Demon hybrid.   Semi-immortal.   Cursed.   Chaotic Evil/Neutral?    

Arms collector.   Borderline pyromaniac.    Mild  sociopath.    Murder for hire. 

 Hunter in training.










Pronounced " Kay "         

 "Kitty-Prince"   "Kei-Cat"   "Prick"    "Asshole"   

"Gobbering brainy gun-loving, white-faced, arse cat"   


Also Known As...               

"Jason"    "Jay"    "Jace"    

"Blue-jay"   "Grasshopper"    "Sugar nugget" 








 " Keep staring...

and you're gonna look as fucked up as me."




Upon first sight, Kei stands just above average height and strongly built, about as physically capable as a human around his size could be. Jet black hair falls forward in somewhat of a messy and haphazard manner, shaven close on the left side of his face. The ends still show remnants of being dyed a dark blue color once upon a time.Where one would expect a face, his skin gives way to scarred bone: a fanged | SKULL | of strange nature, sharing both human and feline attributes. Where eyes should be, hollow sockets linger. The interior vague as if a material is seemingly too dark for light to penetrate.  

His ears themselves rely on a different frequency to hear, thus, his hearing is higher than that of a human. Things like humming from electronics, machinery, and other high pitched noises can give him a headache in a matter of minutes. He's gotten a knack for being able to understand other creatures as well, such as felines, canines, and an assortment of others.  A feline's tail lingers likewise, topping off the strange choice of demon physiology that is the man's make-up. It serves a use in aiding the adjusting of his balance. With little chance of facial expressions... one must rely mostly on his body language.


(For example. If he's coming closer it's probably to try and kill you.)








And so, he made his home on streets altogether meaner and

dirtier than those others would walk. A place where blood runs

in the gutters and the occasional screams in the night drown

out the music. "


His residence is within an old abandoned theatre that had been shut down for many years. Originating in the 1800's as an opera house, the establish eventually shut down following the death of a young singer by the name of Ophelia. Left vacant for many years after, in 1920's renovations went underway to turn the building into a motion picture and small performance theater. A short thirty years after, the productions stop and it resumed its role as another vacant building in the city. For the few that wander in on accident, the inside is coated with a layer of dust other than the few parts he inhabited since the curse. He had chosen a room off to the side behind the theatre stage with a back door, as well as a few others that remain oddly locked. These maintained parts are surprisingly well taken care of despite his destructive nature. The theatre also has quite a large population of cats that he occasionally takes home out of pity. The demon considers it as 'paying rent' seeing that the strays came long before he.

Kei's second residence is an apartment in close proximity, following his release of the curse and in gaining his humanity back. Two blocks down and one to the left of the theatre building, he pays a landlord a royal sum to ask no questions and to take care of utilities on a six-month basis. He spends his time there only occasionally to sleep and when cold; it serves as a retreat from his mercenary work. While nothing special, it serves as a link to humanity he had otherwise been lacking.

Part 1Part 2 |








The wrong person walked into the wrong place at the wrong moment.

What happened on that night, as a result, he lost his life. Or rather, what little of a life that a homeless kid on the street could have. If you think he died, you would be both right and wrong. He lost a life. His old life, and he wouldn't be getting it back. The wrongful footsteps into an abandoned theatre building were lead with the intention of refuge. In agitating the spirit which still lingered within the ruins, what it would bring him would be five years of solitude to his name. What was once flesh withered to scarred bone. What were once eyes became hollow sockets. What were once teeth were turned to fangs. A loss of humanity and in place, something far more demonic to have altered his being. The breaking point that started the transition from the unfortunate teen, to a promising sociopath in the making. In a way, he lost everything including his humanity. He gained something far stronger all the same

He lost a life. What he gained was nine moreIt seems like something just short of immortality, doesn't it? A 'gift' of immortality that would quite literally be the death of him. 






" You thought you could kill me off that easy..?  "



The cat has a reputation as long as the Empire State building high. Murder, theft, drugs, vehicular homicide, you name it, he's done it, even several times over. Being a bit of an anarchist, he has little respect for the law and truly believes his actions will never catch up to him. Adding in some supernatural ability and what seems like the promise of immortality, he somehow manages to keep himself under the radar.

He has a habit of destruction on impulse in which a life can sometimes mean little to him. With empathy being a rather lost emotion for some reason or another, the ideals or opinions of others occasionally fail to register, and can often mean little to the demon. 

Kei is well known to have a fixation on weaponry and has amassed himself a small collection over the last five years or so. Mainly knives and guns, with some past dabbling in explosives. Hardly ever does he make a move without a weapon on him at all times. 

There isn't much hospitable about the man upon meeting. He's aggressive and overall has a short temper. His words come out as bitter and laced with sarcasm. Kei finds enjoyment in making others squirm, whether it be by his cursed appearance or the smartass comments that leave his mouth.


