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Kháos 3/3

Kháos - Kyros

Kháos - Nova

Kháos - Diana

Loki 2/2

Loki - Alec

Loki - Caesarea

Anpukanefer 1/2

Anpukanefer - Dracula

Nathan 0/2

Krampus 0/2

Jorah 2/3

Jorah - Neseva

Jorah - Malory

Grimhilde 1/2

Grimhilde - Apophis

Virgil 2/3

Virgil - Dracula

Virgil - Isabo

Fear 1/2

Agramon - Auna

Daedalus 0/2



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I have no direct preference in length as long as you check grammar and spelling, as English is not my first language it's sometimes difficult for me to read "lazy" English.

Although all my characters are considered "bad" or outright "evil", they do not always come off as such from first glance. But gore, sex, and other adult contents will occur.

You are allowed to unleash whatever hell you wish upon my character, but remember that it is I who determines whether they are hit or not.

I do not write senseless smut, but sexual acts may occur story-wise.

All threads are canon, and important or life changing events may be mentioned in other threads.


I would also prefer to pitch my characters with characters that does not share their kind. As it is more fun to see what a demon would say to a fairy, than to another demon. Mixing things up can always result in strange, and possibly fantastic, outcomes. And it feels more creative as well, as you get to think more about your character's actions.




Loki - Trickster god

Anpukanefer - Immortal priest

Nathan - Erotes

Krampus - Christmas demon

Jorah - Water Fae

Grimhilde - Evil Queen

Virgiliu - Son of Dracula

Agramon - Demon of fear

Daedalus - Space scientist

Kháos Mavros - Demigod of war



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  • "Are you fucking kidding me right now?" 


    The blonde woman groaned and pressed her head against the steering wheel of her AMC Eagle, staring at the smoke leaking out of the front hood with her grey hues. She growled angerly, unbuckling her seat belt and stepped out of the car, slamming the door behind her. She walked towards the front and slid her hand between the hood and the body, unlocking the latch and pushed the hood up with one arm. She stared at her blown out engine, "Literally 30 more miles to the city. Why now." It was 4:30 pm. She was running out of daylight and phone battery, in the middle of winter. Her face heated in anger and she dropped the hood down again, knowing nothing about how to fix the damn thing. Nova was a tiny little thing; standing at 5'5", weighing about 120 lbs. She had almost platinum blonde hair with dark roots and faded freckles along her nose and cheeks. Her grey eyes stared longingly at the piece of shit that hissed before her. She inhaled sharply, I need a fuckin' cigarette.

    .   .   .

    “You don’t understand I need a tow into the city... tonight.” Nova paced next to her driver-side door, thumbnail at her teeth, knawing anxiously, “I don’t care- I’ll… I’ll pay extra...  just get one out here.” She fumbled in her jacket pocket for her lighter, her patience wearing thin. It was getting dark and she was in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere. She pulled out a pack of Camel’s and yanked one from the last three she had left. I need to get more...

    She inhaled sharply, “okay thanks so much.” She pulled the phone away from her face to hang up, checking her battery at twenty-seven percent. She exhaled coolly, the tow truck would be here in an hour and a half, awesome.

    She lit her cigarette and let the smoke evade her lungs, dragging it out until she felt that familiar, comforting burn in her chest, “fuck” she whispered on her exhale. Her goal was to get into the city limits of San Fransisco, get gas, food, and a place to crash for the night, and then get back on the road. Obviously, that wasn't going to happen. She inhaled another drag and flicked the ashes off the butt after, and leaned against the hood of her car. How was she going to pay for a tow, the mechanic, and a motel? 

    Nova inhaled her smoke again, I guess I could sneak into the manager's backroom... They should have those comfy office chairs back there. Her thoughts wandered. Just thankful to not be in that house of hell anymore.

    So she sat there, in the quiet, only sound to her ears was the hissing of her overheated engine. 

    She inhaled another and flicked the ashes.

    In the quiet.


