Currently: Katalam - Home town in Russia

Status: 100% 

Feeling: "So much untapped power."

Eye Color: Amber Yellow/Electric purple when Berserking

Personality: Somewhat Condescending. Gracefully insane.

Occupation: Ex-weaponsmith/ Current Mistress.

Species: Voidling | Berserker

Height: 5'8"

Physically: Lean with visible toned muscles.

Goal: N/a

Age: 27, slow aging.

Titles: The Berserker. Weapon's master. Mistress. Void Queen, King, Spell Theif

Nicknames: Val, Mistress, King

Valkyrie is an former Weaponsmith and loved her occupation. Sad to say she got mixed up with the wrong people; all being supernatural like herself. Her first lover was back in her huntress days. Out of concern for his lover, Valkyrie's lover left her. This spiraled her distrust for vampires but also fueled her rage. Ultimately, she accidentaly became his end.  Atlas, however, was different. He was her servant, her slave, and believe she put him through hell. But never was she intimate with him until realization hit her. All her ways of working him to the bone and petty torture had been out of an attraction she'd had for him. Acting out of her attraction, Valkyrie commanded her servant to kiss her. Or more, she stole that kiss. This led to a spiral that our Mistress never expected. Atlas was The King of a realm known as the Void, and through fluid contact with him, her body began to slowly disintegrate from the inside out. Ultimately this led to Valkyrie's very painful death.

Thus years later, she was ressurected. She cannot remember anything between death and rebirth. The only memory she possesses from that day is washing up on shore, with a male figure leaning over her, a sinister smile slathered upon his face. Later through life she bore a child, though the child's life was short lived. She of course had nothing to do with little Titania, and instead persued her new found power that Atlas left her with. She's now grown to master most void abilities and soon hopes to find the Void's realm. 


Valkyrie has a very condescending personality, though this is mostly directed to her servants. She comes across as stand off-ish to strangers but isn't opposed to making new allies. Her previous role before her Resurrection was a weapon-smith after all. She's dealt with people quite a bit. Valkyrie has an odd sense of humor towards her servants, sometimes taking out built up rage on them. Her rage grants her the ability to fight better, meaning when the end of the day hits, whatever is left over must be expelled. Val has become slightly insane; Not enough to stop her from her pursuits in every day life. She has a crazy addiction to her previous servant Atlas. Though upon her Resurrection, he is no where to be found. Atlas has been with her for quite some time. Her attraction to him became her downfall as both a Mistress and a Human.

 Aside from the few things that trigger her insanity, she is mostly normal. Long ago, before acquiring her void abilities or her first servant for that matter. Our Mistress had a lover. Valkyrie grew twistedly attached to him, almost as much as she is to Atlas. She was a hunter back then, to Vampires in specific. After months of a perfect love, Val's lover broke things off in fear for her safety. In a flurry of emotional pain, the Berserker was born. Enraged and unable to control herself, Valkyrie brutally murdered her lover. Every-so-often she can be seen caving into that insanity when someone with similar characteristics as her dead lover is present.

Valkyrie isn't one to wear a smile on her face and is more than often, strictly business. Part of her wishes for a new start while the other side can't stop thinking about Atlas. Seeing Atlas can do no wrong; Even now she believes the void Atlas inflicted her with had a purpose. What's even more worrisome however, is that the void has now infected multiple servants of hers. Realizing not only does the void run through her veins but her main weapon seems to be the root of it all. Through careful investigation, she's come to believe Atlas dwells in her weapon, granting her the power of the old void King. She's now self-proclaimed herself the new King of the Void in Atlas's place. The few Voidlings she knows of, follow suit.


