"It's believed that he's the Manipulator of Wind, and that an eastern deity of sorts trained him. While air may arguably be the weakest of elements, his set of talents for mastering it have remained unrivaled. Despite wielding such power, he's anything but a malevolent being."

Gleeon is a Draconian raised human and the former owner of a multi-billion dollar company who specializes in air manipulation. His current career is a special agent that investigates supernatural events or beings, along with secretly offering a safe haven for non-mortals who've been pursued by mankind. His abilities range from spawning tornadoes, creating a space vacuum effect in atmosphere, flight, and throwing spheres of highly compressed air.


It all began prior to the demise of the marriage between his parents, their relationship deteriorated over the course of three years. They had to children, a son and daughter, the girl’s identity remains a mystery. Upon the separation, the Father was brought to court for legal custody of his boy, his ex-wife did this in hopes that she could seize child support money for herself. With that sinister plot in mind, her plan was a success unfortunately.

Gleeon’s biological mother, an archaeologist and ancient scholar, temporarily moved to east Asia for an upcoming expedition. For half of their detour, the woman took him with her since leaving the boy back home would’ve provided her former husband with ammo for legal action. Unfortunately for him, her volatile attitude was about to show itself in a terrible way.

With no one to watch him and the other Archaeologists away for a short time span, she had dragged him to some ancient ruins. On that same day, they made their way up into a massive pillar that almost touched the heavens. Painted all across the walls were various depictions of titanic beast of incredible power, interpreted as a Goddess of the Skies by those who lived within or near her province.

After a harmless amount of misbehaving (Mostly him attempting to touch wall paintings) his mother snapped in a terrible rage and went off on her own child. She then decided to do the unthinkable: Leave him behind. Upon being abandoned by his Mom, the boy had been left to rot away in his own tears, having no choice but to watch as she stormed out of the cylinder shaped temple without him. In order to guarantee she couldn’t follow him, the woman kicked out the supports and made a flight of stairs collapse, trapping him up there.

Several hours went by prior to drowning his growing sorrow after his mother convinced him he was worthless; by then, he had wondered off to the top level of that stone tower. By now, Gleeon was beyond exhausted, and his legs felt like they were going to give out at any moment. Upon reaching the top floor, he just about collapsed near a fallen pillar.

It was only a minute later when the Eastern Dragoness discovered him curled up there by himself, and for the first moment, she could only stare in both confusion and disbelief. Eventually, she approached the boy and questioned him about everything. While unsure of whether or not she would harm him, he answered truthfully. With that in mind, the large female made a profound choice: She was going to take him under her wing.

Over the course of fifteen long years, she taught him Air Manipulation, provided education, food, and a home. At one point in time, the boy contracted a fatal illness that would claim in his life if nothing was done in time. Her solution: Replace some of his blood with her own. As a result, his DNA was altered, increasing most of his physical traits and granting unimaginable abilities. Gleeon grew attached to her, the two could only be described as having a symbolic relationship. Truly, the Draconian female became the Mother he never had.


He was ready.

Unfortunately for him, the time had come when he was deemed ready. The Sky Queen saw him for one last time before sending out her adopted son to experience life, with the promise they would meet again one day. One of his last memories with her was holding the Dragoness’ snout on the day he left, a moment that he would never forget.

It was roughly one year prior to leaving his adopted mother’s care, a full twelve months worth of struggling to keep himself financially stable and seek out a job. Fortunately, a career opportunity was offered at a weapons manufacturer company. Overtime, the young man worked his way up the ranks, having used his increased mental capacity inherited from the Eastern Dragoness he once knew. That reason only was why he become so successful in a short time span.

The death of the corporation’s president finally came. However, there was a will he signed shortly before his demise, and it was said that Gleeon would take over on his behalf with every bit of confidence in him. As such, he claimed the role of being CEO.

After renaming it Onyx Corporation in reference to his last name, the organization expanded on a massive level. Their specialty became collecting weapons, vehicles, and technologies from all other powers across the globe, in addition to dwelling in medical science. As a result, they supplied weapons to freedom fighters in the Middle East, found cures for Cancer and terrible diseases, along with developing their own military to protect their interests. Truly, they were changing the world for the greater under his rule, until a certain somebody came.

While happily married to his first wife Veronica, a second in command named Nikolai Aras was recruited without his approval. Despite having shrugged it off, Aras had been seeing his woman behind his back for quite awhile. Not only was he being cheated on, but that same man took a more ruthless approach when it came to military involvement in the world, having bombed civilians on several occasions in the Middle East.

Outraged by the spilled blood of innocents, Gleeon already planned to fire and have him put on trial. While organizing and planning the effort to remove him among their growing empire, the Manipulator of Air was on his way to visit a close friend who was a scientist for their medical branch. When entering a lab, said male was found dead laying in a pool of his own crimson fluids. Right as the fresh corpse had been discovered, security alongside police burst in through the door behind him. It was immediately suspected that he caused the murder. Little did he know, the incident was staged by Aras himself.

Before the Draconian raised man could be cuffed and shoved into the back of a patrol vehicle, he conjured up his Air manipulation abilities to force them off and make a break for it outside of Onyx Corp headquarters. One thing he could never forget on the way out was seeing a smug grin on Aras’ face, who stood on the balcony and watched for his own twisted amusement. Without a doubt, they set him up.

As depressing as it was to have his life of luxury ruined and his first wife turned against him, Gleeon fled across multiple states and changed his identity multiple times to avoid being found. He kept a low profile and was able to claim all cash from his bank account before authorities forcibly closed it.

