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Alejandra Alonso


"Karma" | "Bitch" | "Brat" | "Miss Skellington" | "Smalls" | "Ms. Chiot" | "Don Karma"




27 years old


5'7 ft


Ex - Bounty Hunter | Currently: Mafia Boss


Demon - Dire Wolf / Human





"Underestimate Me, That'll Be Fun."





Chaotic Evil Neutral || ESTJ || Scorpio ]


She was inevitable

She was ruthless

She embodied the definition of karma


Let her play, or get the fuck away. 


After undergoing rehabilitation at the Hunter Society Headquarters, her irrational behavior and destructiveness simmered down immensely. It's as if she's a different person, but it doesn't mean her violent tendencies have escaped her. In fact, her being calmer just makes her all the more deadlier. She used to whistle for people to hear her approach, but now with a clearer mind makes for a quicker, more strategic approach in taking down targets. Agnes' reputation still stands as an insane, trigger-happy monster to strangers trespassing her territory and most of the underground, and proving them wrong makes her job all the more pleasurable. 

She's cold, stark, and brutally honest with strangers. If you aren't a nuisance, you're competition, and if you put up with her just enough, you may even befriend her. This is harder for women than it is for men, not that she prefers one over the other, but the fact that the intensity of her Type A personality tends to spark conflict or drive them away. To her friends, Agnes is compassionate and a little silly even, teasing them in a playful manner.
However, she is incredibly selective of the inner circle she maintains. Agnes is a New Yorker with a spitfire attitude
that lies beneath a calm, sophisticated demeanor. 




"I Call Shots, While You Call Off."




Her past is dark and twisted, the entirety of her childhood was devoted to becoming a trained marksman for a corporate mafia family in Manhattan, NYC. One event led up to another for the next four years, an organized coup occurred that she took part in, dissolving the family's name, yet the business was immediately taken by her drill instructor that he withheld. Agnes remained close to her former instructor and to the details of his business.

Nine years later, his assets were choked by another mafia boss attempting to his usurp his resources. Agnes was told to murder her former instructor, with some help, as he was about to give in to this interloper's demands. After his untimely death and successfully disposed of the intruding mafia boss, Agnes finds herself with more power than she had ever asked for. She now runs half of the borough's manfacturing, shipment, and transactions of weapons of trade. Agnes knew enough about the quality of artillery, but didn't know she would be knee deep in the arms industry.

Her territory stretches from the Upper West Side to below Hell's Kitchen. Her colleague, Apollonius Grimm, has the other half, as equal as it can get. With a calmer demeanor, Agnes attempts to not abuse her power. Her hands don't get as dirty as her previous job, but at times she will personally check exports and is conscious about the safety of her men if a transaction goes awry. 


Another source of income for Agnes is being the co-owner of a bar and cafe called Sundown. It was once a rustic, narrow bar in Hell's Kitchen, but after getting her new occupation, it has moved into Columbus Avenue in the Upper West Side. Her bad reputation and mysticized beast form has made the bar an attraction for tourists, Agnes blames the locals for this. She used to be the bouncer for Sundown, but after the notoriety began, Spencer, co-owner/parental figure, took up the job to prevent anymore unwanted attention coming her way. Sundown is the ground level entrance to high-end apartments above it where Agnes resides, so she is typically seen there for leisure or to converse with Spencer.


(2/5)A bar called Egress, runned by a man by the name of Finnick, happens to be the prime spot for all of these people. So if you're ever in the market for the services of one of these professional, and of course if you have the right connections, you might want to make your way into the Egress. As they say in the city of Graven, You'll just never know.





"Catcall And You're a Corpse."






Agnes wears light, breathable clothes when running through the streets, and isn't afraid to show some skin, even in the coldest weather. Her raven locks spill over her shoulders, lacking any dye as she has decided to keep her natural hair. Agnes has metallic blue eyes like her father and pale skin like her mother. A dull tattoo of three roses and an upside-down compass lies just below her right shoulder.

