“They say that he is one of the last few of his kind, and that he can bend the seas to his will.”

-Kevin Sheppard, former marine biologist


Tempest is a young Arctic Oceanic Drake from a dying breed that’s been poached into near extinction for their ability to manipulate water. Since being liberated from the New Zealand royal navy’s control, he’s been roaming the seas alone for several years in hopes of seeking out other dragon kin.


Like the rest of his kind, the big guy is a docile and gentle one most of the time, especially towards lessor mortal races. While slightly immature at times due to his current lack of age, he can be playful a majority of the time while friends may be present. Seeing him become hostile towards others is a rare scenario because of his passiveness.


Water Bending - Tempest possesses an advanced form of water manipulation, being able to create tsunamis, summon hurricanes at will, conjure up storms, whirlpools, or shoot beams of pressurized water at either an enemy or prey. His skills even allow him to influence the water molecules in a person’s blood to a degree. For fast travel across the seas, he can manipulate surrounding water to propel himself at unimaginable speeds below or above the surface.

Ice Magic - Another unique trait his kind carries. This includes being able to cool his surroundings, freeze a selection of water, create hardened ice spikes that can be turned into projectiles, and cause a devastating hailstorm by freezing a small portion of the heavens. A common defense move used by him is creating thick ice walls.

Weather Manipulation - Like the rest of his kin, he can conjure up devastating storms and hurricanes. This allows him to flood entire towns and cities if given enough time. While weather control can be one of his most powerful abilities, it often burns out most of his magic depending on the scale it’s being done on.

Lightning Redirection - Exactly what it sounds like. Knowing basic Atomkinesis has enabled him to draw electrons from the atmosphere until they can be charged enough to create a brief bolt and be projected where he wishes. If not done correctly, Tempest can risk frying himself in the process or anyone around him. This rare attack move doesn’t change the fact he’s vulnerable to electricity naturally. This can only be used if a severe thunderstorm is present.


Poseidon’s Trident - A legendary item given to him by the God of the seas himself. This allows Tempest to use more special forms of water manipulation and can be used as a melee weapon while in human form. In addition, the Trident can break any Ocean bound curse or be used to alter the sea level.


It all began with his kind being picked off over the years by a coalition between varying governments and corporations that have sought to exploit their potential, whether it be through dissection or capture. With North America’s Navy cutting off access to the Southern Ocean, returning home was a death sentence, and the Pod was given no choice but to flee to the warm waters between Australia and New Zealand. Even then they still weren’t safe from their pursuers, and retaliating only attracted more attention.

Tempest was no older than fifteen when their group chose to scatter, including his mother who was forced to let him go. With no guidelines on where to go, he fled towards Australia’s east coast to avoid being caught.

Wrong choice.

To his misfortunate, the NZRN made a successful attempt at capturing the male with the intent on bringing him in alive. Instead of ending up as a science experiment, they chose to tame and use him for their own purposes since many of his kin had been dissected in the past. The one chosen to work with him and become his handler was Vampryn, a young woman who was a marine biologist and a former mercenary. Despite being held there for several years against his will, the two warmed up to each other before he called her his first and only Rider.

The duo formed a symbolic relationship from there, almost to the point where Tempest wanted to address her as his mate, as wrong as it seemed for many. In order to accommodate for the size boundary between them, the aquatic male drained her blood and replaced it with his own. The end result was Vampryn becoming a sea serpent who could shift forms whenever she pleased, but kept her feral appearance concealed while on base.

The Royal New Zealand Navy made a decision to hand him over to Onyx Corporation, an organization that sought to butcher him on a lab table. Not wanting to lose her beloved Sea Drake, Vampryn and several others conspired to help him escape before the upcoming transfer. With the assistance of a few close friends, she successfully managed to undo his restraints and release him into the open sea, in addition to having his tracking chip removed through a somewhat painful process. As much as he dreaded going alone, the Arctic sea dragon had no choice but to give her up prior to leaving. If there was one thing he regretted doing, it was not taking the woman with him.

Everything took a drastic turn when she came into his life.

In what seemed like a great twist of fate, Tempest met a Demi Goddess from the Underworld while exploring a small island, she was the daughter of the Norse deity Hel. Her name was Trinity. From there, the two formed a symbolic friendship before she invited him to live with her and her adopted family. For once, he had a place he could call home.

It was through her where he learned most of his combat skills, the duo frequently practiced and sparred together in their spare time. Being the quick learner he was, the infamous Sea Dragon developed an increased talent for battling. Thanks to her, the big bug refined his water manipulation abilities and learned how to utilize Ice magic.

