Tempest is a young Arctic Oceanic Drake from a dying breed that’s been poached into near extinction for their ability to manipulate water. Since being liberated from the New Zealand royal navy’s control, he’s been roaming the seas alone for several years in hopes of seeking out other dragonkin.


Like the rest of his kind, the big guy is a docile and gentle one most of the time, especially towards lessor mortal races. While slightly immature at times due to his current lack of age, he can be playful a majority of the time while friends may be present. Seeing him become hostile towards others is a rare scenario because of his passiveness.



Water Bending


Tempest possesses an advanced form of water manipulation, being able to create tsunamis, summon hurricanes at will, conjure up storms, whirlpools, or shoot beams of pressurized water at either an enemy or prey. His skills even allow him to influence the water molecules in a person’s blood to a degree. For fast travel across the seas, he can manipulate the surrounding water to propel himself at unimaginable speeds below or above the surface.

Ice Magic


Another unique trait his kind carries. This includes being able to cool his surroundings, freeze a selection of water, create hardened ice spikes that can be turned into projectiles, and cause a devastating hailstorm by freezing a small portion of the heavens. A common defense move used by him is creating thick ice walls.


Weather Manipulation - Like the rest of his kin, he can conjure up devastating storms and hurricanes. This allows him to flood entire towns and cities if given enough time. While weather control can be one of his most powerful abilities, it often burns out most of his magic depending on the scale it’s being done on.

Lightning Redirection - Exactly what it sounds like. Knowing basic Atomkinesis has enabled him to draw electrons from the atmosphere until they can be charged enough to create a brief bolt and be projected where he wishes. If not done correctly, Tempest can risk frying himself in the process or anyone around him. This rare attack move doesn’t change the fact he’s vulnerable to electricity naturally. This can only be used if a severe thunderstorm is present.


Poseidon’s Trident - A legendary item given to him by the God of the seas himself. This allows Tempest to use more special forms of water manipulation and can be used as a melee weapon while in human form. In addition, the Trident can break any Ocean bound curse or be used to alter the sea level.



Tempest is roughly ninety-one feet in length from head to tail. Reflective azure scales cover most of his hulking form, with a golden underbelly and varying turquoise flippers. Three horns can be found bent back across his head almost like a trident, along with emerald serpentine irises, and webbed ears. While he lacks a pair of wings, two large fins remain on his back to keep him level in water. Gold spinal fins run down along his armored back and stop near the end of the tail.



Now you may be wondering: Why do so few of his kind exist anymore?

Long ago sea drake populations used to range in the hundreds per pod, arguably one of the ultimate apex predators with the exception of Leviathan. There were many different variations of them, from their unholy deep-sea cousins to freshwater species, tropic breeds, and many others throughout the globe. While their winged counterparts inland were being wiped out, their numbers in the wild remained unchanged for some time.

With the industrial age came the ultimate decline. As mankind's technology became more advanced, so did their weapons, and that enabled them to finally combat the aquatic dragons effectively despite their docile temperament. But this was not the root cause for their elimination: Pollution of the seas claimed more of their lives than humanity's crusade over could. As a direct result, most became biologically vulnerable and died of illness. All that contamination wiped out many of their pods. Tempest is one of the few survivors of this.

Prior to being forcibly separated from his mother, the juvenile of a drake was captured and had undergone training to serve the Navy for a new program they created. Though defiant at first, they managed to tame him when a woman named Diadena Hernandez was assigned to him as his handler. She succeeded in getting him to corporate and went on a number of missions with her Draconic partner. The two became emotionally attached after a period of time.

Once the news had spread of a decision to dissect him came about, Diadena removed his tracker and turned him loose. From there, he fled from the Naval base before migrating hundreds of miles away.

It was only later until the young Dovah heard a song coming from the shoreline. Something about that melody had drawn him towards it in ways that could not be described, other than an uncontrollable urge to confront it and be with whoever was singing it. The one responsible was what appeared to be a young brunette woman, who was too shocked to flee at the sight of him. In his seemingly delusional state, Tempest showered her with affection in the form of licks, nuzzles, and even attempting to hold her. As if knowing he'd be in danger just for staying out there in the open, she chose to travel and run off with him.