She has something close to a Jersey/Brooklyn accent. When the wolf skull materializes, so do a pair of wolf ears, serving as a great indicator of her emotions due to the fact that her face is concealed. Agnes's physique is lean and toned, free running through allies and parkour on rooftops. She has enhanced senses, her most powerful is being able to smell someone familiar three city blocks away. The wolf grants her increased endurance, stamina, speed, and strength.











"That's Not All, Folks."


Agnes can shift into a hellish creature that she inherits from her mother, a massive dire wolf with some areas of her skeleton revealed. She has already allowed the wolf to swallow up her humanity at a young age, being in complete control in this form that acts almost like a power-up. However, there are consequences when using the wolf, one being that she is stuck in this form for the next couple of days and once reverted Agnes becomes immensely lethargic, becoming vulnerable to her enemies.


"I hear its voice."








"And in the middle of my chaos, there was you."

- Greysexual -

[  x  1 - Taken  ]






"Chaton" | "Dom"

Dominic has been the quickest relation Agnes has ever made. It started off with a debt after Dominic gave her a job to do, but they found themselves around each other more often than not.  The vampire knows more about her than anyone she's ever met, and she trusts in him to maintain that secrecy. Complicated feelings floated to the surface, Agnes has never been more sure of her feelings. She has always adored the vampire, but with issues of his coven coming to light, Agnes can't imagine her life without him. She loves him, more than words can explain, and will do everything in her power to keep him close and comfortable.




"Wanna Know A Lil' More?"


• Due to help in unlikely places, Agnes and her demons are one and the same. Her blood is black, and too toxic to harbor a child, so she believes. Another result are two new powers. One being the ability to manipulate shadows for her to hide in and travel in short distances beneath its veil. The other being an increase in strength.

• Agnes is just as deadly without her ammunition. While she was learning how to handle a sniper rifle at the age of twelve, Agnes was being trained in Brazilian ju-jitsu, eskrima, as well as parkour to build her stamina and endurance while she was in the mafia. She was pitted against full grown, trained men over and over until Agnes became highly proficient at all three.

• Agnes is fluent in English, Italian, and French, and understands bits and pieces of Japanese from her instructor when she was younger. She's eager to have more languages under her belt.

• Agnes prefers to adopt her father's last name, 'Hale'. She knows she has relatives, but they all stem from her mother's side, who she disowned.

• She never had a childhood, pop culture references fly over her head. That's in the works of being fixed.

• Her birthday is on Halloween









- 21+ (I can not stress this enough)

The thoughts and actions of my character do not represent my own. 

-This is fictitious content, anything related to actual experiences is entirely coincidental, that being said don't steal

-You add, you start. (this is flexible)

-Paragraphs preferred, but one-liners are accepted.

-Agnes can become very vulgar, so if you drop our rp, I'll understand.

-Default setting: A city, unless given good reason not to be.

-The idea of Agnes and her storyline belong to me, all other pictures belong to their rightful owners.

- Don't feel pressured to send replies to me as soon as you get them, life's messy and comes first. I try to reply within two weeks, but that may be subject to change depending on life events and inspiration for a specific thread.

- OOC info: I've been doing this hobby for over 10 years [ this hobby is absolutely not addictive ], I owe it to writing for making me meet new people I never thought I would ever get the chance to talk to irl, and for giving me a sense of vocabulary and the awareness that I need to read more. As a writer, I believe I still have a lot to learn, so if there is any critique in my writing style to be said, please let me know.

-I'm a Discord mod for the Wrealms server (Angus/Nemo). Agnes might be intimidating but I try not to be, if you're interested in writing, I'm usually more open to discussion there.







F A N | A R T S


Kei: [IMG]

Alice O'Malley: [IMG1], [IMG2], [IMG3]

Tsunami: [IMG]

Creo: [IMG]

Me: [IMG1], [IMG2]






 FC: Kaya Scodelario | VC: Black Cat - Spider-Man . PS4


"Occasionally, I Give a Damn."








