Demon hybrid.   Semi-immortal.   Cursed.   Chaotic Evil/Neutral?    

Arms collector.   Borderline pyromaniac.    Mild  sociopath.    Murder for hire. 







 Pronounced " Kay "

 "Kitty-Prince"   "Kei-Cat"   "Prick"    "Asshole"   

"Gobbering brainy gun-loving, white-faced, arse cat"   



Also Known As...               

"Jason"    "Jay"        

"Grasshopper"    "Sugar nugget" 







" Keep staring...

and you're gonna look as fucked up as me."




Upon first sight, Kei stands at 5'10 and strongly built, about as physically capable as a human around his size could be. Jet black hair falls forward in somewhat of a messy and haphazard manner, cut shorter on the sides, yet nowadays that comes with variation. Where one would expect a face, his skin gives way to scarred bone: a fanged | SKULL | of strange nature, sharing both human and feline attributes. Where eyes should be, hollow sockets linger. The interior vague as if a material is seemingly too dark for light to penetrate.  

His ears themselves rely on a different frequency to hear, thus, his hearing is higher than that of a human. Things like humming from electronics, machinery, and other high pitched noises can give him a headache in a matter of minutes. He's gotten a knack for being able to understand other creatures as well, such as felines, canines, and an assortment of others.  A feline's tail lingers likewise, topping off the strange choice of demon physiology that is the man's make-up. It serves a use in aiding the adjusting of his balance. With little chance of facial expressions... one must rely mostly on his body language.


(For example. If he's coming closer it's probably to try and kill you.)





And so, he made his home on streets altogether meaner and

dirtier than those others would walk. A place where blood runs

in the gutters and the occasional screams in the night drown

out the music. "


His residence is within an old abandoned theatre that had been shut down for many years. Originating in the 1800's as an opera house, the establish eventually shut down following the death of a young singer by the name of Ophelia. Left vacant for many years after, in 1920's renovations went underway to turn the building into a motion picture and small performance theater. A short thirty years after, the productions stop and it resumed its role as another vacant building in the city. For the few that wander in on accident, the inside is coated with a layer of dust other than the few parts he inhabited since the curse. He had chosen a room off to the side behind the theatre stage with a back door, as well as a few others that remain oddly locked. These maintained parts are surprisingly well taken care of despite his destructive nature. The theatre also has quite a large population of cats that he occasionally takes home out of pity. The demon considers it as 'paying rent' seeing that the strays came long before he.

Kei's second residence is an apartment in close proximity, following his release of the curse and in gaining his humanity back. Two blocks down and one to the left of the theatre building, he pays a landlord a royal sum to ask no questions and to take care of utilities on a six-month basis. He spends his time there only occasionally to sleep and when cold; it serves as a retreat from his mercenary work. While nothing special, it serves as a link to humanity he had otherwise been lacking.

Part 1Part 2 |








The wrong person walked into the wrong place at the wrong moment.

What happened on that night, as a result, he lost his life. Or rather, what little of a life that a homeless kid on the street could have. If you think he died, you would be both right and wrong. He lost a life. His old life, and he wouldn't be getting it back. The wrongful footsteps into an abandoned theatre building were lead with the intention of refuge. In agitating the spirit which still lingered within the ruins, what it would bring him would be five years of solitude to his name. What was once flesh withered to scarred bone. What were once eyes became hollow sockets. What were once teeth were turned to fangs. A loss of humanity and in place, something far more demonic to have altered his being. The breaking point that started the transition from the unfortunate teen, to a promising sociopath in the making. In a way, he lost everything including his humanity. He gained something far stronger all the same

He lost a life. What he gained was nine moreIt seems like something just short of immortality, doesn't it? A 'gift' of immortality that would quite literally be the death of him. 






" You thought you could kill me off that easy..?  "



The cat has a reputation as long as the Empire State building high. Murder, theft, drugs, vehicular homicide, you name it, he's done it, even several times over. Being a bit of an anarchist, he has little respect for the law and truly believes his actions will never catch up to him. Adding in some supernatural ability and what seems like the promise of immortality, he somehow manages to keep himself under the radar.

He has a habit of destruction on impulse in which a life can sometimes mean little to him. With empathy being a rather lost emotion for some reason or another, the ideals or opinions of others occasionally fail to register, and can often mean little to the demon. 

Kei is well known to have a fixation on weaponry and has amassed himself a small collection over the last five years or so. Mainly knives and guns, with some past dabbling in explosives. Hardly ever does he make a move without a weapon on him at all times. 

There isn't much hospitable about the man upon meeting. He's aggressive and overall has a short temper. His words come out as bitter and laced with sarcasm. Kei finds enjoyment in making others squirm, whether it be by his cursed appearance or the smartass comments that leave his mouth.


