Malory wasn’t a kid who believed in magic—the tooth fairy, Santa Clause—that was all a bunch of nonsense to her. Those things just weren’t real to her, despite how hard her mother tried to get her to believe in Santa Clause so she wouldn’t spoil Christmas for her younger brothers. When Malory was fifteen, her parents divorced, and her mother took full custody of Malory and her younger twin brothers, Simon and Jarred. No longer being able to afford their home with her income, Malory’s mom packed up the kids and moved them from New York to Maryland, where Malory’s great, great uncle had left a house to her mother. Speaking of said uncle, Arthur Spiderwick had disappeared one afternoon nearly eighty years ago, and left the house to his closest living relative. That was his daughter, Lucinda, who had been a little girl when he disappeared, but she had been put into a nursing home after spouting a bunch of nonsense about her father being taken away by fairies and goblins living in the woods around her house, leaving the house to Malory’s mother.

The first week in that house changed Malory’s life forever.

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Her brother, Jarred, discovered a book in a secret room in the attic, written by Arthur. It was filled with drawings, descriptions, teeth, claws, skin, and wings of imaginary creatures, like goblins and sprites, phenoxies and gryphons, dwarves and elves. Now, according to the book, humans can’t naturally see these creatures, they needed to look through a rock with a natural hole in it, or had to hold a four-leaf clover for a temporary glimpse into the other world. Or, they could soak their eyes in fairy bathwater or hobgoblin spit, giving them what’s called the Sight…forever. Jarred believed every word, and tried convincing his family, but, of course, no one believed him, especially Malory. And she didn’t believe him until she saw Jarred’s twin, Simon, be dragged into the woods by nothing. Turns out, it was a goblin pack, who lived within the woods around the house (also turns out Aunt Lucinda was right), thought that Simon was the twin who had the book. That book, Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide to the Fantastic World Around You, has more information about some of the creatures than those creatures even knew about themselves. That book…That book almost got Malory and her brothers killed while trying to keep it out of the hands of the goblins and their ogre master, Mulgarath. Mulgarath planned on using the information from the field guide to destroy and rule over all other fairies by exploiting their weaknesses Arthur had discovered.

Thankfully, with Malory now convinced, Jarred and her were able to save Simon. The three of them were given the Sight perinatally by a hobgoblin—he very kindly spit in their faces after eating a roasted cat, their roasted cat—making it easier for them to fight the battle they had gotten themselves into. Trolls and goblins sent by Mulgarath terrorized the Grace siblings, their house, their mother. The conclusion of the battle columnated at the Grace family’s new house, ending with their house completely ransacked, filled with dead goblins, and Mulgarath, thankfully, dead, eaten by previously mentioned hobgoblin.

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Mulgarath was dead, and as far as they knew, the information about Arthur’s book wasn’t spread farther than all the beings that were now currently turning into mush on their kitchen floor. The book was safe, and they were safe. Mostly. Now that they knew about this world, they were a part of it, especially Malory. With her experience in fencing and sword fighting, she became the main hunter and protector of the family. Jarred, when he became an adult, learned how to use a variety of guns, letting him help Malory hunt. Simon, on the other hand, became the researcher of the Grace kids, adding onto their great, great uncle Arthur’s research. Though this time, they kept it a lot more secretive—they didn’t want another battle with an ogre.

Now, ten years later, Malory is the only one who still lives in the house where all of this started. Jarred moved to California to keep an eye on the giant and dragon population there. Simon and her mother moved back to upstate New York. She lives alone in the house...well, aside from Thimbletack, the common house brownie. How she pays the bills? Malory down-low advertises herself as a woman who can take care of…odd problems. Getting lost for no reason in your own back yard? Your kid’s pets keep going missing? You’re flowers start uprooting themselves and flying around your yard? Call Malory Grace, and get your checkbook out. You wouldn’t believe how much someone will pay to get a troll off their property.

 Malory doesn't have many, if any, friends. After high schol, where she wasn't really close to anyone in the first place, anyone she could have considered a friend skipped town to go to college or have a career or live their life outside of Maryland. In the following years, Malory spent more and more time by herself. She hunted alone, ate dinner alone, watched movies alone. She knew people in town, of course, but still kept to herself. She was the niece of the weird guy who thought fairies were real and she walked around with a sword. Instead of talked to, she was talked about. Stares and whispers from the locals who knew the backgroud of the area. Hell, Malory's great aunt had been locked up a care facility since Aurthur had disappeared decades ago, and as soon as her aunt was released, she disappeared as well. People were waiting for Malory to disappear next, or for her to get arrested and thrown in jail for carrying around a sword--which, by the way, was perfectly legal, if unnerving to some people. 