"Lu-Lu"  ||  "Lomster"

Louie is a two year old Shetland Sheepdog that is now Agnes' current roommate. Being alone in a spacious apartment was detrimental to her mental health, so Agnes decided to adopt a dog. He's helped Agnes cope when she's alone and destress after work. If Agnes is casually lounging somewhere outside, he's normally found at her side as well. Louie isn't a guard dog, and generally loves attention and affection, but he becomes territorial when provoked by strangers. When Agnes has to travel, Louie is taken care of by her business partner, Spencer.





N I K O L A S - E V E R E T T

"Nik" || "Boy Scout" || "Nikki"


Nik was one of the first friends that left an impression on her. After knowing she didn't have a regular childhood, he took the initiative to show just what she missed. Activities like camping and ice skating were things Agnes had never done, and it gave her a glimpse at how a normal life felt like. Their encounters have decreased, however when they do happen, it's typically over a bit of pizza with nothing business related whatsoever. Agnes is aware of the struggles he has as a vessel, but attempts to distract him of them to the best of her ability. 





K E I / J A S O N - H A L E

"Prick" || "Dad"


For the first ten years of her life, Agnes didn't know this man existed, her own father by blood. Her mother raised her until she was around eleven, rejected by the only family she knew after the demon wolf within her began to devour her humanity. Fortunately, she was told her father lived in the city, but when she made her way there, the mafia took her away for the next four years. That's a story for another time. 

The next time she was in the city and accidentally bumped into him, Agnes unleashed a level of fury onto him that she had never shown anyone before. Since then, they've been on iffy grounds. The night before, they could be trying to kill each other, and the morning after they share a bowl of cereal. As of now, their confrontations have become more peaceful due to her time in rehabilitation in the Hunter Society Headquarters, for now they have something close to a truce it's complicated. Even then, her relationship to her father is one of the most capricious bonds she has ever formed. Almost once a year, she sees him sitting in Sundown and joins him to take a moment to recall the past year as both of them have gotten busier since her rehabilitation. 



A L I C E - O ' M A L L E Y

"Parole Officer Jolly Rancher" || "Mom"


Agnes has to admit the change in her behavior was all due to this woman's actions. Alice O'Malley has always been the one to stop Agnes from running amok. After murdering a mentor of hers, they've been on rockier ground. Now that Agnes has become more reformed, she doesn't see Alice as often as she used to, unless its by coincidence. Nevertheless, despite their rough introduction, Agnes respects the Huntress for her efforts in setting her on a better path.








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  • For the past month or so, Gleeon had started coming to Sundown Bar & Cafe upon discovering it. Something that place made him feel- unusually at ease, in a way he couldn’t quite put his finger on. He became a frequent customer, always treating the staff with the utmost kindness by chatting with them and leaving tips for whoever his server was on a particular day. Personal details were never shared, only discussing hobbies and entertainment-related things, usually something fun.

    Weirdly enough, the man always came alone, never bringing any friends along. If he wasn’t sitting at the bar section, he was often at the far end, keeping to himself unless approached by a staff member. Usually, the hybrid was on his phone, or reading something on a laptop quietly. Due to unintentionally bad timing, he never encountered the Cafe Owner herself.

    But today was going to be a very, very different story.

    Beyond any glass windows the establishment had, a heavy downpour of relentless water falling from the heavens came down. Quakes amongst the skies were frequently heard, in addition to lightning flashes that were visible from inside. It was quite a thunderstorm, but not bad enough to seriously hinder business.

    Nearly sprinting across the sidewalk came the onyx-haired man himself, carrying a dark gray umbrella in hand, and a duffle bag in the other. His movements were quick, just to get out of the rain quicker since there was a leak in it. 

    Upon bolting through the front entrance, Gleeon took a long exhale when closing up his defective umbrella, a few water droplets landing on the floor. Heading over to the bar counter with a huff, it wouldn’t take him long to reach it and approach whoever was working it at that moment.

    “I’ll take a vanilla boba tea, and remind me to get a new umbrella, sheesh-” Once his item was ordered, a payment was made via card before walking over to a distant corner at one of the larger tables.

