|| Raiya Gearheart ||
|| Rai/Ray, Raven, Elfie || Elven~? {Possible hybrid} || Immortal ||


The beginning is hazy

Much like how one never recalls the start of a D R E A M


| | - SHE CAME ON THE BACK OF A WOLF  8654429486?profile=RESIZE_710x

Raiya grew up into a nomadic life, traveling the globe on the back of Obsidian - a Dire wolf as ancient as bone. Despite their solitary habits, Raiya was not entirely secluded from the outside world. As she grew, as did her curiosity and unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Obsidian eventually allowed her to go off and visit populated areas when they stopped to rest. Raiya socialized and learned from those she encountered, picking up various skills such as different languages, cultures, self-defense methods, healing, and much more. She found that each place provided a different skill, and Raiya could not get enough. Obsidian was never far behind Raiya wherever she went. While he preferred to stay out of sight, he always kept a watchful eye from afar. The dire wolf would always appear again after a few weeks, and he and Raiya would continue on their way.

They had no home of their own, and they never stayed in one place for too long. Raiya was fully content with this lifestyle.

Until, that is, She met Maigra Lainé.



|| “You both are most troublesome…” ||


It started as a rescue mission. Raiya and Obsidian came across slave traders of demonic origin transporting their catches back to their headquarters. Obsidian had given into Raiya’s pleas for them to help free the captives, and the two of them charged from the trees and began taking out the captors. Little did they know, another woman already had eyes on the slaver squadron, and she too jumped in to their assistance. It was a quick battle, yet one that would raise many questions. Upon his dying breath, one of the slavers mocked them and stated that they had barely grazed the surface on what was truly going on.

Mai and Raiya became acquainted with one another over a campfire that night, and discussed what the slaver had told them. They came to the conclusion that they should go and investigate a lead they were given, despite the protests made by Obsidian and Mai’s companion, a black-feathered dragon named Leer.

Obsidian and Leer were told to remain hidden in the forest while Mai and Raiya donned their disguises and entered the town they had been tipped about. Plans did not go particularly well, however; they were captured, and each woke up alone in an underground cell.

Unable to communicate with their companions, Mai and Raiya were forced to survive a whole week in the underground labyrinth of a prison run by an executioner demon. Ultimately, the pair gained the upper hand and killed the warden, which unfortunately resulted in the self-destruction of the prison and everyone inside. Obsidian and Leer swooped in to get them out before the prison went up in flames and collapsed, and the four of them made the long journey back to Mai’s cabin. The deaths of the many innocents in that prison weighed heavily on Raiya’s mind. It was the first time that Raiya had witnessed so much death at once, and the disraught elf lashed out at Mai for choosing to locate their database rather than saving the prisoners. The conversation Maigra and Raiya had that night ended up being a pivotal moment in Raiya’s life; The warlord explained that under extreme circumstances, sacrifice is inevitable. One must always pick which will guarantee the survival of the most people in the long run. The prisoners may have died by their hand, yet the information they gained will help save thousands from the same fate.

Raiya and Obsidian lived with Mai and Leer for over a year. Mai taught Raiya many things about healing, medicine, combat and strategy. In return, Raiya helped Mai with her research on non-human creatures. Obsidian ultimately voiced his distaste for staying in one location for this long, and Raiya protested their departure for the first time. She claimed she was enjoying what she was going with Mai, and was not ready to leave.

Mai came up with a solution. She reached out to an acquaintance of hers by the name of Creed; a Warlord who also had been a teacher to Mai, and she claimed that he will continue Raiya’s training. Goodbyes were soon said, then Raiya and Obsidian made the journey west to the Warlord territory.




8654468461?profile=RESIZE_710x“In the end, every soul must do whatever it takes to S U R V I V E.” - | |


Their initial arrival to the Warlord territory was met with mild hostility and reluctance. Even Creed seemed disgruntled that he had to take the young elf under his wing. However, he abided by Mai’s orders, and hence became Raiya’s mentor. 


Creed mentored her in-depth on counter-curses and counter-magic, as well as swordsmanship and how to use firearms. Other soldiers included her in sparring matches, tutored her in weapons care and other techniques used in the army. 


Raiya lived among the Warlords for almost nine months. She got along well with the majority of her fellow soldiers and excelled in her training, yet a few of the high-ranking generals kept her under a cold, hawk-like eye. The elf got into frequent verbal spats with one of the Grandmasters, Mitchel Blade, most commonly known as “Wrath,” which proved to be a source of both entertainment and irritation for most of the other generals. These verbal spats quickly escalated into a physical altercation, and when the two were finally pulled apart, Wrath spat a final statement before they were escorted away;


“Why don’t you ask Creed why he hates Elves so much ~!”


