Hello, The name's Marly, I'm sure it may be a familiar name to some of you around here. I'm a self-taught web-designer, currently taking on small jobs here and there. I've had a passion for writing for a long time. That still doesn't stop me from making a million typos so bare with me. I'm busy at random times, so don't feel bad if I ignore you. One week I'll be here, then I may turn up missing for a while. I'll always come back. Writing has become quite a pass time for me. I am a rat owner. I've had many throughout the years: Ashe, Poppy, Sona, Jinx, and Aura. If the names didn't give it away, I love to game; League of Legends, Osu, Don't Starve, and  Summoners war. I've got quite the sailors mouth so bear with me if we ever occ chat. I no longer take profile coding requests. Though if you have something you've started and gotten stuck on, feel free to ask. There are many other talented people on here that also know how to code. If I'm swamped, try them :)



I'm very limited on plots right now. Valkyrie is the type of character that will achieve things through time on her own. Sadly this means plots can be a real pain in the butt to come up with. Currently, I only have one large plot with a friend going on. This leaves the rest of my storylines pretty dull. Hopeful these categories below will give us something to go off.

-Val meets a vampire. She's got a lot of history with them.

-Val gains another guardian. 

-Val finds a way to halt her aging.

-Val meets others from the void.

- Let's get some action going. I love a good fight scene.

Current Active Threads: OPEN!

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Advanced Coders, feel free to ask for my layout whenever. You're welcome to just use the selectors or tweak it to your liking. I'll send it right over. The layout will probably change often. I get bored and like to come up with new things.

I fucking love fan art. If you wish to draw my character, I'll be sure to display it on my profile <3 I'll make renders part of my profile layout scheme; and of course will credit you.

Feel free to use my character in any books/blogs etc. I'm happy to help push someone's storyline along. Just please let me know when/if you do - I'd love to read :)


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Currently: Katalam - (Hometown in Russia)

Status: 62% 

Feeling: "There has to be more."

8345187052?profile=RESIZE_400x Eye Color:: Amber Yellow/Electric purple when Berserking

Personality:: Somewhat Condescending. Gracefully insane.

Occupation:: Retired Weaponsmith/ Current Mistress. (Serious Mad Scientist Vibes)

Species:: Void | Berserker

Height:: 5'8"

Physically:: Lean with visibly toned muscles.

Goal:: N/a




 Valkyrie is a former hunter of the supernatural. She took up this career for several years before ultimately becoming one in which she hunted. Falling for one of those blood-sucking menaces, life had changed. Though it changed even further once her lover abandoned her. While in his eyes, this was to protect Valkyrie. In her eyes, it was a betrayal.  This spiraled her distrust for vampires but awoke her terrifying Berserking genes. Through uncontrollable rage, Valkyrie became his end

Atlas. Her second muse. Years later, Valkyrie had gone through massive changes and met many new creatures. Atlas originally was her servant, her slave that she loved to put through cruel feats of torture and drunken rage fits. Her cruelty came to a lull one night. All her ways of working him to the bone and petty torture had been out of a twisted attraction she'd had for him. Acting on that attraction, she pursued her servant in a more romantic matter. This led to a spiral that our Mistress never expected. Atlas was The King of a realm known as the Void, and through fluid contact with him, her body began to slowly disintegrate from the inside out. Ultimately this led to Valkyrie's very painful death.

Years later, she was resurrected. Through the use of a particular Cambion, she's recovered the memories that were lost in her previous life. She's still left to wonder who revived her? How did they do it? And who was that man leaning over her when she awoke. Where has he gone? The only memories she has of that day are cloudy. Black hair and amber eyes are her only clues. Later in life, she bore a child, though the child's life was short-lived. She, of course, had nothing to do with little Titania, and instead pursued her newfound power that Atlas left her with. She's now grown to master most void abilities and has discovered that the entrance to the Void's realm has laid within her weapon this whole time. She's now self-proclaimed King of the Void. While this doesn't settle well with others in the Void Realm. There's currently no one to challenge her for that title. Hence, the False King rules to this date.