Now, outside of town...(TBC)


Basic Information

Age: 28

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Hight: 5 foot 6 inches

Sexuality: Bisexual, with a preference toward men

Relationship Status: Single (Will vary between RPs)

Location: Wherever the job takes her...but she lives in Maryland

Pet(s): Byron, Arthur's gryphon

Interests: Reading, going to the gym, sparing, running, hunting, ballet, drawing, and drinking

Disinterests: Being given pet names, like 'baby' or 'dollface', hot summer days, being wrong, her nightmares, and cops

What Mal Can't Live Without: Beer, her sword, her medication


(Malory's face-claim: Sarah Bolger)


FIRST AND FOREMOST: I am allowed to decline to RP with anyone for any reason, reasons that I don't have to discuss. If I start an RP with someone and wish to stop it at any point, I will talk to them about it privately. If I start getting spam messages from people I don't want to talk to, in any form, I will report you. I don't want to deal with harassment again.

Please check grammar and spelling, make sure that others can read what you write.

I like to keep my comments. If you like to delete comments, just let me know before we start so I can keep them elsewhere.

Content can go 18+, my character(s) drink, have sex, and do drugs.

Enjoy yourself. If you don't like what I'm doing, tell me. And I'll tell you if I don't like what you're doing.


Current RPs: Under Construction

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Character Relationship Status


Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Comedy, Action

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  • ::hugs and gives her something for her hands. :: rest up hun. Hope you feel better. You are always in my thoughts. ^.^

  • I am very tired and very busy this weekend so I'm not sure if I'll be getting to replies until my next day off. Also, my tendonitis is coming back so now holding a phone or typing for more than a couple minutes at a time put me in great pain. So, sorry if this disappoints anybody but I'm tired and need time to myself. 




    Malory is getting married to a Maze. Little M & M action. Lol  Zura is nearly just like her. I love it. Zura and Maze would definetly be instant besties, BFFs for sure! XD



    beside Maze. Can't help but love Lucifer. Lol Zura kidnapping Malory after using choloform on her and putting her in sexy revelaong

    clothes and they on a boat and Zura acts like it was a natural thing to do lol. Looking back on that and this show. She Definetly has traits of Lucifer and Maze in her, beside Negan, Yuno Gazi from this anime I need to watch , Callisto from Xena show , and Harley Quinn. Zura is just a fun combination of awesome character's personality traits.  :). Wonder if one that is one of the reason Negan and Malory likes her. Cause if you love Harley Quinn, Negan, Maze , and Lucifer. Then you can't hell but love Zura as well. Since she acts very much like all of them combined. Her sister Zurie is virtually the same as her. Though acts a lot more like Megan Fox from Jennifer's body. )

  • "Well of course I Am always clean. I'm not going to have a body with bad breath or body order. I don't have such things. I don't suffer skin problems or bed hair. Since I don't need to use a bathroom. My chocolate starfish is so clean you can eat out of it. The same with my pink taco. Heheheh.  Doctors would be baffled if they gave me a medical exam and saw me as one of the cleanest , supremely healthiest human that they have ever met. Probably be in that Guiniess book with how perfect my body is. I am not be an angel , Blessed with Divinity. But as an ArchDemon. I can make my body Unholy Divine and close enough to the perfectness of an Angel or a God like one human mythology.  Well I don't mind if you use the bathroom while I'm there. Truth be told. I onetime thought of having you do me. Like eat me right while you was on the toilet. Or right after you got done. Among me doing some things to you.  But aside from the times I pop in to bug you. I usually let you have that time to yourself. 
    Of course whenever you are in the shower, I'm likely to make an appearance. If I was using the bathroom, it probably to do some mirror magic since we got big one in there. Or maybe play with myself and make you come in to see what I am doing and then take you right on the bathroom floor.  Oh yes. I very much like to tit fuck you when we get home, after your breast exam. Hmmm maybe a good protein shake could help to prevent the baby from wanting human flesh. You may get craving for raw hand burger or raw portouse t bone steak or something. Kinda like a werewolf really.  Well then. I will pay the check and have us leave. You can take care of it next time. If you want. The idea of being home, on a bed or couch, naked, eating pizza, having some soda, and watching a movie sounds Heavenly. ... screw it. I'll use that word this time. "

    Zura would then literally sweep Malory off her feet and hold her in her arms like a husband would his bride after a wedding to carry her across the threshold. Zura only once or twice did a caveman carry wit gin throwing Malory over her soldier. Like the time she abducted her and took her to Vegas, was a prime example. But this would be the first time he would fireman carry her and Zura couldn't help to lean down to kiss her. She left money on the table and a decent tip and walked right out of the restaurant with her fiancé. A few of the guest looked on in surprise. One woman swooned and. Nearly fainted at the romantic or spontaneous gesture that Zura just did. 

    When they got outside. Zura looked around and headed to a dark alley where no one could see them. It was their she spread her bat like  leathery devil wings and flew them home, arriving at their new home just moments later. 

