Tempest is a young Arctic Oceanic Drake from a dying breed that’s been poached into near extinction for their ability to manipulate water. Since being liberated from the New Zealand royal navy’s control, he’s been roaming the seas alone for several years in hopes of seeking out other dragonkin.


Like the rest of his kind, the big guy is a docile and gentle one most of the time, especially towards lessor mortal races. While slightly immature at times due to his current lack of age, he can be playful a majority of the time while friends may be present. Seeing him become hostile towards others is a rare scenario because of his passiveness.


Water Bending - Tempest possesses an advanced form of water manipulation, being able to create tsunamis, summon hurricanes at will, conjure up storms, whirlpools, or shoot beams of pressurized water at either an enemy or prey. His skills even allow him to influence the water molecules in a person’s blood to a degree. For fast travel across the seas, he can manipulate the surrounding water to propel himself at unimaginable speeds below or above the surface.

Ice Magic - Another unique trait his kind carries. This includes being able to cool his surroundings, freeze a selection of water, create hardened ice spikes that can be turned into projectiles, and cause a devastating hailstorm by freezing a small portion of the heavens. A common defense move used by him is creating thick ice walls.

Weather Manipulation - Like the rest of his kin, he can conjure up devastating storms and hurricanes. This allows him to flood entire towns and cities if given enough time. While weather control can be one of his most powerful abilities, it often burns out most of his magic depending on the scale it’s being done on.

Lightning Redirection - Exactly what it sounds like. Knowing basic Atomkinesis has enabled him to draw electrons from the atmosphere until they can be charged enough to create a brief bolt and be projected where he wishes. If not done correctly, Tempest can risk frying himself in the process or anyone around him. This rare attack move doesn’t change the fact he’s vulnerable to electricity naturally. This can only be used if a severe thunderstorm is present.


Poseidon’s Trident - A legendary item given to him by the God of the seas himself. This allows Tempest to use more special forms of water manipulation and can be used as a melee weapon while in human form. In addition, the Trident can break any Ocean bound curse or be used to alter the sea level.


Tempest is roughly ninety-one feet in length from head to tail. Reflective azure scales cover most of his hulking form, with a golden underbelly and varying turquoise flippers. Three horns can be found bent back across his head almost like a trident, along with emerald serpentine irises, and webbed ears. While he lacks a pair of wings, two large fins remain on his back to keep him level in water. Gold spinal fins run down along his armored back and stop near the end of the tail.

Now you may be wondering: Why do so few of his kind exist anymore?

Long ago sea drake populations used to range in the hundreds per pod, arguably one of the ultimate apex predators with the exception of Leviathan. There were many different variations of them, from their unholy deep-sea cousins to freshwater species, tropic breeds, and many others throughout the globe. While their winged counterparts inland were being wiped out, their numbers in the wild remained unchanged for some time.

With the industrial age came the ultimate decline. As mankind's technology became more advanced, so did their weapons, and that enabled them to finally combat the aquatic dragons effectively despite their docile temperament. But this was not the root cause for their elimination: Pollution of the seas claimed more of their lives than humanity's crusade over could. As a direct result, most became biologically vulnerable and died of illness. All that contamination wiped out many of their pods. Tempest is one of the few survivors of this.

Prior to being forcibly separated from his mother, the juvenile of a drake was captured and had undergone training to serve the Navy for a new program they created. Though defiant at first, they managed to tame him when a woman named Diadena Hernandez was assigned to him as his handler. She succeeded in getting him to corporate and went on a number of missions with her Draconic partner. The two became emotionally attached after a period of time.

Once the news had spread of a decision to dissect him came about, Diadena removed his tracker and turned him loose. From there, he fled from the Naval base before migrating hundreds of miles away.

It was only later until the young Dovah heard a song coming from the shoreline. Something about that melody had drawn him towards it in ways that could not be described, other than an uncontrollable urge to confront it and be with whoever was singing it. The one responsible was what appeared to be a young brunette woman, who was too shocked to flee at the sight of him. In his seemingly delusional state, Tempest showered her with affection in the form of licks, nuzzles, and even attempting to hold her. As if knowing he'd be in danger just for staying out there in the open, she chose to travel and run off with him.

Whether his love for her became willing or was a long-term side effect of her sings, the two became an inseparable pair who got in and out of trouble together.

He was a Sea Dragon, she was a Siren, and neither one had a place to call home.