Him and Trinity were almost inseparable, they did everything together. Eventually, Trinity was claimed as a mate after she used a spell to take on the form of a Dark Dragoness. It seemed that both became an eternal couple that could never be ripped apart, even if the Universe demanded it.

Unfortunately, such a time came when the two were forced to go their separate ways in a series of complicated events. The feeling of isolation and loneliness crept up on him again upon having to give up Trinity. Even worse, his adopted family was forced to scatter in the winds when humans learned about a group of elemental beings living together.

Since then, the Oceanic Dovah has been on his own out in the wilderness of the high seas, hoping one day that either new species of Wyrm will appear, or another member of his dying breed. The next couple of years were spent in isolation to avoid another capture or being pursued again, with only his instincts and training from Vampryn to rely on.


Tempest is roughly ninety-one feet in length from head to tail. Reflective azure scales cover most of his hulking form, with a golden underbelly and varying turquoise flippers. Three horns can be found bent back across his head almost like a trident, along with emerald serpentine irises, and webbed ears. While he lacks a pair of wings, two large fins remain on his back to keep him level in water. Gold spinal fins run down along his armored back and stop near the end of the tail.


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  • Surprise or not, it wouldn’t have changed the expression he wore, watching the drake from the corner of his eye as he made the gesture. Perhaps, the only sign something was out of place. A pale complexion, white locks of hair, even his eyes. The other was right in regards to appearance, hardly yet was he something that could have been set apart from humankind. Not at first glance. “The diversity of this world is something truly remarkable. It would surprise me little to hear you say it.” A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth when Tempest drew near. Oddly enough… did the man not have a scent? Even at such little distance, it seemed not. The forest around them seemed to overtake it with ease. When the air’s movement was felt near his ear, a brief laugh came from the man. Spencer pulled himself away, shaking his head.

    …It was then, with the said small shake of the head, something happened ever-so-briefly to the viewer’s eye. With a flick of his hair, for a moment, the tips of white locks lost their color to what was almost translucency. It came and passed within less than a second, leaving one to wonder if it had happened at all.

    Onward they walked. As he accounted for the dragoness brought into question, his eyes lingered forward for the time being. His thoughts lingered on it up until the strange sight above. His footsteps marched on yet, however. Familiarity with the territory served as momentum in doing so. A pensive stare was cast at the building as it appeared over the hill. The structure was almost cottage-like. Small, humble, yet it stood out as well tended to in comparison to the ruins in which they had passed through. Plants grew eagerly after the passing of winter, a variety dwelling midst the property that was essentially a needle in a haystack midst the territory. The architecture was something long-standing from the past, it seemed, with walls of white plaster and hand cut and carved beams constructing it. A chimney stationed near the back of the cottage was lively as a slow stream of smoke left its peak.

    “I have only a few ideas,” Spencer mumbled under his breath as the stone path up to the building was taken. He motioned for Tempest to follow. “Contrary to our meeting, it is uncommon for wanderers to make their way through Nightwing. Not this far… certainly few two-legged folk.”

    While the other did his own searching, he was left unbothered as Spencer took a quick route towards the front door. His eyes and ears were alert in likewise. Precaution came on the eve of one troublesome event that afternoon. Rarely did they come as just one. Listening as the other contemplated, he said little as he dwelled on a possibility or two of his own. By the time Tempest was in action? The Ex-Rider perked up, coming back to life- his mouth opened to speak, but the drake had already taken the lead. Surprisingly enough, he stepped aside. The knock on the door rang out, and all the man was left to do was watch in amusement.

    Spencer, in the end, let out a heavy sigh and ran a hand through his hair. His head shook subtly, wearing a bit of a smile throughout it as he turned his attention to the bag at his side. As the other kept his senses upon the door, he rifled through the bag for the right pocket. With a jingling sound to follow, Spencer cleared his throat as if to signal the dragon’s attention. A key ring was held on his finger, one of what looked like several grasped between pale fingers.

    “Pardon.” He instructed as he stepped forward again. The key was put into the door’s keyhole, the lock breaking free after a single turn. With one more glance to Tempest, the keys were shoved into a pocket. One hand moved to open the door, the second was held in front of him loosely. Slowly, little by little, he opened the door.


    The interior of the space was dark, yet a warm glow seemed to emanate from further into the house from the fireplace that was clearly lit. From what could be seen from the door if the drake were to poke his head in, it was quaint, comfortable. None too vintage, as everyday furniture sat in the living room as the first room visible down the short hallway. Bookshelves seemed to cover wherever space was available, filled to capacity. The living room as it was visible housed couch and a couple of comfortable leather chairs… one of which housed a figure who sat without alarm to the door’s unlocking.


