Pronounced " Kay "

 "Kitty-Prince"   "Kei-Cat"   "Prick"    "Asshole"   

"Gobbering brainy gun-loving, white-faced, arse cat" 

Also known as...

"Jason"   "Jay"   "Grasshopper"






Cursed.   Demon hybrid.   Semi-immortal.     Chaotic Evil/Neutral?  

Mild sociopath.   Arms collector.    Murder for hire. 








The wrong person walked into the wrong place at the wrong moment. What happened on that night, as a result, he lost his life. Or rather, what little of a life he could have had, at that point. The wrongful footsteps into an abandoned theatre building were made with the intention of refuge. When the night had ended in heroin withdrawals among other life-shaking events, when things couldn't have gotten any further down, he was to be proven wrong. Along came the restless spirit. First chilling the young man to the bones, the longer he remained in theatre after his first terrible night the more attached the spectral woman became to his presence. Attachment soon grew to a level of obsession, causing aggravation in return from the youth. It was a game of tolerance... up until the last of his fuse was lit. 

In eventually agitating the spirit which still lingered within the ruins, what it would bring him would be countless years of solitude to his name. What was once flesh withered to scarred bone that begged the question as to whether there had ever been flesh present at all. What were once eyes, became densely hollow sockets that showed not an ounce of reflection if shown light. What were once teeth were turned to predatory fangs. A loss of humanity was in place, as something far more demonic to have altered his being. From the moment he had woken up after the spirit's outburst, it served as a breaking point that started the transition from an unfortunate teen to a promising sociopath in the making. In a way, he lost everything. Yet he gained something far stronger than his former self.

He lost a life, what he gained was nine more. 

After that? Well...





" You thought you could kill me off that easy..?  "


During the earlier portion of his life, thereafter the curse, the cat built up a reputation. Murder, theft, drugs, vehicular homicide, you name it, he's done it, even several times over. Once being a bit of an anarchist, he has less respect for the law than the next person and worries little at times of whether his actions will catch up to him. Adding in some supernatural ability and the promise of immortality, it all seemed to come together as a dangerous combination... one that would spur on the destructive tendencies that kept him at bay for the next few decades or so.

As a result, Kei's demeanor is one that leaves much to be desired. At times, he can be arrogant and downright inhospitable. Hell-bent on independence, he seldom gives others the time of day unless it harbors some immediate benefit. Utterly desensitized from the violence he has faced, as well as caused starting at a younger age, empathy can be a lost concept. The ideals or opinions of others occasionally fail to register and can often mean little to the demon. Add in general aggression, bitter choice in words, heavy-handed sarcasm, and a short temper? Kei has a longer record of pushing people aside than he does keeping them around

Kei is also known to have a fixation on weaponry and has amassed himself a small collection over the years. Mainly knives and shorter range firearms, it doesn't exclude the occasional rifle or long barreled weapon. In addition, he has some past history with dabbling in explosives on a minor scale.







" We hunt to protect. We protect to live. "


Eventually finding himself in what was another rock bottom, it was a familiar face passing through the city that pulled him back onto his feet and gave him a second chance to change what his life had become. This came after an impromptu hunt with none other than the Huntress, Alice D. O'Malley. An acquaintance turned friend by strange circumstances, later turned into teacher and best friend he would trust more than anyone. It was the second time that she had suggested that he joined the ranks of the Hunters distinguished within the organization, to which, in search of a purpose other than dwelling on the streets, Kei finally accepted.

The process began with an opening interview. Explaining his tiredness for doing empty mercenary jobs on the street turned into the explanation of the curse to which he was plagued... and ended promptly with a gunshot wound to the side of the head right there in the interviewing room. With his justifications found as credible, in addition to the shock that persisted to Alice's 'demonstration' of the curse's ability, he was allowed forward. A week's preparation came to pass and he was onward to his first hunt in New Orleans.

Three hunts would come to pass: in which they traveled about the world, dealt with spirits, demons, and beasts alike. A man once thriving in a lifestyle without boundaries nor morality, now is doing what he can to walk a line between right and wrong for the first time in his life. The trials lead to injury, physical strain, and emotional trauma that, in the end, he didn't quite know he was capable of expressing. Regardless, the year process hit home in a manner that will stay with him from that point on.



Current Status

 Hunting in Egypt.   |   100% Health. Panicked.   |   "Now what the fuck!?-"


Glock 26/27 duo  |  Hunting knife  |  Gasmask

Flashlight  |  Food rations  |  Climbing rope & pick


Note-worthy Possessions

  -  necklace from Alice. Almost always worn.

  -   Two pistols- Glock 26/27, a gift from an old friend.

  -   A pair of titanium knuckledusters from Agnes.

  -   A sealed envelope in his bag.