    All. Alone.        Must be used to this, huh?

    Her eyes rolled at the thought as she finally finished her cigarette, flicking it to the ground, and twisted the dirt over it with her shoe. As she's done so many times before. Nova shivered, walking back to her driver's side door, hugging her denim jacket closer to her small frame, and got back in the car. Once she got in her seat, she looked up to her rear view mirror, icy grey hues staring back at her. Her eyebrows wrinkled and she looked away. Everything about herself, she hated. Every inch of herself was a wasted piece of space. Eyes, nose, arms, lips, legs, everything. She dug back into her pocket, "Fuck me" she muttered, and lit up another cigarette.

    .   .   .

     She raised her head when her ears picked up of the low lugging hum of an old tow truck. She sighed, checking the time, 6:45 pm. "You're so not getting paid" she growled. She pushed the door open and kicked it out with her foot, stepping out to greet the large hick before her. His beard had Cheeto residue in it, and his overalls were stained with oil. Nova held her breath, not even wanting to test those waters. She'd probably taste the stench of week-old clothes, greasy hair, and the breath of rotten milk and whiskey. 

    "Howdy," he waved with a smile that had half of his teeth missing, 

    "Hi," she said coldly, "You're towing me to the city, yea?" I tilted my head, he looked at my car then at me, 

    "Car troubles? What's a perty thing like you drivin' a thing like that?" He walked closer but Nova didn't move,

    "It's a gift, I didn't want to be rude." Nova pressed forward, "I'll be in the cab." she explained, not really caring what he did with the fuckin' thing. The man's nametag said Jo, but she didn't like that name, in her head, his name was Breath Mint. Mr. Mint didn't say a word to the matter and did what he came here to do. In twenty minutes, they were off, no sweat, back on their way to San Fransisco.

  • I'll be back on Monday to continue replies.

  •  //Eeeck! My apologies, I knew that, I lost my knowledge for a little from my fangirling. It won't happen again. I actually studied Norse mythology, my Uncle believes. 

    Hmm, I'm not sure at the precise moment... Caesarea loves to cause trouble for the Shadowhunters, since she is a rogue.. And she's an assassin, she also acts as an ADA

  • (Oh..oh my, we do need to come up with an idea.. Do you possibly think they could be on the same side for the most part and perhaps allies?)

  • (Oh... Um could you try and help me please? I like a lot but I'm not sure which will be the best)

  • -Alec just hummed not bothering to try and figure out what Loki meant by saying "these days", his brows fullowed at the comment aboout Magnus name thought- hmm I have no idea actually maybe he does maybe don't from what I know he chose that name so... -he shrugged-

    I am that obvious huh? -he remebered Magnus once sayiing that his face was like an open book sometimes he guessed this was one of those times when his emotions showed up clearly on his face or maybe in his eyes that was apaently a thing too- it stopped being a thing a couple months ago -Alec said after he decided he prefered to just answer a question and move on- I'm guessing if that twig is magical he was probably going to use it for some sort of spell but I can't tell for sur, I never witnessed him performing a ritual or doing a spell that included a twig -shadowhunter actually laughed out loud at Loki's choice in words to describe the city, it probably had something to do with quite a few drinks he consumed but Alec couldn't bring himself to care at the moment- a concrete mountain chain? really? -he was still grinning as he looked at Loki- this is a first time I hear such description of New York...I guess I can understand your point of view though, it was hard for me to adapt or navigate the city when I moved here from Idris

    -Alec waited patiently while Loki took his time thinking about something, he only hoped he didn't said anything wrong it was still hard sometimes for him to indulge in casual conversation. He spun shot glass on the counter watching how light danced in glass surface while he waited- Oh sure I'll show you where he lives, however figuring out how to get to his apartment will be your job I'm not getting there -he had no doubt warlock didn't wanted to see him and his wards would warn him about any unvwelcomed guests. Alec put some money on the counter for his drinks and stood up- if you want I can show you right now -suddenly he had this thought that maybe Loki came over to sit beside him being friendly and talkative only because he wanted something from him...if being specific a location of Magnus apartment, and not because he was just a nice guy who just wanted to talk to someone- nah you don't need ot repay me its my job to help people -he shrugged but his smile faded and was replaced with his ususal formal expresion which he wore whenever he was working-