    Finally parking his rear and sliding into place, a few napkins were grabbed and rubbed against his own face and hands to dry himself off. Once complete, his laptop was brought out, opened, and plugged into an electrical outlet. Now that it was booted up, the Warlock immediately opened a browser and a text document while waiting for his beverage to be brought over.

  • The vampire drew her in close to him and let his arms settle around her frame. He could feel the eased breaths, constricting muscles choosing to ease their tension. They were the little things to be picked up by the senses if he chose to just settle down and focus on it. “I want you safe, present, happy… I find those things useful,” Dom murmured quietly, letting the pad of his thumb brush back and forth along the back of her hand. “I know you never wanted me involved to begin with, Chiot, I haven’t forgotten that. Neither of us could have our way with those sentiments.”

    Dominic would answer after a long pause for thought. “I might have to get in contact with someone who won’t be overly happy to see me, but yes,” The vampire confirmed. The bloody work it took to construct the portal hadn’t been forgotten, not to mention what it had cost him in the long run. It couldn’t be helped, if they were both to be happy in the matter.

    “All good things come in moderation, Chiot. Tragically, that’s something I’m used to.” A half-smirk came and went. The home in the woods, like plenty of things they had brushed on, was a topic for another night. Dominic’s arms loosened their grasp to let her get up. He stood to follow after her and propped a shoulder against the wall while she put her shoes on. “I’ll be there, ready when you are,” He answered. He waited until she was upright and balanced before he leaned in for one last kiss. “Good night, Love.”


    The night reluctantly turned into day, and before the sun could rise Dominic had snuck through the record shop doors. By the time the sun was up, he had tucked himself in his corner seat with another well-worn book as a decoy. He recognized Agnes’ presence when the door opened. The other strange cocktail of scents that trailed both her and the stranger accompanying..? Not so much. The book was set down quickly. A sharp stare was trained on the man’s looming presence while they both came closer. 

    The pointed stare the demoness was giving him almost was missed while he was busy making his assessment.

    Agnes’ tone of voice would not.

    Dominic’s gaze snapped back to her. A brow twitched, and one more glance flickered between the two. Wordlessly the vampire sat up from his chair. “Come on then,” He responded with a sense of apprehension he did well to make known.

    “-Ti čuvaš radnju,” Dominic muttered to Dahlia as he passed by for the stairs. The woman who sat staring at the computer screen looked up, shooting the vampire a questioning look. No further words were exchanged as the blood mage hesitantly got up and peeked through the curtain.


    Each step down the stairs felt a bit longer than it normally would. A hand touched the door, and with a push it clicked open to the velveted, sheltered basement interior. The vampire’s senses were in a frenzy to pick up whatever details he could about the tension in the demoness’ body. He walked a comfortable amount of steps into the space and turned toward Agnes. The man’s brow pinched together while he waited. 

    Then, finally. There was a silence while he studied the demoness’ expression. His own didn’t change besides the tension dissipating on his face. No surprise, no remorse? A little relief, deep down.

    “If I did I wouldn’t have left a mess behind,” Dom stated plainly, looking Agnes in the eye. “-Not even for him. “You wouldn’t have found anythin’, not even a finger. You have my word, Agnes.” 

    He took a seat on one of the padded center benches of the space, ushering her to join him. “Perhaps it was a younger vampire.” The corner of his mouth twitched. All things aside, it raised questions. “What happened last night?”



    “-Did the wolf drag you in?” Dahlia took up post in the curtain entryway with her arms crossed, staring speculatively up and down at Agnes’ company who waited. The week had started with Elder vampires putting holes in the walls, now this? Rose painted lips curved into a smirk. “Lucky you. Do you have a name, sweetie?”

  • “I wouldn’t dare think otherwise,” Dominic responded with ease on the topic of feeding. Even the colosseum could have been a greater trial for the vampire if it weren’t for a press box and a satiated feeding schedule. Five hundred years had earned him some grace, but never certainty. An amused huff left his chest and he tilted his head ever so slightly to the brush of her fingertips on it. “You have every right to ask, Love. Honestly, I'd rather that you do.” He couldn’t afford mistakes. He spared her the sentiment that likely shone on his face. There was quiet for a moment on the topic of travel. He was running through the itinerary in his head, or so it seemed by the furrowing and relaxing of his brow. 

