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Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

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Character Appearance

Jesidril has a semi-long, behr ash blonde hair tied into a high ponytail with her fringes all swept to the left, resembling a tiger's teeth and she has tiger-colored eyes. In terms of attire, Jesidril usually dons a dirty white v-neck shirt, topped with a light brown chore jacket whose sleeves are usually rolled up to her elbows, a darker brown loose-fitted pants and even darker brown soldier boots. She also carries a light brown satchel with her whenever she explores around the world.

Matching her facial features is her above average athletic physique, sharp jawline, slightly thick eyebrows and pointed nose with slightly tanned complexion.


Character Personality

Jesidril has a resting bitch face most of the time and usually nonchalant and grumpy. She doesn't generally care about people but the AI that had been hosting her would force her to be compassionate. She's not afraid of calling you out whenever you did something stupid and she doesn't give a shit if someone was of higher authority.

As one get to bond with her, she will soften up and be a bit more kinder. In general, she's everyone's big sister and people are drawn to her for a reason.

Also, she can be a tsundere.

Character Likes

She just wants to die man.

Nah, aside from that...

Jesidril likes music! She's a musician herself during her free time and uses an acoustic guitar although she can play other instruments such as the piano. She has that oh-so-godly singing voice as well -- powerful and steady.

Jesidril also likes poems, she was found by Gladyss reading a book full of poems once and the next thing someone knew, Gladyss was already being chased by the blushing Jesidril.

Character Dislikes

Apples. Explorer things.

Anyone and anything annoying, really.

Character History/Story

Can't really lay it all out here because some of those are novel spoilers but basically, Jesidril is a woman full of traumas. Life shits on her every chance it gets.

Imagine being that one child whose parents wanted to experiment on for a special military drug and was forced to study every science and medicine books from oldest to newest editions, was left behind while their house was on fire a couple of times and had to kill their parents because they snapped one day in an experiment and was hated by their little sister for it because she didn't know what was going on and they couldn't explain everything to her, was put to prison after the murder for years and still wanted to keep their promise so they decided to just be an explorer and allowed an AI to host them to make their job easier.

Not only that, Jesidril had experienced countless betrayals -- had happened with her gang back in high school -- and had lost countless people in front of her eyes.

Yet, despite all that, she's still here. Broken yet alive and strong. She just learned to deal with it. She wanted to end it all yet the AI wouldn't let her. She wanted to die yet she couldn't. No more tears coming out.

But, she's still human.

Character Inventory

A small journal for taking notes, a black band on her right arm given by Little Ruth, an exploration tracking device (whenever she explores) and a small transparent cube for dimensional storage.

Character Abilites

A lot. She's OP.

Aside from raw physical strength from her Thousand Animals Syndrome -- an extremely rare disease in Primaira -- and intelligence, she's super fast, too. She's also a master of Capoeira martial arts.

Since a sentient AI is hosting her, her abilities grew even stronger and the AI took it upon itself to name them and base them on Booster Levels. Level 5 being her highest and strongest state of power.

But, her, using Level 4 and 5 eats up her lifespan.

There's a lot more such as immune to poison and illnesses and such and her AI constantly learning to improve and be more sufficient and giving her immortality by rapidly healing her.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)


Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Rated R, Child Friendly, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Just call me Kale! 

I'm your typical roleplayer, who is also an author and an artist, and also a crackhead when a moment comes to it! I usually write for SFW or NSFW depending on the preferences of my writing buddy, I adjust most of the time since I'm not that picky! I will immediately inform you if there is something I am not comfortable with or somethin'! I always follow my own ethics in comfort so don't worry!
One thing to know about me is that, I love Stardew Valley. I LOVE STARDEW FUCKING VALLEY. I also love Monster Rancher (My most favorite childhood game!), Love Live!, I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream, Insatiable, and many more! I also love those vintage stuffs like those old papers and envelopes, journals, etc. (Hence, my theme, being beige/retro.)
I don't belong to any fandom and I do not have any preferences in terms of writing. I can write in novella style or casual! Short or long! Interacting with your muse with mine makes me happy!
Now, they say that I am SOOOO ENERGETIC, well, they are fuckin' right on that one! I shout all the time when I am soo comfortable with someone, so please, if ever I shout in our DMs, please don't be intimidated, I am comfortable with you! Although, I know not everyone can handle that, so please tell me if I should tone my voice down!
Please don't be afraid in talking to me in private messages, you could randomly send me stuffs and all that! I don't bite! Really! No, wait, why you runnin'? Hey! Don't run from me!
Let's see what else is on the list... Alright! So, I usually write as my own original muses, but I can also play canon characters! I believe interacting with one's very own original creation is the best because it allows a lot of creativity and possible improvements!
I highly encourage ya'll to interact with me in posts if you are being shy to talk to me in private! I swear I respond to everyone!
Now, for the schedules! I work from Mondays to Fridays, so I can't roleplay during these times except if I am on my day offs or somethin' I usually reply during the weekends but there will be times, in which, I'd like to spend time for myself. Please don't conclude that I am ignoring you! I hate ignoring people!

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