Jett Morningstar | 236 Years Young | Retired Butler 

Son of Lucifer & A Slut Vampire

"Where do I go from here.."
8380476252?profile=RESIZE_584xOrigins: Jett was born a bastard child, and raised oddly normal for a supernatural. His mother was a whore for blood. While she retained rank as a pureblood Vampire, the plasma had become a drug addiction, which caused her to fall quickly. In a dangerous deal with Lucifer, Jett's mother fell pregnant. Of course, Lucifer never had time for his spawns, leaving Jett to his mother. Due to the fact that Endora, Jett's mother, was a Vampire and Lucifer a fallen angel; Jett was birthed without an exact name for his species. He bare's no fangs or blood-thirst, as well as no wings from his father's side. This leaves him...mostly normal. Our red-head retained most of his mother's traits and near to none of his father's, leaving him much weaker than most of Lucifer's spawns. None-the-less, Jett was gifted with his mother's abilities; ones that would put most demons to shame...A Healers Touch.

Past: Although Jett was a wanderer for a good portion of his early years, it wasn't without purpose. His mother was dead now. Jett expected this outcome from a young age. Her hellbent ways and thirst for plasma ultimately were her downfall. Jett despised his father with every fiber of his being. Even strongly disapproving of his mother's ways, Jett still cared for her, even as far as feeding her with his own blood. Jett always longed for the power he was denied at birth. The throne would one day be his. Perhaps that day was closer than he thought, or would he be sadly mistaken.. After a meeting with a Starcaller known as Amir. Jett found that the two had similar goals. Yet Amir's strength and power-control already seemed strong enough to face his father without help. Silently Jett plotted. Amir wished to kill Lucifer, and it seemed he would attempt to with or without Jett. His father's death would mean, the throne open. With his mind made up, our red-head vowed to serve Amir. For the longest time, Amir knew nothing of Jett's true plans or even the fact that Jett had Lucifer's blood running through his veins. His life as a butler for several loyal years came to an end when Amir began to slip even further into insanity; ultimately casting Jett away.

Presently: Ceres, a Fae from Katalam became his world quicker than he'd have thought. The two were good friends. She was a captured pawn in the game his twisted Master, Amir had been playing with Lucifer. Jett witnessed many bad things done to Ceres in Amir's clutches; her wings had been cut, her body beaten and her innocence ravaged. He eventually convinced Amir to free her. The two would not meet again for several years. Down the line, Amir cast Jett aside. Jett would eventually find his way to Ceres where the two were inseparable. She as his friend, and he her guardian. Getting herself into a situation with the Void, Ceres had lost all Fae concepts. She became a mage, the void fueling her power. Ceres, like his mother Endora, was hellbent on one thing, Killing Amir. Her twisted will was unclear, and Jett still does not know the reasoning behind it. She would eventually get her wish, at the cost of her own life. Jett was there, witnessed, and even helped the poor girl carry out her plan. He couldn't leave her alone, and she'd have carried out her plan either way. Jett was rescued from the battlefield by his sister Vivette. Ceres's overload of the Void's magic had killed her, but also her fearsome target. Jett remembered it clearly, she combusted with magic. Her body simply couldn't contain it. Now the Void that once ran through her veins taints his own body. While Jett has seen instances of the curse, he's yet to be fully engulfed in its insanity.




The Trickster: A title that no longer belongs to him. While Jett was always known as cunning and witty, he's actually mellowed out more than normal due to the Void's poison. This is alarming to the few that know him. Jett has always come off strong and for better words.. a jerk. Those personality traits aren't lies, but underneath, our red-head has the heart of a lion. He's always been a white knight and fails to follow in the footsteps of most children of Lucifer. While his depression from losing Ceres has a drastic impact on his mood, he does still retain his earlier traits. 

A Sickness: The Void is no joke. It grants great power but with it great pain not only to the holder but the people around him. The sickness is recessive but tends to surface at the worse of times. It has begun to mess with his brain in horrible ways. Jett has recently blacked out and slaughtered a small Pho Noodle Cafe of civilians. He also has terrible dreams of void cursed demons far worse than what Hell has to offer. The curse has begun to take a toll on his metal. 




