Finish the Story; OPEN In-Character game

Everyone loves a good story, yes?

This is a website-friendly version of the "Finish the story" game where anyone can hop in and thread a randomized story along. 

  • This is an IN-CHARACTER game
  •  Do NOT finish the sentence
  • Only 5-10 word reply to the story at a time
  •  Leave the responses open
  •  Don't be afraid to go crazy with it!
  •  The original game allowed for a "never-ending" story, yet I will probably cap it at some point and give a new prompt if the first one dies off

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    Hop on over to the Wrealms Arcade for the continuation -



  • The tree golem in the corner, all decked out in adventuring gear, was overhearing the converstation. He was curious where this was going and wanted to contribute to the story. He takes a sip of his sparkling water and in his big, booming voice says

    "--They decided not to because--"

    After hey says it he taps his foot eagerly awaiting the next persons response and shaking the floor

  • A gaggle of young women flocking near the counter perked up at the prompt, glowing eyes and needle-like fangs flashing briefly in amusement. Words were uttered in a chorus, almost half a song.


    "~eat them with seaweed rolls, however--"

  • Forepaws were tucked underneath his chest, turning him into a comfortable-looking "fox loaf."

    "--Turn them back into children, so they could--"

  • Lightly drumming her fingers against the table, Cassella could only lean slightly, visibly curious been on where this will go. 

    "-- the faeries heard them, wanting to--"

  • Raiya couldn't help but chuckle at the mental image. 

    "-Down the hill and into a puddle! They meowed, and..."

  • Nikolas held back a grin.

    "--until she dropped the kittens which went tumbling--"

  • Pausing from nibbling through her biscuit, Ryssai gently settled the pastry down, trailing her words right after Ren's.


    "-- a jaguar looking for its own young-"

  • A small chuckle came out of his mouth. 

    ''--The dark, deep forest where they met--''

  • A grin spread over her lips.

    "--My arms, but they squirmed out and into--"

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