    I had not thought to see you so early.

    Spencer called out into the house, taking just a few more steps in. A silence followed for a moment or so before it passed with the sound of movement. The figure, a man, rose from his seat. From the hallway, he stood at a height that seemed to reach to the ceiling, six inches taller than Spencer himself. A black coat was worn like a shadow, jet black hair adding to make what was a pale complexion. Slight hints of Japanese heritage were seemingly visible. Pensive, emerald eyes landed on Spencer as soon as he had turned around. They soon shifted to the creature behind him, calm, yet unsettled gaze placed upon Tempest even as the stranger spoke in a low, deep tone.

    “Nor had I. ”

  • The nature around them reminded her of a fonder time, her youth. A beach surrounded by a dense forest, the land edged by mountains. Water cascaded from the mountain peak, trickling through the forest, using the vast ocean as its basin. This water kept the surrounding land fertile and thus was the rejuvenating source of life for the entire island.

    Elves often made their territory in areas like this; covered, silent, peaceful. It was an area like this where Zoriko herself grew up, her first home before home.  The mountains had dark green patches running along its edge, even the peak covered in lush greenery. The landscape around them was green, nature blossoming, the climate was cool and humid, and with the breeze carried waves of gentle rustling leaves. The singsong chirps of nearby birds whose unique chants completed the atmospheric peace around them.

    Careful not to disturb the nature, her porcelain hands worked quickly, delicately plucking herbs, berries, and the like. The bow and quiver were slung over her shoulders, not engaged but ready to be. These fonder times she so loved, now haunted her. Strange senses of deja vu took over her instincts, as Zoriko found herself clearing shrubs and bushes, as if she knew the area, and expected to find what she did. It was as if she’d been there before.

    To distract herself from the uneasiness brought about by the forest, she submitted to the conversation. By coincidence, Tempest had mentioned Spencer and Raiya. Her brows raised slightly, and a smile adorned her lips, and with words that were slightly hushed, she began to explain her acquaintance with them.

    “Spencer is the rider of my mother’s blood brother, and thus like family to me. Right now, he is my mentor, and someone I hold dear. Raiya too is a good friend, she was the rider of Nightwing’s aristocracy, and very dear to Nightwing’s monarch and her hatchling. Raiya too lives in the city, so I pay her an occasional visit. I’ve known Raiya since childhood. Spencer, on the other hand, I knew everyone but him. My mother’s rider, Lenn, was the one who told me to seek him out, and so I did. I had run into Spencer as well, but not more than twice if I remember properly.”

    Her words were interrupted by a chuckle, before she continued, “When I left the sky kingdom, I landed in territory that looked exactly like this, and I was taken in by a very benevolent tribe of elves, a direct descendant of the Faen and Lythari High Elven tribes, but above all they gave someone like me refuge. When it came time to move on, and when Skya found me, I was grieving, dying, and I had fallen back to introversion and a deep depression, frankly unable to talk to anyone. That’s when she introduced me to everyone, these people became my family, and they are the reason I live today.”

    Every now and then, a glance was given in that direction, upwards to the mountain peak, how she longed to be there once more. Every glance upward brought a smile that became increasingly forlorn, and yet no words were uttered, no desires were spoken. Only a mission to be completed.  Memories of the mountains, and the villages, once haunted her, but today those very things gave her comfort, hope. For years she had not seen the sparkling hundreds she'd known as kin, but perhaps this was the only way. An incorrigible habit would cause her to gradually make her way up the alpine pass, but with each step, her heart weighed in on her, until she came within view of it. And then memories came flooding, each moment she spent with Zora, and the little things they did together. Zoriko dropped the basket she was holding, causing it to tip over on impact, some of its contents spilling out. Step by step, she inched closer to the rock formation in front of them, scratching away some moss to reveal something written in a foreign language, and some claw marks. Her heart dropped when she realized where they were. Raising her hands, she ran her fingers gently across the inscriptions, closing her eyes, as if she was paying her respects to it. She looked over at Tempest, and began to explain, her voice shaking, “This is the mark, a heavy rock I had placed here 300 years ago, Tempest. This is the grave of the elven village”. A bright light enveloped Zoriko, now, but it did not turn her into a dragon, but rather revealed tribal markings that traveled down her arms and legs.

    With her hand still touching the inscription, she slowly fell to her knees, looking downwards, in silence. And so she sat there in silence, for quite some time, until a voice interrupted her. A lower pitched female voice, singing quietly in a native tongue until she spotted Zoriko at which point she stopped, and an audible gasp could be heard.

    “Who is it that dares to wear those markings?” she asked, her tone sharp, and all too familiar.

