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Alejandra Alonso


"Karma" | "Bitch" | "Brat" | "Miss Skellington" | "Smalls" | "Ms. Chiot" | "Don Karma"




27 years old


5'7 ft


Ex - Bounty Hunter | Currently: Mafia Boss


Demon - Dire Wolf / Human





"Underestimate Me, That'll Be Fun."














Chaotic Neutral || ESTJ || Scorpio ]


She was inevitable

She was ruthless

She embodied the definition of karma


Let her play, or get the fuck away. 


After undergoing rehabilitation at the Hunter Society Headquarters, her irrational behavior and destructiveness simmered down immensely. It's as if she's a different person, but it doesn't mean her violent tendencies have escaped her. In fact, her being calmer just makes her all the more deadlier. She used to whistle for people to hear her approach, but now with a clearer mind makes for a quicker, more strategic approach in taking down targets. Agnes' reputation still stands as an insane, trigger-happy monster to strangers trespassing her territory and most of the underground, and proving them wrong makes her job all the more pleasurable. 

She's cold, stark, and brutally honest with strangers. If you aren't a nuisance, you're competition, and if you put up with her just enough, you may even befriend her. This is harder for women than it is for men, not that she prefers one over the other, but the fact that the intensity of her Type A personality tends to spark conflict or drive them away. To her friends, Agnes is compassionate and a little silly even, teasing them in a playful manner.
However, she is incredibly selective of the inner circle she maintains. Agnes is a New Yorker with a spitfire attitude
that lies beneath a calm, sophisticated demeanor. 




"I Call Shots, While You Call Off."




Her past is dark and twisted, the entirety of her childhood was devoted to becoming a trained marksman for a corporate mafia family in Manhattan, NYC. One event led up to another for the next four years, an organized coup occurred that she took part in, dissolving the family's name, yet the business was immediately taken by her drill instructor that he withheld. Agnes remained close to her former instructor and to the details of his business.

Nine years later, his assets were choked by another mafia boss attempting to his usurp his resources. Agnes was told to murder her former instructor, with some help, as he was about to give in to this interloper's demands. After his untimely death and successfully disposed of the intruding mafia boss, Agnes finds herself with more power than she had ever asked for. She now runs half of the borough's manfacturing, shipment, and transactions of weapons of trade. Agnes knew enough about the quality of artillery, but didn't know she would be knee deep in the arms industry.

Her territory stretches from the Upper West Side to below Hell's Kitchen. Her colleague, Apollonius Grimm, has the other half, as equal as it can get. With a calmer demeanor, Agnes attempts to not abuse her power. Her hands don't get as dirty as her previous job, but at times she will personally check exports and is conscious about the safety of her men if a transaction goes awry. 


Another source of income for Agnes is being the co-owner of a bar and cafe called Sundown. It was once a rustic, narrow bar in Hell's Kitchen, but after getting her new occupation, it has moved into Columbus Avenue in the Upper West Side. Her bad reputation and mysticized beast form has made the bar an attraction for tourists, Agnes blames the locals for this. She used to be the bouncer for Sundown, but after the notoriety began, Spencer, co-owner/parental figure, took up the job to prevent anymore unwanted attention coming her way. Sundown is the ground level entrance to high-end apartments above it where Agnes resides, so she is typically seen there for leisure or to converse with Spencer.


(2/5)A bar called Egress, runned by a man by the name of Finnick, happens to be the prime spot for all of these people. So if you're ever in the market for the services of one of these professional, and of course if you have the right connections, you might want to make your way into the Egress. As they say in the city of Graven, You'll just never know.





"Catcall And You're a Corpse."






Agnes wears light, breathable clothes when running through the streets, and isn't afraid to show some skin, even in the coldest weather. Her raven locks spill over her shoulders, lacking any dye as she has decided to keep her natural hair. Agnes has metallic blue eyes like her father and pale skin like her mother. A dull tattoo of three roses and an upside-down compass lies just below her right shoulder.

She has something close to a Jersey/Brooklyn accent. When the wolf skull materializes, so do a pair of wolf ears, serving as a great indicator of her emotions due to the fact that her face is concealed. Agnes's physique is lean and toned, free running through allies and parkour on rooftops. She has enhanced senses, her most powerful is being able to smell someone familiar three city blocks away. The wolf grants her increased endurance, stamina, speed, and strength.