Valkyrie is easy on the eyes, though nothing fantastic. She doesn't pride herself on her looks but rather on her finely crafted weapons; which of course she created. Our Mistress possesses long black hair which is usually drawn back to keep it out of the way. Standing at 5'8", she's much taller than the typical female. Everything about our Mistress is fearsome; her body is well toned visibly showing curves of muscle under that smooth skin of hers. Often her eyes are a golden yellow, though when enraged in battle they'll pulsate and eventually stay a vibrant purple. The purple is a mix of her Berserking and the Void which her late servant infected her with. When not in battle our Mistress wears whatever her servants clothe her in. Almost 100% of the time, her newer servant Ceres will, dress, apply make-up and even bathe our Mistress. Its a big change from back when jeans and sleeked back hair were the answer. When in battle, Valkyrie has a very specific outfit that she wears. This outfit has been dragged through years of history with her. The outfit consists of sleek black leather, and most predominantly, a black half mask. This was her uniform back in her years of hunting other supernaturals. The mask hid her identity while the leather helped her blend into the darkness. She still wears her uniform to this day when in battle.

Outstanding Scars/Markings: Our Mistress has a scar on her stomach, from a battle with a horrid enemy of hers. Amir was the only man she could never beat, the only one that was able to control her. She hated it with every fiber of her being, however, retaliation only led to injury, not once but several times. Never did she cave in, always did it appear she was Amir's punching bag. His abilities far countered hers in every way. Their last battle left her near death, when Amir used her own weapon against her creating deep slash wound from her right hip clear upwards to her lower left rib cage.

Valkyrie is different from most supernaturals for the fact that she does not have the ability to cast any type of magic. She also has many vital points that most humans have. Valkyrie is a berserker meaning the more angry and more hurt she is, the stronger she becomes. She is a scythe wielder and since her return from the void has the ability to materialize her weapon at will. Our Mistress is an amazing ally but an even more dangerous enemy. She has come to the conclusion that the former void King Atlas embodies her scythe.


Overwhelming Physical strength: Valkyrie has amazing physical strength, enough to shatter boulders or even cause fissures This was the only supernatural ability that she was born with. Her strength matches if not exceeds most supernaturals with this ability and continues to get stronger the more rage she builds up.

Undying Stamina: Due to the fact that Valkyrie has rather slow movement when it comes to a supernatural. Over time her body has developed the ability to take many more hits than most. (Consider her a tank, for you all gamers out there.) The damage inflicted on her will not heal immediately. However, she can take many fatal blows before admitting defeat.

Void Defense: Atlas, Valkyrie's former servant, gave her the 'privilege' to be infected with the void (Atlas's abilities/origins.) She's unsure whether this was intentional or not. Either way, it appears as though the void only brings help in battle. The void protects Valkyrie in battle without her casting or commanding it. It's only an extra wall of defense for her already high defenses. It appears however, the void protects her weapon far more than her body. 

Berserking: This is Val's most dangerous ability and one that she has also never been able to control. Upon a near death experience or a vast emotional imbalance, she will enter a berserking status. Dark purple veins will climb across her body, visible to the naked eye. Pupils become enraged with a purple haze. In this state, Valkyrie's Physical strength and stamina increase even more and her body maintains the ability to regenerate itself.  Valkyrie also gains powerful telekinetic abilities. This ability is time limited and can only be maintained as long as her body can handle it. 


Magic: Valkyrie is a close ranged melee fighter and doesn't click well with magic. She doesn't understand much nor does she have the ability to cast it, making her vulnerable to it.

Speed: Valkyrie's speed compared to most other supernatural beings is considered to be very slow. She is still much faster than the typical human, but can easily be outsped by most high grade vampires, demons, lycans etc.

Insanity: Valkyrie can often be triggered very easily if you know the things that make her tick. This can throw her off in battle, or send her into a rage frenzy. Choose wisely.

Berserking: Valkyrie's strongest ability is also a double edged sword. She can only maintain this form for as long as her body can maintain it. While she is enraged, her body is constantly taking damage from the unnatural amount of fury and power flowing through her veins. Once she leaves this state, she will most likely be unconscious, and/or near death.