    Slowly Zoriko rose to her feet, brushing off her pants as she did, and pushing her hair out of her face and behind her ears. The woman in front of them was of Zoriko’s height, she too had a slender physique. Her appearance was doll-like, with alight olive complexion, and long curly hair, rich like Chocolate and braided right at the crown of her head, tucked behind long ears that pointed upwards. On her forehead was a circlet headpiece, made of silver, with a single alexandrite, the design of which looked similar to the one Zoriko wore around her neck. The clothing she wore was traditional, a thin velvet coat lined with sheep fur. She stood in a battle stance, a bronze dagger in hand, tribal markings inscribed in the blade itself, similar to the one that Zoriko kept on her dresser, and markings that were nearly identical to the ones that appeared on her skin. 

    Markings could be seen on the woman as well, along her legs that weren't covered by the thick fabric, and on her chest. They looked identical to the ones covering Zoriko.

    Zoriko’s ruby hues widened, glowing like never seen before, the colour changing like a slow blink, from a deep blood colour to a vibrant vermillion, before settling into scarlet where they remained.

    “Zora…?” When the name was spoken, the pendant around her neck began glowing and emitting a familiar warmth, signaling something genuine.

    At the mention of that name, the woman tilted her head a little bit eyeing Zoriko from top to bottom before her eyes widened with realization as well. She’d recognized the markings immediately, but now recognized the person bearing them.

    “Those radiant eyes, and pearlescent hair, a complexion matching scales that once were, it truly is you, isn’t it Zoriko? You finally found a human form. Your beauty remains the same, as it did before” a smile formed to her lips, confirming that she indeed was Zora, and that she’d finally found her partner. She brought her hand to her mouth, and exhaled loudly, a sound made from the sheer astonishment of the situation held before them.

    She placed her dagger on the ground, and outstretched her arms, walking toward Zoriko, as if to embrace her, but Zoriko’s only response would be to step back, and to the side as if to avoid it. Her gaze remained on Zora, as if stuck in a trance, as her eyes slowly dampened. She walked backward, stepping towards Tempest, heavily breathing the entire way through, an occasional glance was thrown his way.

    Painful wounds reopened, But how could it be, that Zora was still alive? The rejection would cause Zora’s brows to furrow, disappointment taking her expression and her tone, as she asked the reason she couldn’t embrace the dragoness.

    Zoriko’s skepticism was for good reason, she wanted to believe so badly that this woman in front of her was indeed Zora, but it didn’t make sense. Three hundred years passed since her demise, and she herself had given her that pendant in her dying moments. Zora started, acknowledging that Zoriko must have many questions, but her words were halted when Zoriko brought her hand up, her palm facing Zora, signaling her to stop talking.

    “You died in my presence, in the clutches of my talons. And I buried your rotting flesh 300 years ago when I marked this village with this very tombstone. I inscribed this prayer onto this rock with my claws, breaking them as I wrote it” Tears threatened to fall now, and Zoriko’s face showed more guilt and frustration than happiness to see Zora again. "I could not bear to visit here after everything that has happened, the fire, the bandits."

    “You died in front of me, then how is it that you appear in front of me once more?”

  • Whirling on a heel at the sensory impulses sent from his shoulder to his brain, the Doctor instinctively plunged a hand into his inside coat pocket, fingers graping his sonic, but, however, stopped before he produced it, as he saw the creature before him. He would have known better to know of the creature's presence before he ever had to take an action, but no, no of course not, the Doctor was hardly paying enough attention to be aware of it. He was hardly ever paying attention to things of that sort.

    "Oh!" he said, somewhat surprised, delighted, and curious, all at once. "You're quite blue, aren't you? Only ever seen green- well, you're not a lizard. So. What are you?"

    Slowly, he removed his sonic from his inner jacket-pocket, and gave the blue dragon's snout a quick up and down with it, once he activated it, with the shrill buzzing of the device.

    "... well, that's not helpful."

  • ~~Quietly Edena watched her visitor, intense violet hues focused on the young sea drake  before her, slowly warming up to having him as a visitor on her Uncle's island. He did not seem so bad after all. Dipping her head in a welcoming gesture a rare smile formed as he began introductions.~~ "Don't we all have names? It is an honor to  your acquaintance Tempest, I am Edena."

    ~~Falling silent then she listened to him explain, and it made her heartstrings tug slightly, his story was so much like her own. It wad almost heartbreaking. Sighing sorrowfully she directed her gaze to the white clouds in the sky, missing her family now more  ever. Looking back to Tempest she let another smile form, this one tinged with sadness.~~ "I am sorry Tempest, I understand what you are going through, I hope someday you will find them. Is that what brings you here? I should apologize, I am not used to visitors, I fear I am more like my Uncle Falcyn than anyone else. "

    ~~Closing her eyes a moment as she took a deep breath she finally noddef after a long while of  answering~~ "Yes, I  alone. I have flown and swam dozens of times, travelling hundreds of miles  I have found no one. I am no longer sure of where to look or even be hopeful "

  • [A pleasure.]