To the few he has not driven away, to those that he considers good company, odds they aren't as fooled. He still has quite a bit of human at his core. He's stubborn. Sometimes clingy. Shows some emotion. Even genuinely smiles from time to time.





Note-worthy "Possessions" 


necklace from Alice. He tends to keep it on his person.

Two pistols- Glock 26/27, a gift from Naomi.

Totem-like necklace featuring animal bones. A gift from Nikki.



 -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -




Sometime after the release of the curse, finding himself in what was seemingly another rock bottom in his life, it was a familiar face passing through the city that had pulled him back onto his feet and ultimately gave the man a chance at a meaningful livelihood. This came after an impromptu hunt with none other than the Huntress, Alice D. O'Malley. An acquaintance turned friend by strange circumstances, later turned into teacher and coach that he would trust more than anyone else affiliated with. It was for the second time that she had suggested he joined the ranks of the Hunters distinguished within the organization, to which, in search of a purpose other than dwelling on the streets he finally accepted. 

The process was to begin with an opening interview, which started with discussing his reasoning in applying. In all honesty, the man hardly knew what he was doing there. Aside from the simple fact that he had nothing else promising to turn to. Explaining his tiredness for doing empty mercenary jobs on the street turned to the explanation of the curse to which he was plagued... and ended promptly with a gunshot wound to the side of the head. With his justifications found as credible, as well as the shock that persisted to Alice's 'demonstration' of the curse's ability, he woke up to the news that he was allowed forward. Once his ears had ceased ringing a gruesome obstacle course to prove as physical fitness testing, and finally, a week's preparation came to pass and he was onward to his first hunt in New Orleans.

|    HS Psychological Examination    |    HS Psychological Examination (Part 2)    |

The first and second hunts came as successes, to each not without their own fatalities. A man once thriving in a lifestyle without boundaries nor morality now is doing what he can to walk a line between right and wrong for the first time in his life. The trials thus far have lead to injury, physical strain, and some emotional trauma heading forward that he didn't quite know he was capable of expressing. Regardless, two hunts into his certification, something has hit home to the point where Jason/Kei is certain of continuing onward. Of his own will, as well as full motivation that he isn't about to let Alice down.



Going stir crazy in a hospital room.

|    Hunt 1: Psychological Report    |    Hunt 2: Psychological Report     |     Hunt 3: Psychological Report     |






If anything at all could be said in a description to the cat, it would be that Kei is someone that is generally hard to be around. As a person he's irritable. Inhospitable. Violence-prone, sharp with his words and quick to anger. Disregarding the feelings of others. There is no aspect of his personality that suggests he'd ever truly learned how to keep people around him without eventually causing a falling out, usually sooner rather than later. And so, that is the common outcome at hand. Close to someone one day, discarded the next when subconsciously it seems to reap no benefit on his behalf.

With everything stated holding truth, it could be also said that he's trying. Whether that be coming to a truce with his daughter Agnes after several years of conflict, or taking on a social role he'd never been accustomed to as he carries on with the Society.  In the end, he's gained some familiar faces, each for better or for worse.




Alice is hands down one of his closest friends he has to his name. She has been there to pick him up from some of his harder times and is ultimately the person responsible for getting him onto a straight and narrow path with his life. As a result, he's willing to do whatever he can in order to keep her around. Whether that means having her back for each hunt or being invested in taking as much hell from her as he needs to, in order to get past the wall she's put up around herself.  (x1)  




Agnes is Jason's one and only biological child. Due to the fact that he had never wanted nor expected to have kids, he was absent for almost the entirety of her upbringing. Fast forward fifteen years, the two had clashed from the moment they had met as Agnes got her due revenge, the two fighting even up until present meetings. There is no telling whether the two are on good or bad terms, as it changes by the week. As of recent, the relationship between the two has improved with Agnes' time spent in holding at the Hunter Society's Headquarters. 




A seasoned killer and a trained thief- what better combination is there? There’s no telling how the two interact with having such little in common between them, or how Jason ever came to take a liking to the man. Either way, the two have gotten into their fair share of mischief, and have emptied several glasses at the bar on occasion. More or less from alcohol-induced talks, Cooper is a person Jason’s found himself opening up to, offering information Alice or Agnes wouldn’t get a hold of so easily.








 -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -


xxxxx - xxxxx - xxxxx - xxxx

 -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -











Alrighty, so I'll say it here now so you can't get nearly as mad at me later.

