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Kháos 3/3

Kháos - Kyros

Kháos - Nova

Kháos - Diana

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Anpukanefer - Dracula

Nathan 0/2

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Jorah - Neseva

Jorah - Malory

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Grimhilde - Apophis

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Virgil - Dracula

Virgil - Isabo

Fear 1/2

Agramon - Auna

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I do not write senseless smut, but sexual acts may occur story-wise.

All threads are canon, and important or life changing events may be mentioned in other threads.


I would also prefer to pitch my characters with characters that does not share their kind. As it is more fun to see what a demon would say to a fairy, than to another demon. Mixing things up can always result in strange, and possibly fantastic, outcomes. And it feels more creative as well, as you get to think more about your character's actions.




Loki - Trickster god

Anpukanefer - Immortal priest

Nathan - Erotes

The Seeder - Plant/human hybrid scientist

Jorah - Water Fae

Grimhilde - Evil Queen

Virgiliu - Son of Dracula

Agramon - Demon of fear

Daedalus - Space scientist

Kháos Mavros - Demigod of war



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  • Hey there so are we  going to continue our rp?

  • The cold fingers of fear seized Dolai's heart with a death grip, adrenaline bursting within her veins, as a demon manifested in front of her. She stepped backwards, brows furrowed and eyes widened in pure horror, but the apparition was gone as quickly as he had appeared. She glanced around the room to make sure that the being was gone before her gaze rapidly shifted to the boy by the desk. 

    Magic? Perhaps he was possessed, maybe even a demon himself but strangely enough he looked as if he hadn't seen what had just happened. Regardless, in his presence, the sensation in core burned. Dolai knew he was something. A being beyond human. 

    "Put that toy away, we don't wanna hurt anyone."

    His voice rang in her heavily pierced ears. A toy? Her shocked expression was overcome with one of anger. With swift motion, she bared the curve of the blade against his neck. "Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar is no toy," she spat, pronouncing the sword's name in flawless Persian. 

    Her smoky voice formed a combination of accents when speaking English. 'Th' was pronounced with a 'd' sound, she almosted lilted on her 'i,' the 'h' letter was formed in the back of her throat, rather than in the center of her mouth. She rolled nearly every 'r' unless it was at the end of a word, which she completely dropped. "My sword has slain demons before, you are no different."

    After leaving south China around 450 B.C.E, Dolai had travelled with a band of Afghan merchants. One of Persian origins had told her of the legend of Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar. After reaching modern day Afghanistan, she set south for what would come to be known as Pakistan, where she found the lair of the demon, Fulad-zereh, where he had reclaimed the sword after being resurrected. Dolai stole the sword and slayed the demon once more, binding his soul so that his patrons could not bring him back.

    From Persia, she journeyed into Greece, a year before the freedom fighters "accidentally" burned a Persian temple. She remembered Darius' fury, and the fire he ignited during the brutal invasion of Naxos. The scimitar would aid her through the course of the Greco-Persian war. 

    The thought of the creature that had appeared before her flashed in her mind, and Dolai touched the blade against his skin, her grip tightening on the gem encrusted hilt. Her gaze bore into his. "Tell me," she muttered. "Who's idea was it to give such a powerful weapon to a child?" She froze. 

    What the fuck was she doing. 

    Dolai had been quite short tempered ever since she had left the Anu, when the world was ruled by ice and darkness. Never had she thought to threaten such a young person's life to get what she wanted. 

    Beyond that, how was she the one who was angry? Here she was standing in this boy's dorm that she had broken into. She blinked, lowering the sword from his neck yet still on guard, taking hesitant steps away from him. That was not her, she knew that, and the ancient didn't fancy the idea of finding out the full power of whatever the hell he was. If she could get out of this peacefully, she would. 

    "I did not come here for you," she said, looking him over. "I was led here by the will of the ancestors. They showed me what would the Apple of Discord would do. I need to take it to a place where it cannot be found." 

  • Dolai had seen many things in her lifetime. War, famine, pestilence, death, drought, plagues, you name it. She had been to all four corners of the world, slain foes and demons and raised empires to their rightful glory. Never in her life would she had thought that she would be hiding in a closet- from a college student, at that. She covered her mouth with a henna tattooed hand as he entered the room, her ancient heart pounding against the wall of her chest. 