Alice is hands down the closest friend he has to his name. She has been there to pick him up from some of his harder times and is ultimately the person responsible for getting him onto a straight and narrow path with his life. As a result, he's willing to do whatever he can in order to keep her around. He will try and do so, whether that means having her back for each hunt, or being invested in taking as much hell from her as he needs to in order to get past the wall she's put up around herself.  (x1)  




Agnes is Jason's one and only biological child. Due to the fact that he had never wanted nor expected to have kids, he was absent for almost the entirety of her upbringing. Fast forward fifteen years, the two had clashed from the moment they had met as Agnes got her due revenge, the two fighting even up until present meetings. There is no telling whether the two are on good or bad terms, as it changes by the week. As of recent, the relationship between the two has improved with Agnes' time spent in holding at the Hunter Society's Headquarters. 



A seasoned killer and a trained thief- what better combination is there? There’s no telling how the two interact with having such little in common between them, or how Jason ever came to take a liking to the man. Either way, the two have gotten into their fair share of mischief, and have emptied several glasses at the bar on occasion. More or less from alcohol-induced talks, Cooper is a person Jason’s found himself opening up to, offering information Alice or Agnes wouldn’t get a hold of so easily. 




It was heavy rain that dragged the Catwoman into the theatre, and no matter the demon's attempts it seemed Kei couldn't force her back out. When Kyle stated her plans for the renovating decrepit building, Kei's own wishes be damned, it formed a bitter rivalry and territory dispute that he won't be giving up anytime soon. Still, just as irritable as he is about her stopping by on occasion, he harbors curiosity as to just who the woman is, and just what might make her 'tick'.





" Home is wherever you set your shit down.

      Doesn't mean much to me.  "

Once his primary residence in times of homelessness, later a common return point within the city. For those that may wander in, the interior is coated with a layer of dust. Some regions may be disturbed, should Kei be passing through between his hunts. The backstage corridor houses a row of doors down its hall where several remain locked due to his presence there. The parts that are occasionally maintained are surprisingly taken care of, despite the decrepit state of the theatre itself coupled with the man's destructive nature. The theatre also hosts a large population of stray cats that have come to stay. The numbers, as of current, stand somewhere in the thirties. The strays were dwelling in the building long before Kei's presence, and are likely to remain there far past his time should nothing disturb their sanctuary. He has taken care of their wellbeing to the best of his ability in the past, and still returns to do so, on occasion. The demon has always considered it as 'paying rent' to those that were there long before him. 

When not busy with hunts that take him just about everywhere, Kei can be found in locations about the city. He rents a single bedroom apartment on a month-to-month basis that serves as a home base and jumping point. Other locations include the Hunter Society Headquarters, stationed deep in the trees of Georgia where few are likely to wander on accident.




xxxxx - xxxxx - xxxxx - xxxx




Alrighty, so I'll say it here now so you can't get nearly as mad at me later.

An advisory warning: Kei is an offensive character. He is built to be an asshole. Expect violence, language, gore, and so on to be a possibility in writing. Also be aware that he has a habit of meeting people and then essentially 'tossing' them if they no longer seem beneficial. It's a built-in character flaw, he's workin' on it. Expect harsh words, blood, possible falling outs, and general abrasiveness from him if you choose to move forward in writing. With all that being said I give you full permission to kill Kei as long as it fits into the plot reasonably. *Shrugs.*

Also please know and be prepared for the fact that I inevitably tend to choose favorites on who I respond to first. Some plots are older than others. Some hold more gravity on the character than others. This comes less as a personal reason and more for the priority of keeping character development rolling.

Secondly, as the writer, I prefer long-term plots unless we plan otherwise. This means I'm looking far into the future, and anything that happens within plot has the possibility to affect Kei's overall story, and even tangle with other stories. Note that the Hunter Society is a concept created and owned by Alice D. O'Malley. Finally, I am a site Admin (as you may already know by now). Feel free to come to me with any questions you have regarding the site, coding, issues in the community, or if you just feel like bullshitting. I'm around. 


 FC: A heavily edited Diego Barrueco. 

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Can make pancakes without burning them

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  • Alice couldn't answer yes or no to that. There was giving up, then there was accepting the inevitable which was that there was no near way that they could possibly get out of this alive. They had a monstrous snake at one end, and a goddess that pushed them tot heir doom all because one man could not keep his mouth shut and ended up dead because of it. Now they had some speck of survival to worry about in the middle of the ground with people who were years from being able to find them and little to no true way of going forward in this. 

    What those scientists had found were not just some billion-year-old pyramid to be looted and observed.. it was a deathtrap, a grave for old spirits, Goddess' and things alike. What were their chances of survival against something like that? Who were they, mere mortals, going to do against the likes of creatures like that? Was there going to be a way out? Alice didn't feel like there was a true chance in it. Hope had gone out the window the deeper that they went. Even now, with how they have trapped it was impossible to think that there would ever be a way out now.