Brilliant Green: Jett is a natural-born redhead. It's always been one of his most stunning features. However, close in second place is his electric green eyes. These were a hereditary gift from his mother's side. All healers in his mother's bloodline carried these exotic green hues. While Jett is built well, he's not over muscular. Toting his famous careless wifebeater and black jacket, Jett doesn't dress to impress. 

Jett's Inheritance: Jett grew up and lived his whole life with an uncommon trait called Heterochromia. His green eyes were his natural skin color, but his right eye was always red. This triggered Jett to wear an eyepatch literally everywhere he went. The red hue was a gift, or more so a curse, from his father. While it gave Jett a few of his Father's abilities. It had also proven to hurt him in turn. Since the Void's coming, the Red eye gene has gone recessive, leaving Jett with his natural green hues.

The Sickness: While the Void only pokes it's head out on minor occasions, it stirs within the redhead. When the curse takes over Jett, his eyes (like all Void creatures) will shift to an electric purple color.




A Dangerous Chanter: Jett's talents, as a supernatural are extremely unique. He typically isn't much of a fighter unless you push the right buttons. Inherited from his mother, Jett is an outstanding healer. He has the ability to use recovery magic as well as other supporting magics; this makes him a well sought after ally. Although Jett possesses such brilliance in the supporting aspects of magic, he's yet to use it on anyone other than himself and his Late Master, Amir.

A Signature Trait: Aside from his outstanding healing abilities, Jett retained a few of his father's weaker skills, allowing him small offensive bouts if needed. Jett's mostly recessive crimson eye ties in with the abilities that his father passed down to him. Our-redhead's signature trait, however, is his speed. At normal speed, he's no different from that of an average demon. Though with a spell, spoken from his tongue, he has the ability to quicken himself and allies; literally multiplying his speed to unknown numbers. He's in no way the fastest creature in the world, but faster than most is better than none. Almost all of Jett's spells must be spoken from his lips, meaning they are extremely hard to replicate unless his voice is present. Still, he's been known to teach Ceres, an imprisoned Fae of his past Master, a few of his minor spells.


  • "Haste" - Once spoken, Jett's speed will greatly increase. He can use it as long as his stamina permits it. This skill can also be directed at others. 
  • "Blood Boil" (Name and Skill inherited from his mother) - Once this word reaches an enemy's ears, their blood will begin to heat causing them to lose focus and fight more poorly. Note: This ability takes a lot of stamina to maintain. 
  • "Bloom" - Any plants in the area will open and secrete a pollen that, if inhaled, puts the breather in a sleep/drowsy state.
  • "Crush" - Once spoken Jett or any allies, it is directed to will gain a strengthening boost for their physical strength. Side Effects: The listener's eyes may radiate red. This is Jett's second most used ability.
  • Sacrifice - Jett will begin muttering in tongues. All of his energy will then leave his body and travel to his targeted ally. All of his energy enters the target, knocking Jett unconscious in the process. The target gains a huge power boost and a restoring aura that quickens the healing process. 
  • "Cleanse" - Upon speaking this word, Jett's hands will begin to radiate a warm green aura. This green light is a healing aura. If Jett lays hands on an ally while in his healing state, their wounds will begin to heal.
  • Kiss of the Snake charmer *Special Skill*(Name and Skill inherited from his mother.) Jett reveals his crimson recessive red-eye inherited from his father. Jett's gaze becomes contagious. If one locks eyes with him. Their body falls under his control for a set period of time; usually around 5 minutes. *If the user has a more powerful mind than Jett, this could backfire causing serious harm to the redhead. 
  • Enhanced Senses - I.e, speed, strength, hearing, sight. All supernaturals usually possess these traits.