Whether his love for her became willing or was a long-term side effect of her sings, the two became an inseparable pair who got in and out of trouble together.

He was a Sea Dragon, she was a Siren, and neither one had a place to call home.

Together they became an unlikely duo, like two fugitives who had no one but each other to rely on.

As they carried on together, the two became increasingly frustrated with the size difference between them, it almost became a sort of barrier. To compensate for this, he drained the Siren's blood and replaced it with his own, which held some magical properties that could convert another into one of his kind. As a result, Clarion instead became a sea serpent. It was through him that she learned how to hunt prey with her new lifestyle. Them migrating together became a daily routine.

But those days were limited.

Sometime prior to meeting a man who forged an adopted family of monsters, something terrible happened that forced their group to disband. In the midst of all that chaos, Tempest and his mate Clarion were unable to locate each other quickly enough and fled separately. Just like last time, he was required to travel alone for a second time.

Hopefully for the last.


As for his whereabouts, Tempest is currently on an endless migration, whether it be in search of Clarion, the family, or to seek something else. With no one left to turn to, he conceals himself from any boats or ships that would draw attention to himself. He'll frequently roam in shallow waters, and is known to occasionally take on human form to explore any populated coasts thanks to a special transformation powder.


July 7

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  • When the sand kicked up following the impact from Irrlith, the gurgled growls and snarls of the Angler Drake were heard as it faded off into the fray to re-assess its next strike. A sudden drive forward by the beast was halted when it was too slow to strike; the ice wall’s manifesting caused it to take a sudden turn, the sound of shattering ice shards heard down below. The Angler Drake’s tail slammed into it seemingly on accident, earning another shrieking sound of the beast.


    .̷̱͉͙̙̆͌̏͂̂̾͑̔̈́͒͛̅̾̒͠,̷͔̗̯̬̓̽̆̀͋͌̋͝͝͠.̶̨̪̮͈̃̽̽̎́͛̀'̴̖̫͖͇̤̱̤͖͔̻̹̋̏̽́́́͑̽̓̿̇̒͊͘ͅ ;̸̻̠̗̪̼͉̻͈̦͔̝̹̱͔͐͆́̇'̵̈́͐̓͜͜'̴̧̉̾̈́̐̽̆̀͑͋̇̕;̶̠̋̍͌̈͒̊̈́͒͒̇̐͘͘͝͝     ̸̡̛̛̲̥̜͚̼̪̜̙̖̭̗̣̺̉̓̽̑̈̇̄̄͐̊͠͝ͅ ̴̢̦̟͇̺̠̈̑̿̈͜ ̶̸̧̡̛̣̱̬̜̳̳͍͎̬̮̭̻͕̼͔̟̲̙͍̦̅͊͐͛͐̀̅̑̒̈́̾͒̕͠͝ ̵̡̣͍͖̀̂̎̀̊̃̓̇͛̋́̉̅͠     -̸̗̈́͊́̉́̿̉̕͝=̶͇̯̆ ̴̧̘͔̲̣͔̻̫̱̺͓̭͓́̈́͛̒̾-̷͖̼͚͕͓̞̬̥̂͌̈́̒͐̊̒̓͗͊̈͝͝'̶̧̡̩̜͍̼̣̭̞͉̞̌̆̓́͐̆́̑͛̊̒͘̕̚͘/̵̨͔͕͉̝͖͎͔̈́̃̄̒̚'̵͎͇̜̦̼̣̮̰͈́̅̄̌͂̓̆̈́̓̈́͌̚̚1̷̢̫̮̀̂̕͝  ̵͔͖̬̺̫͋̈́́͗̄̊̋̍̈̊͜͠


    Irrlith stood as a sentinel in the meanwhile, his silhouette looming behind the ice structure where Tempest’s flank was guarded by the larger, but inevitably slower beast.
    Due East, Irrlith’s clicking informed, feeling the flow of the water and disturbance from the Angler Drake’s sudden avoidance of the ice. The sand was seen as a constant from then on as it shifted into a defensive maneuver in retaliation to Tempest’s offensive strike ready to let loose, and Irrlith’s strike that was undoubtedly still being felt.


