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Gleeon Onyx


⚜ Former Billionaire ⚜ Warlock ⚜ Half human, half Draconic ⚜ Immortal ⚜




Supernatural and anomaly-investigator, also running a safe haven for monsters and other special beings.



Selfless is one way to describe him, more than willing to aid others in need. Regardless of what species, ethnicity, religion, or what world somebody is from, they’re always welcomed with open arms, no individual is antagonized for their background.

Despite being kind-hearted, Gleeon is more than just a caretaker for others, he’s a warrior. While he prefers avoiding the need for force, the man won’t hesitate to tackle a problem head-on, whether it be emotional, or a more physical danger. After having his fair share of horrors in life, he holds an incredibly strong will.




Skin Tone: Pale


Hair Color: Jet Black


Eye Color: Gold irises with black sclera




Three decades ago...


Amazons, a large warrior tribe comprised of all women from ancient folklore that still exist to this day who live a life of isolation in the modern world, being nothing more than a shadow of the conquers they once were.

To sustain a consistent population, women of the tribe venture out of their territory to find and seduce men, where they intentionally impregnate themselves to later give birth to baby girls. However, doing so comes with an occasional problem: Sometimes they will receive a boy instead. Any male offspring are usually disposed of by dumping them off in the wild, typically in forests in hopes they’ll be mauled to death by predators or die from exposure. 



However, there is one known case where one of these discarded children survived. Roughly thirty years ago, one Amazonian diverted from one of the usual dumping grounds and left the child by some ruins instead for unknown reasons. 




Little did this cruel mother know that there was a Dragoness inhabiting the temple, an eastern one. Upon discovering the abandoned kid, she took him in and raised the boy. Gleeon, as she named him, would grow up under her guidance, learning how to wield air-based magic, and many other talents that would aid him in life. The two formed an inseparable bond.

Not long after he became of age, the young man was sent out by her for him to experience life and mingle with other humans. The first few years were rough, having to scavenge for food, find temporary shelter, avoid arrest while snatching leftover meals, and seek a job simultaneously. Eventually, his efforts paid off.

As for the specifics of what exactly happened and led his current situation in life, that is for you to find out, should you embark on that adventure.




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    She didn't even say anything to that. It was never a strange occurrence that she was silent, only sparing him a lifelong stare until he finally heaved himself up upon her neck. 

    There was an ounce of nostalgia upon that movement. There were times that certain memories don't feel so distant. A memory of someone throwing themselves upon her neck for a ride, a small child excitedly clinging to this soft mane of feathers like flying was the safest thing there was. How many times he fell off and caught him on those earlier days, she can barely count.

    At first there was only static. Xeryssa didn't waste any more time, however. As soon as he was settled, the dragoness lifted forth, towing herself headfirst into the heavens. The clouds that gathered were wisps of fleece at first, eventually gestating into something bigger. An enormous fluffy piece of it soon enough shielded her form from common eyes.

    Off to the said cliffs they went, a rolling white cloud and an enormous sleek dragon skimming the skies. A low rumbling hum only escaped her as she heard him say something about a hot spring. 

    "A hot spring at this time? Interesting. You didn't even bring any other clothes with you." 


  • "You already knew. And yet you persisted." A quiet rumble reverberated from that massive throat. It sounded like very distant rolling thunder. The dragon was obviously far from pleased, for so many times she had warned him. In fact, it wasn't just her. Many others also knew the risks and told him the same thing that it already grew redundant.

    Ancient eyes have seen how it goes. The yearning. The obsession. And now, this.

    Xeryssa gradually shifted her eyes into the sky. That uniform shade of the heavens and layers of white puffy clouds met her. The weather is clear-- a little too clear to be in the skies at the moment where anyone can simply look up and blow their cover, and in any other circumstance, she would have flat out refused or would tell him to wait.