"That's Not All, Folks."


Agnes can shift into a hellish creature that she inherits from her mother, a massive dire wolf with some areas of her skeleton revealed. She has already allowed the wolf to swallow up her humanity at a young age, being in complete control in this form that acts almost like a power-up. However, there are consequences when using the wolf, one being that she is stuck in this form for the next couple of days and once reverted Agnes becomes immensely lethargic, becoming vulnerable to her enemies.


"I hear its voice."








"And in the middle of my chaos, there was you."

- Greysexual -

[  x  1 - Taken  ]






"Chaton" | "Dom"

Dominic has been the quickest relation Agnes has ever made. It started off with a debt after Dominic gave her a job to do, but they found themselves around each other more often than not.  The vampire knows more about her than anyone she's ever met, and she trusts in him to maintain that secrecy. Complicated feelings floated to the surface, Agnes has never been more sure of her feelings. She has always adored the vampire, but with issues of his coven coming to light, Agnes can't imagine her life without him. She loves him, more than words can explain, and will do everything in her power to keep him close and comfortable.




"Wanna Know A Lil' More?"


• Due to help in unlikely places, Agnes and her demons are one and the same. Her blood is black, and too toxic to harbor a child, so she believes. Another result are two new powers. One being the ability to manipulate shadows for her to hide in and travel in short distances beneath its veil. The other being an increase in strength.

• Agnes is just as deadly without her ammunition. While she was learning how to handle a sniper rifle at the age of twelve, Agnes was being trained in Brazilian ju-jitsu, eskrima, as well as parkour to build her stamina and endurance while she was in the mafia. She was pitted against full grown, trained men over and over until Agnes became highly proficient at all three.

• Agnes is fluent in English, Italian, and French, and understands bits and pieces of Japanese from her instructor when she was younger. She's eager to have more languages under her belt.

• Agnes prefers to adopt her father's last name, 'Hale'. She knows she has relatives, but they all stem from her mother's side, who she disowned.

• She never had a childhood, pop culture references fly over her head. That's in the works of being fixed.

• Her birthday is on Halloween









- 21+ (I can not stress this enough)

The thoughts and actions of my character do not represent my own. 

-This is fictitious content, anything related to actual experiences is entirely coincidental, that being said don't steal

-You add, you start.

-Paragraphs preferred, but one-liners are accepted.

-Godmod all you want, I'll do it right back.

-Agnes can become very vulgar, so if you drop our rp, I'll understand.

-Default setting: A city.

-The idea of Agnes and her storyline belong to me, all other pictures belong to their rightful owners.

- Don't feel pressured to send replies to me as soon as you get them, life's messy and comes first. I try to reply within two weeks, but that may be subject to change depending on life events and inspiration for a specific thread.

- OOC info: I've been doing this hobby for over 10 years [ this hobby is totally not addictive ], I owe it to writing for making me meet new people I never thought I would ever get the chance to talk to irl, and for giving me a sense of vocabulary and the awareness that I need to read more. As a writer, I believe I still have a lot to learn, so if there is any critique in my writing style to be said, please let me know.

-I have a Discord, let me know if you want it.







F A N | A R T S


Kei: [IMG]

Alice O'Malley: [IMG1], [IMG2], [IMG3]

Tsunami: [IMG]

Creo: [IMG]

Me: [IMG1], [IMG2]






 FC: Alejandra Alonso | VC: Black Cat - Spider-Man . PS4


"Occasionally, I Give a Damn."








"Lu-Lu"  ||  "Lomster"

Louie is a two year old Shetland Sheepdog that is now Agnes' current roommate. Being alone in a spacious apartment was detrimental to her mental health, so Agnes decided to adopt a dog. He's helped Agnes cope when she's alone and destress after work. If Agnes is casually lounging somewhere outside, he's normally found at her side as well. Louie isn't a guard dog, and generally loves attention and affection, but he becomes territorial when provoked by strangers. When Agnes has to travel, Louie is taken care of by her business partner, Spencer.