    "Aye, would be easier then, yeah?" Half joking, half truthful. She could kill everyone here right now, save them the trouble of having their heart judged by a villainous god of the Underworld. Maybe if they did all cut out now they would die and go to their respective heavens of which the worship, then tell Jason to make a run for it, he was the only one who was going to survive the endeavor after all.

    Except for her. Right. The girl who kept fighting. She'd fought many things all her life and they should have killed her. That last hunt should have killed her, there were many things that stated that she should be dead, and yet here she was. Done in by fucking Egyptian Gods that should be dead in the dirt... Well... They had been, yet they were; disturbed, and angrier than ever. 

    "No.. I can't..." She was not the type who would die by that. She was too proud. She would rather give herself in by going to attack the beasts head first and die that way. Go out with a bang. Let Jason take that back up to the surface and allow the world to know that Alice O'Malley died because she had faced the Jackle God, she lost, but she won in badassery. 

    She didn't even mind him coming over and invading her space. Maybe she even wanted it just a little bit. Deep down when she knew that there was no way possible that they might ever escape this perhaps she accepted it for what it was now. She didn't want to give up, not truly. She still had a lot in life that she could do.. maybe even wanted to explore. Things like this relationship between her and Jason. Or to see how Neseva would turn out in the future. Would she exceed in her life goals too? Find what she'd always been looking for? Or if Sam would laugh at her for finally kicking the bucket in her hunting? The truth about what really happened to her parents? Or mundane things like how certain books ended that she had the time to officially read. All the teas she'd yet to try. There was so much of the world that had yet to be seen and she was in one of likely the most rarest of places that would maybe be her last.

    Her body pressed into his and her head came to rest on his shoulder without a fight. "Aye.. maybe we can make it." It was a plastic lie, but one that she could not afford to miss in saying. "If no' fer us than you. Ya need to get oot of here an' burn this place to the ground. Do whatever it takes."

  • The dryest of laughs came from Alice behind the mask she wore, a little more light left her eyes in hopes that they would get out of this place. "Yer real fookin' funny then if ya think ya were gonna git oot that way in the farst place." She gestured her hand toward the dark corridor. "Go on, try yer hand. Yer the best one to be gittin' oot anyway. Ya send help when ya do, aye?" It was docile on standards of Alice, but the words were no less harsh than they would be to anyone else.

    It was clear that she was irritable, as anyone would be here. It was one thing after another, back to back. They hardly got room to breathe before something more happened and then even on top of that, something worse. They already lost one life, what would happen if it were another? What would they do if whoever was next was someone important? They already had another hanging on thin strings. It was only a matter of time before the rest of them started to get picked off too.

    "They've lasted this long, 'aven't they?" Alice inquired to Jason without much fight behind her voice, the previous irritability either died out or she was simply giving up with being rude. "Clearly, nothin' is as it should be in this place. Ya got stone goddess' an' monster sized snakes. We get huge spiders an' am givin' up. You all have a bloody fun time dealin' with that on yer own."

    There was a calm to the air while the lot of them got out the packets they had to eat, a dimly illuminated lantern placed in the middle fo their small circle to provide some light. The portions were small, smelled like dust and tasted even worse. Yet Alice stomached it, as a Hunter, this wasn't her first time eating them. Jabari, on the other hand, was repulsed. The first few bites that he took it was like the poor man was going to bowl over and dry heave. Jethro ate it without complaint, along with Bobbet who were used to such tastes. Sweat dabbled her brow as she fought to keep herself alive. Once they'd eaten Jethro pulled her into a sitting position and supported her body as she laid against him and attempted a fitful rest. Jabari pulled his hat over his head and leaned against the wall, while Alice held her flashlight, back to a pillar where she could face the opening corridor and listened to any noise, ready to pull her gun or flick on the flashlight in an instant.

    Things seemed calm for the moment, but even Alice felt like they all were on borrowed time. The sinking feeling that they were never going to get out started to ooze into her skin. It settled like slime and hindered her breathing that she attempted to suck in evenly.

    "Is there even a further?" She asked, "because the way I see it, even' that is a back. There ain't no way we are gittin' back up. An' goin' through there means that we might as well die fer whats over there." She hesitated, tightened her quivering lips, then let out a thick sigh. "'He shall judge your heart instead. Pray that you are worthy of it', she said," Alice repeated seldomly, her eyes in the dark looking like wet pools, "if this really is the true path fer the Book of the Dead, then that he she mentioned is Anubis. An' if that bloody fuck be judgin' our hearts we be as good as dead. We'll be lucky if he don' throw us directly to Ammit to keep his hands pretty fer the next lot that somehow wound up down here like us."

    She bowed her head towards her knees and fitfully attempted to run her fingers through her hair. Finding she could not with the mask she grabbed it and threw it to the ground. "Oh, what's the fuckin' use of it?!" The sob pulled from her chest. Without the mask, the fear could be seen on her face. She turned her sparkling eyes to him, a stream of tears rolled down her cheeks that pooled from her dark eyes. "Jason, we're dead."