To the few he has not driven away, to those that he considers good company, odds they aren't as fooled. He still has quite a bit of human at his core. He's stubborn. Sometimes clingy. Shows some emotion. Even genuinely smiles from time to time.





Note-worthy "Possessions" 


necklace from Alice. Almost always worn.

Two pistols- Glock 26/27, a gift from Naomi.

A pair of titanium knuckledusters from Agnes.

An unmarked, unopened envelope in his bag... In wait for the right time.



 -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -




Sometime after the release of the curse, finding himself in what was seemingly another rock bottom in his life, it was a familiar face passing through the city that had pulled him back onto his feet and ultimately gave the man a chance at a meaningful livelihood. This came after an impromptu hunt with none other than the Huntress, Alice D. O'Malley. An acquaintance turned friend by strange circumstances, later turned into teacher and coach that he would trust more than anyone else affiliated with. It was for the second time that she had suggested he joined the ranks of the Hunters distinguished within the organization, to which, in search of a purpose other than dwelling on the streets he finally accepted. 

The process was to begin with an opening interview, which started with discussing his reasoning in applying. In all honesty, the man hardly knew what he was doing there. Aside from the simple fact that he had nothing else promising to turn to. Explaining his tiredness for doing empty mercenary jobs on the street turned to the explanation of the curse to which he was plagued... and ended promptly with a gunshot wound to the side of the head. With his justifications found as credible, as well as the shock that persisted to Alice's 'demonstration' of the curse's ability, he woke up to the news that he was allowed forward. Once his ears had ceased ringing, a gruesome obstacle course stood to prove as physical fitness testing, and finally, a week's preparation came to pass and he was onward to his first hunt in New Orleans.

|    HS Psychological Examination    |    HS Psychological Examination (Part 2)    |

Now with all three hunts down, Jason awaits further instruction. A man once thriving in a lifestyle without boundaries nor morality now is doing what he can to walk a line between right and wrong for the first time in his life. The trials lead to injury, physical strain, and some emotional trauma heading forward that he didn't quite know he was capable of expressing. Regardless, the year process hit home in a manner that will stay with him from that point on.



Within the HSHQ

|    Hunt 1: Psychological Report    |    Hunt 2: Psychological Report     |     Hunt 3: Psychological Report    |








If anything at all could be said in a description to the cat, it would be that Kei is someone that is generally hard to be around. As a person he's irritable. Inhospitable. Violence-prone, sharp with his words and quick to anger. Disregarding the feelings of others.

There is no immediate aspect of his personality that suggests he'd ever truly learned how to keep people around him without eventually causing a falling out, usually sooner rather than later. And so, that is the common outcome at hand. Close to someone one day, discarded the next when subconsciously it seems to reap no benefit on his behalf.

With everything stated holding truth, it could be also said that he's trying. Whether that be coming to a truce with his daughter Agnes after several years of conflict, or taking on a social role he'd never been accustomed to as he carries on with the Society.  In the end, he's gained some familiar faces, each for better or for worse.







Alice is hands down one of his closest friends he has to his name. She has been there to pick him up from some of his harder times and is ultimately the person responsible for getting him onto a straight and narrow path with his life. As a result, he's willing to do whatever he can in order to keep her around. Whether that means having her back for each hunt or being invested in taking as much hell from her as he needs to, in order to get past the wall she's put up around herself.  (x1)  




Agnes is Jason's one and only biological child. Due to the fact that he had never wanted nor expected to have kids, he was absent for almost the entirety of her upbringing. Fast forward fifteen years, the two had clashed from the moment they had met as Agnes got her due revenge, the two fighting even up until present meetings. There is no telling whether the two are on good or bad terms, as it changes by the week. As of recent, the relationship between the two has improved with Agnes' time spent in holding at the Hunter Society's Headquarters. 




A seasoned killer and a trained thief- what better combination is there? There’s no telling how the two interact with having such little in common between them, or how Jason ever came to take a liking to the man. Either way, the two have gotten into their fair share of mischief, and have emptied several glasses at the bar on occasion. More or less from alcohol-induced talks, Cooper is a person Jason’s found himself opening up to, offering information Alice or Agnes wouldn’t get a hold of so easily.







  -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -


xxxxx - xxxxx - xxxxx - xxxx

 -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -












Alrighty, so I'll say it here now so you can't get nearly as mad at me later.

An advisory warning: Kei is an offensive character. He is built to be an asshole. Expect violence, language, gore, and so on to be a possibility in writing. Also be aware that he has a habit of meeting people and then essentially 'tossing' them if they no longer seem beneficial. It's a built-in character flaw, he's workin' on it. Expect harsh words, blood, possible falling outs, and general abrasiveness from him if you choose to move forward in writing. With all that being said I give you full permission to kill Kei as long as it fits into the plot reasonably. *Shrugs.*

Also please know and be prepared for the fact that I inevitably tend to choose favorites on who I respond to first. Some plots are older than others. Some hold more gravity on the character than others. This comes less as a personal reason and more for the priority of keeping character development rolling.