Valkyrie has since grown comfortable with Atlas's disappearance. With the help of an ally by the name of Draco, research has been conducted on both Valkyrie and her weapon. she's come to believe through this science that Atlas dwells in her weapon of choice; one he as well knew she cherished. Even though she once cared for Atlas, she will do everything in her power to keep him contained; for releasing the King could forfeit her Void inheritance.  What's even more worrisome, however, is that the Void's power continues to infect others with virtually no cure. 

After the Great War ended. (Causing the death of her mortal enemy as well as her servant Ceres), Valkyrie has returned to her hometown in Russia. There's an odd aura about this place that she sometimes cannot stand. Amir and his people built this place with their magick. Is it now free for the taking? With no ruler for the traveler's town, Valkyrie has debated seeking out the Talisman of Absolute Law. This Amulet has been hidden for quite some time. Ceres, however, leaked snips of information regarding its whereabouts shortly before her passing. It is said to have to power to bring lesser beings to their knees. Perhaps she'd have her kingdom yet. 

Still, there remains the issue of Vasharti. The son she never wanted.The child or intrusion and torture. The child of experimental rape at the hands of Amir. Valkyrie never wishes to see him, but does he feel the same? Only time will tell.






Valkyrie has a very condescending personality, this trait is amplified when she is dealing with her servants. She keeps to herself when dealing with most strangers but isn't shy. Valkyrie has a dark mentality towards her servants, sometimes taking out built-up rage on them. . Val has become gracefully insane. This disability is not enough to stop her in everyday pursuits but often drives her ambitions in a different direction. After being oppressed by Amir, a switch flipped in Val's mind sending her on an endless quest for power. The goal? To never be put in that position again. Additionally, she has a crazy addiction to her servant Atlas. Though upon her mysterious resurrection, he is nowhere to be found. Atlas has been with her for quite some time. Her attraction to him became her downfall as both a Mistress and a Human.

 Aside from the few things that trigger her, Valkyrie is mostly normal. Long ago, before acquiring her void abilities or her first servant for that matter. Our Mistress had a lover. Valkyrie grew twistedly attached to him, almost as much as she is to Atlas. She was a hunter back then, to Vampires in specific. After months of a perfect love, Val's lover broke things off in fear for her safety. In a flurry of emotional pain, the Berserker was born. Enraged and unable to control herself, Valkyrie brutally murdered her lover. (Or so she thought) Every so often she can be seen caving into that addiction when someone with similar characteristics as her dead lover is present.

Valkyrie isn't one to wear a smile on her face and is more than often, strictly business. Part of her wishes for a new start while the other side can't stop thinking about her past and all it contained. 




Valkyrie is a dark beauty. Our Mistress possesses long black hair which is usually drawn back to keep it out of the way. Standing at 5'9", she's much taller than the typical female. Everything about our Mistress is fearsome; her body is well toned visibly showing curves of muscle under that smooth skin of hers. Often her eyes are a golden yellow, though when enraged, they'll pulsate and eventually stay a vibrant purple. The purple is a mix of a Berserking Status and the Void which her late servant infected her with. When not in battle our Mistress still tries to keep it classy but doesn't waste as much time in the mirror as most women her age. 


Our Mistress has a scar on her stomach, from a battle with a horrid enemy of hers. Amir was the only man she could never beat, the only one that was able to control her. She hated it with every fiber of her being, however, retaliation only led to injury, not once but several times. Never did she cave in, always did it appear she was Amir's punching bag. His abilities far countered hers in every way. Their last battle left her near death, when Amir used her own weapon against her creating a deep slash wound from her right hip clear upwards to the lower left part of her rib cage.




Valkyrie is different from most supernaturals for the fact that she does not have the ability to cast any type of magic. She also has many vital points that most humans have. Valkyrie is a berserker meaning the more angry or injured she becomes, the stronger she will get. She is a scythe wielder and since her return from the void has the ability to materialize her weapon at will. Our Mistress is an amazing ally but an even more dangerous enemy. She has come to the conclusion that the former void King Atlas embodies her scythe and wields his power as her own.