  • The presence in the theater was felt by a heaviness in the air. Slight transitions of light being blocked here and there by a small black masses had not gone unnoticed. Kougar felt so close in being able to have words with the other side, as she read the incantation. That Spirit, she had seen briefly not long ago was mostly felt, and had her extreme interest. Her curiosity was like a growing magnet, she wanted to learn more. This place held such incredible fascination and seemed rich in history that she wanted to know.

    But..... That damn currant roadkill tenant was going to get in her way..

    Kougar reached to the open space to where Kei was.. Taking in the moment and observing, as Kei called her stubborn, for which was something she could agree too. Yeah, she was stubborn and Proud of it!! As she dismissed Kei's catitute towards her, and picked up on the glance toward that theater chair Kei made. Kougar then walked over toward a slender dirty white cat, with a bit of gray. And gave the feline a few treats that she was going to give to Kei, but Kei didn't seem amused by it. Kougar then stroked the cat's fur coat with such gentleness, as the cat would eat the morsels so greedily before any other cat could get wind of it. Afterwards Kougar picked up the white and gray cat to hold for a bit, as she headed toward the stained red theater chair, as she looked back at Kei.

    "You know, I can very easily have that chair reupholstered and be as good as a new. I can even have all the others done. But I don't think that will be needed if I have tables and booths put in this section of the theater.” pauses a moment “Oh my, it would be such a puurrrfect hobby for me!” Squeals with glee “You just need to be more open minded about the thought of it. My goodness, are you Cat or Cockroach Here?"

  • There was nothing that filled the air more than the whimpering noises from Bobbet who attempted to conceal the pain she was in. It was as though she could feel the dreaded plague move through her body already. How long had the bones been there? And how much longer did she have before the festered ailments that were coated on the bones would make it to her? Would it be the blood loss or infection that got to her first?

    While Bobbet's mind raced this, Alice was tending to her own wounds which were a few scrapes from the bones which everyone had the pleasure of crashing into. Points on her legs and a few on her arms had been scraped. Jethro was doing his best to calm the trepidated witch. It was something that told Alice that this was likely not his first run-in with the woman and that perhaps in a time long before they might have been something. Despite it all, Bobbet kept that professional aura around herself rather high considering it all. Yet now while the big Egyptian man cradled her, they looked like long lost lovers.

    Suppose Alice couldn't be all to upset by that. She was, after all, in a dark dank pyramid that they might never get out of that clearly had unearthly spiritual activity along with the gods of the old. How were they going to get out of this? And if how, when? How long would they have before the pyramid and all of its inhabitants consumed the lot of them? They were already one down for the count. It was only a matter of time before the rest of them went under too.

    Should they get their goodbye's out now? Or wait it out when they could be said without the threat of death lingering over their heads to bring it out?

    Stubbornly, the Huntress kept her secrets to herself. She wasn't ready to face her demons.. "Dark eyes went to Jason. Or demon...

    It was then that Jabari screamed out his sudden fear. Jethro looked up in a sort of horror. What now could be coming after them? They already had taken so many hits at this point, they needed a second to recuperate. Jason took the uncalled initiative to go and check. To everyone here they could only hope that it was nothing but a rat.

    Jabari, on the other hand, looked like a man that was brinking a well-deserved breakdown. His brother, again stall odds, had managed to piss off a ghost thus landed himself in a crumpled heap, never to see life again. Leaving behind his jumpy brother who was hardly holding on to life as it was anymore.

    "I-It was over there! Th-The bones! It was eating--" What sounded like a deprived cat hit the air, sounding ravenous, starved even. The boney feline was seen crouched against the pillar, back arched with some patches of fur and war marks coating its leather-like looking skin. Impossibly colored eyes were seen, interchanging, yet seemed to glow an ominous blue should the light catch it well enough. "I-I-It's a c-c-cat!"

    "A what?" Bobbet wheezed. 

    Alice growled and pulled her pistol from the holster on her leg. She marched through the bones from behind the two, when the cat gave its feral yowl she gave a solid jump back, her face, though concealed behind the max, retorted in disgust. "What in the hell."

    "The watchers of the Underworld.. They were told to be the guardians of the Underworld, the eyes of Bastet."

    "Mare bloody goddess'. Am over the lot of it." Alice grumbled, watching the cat who seemed to sniff them all out, Jason especially then released a low growl. Alice leaned down, plucked up one of the bones then tossed it at the wall above the decrypted cats head. "Go! Get! Leave!" The cat growled, then scampered away in a quick movement, the clatter of bones were heard as it did run, joined next by a few other hissing and fighting cats then the sound disappeared once again, down the long hall. Alice attempted to slice her beaming flashlight down. It hit only a wall that depicted a picture of several cats onlooking the gats of what could be assumed to be the underworld.

