|||          |||          ||| 

|| Elven {possible hybrid~?} || Immortal ||  





|||- Nomad, Fugitive, Warlord, Dragon Rider -|||




 The begining is hazy
Much like how one never recalls the start of a D R E A M

9811521277?profile=RESIZE_400x||| N O M A D 

She grew up astride the back of her guardian, Obsidian. The elf and the dire wolf led a nomadic life, traveling the planet at their leasure for as long as Raiya could remember.
Dangers of such a life were inevitable, for they occasionally found themselves in the crossfire of multiple wars, territory disputes between opposing civilizations, and tracked by hunters who so desperately desired the ancient wolf's hide. It was still a quiet, peaceful life for the majority of it, and it was a life that they were both content with. As Raiya grew older, her desire for knowledge and new experiences grew. Obsidian eventually allowed her to go off and visit populated areas when they stopped to rest, and he stayed out of sight with a watchful eye. Raiya socialized and learned from those she encountered, picking up various skills such as different languages, cultures, self-defense methods, healing, and much more. Raiya found that each place provided a different skill, and she could not get enough. Obsidian would always appear again after a few weeks, and he and Raiya would continue on their way.

They had no home of their own, and they never stayed in one place for too long. Raiya was fully content with this lifestyle.

Until, that is, She met Maigra Lainé.




9811521487?profile=RESIZE_400x||| F U G I T I V E

It was a chance happening, and one that would alter the course of life as she knew it. Raiya and Obsidian ran into Maigra Lainé, an ex-member of the infamous Warlord Army, and Leer, her black-feathered dragon companion, while ambushing a slaver's squadron as they transported their newest haul of prisoners. The four of them quickly subdued the slavers and freed those imprisoned. The squadron leader used his final breaths to mock Raiya and Mai, stating that they have done nothing but brush dust away from the surface, and had saved no one in the long run. The women soon found leads to the potential headquarters and, filled with determination to sever the head from the snake, began to plan their attack. Leer and Obsidian warned them to leave it be, but did they listen? Absolutely not. Alas, the pair were inevitably captured and faced horrors untold within a gargantuan underground slaver's prison.
Yet their spirits remained unbroken, and their treatment only fuled their motivation. The two ultimately broke free, and their escape and aquisition of the prison's database ultimately led to the violent self-destruction of the entire facility.
Raiya was absolutely devastated at the loss of so many innocent lives. Mai argued that that the lives sacrificed are miniscule in number compared to the lives saved in the future. Thus was the mentality of a Warlord, and it was a mentality that Raiya had yet to accept.

The four of them had to flee due to the following investigations. Raiya and Obsidian found a home with Mai and Leer, and they all lived together for a bit over a year. During this time, Raiya helped Mai study the lands and the creatures in it, and Mai taught Raiya various forms of advanced skills. Obsidian still had the heart of a Nomad, and soon became restless. He wished that he and Raiya move on, yet the elf protested. She enjoyed what she was doing with Mai, and felt like she had much still to learn. Mai found a solution; she would reach out to a colligue for a due favor;

And thus, Raiya and Obsidian traveled to the Warlord territory, and Raiya was taken under General Creed's wing.






||| W A R L O R D

Their initial arrival to the Warlord territory was met with quiet hostility from all of the high-ranking generals. General Creed himself seemed quite disgruntled that he had to take the young elf under his wing, yet he kept true to his promise to Mai, and took on the roll of Raiya's mentor.

Raiya was no stranger to magic and its many uses, yet Creed mentored her on exactly how magic worked. The physics, the theories, he overall taught her to better grasp exactly what magic was, how it interacted with the planet's many elements, and how it can be paired with more "artificial" components to enhance desired powers. Raiya gained a much deeper understanding of how to use magic, and thus, her abilities and strength increased tenfold.

Magic was not the only skillset that Raiya sharpened. She partook in weapons training and routine sparring matches with the other soldiers, hence honing her combat techniques both with and without weaponry.

Her time as a soldier did not come without qualms. The Warlords were a brutal bunch, and they relied on the strength of their teams and the strength of the army as a whole to survive. Any form of weakness in a soldier was seen as a threat to the rest of the squad, and hence, weakness was not tolerated.