Secondly, as the writer, I prefer long-term plots unless we plan otherwise. This means I'm looking far into the future, and anything that happens within plot has the possibility to affect Kei's overall story, and even tangle with other stories. Finally, I am a site Admin (as you may already know by now). Feel free to come to me with any questions you have regarding the site, coding, issues in the community, or if you just feel like bullshitting. I'm around. 


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Digital FC: Work by Genki-de

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  • Eyes narrowed on Kei when he persisted on the subject of  her Familiar, that she was trying to close. He just wouldn't get the hint! She thought she had made herself pretty clear. As he then switched subjects asking to her relationship the wolf. And then trying to close the subject on his terms. What a sneaky little weasel to find the right thing to get under her latex suit!

    "I beg your Pardon?? Do you really think I would have a relationship with a fire hydrant pissing, bad breath, Mongrel? No, I would not have an intimate relationship with Any Mutt! Maybe you go having intimate relationships with a bunch of Bitches, But I Don't.." As she shot at him the Stink Eye Briefly before settling her eyes back to the enviroment. 

    And noticed a new knife in Kei's hand, but didn't appear to be any threat or concern. As she figure it was for dismembering the dead body. But then when she spoke of the Spirit or Ghost, Kei seemed to get a bit Snippy.. And she smirked at him, as he lost his cool. She struck a Nerve in him! And that is something she would keep noted in her mind. Just like all the guns and ammunition that she was seeing in the room. What the hell was he expecting? The walking dead to arrive next? He seemed to have more than what one person needed. She hoped he wasn't selling this on this black market. But he did say just a short bit ago or so that he was a "Good guy to protect and serve" for whatever that meant. A Demon playing a good guy? Yeah, that's rich.. Every demon she ever met was nothing more than piss filled vinager, and he was no exception either.

    But she wasn't going to leave just yet. and she shrugged her shoulders at Kei to statement about growing up on the streets. "It's no excuse. At least I keep things clean and organized where I live. And it doesn't smell like cat piss either. And no I'm not leaving.. I'll leave - When I'm Ready.-"

    As Kei then turned to Kougar trying again to get that idea of hers squashed for good. But Kougar wasn't about to give up on the matter.. And she was just about to say something back, when she changed her mind. It was pointless to discuss the matter with him. She viewed things differently than him, and she was just as stubborn. Especially when it came to something she wanted badly! She would discuss this with him again, at later time.  

    As she then moved to check out one of the rooms, as Kei came up filling the door way of his presence.. Kougar batted her eyes at him playfully before looking around, and listening to Kei state the room was filled with deadly CO2. But already Kougar was curious as to what happened in this room. She noticed the fresh paint on the wall. And held her breath as she walked over to feel the wall. Who did Kei kill in here, she thought to herself, as she then turned around and saw Kei had already left her. Kougar than left the room, shutting the door as he requested. Whether Kei was lying or telling the truth, she would find out another time. 

    She went to rejoin Kei back to where the wolf was.. "Would you prefer if I cut and you mopped? I figure the major organs should be first things to remove. Unless you don't want me using your knife?" 


  • "The greatest human tragedy is curiosity." Jethro threw in after Jason. "They explored and they'll keep exploring as long as this place is standing. It'll only get worse when they can dig all of it or the majority of it out."

    "How big is it?" Alice asked. They were inside it, and already it seemed like it went on for miles. 

    "This big? If we calculated it right, About as big as a five-story building." Jabari answered.

    So too big. Alice did not want to search the entire place. Her tattoo never ceased in the itchy feeling. The entire pyramid was giving her the willies. And she had a feeling that it wasn't going to go away until she was far from the place.

    The chatter came to a stop until Jason heard the noise and opened his mouth to comment on it.

    The second the words came out of Jason's mouth everyone paused. Alice looked back with her headgear to shine the light beyond the Jason and Jethro. The man turned to look himself, blinking at the darkness that the light did not hit beyond its point of reach. Alice's brown eyes shifted through the dark chasm then back to Jason. Turning with a shrug. "It's probably just tumblin' rocks. Er maybe ya kicked one."

    "It's important to stay quiet, rocks could fall," announced Jabari from the front. "Who knows how much stress the sand has caused on the stone palace from so long." 

    Jethro patted Jason on the shoulder. "I've got us flanked, don't worry. I won't let any pebbles fall on you." He laughed quietly to himself. Possibly not easing any worry that might have pulled up from Jason in that time. He might even consider himself thankful that he didn't hear anything else. Not the same scraping at least, but the sound of breaths, whispers, hisses maybe. It could all be played off as Jethro breathing too heavily or scrapping the back of his heel against the stone floor.

