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Syrius Gilroy


Hair: Golden blonde, slightly wavy and long, almost to his waist and usually pulled back in a tail or braid.


Eyes: Bright blue in color, glows gold when his magic is used, or when stressed or startled. 


Height: 6'3"


Skin: Fair almost pale complexion.


Body: Slender and tall. Toned and quite strong but he's no soldier. He can actually get bodied quite easily if he doesn't have access to his magic, or if he's weakened or ill.


Occupation: Sorcerer and Keeper of the Great Archive, an ancient magical library. 


Title(s): Keeper Gilroy | Master Gilroy | The Archivist | 






Syrius' past is unknown. 


The only thing he remembers besides his name is waking up one day within the Great Archive and nothing else. Many who have found themselves in the Archive have speculated on his origins but the most popular theory is that he is a construct/physical manifestation of the Archive. Syrius himself isn't very concerned about it but one thing he knows for sure is that he is a flesh and blood being and has experienced everything that comes with it; he thinks and feels just as an ordinary person would. 


And as far as he's concerned that's all that matters, regardless of whether or not he's simply a creation of the Archive. 





Incredibly warm and friendly, Syrius is always welcoming to those who find their way to the Archive; most visitors are quick to find themselves ushered over to a chair and poured a cup of tea before they can even comprehend what happened or where they are. Thankfully, Syrius is very patient and adept at calming people down, and most visitors have stated that they feel very at ease and safe with him; many inhuman visitors have described Syrius' aura as human and not human.


Despite his golden retriever-like friendliness, Syrius does have his limits on his patience. He will not tolerate rude or violent behavior and anyone who can't behave themselves will be quick to find themselves permanently booted from the Archive. He's also quite quick to startle, sneaking up on him is always easy as his spatial awareness isn't great but be warned that he's very reactive and spooking him may lead to injury. 


The Archive


*see more information below 


The Great Archive (or simply the Archive) is a massive magical library that exists within a pocket dimension. No one, not even Syrius, knows who created it or for what purpose it was created nor does anyone know how long it has existed for, but given everything that can be found within it has clearly been in operation for a long time.  


Anyone can access the Archive at any time whether they know how or not. Most who arrive in the Archive usually do so accidentally as there's no single entrance to the place. The most common way is entering/falling through a random dimensional portal, the other way is through direct teleportation but this is exclusive to Syrius and Keystone bearers*. 


The Archive is sapient and has a will of it's own. While Syrius is the Keeper responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly, the Archive is ultimately his 'superior' in a sense though they share more of a symbiotic relationship. The Archive must have a Keeper in order to function, the Keeper must bind themself to the Archive in order to access the power needed to help keep everything running. One cannot exist without the other.


Despite being bound to the Archive, Syrius can leave it and visit other realms when he so chooses but his time outside of the Archive is limited. He can only stay outside for so long until the Archive compels him to return; the longest he's managed to stay out for is two weeks maximum. 



The Keystones


The Keystones are magical amulets that are randomly assigned to someone by the Archive itself. No matter what realm of existence someone comes from, if the Archive deems someone worthy to become a Keystone bearer that Keystone will appear randomly to that person; the moment the selected bearer touches the Keystone they will immediately be teleported to Syrius' office where he will explain everything. The purpose of the Keystones distribution is to find bearers who can find more magical relics and books to be stored within the Archive. 


There are only five Keystones, one of which is the Corestone which belongs solely to Syrius. The other four are distributed to possible bearers but that's not something that happens often. 


It should be said that a Keystone bearer can resign from their position at anytime should they so choose. All they must do is return the Keystone to Syrius. 



Ayshil: Wielder of the Sapphire

Malory Grace-Spiderwick: Wielder of the Opal



Fun Facts


  • Syrius has an incorrigible sweet tooth. Seriously, do not get between this man and his cake. 
  • The Archive is sapient and is constantly shifting and transforming; as a result it's easy to get lost if you're not careful and Syrius is the only one who can navigate it without issue. 
  • Syrius has personal chambers within the Archive but no one has ever been able to find them, and only one other person has ever been inside them. 
  • Heavy sleeper, very few things can wake him when he falls in a deep enough sleep.
  • Loves having his long hair played with but only close friends get that privilege. 
  • Adores kids, would be a great dad.
  • Has no middle name and doesn't really know why it's such a big deal to have one.
  • Owns two cats named Aurora and Eclipse. They are a pair sisters that Syrius discovered as kittens on one of his excursions out of the Archive.
  • Syrius can speak, read and write any language. This does not extend to extinct languages that are no longer spoken.


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Character Inventory

~The Corestone, the fifth Keystone. ~His reading glasses. ~An old trifold locket. ~A few pieces of candy to snack on while he works. ~Lapel watch given to him by an old friend. ~Spare hair tie and handkerchief.

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