    Spencer had felt the full impact as the Angler Drake struck him right off of his comrade’s back. The water slowed it only a fraction but spared him hitting the ground when the water broke his fall and sent him drifting off toward the seafloor. Bits of sand and debris were felt as the drake kicked up a storm to cover itself, the Ex-Rider’s gills slowly but surely closing once his concentration broke. He was going to drown if he couldn’t get his bearings. With a moment of panic and a slight inhale of water, Spencer sprawled out in the open waters and flailed, trying to right himself. Could he die down there, or would he slumber?  When the fear of it took over he finally gave in. 

    Visible from Tempest’s perch and Irrlith’s vision, the man’s body was a spot of glowing white in the distance while the Angler Drake’s sandstorm still lingered. It started at his fingertips, his limbs, and then spread out until his body was a silhouette of white, the edges wisping in the flow of the water. The Spirit’s body eased its tension in the process, the sudden shift taking away his urgency for the moment… the ocean was quiet in this form. With one look around he could see the aura-based silhouettes of those fighting in the distance, including the movements of the deep sea Drake. Slowly but surely he worked to keep the spell alive and strong; the gills slowly grew back into place before they had vanished.

    Spencer re-joined the world soon enough, his body taking its solid state once again. Re-testing those gills to make sure he hadn’t lost them, he started to swim toward the skeletal dragon for safety when this was no longer his fight to take. The rib bones of the dragon became a safe point no matter how ominous.

    . . .

    All was too quiet for a matter of a few seconds until Irrlith suddenly erupted in a growl, alerting the Water Drake. For a brief second Tempest’s vision would shift to the Behemoth’s as he gave a flicker of his sight. The vision was directed toward the skeleton of the slumbering dragon where Spencer’s aura was seen through the sand. The flash of the Angler Drake’s body was seen as well, almost as if it were circling around it… 

    Spencer had noticed for himself. Through the sand, the silhouette and flashing glow of the Angler Drake’s markings looming closer and closer. From the side pocket of his messenger bag, he pulled a short, silver dagger out of its sheath. He held it backward in his palm, watching the beast come around for what he knew might be an incoming strike.

  • It was easy to see why the ocean was embodied by the most amouring of goddesses in every mythology. The soft lull of waves crashing against boulders at night, the spray of sea salt in one’s hair, the horizon which was forever far away - it was all a love spell casted by the natural beauty that Kalia was all too familiar with. Perhaps, because she was born out of the ocean, she had no chance fighting the addiction of being around it at all times. The shades of blues the ocean had antagonized feelings of calmness and sadness. She loved to sit on the shore and capture the intense emotions of the scenery in a painting.

    How many times had she sat in this very spot to paint the ever changing body of water? She knew the tides better than she knew the back of her hand. The skyline was something Kalia had eyed thousands of times, jotted on paper and canvas from memory. Even the names of the stars which she painted did not escape her. She knew the ocean well enough to read it, and well enough to tell when a storm was coming.

    Especially when a hurricane was going to hit.

    Similarly, the wild life knew too. If anything, how the animals acted was the first sign of a storm brewing. Seagulls would start to bellow and flap and gather in a flurry. Fish swam away from the soon-to-be-rocky waters. Ravens cawed in earnest at the idea of fish washed up on the shore. Deer escaped deeper into the tree lines. Kalia couldn’t imagine the full extent of what was happening under water.

    The second sign happened so quickly, it was hard to put it together. A sharp weather change. Snowflakes would fall, one after another, only to melt as soon as they touched any surface. A breeze, as cold as ice, would flutter above the waterline, pushing the waves to be harder. The snow would fall lightly, tiny silhouettes in the sunset casted light. Then they would be gone. The third sign was in the waves. Their gentle crashing and hushing would crescendo into a louder ruckus; slapping hardly against the earth, with every intent on carving away stone from a cliff’s edge.