    He was young, she could tell, with long, ebony hair and fairly Mediterranean features. Yet, what caught Dolai off guard was the magical aura he was radiating. What the hell was he? Without touching him or being explicitly told, he would never know. However, it made more sense that the Apple was located in the home of a magical being. But one so young? She shook her head at the thought. Who's idea was that, to let a jit run around with an item powerful enough to unleash discord upon the earth- again? 

    Dolai's sable eyes watched him scan the room. At least, he dismissed the mess but seemed shocked that someone had gone through his things. She eyed the artwork nearby him, giving him silent props for not just being some kid in college, dedicated to nothing but the night life. She watched him sit as his laptop, squinting at the screen's contents. Was that...smut? Her brows slightly raised and she stifled a snicker, but quickly straightened as he stood up with quick indignation, his eyes wild. She started to mouth a prayer, just hoping that he would not see her. But what she got was so much better. 

    The burning sensation nearly doubled her over as he murmured incantations in perfect ancient Greek, luckily the demigoddess could understand and speak any earthly language. Shock overcame her as he held...nothing in his hands. It looked like he was holding a box, running his fingers over what she presumed to be a lid, but there wasn't anything to be seen. An invisibility spell, she guessed, but she really had no idea. Yet, her curiosity was peaked. 

    Half an hour passed with the boy at his laptop, and it didn't seem like he was leaving anytime soon. Dolai had enough of this. She held out one hand, her fingers spread to reveal a scarred palm, mouthing an ancient Persian incantation, a sword appearing in hand. It was a beautiful scimitar, it's silver blade long and curved, it's golden hilt encrusted with emeralds and curved patterns etched into its surface. It was Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar, the sword from Persian legend that slayed demons and was once wielded by King Solomon himself. Armed, Dolai arose, hitting her head on some hangers above her, before pushing open the closet door and stepping out. She stood a few feet behind the magical student. She cleared her throat. "Ahem."

  • And she was losing him. The more and more that she talked made sure of that and the further that Jorah's poor head was slipping into a deep and lost place just like his eyes were. It was like seeing their brain cells start to flicker out one by one. Or that they started asking more questions over understanding answers. He wasn't really asking questions over going blank in his head and staring forward between her eyes like a goose. She should stop talking and put him out of his misery, but it was fun to talk. It made her feel like she actually knew some shit even if he might not catch up to it as fast as her mind was going that was. Not that she was taking advantage of his lack of knowledge that way. If anything, she would love to teach him, to let him know these things the way that she knew them. And in any case, perhaps he could take the information elsewhere and share it with others.

    Thank goodness that stopped though and they got going on another subject entirely, one that was easier for him to go on, that was, and her entire reason for coming here in the first place. That's right, the hair. "I'm not going to eat them. Well her, or them, whatever I find. Not like that at least. I might in other ways if ya know what I'm sayin'." Wink wink. Riiiiight. "Wined and dined is a figure of speech. The correct phrasing of it means entertain with good food. Giving them wine, which is a drink made from grapes, and well food. And have good entertainment on the side. All that yada. A date if you must. I've never been on one, but I wouldn't mind taking the cowgirl if she just let me! If I'd known they like food I would have hauled a whole damn sous chef over here with me to help out the whole thing. Eight-course meal starting with an appetizer of soups and finger foods then go on down to beef and--Oh! Would they be vegetarians? Tofu it is! As sad of an existence that must be." She was really thinking ahead about this, wasn't she?

    Yet with all her blabbering about the food and the tofu, his mind got to a subject that made her halt in thought and focus solely on him. Again, her traitorous eyes betrayed her by looking down again, to where that jacket might be, then up again. Hormones you damned sons of bitches--! "Right pants! Heh heh heh heh...." She laughed like a woman pretending to give her number out to a guy she totally did not want to give her number out too. Talk about overexposing. At least he did not go into that much detail. That's fine. He did not have to act like he knew any of them. Being indifferent about them now was all fine and well. It wasn't like there was much to do out here in a big ass lake after all. Guy had to get his entertainment somehow.