    "This must be where they are home from."

    "So then it leads down?" Alice asked, eyeing Jabari

    "Or... I mean.. in a way." He hesitated, coughed, then looked up again. "Or it could lead to the judgment of the Underworld."

    "Then, it don' lead oot?"

    "In a way."

    "Am no' interested." the Irishwoman was already walking away from the spot which they had been. She made it back to the two others. Jethro regarded her stiffly.

    "What was it?"

    "A cat."

    "A cat? How does it live down here? This place hasn't been open in what might have been thousands of years." Jethro breathed, astonished by the claim.

    "Aye. might be a lot of inbreedin' an eatin' the weak. Anyway, I think we should camp here, get our strength back then try an' find a way oot of here. I'll take farst shift to watch. We should eat, keep warm then move oot in a few hours. Any objections?"

    Jabari opened his mouth.

    "Good, everyone, eat some of yer rations then get to sleep."

  • Kougar had been alone with the exception to the cats for just a short while. It was enough to investigate another one of the rooms down the hall. She had found an old make up desk with a crack mirror that had a very faint red lip print on the mirror. Kougar stood there for a moment, just staring into the mirror, thinking of what the past might of been like here. And imagined herself being the one getting ready for a show, as she ran her fingers through her raven hair staring at herself. But then the thought of the ghost, came to her mind. And decided to pull out her purple matte lipstick, and drew a pentagram upon the mirror. 

    "MMmm.. That should do it, I think..? It's time to get to know this Spirit a little better!" As Kougar then took out a piece of paper and began to read an incantation she had wrote, as she looked into the mirror.

    "Spirit of the Theater I call on you this evening. Come forth and let yourself be seen, by the power I have in me. Join me now in this-"


    A loud noise was heard from back in the auditorium! As she heard a familiar voice with same catitude tone as before six days ago.

    {“Come out come out,”} That Cat Boy Demon Again, she thought! Kougar gave an annoyed huff, and stopped what she was doing. 

    "Damn.. I guess I'll try calling you later Spirit." As she put her incantation spell away, and headed for the auditorium, like a Pissed off Diva on the runway struting her stuff, with her hands on her hips.

    "HeeLLoooo Keeei.. The Cats have been fed already as you can see. But I think you might be able to catch a nibble for yourself, if your nice to me!" As Kougar gave a Cheshire Cat Grin, and pulled out a few cat treats from a pouch.




  • Sly wanted tot ell them no, that it was far too dangerous and he didn't want them to risk getting killed, but it was not something that he could just say to them and they would happily do. they were just as stubborn as the next person, maybe even more given how the both of them were in creating a damn time machine. Not all things could be stopped though sadly, and this was one of those things. While Sly's face grimaced he could only do so much as to nod. "Alright, fine, but please, be careful. If not for me, then for Anna. We don't need anything bad happening. And I'm not risking your guys' parenthood because of that."

    "Oh, Sly, stop worrying. You act like this house isn't built to survive a zombie apocalypse, calm down." Penny waved her hand in the air to dismiss the terrified Sly's thoughts. He was worried for them all, but most of all, for their future and their daughter.

    He looked down at the little girl. She rested her head to his chest, readying herself for a good nap after a long hard terrorizing session.

    Bentley nodded to answer Jason's question. "Oh yes, we can get you both there. It'll be dangerous, for you, once you are there. But I have no doubts about being able to scope the place out for you at least. You'll just have to do what I said, put a bug somewhere where I can have a constant stream to the internet there."

    "You should book their flights too, keep them a little under the sheet," Penelope added in.

    "Oh, good idea." Bentley pulled up his laptop once again and got started on working on it, in a few moments after their flights were booked and he stood from his spot, taking up the dozing Anna while he did. "Your flight leaves at ten in the morning. I expect you'll be able to get a cab yourself?"

    "Yes, thanks, dad." Sly teased. Bently rolled his eyes and carted Anna away. 

    Penelope stayed back and looked at the two. "You both can stay for the night. Sly, that means your cooking. You know where the rooms are, show your friend to his." She smiled then trotted after Bentley.

    Sly looked at Jason then shrugged. "Well, that's out of the way, hows we go put the things away then go to the store because I know they don't have much good cooking food here, huh? The rooms are upstairs, grab your bags, I'll show you your room then we can head out."

  • "Aye," Alice agreed with Jason. Once the initial shock of it all wared off and they felt a flash of a moment safer in this all else tumultuous place. She ignored Jabari, for he had his mourning to do and didn't look as though he were harmed at all besides a few scrapes and bruises, and Jethro was down for the count. Alice brought Jason closer to the witch who groaned, attempting to not sit up at all for the pain that coursed through her where the bones were shape, red, and protruding from her body.