    "Hope you don't mind. I may carry you like his from time to time. Maybe a caveman carry for when we do some oooh caveman cave woman sex roleplay. Hmm you look hot in a lion fur cloth bra and loincloth while I rock the sexy leopard print. No worry's. I won't kill a real animal for it. Just clone the fur and use that instead. PETA approved. Vegan style isn't for me. If I wasn't vegan. I could have a healthy sex life since I do put a lot of flesh in my mouth that comes from an animal, the human animal, from a creature that has a face.

    Hahahahaha  the one thing I find sorta hypocritical of vegans when they use that line. Like they have no problem putting boobs or genitalia in their mouths or someone's tongue for that matter. I like to kill them on that word technicalities.  For a sort while. I couldn't help but pick on those holier then thou type vegan and vegetarian people but mostly the vegans.  Anyway that a different subject all together. Home sweet home. This proposal. Knowing you have my baby inside you. You should touch me right now. I'm totally soaking wet. If I had underwear on. They be drenched right now, thinking of god sexy you look. Pregnant with my baby. Our baby.  Hmmm I'm. Going to rock your world later tonight. So best we eat and rest up now cause you will need allllllll your energy for tonight and the next morning. Roar!"


    Zura giggles and leans down to lick Malory's nose before she gently placed Malory's feet on the ground and gave a big squeeze of her ass, followed by a loud smack when she gave her another kiss on the lips.  She truly loved this woman. Her precious, her adorable duckling. Her favorite human. 

  • "Well I wouldn't say anyone is happy with cleaning anything. I don't think maids and butlers happily clean people houses but they do it for the money. No one but a clean freak would be happy or fine joy of in cleaning a stranger's house or their own.  The sex maybe. Course after sex with me, they be begging to pay me instead. Hahahah Fine. No slaves. Sex or otherwise. Topless maids sound like a fun service and ok. I will try not to tell you what to wear. Instead I'll just snap my fingers and have it on you. Therefore I can say. I didn't t tell you what to wear. No words were allowed.  There is a reason why they say the devil is in the details. Hahaha. Ok so want to head back to our room. Take a shower. Have sex while in the shower. Put on a robe or lay naked on the bed, order up room service and watch some Pay per view. Then some sex to put us to sleep and we can leave first thing when you wake up. Unless you want me to Magic us back to your place while you sleep. But if you want to do the mundane stuff like pack your stuff and we ride a boat or plane, or train back home. We can. All up to you sugarplum. Yes we will do all that fun date stuff and all that fun stuff with our child.  I suppose I can fix your clothes after I rip them off. Little time reversal magic does wonders for repair damage and alright. If you like. I can do that tattoos myself. Not sure if I want some fat, greasy, biker looking dude with a plumber's butt, looking at your goodies while he puts a tattoo on you. Only I can see your goodies from now on. Unless we are sharing a person of course. Then it's all good. Sharing is caring. As you humans say. "

    She kisses Malory and snaps her fingers as they are back in the hotel room, still wearing whatever they was wearing, from wherever they were just at. 

    "Yes. Sexy band outfit. It would make me so turned on to see you in that sexy outfit, my love. All this baby talks makes me want to put  one in you right now but I have a very special, romantic plan for that night and I know you will love it!  It will be perfection and a night we will never forget. For now. Might be good to get some more practice in. Don't you think?  I think my plan sounds good. Sexy shower time. With some pay per view and room service, followed by some more sex, bed time, and then going home. Sound good right? Just tell me when you want us to leave and the method of travel. "

    (Oh yes please do. Zura would go crazy. Even more so if she was playing or holding a saxophone in a sexy pose. XD. )

  • ~ In all the fuss of discovering everything and tv watching. He forgotten If he needed to do the same bathing ritual as she did. He did recall least making water to wash the blood and dirt off of him before he came inside so not to drag it into her domicile. He was sure he did. Anyhow, he had no retort to his disobeying her orders but he did for the snooping and the test thing.  He said this as he made a tiny storm cloud over his head and began removing All his clothing till he was standing buck naked in the middle of her living room. He then made the little cloud rain as he began to bath since it do him no good to wear these outfits she has purchased for him without removing any extra Grim from his body. 