Overwhelming physical strength: Valkyrie has amazing physical strength, enough to shatter boulders or even cause small fissures This was the only supernatural ability that she was born with. Her strength matches if not exceeds most supernaturals with this ability and continues to get stronger the more rage she builds up.

Undying Stamina: Due to the fact that Valkyrie has a rather slow speed level when it comes to the supernatural, over time her body has developed the ability to take many more hits than most. (Consider her a tank, for you all gamers out there.) The damage inflicted on her will not heal immediately. However, she can take many fatal blows before admitting defeat.

Void Defense: Atlas, Valkyrie's former servant, gave her the 'privilege' to be infected with the void (Atlas's abilities/origins.) She's unsure whether this was intentional or not. Either way, it appears as though the void only brings help in battle. The void's mist protects Valkyrie in battle without her casting or commanding it. It's only an extra wall of defense for her already high defenses. It appears, however, the void protects her weapon far more than her body.

Berserking: This is Val's most dangerous ability and one that she has also never been able to control. Upon a near-death experience or a vast emotional imbalance, she will enter a berserking status. Dark purple veins will climb across her body, visible to the naked eye. Pupils become enraged with a purple haze. In this state, Valkyrie's Physical strength and stamina increase even more and her body maintains the ability to regenerate itself. Valkyrie also gains powerful telekinetic abilities. This ability is time-limited and can only be maintained as long as her body can handle it. 


Magic: Valkyrie is a close-ranged melee fighter and doesn't click well with magic. She doesn't understand much nor does she have the ability to cast it, making her vulnerable to it.

Speed: Valkyrie's speed compared to most other supernatural beings is considered to be very slow. She is still much faster than the typical human, but can easily be outsped by most high-grade vampires, demons, lycans, etc.

Insanity: Valkyrie can often be triggered very easily if you know the things that make her tick. This can throw her off in battle, or send her into a raging frenzy. Choose wisely.

Berserking: Valkyrie's strongest ability is also a double-edged sword. She can only maintain this form for as long as her body can maintain it. While she is enraged, her body is constantly taking damage from the unnatural amount of fury and power flowing through her veins. Once she leaves this state, she will most likely be unconscious, and/or near death.


Draining Kiss: Valkyrie has the ability to drain life-energy from any creature she kisses. It's theorized that Atlas, her servant had this ability or something similar, and upon that deadly kiss years ago between both Atlas and her that led to her death; she obtained a similar variation. She's now mastered most of what this ability has to offer and can imbue a person's ability(s)/essence into a weapon for a limited time. 

Void's Kiss: A poorly named ability that basically means Valkyrie can infect other people with her Void Sickness. She has not only transferred the Void before with a simple kiss, but also a deadly slash from her scythe. It's worth noting, each person has their own resistances and susceptibilities to the Void.

Void's Protection: (Resistance): Before the void, it appeared Valkyrie was extremely susceptible to mind-control. However, since the void has consumed her body, it now acts as a layer of protection against mind-controlling effects. She can still have her thoughts read.








(If my character engages in a relationship, it will be solely to that person. Not to say she isn't a cheater, But I won't do AU relationships.)

Valkyrie has been through the whole love thing and isn't sure she wants to go back. She's been there and done that. It ended up costing her much more than she expected.  If she were to get with someone they'd have to be more powerful than her in order to keep her berserking rage under wraps. However, her interests vastly range. She's got a thing for weaker scrawny men and women simply for the fact that she can control them. It's a simple satisfaction that she gets far too often between her servants and few allies. If Valkyrie was ever engaged in a relationship, It'd most likely not be for love and more so for benefit. 

Valkyrie is a Mistress and often takes on Servants as she sees fit. Many times, her servants have suffered from her drunken rage and torturous ways. She's picky about her servants and must see potential in them in order to take them under her wing. She's a pretty lenient Mistress and doesn't usually take on as many servants as in her past. Now with her ascension to King of the Void, She's begun seeking guardians rather than slaves to travel by her side. Guardians in the void world strive to protect and preserve their King. 




