It felt like an eternity since he was once among his allegedly extinct pod. Their numbers once soared in the hundreds decades ago back when the seas were far more clear and without any artificial contamination. Overtime, humanity's modern technology eventually gave birth to weapons that could effectively destroy them, and that was exactly what happened. While they could hold their own against naval vessels, pollution was what got to them. Gradually, their immune systems deteriorated as half of the aquatic family perished from illness. Combined with the obsessive hunts for what remained of their declining population, they were going out, and that forced them to scatter across the high seas.

There was one survivor in particular, a young Dovah who had been separated from his mother as a teen. Almost immediately after said separation, the Royal New Zealand navy captured him, but not for experimentation this time. Long ago, a young woman who specialized in examining classified marine life was given the privilege to work with him and become his handler. After having warmed up to that female, Tempest was proud to call her his one and only Rider. Together, they went on varying missions across the high seas.

Unfortunately, there came a time when a corporation offered millions for his corpse. Not wanting to lose him, the Rider with the assistance of several close friends managed to remove his tracker before releasing him into the sea. The final fond memory he had was of her pecking his smooth snout for the last time, an event he would never forget. That being said, the beast unwillingly dove under and swam for the depths where no manned vehicle could reach him.

Those next several years seemed like the worst. Due to his kin’s reliance on emotional bonds for mental stability, the large male slipped into an indescribable depression of sorts. The roars he occasionally let out underwater in attempt to find other surviving relatives went unanswered, only bouncing off the rocks below if he were in shallow water. If there was absolutely one thing he despised, it was solitude, and contact with mortals was certainly a death sentence.

It was at that point in time when a profound decision was made: If all others of his pod were gone except for himself, he was to gather surviving sub species of other Dragon kin, wherever they may be. Finding them was easier said than done since this required covering a massive amount of distance and traveling overseas. The initial search was beyond horrendous at that, having to find other forms of prey, avoiding contact with ships out on water, or keeping distance from any human settlements.

There was one region the Sea Drake sought to search next, otherwise he was giving up at this rate. Northern Europe was his next destination, getting there required him to use water manipulation to propel himself at incredible speeds. Every once in awhile the big lug was forced to take a quick rest every couple of hours to keep his stamina up for the journey.

Eventually, the rogue Oceanic Dovah stumbled across the mouth of a river that stretched surprisingly far inland. This watery path was taken while he kept close near the bottom, just to avoid being discovered by boaters since they’d likely call upon the Coastguard to subdue him. A couple of hours were spent traveling upstream to make it further inland, perhaps a potential meal could be sought on the way. For now, he just claimed freshwater fish to keep himself fed fed for the journey.

It was late in the afternoon when the Sea Drake chose to leave those waters by climbing onto shore. Any droplets that lingered on his scales flung in all directions from him shaking himself off like a canine, just to avoid any pieces dirt stick to him. Soon after, he headed inside a forest just several feet away from the river’s edge, that was until… one of his claws stepped into something unexpectedly.

Below one of his legs was a gigantic talon print of sorts, much like his own. The sight of this made his bottom jaw drop in disbelief with a stunning realization: Could this have belonged to one of his non-aquatic counterparts? It had to be, and if others were out there, he needed to find them fast. A moment was taken to think of methods for attracting other beasts to his position, so far nothing came to mind.

Seconds later, he received an idea for going about this. By aiming his head at a fifty degree angle, Tempest let out one monstrous, ear piercing, and window shattering roar, enough to echo for miles out around him. As a means of creating a beacon to give away his location, a beam of pressurized water was shot into the air from his throat like a geyser. With this, whoever roamed those woodlands would easily be able to find him. At that moment, his heart rate accelerated with anticipation, one can only hope his theory about others being out there were true.

All the young Drake could do was wait.

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