    Kalia had been so wrapped up in her painting, she didn’t notice the seagulls warning calls. Her painting hand was steady and unaffected by the breezes coming. Only when the snowflakes fell, did she shiver. There would be a hurricane coming here, and coming soon. She looked past her rocky ledge into the ocean, shivering again, and a deep feeling of awe washed over her. “The hurricane could come as swiftly as tonight,” she thought to herself, and quickly, she brought her art supplies inside her home on the shore edge. 

    A dead artist couldn’t make any more art.


    As she called it, the storm did come that night. Rain started to fall by sunset,  winds started to tear down trees from inland. She listened to the storm happening outside in her house- which was built to act as a hurricane shelter of sorts. Outside, the wind howled, and through the howling wind, Kalia heard something else bellow. It was nothing like she had heard before.

    She glanced at the swirling storm outside. The eye of the storm was miles off.

    Shifting into a polar bear, she wandered outside, barely clinging to the ground and grunting with each step. Instinctively, she swung her stomach low to the ground, almost crawling on it, as a polar bear would with ice, and she roared out into the night, hoping her call would act as a lighthouse in the storm. She hoped no gale, no fog and no cold would carry her call away from the soul lost in the storm.

  • The dragon’s body was picked clean over the ages, its watery grave aiding in preservation to the hollow husk that was left. The most formidable bones along its skeleton were intact, down to the wing bases, to his ribs, to the appendages that were semi-buried in the sand. There was no telling the cause; he could have drowned easily enough if something was powerful enough to knock the Warbeast out of the sky with such a force.

    Upon returning, Spencer still had a hand on one of the bottom teeth to keep himself upright. His expression was mortified for a duration of time until it fell into somberness at the sight of it. He tipped his head forward in his own respect to the beast. Even after opening his eyes, the Ex-Rider was still as he processed it. His head shook when he had dwelled on the ‘what ifs’ enough. Just as he raised his head, Spencer flinched. 

    Tempest was the first to react before even Irrlith had put it together. The beast’s eyes had snapped open one after another, head raising slowly to the sound. Spencer in the meanwhile was frozen to the spot once the beast’s cry split through the water once again. He flinched when Tempest approached as quickly as he did but kicked off one of the dragon’s teeth to reclaim his position on the other’s back. The Angler Drake made its appearance just as suddenly as it had in the first place. This time, the stones and their glow showed the silhouette as the beast suddenly rose high above them and dove into the clearing in one swoop. The creature’s movements were as fluid as any dragon in the air and half as predictable.

    It was charging directly at Tempest. Spencer held on tightly and bent his knees the closer it came, watching the glowing pits that were the Angler’s eyes as it drew near. The Ex-Rider held his breath once Tempest threw himself out of the way, tightening his hold as the markings along the serpent’s side passed them by. Another sharp shriek left the Angler’s jaws when Tempest’s talons made contact while in pursuit from close behind. Shimmering black scales were punctured along the beast’s side, which whipped violently at the contact and its head turned suddenly to face its jaws to the smaller drake. 

    The end of the Angler’s tail swung back toward, grazing Tempest’s back fins and- Thwack.


    It was Spencer’s grunt as the limb struck him, the weight of his body leaving Tempest’s back would be felt. The blast sent him downward, drifting back toward the seafloor.

    There wasn’t time to react to the Rider’s turmoil. Not when the Angler’s jaws were wide open and speeding around in Tempest’s direction, glowing a deep blue down to the tips of its fangs. The tips raked the scales on the smaller drake’s neck, breaking away when a sudden force loosened the grip before it could start… it was Irrlith. 

    The front tendrils on the space beast’s back had come forward to slam into the Angler drake’s back, causing another miserable shriek as the creature took the heavy impact of the stone-like creature. It dropped to the sandy floor of the clearing sending debris and small stones flying, writhing and lashing out to gather its bearings, causing a torrent of sand to enter the open water. Its jaws quivered as a cryptic sound left them in clicks. Was it communicating..? If so, it was a lost language.