Pansexual | Single | No Interests

Most of Jett's ties have been cut. This was not his intention, both enemies and allies of his have come to traumatic endings in these past years. A lover is almost out of the question for him. Taking after his father, our red-head enjoys the thrill of a one night stand. He sees sexual desires as a necessity rather than seeking out a meaningful relationship. Taking after his father, Jett has no preference in gender or species. However, he has been seen leaning more closely towards Human-like females in his past. Jett can always be sucked into a relationship, it's just very unlikely.


dDNwbTQ.jpg?profile=RESIZE_180x180 CERES (Princess)

A captive Fae of Jett's late Master. During her time in captivity, Jett was tasked with caring for Ceres. Eventually, the two formed a bond of friendship. Over time, Jett convinced his Master to release the Fairy. As soon as the order was given, Jett freed Ceres. While their interactions ended for several years; the two rekindled their friendship later down the line when Jett finally drove his Master to madness. In their time apart, Ceres had dove deeper into chaos. Not only did the Fairy lose herself to the Void but also regained control over its power. Hellbent on finding her love interest, Ceres couldn't see the love Jett fell deeper into day by day. Her death tares at Jett's mental. Her curse has passed on to him, one that he bares to the best of his ability. Only in his fit of Void trances does he see Ceres. While his body commands havoc during these trances, his mind is finally at peace. VIBES VIBES

dDNwbTQ.jpg?profile=RESIZE_180x180 NESEVA (Pipsqueak)

Jett met Nes by a freak chance; He at a bar and she on a hunting mission. After her interference in several affairs that night, Jett finally decided to help her on her mission in order to get the Hunter out of his hair. Needless to say, Nes oddly reminds him of someone. He's done much in their short time together to keep her from harm's way. In the past, he's even gone so far as jumping in front of a feral Vampire for her sake. While he sustained injuries from the incident, he's never shared that information with her. After parting ways, Neseva continued her hunting missions. This time, it tied her directly to Jett. While she had been bound by her duties, Jett was slipping slower and slower into madness. She now may be his only hope in conquering the Void's sickness. VIBES VIBES

dDNwbTQ.jpg?profile=RESIZE_180x180 AMIR (Master)

Jett spent the majority of his life with Amir. Straight out of Hell, Jett was able to swindle his way into a butler position for the King of the Cosmos. His goal? Use Amir for the strength he himself did not possess. Years of work paid off. Before long, Jett became Amir's alpha servant and more so his consultant. For a King with such vast knowledge, Jett was able to eventually turn his mind against him. In the end, however, Jett cast his plans aside for Ceres and abandon Amir. This threw the King into a turmoil that even Jett did not expect. Ultimately, Jett was dragged along in battle with the King when Ceres dove into a war she couldn't fight alone. The outcome? Only Jett survived. VIBES

dDNwbTQ.jpg?profile=RESIZE_180x180 VIVIETTE (Sister Dearest)

A Knight of Hell that Jett has spent a few years not only living with but working for. Jett deeply cares for her whether she sees it or not. At one point in time, he even called her his 'sister'. A grand compliment coming from a Son of Lucifer. Originally, his only plan was to take the prize that was once his Master, Amir's. The duo's relationship didn't work out, driving both Viv and Amir deeper into their own chaos. The only difference, Jett was there for Viviette. He now holds composed anger towards his sister as she's left him in his time of need. The abandonment Jett currently feels due to Viv's disappearance continues to loom. This also keeps him away from his current residence on the top floor of the No Sonno Cafe. He currently has no plans on returning 'home'. He's abandoned all of his belongings there as well as any thoughts of life with his sister in the picture. VIBES VIBES VIBES

dDNwbTQ.jpg?profile=RESIZE_180x180 MAYA (coming soon)

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dDNwbTQ.jpg?profile=RESIZE_180x180 VALKYRIE (False King)

A Mistress of the Void that Jett knows far more about than he leads on. He was there when his Master first took her in. Jett also witnessed a sense of love blossom from Valkyrie for his late Master. Though he knew all along, his Master's plans. As Valkyrie came to her senses, the two would find themselves on opposite ends of the battlefield more often than Jett had hoped for. A fearsome warrior she is. While she calls herself King of the Void Realm, Jett has known Valkyrie long enough to tell something in that statement isn't correct. Since the great war and his Master's death, Valkyrie has made her feelings towards Jett clear. He does not cross her path, even if she holds the reigns on his Void Sickness. VIBES

dDNwbTQ.jpg?profile=RESIZE_180x180 ENDORA (coming soon)