N I K O L A S - E V E R E T T

"Nik" || "Boy Scout" || "Nikki"


Nik was one of the first friends that left an impression on her. After knowing she didn't have a regular childhood, he took the initiative to show just what she missed. Activities like camping and ice skating were things Agnes had never done, and it gave her a glimpse at how a normal life felt like. Their encounters have decreased, however when they do happen, it's typically over a bit of pizza with nothing business related whatsoever. Agnes is aware of the struggles he has as a vessel, but attempts to distract him of them to the best of her ability. 





K E I / J A S O N - H A L E

"Prick" || "Dad"


For the first ten years of her life, Agnes didn't know this man existed, her own father by blood. Her mother raised her until she was around eleven, rejected by the only family she knew after the demon wolf within her began to devour her humanity. Fortunately, she was told her father lived in the city, but when she made her way there, the mafia took her away for the next four years. That's a story for another time. 

The next time she was in the city and accidentally bumped into him, Agnes unleashed a level of fury onto him that she had never shown anyone before. Since then, they've been on iffy grounds. The night before, they could be trying to kill each other, and the morning after they share a bowl of cereal. As of now, their confrontations have become more peaceful due to her time in rehabilitation in the Hunter Society Headquarters, for now they have something close to a truce it's complicated. Even then, her relationship to her father is one of the most capricious bonds she has ever formed. Almost once a year, she sees him sitting in Sundown and joins him to take a moment to recall the past year as both of them have gotten busier since her rehabilitation. 



A L I C E - O ' M A L L E Y

"Parole Officer Jolly Rancher" || "Mom"


Agnes has to admit the change in her behavior was all due to this woman's actions. Alice O'Malley has always been the one to stop Agnes from running amok. After murdering a mentor of hers, they've been on rockier ground. Now that Agnes has become more reformed, she doesn't see Alice as often as she used to, unless its by coincidence. Nevertheless, despite their rough introduction, Agnes respects the Huntress for her efforts in setting her on a better path.








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+ = Replied | - = Owe




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 2. Dracula | +

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 4. Gleeon | +

 5. Jett | -

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  • Meanwhile…

    The city was alive and well that night. Compared to the streets of London and Paris, New York City had a certain demeanor that spoke loudly of its age: One element shouting over another, whether it be the lights, the sounds, or the buildings that towered over one another in perpetual contest. While the city came to life at night, the vampiress had held her breath for the last half an hour with a watchful eye from her hiding spot in the dark. She watched the man’s shoulders bobbing and turning as he moved off in the distance in her small frame of vision.

    Abram was waiting for the smallest quiver, the smallest movement. A sound that affirmed that someone was listening to his shouts in the dark. They were prompts to get her to move, but she knew by now. The man could move like a bullet just as soon as his senses caught something. Though she had tried many times before, tonight wasn’t a night for trying to coerce the Elder, who was far too close on her tail. Lucienne’s phone, while on silent, was smothered under her hand once it started the high-pitched squeal that meant the transmitter inside was receiving something. The vampiress’ jaw tightened and watched the Elder’s figure freeze from the corridor she peeked through. Soon enough, he was done.

    The first breath was taken long after she had lost sight. An hour had passed, proving there was still an ounce of patience left in the otherwise impulsive girl.


    An answer didn’t come that night. Rather, the next morning once the sun had confidently risen, Agnes’ phone would go off with a notification. 

    A pinned location appeared in her inbox, noting a street intersection within the city. The text underneath it read simply: 9 o’clock. Second floor. -xo


    Kitty Nights Burlesque | 9PM

    It was a typical night at the Kitty Nights Burlesque Club. The colorful lights, the beautiful swanky music, and the entertainment of a strip tease are done with the utmost choreographic class. Every night there was a party at the club. Men and Women alike came from all over for the entertainment, and the tables set along the main floor of the burlesque stage were brimming. To the patron, it was a place where people could feel at ease, drink, socialize, and talk business if they wished while enjoying the sultry sexual atmosphere. The space was brimming with an energy that left the vampiress somewhat fidgeting.

    The second floor was lined with similar tables and chairs along its railing, giving patrons a vantage point of the show no matter what seat they found themselves in. The back wall catered to lush booth seating, where the scarlet and purple lighting overhead bounced off the leather upholstery. It was there that Lucienne waited. She wore a black, strapless top that was corseted in the back, showing off porcelain skin that lost its morbid appeal with the warm lighting overhead. Her hair was loosely curled and pinned back, minus a few decorative strands that framed her face. The thick mask of eyeliner she wore came to sharp, winged points. It did wonders to minimize the crimson tint of her irises that the vampiress seldom tried to outright hide. At the worst, even if the demoness wouldn’t appear, she would have a view for the night and a place to lie low under Abram’s nose.