    `̶̙͕͓̘̍͜͝-̶̨̛̪͉̀ͅi̷̝̠̾͑̓̂̈́ͅ.̵̲̎̃̑͊͊  `̵̯͙̑͑̀̉̕'̴̟̖̰̿̊̕-̷̖͒̌́̕͝.̵̭͓̙͚̏̔̌̑͝l̷̞̅̒̃̆͝`̵̦̖̜̎̓͝ |̵͚͚̓̿͜ḯ̴̙̜̼̂̆̈́͠.̴̡̂`̸̩̌̉̈'̸̨̝̥̘͉͕͐̓͐.̵͗͘̕ͅḷ̶̨̝̳͂͐  ”

    The sound was heard as it grew further away, hiding under the cover of the sandstorm in wait for its next strike… where and who?

  • As the waters around them lightened to a degree where even the two-legged among them could see, the bluish glow was guiding them closer by whatever force it was keeping them alight. Magic? Something organic? Spencer couldn’t decipher by looking or touching it alone but had his theories. The markings seemed to vary as they went, each still draconic in nature and some more obscure than others. 

    The stone forest was behind them soon enough, at least for the time being when it gave way to the open space that seemed to have been razed to sand and rubble some time long ago. Menacing jaws that came to rest at the ocean floor now as they saw them. Irrlith made a grumble-like sound as he studied the scene for himself. Glowing oculus scanned over the bones precariously, sizing up the beast that had once been like it might tell him the secrets of the watery grave. Whether the space beast had them or not was yet to be determined by his silence. The behemoth’s eyes had closed and its chest lowered to the seafloor. His tail would coil to his side even, whether it was an opportunity to rest or paying respect.

    In the meanwhile, Tempest would feel a force on his back as Spencer’s feet pushed off and started to kick. Free-floating in the open water, mercury hues had done a sweep of the surroundings before locking them onto the site. He started to swim, all fear forgotten of the open water as he worked his way toward the hollow jaws of the skeleton...

    It was roughly the size of his dragon. 

    His heart had first dropped upon seeing it, eyes wide with fear but the closer the ex-Rider drew to the long-forgotten beast, no… from the curved horns to the small details of the skeleton, he was put at ease. He knew the dragon down to his bones. If it wasn’t Chanook, then who was it? Having put a span of water between himself and the other two, the man still kept kicking to bring him closer. Spencer grimaced; it was a view a Rider would never want to see in person. Disappearances of the dragons in the territory post-war had amounted to finding shrines and abandoned scales at best, nothing in the worst case. What about this behemoth’s death? It was a story he had never been taught if there was one here to share. Once close enough to think about it, Spencer started to extend his arm out to touch one of the bottom teeth of the beast, partially buried in the sand. His feet found the ocean floor in the process, standing below the fang that towered overhead. His thoughts were suddenly ripped away from the moment at the ominous sound of clicking that seemed to echo softly around the clearing. 

    Irrlith’s eyes all opened in unison to the faint vibrations felt from the sounds but remained still. In his vision, the impulses were coming from… All around them. A low snarl of confusion left his jaws. It grew louder when streaks of dark entered the clearing. They were serpent-like fish of varying sizes, a murky gray color with patches of luminescence streaking past from the markings on their sides… and they were scattering. The glowing marks seen through the stone pillars varied off to one side of them, like something luminescent was hardly visible moving just above them–and fast. The echo of the beast’s shriek was carried through the water, sounding all too familiar to the Angler Drake’s cry.

    The serpent moved like a bullet. Within moments of its fore-fins brushing the last layer of stone, it dove into the clearing The light of its bright orbs and the semi-translucent parts of its body coming into view. It took entry just off the skeletal dragon's shoulder, baring needle-like fangs at the smaller two prey below.

  • Forced to hang on, Spencer’s eyes followed the luminescent beast off in the distance, only to shut briefly, bracing himself when the angler drake was close enough to try and take a bite out of them. They opened again in time to watch the creature’s body glide through the water in a retreat… or so he hoped. He nearly took a sigh of relief but stopped himself, putting his focus back on the spell and what he needed to do in order to keep those makeshift gills moving. His attention went forward to Tempest, then. There was a brief moment of stillness he felt the vibration of the roar that left the sea drake’s jaws, sent out into the open darkness.