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dDNwbTQ.jpg?profile=RESIZE_180x180 LUCIFER (Father)

Jett's father, an identity that he doesn't disclose to most. Even Jett's late Master didn't know of his origins until the end was near. While Jett did spend some time in Hell alongside his father, they were years wasted. At one point in time, Jett longed for the throne, much like all Sons of Lucifer. The trickster would use his late Master, Amir, in order to obtain this. Though towards the end of Amir's reign, Jett found interest elsewhere. His plans, his goals, dropped. He still doesn't care for his father and isn't sure how to react if the two were to cross paths again. His last vow; to not be a pawn to either side. Thus far, he's stayed neutral. VIBES






Jett is a heavy gambler. This is his sole source of income.

Endora, Jett's mother, was murdered by his father Lucifer

Jett keeps his father's identity a secret.

 Jett's blood is extremely tasteful to Vampires. It's unknown if this is from his mother's genes or his father's. Perhaps both. His plasma has been known to have addictive features that to some had become irresistible. 

Jett was a blood mule for his mother in her last few years. He did this quietly and willingly. He holds guilt for being part of her downfall. 



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  • Neseva didn't particularly like that she could read into what was clearly a mental break for the man. He was going through his own thing, but it didn't excuse that he could just waltz away from slaughtering people. People whose jobs were likely livid with them for not coming in. People who had families and friends that were waiting for a call or waiting for them to come home and they never would. People who had pets that might not know why they suddenly disappeared It disheartened Nes, but she had to strengthen her resolve in knowing the critical moral she'd been taught in her training. That you couldn't save everyone. She knew that as well as anyone who knew that rule, and she would not hang onto the ones lost. She needed to focus on that moment. 

    In those moments he gave what she could of time to him, but then the truth of the matter still came at hand. That she needed to deal with him, and get to a bottom of things. But first, handling him would be the biggest issue and one that she found to be a bigger annoyance considering their previous encounters where bumping heads was a norm for them.

    She would have gone about ignoring him, to keep on dragging him out that alley as far as she could, but his deepening lemon-tanged energy was practically knocking at her own, telling her to snoop to his aggravated level. A bigger person would let the steam simmer. But Jett was not that, was he, not with his hand slamming on the wall and instantly her face hardened. Whipping her face to him with her lips pressed in a line. He was hardly a few inches taller than her, so she just inclined her blazing citrin eyes to bore into his own. 

    "I don't know, Jett, what do you want to say?" She snipped between her teeth. He was rubbing off far too much for her own good. She couldn't be letting him get to her like this. Not when her powers were still so buttery and could slip through her fingers without her realizing. She needed to maintain control. Don't let him get to you

    She didn't falter, she didn't even flinch. She'd faced worse than him. She'd had her ribs broken by a wendigo dragging her across a snowy field for miles and she lived. She wasn't about to let some snotty lovesick boy break her resolve now. If anything, she became more firm, back straightening and jaw setting into place. Telling him of the motel through a steely tone. "Tomato tomato. I'll get you a stupid five-star one if that's what you really want." Fucking prick

    Their next exchange only managed to make her already buzzing temper flare further. She could practically feel the particles in the air as they prickled at her fingertips. A light down the dank alley flared and dimmed in time to her increasing heartbeat as her blood began to boil. And the light eventually popped with her short bark of laughter that didn't mesh well with her near-crazed stare at him, her lips pulled back in a snarl of a smile. "You think I have willingly thrown myself into meeting up with you? I don't want anything from you, Jett. What do I want? Is for you to pull your head out of your ass and think past that blazing ego of yours for five seconds."

    Cut short of a demoralizing rant that she was sure to continue to spout, her eyes dropped to his moving hand. Preparing herself to smack it away should he be doing anything nefarious. Instead, he simply grabbed a lock of that moppy hair of hers. Slowly her eyes raked up to him, her face losing much emotion and fixed him with a glower. "Maybe it didn't occur to you that it's my job to find the 'wrong crowd'. That's what hunters are here for." She cocked her head to the side with a sickly sweet little smile. "Maybe that's what sort of fate is playing here that keeps leading us together. For me to handle you." 