Raiya got into frequent verbal spats with one of the Grandmasters, Mitchel Blade, most commonly known as “Wrath." Accurately titled, the inflammatory personality of the Grandmaster did not mesh well with Raiya's unsubmissive temperament, and those verbal spats quickly escalated into a physical altercations. The altercations proved to be a source of both amusement and annoyance to the colleges that had to pull them apart.

As time wore on, she began to gain a better understanding of the complicated world they lived in. The more she learned about the world, the more she learned about herself and the history of those she lived with. One could say that she learned a little too much. The familiar feeling of restlessness grew. One final and brutal battle with Wrath left them both with severe injuries; That was the final straw in the elf's mind. Raiya was no Warlord. She never could be; the difference between her nature and theirs was far too stark.

Raiya gained Creed's permission and forgiveness, and she withdrew from the Warlord army.


||| D R A G O N . R I D E R

The Empire of the Night-Winged, or more commonly known as "Nightwing." It was one of the two segments of the whole planet that was entirely untouched by the modern world, and it was completely and viciously free from the influence of outside forces. The gargantuan territory and all who dwelled in it were ruled under the fierce and watchful eye of Kaida and her trusted Draconian council. The territory was as great and feral as the beasts that called it home, and it was there that Raiya found her own true home for many, many years.

After Obsidian's departure, she found herself bonding with a dire Dragoness by the name of Atheria. Atheria was the mate of Chanook, the Dragon who ruled the lower crescent of the Empire.

Raiya and Atheria collaborated with their many companions to help build and defend the Empire. Raiya flew with the kings and queens of the sky, she fought wars side by side with friends, she helped nurture the young dragons and new life that blossomed during times of peace.
She learned, she loved, she thrived,

;---- and she l o s t,

 The Empire of the Night-Winged met its premature and devastating end.




| | | - Drifter, Redemption, Keeper  -| | | 



 " --- You must live o n "




||| D R I F T E R 

Raiya experienced death on that fateful day. The mental bond between Dragon and Rider allows the pair to share feelings, sensations, thoughts and notions even from afar. Raiya felt everything when Atheria fell to her violent and abrupt end, and with the loss of her partner, a part of Raiya died too.

Once she scrounged up enough strength to travel again, Raiya searched the ravaged territory for any signs of life. Any hope she had of finding those she cherished was quick to dissolve ;; with every death confirmed and every life unaccounted for, it became all too real that the life she knew was over.

Raiya began to withdraw deeper and deeper into herself. For the first time in her long life, she was truly, completely, and terribly alone.










||| R E D E M P T I O N

Light has an odd way of reaching even the darkest corners;; A gleam of hope was birthed by the unexpected meeting of Naomi Shimura.

Raiya's adaptation to life in the bigger city was a smooth transition thanks to Naomi's help. Rehabilitation came with time, and soon enough, Raiya found purpose once more. 










||| K E E P E R 
Omnia Oddities is Raiya's current "project." This two-story shop features a library on the top, and a general oddities shop below. It appears fairly normal to the untrained eye, yet Omnia provides necessary items and valuable tools for magic users. Some of these commodities include ritual tools, healing supplies, various herbs, stones and a plethora of other things both on display and hidden away. Ask nicely, and she may have it.

One best mind their step and keep ill intents at the door: Omnia is guarded by an array enchanted beings that are hidden in sight. These creatures become self-activated upon the detection of a thief or a patron with sinister intents both towards the shop or Raiya herself.




She is never truly a l o n e - ;;



The Ghost, the Rider, the most trusted F r i e n d



     There are very few who have managed to touch her life in such a drastic manner. Spencer is laced into Raiya’s memory as a figure of familiarity, companionship and comfort over countless years. Contact was severed when the Nightwing Empire fell into ruin, yet a chance meeting a long while after entwined their paths once more. Though they currently reside in different homelands, contact is ensured by frequent visits and hawk-borne letters. Raiya looks upon old memories with fondness, and holds dear even the times they sit in silence. She hopes their paths will remain synchronous, and will do whatever she can to keep him around. 





The Enigma, the Reckless, the Forest P r i n c e



     Encountering the elven hybrid was an unexpected feat indeed. Novak’s vigor and lightheartedness starkly contrasted the stoic personas that Raiya had grown accustomed to, and she is both amused and captivated by him. Novak has become like a brother to Raiya; when at peace, they banter and partake in playful bickering.  When faced with tribulation, they guard one another fiercely. There is never a dull moment with him around, and Raiya could not be more grateful.