    What the hell was that-!? Spencer thought to shout in his mind, but it was like an old muscle straining to be used. That trick wouldn’t work, nor was this the dragon that would receive it. 

    Silence followed, and for the moment, their attacker was gone. Irrlith’s glowing orbs were all awake and watching now. Those to the sea drake’s side were honed in on the two, like a mother hen watching its younglings diligently. The underwater world felt closer to home when he could move within it. His senses agreed when the water carried his eyes and ‘ears’ further.

    . . .

    Even Spencer’s nerves grew at ease as the labyrinth-like structure seemed to span on like a stone forest beneath the water. To each towering, organic pillar, there were aquatic plants and coral-like structures brave enough to withstand the depths. When Tempest floated close enough for inspection, the man’s grip loosened to run his fingers along the stone on occasion, like they would hold answers. He came to hold on again when the behemoth shared its vision, turning the murky figures of the stone in the water into a pattern for the two-legged among them. It was a forest..? A canyon? Something of a hybrid between the two.

    The smaller beast’s suggestion was met with Irrlith’s low, reverberating growl that shook minuscule bubbles from some of the pillars closest to the lumbering brute. It was that, along with the last of his tendril-like limbs collapsing inward to make the space traversable. Worrisome enough, it set the behemoth under the size of the stalking predator that had retreated all too easy for the warrior’s expectations. A single set of hues were now present, the one closest to Tempest’s side now peering back at him. The stranger hunts… we move.

    . . .

    And so, Irrlith walked as if knowing the drake might follow. His strides were faster than they had been on land, the water giving him more resolve and mobility. He moved like it was a march, pausing occasionally to survey the stones, pausing when it would lead him to uncertainty. 

    After walking in a circle thrice times, Tempest might feel Spencer’s fist beating against the side of his scales to get the drake’s attention. Once he had it, the mage pointed. In the distance was the faint glow of the carvings that had still appeared, growing more and more luminescent the deeper into the stone trench they went. After some time it became an artificial light in the dark, increasing in frequency around them until a vague glow would show even the white tips of Spencer’s hair where they floated freely.

    We have to be getting closer, Spencer thought to himself, studying each structure and keeping a sweep of his vision on any strange shadows. Irrlith halted, this time without his warning growls. His head dipped solemnly, waiting for the others to witness what one of his eyes had paused on.

    They were in a small clearing within the stone forest, that spanned on for a short duration. On the other end, the pillars of stone could be seen where they continued on around them. As for the clearing itself? Remnants of stones were crumbled on the ocean floor where they might have once stood, now to ruin in the form of rubble. On the other edge of the clearing, the light of the stones around them cast a glow on an ominous sight that peeked out of the sand.


  • [I'd love to plot a bit if you don't mind! Is there a certain setting you usually like to start with?]

  • [My pleasure! Would you be interested in writing?]

  • When the two around him paused, Spencer glanced around into the darkness like it would do him any good. Irrlith hadn’t bothered to relay the message to the man; he was simply a passenger to the situation anyway. No spell would come to his head quick enough underwater while he’d focus on keeping the gill-like structures working. When the change in lighting was picked up by the man, he dialed in on the glow and tightened his grasp ever so slightly.

    Irrlith in the meanwhile was a statue among them, letting his senses search out the perimeter for the source of the disturbance only to find it coming closer… and closer. He didn’t have time to relay the signal by word and so the snarl rippled through the water to put a chill through the two closest to feel the rumble of it. Soon the behemoth was turning ever-so-slowly toward the direction of what he sensed, mindful of the surroundings.

    The mage on Tempest’s back meanwhile was silent other than his heartbeat he could hear drumming in his ears once Irrlith’s snarl concluded. It had a way of jostling Spencer’s nerves as he looked into the deep abyss to whatever it was. He didn’t know what loomed under the sea, especially that of the territory. The creeping terror was human, and it could have been expected. He kept his lips pursed tight so as not to take a wrongful breath in.

