Welcome to an anime roleplay group!

I couldn't really find any on this site, so

I decided to make one. All anime roleplayers

are welcome! Demon Slayer, Mob Psycho

100, Naruto, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z,

etc. You name it. If you have a character

that's from an anime OR is an anime

OC, then feel free to join! I wanted a

group for people to network and find

more writing partners for this specific

type of roleplay. And anyone who enjoys

crossovers, they are absolutely welcomed.


Rules Include:

1. No OOC drama. In-character drama in

banter is fine, of course. No talking bad

about others. This is a safe space. That's an

automatic kick from the group if you go around causing drama. This group is for



2. Don't rush people for responses. People

do have lives outside of RP.


3. If you have any personal issues with

anyone, solve those issues yourself. No one

will be here to mediate anyone's social

business. And take it elsewhere, of course. This place is a fun escape.


That pretty much concludes any rules.

Basically just common decency stuff

that most people don't even need to be



I hope that you have fun in this group and

that you find what you're looking for!~

65 Weebs
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  • New to this site. Used to RP back in the day. Now I’m back and ready to do it again. Rp anyone?
  • First time rp here :3 anyone wanna RP?
  • Rp anyone
    • What kind of roleplay are you thinking?
  • Hello! How do I find people to role-play with here?
    • you simply just get a reply, like what im abt to do >:D care for an rp :D
    • Not sure if they ever got the comment... they might not want to, but I'm all for it if you'd like :]
  • hello! Im new, and i do oc rps! anyone interested :DD (i do alot of kny and jjk!)
  • Heyyy, anyone wanna write? New here, tryin to navigate this site and find OC rpers 😘
    • i am an oc rper B)
This reply was deleted.