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Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Heterosexual - Single

Character Appearance

Aleister is slightly above average in height, six foot, with a build that is well proportioned and athletic. Not overly muscle bound, he is nevertheless strong and quite fast weighing in at a Lithe 222 lbs. His eye Color is Grey with hair that is Ash-blond. He generally has a mustache and goatee as his facial hair. His mane though is kept shoulder length and is generally kept back in a loose ponytail by a strip of leather with an old shark tooth toggle. He dresses between very casual and business casual as the occasion may warrant, but predominately with dark colors dominant which are then accented by reds or purples.

Wavy-Ash-Brown-Men-Hair.jpg riding_coat_2.jpg

Character Personality

Unprincipled on a good day, which is most days.

Born: Feb 14th, 1993: Western Zodiac: Aquarius, Chinese Zodiac: Water Rooster.
Rooster - Personality and Characteristics
Rooster: Foresighted, ambitious, meticulous, independent
According to traditional Chinese zodiac analysis, Rooster is the representative of confidence and intelligence. People who born in the Years of the Rooster usually share lots of common personality traits such as being responsive, distinctive, smart and earnest. Being strict with themselves is their strongest characteristic.
They are deep thinkers and the Roosters' personality is considered to be honest, bright, communicative, ambitious, capable and warm-hearted. Strong self-respect and seldom relying on others are their basic characteristics. As most of them are born pretty or handsome, they prefer to dress up. They have a quick mind and hot temper. They like to be busy and neat. With strong enterprise and conscientiousness, they are reluctant to fall behind others and hate dawdlers. They always complete things according to their previous plans. Well-organized mind makes them more efficient. During work, they can always put forward distinctive ideas and solutions about the development of the company. Thus, they have enviable promotion prospect in their early years.

Born in February in year of the Rooster, people are smart, brilliant, and knowledgeable. However, they may not have the chance to use their knowledge until middle ages. They also have a lonely nature, pride themselves on being out of the ordinary and do not want to live in harmony with the mediocrity. A water Rooster seems to be excepsionally agility, eloquent.

Lucky numbers: 2, 7
Lucky colors: red, purple
Strengths: Self-consistent, outgoing, skillful

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)
Personality: Following heart is the most important principle in their lives, especially in career and study. Their interests and delight are references for them to find suitable jobs. In addition, they are good at analyzing other people’s psychologies. In their opinion, taking advantages of different people’s characteristics is a speedy way to get successes. Of course they know the transience of pleasures, so they like finding many ways to enjoy life. In daily life, they make full use of amazing eloquence that always convince others. At the same time, they know their weaknesses. Thus, they try the best to develop the strong points and avoid the weak points. Sometimes, they are a little bit conservative because of prudence.

Love & Relationship: For whole lives they try to avoid emotional entanglements even if they establish stable relationships. They are not willing to input all of emotions to their lovers unless the love experiences can bring some harvests in affection, finance or career. Most of them prefer to have the opposite sex with gentle and considerate characteristics. In addition, they think that accumulating abundant wealth is their goals. Thus, they need soul mates that can take care of the whole family.

Occupation: Private Detective, specializing in the Weird and Unusual.

Character History/Story

Raised by parents who travelled around the world frequently he was thusly also raised in military style boarding schools on more than one occasion. When the Paschals settled in Salem, Aleister was already in his late teens and was part way through his junior year of High school. He had his first paranormal encounter on the winter solstice of that year when he witnessed the kallikantzaros, as he later discovered they were called, running around vandalizing things.

In School he did and did not fit in. While a nerd who read any and everything, he was quite physically fit, but did not join the jocks in any fashion. Nor did he fit in with the pot heads, disdaining those who used drugs for escapism. A rebel and disruptive force in school, his grades nevertheless were always an ‘A’ or better, which did not endear him to many, if any, at all. Staff included.

Moriarty and Holmes were his principle idols in literature while sci-fi, fantasy, and horror rounded out his interests.

Attended the U.S. Naval Academy out of high school. Became a pilot with a reputation for out-of-the-box critical thinking and intelligent viciousness. During a routine mission his wingman’s plane went down. Officially it was due to unknown mechanical issues and pilot error. Which he considered utter bullshit because he saw the ghost/spirit that affected the pilot at takeoff and ultimately brought down the other plane. He achieved the rank of lieutenant Commander at age 25 with his career “officially” ending shortly afterwards while assigned to D.A.R.P.A. due to the ghost incident, as it became known. He was (is?) under a D.A.R.P.A. black project: The Paranormal Initiative.

After a few years working as an arcane detective he found that he needed to get more in to the game to find and eliminate these unnatural threats.

Returning to Salem he began to work as a private detective. The Midnight Society became aware of him and stayed clear initially owing to his mere dabbling in arcane things and the penchant for paranormal people, or beings, he investigated, or ran into, dying. Additionally he seemed to exhibit an almost aberrant attitude and outlook towards life.
After a year Aleister found that working as a detective of the paranormal wasn’t enough to find and eliminate these unnatural threats he’d become more and more aware of and once the world changing event happened he experienced an epiphany that changed his whole outlook. Rededicating himself to his life mission, his mastery of magic increased greatly as did his awareness of the greater picture of the world and the dimensional entanglements therein. This newfound attitude and ability did not go unnoticed by the society, who formally extended an invitation to join a year ago. After some research into their capabilities, members, and motivations Aleister agreed to join. That was five months ago.

Aleister can often be seen running about town around dawn, midday, and or sunset and is known to frequent the University’s gymnasium on most days during off hours, as well as before closing.

Character Inventory

His car, a used, but very good condition 1970-ford-torino-gt-429-super-cobra-jet is a dark grey with purple and has a tow kit installed to pull his airstream camper if the need arises. He has an office in a safe-ish building down town.

Mid sized apartment with rent paid up for 6 months.
High-end PC with a multi function printer, finger print kit, lock picking set, micro body cam and voice recorder, DSLR camera with a good telescopic lens, bullet proof vest, pair of handcuffs, note pads and pens, magnifying glass, backpack, and other useful items.
Modest wardrobe (including an Australian style oilskin duster and hat), work, casual and dress clothes.
A small library (with books on history, the occult, myths and legends, etc.)

Money: $32K in savings.
Money: $ 426 cash onhand.

Character Abilites

Aleister knows and understand the main principles of magic and sorcery, including rituals, symbols, incantations and paraphernalia. This allows him to distinguish between fake "occult" materials from the real thing, as well as determine the general purpose of specific items and even which supernatural forces are involved. He can Sense Ley Lines and Nexus Points, which are invisible to normal humans. This sight can "see" the faint traces of psychic energy running down the ley lines or seething at nexus points. Its faint and needs to be Line of sight but can be seen out to about one mile.

Aleister has the dedication, understanding and powers to focus and concentrate to cast magical invocations, read magic, and learn spells.

As an Arcane Detective Aleister is a mystically adept investigator especially where the occult and the paranormal is involved. His mixture of investigation skills and spells make him exceptional at uncovering the truth of things, mundane or otherwise.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I am a long time role player who has enjoyed nearly all the genres out there and have done so through TTRPG and Post based writing. I prefer longer run games with both depth of character and plot, but have done one-offs as well. I try to be on the site at least once a day during the week.

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