    And yet she repeatedly nudged him, as if trying to tip him over her head to climb on. The breeze and static rushed forth as she rose on her feet, bristling tinted feathers swirling out as she did. Massive coils straightened out, a low hiss resounding out with her scales brushing against each other. Her tail unfurled, the glint of gold catching from her scales becoming more prominent. From where she was coiled down to the very tip of her tail, that winding stretch of a body could already reach the edge of the large lake where they were presently located. 

    "Come along. Where are you planning to go? We can have some tea later when we return." 


  • She has always been one to rise up so early out of habit. Sleeping in has always been far away from her options even when responsibility was no longer there to haunt her. Even when there's nothing left for her to watch over than the rest of the stars speckled above, fading away into light. Early to bed and early to head out, even though the distance from their now humble lakeside house was none too far.

    The appeal of it was something that she cannot explain. Perhaps it was how easy everything was on the eyes, when the darkness cloaked the rest of the place. Perhaps it's just the silence, where she can hear her thoughts the loudest, when overthinking is what she can do best. This draconic entity stayed there until the first bits of sunrise, feeling its warmth coursing through her.

    What that day will bring this time, she doesn't know. Life has been very uncertain ever since they fled the ship.

    Eyes snapped open the moment she first heard the approaching footsteps. Seeing Gleeon exit this little home of theirs brought an odd sense of relief, and yet from a distance away, sharp eyes already noted the look on his face. Nothing was said as he drew close, only letting him be as he plopped right by her side.

    The man was minuscule compared to that horned head, along with the adornments of billowing feathers damp from the morning dew, and yet she curled up, depositing her massive snout near his lap. Fiery gold eyes just gazed at him, unblinking. "You've been having those dreams several nights in a row. Those songs really got through your head." How many times did she warn him way back? Her voice was a quiet rumble, almost as quiet as that morning breeze. A quiet sigh was heaved, and yet she gently nudged him anyway, using her tail to press him closer. "Is there anything I can do for you?"

  • Instinctively, Caelestra ducked when the deafening bang richeted through the air. Her hands wrapped around her head as her shoulders curled inward. THEY WERE SHOOTING AT HER NOW!?! A strained whimpered choked out of her throat. God damn it, what she did get into. The single shot made everything in her want to freeze and she stumbled over her feet as she tried to keep running. Adrenaline was the only thing to chase away the fatigue that threatened to consume her. When the lightning started to come for her though  everything in her froze. Her whole body wired. Eyes widened to the size of saucers. Breath caught in her throat. It had to be a miracle it didn’t strike her. Slowly, she turned her head. 

    Her mouth went dry as she gaped. Dead. Holy shit he was dead. Fried like a damn charred turkey leg at the state Fair and 100 times less appealing. Acid rose in her throat and her stomach churned. She starred so hard she entirely missed Gleeon appearing next to her until those thundering shots resounded in her ears. Flinching with every shot. “He’s dead,” she whispered. “He’s dead.” she looked at him, at the gun, and at another dropping corpse. “Oh my god,” she gave a painful whine in the back of her throat. 

    Stumbling steps followed him against her will. Or rather, it was the only thing he gave her to focus on so she did it. “You k-killed h-him,” she muttered. A hand went to her stomach and before she could stop it all contents in her stomach were hurled into the alleyway with her and at her feet. Thank the gods for rain boots. Precious air rasped through her lips as she tried to get her bearings. “Deal with them?” she growled, half shaking her head as she wiped at her mouth with the back of her hand. Her stomach rolling again. She gagged again as she curled around. 

    Adrenaline was the only thing that made her stay present. The only thing that prevented her from curling into a ball and giving herself up right there. Energy rippled through her sinewy muscles. Thunder crackled overhead the force of it rattled her bones. Caelestra felt itchy and like she had to keep moving. Everything in her felt like it was colliding and ready to storm the way the clouds did over head. “Y-you w-want to d-deal with them?” she sputtered trying to keep her teeth from rattling endlessly in her jaw.  