An advisory warning: Kei is an offensive character. He is built to be an asshole. Expect violence, language, gore, and so on to be a possibility in writing. Also be aware that he has a habit of meeting people and then essentially 'tossing' them if they no longer seem beneficial. It's a built-in character flaw, he's workin' on it. Expect harsh words, blood, possible falling outs, and general abrasiveness from him if you choose to move forward in writing. With all that being said I give you full permission to kill Kei as long as it fits into the plot reasonably. *Shrugs.*

Also please know and be prepared for the fact that I inevitably tend to choose favorites on who I respond to first. Some plots are older than others. Some hold more gravity on the character than others. This comes less as a personal reason and more for the priority of keeping character development rolling.

Secondly, as the writer, I prefer long-term plots unless we plan otherwise. This means I'm looking far into the future, and anything that happens within plot has the possibility to affect Kei's overall story, and even tangle with other stories. Finally, I am a site Admin (as you may already know by now). Feel free to come to me with any questions you have regarding the site, coding, issues in the community, or if you just feel like bullshitting. I'm around. 


 FC: A heavily edited Diego Barrueco. 

Digital FC: Work by Genki-de

Questions? Ask away.

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  • Kei would find his finger's all intact, like little piggies that went to market.. No bones broken here, as the strike was more meant as a warning, or nasty wake up call from a dominatrix.. {{{Sorry dominatrix got stuck in my head!! Me Love You Long Time, Baby! Lol Payback movie 1999 ; }}} Only minor cuts, but the sting might last longer.. Kougar watched as he scrambled off the stage, leaving behind his treasured item behind, and taking a cozy seat.. Kougar gave a graceful bow kinda like a Ring Master in a Circus, with a cheshire cat smirk. 


    The cat investigated the area, as other cats may have looked over to see what the new comer was doing. Everything was peaceful, friendly and homely here so far.. Until the hints of the black powder made the cat sneeze a couple of times. And the human weapon seen validated what was going on. But before the cat would relay any of its findings, it wanted to dig deeper. It could sense the slight temperature change, the further it traveled. Among the old things of stories lock in time, a moment was casted from the past.. The ghost or spirit was traveling throughout. Stuck between two realms? Or just not the friendly type? And avoiding the cat. It has been said that cats can see the dead. But why would a ghost hide? 

    The cat than used telepathy to communicate back to Kougar of its findings. But remained where it was. As it let out lyrical meow that could be heard by everyone. The meow was in a question form but not toward Kougar, but to the Ghost that didn't want to be seen.. 

    ~After The Bow~

    "So why do you need to store Weapons here, Kei? Are you aiding the Mafia Bosses or Street Gangs Here? Is this something that this Ghost is having you do here? Don't lie to me! I know what you have locked in the other rooms here!" The situation seemed a bit strange. As she couldn't imagine a spirit wanting weapons to be hid here. Where was the sentimental memories of what a place like this stood for? This had to be all on Kei.. But the puzzle pieces just didn't make sense..





  • "Why?" Nes almost spat in utter surprise, but it was more of disbelieving than really being upset at him for it. "Why? Because you're my damn friend, you idiot. Bad things happen to good people you had a choice of your life, you chose your life. Sure, there's a few consequences on the side. Hell, even I chose live despite what it's doing to me now. And I did it to survive just like you are, Nik." She poked the center of his chest gently. "You're worth it, dude. And stop thinking otherwise. No, I'm not some stupid school counselor or somebody to put you into some stupid new house to be fostered in, I'm your friend, you got that? Don't listen to these assholes they both just need to get laid already."

    It took Alice just a hint of a second to think about what the teen was talking about. Soon to switching to a spout of anger, and possibly a darker tone on her cheeks. "What I been tellin' ya aboot talkin' on me personal life. Stop it." It was calm, but as well as a growl meant to shut the girl up. It didn't look like it worked. Nes had rounded on Jason soon after his own comment.

    "Both of you, shut up! He'll be fine! He just needs a little push, and I'll be able to get him there, you got it? Good!"

    It was like a cruel joke. That joke of if either Jason or Alice wanted to be Kristoff in the situation to a sad and happy snowman Olaf who was not really sure what sunlight would do. Nes would remain blissfully unaware until such a time that she was told or saw differently.

    Everyone grew unsteadily on edge, aside from Nes, when that door was tapped on and the thin witch stepped in. She looked at all, and smiled warmly to Nikolas when he nodded to her. She was nothing but polite, even if she felt an odd vibe coming off of the guy. She hid it well under her smooth face, gave her statement, and waited like the good dog Mr and Mrs. Belikov told her to be. Watching over Neseva's every hand movement and change.

    Nes tried to squeeze him with all the lack of muscle she did not even come close to having in her body. She squeezed though. Arms like a firm billow squeezing his sides. "I'll get better so long as you don't go and get yourself killed!" Nes protested back. One last squeeze, than she released him and smirked knowingly. "I can't promise that. Nik, you might just have to deal with my being taller than you, dude." Her hands went to her hips and she pushed her more detailed chest out proudly. "You be safe, Nik. I'll see you as soon as I can." Hopefully soon. She would miss her friend.