    "Need ya to hold her up, I'll get her bag off." They would have to shuffle to get into position for it. Alice unhooked the strap that went under the witches bosom then with the Bobbet's aid pulled the straps off of her shoulders. From there Jason would need to carefully lower her back into the ground. Alice dragged over one of Jethro's legs and used that as a better pillow than any.

    Bobbet groaned, hissing in pain and forcing herself not to make any pained sudden movements. "Ah, darn, that feels like a horse just kicked the bones right out of me."

    "It don' look any mar pretty, either," Alice exclaimed as she opened the bag and went searching inside of it. "Where's yer Farst-aid, lass?"

    "Big read box," swallowed Bobbet, should be pressed in the side. Y'all be kind enough to get me my canteen?" 

    Alice handed that over to her, Bobbet lofted her gas cask and took a drink with a shaky hand. She looked down to her reddening shirt when she pulled the mask back on then winced. "I don't think y'all get it. These bones must be years old, covered in bacteria. I don't think I have much makin' it to be made."

    That was true. The bones around them were all in different states of decay, but they all looked dirty and covered in filth. If they were not exposed to it by now just being in contact with it, poor Bobbet would be fully exposed with it being inside of her body. Saying nothing about that, Alice found the first-aid and opened it. There was more than just normal bandages and cloth, but herbs and little glass bottles with concoctions inside of them. "Will any of this help?"

    Bobbet turned her head, her eyes glazed over with loss. "No, ain't nothin' helpin' this."

    Alice groaned. "Then we need to get the bones oot of ya. Pour some alcohol in the wounds. Might help ya at least a lil. Don' go given up now."

    "There is no hope, don't you understand?" Bobbet asked, it could not be seen, but her bottom lip was wiggling. "This is a fatal wound down here. Even if I got them out, how long until we're out? I can't walk like this, or defend myself. There ain' no helpin' me. Y'all need to worry about yourselves." Her voice had broken in that time, tears streaming down her face as she came down in weak sobs. "Y'all need to survive and make sure this place is never found again."

    A deeper groan was herd, Jethro likely, for his body stirred as he began to wake. He groaned again then sat up. Alice held out her hand towards his chest to slow him, then pointed down to Bobbet who was in his lap now. He gasped, then asserting the rest of the situation, pain striking his dark eyes at the revelation of her injury. "No.. No, not you.."

    Bobbet laughed a little then grimaced. "Howdy."

    With a delicate hand, Jethro stroked away the curly blonde hair of the witch. Alice didn't know their history and didn't care to know. "We need to get the bones oot." Alice inclined again. "They're no' doin' any good stickin' oot of ya like that. Jason, take her ankles.

    "I'll help," Jethro stated, where Bobbet attempted to tell them not to. Jethro had to secure her arms as Alice took out extra clothing from the witches bag, taring a shirt to strips ready to use them to put pressure on the wounds. The thigh would be easiest, and from the look of it they needed to be pulled out the rest of the way. Bobbet sobbed, begging them not to. Alice cleaned her hands the best that she could before grabbing the one on the witches curvy thigh, securing her hold then yanked it out cleanly. It didn't stop the witch from screaming in pain. Alice put immediate pressure on it, downing it wound with cleaning solution which only pitched her wailing higher. Alice tied that off with one of the strips, then did the same with the other, this one more tedious. It was thankful for Bobbet's chubby body that the bones only went through mostly fat. This one was harder to tie. 

    Between the group effort to secure the writhing witch, Jabari was left on his own. He had gotten over his shock, and was walking around the room they were in. There were pillars on either side of where they fell in. It lead down to something, a foor maybe. Vents were seen up towards the ceiling, and statues of Egyptian warriors were between each pillar. He studied them, needing to take his mind off of the death of his breather, when he jumped back in sudden terror, cursing to himself.

    Bobbet was in tears. And Alice was finishing up with cleaning and dressing the wounds. "Lad, what is it?"

    "Some kind of rat!" He cried, running back to them."

    "Doubt there's anythin' livin' down here."

    "I'm serious!" Jabari cried. He was pulling on Jason's shoulder. "Please! You have to see!"

  • If they had to fall down one more bloody hole in the ground Alice was going to lose her shit, that was if she still lived....

         If anyone still lived...

    The crash was like hitting your funny bone, it jolting up everyone's bodies when they slammed into the unsuspecting stone below them, that would have been a compliment for what in reality they hit into. That being a pile of something hard yet snappy under them. They all clashed down in a clatter, bodies hitting something that felt like thick, hard, splintery twigs that made an audible clicking and clonking when they touched down. 

    Somewhere, Jabari grunted, and Bobbet whimpered when feeling came back to them. It was a miracle that they had not broken anything, but that could only be thanked for the sake of how low the ceilings really were.

    Alice remained where she was. Pain that seemed to numb her body was felt all around her and she could feel it even in her teeth. Grinding them together, the Huntress attempted to lift herself up in an effort of stubbornness only go grunt herself and fall back to the bumpy floor under her. She breathed as though she really felt like she had a sake to, yet in a place where they might just end up dying, she didn't feel like it was really worth it to try.