Non-Battle Abilities/ Resistances

Draining Kiss: Valkyrie has the ability to drain life-energy from any creature she kisses. It's theorized that Atlas, her servant had this ability or something similar and upon that deadly kiss years ago between both Atlas and her that led to her death; she obtained a similar variation. She's not mastered this ability and can imbue a persons abilitiy(s)/essence into a weapon for a limited time. 

Void's Kiss: With the void being held in Valkyrie's weapon, it was later discovered that when Valkyrie kisses a creature while her void weapon is in hand. The reverse of the above skill happens. Rather than drain, Valkyrie 'gives'. Through this process, she can infect others with the void as she has done Servant Ceres. If someone touches her weapon and is susceptible enough, it can be transferred without lip contact.

Void's Protection: (Resistance): Before the void, it appeared Valkyrie was extremely susceptible to mind-control. However, since the void has consumed her body, it now acts as a layer of protection against mind-controlling effects. She can still have her thoughts read.


Valkyrie has always been an avid drinker. She's well known for drinking just about anyone under the table. It takes quite awhile to get this mistress drunk.

Roman recovered her memories not to far in the past. She'd lost the last five years after being infected with the void.

Valkyrie is triggered into insanity by thought's of Atlas or people that look like him.

Valkyrie still crafts weapons for buyers on the side even though it is no longer her profession.








I'd really like some of these storylines so If we're both stumped on things to plot when starting a storyline. Take a look!

-Val meets a vampire. She's got a lot of history with them.

-Val gains another guardian. 

-Val finds a way to halt her aging.

-Val meets others from the void.

Relationship Status: Single

Interests: 00

Orentation: Male/Female

(If my character engages in a relationship, it will be soley to that person. Not to say she isn't a cheater, But I won't do AU relationships.)

Valkyire isn't much into the idea of love. She's been there and done that. It ended up costing her much more than she expected. Baring a child was not the ideal way her love story was supposed to go in her eyes. If she were to get with someone they'd have to be more powerful than her in order to keep her berserking rage under wraps. However her interests vastly range. She's got a thing for weaker scrawny men and women simply for the fact that she can control them. It's a simple satisfaction that she gets far too often between her servants and few allies. If Valkyrie was ever to be mated, It'd most likely not be for love and more likely be for benifit. 

Valkyrie is a Mistress, and often takes on Servants as she sees fit. Many times, her servants have suffered from her drunken rage. She's picky about her servants and must see potential in them in order to take them under her wing. She's a pretty lenient Mistress and doesnt usually take on as many servants as in her past. Now with her ascension to King of the Void, She's began seeking guardians rather than slaves to travel by her side. Guardians in the void world, follow whatever royalty is left on their travels through life.

Below are all the people that have meaning in Valkyrie's storylines

Allies: N/a | Guardians: 00 | Enemies: 02 | Servants: 02


Amir|Enemies|King of the Stars

Amir has always rubbed Valkyrie the wrong way. Ever since he bailed her out of poverty many moons ago, he's lurked, watching her from afar. Through out the years, she's fought many battles against him for her freedom, and lost just as many. In the Master/Servant game, she's clearly the Servant. Desperate to create a new breed of Starcaller (Star people.) Amir's motives are clear. Valkyrie's genes are what he's after. He even so much as corrupted her child before birth. Unfortunately due to the father being of another species, his corruption failed, leaving the child a simple Starcaller without the sought after abilites. The child's days were limited, and soon after, the little one saw her end at the King's hands. Dark times are coming for Valkyrie as the man who drove her to madness draws near.


Ceres|Servant|Void Mage

Ceres and Valkyrie have not always been on the same page. Ceres joined Valkyrie's side simply for the strength she needed. Ceres's motives are unclear, though she's been loyal thus far. Once a simple Witch Doctor, she practically begged Valkyrie for the Void's power. In exchange, she's pledged her ever lasting loyalty to Valkyrie. Under someone else's thumb long ago, Valkyrie was forced to slay Ceres's clan, though oddly, left the sole Witch Doctor alive. Valkyrie does not remember Ceres's face from that incident. Sadly, Ceres does remember Valkyrie's. 