    “YOU FUCKING KILLED HIM!”  Wild, frantic eyes turned on Gleeon. Blue strands of hair clung to her head the more it rained on her.  She ripped her hand from his grasp. “I asked for HELP! Not,” she waved her hands furiously in the air. “NOT WHATEVER THIS IS!” A crackling wire over the street, crackled louder and louder until finally it burst with her final yell. The wire snapped. Electric currents rippled through the air, crackling through the storm. Drawn to it, a roaring bolt of lightning struck the street below. The crackle of it ruptured through the air louder than any thunder clap. Nature’s bomb went over. Overloaded street lamps burst any light in them snuffed out by the storm around them and growing in her, rippling off her in waves. 

    She staggered back with her hands raised to shield her from the rain shower of glass on the street. Their little alleyway was fairly protected, but the men on the street weren’t. Those that were unable to duck for cover were pelted with glass shards. A few delivered the fatal blow while others delayed them. Thankfully she couldn’t see the ripple of destruction directly. “I didn’t want this,” she mumbled. “I didn’t want them dead. I didn’t. I didn’tIdidn’t,” her presence of mind was slowly beginning to fracture as she lost her sense of control. Eyes wide and feral. Hands shaking and teeth clattering together. Salty tears spill from her eyes like a waterfall. And though everything in her told her to run, even from Gleeon she looked at him through weeping eyes. Wordlessly pleading for the help she’d originally sought.

  • Thunderclouds hung over Manhattan on that humid mid-afternoon, darkening the streets and threatening to rain. Moments later, the rain came down all at once, pelting the asphalt of the streets that hadn't seen rain in days. Street lights and shop signs became hazy under the foggy mist hovering over the sidewalks, cars passing by only brought more mist into the air. Then, commotion was heard coming from inside of a bar, followed by a drunk man being swiftly kicked out of the door and into the rain ass-first. He stumbled to his wobbly feet and drifted away, mumbling profanities in a drunken stupor, attempting to hail a cab. On the door of the bar were the words 'Sundown'.

    Inside, the bar was low-lit, the lights coming from the shelf of booze behind the bar table and lamps at every table and booth. The walls were black, as well as the seating, the tables were a dark wood and the bar table had a marble-top. There were a few people situated in the booths, but only one at the bar itself, as if the distance was intentional, there was cold silence for a few moments depending on how quickly the stranger had entered. Despite how tense those in the booths were, the one on the stools to the stranger's left seemed to mind her own business. Raven black, wavy hair spilled just past her shoulders, and was pale as a ghost. The grey tank top and black leggings she wore hugged her swimmer-like frame, the tank exposed the tattoo on her left shoulder to her elbow of roses and an upside-down compass. She seemed occupied with a crossword puzzle, a rum and coke was settled on a coaster just by her puzzle.

  • ||Yeet dis is hyper late 

  • Xeryssa seemed busy. 

    Bundles upon bundles of old scrolls upon her lap, a contrast of yellowed paper on the richness of her robes. Some of them were already unrolled, as if she was looking through an arsenal of things. Though she did spare a moment to look up even before those steps made a sound, only to gaze upon her son.
    She seemed partly surprised at his arrival, however. Even more so about his present. Instead of receiving the boquet quickly, she simply gestured for him to sit before her. "You are not obliged to lavish me with any celebrations, Gleeon." 
  • A heavy sigh flowed down the phone line at her name. He recognized. Thank the Gods he recognized her. Heart pounding in her chest, Caelestra tried to look around and spot anything she might recognize. “I-I-I’m not sure,” she said defeatedly. Really she hadn’t been in town that long. Caelestra was as much a tourist here as she was anywhere else. Never finding a home or place to stay for long. Always passing through and not growing attached to anyone or anything. “I was near the Pike’s Market earlier, been walking around since and made my way towards,” she looked around for anything that would indicate where she is. “I’m closer towards the space needle.” 

