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Kháos 3/3

Kháos - Kyros

Kháos - Nova

Kháos - Diana

Loki 2/2

Loki - Alec

Loki - Caesarea

Anpukanefer 1/2

Anpukanefer - Dracula

Nathan 0/2

The Seeder 1/2

Jorah 2/3

Jorah - Neseva

Jorah - Malory

Grimhilde 1/2

Grimhilde - Apophis

Virgil 2/3

Virgil - Dracula

Virgil - Isabo

Fear 1/2

Agramon - Auna

Daedalus 0/2



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Writer's notes:


I only roleplay in Direct Messages or Comments

I have no direct preference in length as long as you check grammar and spelling, as English is not my first language it's sometimes difficult for me to read "lazy" English.

Although all my characters are considered "bad" or outright "evil", they do not always come off as such from first glance. But gore, sex, and other adult contents will occur.

You are allowed to unleash whatever hell you wish upon my character, but remember that it is I who determines whether they are hit or not.

I do not write senseless smut, but sexual acts may occur story-wise.

All threads are canon, and important or life changing events may be mentioned in other threads.


I would also prefer to pitch my characters with characters that does not share their kind. As it is more fun to see what a demon would say to a fairy, than to another demon. Mixing things up can always result in strange, and possibly fantastic, outcomes. And it feels more creative as well, as you get to think more about your character's actions.




Loki - Trickster god

Anpukanefer - Immortal priest

Nathan - Erotes

The Seeder - Plant/human hybrid scientist

Jorah - Water Fae

Grimhilde - Evil Queen

Virgiliu - Son of Dracula

Agramon - Demon of fear

Daedalus - Space scientist

Kháos Mavros - Demigod of war



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  • {Oh your fine :) I apologize as well, I've had health issues recently :( I took an look up at your characters. Grimhilde or possibly Khaos? }

  • (I wonder if you'd still be interested in plotting? It has been forever I apologize.. Many things had come up.)

  • COUGH. Swimmer. Seriously, who was digging the grave, she was ready to toss herself into it. This was all too much for the poor teen to handle. Happy thoughts were turning into red thoughts, burning red like a brand and it was going to make her lose it if she kept up like this. They needed a major subject change or else it was going to turn into a blood bath in here. And not the cute lil anime kind where they turn into a blood canon through their noses either.

    "Well, that's easy for you to say! You're the one living in the water. And I highly doubt a lake really has a deep enough depth to really crush a sub or something. A body, maybe. I don't know, but I'm not a fish person though! That's something that I would think that you were born in, you got used to it and such. Meanwhile, with me, that's like throwing me in space after living on mars my entire existence and going to earth for the first time and just having my body start to combust because I can't suddenly just adapt to it so suddenly. Too much on gravity and all the organs. Things like that." Was that gibberish? It sounded like it to her. Maybe he had no idea that there were planets. Or maybe he did and he just didn't know that there were different ones with different names and different properties to each of them. Bah, if he wanted to know he could ask. She wouldn't chew his ear off about it now.

    Ah yeah... Subs and stuff. "Well, that, dear fishy guy is just the advancement in tech. They make machines because it's easier. And they might be able to catch more of what is going on down there. Like water pressure or maybe even scan what kind of fish there are around them and what might be new. One day, they might even be able to see past your translucently shifting scales because of echolocation or something big like that. I can't personally say. I would say that they should use that, it would help them to find fish better under there. Sadly, there are things like you. Beings and other fish who might see something like that and find it weird and want whatever it is that is becoming a threat to the lake to be taken out of the picture.  She got off-topic too. She brought herself back briskly. "I could do that,  but finding one, or getting it made and bringing it here is just too much work. All I've got is myself and my abilities. Sadly breathing under is not one of those. Which, I get. I'm telepathic and all that fun stuff. Being able to breathe underwater would just be way too much work for everyone to keep up with."

    She'd be too damn cool. No one would be able to touch her and at that point, people might burst because of it. Then there was that monster bit again. This time she gave a hearty laugh. Like Santa just having a jolly good one. Hands on her hips and all that. "Don't you know the thing about scary stories nowadays? All the pretty ones are monsters." Like drugs, or food, or toxic people; especially the ones that had powers. "Don't be fooled because you're gonna end up at the bottom of your own lake and not be able to get back up again because of the pretty ones." Still, she took a pride in being called pretty. She could handle that. Being bang material was a bit too much for her grade to handle right now.