  • "Ja. I can do such a thing, and I will, quickly. I suggest you watch, so you know what it is I have done. This means no suspicion of a bad job, no concerns I have brought harm with my "healing." Such things are not unheard of, unfortunately, in this world of ours." As he speaks, Mr. Stonewood, as he's been calling himself, takes a knee and reaches to a pouch he  carries with him, prepared with emergency supplies for such small jobs, if he's able to complete them in time. His fingers are gnarled and somewhat claw-like, matching his receeding hairline and noble, Prussian face quite well. He leans in, eyes narrowing, and gets to work, moving any remaining fabric out of the way with a gentle lift, or a slice of a scalpel, if he must.

    "Pardon the pain as you are able. I have morphine, if you can hear me, truly, right now. Should you wish for it, simply ask." He takes stock as he chatters, fairly certain his patient won't remember much of what's passing from his lips from the pure shock. The initial look is a positive sign for survival, though not use of the arm. Fragmented bone seems likely. He is aware of this, and apparently prepared for it despite one eye. Interestingly, his equipment seems...different. Is this the German standard? He takes the time to not only clean his hands with a small bottle rubbing alcohol, but clean around the wound too as best as he is able for a clear look at the potential shrapnel spatter. It is then and only then he gets to work with a small, hooked hemostat and a scalpel.

    "Ja. You could consider me a defector. Though...from what, I fear, is not a conversation to be had at this moment."

    He's deft and quick, leaving no room for error, and though he cannot hide the purple sheen of his abilities completely, he does so to the best measure possible to hide the fact he's using them to assist him in pulling out some shards and fragments of metal and bone both. In this moment of focus, it's the tendon he's paying attention to, visualizing it and speeding its mending through means arcane and unknown, just as they are invisible. He intends to save the arm, and to save the man.

    By the time he's done, the bloodflow seems to have stopped.

    "He is stable. Needs plasma. This, I cannot do here." He kneels from his squatted position and grinds his jaw against his upper teeth, fighting the pain putting weight on his poor feet brings to him. "I must inform you that your phrasing is not inaccurate. "Post apocalyptic," though...not. Not yet, mein Gott, I have tried to hard to prevent this. But we are in a time you do not belong in. Not in this condition. I realize this is..." He pauses, nose twitching. "...mm, hard to believe. But you must listen to me. The year is 2017. The war- BOTH wars- are long over."

  • An interesting question was asked, with regards to the identity of the armoured man. She too had plenty of questions for him, but she settled with the thought that if she was meant to know, she would find out.  These thoughts were conveyed to Tempest. But there was one thing she couldn't wrap her head around, and that was the shear absense of logic in the situation. Zoriko had made attempts to kill him not to long before he arrived to help them.

    Perhaps unless he somehow understood that her initial thoughts and intentions were of mercy.

    Once she had conveyed the task at hand, questions were raised showing confusion on his end for the task at hand. Keeping her gaze out toward the horizon, she spoke, her tone slightly quieter than normal, but for no apparant reason.

    "Hunting with a weapon on land is not different from hunting otherwise. You just have to find something and hunt it, but careful now, I'm giving you a physical weapon, this means you can't use extravagant magic tricks or summon your trident. We do not know what looms in the shadows here"

    With that, she got up, dusted the sand off herself and wandered off toward the outskirts of the forest for supplies.

    When she returned, ruby hues lay focused on the task at hand, multitasking with relative ease. Dainty fingers began working on the projects at hand, weaving, wrapping, and a tinge of magic as a secret ingredient. Littlec conversation was made to pass time spent crafting, though weaponry even with magic was not an instantaneous job. The delicate balance allowed the process to flow rather qucikly, the magic was focused into one hand, sharpening and bonding, while the maunal tasks came from the other, shaving the branches, and holding the items together. She noted that Tempest was watching her, and realizing that he probably did not have much experience with less durable weapons she began to warm him.

    "Know that the spear I am making is not of brass or metal like your trident but--"

     Her words of caution were interrupted by erratic behvaior over a tiny eight-legged creature. She watched as he stomped about erratically, creating small clouds of sand beneath his feet, and then began to shoot at it with streams of water. Zoriko rested her hands on her lap as she watched this rather vexatious scene unfold. Her brows furrowed, the left brow raised, her crimson hues giving him a burning glare as their glow began almost eminating from her eyes, irritated.

