she still did not know but she was thankful for it. 

    He asked if there were any questions. There were so many questions she had, but she would have to learn on the fly. 

  • Zafira took the little one in her arms. It was so tiny that she was able to move it to her hands and cradle it there. She smiled. Some had survived, she had to take solace in that. "Look at you, you made it didn't you? So cute...yes you are." she said then giggled when it held its hands out to her. "Not just yet...aunty Zafira has icky stuff on her face...and it is no good for cute babies...no it's not.." she said in a baby tone that had the little one smiling. 

    When the male got up and moved to the elevator, she followed him hoping to find a bathroom or someplace she could wash her face. When they got to the bridge she asked someone about a place to wash her face and they pointed to door off to the side. She turned and said toward the male "Ill be back.." she said then ducked into the wash room. She cringed "Definitely not gonna nuzzle your face with mine...it is icky.." she said then tapped a button on her biosuit and the zipper appeared. She unzipped it enough to tuck the little one in between her breasts for safe keeping as she washed off the sweat and dirt from her face. "That's better..." she said then gave the little a nuzzle which made him squeal with delight. 

    She was smiling as she returned to the male, which was a great improvement over her hysterical side. "Can you hold him for just a moment?" she asked as she handed him the little one. She ran back to the wash room and tapped a spot on her shoulder then closed her eyes. The suit lit up an ultra violet color and burned off anything on her suit turning it to particles that were nothing but specks of dust as it sterilized itself as well as her skin and hair. When it finished she returned to where the male sat and took the baby back just in time to see the message.

    As it played out, her eyes narrowed. She could not believe what she was hearing. It was something she had heard rumors of, but it  figured though and it fit the behavior and timing of presentation. The more she listened the more her saddness shifted to anger. Someone had purposely made experimental drugs that would change a person to a zombie and sold it with the intention of causing chaos and death? 

    "Well...I didn't know the devil had employees...except for polticians.." Zafira said then looked at the male "Have you ever caught one and kept it alive? If it is a manufactured virus....I may be able to use the contaminated blood to find an antidote..it just depends on the nature of the virus they made. It might help in the future." she said then held the baby close to her chest to keep him warm. 

    Zafira sat down next to the male and took a breath. It felt as if it had been hours since she had really taken a breath Then her stomach growled .rather loudly to let her know she was starving, now that the adrenaline was wearing off. She blushed and looked away trying not to giggle. "Sorry...it has been a while since I ate. I tend to forget when working and only remember when I am near fainting. Is there a place I could get a bite to eat? I do have universal credits I can use to buy something to eat." she asked as she rubbed the back of the now sleeping Mici.

  • // Sure, I would love to! What do you have in mind? 

  • // Thanks for the invite! 

  • The close proximity was met with a momentary side-eye before Raiya went back to looking out across the water. Her outward appearance suggested she was unbothered by the stranger’s unsoclicited advances, yet revealed that mild display of annoyance when her personal space was invaded. 

    “Aramos. Duly noted.” Raiya graced Aramos with a handshake in return, and intentionally left out her name. The elf turned back to the water, and an inclination of her attention was given to the sound of splashing behind them. A smile appeared as Tempest hauled himself onto the dock, features livened with amusement as Tempest knowingly splashed water upon Aramos.

    No word of protest was given as Tempest’s arm pulled Raiya closer. Rather, the elf admittedly found herself entertained at the disgruntled reaction the stranger had towards the dragon and his antics. It was a petty feeling to have, this schadenfreude towards a stranger, yet she was not above playing along. Raiya leaned against the drake as he announced their departure, and went as far as coiling her own arm around her friend’s torso in return- consider it a degree of payback for Aramos overstepping unspoken boundaries. 

    “He didn’t seem particularly human to you, did he?” Raiya asked with a final quick glance over her shoulder after Aramos left. Her eyes were once again set upon the rippling mirror of the sea before them. “I’m ready.” That statement was a lie. Raiya had no idea what to expect next, but she chose to trust Tempest to at least warn her when her breath needs to be held. 

  • Even before a single droplet hit, his form already flickered into nothing, leaving an empty space where he once stood. There was only a low hum of static as the shadows seemed to coalesce nearby where he finally materialized, looking deeply disturbed as he pinched the bridge of his nose with a sigh. “All that fighting many years back only for the Empyrean’s beasts to get to this… have a shred of dignity, will you?”

  • "Do they... do they sell that nowadays?"



  • The only words she could use to describe this situation were ones she rarely used. Did she somehow wake up in a different dimension this morning and not know it? How did it all go from there being an outbreak of some kind of virus to freakin three headed zombie monsters that made her bowels go watery. She was glad she had not eaten in the last few days or she might have shit herself. This was waaay beyond the scope of keeping your cool under pressure. She thought as some huge mechanical thingie stepped over her and took out said theee headed zombie. 


    “Situational awareness??!!! Do I look like I have eyes in the back of my head?” She yelled but didn’t want an answer just in case she did and didn’t know about it. 


    As she took a step back, she was nearly against the dark scaled male and side stepped so as to not stomp on his tail, she doubted he would appreciate that. Though his body did make a good wall as she shot off the rifle and ended up pressed against his back with his tail between her feet. It gave her stability so she let that rifle fire until it had to blow off its heat. 


    Then she heard him yell something but her ears were ringing and it was muffled. So she turned and looked at him then saw his fingers point skyward. Her eyes took in the ship that was descending. That was who they could have used, Raiya but obviously she was not here. The blast of light made her hide her eyes for a moment and she felt a bit disoriented with the bright lights and the loud noises and the carnage….she was so gonna need therapy after this. 


    When she finally opened her eyes to squinting she saw the serpentine male hold his hand out and wave her to come on. So she did. She ran up to him and as he tossed the grenade she kept up onto his back and wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his torso hooking her ankles together and held on for dear life. 


    As they made it inside everyone was snapping themselves down and into the cabin. She then let go of him and stumbled to a seat and locked herself in. She was covered in who knows what as she sat there silent and tense. The adrenaline probably made up ninety percent of her blood at the moment and she knew when it wore off she was going to crash hard. 


    “No one….will survive…will they?” She said staring at the bloodied boots of the male across from her. Then she began to laugh, but it was not the kind of laughing one does when something is funny. “I…spent my whole life saving people…and I just killed at least a dozen…” she said then began to laugh until she cried and that was when she began to sob. 


    She had dealt with crash victims, burn victims and babies that only lived minutes but she had never taken a life before. It tore at her core like something vile and violent and matched her sobs and the shaking of her body. She was a healer and never a killer, and now she was a killer and that cut through her like his saw blade. 

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