Together they became an unlikely duo, like two fugitives who had no one but each other to rely on.


As they carried on together, the two became increasingly frustrated with the size difference between them, it almost became a sort of barrier. To compensate for this, he drained the Siren's blood and replaced it with his own, which held some magical properties that could convert another into one of his kind. As a result, Clarion instead became a sea serpent. It was through him that she learned how to hunt prey with her new lifestyle. Them migrating together became a daily routine.

But those days were limited.

Sometime prior to meeting a man who forged an adopted family of monsters, something terrible happened that forced their group to disband. In the midst of all that chaos, Tempest and his mate Clarion were unable to locate each other quickly enough and fled separately. Just like last time, he was required to travel alone for a second time.

Hopefully for the last.

As for his whereabouts, Tempest is currently on an endless migration, whether it be in search of Clarion, the family, or to seek something else. With no one left to turn to, he conceals himself from any boats or ships that would draw attention to himself. He'll frequently roam in shallow waters, and is known to occasionally take on human form to explore any populated coasts thanks to a special transformation powder.

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  • /My apologies in the late response, work has been very  busy lately ~Edena/

  • ~~His offer took Edena by some surprise, her head lifting slightly to take an curious look as she looked at her guest before her, it was one she was not accustomed too. For like her Uncle Falcyn than any of her family, though she didn't eat most trespassers or kill them immediately like he had, and it was rare for her to keep company of any time

     However she could not help but to admit herself that she was lonely, especially in the new thoughts that she may not find her family.~ "I will agree, let us travel together.. We can take turns with hunting.."


  • “She may know better than any,” Spencer replied. “I know but short stories of her long life… I’ve known the Empress for far, far shorter than those.” Another bite was taken afterward, eating while they could, up until the sound made him drop what he had started and turn around. Standing to his feet, he cast a furrow-browed stare in the direction he thought he had heard it.

    Spencer held his breath, then. Full attention went toward it as he turned his back toward the fire, then glanced to the drake. Pulling his belongings together, swinging his bag over his shoulder and latching his sword to his waist to the time being, he was swept up with ease as the other hoisted him onto his back. As Tempest took off he chose a point to grab hold of, knees kept bent as if expecting a dismount at any given time. “I don’t know quite what we should expe- …!?”

    He reluctantly did as he was told, hands clasping onto his ears as he lowered his stance in order to stay on. A grimace came from the ex-Rider at the sound… it had been nearly a century- would they be welcomed, fought off, or hunted? He didn’t like the probability at hand between the three.

    Careful! We don’t know what to expect! If he wants us dead, then we will be!” Spencer snapped in a harsh tone from behind. For a man that never raised his voice, he had certainly put force into it. It was too late, now. They would find out soon enough.

    Their mad dash over the rocky inclines was met with silence… the landscape before them showed little signs of life let alone life in its larger form. The tel of a hill in front of them showed not even signs of plant life along its ridges-

    Although… to those persistent, they may find the cracks…

    The occasional falling of small stones, begging for signs of something among the desolate earth. Then came the mechanical sounds of the beast. A snarl… a growl? A rumble at the very least that was attuned to the choppy sound of a vehicle’s exhaust. It came as deeper. Much, much deeper.


    “Tempest… move back- now.

    “This beast, it isn’t a dragon of Nightwing- rather a visitor, I couldn’t predict how it will react…”

    Spencer alerted as quick as he could get the words out, eyes frozen on a certain spot before them. The ground beneath them trembled as the mound before they seemed to rise. Beneath the earth, matte black plates of cold, hardened material grew present, hardly holding a glint in the sun from the dust that coated them from their burial. What was driving them, however, was not of machine, but a beast.

    Another piece of earth shifted and fell as the beast’s head finally rose. The lower valley as they once knew to be a hill was now occupied as the beast rose and turned its plated head toward the sound of the outcry…

    Small, luminescent silver eyes opened. First one set. Then another, and another… multiple did as such until the beast’s form paused. The turbulent sounds coming from the brute paused. In scale, standing at six foot, Spencer could have stood within any of the pupils that were now peering down at them. Once the beast had caught sight of its visitors, the array of eyes peering down from up above them closed to merely two. Massive jaws parted. An array of conical fangs showed almost wider than they were long.

    A short burst of a roar split the air for a mere second. The force behind it could send vibrations through one’s bones. A series of calculated clicking sounds followed. An attempt to communicate? A long, heavy tail burst from the ground likewise from where it had coiled, freeing itself.