    If the creature he reacted for was a venomous snake, she could see past this however anything smaller was reason to berate him. As she noticed him calming down, she turned her gaze back toward her weapons and continued working, though her expression remained. When a sorry was shrugged off as nothing, Zoriko placed the weapons down, and posed a question, an icy tone in her voice:

    "So what happens if this commotion attracts a visitor we aren't prepared to fight yet?" and with those words she turned her head to him rather quicky, revealing the fiery glow in her eyes, and a deathly stare. Tempest was young, and thus this was a lecture he needed to hear. With each sentence she spoke, her tone got slightly louder each time, and an icy emphasis was places on certain words to convey the meaning better.

    "Humans do not travel alone, they aren't that foolish, you of all people should know what an army is capably of. A small spider, probably the size of my thumb nail crossed your back and this was the reaction? Perhaps if a human came now, we could pass you off as a tame beast, or one without magic, or perhaps instead of waiting for them to stumble upon us, you could just call their attention with violent jets of magic? We are about to head into a dense forest to hunt real animals now for food, and I'm not sure how capable of a hunter you would be for them, I rest assured though, that perhaps insects are what you would hunt instead. Do not forget Tempest, that wasting your magic can have devastating consequences."

    At this point, the dragoness would physically force herself to stop talking, fully aware of how harsh her words were. She turned back to her craft, thinking of fonder times to ease her time, finally relaxing when she remembered how her mother would chastise her when she was a child. She remembered feeling upset, but seeing how her mother wouldn't baby her to pacify her, made her stronger, and only fostered a deep appreciation for her in adulthood. Thus, she found no reason to apologize for her words, and simply continued working.

    Silence persisted the rest of the time she worked with was not long, spanning only about ten minutes, after which, brief conversation led to glamouring him. Tempest's usually clumsy transformation took place, which brought a slight smirk to her lips, one that would fade quickly when another question was asked. Before answering, she bent down, and placed one of her hand made baskets into the hand he had outstretched for her to take. 

    "This basket is for smaller things we can find, berries, herbs, and smaller animals. I plan to be out of here after our meal so we do not hunt the larger animals. To answer your questions, the risk of humans is among my sole reasons of constructing the weapons in the first place. Assuming none saw your theatrics, we should not be much of a concern to them. If perhaps questions are asked, I will do all the talking, just play along, reasonably. Also, the point I couldn't make earlier is that your weapon is quite dainty compared to a trident, especially yours. I suggest not using magic at all to not attract any attention. Since I used my magic on you to heal you, while you are in close proximity with me, my pedant has been consistently concealing your magic as well as mine, from the detection of hunters, and the supernatural.  If you have any more questions, ask on our way there, time is of the essence right now."

    And with that, she began to lead him into the forest, if he should follow. Her guard was up, her pendant was tucked away from sight, and any and all tribal markings on her skin were concealed by magic. Right at the border she picked some herbs, gently plucking the mint off its stem and purslane off the groung, careful not to destroy everything around it. Both were common herbs, mint would ad an amazing flavour, while purslane had a rich savory taste.

    The sunlight became sparse as they entered the forest, but they knew not of what lurked int the areas void of the sun's radiance.

  •  “Perhaps as simple as convincing the weather to stay in place.” Spencer uttered in agreement to the concept of talking to the beast. A wayward glance was cast to the other as the assumption, where Spencer put up little fuss in listening. “If so fortunate as to get close enough, we could speak. Yet… just as the flood waters need time to recede, we need to know what it is that we are approaching. To spend time is reassurance where we may have wished to have it otherwise.” His gaze fell forward as they walked, then. He needed the time to think, the time to check up on the history book and to see if a name would come about from it. Two beings had now washed up on the shores after what was a long, long absence.

    “I am all ears,” Spencer responded, his train of thought broken to the promise of a story coming, a glance returning to Tempest. He walked through the grounds they had found themselves in without a second glance. Every stone, every turn, they came as mechanical to him as walking did. And so, he listened. The scene was set to the water; little did it surprise him. A nod came to the mentioning of younglings, their customs of dwelling close. Inevitably he could sense where it would move from then on.

    The pause of silence was respected on his part, quiet overtaking their walk as he waited. A brow raised when the ‘competitors’ of the sort were mentioned. “Dragons of fire…” His brow furrowed from then on afterward as the thought lingered. Australia. Had the drake mentioned? Had he caught it from the other’s dialect alone? His memory served to fail him once in a blue moon. His eyes cast to the ground to the thought of the unknown territory. The fate from then on… frustration was shared; no matter how little Spencer knew of the situation. He knew the core frustration of know being able to put even the essential knowledge in the right place.