Atlas|Servant|Former Void King

Atlas was Valkyrie's first servant. His whereabouts as of now are unknown. When she ressurected many years ago, he was no where to be found. Due to the traits of her weapon. She believes he's somehow sleeping inside of it. Valkyrie had an odd attraction to Atlas that she herself didn't even believe at first. She stills sees the Former Void king as doing no wrong. Part of her wishes for him to come back, the other half fears she may lose her new found title and power. Little does she know, Atlas is fueling ever ounce of Void in her body. 


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  • ( SO, now i must apologize to you for the wait, it is Lol)


    For what it was worth, Lars in all his short time in living in this wild city, had never once come into contat with them, besides Lynn. Lynn, who still has far too much sway over this vampire. Lynn, who had gone with him to Denmark in search of his roots, only for him to turn and run with his tail between his legs when it all became too real. He wanted this and here he was now, a walking mess who realy ought to get his shit together. He can't even begin to consider what his actions had done to her. She hadn't deserved it and he didn't deserve her.

    While he's here, he tends to drift away from the supernatural and work alongside the human race. Blend in, if you will. It's a tactic most take to, but it's a tactic that doesn't always go in your favor either, like perhaps now when the vampire, too caught up in his anxiety, walks right into Valkyrie. Idiot! You're letting this get to you too much! He thinks, while spewing apologies and..oh there it is. This sense, this vibe that says ' Hey, I don't think that's a human' , but he discards the realization, taking only a grain of caution from it. 

    " I'm so sorry, miss. I distracted, anyways, sorry again. "  Akward vampire is awkward, as usual. 



  • [Oh! Ok, then why not they work together to hunt a supernatural down? Demon maybe?]

  • When she had started to make her way out, she was quick to have a shadow falling behind. The streets housed their own trouble that had forced him into the situation. The interior of the auction was… well, with his own anxiety rising let alone the demon’s response to the atmosphere, he was just fine with sneaking out. When she tossed the question back to him, the vacant ‘adolescent’ stare was exactly what was given back. Omega wandered along behind her. Matching the pace of walking that took him off guard, having to slow his long-legged stride down before he’d run into those heels and ultimately probably get knocked into the grave for it. He wasn’t certain of that… but he had a feeling.

     “I guess… I just didn’t think it was still a thing. Let alone wherever we just came from.” He murmured back admittedly after the answer came. The woman would probably pull her own hair out to know just how much he didn’t know.

    Once the door was pushed open he felt the night air, taking a small breath of relief. What was he to do, now? Heading back the way he came? The question of ‘what next’ was handed off to Valkyrie and he would wait for a reply. While they stood in the open streets now, his eyes darted from one shadowed source to the next meanwhile. Plotting a course for where his followers could have gone. Where they could still be. When the quietness went on for a few moments he found his gaze going back to her; it was a little lost, somewhat expectant.

    Lofty blue hues were still in the process of staring when she glanced over to him. He cut it short, glancing off to the side once and then back to her. There was a slight yet visible flinch when she spoke to him in a tone of voice he’d only encountered in one place or so in the past. He didn’t argue to it any, though. It… looked more like ‘home’ than not.

    “A drink.” He repeated. Half for confirmation, the other part being him taking a sweeping glance about the open streets. He’d seen a place midst his panicking, he knew he had. Omega eyed the woman’s outstretched arm and he nodded once or twice. “I saw a place. Couple blocks down.” He stated, turning on his heels to head seemingly back from the way he had come, before running into her. He could go for a drink after the turn of events, needless to say. Questions were running rampant in his head. Maybe better suited to when that drink had been had.

  • (I hope you're feeling a little better- I can relate, though not strep. The flu hit, and hit hard. I've been offline for a while now myself and am still coming back from a long hiatus.

    I realized today while doing replies it was probably worth bringing up that Geist's research completely halted his own aging. Of course, the shit shape he's in isn't due to that, but rather the torture right before it, so it doesn't tear everyone else up like it did himself. As he's slipping more and more back into his role as a doctor and a defender rather than the monster he was for a decade or two, he's exploring how to usefully implement his darker reserach again.)