    His terror wasn’t wrong.

    The creature came in like a streak of lightning midst the dark and moved just as fluidly as the water around them. Its body moved in a serpentine pattern with the occasional boost of webbed fins that unfurled when needed and folded just as prompt as they appeared. With the battle cry of a shriek the serpent gave out, the chest of the beast glowed internally with the luminescence that mirrored the dotted patterns of its body. It was coming in fast. 

    Spencer’s grip was rewarded when Tempest suddenly bolted to dodge the serpent’s jaws, giving the man a brief glimpse as they passed, making sense of the silhouette in the water that got larger and larger as he studied it. He made himself small on the drake’s back while the angler-like serpent reared its head to Tempest’s sudden movement, and let out a series of short screeches and clicks that were undiscernible. The Angler seemed to coil its body as if to follow, and suddenly,

    ...all went dark.

    The luminescence faded. Afterward, the feeling of water moving off to the side of Tempest was enough to brush Spencer’s hair back before it disappeared and all was still for several long moments. Had it retreated? Spencer knew better than to put a stake in that. The creature was as large as some of the land-dwelling dragons of the Empire and that alone was enough for him to take in.

    Irrlith’s low growl reverberated when the silence had grown too long. He watched the ‘signal’ that his vision showed fade as the light of the Angler serpent did, opening and closing his many sets of eyes as they followed the serpent’s movement off in the dark. ‘We are hunted. Be watching.’

    The behemoth’s message left a pit in Spencer’s stomach when it was shared among both of their thoughts. The water was still… for now? Was that what it meant? His head was spinning in trying to decipher Irrlith’s words to the point where he nearly inhaled a breath and stopped short of swallowing water. Right… he had to focus if he wanted to last down here.

    . . .

    After another pause of reassurance, Irrlith began to take strides once more. The ocean floor had leveled out following the trench and left them in a landscape of stone pillars and natural forms beneath the water. Some were minimal, where others could be swam through, or even peeked through by the behemoth himself. It made for a maze in its own right, dappled with plant-life that shouldn’t have survived under the pressure. The right magic in the right place could do all kinds of things. The Water Nation could have held its own flourishing ecosystem once upon a time. What they were seeing now was the remnants of a resting territory.

    While they walked, another disorienting flash would come and Irrlith’s vision was shared once again. There were no disturbances on the ‘map’ beside the landforms that were highlighted in a glow around them. Irrlith’s vision dialed in, then. Upon the stones closest to the right of where they had climbed, a symbol was illuminated as the brute showed interest in it… the symbol seemed to point them forward to wherever the next waited.

    A stubborn growl came from the brute afterward knowing he would have to size down in order to fit. With a pause, he lowered his head. The plates upon Irrlith’s back shifted. The tendrils began to collapse and sink back into his form spare the two on his shoulders and two remaining flat behind them. The shift seemed easier underwater than on land by the way Irrlith started to walk before it was even over, letting the smaller scales and plates settle into place, giving brief glimpses of the beast’s bluish-purple flesh beneath it.

  • Parasite was one way to describe him. Leech. Pest. Just to name a few. The insult didn’t phase him even with it’s mistaken aim at his own character and presented human form. Pretty boy riled no reaction out of him either.  Apollo took the insult as a compliment. After all, care for his form was always something he would attend to. 

    “There’s only one boy here,” Apollo sighed as his hand dropped to the side. “And I make it a point to teach insolent children lessons.” Apollo stepped toward Tempest at a languid pace. Every step muted in the sand. Only the finest hearing would pick up the softest scratches as sand rubbed against the sole of his dress shoes. Every move is intentional. 

    “Lesson one,” one corner of his lip curled into a sinister smirk. Ice eyes met Tempest gaze and in a blink Apollo no longer stood before Tempest but behind him. Mouth dangerously close to ears as his breath fanned across Tempest's skin. “Looks are deceiving,” in another blink Apollo twisted with that unnatural speed. His body spun, knee up, until he completed his roundhouse kick. If he succeeded, Apollonius leg contacted Tempest's side, sending that mortal body flying across the sand, away from the water. Plums of sand burst into the air with every impact. 