    So of course she got a full eye full, assuming she took the time to check him out and look south of the equator and not turn around instantly. She could see what was visible scars on his chest and back and other parts of his body. Like her's, they were battle scars, from the countless battles he has been in. Most of them he came out unscathed but just a view had managed to get a few good licks in. 
    He looked at her the whole time as he did the bathing and showing such firm degree control over his weather powers, her floor didn't become soaking wet or spread out everywhere. Indeed there was just a tiny puddle at his feet while he showers before her. ~

    "Apologies. For not staying in this room. As for the looking around. Well I needed to make sure you wasn't a witch.  In my time. Talks of technology, science. That was considered Witchcraft. The devil's magic. Such things were magic or magic from a demon. All this science here and your knowledge of it and you fighting those beasts out there. Made me wonder if you went out there for ingrediants for some witches brew.  Where I come from. Monsters like to take the form of lovely young maidens like yourself, to lure men to their deaths. And even bring them home in order to eat them. I was trying to see if you had a hidden dungeon or a place that reeks of dead flesh and blood. You brought me, a total stranger, to your home. You. A woman that as it appears. Is living alone. Without a man in your life. Most women are married by your age as those who are not, are considered.... spinsters I think or something inherently wrong with them. Only noblewoman wh are widowed or something, could afford living alone in a mansion or place like this, without anyone else living there and no one bats an eye. Though lack of servants raised a few eyebrows. Course there are women who are widowed and live alone but you don't bear the signs of a woman who lost her husband or lover, in some war or great tragedy.  Therefore, I assume since you took me home here, all alone. That you might be some witch  or inhuman entity, who had the soul desire of consuming my man flesh, my soul, or just killing me for the sake of killing me. 

    Apologies. I had to make sure you was not going to end my life the second I dropped my guard around you. My master once told me. Beware beautiful women who live alone, bringing you home with them. For they may be a creature that is a man eater. For why else would a beautiful woman like yourself, bring home a strange man you just met, if you had no intent on ending my life, or possibly using me for sexual pleasure. Though in my world. Men go to such places and pay coin to have such pleasures with a woman. No woman invites a man home to sleep with them. Not when they can have a man come to them at a brothel. And since you know I have no coin to pay for your services. Few women have sex with a random stranger for free. So I had to be cautious. It is how I was raised, Madam Malory.  That does beg the question. Why are you helping me and what do I owe you for your generosity and the coin you have spent on me. What will I have to do to clear my debt with you?"

    ~In his mind, he had a valid point.  Women didn't make the habit of bringing strange men home with them, maybe if it was a man from town that they knew and was having an affair with while the husband was away. Well that was one thing. But not some stranger from the woods whom they never met before. Only evil women- witches, monsters disguised as humans, etc, did such things.  He would turn off the rain and dismiss the cloud and then used his air powers to air dry in a matter of seconds. Leaving no trace of water anywhere on his person or the floor.

    Marcus then proceeded to walk over to the clothing his mistress has provided him and from watching a Calvin Klein commercial, he knew what underwear was and what it was for. Well somewhat. He knew where it went as the same with socks just wasn't sure the purpose of underwear but guess it was like the loin clothes and underpants of his day.  He would get dressed right in front of her. Having no shame or embarrassment of having been naked before her.

    Minus the scars on his body, he was not so unpleasant to look at. He was extremly well built and physically fit in alllll the places that mattered. Proof of his warrior lifestyle and very little body fat on his person. He wasn't overly muscled like some steroids brute or something to that likeness but was well built for his body shape.  Overall he had a very rugged handsome quality to him and somehow managed to not have a huge beard or too much hair in other places. Somehow he manscaped very well in various parts of his body by unknown means. Likely due to the times his master "rented" him out to be of "service" to woman. ~

  • (One of their future daughters, Talon. Who takes to the sword just like her mother, Malory. She will definetly be one who wants to study all of her mom's sword skills. She also likes surfing. And swimming with the fishes. 






    not to be confused with the child Malory is preggers with now. But one of her daughters soon after Zia is born. )

  • (Lol just saw that on Lucifer. Where he is having sex with a judge's wife and she said her desire was to have sex in ball pit of Chuck E. Cheese and I thought that be fun for Zura and Malory. Hehe also teaching them kids at Firehawk ranch.  How to be drug dealers. Lol drugs , not hugs. I need to screen shot that billboard or find a picture of it cause it was funny what was put on it and then commercial scene for he's only pudding. Zura love to get Malory into one of those angel outfits so she can feel like she is screwing an angel. Angel and a demon. Like Maze and Amen guy. Lucy's brother. God I love that show. We should take stuff from that show and use in our roleplay scenarios ^.^)

  • "What? Doing taxes sounds wonderful to you? The bank thing sounds fun I guess but you don't have a desk job. What would you do with one. Unless.  Yes. Yes of course. Nursing. When you are breastfeeding our child. You can use the ball to have some fun so you won't be bored. Hell. Maybe the bouncing up and down thing might make the baby like it. Yes. I should get you one of those for use when the baby arrives.  Course you know what I think sounds fun. Having sex in the ball pit of Chuck E. Cheese, just the risk of getting caught. The idea of it. Makes me feel so hot. "

  • |.Fuck. Just when it was getting good. -_- I gotta get my ass to bed, doll.
    I'll reply after work. Almost 1am, here. -facepalms-

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