    Jabari marked down where they went and how far, marking every turn left or right or straight. After what seemed like hours, though it only amounted up to an hour, they came into yet another burial chamber, hyping up Jabari to an extream as he brought out a lantern to light up the place further. He was in awe, looking and the words and lettering of the wall. Alice, too, looked interested. The hieroglyphs and pictures told of mummies. The pictures showed the mummies with hearts and holding scrolls. Alice didn't understand it. Egyptian history was not something she always knew well She knew enough though. 

    Jethro stroked his beard, looking at a picture of the god Anubis, beside him the goddess Ammet. "Interesting.." He muttered, then looked to Jabari. "What time is it? We should head back. I don't see any sign that they were down here. "We don't want to go too deep."

    "But this place!" Jabari exclaimed. "I must mark it down first!"

    Alice stroked her bare arm. The thin fabric of the shirts she was wearing did not seem to help her case being down in the cold like this. She could feel goosebumps on her skin. Likely anyone else as they stood for too long. Jabari took a few minutes to mark it, then turned with the trusted GPS and they were headed on back to the previous burial chamber. The sounds of sliding, hissing and scuttling where heard more. Even Alice and the rest seemed to hear it this time. It caused for her to pause and look up. "Aye, am hearin' stuff too..."

    "Maybe the spirits," Jethro added in.

    "Spirits don' sound like that."

    "Mm, we should keep moving. It's getting darker outside."

    It could be the spirits. Alice didn't feel it, however. She kept her eyes moving around until they made it back to the room where the witch and Vaabren were. Bobbet had lit the candles and was in the center of them with a book on her lap when they arrived. She smiled, then looked back down to her text. Jabari rushed to his brother. The two spoke quickly in Egyptian while Jabari told him all that he had noted down in the second chamber they came across. The soldier actually looked amused while they spoke.

    "Did y'all feel the spirits down there?" Bobbet asked. 

    Alice nodded. "Maybe, there was somethin'."

    "Its worse then I thought. When I start the ritual y'all gotta stand as far from me as ya can. It could get dangerous."

  • "An' how much time is it to sunset, anyway?"

    Jabari lifted his wrist, located the watch and looked at the time. He calculated it versus when the sun would set in full. "About two and a half hours." Another groan from Alice was heard. They might as well head back to the surface and come back when there was something to actually do.

    "So? Now what, we sittin' hee all the while?"

    "Your friend here is right," Jethro added in, he motioned to Jason. "There are people still missing. We can go and look for them for now. in an hour and a half, we'll meet back here. I will go."

    "Me too!" Jabari the scribe called.

    He got a small glare from his brother but besides it the bigger man said nothing. He stood watch near the entrance tunnel, while Bobbet lifted herself from the ground and shimmied off her bag. "Well, I'm stayin'. I'll get the ritual candles set up, and the rest of ya'll can meet back here. Got me a watch right here. Let's get them synced."

    Jabari and the woman took a second to do that, then the little witch was starting to pull candles and herbs from her bag, setting them down in a circle around her. Jethro, on the other hand, pulled out his flashlight and aimed it for one of the three openings. "We'll try this one, circle back, and try the others after."

    "I have our location tracked to here." A dim green glow lit up Jabari's face from the dark, must be his GPS system. He looked up at the ones coming. Alice was already stepping towards the corridor, being one of the first ones in. "How many got past this point?" She asked Jabari who winced. 

    "None, aside from the ones missing that is."

    The darkness swallowed them. Jason would be flanked by Jethro, leaving Jabari and Alice to take the front.

    "An' who went missing?" Alice then asked.

    From behind them, all Jethro spoke first. "A crew. Cameraman, a father, and daughter. Two others were found dead. We lost track of them since."

    "Did the loons no' have trackin' of any kind?"

    "A thin metal wire, that's all."

    Shrouded echoes were heard down the tunnel. When they had walked twelve feet it broke off, now two tunnels. Alice's jaw tightened. It was impossibly black. If no lights were on they could wave their hand without seeing it. The echo only made it sound worse. She turned her head to look at the markings on the walls. It showed a form of monsters and dark creatures in the paintings. She didn't even bother with the symbol letters. "Did Egyptians believe in nightmares?" She asked.

    Jabari turned to look himself he was silent for some time as he looked all around them. More monsters showed on the walls. He chuckled. "Ah, no. These are monsters of the Underworld. This pyramid must have been built for the god Osiris. The story told of the god Apet who was the greatest enemy of Ra himself. He is often seen alongside monsters like these. Fascinating." With a winning smile to take it all in he motioned his hand. "Let's keep moving."