    Right then. Neseva gasped, as though fully insulted by this. "I am not distraught. Look do you see me waltzing around here with my bits all flapping? No way. It's just hiding the goods for later. Why let everyone see what you're packing right there in the open when they can guess it and be surprised in the end all like," brace yourself, here comes the overly fake sweet southern girl accent. "'Good heavens! So this is what you look like all nakey! Take me in your arms, handsome, and throw down that good lovin' on my supple flesh!'" She even curled her back and pretended to faint, hand on her brow and everything. Good show good show. She'd clap herself on the back. Bow bow. Thank you, thank you!

    "For realsies though," she bounced from that quick and started on her walk. "Just not everyone likes to be flashed--" He toppled over with one step and she blinked, now looking at the moon white cheeks and swore that she could see stars in the sky with it. Her mouth was in a small 'o' and her golden eyes followed him as he bounced up and she snapped her mouth closed with a cleared throat. "....Or mooned...." Neseva shook her head. "A-And, pants just help with not scraping your knees. Yep." That's right.

    "You've don't got to be sorry. I'll bet that's not all that comfortable. I'd tried to make it a little better buuuuut..." Don't you dare think about it. Don't you dare. "I uh, wouldn't want to invade your personal space or anything. Let's keep moving." Phew. However, it was her turn now to be a little loss to what he was saying. Sure she understood some Norse Mythology. She wasn't perfect and all-knowing, she studied some of it though. Some guilt flashed over her. While it all was not her fault Nes said, "people don't believe because it's organizations like mine or others who keep your world a secret. Kept it safe for both you guys and the other humans out there. If everyone knew that vampires or werewolves existed then they would weaponize them, see them only as that and not as beings with thoughts and feelings. I don't want that, and they don't want that. So when you're found by humans, they are more in fascinated awe and not scared because they are lead to believe that you're only a myth. If the wool is pulled back from people's eyes they can't take it in. They freak out and fear the whole world, and they take until there is nothing to be taken left. Being ignorant is easier than feeling insignificant to the rest of the things out there." Might be one of the wisest things that she's ever said.

    She kept on walking along the edge of the lake. She couldn't be that far. She had parked her spot just a little ways from the actual lake in case it rained and the waters rose but close enough that she could keep an eye out for the cowgirl. "That does, however as you said, leave room for it to get dangerous when species like you are found because while I'm calm, others might have gotten themselves eaten. Thus leading my crew to come in and search you out, or even the Hulders. I have business with them or at least one of them. Once I get that I'll be out of your hair and your lake will be yours again." She smiled at him over her shoulder, then turned back forward and walked.

    A laugh came from Nes. "Well then, I might be a little fucked. I do plan on cutting a lock of hair off. And I doubt that one will be happy to give up any much less a whole lock full." She might just find all her belongings gone when she gets there after all. "That doesn't sound so bad. Being doted on and forced to give attention to? Like a little cow puppy." Her humor of it made Nes humm. "I'm sure in hindsight it's bad. From the outside in though it sounds like a good cheap date and you get some loving on the side while you're at it." Her head shook. "Don't be sorry. I like talking, too. Just as much as I love listening."

    "Baba?" She cocked her head. "Like Baba Yaga? Baba Yellowlegs?" Those were the only Baba's that she knew. "No, I haven't thought that far; and no I haven't lost my backpack. It's at my camp. Which was on the other side of the lake, over there." She pointed. "It's not that far now." Not far indeed. She could see the neon green fabric of it poking through the trees at her and as soon as she was up to it she was digging through that bag of hers. Shit. Tights, tights socks, tights. Aha! She found the joggers. And hoped they would fit right. She offered them up to him. They were black with white lines down the sides of the legs. And the words were indeed splayed on the booty cheeks. She offered them to him, her head turned away. "You can tell me when to look."

  • Vessels of brick, stone and iron reached for the blue sky, the ground hardened with dense concrete and black tar, the air tainted by industrialization. It was an odor of gasoline and pollution, one that burned Dolai's nose as she advanced through the streets of San Francisco. The ancient woman remembered a time when this part of the land belonged to the warring Pomo and Yokut tribes, when the hills rolled on for a lifetime, and the tree's canopy praised the sky. A time long gone, but vividly ingrained in her memory.