  • When his eyes met hers, it did nothing to quiet the vampire’s singing. It was something he had never known shame for, never known shyness. There was a time and place for humility. There was a time and place for letting your soul slip out into the open, whether he believed that he had such a thing or not. His voice followed the lyrics like it was walking beside an old friend. No hook was missed, no crescendo when the second chorus came and passed, his feet never missing a beat while coaxing her to follow. 

    The only thing that would change in his demeanor was a smile that crept along his lips when she chimed in. There was that sound he had fell into longing for, even behind a closed door. When her volume came to match his, Dominic looked down to Agnes with a wistful gaze. Come the final moments of the song, their swaying ceased and his feet stood still. His cool skin was felt when his forehead touched against hers. The kiss was met in earnest and even held a moment longer, if only so hold onto the moment. 

    “I love you too, Chiot.”



  • Synova’s ears flicked while he flew, lept and sprang through the disorienting vicinity. He collected every tiny sound that met his ear, and sharply pivoted towards whatever direction the giggle was heard without a pause in his pace. 

    The surroundings changed, and Synova stopped. He did not skid nor stumble, for the prowess of his bodily control nearly defied the laws of physics by the way he froze on the spot from his gallop. Smog billowed from his form when he did so, which momentarily disfigured his silhouette before the visual distortion dissipated like morning mist. 

    The surroundings were familiar, yet distorted like a memory warped into something uncanny by a dreaming mind. Synova did not have the time to dwell on the surroundings, for the apparition of the girl earned his full attention. The vulpine’s head lowered, ears perked and eyes STARING with tangible intensity. He would have waited, he would have lunged, he would have t r i e d,  had it not been for the static-faced figures that appeared first. Synova quietly watched the progression of events, and took a step back when the WOLF made its appearance. 

    The Japanese man. He felt like he should remember that face, surely there was a reason why it was not blotted out. Lantern eyes threw an offsetting wisp of white as the fox’s head snapped towards the fleeing silhouettes. 


    A h, --

    so this was no longer just a mindless chase,

    was it, darling ~?


    Synova padded in the direction the silhouettes went, then once again broke out into a run in order to keep up. His gate was more controlled now, unlike the predatory bounds from before that held the intent to catch. If there truly was a story to be told here, then Synova would be an enthusiastic audience.

  • *Li cks Yer windows*

  • Of course, he knew. If there was anything the vampire could be proud of not missing, it was the small details where he could. A hmph left his chest as he remembered their first evening at the restaurant. He wondered how much had changed. He knew certainly enough had for themselves since their last visit. “Call it done,” Dominic replied, making a mental note in his head for another place and another time. 

    “All yours,” he responded, mind already made up. The cup had already been forgotten until she had mentioned it. Dominic followed into the elevator, tapping the button to go up. The long walk down the hallway concluded at the apartment. Louie’s ears perked up from the dog bed in the corner but seemed comfortable enough not to move besides a furiously wagging tail toward the door that had opened.

    Dominic went to the corner he knew well enough by now. He passed through the selection, silhouetted by the window that was dimly lit by the city lights below them. He took his sweet time in glancing over the collection before slowly but surely, the static of the track’s beginning filled the room. 

    The orchestral beginning of the song filled the empty apartment. The tune to come was Strangers In The Night, as unmistakable as it could be by the one and only Sinatra. The vampire turned on his heels and walked to the center of the room with his hands held out for Agnes’ own. They had a moment before the lyrics started where he pulled her close and let an arm come around the demoness’ waist. It wasn’t the rigid ballroom posture of their lessons before their fated MET Gala appearance, no. As the music played and the first lines were played, Dom matched the sway of the music as well as Agnes’ own. 

    Strangers in the night exchanging glances,
    Wondering in the night
    What were the chances we'd be sharing love,
    Before the night was through…

    A kiss was pressed to her temple tenderly. He let his head rest alongside hers. His voice started off quiet, the hum of his voice reverberating against her skin. 