    His eyes lingered on the ground as the story indeed took the turn in a direction he had expected. A frown etched itself on his lips the further down it went. A hand tightened itself into a fist to the issue of hunting in particular. He knew all too well, and the tightness in his jaw would not begin to say. Spencer’s chin tipped upward to look forward again, assessing how close they were. “Humans have promise. They are resilient creatures, whether it is taken as something positive or not is a matter of perspective. They are intelligent, they have strong emotional response…” His head shook. “They know not what to do with it. That intelligence is often limited by their own desire. Those emotions spur their actions far more strongly than need be.”

    An almost pitiful smile came across his face and Spencer looked back to the drake. Wordlessly a hand raised, his fingers lacing through white hair to pull it back some. The tops of semi-pointed ears were visible where they would otherwise be hidden. “No offense taken, mind you. I am only half human… and no matter how tempting it may be to move as Raiya has done, I live where I am for a reason. As for your kind… I am sorry to hear of such a thing. To know nothing different than the situation the world had put you in.”


    “She is my pupil in regards to healing magic… Skya’s daughter. She has come a long way since our first meeting. She-…”

    Spencer’s words paused as his steps slowed down, little by little. His eyes were due straightforward, alert now as he stood tense. The roof of a building could just be seen over the slight hill that their path past Arzian took, the ruins behind them, a subtle hint of smoke from a chimney, hovering above the roof. “…someone is home.” He stated with a sense of disapproval in his tone. Slowly but surely he began walking again, caution to his steps.


  • [ Hello! Unfortunately, I'm planning on ending this char in the near future, as close to sometime this summer. However! I'll be bringing back another char from Nightwing, Skya, and I'll definitely start a thread with you with her. :) ]

  • She sat in the sand, hugging her knees, and allowing her forehead to rest atop. She gazed at the beautiful daw sky, the sunrise dazzling everything in sight. Though Zoriko was looking in it's direction, she'd actually spaced out a bit, lost in thought. Tears dripped downward, falling into the sand, leaving a dark patch in its wake

    Perhaps if she hadn't taken Tempest to work with her, they wouldn't be stuck on an island. Since she couldn't see her surroundings, she was unaware of the fact that Tempest was stirring, soon to awaken, and when he did, he woul walk over to her. In the distance, the colbat light and the summoning of that familiar trident all went unnoticed, that is of course until he had come toward her, the crunching of coarse pieces of sand crunching under his massive feet. Zoriko would pick her face up, her eyes puffy and pink, but the glow had vanished from her weakness. Her cheeks were just as rosy, if not more. When he pointed the trident towards her, she flinched, closing her eyes rexlexively. She trusted him, but almost got him killed, and thus didn't know what to expect. 

    What happened instead was that she was surrounded by a certain warmth, one which gradually eased her pain. She imagined that this is what death would feel like, but this feeling was different, as she was very much aware of the feeling of her toes in the sand. When the warmth faded, she slowly opened her eyes and looked up, seeing him dissolve the Trident. Her eyes began asking the questions before her mind can formulate thoughts into words, but stopped shortly when she realized what he'd done for her. A befuddled expression was replaced with a warm smile, as she patted the space next to her, gesturing him to sit down next to her. What came next was a reprimand from him, as he scolded her for not thinking of herself. Though her voice cracked, she spoke, her tone still adopting her feral pitch.

    "The healing only comes around once in a while, and I heal rather quickly. In any case, I mostly maintained my human form, while your energy levels were so low, that I couldn't even think of placing a glamour on you" 

    She placed her head back down, this time her chin sitting on her knees, so she could still see around her. Her hair was damp, falling to either side, the downward tilt of her head caused it to cover her face from the sides, restricting her peripheral vision a bit. At this point she couldn't see him, and he likely couldn't see her face. But after a moment, she brought her hand up, burshing the locks behind her ears.

    In a moment, she picked her head back up, and stood up, rising to her feet slowly. She took the cardigan that was draped around her waist and submerged it into the water, giving it a gentle scrub. She then stepped into the water to do the same with her blood soaked shirt and jeans, without having to remove them. After most of the blood was removed, she left her cardigan in the water to soak as she looked around for something. 

    "If we are going to get home as humans, then we are going to need some food, so stay here and I'll be back" With those words, came a gentle pat from Zoriko as she placed her dainty hand atop his head, before walking away. She was definitely tired, but no longer facing death as a possibility. 