    Dolai normally avoided the cities as much as she could, especially in the United States, but she was on a mission. Discord haunted her dreams, images of it's incarnate known as the Apple of Discord unleashing strife upon mankind. After casting a spell to find the Apple, Dolai was lead here. However, she found it peculiar that the Apple was located in a fine arts student's dorm. But as she continued down the sidewalk, a pulsating, warm sensation gradually grew hotter within her core. She knew it was near, and she didn't mind breaking and entering to procure the Apple. 


    Despite being sixty millenniums old, Dolai appeared to be in her early to late twenties. Adorned in gray sweatpants, a white muscle tee and a black backpack slung over her shoulder, the North African looked like your average American college student- save for the Scythian, Pictish and Haida tattoos on her arms. Her waist-length, black dreadlocks were tied back into a dense, unruly ponytail. 


    Dolai hurried up the stairs to the student dorms upon arrival, quickly stepping into the building behind a resident that had just unlocked the door. She paced down the first floor, climbing more stairs, as the feeling in her core started to grow hotter. It grew to a nearly burning feeling as she stood in front of the room door. She pressed one pierced ear to the door, listening for a voice, the sound of snoring or a television, but she heard nothing. The nomad scanned the hallway for any residents, then dropped to one knee, taking off her backpack. Dolai drew an Aztec fire opal blade, and drove it's point into the door above the knob. She carved Lásabrjótur, the Icelandic stave for opening locks without keys, into the door and placed her blade back into her backpack.


    Arising, she turned the doorknob and darted into the room, only shutting the door behind her. Dolai's serpentine eyes swept the room, the burning sensation now scorching her core. She moved for the desk first, looking for any sort of box. She checked the shelves lined with books, and crouched to peer under the beds. Not a sign of the Apple, but her ability to sense magical presences had never failed her. Shock burst in her chest as she caught the sound of footsteps advancing down the hall. She glanced around, noting that she had slightly made a bit of a mess, then slipped into the closet and shutting the door behind her, crouching under hanging clothes. 

  • {Oh your fine :) I apologize as well, I've had health issues recently :( I took an look up at your characters. Grimhilde or possibly Khaos? }

  • (I wonder if you'd still be interested in plotting? It has been forever I apologize.. Many things had come up.)

  • COUGH. Swimmer. Seriously, who was digging the grave, she was ready to toss herself into it. This was all too much for the poor teen to handle. Happy thoughts were turning into red thoughts, burning red like a brand and it was going to make her lose it if she kept up like this. They needed a major subject change or else it was going to turn into a blood bath in here. And not the cute lil anime kind where they turn into a blood canon through their noses either.

    "Well, that's easy for you to say! You're the one living in the water. And I highly doubt a lake really has a deep enough depth to really crush a sub or something. A body, maybe. I don't know, but I'm not a fish person though! That's something that I would think that you were born in, you got used to it and such. Meanwhile, with me, that's like throwing me in space after living on mars my entire existence and going to earth for the first time and just having my body start to combust because I can't suddenly just adapt to it so suddenly. Too much on gravity and all the organs. Things like that." Was that gibberish? It sounded like it to her. Maybe he had no idea that there were planets. Or maybe he did and he just didn't know that there were different ones with different names and different properties to each of them. Bah, if he wanted to know he could ask. She wouldn't chew his ear off about it now.

    Ah yeah... Subs and stuff. "Well, that, dear fishy guy is just the advancement in tech. They make machines because it's easier. And they might be able to catch more of what is going on down there. Like water pressure or maybe even scan what kind of fish there are around them and what might be new. One day, they might even be able to see past your translucently shifting scales because of echolocation or something big like that. I can't personally say. I would say that they should use that, it would help them to find fish better under there. Sadly, there are things like you. Beings and other fish who might see something like that and find it weird and want whatever it is that is becoming a threat to the lake to be taken out of the picture.  She got off-topic too. She brought herself back briskly. "I could do that,  but finding one, or getting it made and bringing it here is just too much work. All I've got is myself and my abilities. Sadly breathing under is not one of those. Which, I get. I'm telepathic and all that fun stuff. Being able to breathe underwater would just be way too much work for everyone to keep up with."