    It was cynical thinking. But here and now they were dealing with gods, diety's and every other nook and cranny that was imagined to only be myth and legend for the longest time. If they ever did make it out of this... If they did...

    "Sound off..!" A labored pant of breath forced out of Alice's throat. She knew they were down one for the count; that didn't mean that everyone else was dead though. She couldn't and didn't want to believe that they were.

    "Here," Jabari whined. Followed by Bobbet. Bobbet's was only a shallow mumble though. She might be mortally wounded or just in too much pain to fully answer. And Jethro? Was he Sleep or dead at this point?

    "Jay?" Went Alice again. She forced her head up to look for him, he had been further away, she hoped he was not dead, not that he could truly die. Not ever, but a fear was there that she could have lost him, deep down in her gut where she tried not to draw attention to. "Jay?" She would ask again until he answered. Relieve would wash over her, then she got herself up on shaky arms that rocked at the elbows then lifted up so that could look to see where it was that they officially landed, only to see nothing but scattered bones. "What in the--?"

    A mourning Jabari pined, Vaabren..." A flash of light in the corner of her eye, then the cloud of settling dust showed Jabari aiming the beam of light around to his dead brother. Where he had been broken and snapped, was now nothing but a limp deadweight, his eyes full of horror and a ribbon of blood oozing from his nose and mouth. He said more things in Egyptian, things Alice didn't try to understand, she was more focused on getting back onto her own two feet. It was a pained effort, one that was burdened by what looked like years and years long worth of bones.

    "Bobbet, is Jethro..?" Silence from her. Alice waited a second more then, "Bobbet?" Alice looked around the impossibly darker room they were in, when she saw Bobbet she saw her near Jethro's unconscious, but breathing, body, and the little witch herself was laying on her stomach, eyes unblinking, with a bone speared through her hip and thigh. She turned her glittery eyes to Alice. "Ya'll might wanna go.. I don't feel like I'm makin' it."

  • "Apep is the Egyptian of evil, darkness, and destruction," Jabari explained. "And if that really was him then this is--"

    "Ma'at," Alice concluded, and that's when the room had begun to shake. While it wasn't the room in full, the force of the waking of the statue caused for the room to shake as it did. Vaabren was pointing his gun to all corners of the room, then landed on the stone statue that was beginning to move its fingers, then it's wings, and soon it's head as it animated itself. Her eyes blinked, stone, with a stoned expression. The grinding of the stone could be heard as she came to rest in a crouching position, he winged arms rested on her knees. She remained silent for a time while she studied the room. 

    Bobbet was crouched over the near lifeless Jethro, blood had pooled all around him yet it seemed to have stopped. Miraculously the wounds were nothing but scars now, however, the little witch was looking paler than normal. It must have been work of her magic. She peeked up her head, being closest to the statue, then froze as did everyone else in the room, even Alice stood, holding a wall, and was slackjawed at what she was now seeing. Horror alight on her face, along with a wonderment.

    Jabari's mouth kept dropping them moving up, he was at a loss of words. Finally, a frail mumbled, "Ma'at," was whispered and the statue turned towards him, he jumped. 

    She spoke in Egyptian with the scribe of a man. He spoke in bewilderment, her voice was both soothing, yet like air, no real vocal cords, just whispers. With Jethro out cold it was up to Vaabren to get out the translations for those who did not understand it. "She says that we've survived the first task and are on our way to immortality."

    "What?!" Wheezed Alice. "This isn't--No!"

    Jabari spoke further with the Goddess, then gulped and turned to the rest. "She says that there's no way but forward now. We must keep going."

    "That's a road of death!" Alice shrieked. "Tell her that we didn't come fer that! We just want to get out!"

    "This is the only way out!" Sobbed Jabri. "The Book of the Dead, it's real. And we are living it!"

    "I don' bloody well care fer livin' it! I wanna live!"

    "SILENCE!" Ma'at's voice boomed through the walls and halls. Either she picked upon their language or was holding out at first. Outside of the room slithering could be heard, and the jagged whispers and cackles of the dark spirits that had come after them before. "To end it now is to forfeit life." She went on.

    "We never signed up for this! Please, Beautiful Ma'at, Just Ma'at, we don't wish to go further." Begged Bobbet. "We stumbled here by mistake! They uncovered the pyramid without permission. Goddess, please."

    "The only way out is to finish what you've started," said Ma'at, ignoring the witches plea. "You will now be judged by forty-two assessor gods. You must prove to them that you have lived a righteous life. From there you must confess a crime you all have not committed."

    The horror was beginning to sink in about the truth of all of this. It was either move forward and die, or die. None of which were sitting comfortably in Alice's stomach at all. She'd come so far in life only to die to an inevitable death anyway. What was the point in it all?