    From the back, Jason would hear an almost scrapping noise. One could take it as Jethro walking, but perhaps Jason would catch more.

  • "Not much too further," observed Jethro. "The Burial chamber is just a hundred feet ahead. Towards the center of the Pyramid."

    "Yeah," came Bobbet. "I can already feel them trapped spirits in here." If anyone had noticed the woman had already been shaking, shivering. Her eyes darted from side to side; fearful, searching, worried. All of it was laid out on the table. She did not feel comfortable here. Then again, who did? The pyramid felt terrible. Beautiful, but terrible.

    Alice's tattoo felt as though it was in a constant tingle against her skin, itchy almost, the further that they got in. One hundred feet became ten feet. The tattoo felt stinging. She continued to resist the urge to scratch it, yet it left her twitchy at times. It did not stop her from looking at the wonder around them. It always remained beautiful. She could not read the hieroglyphs but she could see the carvings and at times paintings that told a story. She never got the time to look and see. 

    When they breached into the inside of the burial chamber the degrees around them seemed to plummet. As though it wasn't already low enough. Alice felt a shiver rocket down her back to her toes. The things here that were dead have been dead forever, yet they felt electrifying in the air. Everything told them that they needed to get out and run. The energy, the weight of the place. With a swallow, Alice turned her head with the flashlight downward and looked to the clay urns on the ground. All of them intact, except for the one specified that was indeed broken.

    Bobbet herself was looking at the paintings on the walls coupled with hieroglyphs that told of six men who were mummifying a body. This seemed to perplex Alice. These didn't look like servants who served any pharaoh to her. She wasn't even aware that they got burials. Yet when six urns, and a single broken once. She looked upon the paintings, then the floor, then to Jabari, Vaabren, and Jethro who were watching the witch.

    Bobbet was kneeled before the broken urn, muttering and whispering to herself. Alice decided not to question it. Briefly, she gazed at Jason until Bobbet who spoke up for the first time. "These are no ordinary servants. But priests."

    "Aye. If ya look at the wall. They hardly seem people."

    "Naw..." Her green eyes went up to the walls where she showed her flashlight, then back down to the urn, then the stone table that was in the middle of the room. She weighed her options, then swallowed. "Every bone in my tells me we need to run. That helpin' these spirits here will only get us in trouble. They don't wanna be helped. They want us gone and the pyramid left alone."

    Vaabren's rough laugh hit the air. "Tough. Just do it, witch. We don't have time for this."

    She shook her head. "I can't. Not yet. We have t' wait til night. Maybe then I can try n' ask them why."

    Alice groaned, she looked towards the three open hallways beyond the one the came down. It was impossibly dark down them with no further lights on the ceiling. She guessed this is where construction stopped, and people went missing. "This place if givin' me the willy's.. Are we really waitin' down here the whole time?"

    "We might as well," Jethro insisted. "The sooner she can start the ritual when night falls, the sooner we can get out."

  • "Great, because you can say goodbye to the world for a couple of hours. It's about to get a helluva lot darker." The soldier cautioned, tucking his gun up under his arm and messed with the straps of his gas mask he then put his mask on his face, tightened it into place then nodded to the rest of them.

    Alice took off the cap on her head and fastened it to her rope belt then she herself pulled on her mask as others did. It took only two minutes or so until all had the mask on. Jabari caught up to the leading man and held out his hand before they succumbed to darkness while the two went down into the tunnel. The two spoke, and the soldier gave his name which was Jethro. The two men laughed about it as they entered the tunnel. Bobbet followed in after, followed by Jason and Alice then Vaabren who flanked them as they descended in.

    Alice couldn't help but to feel her stomach drop upon them moving in. She had no clue why perhaps the spirits were madder then they had previously preserved, yet it did not help the feeling of total loss and endangerment. She never felt so in tune with the spiritual way of a place before. Yet it did not help her feel any better. 

    A rope ladder had been placed down along the slick stone shaft that they walked through, they having to step on the steps of the rope in order not to slip entirely. Jason and anyone taller than five seven likely had to bend down due to the short hight of ancient Egyptians. The shaft went down deep, only illuminated by the dim lights above their heads to show them the way down. Jethro and Jabari continued to chatter all the way down. The sound became denser to themselves, as though the outside world wasn't even there yet they weren't even 100 feet from the surface yet. The further they went down the quieter it got until they officially stepped out from the shaft and into an open area. It looked to be a hallway of sorts. The lights showing the ancient hieroglyphs on the walls. Alice took that as a good time to get her flashlight. She had snapped a head strapped one, putting it over the straps of the gas mask then looking closely to the pictures on the walls.

    "This is amazing.." She stated breathlessly. 