    Spencer watched from Tempest’s back, eventually hoisting himself off and standing upon the ground as he watched the beast’s actions. Uncertainty lingered in his eyes. Did the beast recognize him? Would he?


    . . .

    The ship’s door creaked open with more ease than expected. Wary eyes traced the immediate interior until Lenn took his first steps past the door. He sensed an energy, now… he could not have placed it even if he wished. The interior was still, dust littering the surfaces he knew had not been touched in some time. Yet? There was the ship itself. Off the coast of a region that he thought that one would have to get lost, in order to find.

    The man kept walking. The spaces were like those out of a catalog from back in the days of operation. Such places he had never walked within, during his time. He would now, feeling a nostalgic sensation to the era that begged the thought that music would have played down those halls. From one hallway to the next, he wandered as something out of place within the vessel that was out of place in its own right. His eyes turned backward on occasion before proceeding forward toward the doors in front of him. The sensation of something out of tune within the vessel still persisted. How could he have not felt it prior?

    The library greeted fresh eyes as he stepped through the doors, chin tilting upward immediately. The space was expansive- impressive. However… it held but a small flickering candle to the dragon’s keep within the mountain. Stepping forward further into the room, a book was plucked from the shelf and inspected for its printing date. Lenn paused his movement at the rustling he could not place as his own doing. His head snapped toward the pile of debris that now took on a life of its own. A couple steps back were taken and an arm raised rather defensively.

    The man’s stare would not stray far as the entity took form. As it would, flecks of murky crimson seeped into emerald hues little by little. The specter reached out- Lenn took another step back. The energy he gave off was a warning of its own, his gaze was another altogether. “Try… I’ll send you back as you were.” His head tipped likewise as he studied the figure, attempting to trace just what brought forth the being.

  • “There is little to it… regardless, I have come to think that I stir up enough trouble on my own.” Spencer gave a nonchalant shrug in regard to it. The topic for him was set aside just as easy as it had been mentioned. He focused instead on what the drake had stated; the matter of bloodline and heritage was one he certainly had not heard.

    “You can trust I will take care,” Spencer responded. His head tipped as he listened along. “It sounds rather remarkable… nearly vampiric, I have never known dragonkind to originate from anywhere but their elders.” He hushed himself, then. The burden was understood; he now stood in a vacant territory after all. No matter the strength of the species, they lived in a day where mere strength did not provide security.

    Eventually, Spencer’s head tipped to the side of the mentioning of the sirens. The concept sounded as if it were pulled from a folktale, but then again, he knew there would be no questioning. With the story put on hold, he tended to what was over the flame until the question arose in his head, spoken with care.

    He watched the drake’s expression change; such subtle things for dragons to show but those mindful enough could pick up with ease. He watched now with a frown growing present little by little. Setting down the knife once more, his eyes were pensive as he thought and followed along. A story that had begun with such a heavy hearted sigh, and opened as it had? Spencer felt a sinking feeling in his chest that told him what was to come.

    His own eyes lost their glint of curiosity by the end. A look of dismay replaced it as he listened. Spencer knew loss in its many forms… he had thought he knew them all by now, but perhaps not similar to the story the drake foretold. His eyes fell to the ground before him. A hand swept through unruly white locks momentarily in thought. “You lost your home in a cruel manner… so sudden, I am truly sorry to hear of it. Forget not what it was, nor those moments a- …”


    Spencer’s words paused suddenly. His head suddenly snapped toward a direction off into the distance. His mouth opened, then closed.

    “Tempest. Listen-”

    He ordered, staring off into the horizon ahead of them. If one were to listen… with his own hearing, let alone that of the drake. The peaks carried a deep echo.

    The sound was… almost mechanical? A low creak of a sound... the reluctance of something moving as if rust held it down. To the creative? Perhaps even a growl.

    Spencer stood suddenly, the knife clattering off the stone he had propped it against. “If I’m right- we have to go. Now.” He stated almost eagerly. Leaning down to swipe the knife, he wiped it on the side of his jeans before sliding it back into the case, throwing it into his bag. He glanced to Tempest.

    “If I’m right… then we’ve found our behemoth.”

    . . .