    “...Something in your eyes was so inviting… Something in your smile was so exciting,”

    Slowly but surely as the verses passed, his singing grew louder until it was no longer a whisper. When was the last time he sang? No matter the answer, time didn't seem to be a hindrance. His other hand left hers and settled likewise on her waist, keeping her close.

    “Something in my heart… Told me I must have you.”

  • A brow rose, whether she would see it or not. His mind ran through the questions she gave him, tossing guesses in his mind for this, that, or the other. Some he knew, some he thought he remembered. Some he would have the patience to find out, like a challenge had been presented. A grin snuck across his lips. 

    “Contrary,” Dominic pulled away in order to stand up from the stool. His arm went around her waist while the other hand pushed back a strand of her hair. “I know which way you tuck your hair when it bothers you. Or, I know what your voice sounds like when you don’t think anyone can hear you sing. I know what songs give you goosebumps when the chorus plays, or…” His hand took hold of hers, bringing it up to his lips for a kiss. “...the way your breath jumps when I take your hand. Chiot, I know that your birthday is coming up, and for old-time sake, I could find us another table at Lombardi’s. That is, if… you wanted.” His head tipped and his brow raised. He watched and waited dotingly to see if the idea had struck a note. “Let’s go see what you have for Sinatra. Hm?”

  • When the question was left in the open air, the vampire’s brow rose. The corner of his mouth gave a humorless tug, but there was too much that could be said on that, so little time. “I have lived both, Chiot. You might be surprised,” Dominic answered curtly. He let the shot glass balance between a few fingers as he tipped his head back and let it follow. It was a ceremonious thing at best, not that there weren’t things to numb or forget in his mind. He felt nothing as the Everclear went down, and let the glass tap the counter.  “A city. This, city.”

    He watched her slip away with the copper mug, half-tempted to tell her what she already knew. He didn’t need it; he never did. Instead, he watched her move about reaching for this-or-that, effortless behind the bar she likely knew well enough without looking. The shot glass was held loosely and rolled between his fingertips while he waited. “You could have told me, you know.” The vampire stopped at that; what’s done was done. He would have to see for himself what she had in store for her oasis in the forest. His amber hues followed her around the bar. The shot glass was set down with a light tap by the time she rounded the corner. Dominic sat back in his chair once her arms came around from behind, and his head fell against hers. “Pick a song, Chiot.”

  • "Careful, Karma. You know, I've never been good with promises."

  • There was an odd calm from the man where the topic had generally made him shut down in the past. Not all honesty was pins and needles; at heart he knew what he wanted, logistics being another issue entirely. Agnes offered her hand, and no slower than that, he took it. It was turned over, and another kiss made its way onto the back, placed between her knuckles. He knew what he wanted. No matter how much putting theory into practice terrified him.

    As the vampire listened along, his thoughts were distant as he studied the counter’s wood grain. He could hear the excitement in her tone, the hope of the future, just as she first said it in the gardens they walked through in London. Dom couldn't ignore that aspect of her plan if he wanted to.

    "Contrary... you know the city is where I pretend I'm a regular person, you know," Dominic mused, glancing out the bar's front windows. "...despite its risks. I've spent a decent portion of my life in the middle of nowhere. Time that I wouldn't say I'm fond of. There are reasons I go through the bloody hell I do to be here, of all places." He raised the mug for a sip. What was left was mostly the reminders of ice at the bottom, so he abandoned it on the counter and looked toward her. "I'm sure your plans will turn out, Chiot; you may even prove me wrong. I'll welcome the possibility when I see it."

  • Little by little, Dominic’s hands loosened from the cup and went around her waist. His fingers curled against the fabric of her shirt, while his head rest upon her shoulder, eyes closing. He let it settle there for the moment. Slowly but surely he tuned his senses into her touch, rather than the more turbulent thoughts. 

    A schedule? The vampire's thoughts receded, back into the vault where he most felt he had control. Some things stung worse than pins and needles. He had more thought to do before he was willing to admit what was possible and what was not.

    When she pulled away, deep down he was reluctant to move. Dom sighed, swept a hand through his hair, and looked over to Agnes. "I feel the same. The heart of it- life with you. I feel the same."

    He watched the shot disappear, wondering how it could have been to dull said troubles, if just for a little while. In a way, maybe that's what her company was to him. "Are you still planning your home away from home, outside the city?" He prompted, putting himself together again.

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