"..Do you love me, Atlas?" The fatal attraction... Atlas was a simple servant of Valkyrie's and it stayed that way for several years. Due to her own fascination with Atlas, he became her downfall. While her death came swift, her resurrection was not far off. The servant that she had once wished for more from was now sleeping in her weapon and feeding her newfound power. She's discarded the idea of romance with Altas in order to keep him contained and she with his power.



"You're no King." Amir was the main villain in Valkyrie's lifetime. A weight is lifted off her shoulders since his death. When she met the King in his lesser form, there may have been a bit of attraction. (on her side anyway) This only fed into the insanity of his betrayal. Once a charming and alluring man, Amir became power-hungry and sinister. Valkyrie had learned she was always been in his cross-hairs since she was young. Perhaps this was the reason he picked her up off the streets of Russia and gave her a place to call home. She'd later become his unwilling gene donor to the next King of the Cosmos. Amir is the main reason for her insanity, power-struggle mentality, and heavy distrust. 



"You want power..With just one kiss, you'll have your wish." Once a bride of Lucifer, Ceres fell and she fell far. The Fae was stripped of her wings and struggled to roam the Earth without her beloved. Her hell-bent love for Lucifer drove her to Valkyrie. Of course, Val gave her what she wanted and didn't disclose many details. The Void eventually became Ceres' downfall; Thus killing a treasured servant and healer.



"I'll kill you myself if you ever cross my path." Vasharti's name only brings Valkyrie anger. She was held against her will and forced into conceiving Vash with his father Amir. The perfect Starcaller - Amir said. Now in his death, it is assumed Vasharti has taken the throne in the Stars. Valkyrie only wishes for him to stay there and leave her be. So far, her wishes have been granted.



"Look at what you've done to me.." If only Valkyrie's story had stopped here. If only there was a happily ever after. Valkyrie loved Alexander dearly. A love that she didn't think much on until it was gone. She'll never forget that night the two snuck around to meet. He from his coven and she from an unnamed hunter's group. While Valkyrie was ready to toss herself into this new world with Alexander, he sought her safety instead. Valkyrie could not handle his reasoning. Like a switch had been flipped, Valkyrie's Berserking Status awoke for the first time. The huntress could not control herself and ultimately slaughtered her lover. Or so she thought..



"You missed a spot." Nik is someone Valkyrie oddly holds dear. She'll never admit it to him of course. Perhaps it was his scrawny physique or his cluelessness that reminded her of Atlas. Whatever it is, Valkyrie has a hard time stopping her mind from wandering. She gets an odd satisfaction from watching him scramble at her commands but also treats him more as an acquaintance than a slave. Nik has yet to receive abuse from Valkyrie. In addition, Nik was the reason for Valkyrie's capture by Amir. She keeps this a secret from the kid, not admitting she traded herself for his own safety.



"You'd best stay out of my way, son of Lucifer." Valkyrie never liked Jett, even before finding out he was Amir's Alpha Servant. While Amir's intelligence was quite frank all-knowing, he could not see the trickery Jett had pulled right underneath his nose. Amir became Jett's shield and his weapon. Eventually, this Alpha Servant became the head of the snake, urging Amir to slip deeper into insanity. Of course, this meant he and Valkyrie were never on the same side.



"Does he Fuck you like he loves you, Seren? You're just another pass time." Seren is Second in Command to the throne. She's trained directly under Amir. The two are natural enemies for this reason. However, during Valkyrie's time in captivity, it wasn't hard to feel the jealousy looming off the Female Starcaller. Ultimately, Seren's witchery aiding in Valkyrie conceiving the unwanted child of Amir. Valkyrie equally hates Seren as much as Seren hates her. 








Valkyrie has always been a passionate drinker, but with past events in her life, this has become a daily occurrence. She also drinks to ebb away her building rage from the Berserker sleeping within

Roman (Another Writer) recovered her memories not too far in the past. She'd lost several years of memories after succumbing to the Void. 

Valkyrie is triggered into insanity by thoughts of Atlas or people that look like him. Over the last several years, this sickness has begun to ebb itself away. She's now much more composed. Though the thought still lingers.

Valkyrie still crafts weapons for buyers on the side even though it is no longer her profession. These customers are usually repeat buyers or people she still has use for.