After successfully avoiding Onyx Corporation, Gleeon obtained a job in law enforcement to have some income. One day he was called to investigate a suspicious group of people living together: A woman named Alana with her daughters Trinity and Elektra. (the first being adopted)

When boarding a train to head for their region, the Matriarch herself unexpectedly stumbled across the one sent to spy on her. In order to avoid making her suspicious, he provoked a conversation for a majority of their ride until an eventual stop. Because the woman held a wide range of psychic abilities, she instantly discovered his true motives and silently held him at gunpoint. To his dismay, he was forced to follow Alana back to the vehicle picking her up.

Instead of a brutal execution, a decision was made to keep him captive in their home instead. What started as a bitter resentment to her and the family gradually evolved into multiple friendships since they treated him as one of their own. What made him become accepting of them was learning about their true nature: Alana was Geomancer, Trinity being a daughter of the Norse Goddess Hel, and Elektra was an enhanced superhuman that wielded electricity. It was soon discovered that they had been housing several European Drakes on their property who sought a refuge there from mankind's persecution. Overtime, him and Alana developed a relationship before his captivity became willing. The two even got married after awhile.

That was when they came.

Sadly for their growing clan, the Government gathered intel about said family and initiated an attempt to subdue and capture them. With the likelihood of them being dissected or slaughtered like rapid canines, their Dovahs were released before him and the others were forced to scatter, this also meant giving her up. As painful as it was to go their separate ways, Gleeon was never successful in tracking her down afterwards. The end result was both losing contact with each other permanently.

The loss of what he considered to be his first and true family was almost a deathblow to his soul. For a brief amount of time, his grief turned into boiling rage. In retaliation for earlier, an F-5 Tornado was deliberately conjured up right on top of the nearest Military installation closest to their battle ravaged estate. At least forty one people lost their lives from the twister he spawned since all personal were unprepared for such a horrific event. While the armed forces believe someone in the family was most likely responsible, no one has succeeded in proving Gleeon was behind the attack.

After being given enough time to recover from his despair, he was inspired.

The Hybrid purchased an antique steam Ocean Liner from the early 1910's called the Invictus. A truly massive vessel that holds a length of seven hundred meters and uses an exhaustible heat source to keep its boilers burning, as an alternative to shoveling in coal. The floating metropolis was converted into a makeshift home not just for himself, but as a safe haven for all non-human type beings in need of a place to hide. It's also where he keeps a majority of his personal belongings, weapons arsenal, and many other things.

Currently Gleeon has two simultaneous careers: Granting an asylum for non-mortals aboard his floating home, and a special agent that investigates supernatural classified events. Swapping identities has enabled him to remain under the Government's radar and avoid being discovered.


Then she came along, his other half.

In what may have been the most chaotic twist of fate, a Siren, one of the sea's most volatile creatures came into his life. One might ask why she chose not to devour him like any other man, and the answer is a complicated one. One of her younger siblings was mated to his best and was held captive, The elder Siren tagged along with his friend to go rescue her before Gleeon caught wind of their presence nearby. The instant he arrived was when they fought their way back to shore thanks to his destructive power.

As reluctant as he was, Exoria and her sisters were invited to live with him on the Invictus. Overtime him and her grew close after she began assisting him with chores aboard their floating home, them sharing a room played the biggest factor in all of this. What many might consider to be the most unsual friendship gradually evolved into something more symbolic, it was not the charm in her songs that had him hooked, for he was willingly drawn to Exoria. Before realizing it, him and her became an inseparable pair.

For the first time in years, the Wind Warrior had someone he's proud to call his beloved.





Gleeon can often come off as being a cold and distrustful individual upon first contact, mostly influenced by his past. If one is successful in getting through his bitter exterior, he'll warm up to others with open arms, especially with those he knows personally, and holds a surprisingly compassionate demeanor. When the time calls for it, Gleeon will never hesitate to take action decisively just like his adoptive mother, but not without analyzing the situation in a tactical view first.


The entirety of his skin holds a porcelain texture, almost ghostly to some. He possesses spiky onyx hair, gold irises, and black sclera in his eyes. When not using a special potion to suppress his features, the Hybrid has Draconian talon like arms coated in black scales. He also has a total height of 6' 3" with a slightly muscular build.

Like mother, like son, he secretly holds another form.

Thanks to having some of his adopted mother's blood in his veins to cure him from illness years ago, he's gained the ability to transform into a titanic Draconian beast. Onyx scales make up a majority of of his exterior with silver plates, a golden underbelly, and massive feathered wings that have an almost angelic appearance.

While morphing requires a tremendous amount of magic to use, it's said that just one roar from him can level a town. Not to mention that his air manipulation abilities are amplified to enormous levels that allow him to devastate a metropolis, whether it be through gargantuan tornadoes, or summoning a category five hurricane at will. At this stage, Gleeon gains the power to control weather and atmospheric pressures. Fortunately, transformation does not effect his behavior.



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  • "Ah. Too obsessed, I'd say... I don't think she'll ever learn how to use it sparingly at each written sentence now that she had discovered it."

    Perhaps it was too quick to be perceived, but was that a shudder coupled with a mild cringe?

  • "Never thought you'd be one to use these little...emojis, Gleeon."

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  • Keiji would smile slightly as he would open the door for Gleeon and would go inside as well. He would then order a caramel latte  once he was at the register. He would then look at Gleeon and asked him a certain question.

    "What would you like, I'm buy after all."

  • {Hmmm. Club. Docks. Heh meat processing plant. Slaughterhouse. Butcher shop. Morgue. )
  • "I see, then would you like to get coffee, I know a place that makes great coffee close by."

    He would point to his right where a coffee shop could be seen not too far from them while he kept looking at Gleeon.

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