    He was gone and out, leaving Alice to be in the room beside Neseva's as she packed up her things. A look up at him and Jason as doing the same. "Am rippin' that kids tongue oot soon. Maybe she'll learn to fuckin' hold it." She growled while shoving things into her bag that hardly had anything to begin with. She left out a change of clothes that she would switch into before they left. She was ready to bet back home. Or at least, the place she reluctantly called home. The one she grew up in lacking the man she once liked to call father. "Am lettin' Agnes oot when I get there." Alice pointed out bluntly. "Just so ya know."

  • "Demons ain't yer friend..." She paused to give a wayward glance towards Jason than forward again. At least most of em. What ya have is a parasite. They fuck ya up from the inside out. Ya may no' know it, may no' feel it. But on day yer eyes may be black as oil an yer blood as thick as tar, lookin' like it too. But am no' gonna lecture ya the whole time. That's her job." Another point to Nes who was growing wry about it. Why keep tormenting him, everyone here already knew that he made a bad mistake, there was no reason to keep reminding him of it. 

    "You are not fucked. And you're not alone now." Nes interjected before Alice or Jason could say anything more. "You were lost and you needed someone there and they weren't. We're gonna help you, or at least I will, you just have to work with me on it, okay? That's all I ask of you. Then when we're okay, when you've got that shitball out of your head then you'll be all okay again! You'll be you!"

    Alice had to give her credit for the optimism but was there really any of that? The kid looked drained, missing his sleep and seeming to almost coop with the thing. It was depriving him of what he needed the most, it was breaking him down so that it could in time take over. Was he safe? Alice didn't think so. She didn't think he was ready for what could really happen when the demon decided that it was going to take a deeper root in and claim him. Alice feared that, and she feared of what it might do to Nes when she couldn't save him, just like that man. Some people just couldn't be saved, it was a lesson that she and Jason had to learn, both of them. It was high time that they actually started to accept it. It sucked to lose people, but some things were inevitable. Like attempting to save a guy that just was not meant to be saved. Alice quickly went on a sing-song in her head before Nes picked up on any of those thoughts too.

    "Aye, Wendigos are made when the previous spirit of one possesses someone who commits cannibalism. Thus they begin t'change, an' they become monsters. No way to save em. Only put em oot of it befer they go killin' others too. Better to trap em though, because then the spirit is free to roam, and take over someone else. But, the person they once were ain't there anymore, an' never will be. They're as good as dead. Wendigo is one of them parasites that show outside to in."

    Nes was about to open her mouth when there was the faintest of tapping on the door. She and Alice turned to look at it only to see Falene walk in. Slow, and goth as normal with her long hair and lazy lidded eyes and smooth, harmonic voice. "Oh, I didn't know you had company, Neseva." She paused to look at Nik, sensing something off the guy then turned back to Nes. "I was called because of the lights... The one named Nik? It's your time to go. Mr. Belikov awaits you downstairs. Nes, your mother tells you to call her when he is gone. As for you, two visitor time is over. You may pack your things and leave as you wish."

    Nes' back straightened defiantly. "Why didn't my parents come to tell me this then?"

    "My apologize. They've grown busy, it was my job to deliver the message. It's time for another healing session for you, Neseva."

    Her brows crinkled and her frail arms crossed over her chest. She looked at Nik and threw them open. "I'll keep in touch now that I'm up. You stay out of trouble, okay? Last for one month, okay? One and I'll be out of bed rest to kick that demon's ass, okay?"

    Alice rose before there were any mushy goodbyes for her. She waved at Nes and went to the door. Jason could follow as he pleased. Falene waited until she and Nik had the goodbye chat they wished and she let him out. Leaving Nes alone with the witch, and Jason and Alice to their room to officially pack to leave.

  • Sirius snorted, an overly exaggerated eye roll tossing and turning her blue gaze. "Yeah, sure man. She scoffed. "But practice what you preach." With a cheeky, also highly exaggerated wink, the mestizo turned away from him, examining the room that he had lead her to- or at least the room she had followed him into. Sirius wasn't a big fan of boundaries, unless of course, they were her own. She didn't turn to face him as he vaguely explained the situation, and she could barely even keep her attention in one place for very long. "Yeah, yeah, so when do we get to see some bodies, eh? I mean,-" She spinned around to face Kei. "You said enough daisy pushers to fill up a morgue?"


    Her name rang so clearly in the mutt's mind, before Sirius turned quickly to look over her shoulder, barely in time to dodge the neon blue hues heading straight for her. She was lucky enough to escape a headshot, but the magic seemed to be toxic to her, the heat fraying the skin on her shoulder, burning through the fabric of her jacket. She shrieked, lunging away from the deadly shot, a roll quickly turning into her most natural reaction. As she rolled over on to her stomach, her muscles contracted and constricted, skin pulling and stretching as she shifted. A black, night-sky pelt was graced with celestial patterns; stars, cosmos, nebula, gaseous formations, all kept within the strands of her obsidean fur.

