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July 3

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Character Age

18 - 24 depends (mostly 22)

Character Species

Human? I wonder about that 🤔

Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

Mai was born with heterochromia, her left eye is red while her right eye is purple. Both bizarre colors for a normal human. Mai has a lot of fun changing herself up a lot- whether it's a new piercing, new tattoo, or new hairstyle. (Or color,) Mai never changes her hair color. She gets it done every now and then to redo the color. Her hair is like a wolf cut- most of her hair is red, bits and pieces of purple throughout it. Her hair is a bright red. Not fire engine red, more like a dirty rainbow red. The purple in her hair is like this: 💜.

Most times Mai will walk around in a black Sleeveless crop top with a slight turtle neck to it. (If that makes sense?) Her pants are mostly grey or black sweat pants. Sometimes she will walk around in black skinny jeans- on rare occasions. Mai has multiple pirceings, scars and tattoos. The main ones you can see are the following:

Mai has a large scar that starts on her left cheek- lower part. The scar travels down her neck and ends at her collar bone. Although, others can't see where it ends because of her top. They only know that it goes down her neck.

She has multiple piercings in her ears. She also has a lip piercing. The has a piercing jewel that connects her lip and her earlobe with a chain (look up lip to ear piercing if your still confused)

Mai has a snake tattoo that circles around her arm... ask her about it if you want >;]

Character Personality

She is rather foul mouthed at times, while she can control it around kids and her elders. She can be respectful, I wouldn't go far and say she's the nicest but she isn't the rudest/meanest.

Once she gets to know a person well enough she can be bubbly- but still foul mouthed.

She's a fairly sarcastic person so be aware of that!

Character Likes

Snakes (she has a pet snake who's name is Kodra, her anxiety snake :])

Strawberry mochi


Funny people (as long as they aren't loud)

Decorating herself with Tattoos and piercings.

Character Dislikes

Loud people

Cigarettes ;]


Character History/Story

Mai lived with her family until she was 11, a month or so after her 11th birthday Mai and her brother where kicked out pf the house by their parents. This scared Mai. Her older brother, Jūgo (pronounced Hujo), was not the best person to say the least. 

Mai was around the age 16 when Jūgo came home extremely irritated. Jūgo constantly struck her as a way to get out his anger and frustration, unfortunately, this day was one of those days. 

[I'm going to summarize it a bit to make it quicker]

Mai was cleaning their small apartment. She was tidying up her brothers room like he had asked. Once she had finished, she left his room, closing the door behind her. Mai's eyes had flicked towards the apartment door when she heard the front door of the apartment slam open.

Mai doesn't remember much that had happened after that however, the one thing she remembers the most is her brother grabbing her by the shoulders and slamming her into the open edge of his own sword.

That would be the simplified version of how the scar on her face and neck came to be. Immediately athis incident Mai had left. She took the very sword that injured her and decided she would find a way to fend for herself. 


Character Inventory

Katana, [the handle of this Katana is a light blue with soft silver hues on some edges, the hilt of this sword is a darker silver color, the blade of the sword is mostly silver while the edges of the sword is a deep deep red, almost a black.]

Cigarettes [always] along with a blue lighter. 


Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, No-Preference

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Gore, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

My name is Vyolet, yall can call me whatever you want though. I would appreciate it if yall could give me feedback on stuff I could improve on. 🙏 

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  • Running and managing a family of literal monsters took a lot of energy to accomplish, especially when they all lived under a single roof together. That was Gleeon’s life style. As usual, the dragon shifter himself badly needed a break, and decided to venture out and spend some time for himself.

    His choice of location was a local park, where he could catch some fresh air, go on a long walk, and compose his thoughts. As far ad he knew- the place was abandoned, people rarely ever ventured there. Because of this, it could be the perfect spot for him to free-roam in feral form without the risk of being seen by mortal eyes, which certainly meant that hunters would be called upon him if said witnesses ever reported it.

    Little did he know, someone /was/ going to be there at the same time and catch more than a glimpse.

    On that fateful evening, the Warlock slipped into some black cargo pants and a dark gray T-shirt, taking with him only his wallet, keys, and a duffle bag containing emergency items. Upon exiting his lakehouse, the man quickly morphed in his own backyard, instantly transitioning into the black-scaled leviathan he was. Within seconds he took off through levitation, accelerating through the air like a projectile.

    . . .

    The property consisted of crumbled pathways, overshadowed by towering trees that formed a forest around it all. Natural light was still able to illuminate it since it was clear skies that day. The once trimmed grass had grown a lot, mixed with weeds all over the place. A few old and slightly rusted iron benches could be found. The sounds of birds chirping and cicadas singing away filled much of the air.

    At the derelict park grounds, the Black Corax dragon descended, slowling himself to a halt on a clearing that contained some overgrowth, and a large duck pond just a few meters away. The large serpent clad in onyx scales walked on all fours, his rudder-like fins brushing against blades of tall grass when doing so.

    Approaching said pond, the enormous reptile lowered his streamlined snout just above its surface. Slowly, his maw was dipped in, only to scoop up some water before gulping it down. This continued multiple times as Gleeon drank from it, thankfully his body wasn’t prone to catching any weird illnesses from untreated waters like this, and did so without any second thought.

    Little did he know- someone may or may not stumble across him in the next few seconds.


  • // This'll be lit. Do you have Discord by the way?

  • What if she meets him when he's in feral form?... x'D

  • Before we start, how do you wanna go about introducing Mai to Gleeon?

  • Hey, thanks for the add. And Sure! I'd love to hear!! 

  • // Screw it, let's write~ And /we/? o:

  • // Anytime! (: Funny enough Gleeon has a guy in his group of monsters that has almost the same personality type as Mai.

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