    “If I’m being honest, for work my rate of travel might not suit you. When I can help it my trips are short lived. I would sooner have it that way, if it means more time here.” Flights could be strategically arranged. Airports were a haven for keeping out of direct sunlight. No one questioned the shrouded man in the corner, who was just as eager to socialize as most at an airport. He placed a kiss on her cheek, looking over to Agnes relaxably. “-Not that… I couldn’t make arrangements. I’ll have to find a job that might suit you to come along. You might be able to see what I do when I bother hopping to the other side of the world.” 

    There was a silence where he waited for the response to his deferral. Dominic’s mind still worked on some form of an answer, but to his relief, the vampire didn’t have to think for long. His posture adjusted while Agnes sat back up. He seemed to settle into the couch, eyeing her carefully when his hand was taken. Something as sweet as the kiss placed on each knuckle wasn’t without something bitter. He fell rather still when she gestured to the missing finger that still showed signs of the act that was done. 

    And so, the vampire listened carefully. No matter how careful he was to be stoic, something changed about his expression. His thoughts went to the man in the press box. He was certainly human, and he would make the same ear-ringing impact as Roy did when it came down to what Dominic subconsciously had in mind. Those thoughts were set aside when she drew him in close for a hug. Collecting his thoughts, he wrapped his arms around to take over the hug and pull her in close. He exhaled a steady breath—it was more for easing her own mind than for himself.

    “Thank you, for telling me,” Dominic murmured as a start. He pulled away just far enough to look at her. “I want you to know one thing, Agnes. I can open the basement door anywhere. As fate has it, some-odd years ago that door decided to be a record shop. What I stand to lose is Dahlia, her dream… and I can’t afford that.” His hand curled around hers gently. “Do you have a plan? -And this colleague, where does she stand in all of this?”

  • “Hm,” Another hum. This one was different; he was taking a private victory, one he’d gladly note whenever he could put that sense of care back on her mind. “I’ll keep reminding you.” The vampire’s eyes closed. He turned to other senses when her fingertips trailed through his hair. It was a novel gesture he always favored.

    “Tragically,” He murmured under his breath in agreement. Too alike, too different. Too many intersections where their lives had both taken their turns in ways that couldn’t be taken back. One thing was for certain; the vampire’s shock from her arrival had (for now) simmered down to a troubling thought in the back of his mind.

    “You want me to walk in toting an umbrella over my head, say ‘hello’?” Dominic murmured, raising a brow. He could at the very least manage the final block into their destination if it meant not doing so. He hated the prospect of walking in blindly altogether, but as promised, he would have to trust her. In the differing atmosphere from the arena, he'd be picking up what notes he could.

    “I’m fine,” He answered promptly. “I came from the shop. We’ve turned business around since everything, although that may mean travel days coming up.” His voice lowered a little. “...I haven't thought yet about how to balance disappearing with my current company lurking in the city.” 

    As Agnes approached, Nina peeked open a golden eye to peer up, deciding whether to move. The feline unfurled and jumped to the back of the sofa, leaning into a long yawn-filled stretch before she plopped back onto the plush surface. Dominic made his way over shortly after. He took a seat on the edge of the couch. He leaned over her, letting his elbow prop itself on the backrest. His hand curled and rested against his temple. “Of all the things to bother with tonight, you’d like to talk about that?” He pointed out, arching a brow once more. “Frankly love, 'would be my pleasure to take your mind off it. Not tonight.”

  • A hum left Dominic’s chest to interject before her words could even start, a soothing sound to try and combat the tremble that had begun. “Love, you frighten me simply because I don’t want to lose you.” He leaned in far enough to put his voice closer to her ear. “Not for a moment, not for a single death, nor lifetime—not even a single piece or part of you. It isn’t just a bloody finger, it's a principle.” Another small squeeze while he thought. “I fear the part of your life that I can’t change or control. I… suppose it reminds me of how you must feel the same.” He admitted once the clarity came to mind. It could have all been simple. In a third-floor hostel on Devonshire Row, in a sleepy cottage in Dover, it had all been so fucking simple. 