    A bright star was located between the wolf's long, pointed ears, her eye's as white as two single stars, colorless and brightly stark. Long silver claws revealed from black paws, soon, beneath her feet, a metallic rose gold sheen would cover the floor, collecting under Sirius like she was creating a metallic puddle. The wolf made of stars snarled, hackles raised, the heat from the stars on her pelt growing by the minute, white flashing through the darkness as she snapped. And all the while, she had forgotten about Kei.

  • She'd heard it. She didn't know how she did but it was felt, heard, and understood. Her eyebrows crinkled, not only for the pain now, but something more. Something alarming. That demon had to go. They would have to be careful from here on out. Dangerous things could happen. The demon, she hoped, was ready for that. Ready for the fight she was willing to put up in saving him. She had to help him, he would be the most desperate thing to help. Nik didn't deserve that kind of future.

    Alice caught onto that within a second. She didn't tolerate people getting smart with her. Her dark eyes became stone and she glared daggers at him within a second than snorted dryly. "Knowin' that anythin' in yer body is sittin' up there takin' a look from behind yer eyes, seein' an' calculatin' every person ya meet, hatin' who ya love, cursin' who ya care for, an' wishin' nothin' mare than just takin' it away from ya. Aye, it's bloody damn scary. An' ya let it happen to ya lad. Now ya have to decide was it warth it? Ya haven't seen the worst of it yet am guessin', boy. But its growin' in ya. And the moment ya see where that sacrifice took ya ya better be knowin' the girl's number by heart." Alice jerked a finger at Neseva who straightened her back some. "Cause when that happens you'll be beggin' fer help on yer last fuckin' breath." 

    Alice didn't know how to be gentle. She knew harsh and cruel. In her mind Nik was as good as dead, letting a demon in was easy, getting it out was like trying to pull a tapeworm out that had wondered its way all the way up to the heart out your asshole. You might get it out, but be fucking everything up on the way out.

    Nes sneered, but could she really blame Alice. Alice was straightforward. She was blunt and cruel but she was also a damn good hunter. She feared for her friend, she really did. She hoped that he would make better choices for himself.

    "Fae, aye. No pretty an' no funny. They kill ya just to do it. Evil fucks."

    It just happened. Like how cheaters dicks accidentally slipped in a chick. Nes wanted to snap that out, but she felt the fire was already roaring at that point. She needed to calm her damn self before her parents really did bust in with vengeance. She didn't like these hormones or the anger problems that seemed to evaporate out of thin air. When did she use to be this argumentative? Fierce, strong, quick. Sure, yeah, but angst little teen who liked to back talk everyone? Jeez, who had she become?

    "He can try." Nes tried to sound snarky, it came out more like a threat to her own parents. Wowzer. Alice had to be calm too, she remembered those days being a selfish teenager that wanted everything but nothing to do with anyone. Alice had ODD, she fucking knew that feeling. Nes was getting it bad.

    Alice nodded her head slowly to answer Nik. "Mmhm. The mare energy they're fed, the mare dangerous they can be. Take our trip to the Asylum there. Ya think the time warpin' was caused by the place bein' weird? No. Them be the ghosts doin'. They did that because all of em there had a fucked head in the farst place. Made the rest of the place fucked."

    Jason brought that up and Nes sneered for the second time. She didn't like the idea of her parents going there just to grab the things either. "Don't give them any ideas. They just might."

    "Sometimes the human will is weak enough to fall fer anythin'." Alice pointed out shortly. "A deal of their own. The humans chose to eat human flesh, they turn into a monster. They let that thing in." She eyed Nik. "They cannae'no' come back from that, sadly. No way to change it. If they had the change to, would they? Would you?"

  • While Kei answered Kougar's question, she could see the fear that Kei once had become faded, like a favorite bedsheet.. The fear had worn away,  because the gun was no longer a threat. Both parties were somewhat satisfied at the moment. As Kei's remarks of Hell, Demons, and Black energy fueled out of his mouth as if he enjoyed talking about it.. Kougar's features toward him were just harden. A cold stare as she cracked her knukles, and then fanned her fingers for a moment..  

    "Yeah I am well aware to low life fucking demons who jump into bodies. Demons just take take take.. Man, or woman.. Drug induced sap or not.. It doesn't matter.."  