  • \I hope this starter is all right for you, I tried.. I can make a new one if necessary..\


    New York City - The Big Apple - The City That Never Sleeps


    Auna Darkwood was within her first Twenty-four hours of being in one of the most active cities in the world, ignoring as the gentle fain fall fell over the sparkling and bright city, drowning out the beautiful patterns of stars but creating an awesome yellow full moon up in the dark night sky. Hands tucked gently into her pockets of her back tight formfitting leather pants, dark hues took in the City before her, wondering what this new locale would have for her. 

    Tilting her head she glances to people rushing on the sidewalks to get to where they are going to get out of the rain, shaking her head slight as the wind ruffles her long back mass of hair she looks on, never would she understand mundanes. Easing her left hand from her pocket she bends her arm to gently press a fingertip to her ear, to turn the volume up slightly for the earpiece she wore that kept her up to date on the police proceedings in the entire city limits, lowering her hand once more she lifts her right hand to gently tug at her half leather glove on her left hand to fix it, curling her fingers in the fingerless gloves she watches as the silver of her serpent bracelet, reflected the light, lowering her hands once again she tugs at the cuffs of her black leather jacket that fell down past her behind, in half length of a trenchcoat.

    Frowning she suddenly shivers as a sense of foreboding slides down her spine as a deathly chill creeps through her veins, it was getting stronger the more she spent time in New York. Something was definitely wrong, so very very wrong, and she had a bad sense and taste in her mouth that time was close to running out...

    tick tock

    Tick Tock


    Turning she walks to the opposite side of the condemned movie theater where she stood as she tried to get a better sense, moments later she heaving a sigh as a small shake of her head formed, once again it was hidden. Just what was it? It was evil, inherently evil from what she could sense, pure evil like it came from the Devil's court itself..

    Though she wished she knew it almost didn't matter, whatever it was the Protector of the Small was going too uphold her purpose, she would stand against the Evil no matter what, but it certainly did make it easier when she knew what the evil was.

    Suddenly she stiffened alarm now coursing through her system as her left hand flies up too her ear and presses gently at the alert going through.

    -All Officers be aware a child was kidnapped from Sunoco gas station on 497 Meeker Ave, name is Ebony aged 6 yrs, black hair, green eyes. Last spotted wearing green jumper dress and black leggings. Taken by two suspects = Two men, leather jackets and driving red van with license plate with 436 within the plate.-

     Gasping in alarm at the alert black wings extended from her back and immediately she took too the air, riding on an air current and flew high over the city as she swooped over the traffic and pedestrians, unable too be seen by any human eye, spiralling she comes too land in the shadows around the gas station taking a first look as more police cars speed onto the scene, their lights painting the night air blue, red and white. Folding her wings so they fold onto her back and disappear from view she steps from the shadows, now able too be seen by the humans around her, a few police officers eyeing her with interest, a few male officers taking in the dark beauty dressed all in black, lifting her right hand she shows her badge identifying herself as an Private Investigator and then slips under the yellow crime scene tape to where the black Ford Escape sat where the distraught Mother and Father of the kidnapped child huddled in each other's arms.

    Glancing too them in empathy for a second before she concentrates on the scene, stepping back at the pure evil polluting the entire area making her gasp in alarm as dark hues widen as suddenly she went deathly pale, that sacred blood of hers leeching away from her face and withdrawing from her hands and arms and legs, as if suffering from a mundane condition of hypothermia, as shocked dread overtook her body. 

    oh no

    Oh No

    OH NO!

    It was worse, so much worse than what she had originally thought, this evil was pure, much purer than the Devil's Court, and the child was the key too it all. They were going to sacrifice the child too raise someone from the Devil's Inner Circle!