    The man’s figure was suddenly dwarfed by the size of the vessel, growing in closeness but he showed no signs of flinching as it did so. The anchor’s dropping sends his attention snapping to it a bit violently, watching the water ripple following the collision, and furthermore… There was no movement. No energy to it. The man could not search out a pulse let alone a crew. The hull could be hiding its secrets, but he would not know until he stepped foot upon it.

    Lenn would not make too far before the water lapped at his boots. The ship’s shadows served as his route in; with the dark that was settling in…

    The man took a single confident step forward. As he would, the soles of his boots hit not water, but well-worn floorboards of the vessel’s upper deck. Glancing down now from his higher position, narrowed eyes were set on scanning the ship.

    Not a single soul. He was certain of that, if not anything else around him. Walking down the ship deck, the first door stumbled upon was thrust open whether the heavy handle wanted to move, or not. Passing through, he left it open as he descended into the ship.

  • “Large, lethal… the age when the dragons left, by the end of the century a lot of creatures had grown out of proportion. They should never have… that is a mystery we’ll never know.” Spencer commented. He watched as the other took hold of his kill, dropping down and following alongside as they walked back toward their resting point. Once they had reached it, the man’s messenger bag was dropped and a bundle of tools was unrolled. Once he had chosen a knife to begin, he made work of carving into the boar.

    Without too much speaking, Spencer went to work with it. A momentary pause to look over the boar’s form was taken now and then as he carved out a few selections of its shoulder. A sense of ease enveloped the man; it wasn’t the first hunt he had partaken in, within those woods, only the first in a long while. “Cooked it is,” Spencer chimed as he made himself busy in front of the fire, adding another stone and a second portion of larger cuts, altogether. He paused to cast a glance over toward the drake as he settled himself. The meat went undisturbed for some time as he let it cook, a turn given every now and then by the tip of a knife.

    “A mate, now?” Spencer quirked a brow. With the makeshift grill left alone for the time being, he sat back with open legs in front of him, elbows atop his knees. His head tilted. Before he would question there was a story to be told. Mercury hues were soon enough staring. Only the sharp popping of the meat needing to be turned would shake him from it. “A transmutation of sort..? I have heard of shapeshifting. Never of that caliber.” Letting his bewildered words trail off, he stuck the blade tip into a piece of meat and turned it. “That is a magic I have never heard of. A risky one perhaps one could assume?” Spencer’s voice softened.

    Left with a question similar in subject, the man’s eyes studied the fire momentarily. His lips pursed; they parted once before they fell closed and he thought for a bit longer. “I do not. Not to say that I have not before, but,” Another pause as he chose his words. “I have lived for quite some time. I am older than my stories… that comes with its own conflicts.” His fingertip tapped the knife in his hand before he lowered it, giving Tempest his full attention. “There was someone. There could have been, in the least… some friendships are not worth complicating and that was where it remains. Otherwise… no. I’ve found myself quite busy without it. I would predict there are few people in this world that could understand what I am. Where I have been.”

    Spencer exhaled. Picking up the knife again, he plucked one of the larger pieces up with it and set it on yet another stone to cool for the other. A second smaller piece was stabbed through, held on the end of the knife as he waited for his own.

    “Tempest… earlier,” Spencer spoke quietly after some time. The sun had vanished a bit further into the horizon, signaling dark could come eventually. He prodded for another piece of meat on the fire that was his third. “You said that she was… may I ask what happened?” He questioned, taking care with his words. The meat on the end of his knife was allowed to cool as he studied the drake.

    . . .


    Lenn’s eyes deceived him once more, he was certain. A human vessel in Nightwing waters, one from a century he knew only as a memory, now… Pillars of smoke that had never touched the sky there unless by the hands of the dragons themselves. Lenn’s footsteps had turned around with reluctance, approaching the coastline once more that was at the distance, grass leaving for rocky coast under his boots. He could have sent the bird too early. Maybe not. Unblinking, tired hues were set upon the silhouette above the water’s surface, contemplative.

    Just what was real, here? Now, this time? Was he truly standing there? Were the waters there? His delusions never took him to the waters… Had he not left his chair at the man’s home, in the West? Subconscious, yet there were few things in reality that went unquestioned in Lenn’s mind. He did a check, gravel shifted as he moved one foot to check for it. The air was felt from where he stood so near to the coast. Replaying the events, he gathered his bearings. He exhaled a breath and moved forward. Steps were taken up until he reached the cliff edge that blocked the beach below… and he took a step off.