    After their last encounter, Apollo wasn’t foolish enough to believe allowing the Drake easy access to water to be helpful in their fight. Of course, it didn’t mean Tempest couldn’t manipulate it from a distance, but Apollo would disable him from doing so before he really let it happen. “Lesson two,” by the time Tempest would stop rolling (if he had at all) Apollonius appeared next to him again and another kick slammed Tempest into the ground. Ice eyes flashed red as Apollo leaned forward with Tempest beneath him. “Don’t assume everything that lurks in the daylight is human.”

  • Irrlith seemed to hum a simple note from his chest in the meanwhile, the clicks foreign to Spencer’s ears but he could hardly hear over the water’s pressure on his eardrums anyway. The Ex-Rider watched on occasion as Tempest made his rounds about the behemoth, much like a feeder fish would hover about a whale shark ambling along with its own business. It was a curious thing, and equal parts frightening.

    The behemoth perhaps hadn’t lied in its tale about crossing the ocean. Irrlith was doing more walking than swimming when the landscape permitted it, feeling out the surroundings as they went. On some occasions they were close enough to the brute for Spencer to reach out and touch if he was so brazen to loosen an arm—he wouldn’t. He was along for the ride and in the Drake’s trust for better or for worse, whether it was the security of not drifting into the darkness or ducking from chunks of less-fortunate sea life that had been the snack of boredom for a much, much larger predator of the sea.

    . . .

    When Irrlith’s vision hit his senses once more, it was the first clue Spencer had in some time. He wouldn’t waste it, glancing around like he had control over the angle, taking in what he could. His heart dropped as it seemed they would be dropping in depth themselves. He wanted to speak. He just about opened his mouth, even, remembering after a half-second that it would be no use.

    He had plummeted from the sky before, trusting to be caught, but when Tempest dove to descend into the chasm, his heart still leaped like it was something entirely new. His grip tightened, hunkering down and pinching his knees closer to try and avoid drifting off his back into the unknown. Who knew the sensation could grow old after so many years? This was still an entirely different playing field.

    And so, down they went. The first pause by the behemoth beside them came, and it was almost too abrupt for the likes of the slow-moving beast. In Irrlith’s sights, a flash could not have been missed. Another low rumble of a sound left his chest locally. The clicking was then directed toward Tempest.

    There is a presence.

    The space beast’s senses knew little doubt with how it operated: it either was or wasn’t. Only in rare instances had it grown disoriented by what his senses told him… one was Spencer’s existence and how he clung to his soul. Another was the gravity that placed him upon the planet, now something that was accepted. As for the ‘blip’ on his radar? The flash of movement? He knew it wasn't any tricks of his mind.

    A few more clicks came to signal come on, before Irrlith proceeded with all glowing eyes open. He climbed down the rocky cliffside manually while the other took their swim, eventually hitting the ground below a bit swifter than the duo had.

    It was unfortunate. From the lefthand side of the Drake, the water had lightened considerably like a fog in headlights, slowly growing brighter. There were soon forms to be made out—eyes? Patterns? The light was glimmering in the dark to the point where even Spencer's attention had turned to speculate. The light shone brilliantly through the murkiness of the water until-

    Irrlith snarled an awful sound, coming out as a rumble through the water directed toward Tempest. It was felt like a wave through the water and had a way of putting the Ex-Rider's hair on end like it wasn't already in the cold depths.

    If Tempest turned quick enough, a second high pitched shriek split through the water and was fast approaching at lightning-quick speed. What was that!?  First were the bright specks like glowing stars that seemed to move at some accord of their own. A silhouette was shadowed behind the lights to show whatever entity was moving forward like a torpedo, twisting and turning on its path forward. Electric orbs were staring the two down without pupils, luminescent fangs bared and ready to strike the sea drake if he wouldn’t move, and fast.




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