  • "Oi! Siren boy! Guess what?!"

  • "Yeah, eyes are pretty. I don't see many of them." She hesitated there, her dark brows pinched in together then she coughed some. "Not as though I like, not that I want to like, pluck out eyes or anything, heh, but more like. People don't really look at mine. They're kinda an offsetting color. Makes people uncomfortable and all. Not something that they would want to gaze into as though it were the most amazing thing ever. Normal eyes, or even green eyes. Those are the ones people are comfortable with. And I don't blame em. I wouldn't want to stare at me either." Casually she laughed it off, then coughed. Right. Weird to say. Whatever.

    Pants were the next odd topic, ones that she had a hooting laugh over so casually like it was such a normal thing to joke about. In there she pushed out a reply to his inside question. "Oh, pantyhose? they're like tights in a way. They go up your legs but they're sorta see through too? Really diaphanous. Most people wear them under their dresses or skirts. Fishnet stockings are also in that category. I might have legs for days and all, but you won't catch me wearing them. The fabric freaks me out. It sticks to your fingers." She wiggled her fingers. "And it's just kinda gross."The jacket was handed over to him next. She nodded a bit thinking that the only thing from seeing his junk was her jacket. His booty will still show... let's not think about his booty. "Y-Yeah, it's kinda weird. But hey, we can't all have fins! I mean you have fins... Tha-that's beyond the point. Anyway...."

    Subject change. Good. Off the topic of fins and junk, shall we?

    Smiling though, Neseva could agree with him. Her head nodded to do such a thing with a smile on her face. "Yeah, just like that. It's making sure that things are living in a balance. Kinda like population control. Like if there weren't any whales in the see, krill would sorta take over the whole dang thing, right? Same with vampires. We don't just kill them because they feed on people. We help them. Run donations, get blood packets. Help them live a decently normal life. Same with werewolves who can come to us when it's their time to turn and we lock em in a room so that they don't hurt anyone. There's more. More than wolves and vampires and blood. Sometimes things like Wendigo's or Rugaru's or even ancient Japanese spirit women who will seduce a husband than track him down to his house and murder him in his sleep then eat his wife!" She rose her hands in an arcane manner, shrugged, then brought them back down to her lap with a laugh. "But like, you get the jist of it, right? You do your little things about keeping the balance, and I do mine. So I guess in a way we do kinda do the same things. We do have to hurt sometimes. We don't want to. But sometimes it can't be helped."

    Giggling, she cocked her head while looking at him. "Keep me safe? That's an odd thing to say to a hunter. I guess we can both to agree that we all protect each other. Even if you maybe wanted to eat me there for a second." Then she frowned, returning her head to where it was and pulled a small face. "Normal is boring. But, on the outside looking in, I can see why it would be nice. Just to be able to be your own self without the side effects of who you really are. To be, normal. But then you do that, you be normal. And you're bland, you're nothing seems fun anymore. You miss the old you. I wouldn't give up who I was or what I could do for anything. I'll be a black sheep, and I'll go on and tell you that being normal sucks ass. It's boring. Be the best you. Accept who and what you are over what could have been. Because one day you might wake up and poof, normal. And you'll never get to swim to the center of the lake." Her hand gestured towards it longingly. Or be able to see the fish, or what eerie life is down in those murky depths. I want to. But I'm normal." She chuckled, and as I said. Normal is boring. 

    That might sound creepy to others. And while Nes didn't pry too much into his mind she heard glimpses of his fault there. She didn't bring up on it though. Those were his own demons that he needed to understand and to build a bridge over one day so that he could happily walk over it and be done with it. She did say this though. "If you let yourself think that forever, you're going to stay the monster under the bed. I could and still do consider myself a monster, but does that make me it? No. Granted I haven't killed and ate people. But I could burst at any moment and who knows what could happen? Live in the now, Jorah, you keep living in the past and you'll never be able to burn your demons."

This reply was deleted.


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