  • (No problem, I'm finishing finals tomorrow for my fast track class so ill have free time after)

  • Thriving off false adoration is bad for his ego. So, when Valkyrie indirectly confesses that she had missed him, Roman turns his head just enough to see her out the corner of his eye and scoffs. The angle of his head allows the sunset to hit his eyes in just the right way to give the illusion is dark eyes might be golden or green. But, like his external personality, the trickery is temporary and his eyes return to normal when he looks at her directly.

    "Is it home you want?" He asks her, his vocal chords like a harp strummed by an Angel. Temptation on his tongue - a promise to fulfil each and every one of Valkyrie's desires. Only, she would know by now how temporary Roman's assistance may be. He is flighty by nature, saying one thing one minute and another the next. Though, she should be glad he is agreeing to go along with her wishes, no matter how short-lived his compliance may be.

    Roman holds out his hand to her, "Let's go then, Princess. We can talk about whatever it is you want me for over wine." He's not much a drinker, but he will make exceptions every now and again if he is in the mood. 

  • (Hmm how to not have this end in a blood bath..)

     A mage indeed. 

      A tapping on the metal frame would surely pull her from whatever contemplation she had. Two cosmic silver hues would be all that met her gaze when she choose to match his. "You really shouldn't be so gullible." The words echoed from his lips as if he'd said them a thousand times. In truth, to Valkyrie he probably had. Everytime he'd helped her in the past, everytime he'd saved her, everytime he'd one uped her.. The catch phrase had always been the same. 

      Regardless of her reaction, Amir was sure to slide himself onto the top of the table, one leg crossing over the other with a royal elegance. Now sitting, Amir once again spoke, "Your servant, Ceres was it?" A coy smile tugged at his lips. "No worries, she's fine, was sure to let her go.. Of course after roughing her up a little. Regardless, she sought a deal for you am I wrong?"

    "I loan you my strength in return for a favor?" She knew the favor already, he wouldn't have to say it. Instead his brow rose as if awaiting her reply. He knew her answer. She'd be stingy and hard headed as always, though one of these days, she wouldn't have a choice. 

  • (Long time not talk... Have I ever replied to you?)

  • (We can figure it out :V


    Who do you want to start?)

  • It rained all day long.

    Droplets of water pelted the city's asphalt and concrete pathways, creating a slick, reflective surface of color from brilliant neon signs in the evening. The humidity of the storm and the frigid air of February created a thick fog that just made the color of those signs hover over the city like a halo. It was almost surreal, like a dream, a night that she might label as perfect.

    She? A predator lurked in the shadows, but not one someone would expect. A girl, no, a demon, a skull of a wolf over her face, but her lips and chin exposed. Pointed ears were slanted back and her tail swayed. She wore black, form-fitting clothes, a leather jacket over it and black combat boots. She was....whistling, as if to defeat the purpose of being stealthy, to give her prey a head start. The song was Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart, one that was familiar to those who were aware of what destruction she would wreak. People would run, and she'd have the street to herself to casually walk down as she continued whistling. Her boots splashing in puddles as she would make her rounds in what the demon considered 'her territory'.

This reply was deleted.


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"I owe: Lars, Roman, Lucifer. Hoping to get replies sent when I get off work."
Feb 7
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Feb 4
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"All Replies Sent"
Feb 4
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"(This is gonna be great~ Starter here. Missed u mayneee)
Florida | 2:02pm 
Valkyrie usually did her best to stay away from this state, for obvious reason. However, business had brought her here and business was first and foremost. All she had to do…"
Feb 4
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"(Hmm I'm thinking the first of the two. Abri perhaps? Do you have any plots or storylines that might fit better with the other character? Anything we could chit chat about to get the ball rolling?)"
Feb 4
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"Owe: Omega, Frank
Starters to: Lucifer, Amir"
Feb 4