Her blood has an intoxicating effect on Vampires. It often reflects the effects of hypnotic drugs. This is the Void's curse coursing through her veins. With enough consumption, one can also become infected.

Valkyrie has an odd interest in younger males.


The City in the Sands

Katalam, the city in the sands. This small traveler's town is located in the mountains north of Siberia. These mountains are typically cold and devoid of most human existence. Thus, Katalam sits nestled in the most desolate location. It boasts desert heat temperatures and scenery to match. Most describe this as a reverse oasis effect. Katalam has since become a safe haven to all species. There is no treaty, no law in the City in the Sands; only mutual need. Katalam is scattered with merchants and kiosks lining the cities major road in and out of its walls. Many travel simply to sell their goods; few choose to settle down. Valkyrie is one of those few. Originally built and named by the Starcaller species, Katalam has since gone void of any Starcaller race. It is believed to be their abandoned Earthly city. 



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    A proper stew won't make you settle for one. I'd say 14.




    Gotta get the non-endangered ones for that stew tho--

  • Alligators have ears. Directly behind their eyes, covered by a little ear flap. 


  • If I killed somebody, I'd get rid of the body by burying it in the grave of someone who was just recently buried.

  •  Owing: Janos

  • **Gives a slight bow**

    Thank you. I came to the conclusion I needed a change.

  • So, this here was the mistress that had purchased him? Oh, that’s right, it. He was carefully looking upon himself in this guise, locked in by what his gaze would shortly fall upon, shackles. Ever quiet there is a short exchange of gaze before the female is turning her gaze towards the individual awaiting payment.

    As the man leaves and they are once more left to themselves, there is a short observation. A key is deposited between a pair of breasts right before her approach. Another jingle is initiated and it was clear where her attention was concentrated on. Good. Has this been planned? Not at all. It wasn’t lucked either. But the chance, chance that Valkyrie had been looking for shackles like these, as flashy as they were, they were quite effective. However, this pair was tampered with. It suppressed the prisoner but not fully. If the serpent wanted it could break free from it. The thought of breaking free had never crossed his mind. No.

    Observant eyes follow what the woman is doing. Reaching into her bag to draw out what looks like a common blade. With a more careful look, it was no common blade. It was exuding energy he was able to see and expected much of it as she cut into thin air and thus was born a gateway. The serpent canted its head off to the side ever so as it watched with what looks like mild curiosity. But turns to Valkyrie when the words roll off her tongue. Time to go.

    Pale brows furrow ever so at the words, lips making a shape as if to say oh.

    The basilisk didn’t fight when Valkyrie pulled, a strong little thing he thought. What if he hadn’t let her yank him around like so? What other authority would she attempt? He snickers to himself privately as her back was facing him when she ushered through the gateway.

    While traveling, it was a familiar sensation for the creature. It was no different than his own personal means. When they emerged on the other side, another curious look onto the woman was given. It didn’t seem that this type of transportation sat well with her, meaning that she wasn’t balanced with the powers that were necessary for this.

    He would compose himself as soon as she turned to face him once more. Again, declaring property over the shackles, of which, he would lift his current arms to offer them. Have them, the gesture said alone, no regret upon those features or hint of hate towards them, being that they bound the creature.

    Valkyrie didn’t take them. Instead, the woman moved off to another part of the room, fetching herself a drink. The smell of the wine was strong, at least to the beast. There was no reaction to desiring it, nor had he been expected to. Instead, he simply keeps watching, expecting something more than what was already transpiring. With her busy enough with her drink, the serpent let its eyes trail their gaze to every corner available to it. Names noted and documented into that vast memory bank.

    He’d turn his attention back to her as soon as she was looking over her shoulder to him. Words rolled off her tongue, some form of the intent behind them as she pondered the thought on his captor, a hunter of corrupt value. Whatever interest they might hold in her eyes was of no interest because they did not truly exist. Deliverance had happened by the hands that still lay bound by the shackles. But this was a matter that Valkyrie didn’t have to know, yet. A small, faint smile curled at the corners of the creature’s mouth. It’s apparent then that it understands and has understood if anything. Again, these facts don’t matter to the woman, that much is certain. It wasn’t an ancient technique, it was very much evident upon the woman’s mannerism. A trait that deeply amuses him.