    Jabari walked to her, having his own flashlight out then smiled. "Isn't it? These are warnings for grave robbers. They speak of the god of death, Osiris. He who comes steps into the resting place of gods and shall be punished. Just mumbo jumbo. Come on." He motioned them on down a hallway.

    Alice bristled. "I thought ya said it was only a few yards?"

    Vaabren stepped up. "Down deep. Now we must go to the burial chamber. Come." He motioned with his gun for them to walk. Alice stared at him for a few seconds then turned to walk. Bobbet having already left to follow the two men. Vaabren would wait for Jason until he too decided to go as well.

  • Alice's glare just then was haughty. She was half tempted to swipe a can and hand it off to him so that if he started to starve down there in that pyramid he would be first in line to tell her that it 'was just fine'. Sadly, she thought better of it and put the can in the back of her mind. She didn't want any more bulk in her bag then she already had. She didn't think that they would be going too far down, thus her bag was small, light, and travel ready. She ended up putting batteries in there, a few flares, the food packets, and the rest of her space with water bottles. Bobbet didn't seem to care for the items. Her bag was already swollen enough with items. Likely more than even the camp had to offer. She'd traveled around odd places and had military training behind her back. She wasn't scared of any of the men, and she seemed like a one-man army in Alice's opinion. If she could hold her own then Alice had no need to pester the older woman to gather things to need.

    "Aye, don' go thankin' me fer it. Jugheads like to hear they're own voice an' see whose mouth they can open most to shove their dick in. What ya need to do is keep yer calm, hold yer ground an' make a presence fer yerself. Ya show em yer no' aboot to be fucked with an' they leave ya alone. Mostly. Am no' one to tell someone twice. them soldiers best keep their place." She explained while grabbing a canteen to throw around her neck and began to fill that with water too. One could never be too safe.

    She was just about tying a rope through her pant hoops as a easy storage and a belt when Jabari finished up his own then Vaabren walked over to them after having spoken with the soldier. "He tells us to be careful down there." The larger man said.

    Alice scoffed with a mumble under her breath of, "am sure he bloody did."

    "If we're all done here then we had better head over now. Activity starts and locals scatter. They say negative energy leaks from within."

    "One don't need to be told if y'all can feel it," Bobbet interjected softly. "We need to be careful not to tick off any more of them spirits. They must hold that place sacred, which is why they're fightin' tooth and nail to keep us out."

    "Er somethin' in." Alice once again mumbled.

    Bobbet smiled sweetly. "Nothin' is survivin' down there for so long. This pyramid must  more than hundreds of years old and only preserved because ground level rose so high."

    "Er it sank because somethin' pulled it down." Once more Alice stepped in.

    Bobbet seemed to consider it. "Alright, I'll take that. We should be headin' out now."

    "I agree." Jabari came in gingerly. "Do we all have everything? Then let's get going."

    He gestured them all out. From behind one could hear the soldiers spit at the ground once more before they were fully out. When they were and were on they're way back in the heat and around the already looming pyramid, yet it looked like it was just the tip of the iceberg. Anyone could see it. What more laid under? And how much more could be discovered?


    Jabari and Vaabren lead the trio down into the digging site that was most active. Caution tape surrounded a manmade opening into the side of the pyramid, approximately fifteen feet down from the tip that was already exposed. Alice looked up at the stone design as they came closer to it. Along the ceiling of the cavity were miners lights strung up and nailed in place. It aimed down. Alice had the suspicion of it being an airshaft. But where did it go to?

    Almost instantly when they showed up there were men to stop them. The military once again, and it took Jabari and Vaabren to speak with them to calm them down. The man walked up to them, oddly friendly, and nodded. "You're the hunters, then?"

    "Yes." Answered Bobbet. We're here to cleanse the written spirits."

    The man nodded, tucking his gun under his arm. "They're pretty pissed off in there."

    "How deep are we goin' in?" Alice asked.

    "A hundred yards give or take," the man answered. "The burial chamber was discovered, then someone did somethin' stupid."

    "And here we are." Bobbet turned to the taller man. "You've been down there?"

    "A few times, yes. I'll be your guys' guide. This is a larger group then we'd like, but some are needed. So, are you all ready then?"

  • "Yes, just for the top, then down and down. What you see here is three stories worth. Where we have been able to cut in is an air shaft. It leads to a burial chamber of the servants that worked under whichever Pharoh laid within. that's what we're attempting to find out." on a discovery level of it at least it was amazing to talk about. If only ti didn't already take the lives of two people. Alice would love to simply adventure inside and see what she could find.

    "The GPS is manual," Jabari explained. "It'll track our movement and that's it. Like a string that we can follow, no slight needed just movement like an etchasketch. Don't worry, I'll be taking care of that." He had been studying pyramids for a long time now, It would be known that he knows how to use such things by now.