    Then when Kei went on about himself, she could see the arrogance slowly rising once again in him. His words rubbed off as if he owned everything in sight, including her as he made those endearing remarks.. "Sweetheart" Kougar licked the corner of her mouth, as her eyes Pierce him Back. Kei's strength was more than just his words though, it was how he carried himself as well. She watched him then Push back as he defied her,  and started to get up and dusted himself off nonchalantly while asking her another question. Kei's behavior was a lot like a Bratty young teenager, full of spite and male Testiness trying to get away with whatever he could. Kougar reached behind her, into her messenger pack along her back with quick reflexes.. And Immediately Whipped out her Weapon of Choice. Movements uncoiled like Viper Striking! The sound of Cracks being made Broke the Sound Barrier a she Handled the Long, Sleek Whip with Deadly Accuracy. She struck his Clenched Hand holding his precious damaged charm, making him Drop it! And then Lashed at him again, like a Viper continuing to Strike Forcefully!

    "SiT Your Derriere Back DowN, Lucifer!! {Referring to Evil Cat from Cinderella! Lol} Don't You Dare Try To Think You Can Take Advange Here!! I'm Not Done With You!!" As she SpaT and Growled Lowly like a Puma! "And This Is Not Some Quid Pro Quo Show!" 

    Kei seemed to want the attention onto himself, as he continue to speak very little about the ghost. But Kougar was more than Happy to Keep the Subject on him at the moment, due to his Mouth that kept leading for a Fight.. She wanted to keep pressing more of the ghost, but it would have to wait just a wee longer.. Kei wasn't going to let up on Rubbing Her The Wrong Way, And she knew it! She had to be Firm and Strict every Damn Second with Him..

    "What Is It That Your Keeping Or Hiding Here?" As she Lashed the Whip Again, Demanding Him To Listen And Do As He Is Told!


    The little black cat finally came out from hiding among the crates which was behind Kei, and then start to head toward one of the closed doors in the back, as it tried to peek underneath the crack between the door and floor, taking in whatever scent could possibly be there. Or any type of recognizable object.  

  • Neseva was no stranger to stares like that. She'd grown with them, been raised by them. Her eyes were big, bright and an unsettling golden yellow that made most uncomfortable so she would never look away first. Nik was forced to stare at those eyes, hers as though looking through the blue of his eyes to the soul that belonged to another. To the demon counting the days to snatch it. She could find nothing, and in turn, she had to turn away by trying too hard. She was not yet strong enough to pry. Not now. Not yet. For once she broke the stare.

    "To ya?" Was Alice to answer. She looked at Nik accusingly as she often did with anyone. Chocolate eyes that should be warm and nice like her fathers were cold to the world, stone hard except for those few times she looked at Jason and someone might catch it soften just a hint. "To ya, nothin' now. Exorcism has changed over the years. It ain't as scary as it used to be. There's a phrase now, a way to extract a demon from someone without too much harm. Emotional trauma, an' a weakened body. But other than that yer free. But, ya have t' to want it to be gone at the same time. Demons latch, but so can people. It's one fucked host an' parasite relationship. It takes two to tango. Both comin' in an goin' out." She could see now that he was not ready for that. Perhaps he and this demon had a bond. Sadly, this was not hers to fix. Nes would have to help the kid on her own.

    "Aye, there be tales of em in Ireland. Them and Chitters; nasty bloody fucks." She hummed a small laugh to herself.  "Believe it er not, while in the Americas ya'll be having demons an' vamps, them Hollywood stuff. In Ireland, we be dealin' with Faeries an' lores. Gods. We've all got our problems. I'll stick here to what I knoo best."

    Nes would have been interested to know of the fae there wasn't a lot on them in American book yet she was thirsty to know. Sadly her time was taken up with anger, and the surprise on Nik when he finally got the fume of it that some few were ever able to see. And not many wanted to be on the receiving end of it either.

    "But you can control who you associate yourself with, Nik!" She protested back. He was a like a stray puppy who allowed anyone to just pick him up and mend him back to health however they saw fit. And what would it do to him? She laughed despite herself but it was as cold as ice. "He knew, and you thought that was a good idea to just stick with it? Nikolas, you're not that dumb, are you? That's when you just leave! You're weeving yourself in a web so damn deep that you'll lose yourself. One demon is enough."

    Her stomach felt sick with hurt. When had she ever came off so busy that he thought to not tell her these things? Hunt or not. So he just went along with it and hoped for the best? Anger, concern, hurt; it flared in her like most common teenagers towards him. And here she told herself she wouldn't end up like one of those. God, she was turning into an emotional monster.

    "Next time just call." Was her ending growl at it. By that time the lights still buzzed, her breathing rapidly calming down until there as no longer a disturbance in the air. This building was safe from her now. And she was hit with the realization that she was right. Her mother wasn't just locking her up down thick cement walls to help keep her safe, it was also to help others be safe. Could she harm someone like this? She didn't know her own power anymore. No one did, they could only just help to know.