    They were going from that topic to something different now.  As all of their things had been. She did her small look around of the lake, and tried to see if there was any sign of the huldra anywhere. She was a slippery little minx, wasn't she? Maybe this was guy territory. Maybe she was having fun running from Nes. "Maybe she just wants to be wined and dined before I take a snap of her hair away for her, huh?" Nes thought out loud to herself, fist under her chin. Hair getting a little frizzy and curly as it dried. "Put them to sleep..." Devious of her... But ness wasn't beyond that. It wasn't like she was planning any nefarious things to do with the cowgirl. Maybe ask her on a date or something. Because bow-chicka-bow-wow. Sexy growl and all that fancy pick up line stuff. 

    "If you need pants I've got some joggers in here that might fit." Let's not bring up that on the ass in big fancy letters they had the lovely quote of, 'Jiggle Baby'. Maybe he had the booty after all. Bubble butts were the best buts after all. Shan't be checking out fish butts now, that would just be rood of Nes though. Can't be just going around doing that. 

    And despite how that might have been something rood said by anyone else she got his innocents in it. "I think you just called me annoying in the normal human world I'll take that as a compliment from you." She took initiative to walk. Warm-up her still wet body from the splash that she took. Damn huldra. She scanned the area, scanned the trees, the minds.. Any sign of life from the naked cowgirl anywhere would help. And, well shit, she needed to find her bag too. She left it somewhere. G'dammit. She was sure it was where she first started her running at in the little tent she pitched up. Sigh. That was a whole lot of walking since she had chased the huldra all around.

    Eventually, Nes would turn back to the fishy guy and huff. "You're right about that, looking is different from being. What do you think a normal human would do in this situation? Not a hunter, not  a siren, but a normal human person?"

  • {That is fine of course.. I'm interested in Loki actually, and yes I did know Marvel made their own interpretations for Loki and that he had not been an Frost Giant... }

  • His assessment wasn’t very far off in that similarity of a fight for control in dual personalities. There was Kellin and then there was the other part that was monster like, dangerous and nothing like the man he use to simply be. And then there’s that transformation. It hadn’t fully set in his body yet, but as time went, more and more it’s as though this enhanced version was overtaking him. It was unnerving and there was nothing Kellin could do but watch himself wither away to it because there was no way to go back and gain any info, anything at all that might prove there was a way to set things back to the manufacturer version to put it.He would just keep evolving and in that regard, it seemed these two men had that in common for was Jason not also constantly evolving so to say? Changing into something..someone else?

    He seems to calm somewhat when the other man agrees to his demands. Medical facilities were only trouble. He’s not as stupid as to go about that kind of setting and have suspicions thrown towards him. It’s bad enough the scientist had found him, but he seems to be more involved with.. Plants. He eyed the man again. No, he’d still have to keep an eye on him. 

    He’s a little surprised the man dared explain himself. After what he’d just seen from Kellin, he thought he had to explain himself? Funny guy. Kellin chuffs, amused, glancing around the area as they went. 

    “ Right..”

    “ Not many people would have known me considering I don’t linger around populated areas if you know what I mean. “ He hangs around dark areas, quiet and desolate like the woods or swamps like this. Anywhere away from prying eyes if he can, but if not, then he’s usually more covered up and trying to simply blend into the many faces around him. It’s just fortunate he ended up where he did.. Well, until Woodrue came along that is..

    As Woodrue stopped, Kellin did too, a respectful distance way and looked at him, seeming to try and decide how much to tell the man. 

    “ I.. was chased out this way. Some accidental measures were taken. “ He looked away, not exactly in a guilty way, but more of a way he was kinda hoping to not have to explain further.