Novak, Raiya and Spencer often dwell in each other’s company.

The three of them together is a force to be reckoned with. 



N A O M I . S H I M U R A

The Tormented, the Companion, the fiercely G u a r d e d


     She could not have been prepared for this chance encounter. It was an unlikely friendship: Naomi was the daughter of someone linked to Raiya’s old life in the Nightwing Empire. Fate lead them to meet in an alleyway during Raiya’s first night in the city. Their differences were placed aside, and a friendship bloomed over marveling over one another’s life stories. Together, they shared a home as roommates, and pulled each other from very dark points in one another’s lives. Raiya looks upon Naomi with utmost fondness despite her history. She knows that Nao can fend for herself, but she vows to vehemently guard her from whatever comes their way. 




K Y R A H . L a R O U G E

The Wolf, the Confidante, the peripatetic S i s t e r


     A wanderer, this one is ;; an unchained soul entrapped in wanderlust. Communication is incredibly sparse and contact remains short-lived, yet Raiya holds no bitterness towards her adopted sister. There are times where Raiya wishes she could be closer to Kyrah, yet she has learned to not protest when the wolf deems it ready to go. She remains quiet when they part ways, yet is always prepared to welcome Kyrah back with open arms.


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Raiya's character has been a work in progress since roughly 2010. Her history, personality, and everything about her has been created by RP interactions over the years. It is my goal to continue developing her as a character and her storyline to its maximum potential, up until I feel it is appropriate to retire her. 

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  • You and I have something in common,
    we both have stories locked inside.

    Yet, like guilty children, 
    we sneak away time and again to breath life into them.

    Need they be of fantasy, lust, fear, or something closer to reality,
    we keep them in places where so few know where to look.
    Where even fewer are invited.

    So allow me this selfish desire for you to reach forward,
    and find the stories that hide here inside my heart.
  • Thanks for all your advice  Raiya 

  • Found your comment wall! Thanks for the tip

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  • Thank you for the welcome! I hope I'm doing this correctly by posting here. I primarily roleplayed on Facebook so it will take me a bit to get the hang of things. 

  • {/pats pocket and goes happily about my day :)/}  missed u too

  • "Oh~ One of these days I should stop by to check out the shop, I heard it has a lot of cool magic stuff on sale." Despite her subtle attempt at shrugging him off passively, this mystery man was only probing further. For whatever reason, he was rather persistent in trying to engage in a conversation with Raiya.

    It was at this moment when her visitor stepped closer so they'd be standing beside each other, shoulder to shoulder. Now facing the open ocean, he took a deep exhale, only to extend an arm and open his hand for an offer. "Names Aramos." The stranger promptly introduced himself with a firm smile plastered across his sharply sculpted face, hoping she'd do the same.

    Just when the Elven woman was likely getting tired of this unforeseen encounter, mild splashes could be heard coming from their right, behind the man. Two familiar hands rose up to take hold of the wooden ledge before a figure hauled himself up: Tempest, in his human facade. Unsurprisingly his azure strands were soaked, clinging to him. Thank gods he transformed before coming up because chances were he probably noticed the man.

    "Sup mate!" In order to play cool, the sea drake in disguise greeted him with his own warm smile, soon making his way over to a certain woman as the water was tracked behind him. In this form, all he had on was a pair of onyx swim trunks, most of his bare figure exposed to open air.

    "Oh, hi."

    Once in between the two, the reptilian braided and twisted most of his hair, a bit too close to where their visitor was standing. Some of that water got on his pants and dress shirt. This made him raise his voice slightly out of disgust and briefly scrunched his own face in response. "Hey!!" He'd say, half-aware that this was deliberate. 

    When this hipster of a male approached Raiya, the corners of Aramos' lips drooped down into a slight frown. Tempest placed one arm around his Elven friend and bought her close. "Don't mind us bro, we're just on our way." He'd say smugly, eventually claiming Raiya’s hand with his own and stepping closer towards the edge, as if ready to jump in with her. Chances were he heard what was going on.

    "See you later I suppose…"

    That being said, the older man turned and began his trek away from them. Once he was out of earshot, her aquatic friend could finally speak quietly. "Hope he never shows up while you're open. Shall we~?"

  • -Slowly drags a uh - amazon driver into the house.- >>
    -Proud indoraptor noises!- 

  • Pin on Face Paint!

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