    Nes remained huffy after she got it all out. Yeah, eleven days. "Yeah." She answered stubbly. Alice then took it from there.

    "Time was different in the asylum," she started. Attempting to quell the fire. "Eleven days to her, but it felt like maybe one, er two fer us while we were lookin' fer her. With so much energy from anger, sadness, hurt, turmoil an all the sufferin' them patients went through in there, it affected the mind in such a way that days seemed to pass like rowin' tree's, er as fast as minutes. Ghosts are just as dangerous as demons. An places, where that energy is boilin' is just as bad." Here we see Alice the huntress, rather than the hothead she often was. "Aside from that there was still the Wendigos, too. That was loads of fun, aye Jay?" She elbowed his ribs, He had been silent."

  • Nes barked with laughter that was much different than the chipper tone that used to come out of her. Now it was husky and airy like her own voice.  She possibly damaged her vocal cords in some way with the scream she'd done when immobilizing the Wendigo the way she had. The light growl to her voice was sticking it seemed. "My dad wants to kill any person that talks with me and are close to my age I'm sure. He did raise me after all. My mom is the only sensible one in this family who won't hover over my every move. As much as she tries to." They would just have to deal. Nes had the world to explore.

    Nes was now staring at him. Acceptance with a demon was the worst possible outcome. It gave room for it to grow. She wished she could use all of her power to tare the thing out of him. There was no use for the demon anymore they could exorcise it was the best thing. But would he agree? Demons would only leave if the host was willing too. Or did he find some kind of kinship in having the demon around? Nes tried to search the mind of the demon, only to come up with a void, then a slight pounding in her head that made her wince and turn away. All of this new power and she still had to baby-step around things.

    "I have one." Nes said once she had rubbed her temple. "You just have to be willing to do it." Jason was next to get a stare. She didn't want him thinking of her friend in that boat.

    It changed though. Alice's mind was wondering into places that she wasn't sure was safe to be meddling in. Not with the mind reader here who could burst something within a moments notice. She could spill the beans. Alice felt Jason's eyes and did her very best to ignore them. Couldn't have him getting idea's where her mind was going. And it sure wasn't own the steep slope of stairs to the cold dead abyss that was her heart either. And even if it was she would Disney song deny it anyway.

    Nes perked. "Disney song deny it?"

    "Oot me God damn head!"

    Nes mock surrendered with her arms in the air. "Alright. Alright, chill dude." She watched Nik sit down than nodded accordingly. "Right. We'll have to figure out how to get rid of those things once and for all."

    Alice's head cocked. "Shadow things? Shades? Er, followers of Shades."

    Neseva turned to her. "Shades?"

    "Aye, shadow creatures, they suck the light away and if they touch ya, poof. Gone. Some say they're bein' controlled by someone in means of capturin' others. The people are either gone, er just captured."

    Nes blinked. "Huh. Well. There's a lead. Chick here is a walking encyclopedia. She knows lots of monster stuff."

    Alice glared. "No, I just paid attention in class."

    "And you have a photographic memory too. You remember shit like an elephant."

    Alice boasted her chest up a bit. "Call it a gift."

    "Anyway," Neseva's attention returned to Nik. "A part-time job? Why are you touching magic--" She stopped right there to glare at him. "Why on earth--?!"

    Alice leaned back and brushed her shoulder against Jason. "Ooch, git ready fer it."

    "--What the hell do you mean you met another demon?!" Yikes. Pause the story, poor kid was getting his head chewed. "Why would you purposely go searching out, or even run across a demon and still willingly talk to him if he knows your demon?! Then he's keeping shit from you? Nikolas, that's not safe!" Her voice was cracking as she yelled, not to mention the light buzz of the lights in the air or the fury in her eyes showed how worried she was. "That's a horrible trade!"

    Alice placed a hand on Nes' arm. "Oye, yellin' ain't gonna help. Get yer anger in check, yer gonna shut down the hospital wing again."

    Nes' teeth gritted but she calmed down if only a fraction, at least to the point that the lights weren't flickering anymore. Her shoulders rose and fell. "A wet dream, huh?" Nes snapped spitefully. "What happened out there. Yeah, um. Wendigo got me because I was trying to save some guy. I spent eleven days in a closet with ghosts and shit whispering around me. I stayed alive by energy alone. Ahhhh, Alice, this one." She motioned her, "And he found me. It chucked Alice through a window. I... I guess... unlocked myself? Or something and I was knocked out and now I'm growing and new powers all around. Woo." 

    Alice snorted despite herself. "Aye, kid. ya got hormones like crazy. Ya need to tone it down."

    "I am calm. Only concerned at this point."