  • 1324785101?profile=RESIZE_710xA tiny spark, and a consequent burst of unbridled energy shooting off into all directions, though quickly ebbing out, consumed by the void of nothingness, THAT is how it began.
    And taken on its own, it was pathetically insignificant.
    Just a simple flickering of light in a place that had been entirely cloaked in darkness, for now over a hundred years or more, perhaps less? But like the singular thread in a tapestry, though its color brightly shine, it could never truly see its purpose when placed into the pattern of the grand design of which it would ultimately come to create. (pls get the reference) And, drop by drop, feed slowly by that crimson liquid which dribbled down and breathed life into death, more threads were being woven to make that very design slowly come to fruition.

    Muscles, bone, and flesh, it all shifted, as if his entire body had become host to a number of snakes which red and raw coiled around his body, creating a fine mesh of tissue where ever it went, upon which layers of fat, flesh and veins, would slowly begin to cover itself.
    It was truly a display of macabre gore, gore galore!

    But all growth was not visible to the naked eye of Virgil, as inside the skull a network of synapses began to form, growing rapidly like the intricate spindly roots of a great big tree, paving the way for the coming of neurons and the subtle bare beginning of a awareness of self. Indeed, connections were now being made where previously there had been none at all. And as the appearance of many many neurons would suggest, it allowed for the beginning of a steady flow of random thoughts, ideas and memories to surge through what could only be described as the nakedness of a simple consciousness. And quicker and quicker it went, gaining momentum as every second a barrage of memories sprung into existence, vanishing out, and altogether whirling round each other in a perpetual whirlpool of reformation that saw one memory resurface after another.
    And like previously said, some things stuck, whilst others came and went back again, maybe images, sounds and feelings, that were to be lost forever…

    But as the pieces started to come together, and just as an identity had starting to emerge, HE felt an immense amount of pain as he, now able to feel his body literally put itself back together, cell by cell, was subject to the sensations of the body. He’d regained his sense of touch, as nerve endings had fully formed to allow for the signal to carry across to the brain, uninterrupted.

    And so sharp, all-consuming pain, stronger than could properly be put into words to describe it, came now from all across his vessel, assaulting his brain and causing colorful spots of white and green to dance across his eyes. And the torture was only increasing in waves, waves which mercilessly crashed against his system with the weight of an entire mountain, tearing him apart, by putting him back together. It felt as though his own blood had become acidic, with intents of destroying him from the inside out. And all that he could do was writhe and contort, twist the limbs that would respond to his brain, all while bit by bit, he became himself again, whoever that may be.
    It simply became too much, and he gave off a agonizing shriek which tore through his underdeveloped throat like a great shard of glass. And somewhere not too far off, another shriek comes in response to this. It was the kind of scream that made your blood run cold, and it pierced the brain and ignited some primeval pathway that made it possible to understand the meaning behind it’s cries. FLESH. HUNGER.

    And as for him who lay now in his tomb like a babe in the womb, his torment had lessened considerably in just a heartbeats moment, and he was able now to command his limbs to stop moving, despite still being in a considerable amount of agony because of his skin, which draped torturously slow across his arms and legs, chest and back, like a comfortable blanket, only the coloration of said blanket was off by a mile and a half, as it was ashen grey.
    And while each movement caused him discomfort, he moved instinctively to escape his confines, and managed to get enough of himself over the edge that gravity did the rest for him, making him spill head first, face down, onto the cavern floor in a heap, shaking like a leaf and whispering to no one in particular. It wasn’t necessarily even any words in any known language, but rather something more akin to the growl of some beast attempting to stave off potential threats.

    He moved then, using his arms to prop himself up, though with clear difficulty it seemed, and he looked with terror nailed into his eyes and lips blue, and face drained of any color, even by vampiric standard, and he recoiled violently. He literally flew backwards into the side of the coffin at the sight which stood in front of him. A beast, unlike any that he had seen before.
    Before? A concept foreign to him, an idea out of reach? Or was it?
    His gaze drifted slightly from the beast, and he trailed his hand over indentations into the stone.
    A name, carved in with great care by someone.



  • -- Yes of course we can continue plotting where we left off.. I haven't been terribly active myself. --

  • Welcome back, sure I want to pick up where we left off. 

  • [Okay, great. I will let you know. :)]

  • (Thank you for accepting! I hope we can plot?)

This reply was deleted.


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