    She’s speaking again and he is listening. He gave no hint of turning on her. If anything, the creature had been nothing but compliant. That alone could be easily put off on the note that it had no other choice but to comply with orders. Subdued perhaps to understand or because of the shackles alone. So, it comes to Valkyrie’s next choice of words. Everything was for the creature’s own safety. He wanted to laugh. Instead, he takes a deep breath, chin lowering, giving the impression that the creature understood the weight of her warnings.

    Firstly, it was the warning not to bite her. Her blood smelt toxic from the moment she entered the auction room. It was the very reason he’d turn his attention to her. What manner of creature could possibly smell so rotten? He’d only heard rumors of this particular smell. It seems that it’s an acquired taste. Aside from the dangerous side effects of course.

    Secondly, a warning of invading her thoughts. What fun could he have if he did, when watching was far more effective? Not to mention what tidbits she would share on her own accord. It would give him a fair measure of her value to him. Was that something he was looking for? Hells, he wasn’t entirely sure why he’d thrown himself into this mess. But it was proving to be fairly interesting. The dominance she was attempting to display towards him and the choice of travel. What’s more…this place.

    Lastly, a reminder not to attack. Attacking was not even on his mind because there was something else on his mind. Something far more interesting. And that was the fun that would follow the removal of the shackles. What will she think then? Or will it be the same? Without care? Time will tell…

    For the most part, what Valkyrie will find after the removal of the shackles is this; her purchase was the shackles, that much is certain. And the serpent that came with said shackles was a mere plus if that. The serpent isn't a serpent but something else. With that, the guise will fall, she is greeted by a six-foot-four individual with jet black hair that spilled well past the knees and veiled his very person. A pale complexion that lays contrast to everything else. Eyes as dark as the darkness that had swallowed them and spat them to this very place. What now?

  • He blinked once or twice as she spoke his name. It could have been surprise, or even a relief? He wanted to think so, but who knew, when she seemed out of it, to begin with. Nikolas nodded his head slowly like it needed to be confirmed somehow. “Y-yeah… I’m here.”

    He always had been… well, almost. Where was there to be, after a year or more away from home? He had started to know the ins and outs of Katalam after so long. The question seemed just as applicable now with the woman’s reappearance.

    Oh shit.

    He felt a pit in his stomach start to form with the closer she drew to the door and he stepped back a bit subconsciously. He’d never re-locked it from the snooping done well over a year ago into the self-proclaimed ‘murder dungeon’ he found on the other side. The gaze was met when her realization was shared. Nikolas seemed to shrink in the room, glancing down to his feet and then back to her. Nothing appeared touched in the least. There were no gaps in the weapons hanging on the walls. No tools had moved, or at least—if he hypothetically picked anything up to swing it around they went right back. 

    Nikolas was forgotten enough in place of the open door. The next moment, she was gone through the threshold and her shout was heard as it closed. A light shone through the crack as it fell mostly shut, leaving Nik in the dark on whatever it was that sent the woman running with such urgency. Soon enough Nik was scrambling after her. When he pushed the door open he looked over to the object in the corner he had ignored previously.

    “Val- what are you?-”

    He appeared over her shoulder and a hand gave it a tug just a little too late. His eyes widened at the haze that emanated from her fingertips and breathed life into the object. What the hell was she doing?

    “You’re bleeding! Take it easy-”

    His hands tugged at her shoulders, trying to shake the Berserker loose from the object. The entity he carried had raised the hair on Nikolas’ arms. Every bit of its energy and influence was trying to divert the Vessel away from the object and the mistress herself.

    “Are you fucking crazy? You need to rest!”

  • Extremely ill. May not be on often - replies are on the back burner. Any questions, comments or concerns, please message a different admin. (Maya or Raiya are good choices)


    Thank you


    OWING: Janos, Frederic, Draven

  • His footsteps halted in the event glass was heard breaking apart against the pavement, and there was no flinching. 'Oh, what did she want now?' He thought, gradually turning around to investigate the reason for that sound. All he found was one smug woman and her potion on the ground.