  • Nes watched her dad leave out the room. Her golden eyes rolled in their sockets until she looked at Nik and chuckled. "My parents. Didn't I tell you they were fare too overprotective of me since I was a little baby? Yeah, I wasn't kidding about that. Here I am, eighteen, and they're still about to get mad at the world because I have a guy in the room with me." She turned to Alice. "You had it easy so it looks like."

    Alice snorted inside her throat. "Kid, I wasn't hangin' on any boyo's shoulder er havin' em as parents. They jus' helped t' bring me up since yer uncle helped me. That's it."

    "You've got one now!" protested quickly. It didn't stop Alice jarring up the conversation about Nik though. She had to go for the bluntest questions. And there was Jason to back her up too. Though, he was a demon so..

    Alice's eyebrows drew together some. "There's always a different choice. But ya made yer bed, an' yer laying in it. I see now why Nes' be hung up on ya. Hunters tend to go fer the problem people. Wanna fix em up." Alice was a victim of this too. She avoided Jason's gaze, however. He didn't need to know that he was Alice's fixer-upper too. But he was doing it for a sense of good in himself. Not that it mattered that it was changing her too... Alice shot her eyes at Nes who was already looking. Her mouth in a big grin. "Shut it."

    Nes held up her hands. "Hey, I'm no love guru. I should be though. Nik will be fine. He's in good hands." Speaking of, Nes motioned her hands to the empty chairs where her parents had previously sat. "So, Nik, what's new. Your insides are all black now." She paused, waiting than quickly said. "I er... I have a lot of new powers... seeing.. um, aura's I guess? Peoples energy? It's kinda part of that. It's like my third eye opened or something." She poked her forehead.

    "Aye," said Alice. "I heard it openin'. It sounded painful."

    "Don't," Nes groaned. "I don't want to think about it. I saw it Jason's mind enough. Living it was worst of all." It was like I was ripping my skin off. Besides. I was asking Nik. So Nik! Explain the black!"

  •  A secret smile played on Nes' lips. She dare not say anything though. It was just like when parents said the full names of kids when they were in trouble or now even when she said his last name. Pam was just formal, it was something Jason would have to get used to. Thankfully for him though he would be seeing less of her once he was a full-on hunter. And if he did see Pam than their was something bigger going on.


    "Yeah right." Nes spouted accusingly. "You're lucky you're my friend or my dad surely would have beaten your ass to a pulp." She didn't say anything more about their meeting at least. Her parents might have beat her to a pulp knowing that she met some random guy that had a demon latched on him and allowed that to be her first kiss. Granted they wouldn't want her with anyone, but Nik was the last person they would ever want knowing her.

    "Yeah yeah, stop doting on me already. I know. You missed me. Everyone missed me!" She grinned cheekily at Alice. "Even that dead heart over there. You can't hide it from me."

    Alice's face pinched. "Sod off already."

    "Big meanie." Nes accused. She looked at everyone while she introduced them. Pam bowed her head back politely. Deacon gave another of his signature fatherly grunts at the guy and Alice did nothing but stare. She was never one for the mushy meetings anyways. Jason seemed to be getting a kick out of all of this in his own little way.

    "Aye. Jolly meetin' ya too." She did nothing to tone down the accent. Either he understood it or the guy would just have to suffer in it. She cracked a smile as small as it might be when Jason made his comment. Nudging him in the arm playfully. "You an' the kid. Could always put ya back in it no problem. Maybe ya both could share. Be talkin' demon wish-wash." Did she really have a right to call him that? He was only what, three? Four years younger than herself? Nes sure did like older people.

    "Naw, he's serious. My dad will bite off just about anyone's head for something." Nes cackled and released Nik after one last big hugging squeeze that felt like a cloud. She then walked, rattly legged back to her hospital bed and crawled onto it after introductions were given and she could no longer hold up her own weight anymore without feeling sore. "Ah, so yeah. This is the brood. The brood who should leave to let me talk to my friend." Nes hinted that at everyone. Even her parents were a victim under her golden glare.

    Deacon leaned forward. "You're not serious."

    "Dead," Nes exclaimed smoothly, mimicking her mother perfectly and causing Pam's light brows to pull down. She seemed to consider this even past her husband's desperate stare at her then she nodded. 

    "It is her birthday after all. She deserves some privacy. What can a possessed child do in a hospital? She'll be fine." Pam patted Deacon's thigh. "Let's grab something to eat."

    Deacon's mouth dropped. "You can't be--Pam. Pam!" 

    Pam was out of the room before he could protest further. He stood up and followed her out, stopping to glare at Nik than stalking out. Now leaving just the two with Alice and Jason.

    Alice turned her head to Nik, not budging just yet despite Nes' obvious request that they did. "Yer possessed? How'd ya come aboot that happenin'? Only a fool be makin' deals with demons. Er, you are just a demon. Still a fool." Double whammy jab at both demon parties in the room.

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