Raiya tried to get an answer out of Creed, but all he did was give her a few basic access codes and direct her to the database. It was there that Raiya learned the true history of the Warlords, The Great War between humans and non-humans, and discovered vague background information on Creed and his hand in the mass murder of Elves. 

Raiya then went back to confront Creed, and a lengthy discussion followed. It was a conversation that proved to be yet another turning point in the way the young elf viewed the world. Creed opened Raiya’s eyes to the ways of the world, the ways of war, and how there are no true “villains'' or “good guys” in a battle. Every race and every species had innocent blood on their hands, and every soul had to do whatever it takes to ensure the survival of them, and their loved ones in an ever-changing world. Creed’s followers, family, and friends were murdered time and time again by Elven clans, even before the Great War. However, those same elves had been driven out of their homelands by growing industries, and were simply fighting for somewhere to call home. 

The next few days were a blur. Conversations with Wrath’s partner, a red dire dragon named Yurrei, taught her of another, rapidly-growing empire just north of the territory they were in; a Dragon-lead territory known as “The Empire of the Night-Winged,” or most commonly known as “Nightwing.” 

Raiya continued to live as a soldier of the Warlord army, yet with each passing day, an ever-growing feeling of restlessness grew. Another fight broke out between her and Wrath, one which ended with Obsidian and Yurrei intervening and nearly fighting amongst each other.

That battle was the final straw. Raiya was no Warlord. She never could be; the difference between her nature and theirs was too stark.

Raiya had another conversation with Creed, and requested to withdraw from the Army. 

“I don’t belong here.”



= W I P =







|| Reflection || ---



  • Raven hair, fare-toned skin, pointed ears. 
  • Sharp blue eyes, Cat-like & vertical pupils
  • Stands at 5’9” with a toned build.
  • Wardrobe varies on occasion – Normally garbs in comfortable garments that are easy to move around in, adorned with dark and/or earthy-toned colors. 






|||   |||   ||| 






She is never truly a l o n e - ;;


The Ghost, the Rider, the most trusted F r i e n d

     There are very few who have managed to touch her life in such a drastic manner. Spencer is laced into Raiya’s memory as a figure of familiarity, companionship and comfort over countless years. Contact was severed when the Nightwing Empire fell into ruin, yet a chance meeting a long while after entwined their paths once more. Though they currently reside in different homelands, contact is ensured by frequent visits and hawk-borne letters. Raiya looks upon old memories with fondness, and holds dear even the times they sit in silence. She hopes their paths will remain synchronous, and will do whatever she can to keep him around. 

-  -  - - - 

- - - 


The Enigma, the Reckless, the Forest P r i n c e

     Encountering the elven hybrid was an unexpected feat indeed. Novak’s vigor and lightheartedness starkly contrasted the stoic personas that Raiya had grown accustomed to, and she is both amused and captivated by him. Novak has become like a brother to Raiya; when at peace, they banter and partake in playful bickering.  When faced with tribulation, they guard one another fiercely. There is never a dull moment with him around, and Raiya could not be more grateful.


Novak, Raiya and Spencer often dwell in each other’s company.

The three of them together is a force to be reckoned with. 

- - - - -

- - - 

N A O M I . S H I M U R A

The Tormented, the Companion, the fiercely G u a r d e d

     She could not have been prepared for this chance encounter. It was an unlikely friendship: Naomi was the daughter of someone linked to Raiya’s old life in the Nightwing Empire. Fate lead them to meet in an alleyway during Raiya’s first night in the city. Their differences were placed aside, and a friendship bloomed over marveling over one another’s life stories. Together, they shared a home as roommates, and pulled each other from very dark points in one another’s lives. Raiya looks upon Naomi with utmost fondness despite her history. She knows that Nao can fend for herself, but she vows to vehemently guard her from whatever comes their way. 

- - - - -

- - -

K Y R A H . L a R O U G E

The Wolf, the Confidante, the peripatetic S i s t e r

     A wanderer, this one is ;; an unchained soul entrapped in wanderlust. Communication is incredibly sparse and contact remains short-lived, yet Raiya holds no bitterness towards her adopted sister. There are times where Raiya wishes she could be closer to Kyrah, yet she has learned to not protest when the wolf deems it ready to go. She remains quiet when they part ways, yet is always prepared to welcome Kyrah back with open arms.



September 28

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