    Lenn landed amongst the sand below with a muffled thud, knees bent. Standing straight, brushing white sand from the black coat that adorned most of his form, he continued on walking. Undeterred by the notion of hiding from the vessel, he stood as an obscure figure on the shore just as the ship lingered obscurely in the water.

  • A coy grin was flashed to the comment of the bird’s presence. “Call it a gift, a friend… her name is Cloudfeather.” Spencer informed.  A glance went to Tempest before he started to unravel the message from the hawk’s legs, freeing it. As he read over the message, the hawk’s eyes went from its prize for delivery to the massive beast its handler was perched upon. After the message had been read, it was shoved into one of Spencer’s pockets. A frown was worn. “They couldn’t possibly know what they are getting into… better they never find out, even if that means intervening.” Did a handful or two of human lives matter to him? Lives would come, and lives would pass in his time… did that make their time more valuable than his? Such questions went unanswered and he nodded to Tempest at the sentiment of getting moving. The avian was dismissed as they headed off.

    . . .

    Enter, the Earth Nation. As they started their walk through the harsh terrain, he kept an eye on the larger from time to time. Could he fair in such places? Every dragon seemingly had their strong suits… what of their shortcomings?  He saw no struggle from the water drake, surprisingly, and so he spoke little. They were to be paused only by the ex-Rider’s own shortcomings; the growl of a stomach to which a sheepish smile was worn. “Undoubtedly… there are few parts of Nightwing that are truly dormant.” Spencer added as they walked. The boulder up ahead was noted as they drew closer, the sound of running water piquing his attention eventually causing him to look beyond it. Spencer cracked a smile as the other dipped his head down into the water…

    Shame on him- he was given a reminder on paying attention when the drake suddenly bolted. Spencer flinched and grabbed a hold, eyes darting forward to the sight of what they were charging. He was given a brief second snap of the beast before it was above the duo. The sound had split the otherwise vacant air, the boar’s form sent flying soon. “Make it quick!” Spencer exclaimed from Tempest’s back once the boar had been grounded. He held on for what would be the end of the creature’s days, and the prolonging of their own.

    When all was said and done, the moment Tempest had found himself still, he might feel the man hoist himself off. Spencer’s boots hit the ground roughly, approaching the kill carefully thereafter. “Good ear,” He mused with a grin on his face. His cloak was pulled back, rifling with his belt to see what he had on his person. “We should find a place to settle, should anything else catch wind… near the waterfall might be as good of a place as we can find,” He proposed. One final check over the boar for signs of life was taken afterward.

    . . .

    Upon the coast, the shadow of a trench coat the man wore was pulled closer to combat the wind that came off the waters… he was not one to come so far. The mountain’s spine was rarely crossed if not on the back of a dragon, which he found himself deprived. It had been many, many years now. It mattered none.

    He stood there now, hands drawn into his coat pockets. The men on their way to the coast had been monitored, noted, and passed with ease. If what Spencer and that mysterious drake had told him was true..? He expected casualties. Lenn bothered none to the thought, amidst the turmoil that already dwelled on his mind. The water was stared at for some time without any conclusion. Not a sign, nor a ripple- whether he was too early or too late to see the spectacle of a vessel breaking the surface, he would never know.

    In time his shoulders turned away, stepping off the cliff base to head back toward the treeline just as soon as he could find a shadow to pass through. One final glance back was cast to the surface… Lenn paused. A stare was cast skyward to the sight of smoke that had risen. Tired eyes followed it all the way down to the horizon, where he knew it originated from the shore.

    . . .

    Once settled in wherever the two would rest, Spencer sought out whatever would burn in the rocky terrain. After gathering kindling to start a fire, resorting to more magical practices to keep it alive, his sleeves had been pulled up high in order to handle the boar. Cutting off pieces to be set over the fire, sword and bag alike were set down beside him.

    “Do you have a preference? Raw or cooked?” Spencer questioned curiously, casting a glance toward Tempest as he set the first piece down on a flat stone that was ready. A hissing was heard as the slab of meat touched it. He knew many beasts of a larger size that practically inhaled their meals. Others that simply tore into it for what it was. His head tilted as he waited, mercury hues reflective as they looked past the fire.

  • ;; If you have plot ideas in mind, then we can possibly give it a shot. And thanks btw

  • Ty Lee thought about it for a few minutes before saying, "Okay."

  • Ty Lee was amazed.

    "Wow." was all she could say.

  • (Hmm I'm not sure.)

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