    When they had reached inside the tent again with Captian Egypt and his buddies, things too tense almost instantly. The man was up Jason's ass and barking his commands. It was lucky that they didn't need to do more. Bobbet stood motionlessly, she watched the exchange with her big grin eyes. Vaabren did nothing to help it as anyone would expect of him. He was just as well with those men. They were just saying what he couldn't with his brother around to protect his precious hunters. Yet, he still seemed to stay guard with the little witch thankfully. She could easily hold her own, she only knew to be careful with it.

    The soldier glared at Jason, his finger staying sharp in the man's chest. Dusty skin and dark eyes a glare at him like everyone else. Evan after Jason spoke he stayed there. That was enough for Alice's fuse to be lit. She was A+ for threatening people. She did so often, and Jason even had to help her sometimes from doing something worse with it. At the moment though, the man stayed far too long just glaring. He looked ready to open his mouth and spat more when his arm was eventually pushed away and Alice stepped between the two with no fear.  

    The man hissed and stepped back when he noticed her there, only to step forward again, freezing with the whites of his eyes growing. If anyone saw they might see her poking him, only through this was her gun that was in her hand and it was aimed up near his ribcage. "Lemme get somethin' clear to you then, laddie. I don' need to make it look like a bloody accident, I cannae shoot yer fookin' heart out an' get away with it. You step oot of line again an I'll do it. Are we understood?"

    Seething, the man stepped away and glanced down to, yes, see the gun there in her palm. She slid it back into the waistband of her pants then stepped past him smoothly. 

    "Jabari," Alice called once she was too the table. "What is it all we'll be needin', lad?"

    "Uh-hum, coming." He scrambled forward, motioning Jason and Bobbet to come too. Vaabren joined the soldier who the two began to mumble to each other. Often side glances were made to Alice. It was unknown what was being said. Only that they were saying it. Jabari was pointing to objects that were on the table. "Right, we have flares, flashlights, batteries, food packets, and cans.

    Alice picked one can up with a look of horror. The picture with Egyptian writing showing something white, red, and a goat. "What in bloody Hell is this?"

    Jabari looked at it. "Ravioli. With goat liver."

    Bobbet giggled when Alice's face scrunched up and she put the can down. "Hard pass."

    "Gasmasks are here, ropes, climbing gear, markers, everything. Pick your poison. We shouldn't be down there for too long but anything can happen, it's best to remain vigilant, and take whatever you deem necessary."

  • "It must have been there for years," Jabari observed over the pyramid. "centuries, eons. Longer than any living man here. Perhaps... even the gods. Might be that they lived there. Who knows. The three sides to this pyramid compared to the four of our natural ones here now is remarkable. When the arkeologists found it and alerted our forces they spend a month's worth of nights digging and digging until finally, they reached the tip. From there they were able to permit echolocation and used vibrations to estimate the scale of this one."

    "And?" Bobbet asked eagerly.

    "Beyond our hopes and dreams of a discovery. It's bigger than even the current ones now. Imagine the stories that must be in the walls! We've seen very few of them, from what I could read are the natural seals for Graverobbers and to scare them off. Nothing to fear. There are the warnings..." Jabari was all for gushing about the place. Sadly his brother and Alice looked as though they were about to go neck in neck about it. 

    "The gasses likely formed in time of the pyramid being closed. While pockets of the gas might still be around it should be safe to enter. As long as we wear the masks it should be fine."


    "The masks are first class. We'll be fine."

    The heated argument between Alice and Vaabren came down to a smoldering end with Bobbet declaring that they had to leave. She did have to do her job after all. There wasn't anyone else that was going to. Grumbling about the whole thing Alice rolled her eyes far enough to reach the bottom of the said pyramid then scoffed. "Aye, fine. Sure. Let's get the bloody gear."

    "Fear not, Jason, was it? There's nothing inside of there. The three likely got lost. We had not yet had the correct gear, but we do now. A GPS that track our movements. As long as we follow it directly we'll be fine." Jabari stated as he leads them all out of the tent and back into the blistering heat. Bobbet lastly followed by Vaabren who sported his gun at all cost.


    The five of them later arrived to a site that had several bulldozers, tracks and at least fifteen feet worth of the pyramid exposed to the air after careful digging of workers. They glared at the obvious newcomers. There were fewer whites there, and even they seemed to ignore the three that came into camp.

    Alice was amazed at what she was seeing. Her eyes full of wonder. There was no denying the shiver that tore down her back, however. Something that told of an omen something bad and dark. Bobbet showed such fear on her face as she gazed up to the tall structure. She whimpered to herself and walked on.