    Without her hands lifting, he'd feel a shove hard enough like a smack of wind, and unless he was stable enough might stumble if he didn't catch himself. Just away from her enough that she could breathe and ignore the violation his eyes had on her. She stepped away from the offending wall and struck him with a brazen glare. "Now. We are going to a motel. You are coming with me. I'll force you if I have to. We are leaving." A slender finger snapped up, and she pointed it to the light of the sidewalk, far from where the sun did not touch the enclosed alley they were some paces away that would take them back to the outer grace of the city "Now move."

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  • It wasn't that she was shocked. Moreso the sound of him coming to and slap that cracked the air as her bare skin was hit by his bloodied hand appalled her. Her mouth hung with a yelp that stayed trapped in her throat. Closing it after a moment and her brows came down in a  neutral glare. Raising both of her hands away from him and cooling her temper. Being upset was one thing, not like he'd grabbed her earlier or anything. 

    Just let it go, Nes. Assholes will be assholes.

    And she did. Breathed in a breath to calm her jittered nerves about it then let it out as her arms dropped to her sides as well. "My apologies, sir." She seethed a little. Excuse her for trying to help. Bah, whatever. Let him blow his steam, and she'd blow hers. 

    His responding thoughts helped her neither besides answering the question that, no, he did not have a place to go. Again about a sister that she had issues wondering if it was really his sister or not. She recalled him bitching about her to the coffee clerk at that place. That place that she sure was in fact Jett's. But a lot of time had passed huh? She could see why he would not to be there. Thinking herself insensitive for having assumed that he did just have a place she turned her head at his spot. Quickly getting exhausted with his outright attitude, it was beginning to leak into her own what with the level of empathic ability she had. Did he seriously have to be such a prick?

    "I don't have a place." Neseva seethed back in a matter-a-fact tone that dripped with her waning tolerance for this encounter. She didn't have time for his melodrama. If he wanted to get caught by the police, then sure, she'd let him. Maybe he could beg this famed sister to help him out of it if that's who he was so hung up on. 

    Despite it all, despite the raging disrespect that he was throwing both by lip and by thought, she had to remember that he had just had an episode. And of that, she needed to have some care. Even if he was being the entitled and bitchy one here. What even crawled up his ass and died, anyway?

    "This is where I am meant to be. Where I'm supposed to be." Yep, her keeping calm was thrown out the window, wasn't it? She hardly cared if he fell flat on his face right now.  She snatched the flannel out the air. And would have thrown it right to the floor, bloodied and stained if her DNA (and now his) wasn't all over it. She clutched it in her hand instead and treaded after him. Maybe stepping a bit too close to hiss at him, "you did just kill an entire cafe of people, and you're not human. This is exactly where I'm supposed to be right now."

    "Listen." Nes tried again to quell the turmoil in her rising attitude. They didn't need two hot-headed glass canons throwing fume and polluting the air further. "I don't have a place. I'm staying with a friend, and I'm not about to bring some bloodied half mental dude to his place to hose you off in the shower. Sorry but not sorry. I'll get a motel. I'll get it for a week, and even if you don't stay that long, it'll still be there if you need it. But for right now I need you to trust me. I've half a mind to take you in and have you locked up. But I also could see that that wasn't you who did that. Not exactly. And I want to help you. But you need to let me help you. Help me help you."

  • Both thought little about the other and that will continue until the end of time, no one cares what either thinks. That's something that will never change. Whatever had led Mammon here was even something he wasn't sure himself but that wasn't something he was going to admit openly. So, take his visit however Jett can, assume what he wants, and believe what he wants. Mammon cared as much as the redhead did in all aspects of the term and word, brother. There was no sibling after him that he cared for. Either they served a purpose or they didn't, that was all it was. 

    Mammon's entire attitude was explained rather plainly if anything. He was born in a time quite different than those that came after and for whatever reason. He didn't like them and they didn't have to like him. The feelings are strongly mutual. But if one was to say that he was on a high horse? Might as well, that's how he was. He had a very strong influence but he doesn't need someone to understand that. 