    “I do trust you, Agnes, but I don’t trust the world around you. I know you need my patience as much as I need yours, and… I’ll try and give that to you.”

    His chin tilted down and his eyes opened to study her after the kisses found his cheek. Another hum reverberated in his chest. “I don’t know your enemy, but I know mine. The moment he knows who, and what you are, he’ll want to pry whatever he can from you. That is if Lucienne doesn’t come prying first.” Dom muttered. He didn’t need conflict, he needed time to think. The future with the coven still hadn’t settled in his mind, let alone a solution.

    “Another bar patron?” It seemed to run in line with the murky profession. “In the afternoon? I assume you have a plan to keep me from frying in the sun?” Dom huffed as if he hadn’t neglected his ‘young’ age and attempted to be a daywalker enough times in the past. The demoness had a way of filling his head with thoughts in a way that had kept him from remembering his age at all. 

    Then came his final question. Despite those swimming thoughts, a smile was mustered up. It grew wider until his hands cradled either side of her cheek and a kiss was placed at the peak of Agnes’ forehead. “I wouldn’t want you any further than you are right now.” His expression had a sense of warmth that he could never fake, and he had his practice. 

    “Do you remember what movie we were on?” He asked quietly. “Have you eaten, would you like me to make anything?” Was the kitchen really stocked? Their absence from the space made the options slim compared to Agnes’ flat, but he had done his best to remember her needs (forbid he forget to feed himself or her).

  • -Chiot, what happened the last time you tried to tell me about your business?” Dominic was quick to snap. No matter how harsh or how cold, the stern expression faltered when his eyes gave a sense of fear away. Nonetheless, he quieted down long enough to listen. The vampire’s brow knit together at the mention of a stranger. He forced it to smooth over the next moment, but without any peace of mind on the matter.

    So, he did the next best thing and held her. He let his eyes close, tuning into the strumming in her chest. “I remember telling you long ago how you frightened me, Chiot.” Dominic murmured. “Do you remember that? You still do. Please, please, just promise me you’ll be careful. No rash decisions, you can talk to me, Love.”

    His senses followed her fingertips through his hair while Dom thought for a moment. He finally hummed. “It was. After all these years, he’s still hunting her, or following at least. Fortunately, I wouldn’t regard interrogation as Abram’s highest strong suit. I could confidently say that I haven’t seen her, let alone in New York.” A huff left his chest, privately inspired by a new hole in the record shop wall. “I don’t care whether I am there or not, don’t give him reason to pick a bloody fight. I need to stay in the back of the Elders’ minds.”

    His eyes opened, finding himself leaning further into the demoness’ touch than when he had started. “This coworker, what do you mean they know me? When will we meet?” Dominic tilted his head. “And… are you alright, truly? How could I help you?”

  • When the explanation came, Dominic pulled well enough away from her that she could meet his eyes. His hand loosened its grip as if in fear that he might hurt her.

    “Agnes… don’t think for a bloody second that we aren’t both capable of taking matters into our own hands,” Dominic warned, unblinking. He spoke through teeth that clenched themselves shut, staring at her incredulously. “Now tell me why I shouldn’t.” There was no sliding the issue under the rug—no. He had a location. A scent. He could track a scent for weeks if he wanted and had all the patience in the world to wait until it was time. Vampires were impulsive up until they weren’t. Every man had their habitual patterns, and how the gentleman’s body wreaked of its particular scent, he surely could—

    …He wasn’t truly warning or asking permission. The image and imprint of the man was far too clear in his mind. He was giving her the chance to talk him down if there was ever a reason that he should. 

    No matter her answer, he knew there was nothing to be done, at least not at that moment. Dominic’s hand loosened on hers and his arms once more coiled around the demoness, drawing her into his chest. The remorse never left his face. That night still stung in his mind, ever since he stepped out of the car that night and went home. Now it stung in a way he felt he couldn’t control. The quietness persisted while he gathered his thoughts for the next question, which was no less pleasant than the last. She would feel him mimic her breaths slowly but surely as the vampire made himself focus. Relax. 

