alot has gone on in therelife as born a girl they were pressured to be girly where they wanted to play in dirt they we're given dolls and told "why r ur hand so dirty are u a boy" as i was not it made me upset again they played in dirt with there uncle jakes old car toys toy trucks and grown an obsession with dolls from my life as to baby alive to porcelain I know what you're asking cuz it have anything to do with a power it's just really like them because of their Spirits in them


what is an early age about 6 to 10 years old they were bullyed badly in there 5th year of school they stopped getting bullied as of the 6th and 7th year they were bullied more and got smexually abused online by 1000ends of guys she has cryed about exs and cryed alot also medicated for insomnia depression anxiety and ADHD probably has BPD and did Also got there note book powers by this point in time


now goes around with their antihero gang rooming the street with there weird ideology's trying to do good with their weird crazy minds all the while luna is trying to find a true love




October 3

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Character Age

Any age really

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Not sure

Character Appearance

Emo goth they/zem pronous short blondhair with blue tips hourglass body shape looks intimidating black makeup always cold has horns and a tail and wings they can do anything with there 2 books ones for evil the other for good

Character Personality

Sweet apologetic looks intimidating but is not blunt sad depressed has an I don't give a duck attitude very clingy but not too clingy funny with dark humor trying their best to be good ish what will definitely kill you if you are a bigot craves love and attention

Character Likes

Cuddles sushi sleep talking to people with In depth conversation hugs kisses squishmellos love and affection horror movies helping others murdering enimes being an anti hero havinga person to love warm blanket and hoodies

Character Dislikes

Stupid people, mac and cheese and hot dogs toxic son ofa bitchs mean bullys when people are homophobic transphobic sexist racist ableist family depression anxiety did adhd

Character History/Story

They were born female when they were seven years old they started to get bullied so that is that they wanted to die going home wasn't much either constantly getting yelled at things being thrown in the house their sister was now their brother causing drama fights when they were 011 about 10 to 11 I guess they were sexually abused online but very bad man and that continued to happen by other men over and over and over again so they started hitting their body because of how tragic their life was there now non-binary

Character Inventory

They live a league of villains theys have a backpack on them and the backpack has their phone they're special books a knife a gun, really big sword in the room they have posters their clothes and have a roommate their roommate is their love interest if it is a love story they also have a lighter in there back pack they are always ready to go

Character Abilites

We have two books that can do anything with them when is for evil the other is 4 good they can fly with their wings fairy tail and horns glow in the dark and not like those glow-in-the-dark toys they're like really bright that can lead the way for all of their teammates

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Romance, Violence, Anime, 18+, Action, Adventure

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I don't know what to put the hair

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