    "Perhaps somebody ought to show you-" 

    That grin he had suddenly vanished when the shopkeeper suddenly clutched at his own chest as if the wind were knocked out of him by surprise. The crimson-colored vapors from her spilled potion were swirling in his direction, spiraling around both legs while he stumbled. From the looks of it, her associate was gritting his teeth.

    "Aw no, not now!" The man grunted, finding it increasingly difficult to hold back whatever was bothering him. "You knew this would happen…!"

    Seconds later, there was a cobalt flash all around him. The silhouette of his figure rapidly expanded, greatly enlarging in size. Due to how large he was getting, several street lanterns and signs were being knocked over, followed by THREE heads sprouting from his now four-legged body, and- scales? In addition to a tail.

    Once the transformation was over, Valkyrie was now standing before one large, multi-headed dragon. His armored exterior consisted of steel gray scales, folded wings on his back, stormy blue irises on each head, and two horns. Her hunch on him being something else was true after all. 

    It was at this moment when all three fixated themselves on her, one doing so in a more predatory manner, and the other two glaring her down. Whatever was in that potion had the capability of forcing someone to drop their disguise, and she was likely given the wrong item by mistake. A low grumble reverberated within the middle one's throat when gazing down at her.

    Draven should've been more concerned about the fact he was in a public space out in the open rather than this.

  • New York City: After Hours

    Oh? Pale lips shape in the sound that would leave them, a look of mild surprise arousing upon those deadly features. Fingers splay carefully as there is a ring to the dampening beauties that shackled around both wrists. It looks like these did more than what the guise did and that was to attract someone's attention. Letting those molten hues sweep their gaze about the filled room of depraved and engorged individuals, there seems to be one that stood out amongst the rest. One that seemed all to keen on the ornaments that hugged around the serpent's wrists. A jingle for good measure in hopes to draw more of their attention there if anywhere else. It didn't seem the room itself mattered or the patrons of this evening's event. While the dark haired one had won, there was a hefty bet that it was these she was more interested in but would recieve more than she had bargained for.

    For now, it seems the show was over and done with. Whispers and one last glances were given in all directions but it never seems that the basilisk is ever that interested or aggitated for that matter towards these participants. As if, it had anticipated something along the line. What, however is anyone's guess.

    Ushered through the doors, they were to be guided to where the prize was to meet it's new owner. Not before payment was recieved of course, that was first according to house rules. With the collection made a key is given thereafter, a slight bow of the head and quietly they depart. The key is simple, square and black, to be deposited within a slot of sorts and there it would stay for later usage. This was all the woman needed to do and how she went about bringing home, if you will, her prize was entirely up to her. The house was not responsible for any incident regarding a feral or venomous slave. Though it was guaranteed that the shackles it wore, placed some restriction on the creature. Of what measure is not quite known, nor is it stressed.

    The serpent had been complacent with everything it had been put through. From being showcased amongst the public, something the lurking one under that false skin never did. Preferring the shadows more than anything and making all believe it didn't exist until it was too late. But here they were, under a strip of light that shown from above, a sort of force to keep it within until collected. Nothing shimmered more than the shackles that bound it, its song a perfection when the owner eventually crosses the threshold, a slight turn to the creature in unison to the dainty clinks of the chains that hung about.

    Upon turning, the serpent holds out it's hands, palms turn outward as if presenting something it holds. In this case, the shackles. Were they that interesting, was it what she wanted? If so, why? Curiosity begins to gnaw at the back of the beast. Simply because it lacked the amusement it had held for so long and now gone. Forced to come out from the very depths of hell to find an entirely different source or perhaps purpose. What would bring with it was still a matter they had not thought of, it had been done on a whim, much like everything else that got in the way. This here was no different.

    It refuses to speak or give the impression that it knows to even speak words. Any would expect such a beast to merely make sounds expected of a serpent. It was more than capable of course but supicions could be traced to the shackles themselves. Could they be doing more than dampening small things such as speech? One can not truly know until removed.

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