    “Paradox had a visitor tonight. I would never trade for the alternative, but… I’m glad you weren’t there.” His head fell heavier atop hers. “I knew Lucienne would follow us here, and Abram would follow. I'll have to be careful.”

  • That night, it was a rare occasion that the apartment was occupied. Ever since London, the vampire had split himself between the record shop and Agnes’ flat. The lights were on for the remainder of the night/evening, and not just for the white-haired feline that slept comfortably on the sofa. In the moment, Dominic’s eyes were planted on the countertop absently. There was a dishevelment to his hair that he hadn’t gotten around to fixing. He was lost in thought, his hand over his mouth like a statue for god-knows-how long. One foot tapped on the countertop stool gently to show signs of life.

    His head snapped up like a prey animal when he felt another presence inside the apartment walls. His attention whipped toward the back hallway, perplexed by the sound coming from the one corridor without windows or doors. When Agnes’ voice rang out, the vampire’s mind eased considerably. Still, by the time she walked out, he wore the expression of a man who had forgotten what it was like to be snuck up on. Fear had crept into his features at what else it could have been, or more so, who. Dominic sat up straight and swept the subconscious hand through his hair, more than relieved to see it was her. He cleared his throat and let a smile show. 

    “Chiot, welcome home,” He hummed back. He seemed to shake off whatever had settled on his mind and stood up from the stool. When she closed in he did the same. He let his arms drape around her waist and upper back and gave a gentle squeeze. He placed a kiss on the side of her head, and let his cheek rest against it. Something was off. Besides the scents and her unusual arrival, he could sense it.

    That veil of peace dropped just as quickly. Dominic’s jaw tightened. His angular features held onto the shadows in the room when he tipped his chin down to what his eyes saw. What was missing. The vampire went unbearably. Slowly, given a few moments, his hand moved around hers. Cool fingers would glide along the top of her hand while his second hand rested carefully over the top. They curled over the remaining digits protectively while he studied the cauterized mess of what was left. 

    “-What happened?” Dominic questioned and looked up to Agnes with a pointed stare. He tried to keep his voice low, no matter what part of him was growing more livid by the second.


  • The vampiress let a sarcastic huff leave her chest. “Blame your feet, not the ledge you didn’t see coming… -And I’d watch your tongue, Karma, or someone bigger and badder than me just might take it from you,” Lucienne shot back, with only so much as a twitch at the corner of her lips. “She isn’t the only one. She’s the one that pulls the strings, and those strings need cut,” Luci answered simply. “Without that, nothing else happens. Nothing changes. If you want him in your life, there is no alternative.”

    A back pocket was dug through absently and a large bill was slid onto the table and placed under the vampiress’ drink. Agnes seemed forgotten for the moment while she completed the gesture. Her gaze rolled back to her once her hands left the glass. “Ohh, Dominic can’t be convinced. It’s not about what you tell him, or what I tell him. It’s about what he believes; what is absolute. What she made him feel all those years. What any of us went through. It’s a type of control you can’t buy. Why don’t you ask him for yourself, see what happens?” The gesture seemed innocent enough, but the way the vampiress’ tone quieted in the loud room said something else. 

    Her head remained tilted Agnes’ way. “He doesn’t need to be convinced, he needs to be pushed. For now? He doesn’t need to know anything at all. ‘Think you can do that for me, love?” Lucienne suddenly slid from her end of the booth, keeping a hand on the table where she stood, and paused. “In the meantime, while I have his little blood mage at my disposal, I’m looking for something to relinquish that control... quietly. Abram would have touched down in New York by now; he’ll start circling that shop if he loses my trail. Best be careful.” 

    Her hand left the table and she made to leave. “Jusqu'à ce que je te revoie, Karma.”

  • [ Hey there. Was just going through my friend's list and your profile caught my eye! I have a spot open for a new thread if you'd like your Wolf to meet mine? Let me know if you're interested. ]

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