    He was simply here because he had to be, whatever the reason that was. Maybe something called him here or something else entirely, that would be something that Mammon will have to question later. All he knew was that he was fucking bored and he had ways to take care of that. Simply not by drowning himself in whatever that was Jett was doing. And Mammon sure as hell wasn't trying to intimidate or impose fear in anyone here. Including Jett but he wouldn't know that, would he? 

    As for that little something Jett does fear, Mammon knows of. It will just be a matter of time before he saw it firsthand. At this moment, all he has done is hear about it, be reported on it, nothing else or more. Which is fine. It will only make things that much more interesting. 

    On the concerns of Ceres, no, Mammon didn't know her but he had heard of her. Spoken by the daughter herself. Mammon lingered on the talk about her for very little. He'd gotten just a faint reaction and that was disappointing on in on its own. Unaware of the inner happenings of course. Just as well. So, as soon as they were on the top of the building and Jett looking more and more disgusted, Mammon couldn't agree more on the matter that it was just as less fun for him needing to put his hands on him as it was being handled by him. Mammon wiped his palms on the sides of his legs as he turned to Jett. 

    "Your illness," Mammon said as his lips pulled back to reveal rows of sharp teeth. Like canines weren't enough, the bastard had more hidden in the back. Not that he could help it. It was part of him since birth. Mammon spoke of it like he was been coveting the thought of it, romancing it till the day he had it in his possession. If anything, one could assume that it was calling out to him.

    Take me, have me, and all that you want you will have.

    Presumably, that's something Mammon has been hearing in the far recesses of his mind. Now, if it was him and his madness at work is beyond anything Mammon cares about right now. All he has been seeing when closing his eyes is a black hole that would swallow him and he basking in it. If this was something that would transpire as he foretells it, is something he is yet to see. Maybe this will be the end of his very existence, who knows. All he does know is that he is eager like an addict is for his next fix.

    "If you want to die, then rot alone but leave that sickness of yours behind. I will have it." He must sound like a complete fucking moron but he was dead serious. The look in his eyes made sure he wasn't taken for one.

  • Although equipped with a silencer, the gun makes enough noise to disturb the video's audio. This is fine; Scarlett anticipated she would need to tinker with a few pieces to make the final product watchable. However, she had not factored in a crowd of voices mixed with shouts of terror. It filters through like white noise. A blanket that muffles the audio of the main action. She frowns as she gazes down at her camera and taps her thumb through the settings.

    When she looks up, Julias punches the brick wall and Jett is nowhere to be seen. Surprised, she lowers the camera as she stares into the empty alley. There is only the briefcase full of money left at the scene. Having accepted their fate, Scarlett flips the shutter closed. She releases the camera to rest on the strap around her shoulder. "He's gone," she says monotonously.

    "No, shit!" Julias spits back. He spins toward her in search of a new target to throw his anger at. One calloused finger points at her accusingly. "Did you do this? You fucking bitch. I knew I shouldn't have trusted Damien, that psycho only wants to make my life harder."

    Damien is a psycho. Whether or not he is psychotic in the clinical sense is not within Scarlett's expertise, but Julias is right about something. There is something off about her, for lack of a better word, boss. However, this has nothing to do with the situation at hand. So, she shrugs at him and looks off into the alley where she can sense fading traces of supernatural power. It is as simple as following breadcrumbs.


    "I like this," Scarlett's voice travels from behind Jett. A delicate hand curls over his just as he is in the process of pocketing a lighter. Lest he is quick to move away, nimble fingers will pry the lighter from his grasp.

    If he does not do it himself, she moves so that they are face-to-face. The hood she wore in the alley has been pushed back to reveal blonde curls. Perhaps reminiscent of the blonde bunny Jett took a bullet for (although Scarlett does not know why he bothered to do that). Yet, she is dressed less exciting. An oversized jacket paired with cargo pants that tuck into plain sneakers makes the camera around her neck to be the most expensive item she wears.

    A stone-cold stare looks Jett up and down. The silence is then broken with, "you're pretty fast." Her head tilts; it is meant to be a gesture of curiosity. "I don't suppose you're any good at stealing things, are you?" She asks flippantly, slowly crossing her arms over her chest. As she waits for a reply, she steadies him with a contemplative look.

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    The better to hold you with.

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