I'd like to start writing some new stories. I've had Malory for a very long time, and along with some development I've personally made, Malory has made some as well that needs to be added to her story. 

Malory is avalible for more stories, but I'm also experimenting with making new original characters as well. I don't like making characters based from TV shows or movies, but I'm happy to write with someone who does. 

Romance, multi-para, violence, and fantasy are pretty important to my story-telling.

I mostly write female characters, but writing a male character isn't out of the question.

So...yeah, comment on here or my page or message me if you're interested.

I am allowed to refuse any offer, and is anyone I write with allowed to if they decide they're uninterested once we get to plotting.

Thank you and Happy Writing!


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  • I'm interested in RPing if you're up for it. I have several muses listed on my page(with more to be added and the rest to be edited). Please let me know if you'd be interested as well. 

    ~Cozy <3

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