    "Please." Bobbet wailed. "We will all die."

    Vaabren, who had been oddly silent, was seething in anger. It seemed to roll off of him with a radiating heat. His finger twitched on the trigger of his gun. In said moment of heat, he charged up to the goddess and aimed the barrel of the gun at her head. "Let us out, now!"


    "The only way out is down." The statue repeated.

    "I don't fucking care! Let us out now!"

    Alice was on her way over when Vaabren caught her movement and aimed the gun at her. Her dark eyes narrowed. "Ya better hope that kills me, if it doesn't I'll do warse to ya."

    "I see that there is no redemption for you, human." The statue then said after seemingly ignoring their exchange, her soulless eyes never left Vaabren. "You do not deserve immortality."

    "Wait, no!" Jabari attempted to yell, yet it was already too late when the goddess rose her hand, aimed it at Vaabren, then the man seemed to fold in on himself. Bones snapped in half, his body contorted and his screams were endless while it happened. Jabari screamed his agony to the loss of his brother and cursed the goddess. Alice was silent, horrified at what she had witnessed.

    "As for the rest of you, he shall judge your heart instead. Pray that you are worthy of it." From there she seemed to form back into her statue state, freezing, but not before letting the room shake again, then the sound of scraping rock was oddly heard. Her eyes found Jason if only for a moment before the comical moment in shows where one must look down to see that there was no floor below them, then the heart dropping moment where they tumbled down into the pitch dark of the unknown pyramid.

  • Fucking good. Everyone was wheezing, and or out of breath and attempting to pull air back in to fill their emptied lungs that so desperately needed it. Alice's own felt like fire, fire with the dense, dry air of underground tunnels. The room was only lit from where flashlights were pointed, besides that, it was fully pitch black. Alice could not turn her head away from the opening to which they had just ran through. she was too scared to in cast that Snake somehow snuck in. How had they not been able to see something like that in the first place? 

    A fucking worm, he had said. That, did he see the tip of its fucking tail or something, That was the only worm-like part of it.

    Her thoughts were jarred back to her with the sounds of frightful whimpers from Bobbet who cradled the likely dying Jethro and his rattly breathing.

    "M-M-My bag," she butchered out with heavy breaths. "First aid kit," she shrugged off her humungous bag and began to look through it, fingers sticky with blood that she all but ignored as she attempted to find the thing. 

    Alice never took her eyes off of the hallway, while behind her Jabari was being calmed down by his brother. When he had calmed enough he then went to look around. She heard the sound of relief when Bobbet found the first aid then the sudden gasp from Jabari that made her snap her head to him.

    "Remarkable..." He breathed, his eyes and fingertips, as light as feathers, brushed over the surface of the statue of the winged woman. It was oddly in perfect condition, still bright with color. The statue itself was about four feet tall and twenty feet in length. Her arms were stretched out, and feathers, wings, cam down from the bottom of them. She was crouched on the ground, one leg up in the air and the other under her. Her head faced to the left, face perfect and beautiful.

    "Remarkable?" Alice repeated coldly. "What in bloody fuck is remarkable about this?! Where did a feckin' snake come from?! Why did it come fer us?! Some guardian?! Of this?!" Her hand thrusted towards the statue.

    Jabari shook his head, flinching from her anger. "I-I think..."

    "Shit," murmured Vaabren. Half expecting that it was the snake that loved itself some fresh human meat coming back for more, Alice pulled her dagger from her boot, aiming it at the door, only to find that he wasn't even looking at the door, but down to Jethro who's shirt was a dark red that hung at his sides where the little witch had opened it revealing the two bite marks that were easily the size of her fist. She winced for him. How he was still alive was a wonder to them all.

    "Shhh, don't try to move." She told him, pressing gauze into his wounds that seemed to grow redder and redder with his blood.

    "He'd practically dead walkin'," Alice told herself, and anyone who listened. She pulled her eyes from the witch and panned her gaze around, highlighted with the headgear light. She stopped when she saw Jabari's ghost white face as he looked at a painting on the wall behind the statue. "Ya wanna explain aboot the snake now? Ya look like ya saw a ghost."


    "Spit it out!"Alice growled, getting a look from Vaabren as she did. Her hand expertly twirled the dagger through her deft fingers, she dared the man to come after her.

    "This... The book... It can't be." Jabari said, looking at the wall. Where there were not pictures there was holes in the wall, each holding an urn. From that could be counted, about forty, or more was there. "Apep." Jabari said, his hands going over a serpent painting on the wall."


    "Apep. Th-That's who that snake was... But.. it doesn't make sense.. if that was him.. and the room we were in was for priests.. Now this one.." He looked at the statue of the goddess. "Then... This must be..."

    Alice connected the dots just as he was. Her eyes widened in the dark, then she looked at the statue herself. "Ma'at."

    Just then, the room shook.

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