    Bordering the shore was a jungle, dense to the point where she had to be mindful of her magic. As she walked along in the forest edge, the glow in her eyes slowly began to resume. Her body was no longer focused on healing, and thus began regenerating her magic ability. Within roughly a moment, the scales that covered much of her arms, legs, and potrions of her chest and face began disappearing, scale by scale. Her ruby hues scanned the area around her, gathering all the matertials her slender arms could carry.

    Finally, satisfied with what she found, she headed back to where Tempest was sitting, by the shore where her cardigan lay in the water, bound down with a rock. She put all her supplies down, different varieties of twigs, vines, rocks, and branches, surprisingly large quantities of all of them considering her stature. 

    She took two relatively short but stable branches, and dove them into the ground, pushing them in until they didn't sway. Then she tied a shorter piece of vine around the tops of the branches, pulling it taut to create a clothes line. She then wrung out her cardigan and hung it over. Pleased with her work, she sat down next to Tempest now, and began working on some hunting supplies. 

    Her magic abilities were mostly back, and so she could use it to mold the items she brought to fit her requirements. She took a large branch, approximately 1.6 meters in length, placing it in her lap. She then grabbed one of few smooth rocks, and placed her thumb on roughly the center line. Concentrating on it, she would press down her thumb, and lifting it up to reveal a smooth split down the middle. Taking the crisp, razor sharp edge of one of the halves, she began scraping away some of the bark on either end of the stick until it was significantly thinner at the end and thicker at the center. Finally with the stone, she created two crevices on either side, deep, but not enough that the branch would snap. Using the stone now, she evened up the surface of the branch, making a slight indent right at the center, one that was just as wide as her hand. Finally, she put the branch down, to fetch some twine. She always kept a roll in her purse, as they add the perfect texture to some of her paintings. She took out about enough twine to match the height of the branch, slicing it with the rock. Then she tied the loose ends, creating a slipnot, on either that would shortened the true length of the twine.

    Finally, she looped the twine along the small crevice she made as one end of the branch, and tied it tight, ensuring that it wouldn't shift around. She then got up, and placed the edge of the branch, twine and all under her foot, bending it slightly, and attaching the other loop to the other side, working quickly, making sure that the twine was taut and the branch was bend at the middle, allowing an even distribution of pressure. Proud of her work, she then tugged at the string of her newly made bow, ensuring that it was tight enough to stay put but still flexible enough to shoot an arrow. 

    Soon she made herself arrows, breaking off small and sharp pieces of rock, similar to before, until they were trangular and sharp to a tip. Attaching them to one end, and some thick waxy leaves to the other. She didn't have feathers, but these leaves should serve the same purpose. She made 10 arrows like this. Finally, moving on, she grabbed another long branch, grabbing her rock, this time splitting it so that she had made a dagger out of it. Using this dagger, she smoothed out the branch a lot faster, and then formed one of the edges to a point, but a slightly blunt one. Then to the other end, she fastened another sharp triangular piece of rock, this one a bit larger than the ones she used for her arrows, thus creating a dual ended spear. Lastly, she used twigs, twine, and thick waxy leaves to create a quiver, and a basket, then fastening twine around it so she could place it on her back like a back pack, rather than hanging to one shoulder like a traditional quiver.

    Satisfied with her work. and the weaponry she made, she quickly placed her newfound collection next to Tempest, and the sat beside him. She patted the top of his head to get his attention, and began to inform him of the plan. Her voice was now her normal high piched human voice, and all the scales has disappeared from her body. Assuming that he would have healed just as quickly, she started to put the plan in action.

    "Tempest, I need you to be my hunting buddy. Food is quite important, and if we play our cards right, we can make it back to the city by dusk. I'm going to glamour you now. As dragons, we tend to heal incredibly fast, and so you should have more than enough energy now to support a human form. Then, we are going to venture into the forest and find some food."

    A smirk formed on the dragoness' face as she placed her hands flat onto his body, enveloping him with a bright white light. When she let go, the light covered his figure, transforming his draconian limbs to human limbs. Before the light faded completely, she also placed his original clothing back on him. Moments later, the light would fade away, revealing Tempest, as though there wasn't a single scratch on him.

    Her smirk grew wider as she spoke, before he could object, claiming the bow and arrow as her weapon of choice, then nudging him to pick up the dagger and spear.

    "Shall we get going, hunter?" she asked him. "You might be a bit sore, but you should be able to move just as before, I made weapons in case we run into humans, I didn't want to seem too suspiscious" With a chuckle, she slung her filled quiver over her shoulders, and tied up her hair so that it was out of her face, and out of range of the quiver, so that she wouldn't grab it instead of an arrow. 

    When Tempest was ready they would walk into the forest, chatting rather quietly, hoping to find animals over anything else.

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