    Eventually, they arrived at yet another tent. When slipping in they were greeted with soldiers who looked upon them incredulously. One even spat near the feet of Jabari. Jabari hissed and proceeded to speak to the man. It got heated quick. Insults and curses alike thrown out by both parties. The angry man motioned to the three behind Jabari the rose quickly. He shoved Jabari aside like a stick, and before Vaabren could make it to them the man shoved a finger in Jasons face, the smell of his sweet and beer-soaked tongue could almost be tasted by how close he'd gotten. "One foot out of line, fucker," the man snarled, "and I'll break your American ass and make it look like an accident in that deathtrap." He hurled his finger in the direction of the pyramid.

  • The accusation made Jabari's jaw tighten. Bobbet stood motionlessly near the back of the tent as she watched the exchange. She was here to do her job of cleaning up the mess that people had caused with the spirits and nothing more. She didn't need to get into a fight between Alice and the brother here. Yet his reaction was not untold.

    "It is buried," Jabari explained quietly. And who knows for how long."

    Vaabren took up where his brother left off. "The fourth Pyramid has been named MOT. The Mystery of Three."

    "Why?" Bobbet asked sweetly.

    The thick man stepped aside and pointed at the screen presented that Alice had been attempting to look at. On it showed what looked ot be the tip of a pyramid, but as said, it only had three sides. Alice dared to step in closer, ignoring the bigger man and looked at it more closely, then the screens beyond it that showed the depth and density. "Six hundred feet? Are ya serious? An' this was never discovered before?"

    "No. And it's top secret that it doesn't get discovered. Not yet. And especially by the Americans." Vaabren scolded. As though looking at her as one.

    She lifted her dark eyes to him then took a step back. "Lemme guess this then, aye? One of yer boyo's got entrance into the thing, an' now ye, what? Woke some cheesed off spirits? An' ya call us here," She looked at the taller man and sneered the word at him as she lifted herself high on her toes to hiss it in his face, "outsiders," she turned away fast enough to let the tail of her hair hit him across the nose, "to come an' fix it?"

    "Y-Yes.." Jabari coughed. "You're the only ones we trust that wild o it to do the job. Not to spread the glory. See, it's dangerous in the cavity that we broke into. Beautiful, amazing, but dangerous. We think it was a tomb for lesser people. Servants. And something was broken. It invoked the spirits. And there's already been two deaths. And..."

    "Three missing. We also.. have to go look for them too." Vaabren threw in.

    Alice stiffened. "Lost in the bloody century upon century-year-old pyramid? Heh! They're bloody dead, that lot. Am no, riskin' me arse to save some feckin' stone huggers that likely got themselves in a trap. Are ya daft?"

    "It's what you're being paid for." Vaabren jeered.

    "Aye? An' what did they die from?"

    "Gas. We have masks to go in with now. You won't catch anything. There was just such a large amount of it that they couldn't handle it."

    Alice scoffed and threw her hand. Bobbet was the one who stepped forward. "Y'all mentioned a broken seal?"

    Jabari nodded. "It's like this whole area is now.. uncomfortable. There's moving shadows, whispers in the air. The entire military is playing it off as nothing. Some are superstitious and refuse to step onto the holy property of their gods. But as a Shawoman, you must know."

    "I do." She looked at Alice. "We gotta go in there. We can't leave them spirits unheard. They might be tryin' to tell us somethin'."

    "Mm, the cheesed Jackies probably tellin' us to bloody leave." Alice murmured.

    Bobbet hummed a sigh and looked back to the men. "When can we go in?"

    "Activity normally starts closer to sunset. You can go in now if you want. Maybe you can pick up on something. We'll need to get gear though. In case we find any of the survivors."

    "Well, I'm ready." She turned around to look at Jason and Alice. "Are you?"

  • Kougar followed Kei to the back to help gather the things needed, as she was interested to what the rest of this place held. As she spoke in a calm tone.

    "I can understand your curiosity of me, as I you, being that we share something in common, sort of.. And the part that is very different between us seems to aggravate you the most. But you need to just stop.. This isn't some Mystical AA group, or some Cat Club Cult. Why the hell should I share secrets with you? Would it earn me any points toward this theater with you? "As she motions her hands to everything all around. "No, it wouldn't.." Pauses a moment, and tries to peek into the rooms, before Kei slams it shut.. "Listen I saw your ghost that you forewarned me about , and even she did not try to scare me off.. So guess what.. Unless you want to have an all out war with me this very second, you should just get used to me.. I'm not all that bad.. Well, maybe a am to a degree. But I'm helping you clean up this mess, aren't I? I don't have to do anything. But I'm choosing to. And by the way, it would have been more fun having rubber bones to keep around.. But whatever you want.." Looks around to the dust, and boxes strewn around." Apparently you like messy.. You probably never had anything in your life that was clean or not cluttered.. " Looks to the cobwebs that linger off the ceilings and things, and manages to pull in front of him and enters a small side room before he could slam it shut and smiles mischievously at him. 

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