    She'd be too damn cool. No one would be able to touch her and at that point, people might burst because of it. Then there was that monster bit again. This time she gave a hearty laugh. Like Santa just having a jolly good one. Hands on her hips and all that. "Don't you know the thing about scary stories nowadays? All the pretty ones are monsters." Like drugs, or food, or toxic people; especially the ones that had powers. "Don't be fooled because you're gonna end up at the bottom of your own lake and not be able to get back up again because of the pretty ones." Still, she took a pride in being called pretty. She could handle that. Being bang material was a bit too much for her grade to handle right now.

    They were going from that topic to something different now.  As all of their things had been. She did her small look around of the lake, and tried to see if there was any sign of the huldra anywhere. She was a slippery little minx, wasn't she? Maybe this was guy territory. Maybe she was having fun running from Nes. "Maybe she just wants to be wined and dined before I take a snap of her hair away for her, huh?" Nes thought out loud to herself, fist under her chin. Hair getting a little frizzy and curly as it dried. "Put them to sleep..." Devious of her... But Nes wasn't beyond that. It wasn't like she was planning any nefarious things to do with the cowgirl. Maybe ask her on a date or something. Because bow-chicka-bow-wow. Sexy growl and all that fancy pick up line stuff. 

    "If you need pants I've got some joggers in here that might fit." Let's not bring up that on the ass in big fancy letters they had the lovely quote of, 'Jiggle Baby'. Maybe he had the booty after all. Bubble butts were the best butts after all. Shan't be checking out fish butts now, that would just be rood of Nes though. Can't be just going around doing that. 

    And despite how that might have been something rood said by anyone else she got his innocents in it. "I think you just called me annoying, in the normal human world I'll take that as a compliment from you." She took initiative to walk. Warm-up her still wet body from the splash that she took. Damn huldra. She scanned the area, scanned the trees, the minds.. Any sign of life from the naked cowgirl anywhere would help. And, well shit, she needed to find her bag too. She left it somewhere. G'dammit. She was sure it was where she first started her running at in the little tent she pitched up. Sigh. That was a whole lot of walking since she had chased the huldra all around.

    Eventually, Nes would turn back to the fishy guy and huff. "You're right about that, looking is different from being. What do you think a normal human would do in this situation? Not a hunter, not  a siren, but a normal human person?"

  • {That is fine of course.. I'm interested in Loki actually, and yes I did know Marvel made their own interpretations for Loki and that he had not been an Frost Giant... }

  • His assessment wasn’t very far off in that similarity of a fight for control in dual personalities. There was Kellin and then there was the other part that was monster like, dangerous and nothing like the man he use to simply be. And then there’s that transformation. It hadn’t fully set in his body yet, but as time went, more and more it’s as though this enhanced version was overtaking him. It was unnerving and there was nothing Kellin could do but watch himself wither away to it because there was no way to go back and gain any info, anything at all that might prove there was a way to set things back to the manufacturer version to put it.He would just keep evolving and in that regard, it seemed these two men had that in common for was Jason not also constantly evolving so to say? Changing into something..someone else?

    He seems to calm somewhat when the other man agrees to his demands. Medical facilities were only trouble. He’s not as stupid as to go about that kind of setting and have suspicions thrown towards him. It’s bad enough the scientist had found him, but he seems to be more involved with.. Plants. He eyed the man again. No, he’d still have to keep an eye on him. 

    He’s a little surprised the man dared explain himself. After what he’d just seen from Kellin, he thought he had to explain himself? Funny guy. Kellin chuffs, amused, glancing around the area as they went. 

    “ Right..”

    “ Not many people would have known me considering I don’t linger around populated areas if you know what I mean. “ He hangs around dark areas, quiet and desolate like the woods or swamps like this. Anywhere away from prying eyes if he can, but if not, then he’s usually more covered up and trying to simply blend into the many faces around him. It’s just fortunate he ended up where he did.. Well, until Woodrue came along that is..

    As Woodrue stopped, Kellin did too, a respectful distance way and looked at him, seeming to try and decide how much to tell the man. 

    “ I.. was chased out this way. Some accidental measures were taken. “ He looked away, not exactly in a guilty way, but more of a way he was kinda hoping to not have to explain further.

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