31CD | Week 1

( All answers are done in-character )



Monday, August 1st - Sunday, August 7th


(Day 1) August 1st: Seasonal: what sort of changes does your character go through as seasons change? What are their go-to activities during each season? (i.e. do they garden during spring time, partake in snowball fights during winter, etc.) How does their attire/fur/appearance change by season?


"When seasons change, there isn't much of a difference in things. Sure my outfits change when the weather gets warmer or colder, ...I'm in my wolf form very rarely, but I assume my pelt changes as well. I used to go skating in the winter, but it's been a while. I walk around regardless of weather, but I do tend to spend most of my time outside in warmer weather."


(Day 2) August 2nd: Vices. What does your character do that other characters may find annoying? i.e: certain outlooks or attitudes on life? Ironic flirting? Do they chew with their mouth open? Smoke inside? Etc.  Are they aware that these quirks are annoying or not?


"I'm aware I carry a lot of turbulence and misfortune where I go, I tend to self-isolate and disappear when I feel its growing worse. I overthink a lot, and expect the worse from people, even if I just met them. I used to be very loud and obnoxious, causing mayhem wherever I go, but now with responsibility and a purpose, I find myself incredibly withdrawn. I can judge too quickly, too harshly, and as bottled up as that chaos is from my past, it does leak out in given circumstances."


( Day 3) August 3rd: Paradigm: What would it take to push your character into a 180° personality shift? A calm character turned feral, an evil character turned hero, a being of chaos turned gentle, a non-confrontational character turned combative?  Describe the hypothetical steps and scenarios it would take to stimulate that shift (no matter how drastic or implausible,) and lead into a hero-to-villain (or vice versa) arc in their own story

(Day 4) August 4th: Scars. List some significant scars that your character has, and tell us where they came from. If they don’t have any scars, is there a reason?

(Day 5) August 5th: Parents. Does your character know their parents? If not, then why? Describe your character's relationship with their parents if/when they knew them. Does your character have anyone that they consider a parent, despite not being blood related? Tell us about them!

(Day 6) August 6th: Erasure. Is there one event or happening your character would like to erase from their past? Why? How would their life be different now if that event could be erased?

(Day 7) August 7th: Sleep. What does your character’s bed or sleeping space look like when they wake up? Are the covers off on one side of the bed, is your character all curled around a pillow or sprawled everywhere, etc? What is their go-to sleeping position? Does your character even need sleep or sleep at all? If they don't sleep, describe what they do in their down time/resting periods

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