    Without making it too obvious she looked over her shoulder for a street sign. “Union Ave! I’m on Union Ave!” Realizing she had practically screamed it into the phone, Caelestra ducked her head again and curled her shoulders in. Fuck she was going to get caught and it was all going to be her own doing. “Okay, I’ll try.” She nodded and hung up the call. Everything in her screamed at her to run, but taking a deep breath, Caelestra straightened her spine. Act normal. Be normal. Don’t draw attention to yourself. 

    Caelestra pulled her phone back out and typed in the address for the Highland clinic. It was  six blocks away and with every step she could feel the crowd thinning out. The rain picked up again going from a gentle rain to a heavy downpour. People sought for shelter this time compared to the rest. The hair on her arms raised and the sinking feeling in her stomach grew worse. They’d spotted her. Someone had. Caelestra could hold back the panic as her head snapped to look behind her. The hood fell down and her bright blue hair was instantly exposed to the rain. If they hadn’t spotted her before that bright blue beacon of a hair did the trick now. 

    Turquoise eyes met the steel eyes of the man who tried to intimidate her before. A slow toothy grin spread over his twisted features. Shark. He was a shark on the hunt and he spotted her. It didn’t matter that she had made headway and was a good two blocks ahead of him now. The crowd parted as she turned and made a run for it. 

     I have to get away. Booted feet pounded on the wet pavement. Her breath hitched in her lungs as her body fought to fight and flee and not panic all at once.

     Get away. Getaway.Getawaygetaway

    The sides of her vision began to blur. The sidewalk path felt smaller and more narrow. Hell to her it looked like. Her fingers tingled and she heard the power lines above her head another block down. Their distant humming grew louder and louder in her ears. 


    The humming drowned out the pounding of her heart. 


    The humming snapped and turned into firecrackers in her ears. Sparks crackled along the power line, but she didn’t notice. She couldn’t focus on anything else but running. “Gleeon, please,” she whispered into the air.  

  • Turquoise eyes widened as she heard the threat in the air. They had guns and by whatever wits she had about her their commander made sure they didn’t shoot here. Okay, so maybe they didn’t want to kidnap her. They wanted her dead? This day was getting better and better by the minute. 

    “Come on, come on,” she hissed on the second ring. “Pick up,” her voice nearly broke but she did everything to reign in the panic that threatened to take hold. Panic made the brain a sponge. If she could hold if off long enough she would continue to think straight. Caelestra tucked any stray strands of hair into her hood, hoping that the crowd of people and rain would make her blue hair less noticeable as they stalked her. 

    “Oh thank the Gods!” she exclaimed down the other line the moment it went from that desperate ring to his confused voice. Cael didn’t care less if she surprised him or not. Temporary relief coursed through her. Her shoulders caved in as she tried to make herself smaller among the throng of bodies. Thankfully the city was still bustling despite the rain. If there was one thing Seattle did right it was learning how to function even when the weather was sour. 

    “You told me to call you if I ever needed help,” she said a bit breathlessly into the phone. The adrenaline pumping through her veins forced her to only get the critical details out. “I’m being chased by some shady government looking dude and his little group of friends. Tried to corner me in an alley and toss me in a van,” she paused and dared a hesitant and discreet glance over her shoulder. Eyes danced rapidly to find those pursuing her. If she was able to catch even a glimpse of them he would hear her stumble over the words and suppress the whimper in her throat. 

     “I don’t know how long I can outrun them or how to dodge them.” Another lengthy pause as she searched the street for a shop she could duck into and a way to make herself scarce. His name was always tested on her tongue and if it wasn’t for the random encounter they recently had it was the way his name rolled off her tongue that would sound familiar and draw up the memory of her and that bright blue hair. She said even softer into the phone, “I need your help, Gleeon.”

  • {Do you have arch in mind? Or would you like to discuss possible plot lines?}

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