Full Name:

Abbitt Strellous


Seven years old. (Twenty-six in Mici years.) 


Two feet and three inches.


Eighteen pounds


Mici (Extraterrestrial)

Eye color(s)

Black sclera with dark gray irises.

Physical Description 

Like all others of the Mici race, Abbitt possesses a flat chest and stomach, with short limbs and four digits on each hand, a white-colored exoskeleton head, two jagged horns, two spikes protruding from each side where the ears would be, black and dark gray orbs, plus a number of swirling carvings embedded across his face.

For his attire, a deep blue cloak is worn, combined with a purple scarf around the neck. Beneath it all lays a gray and white undersuit. Strapped beneath the cake on his back is a personal shield-generator, designed to have heavy damage resistance against energy weapons and explosives. As for footwear, two little white boots with small blue ribbons are worn, resembling baby-shoes in shape.



Unlike many others of his species who are often full of energy, Abbitt is better composed than most, undeniably sweet towards friends or anyone that would be accepting of him. With some highly refined social and negating skills as an off-world diplomat for the Mici government, he aims to offer others emotional help when seeing another in distress.

One trait that is still retained from his own race is the constant desire for physical affection, which is often why he’ll request to sleep in the same bed with one of his affiliates. This attribute is reflected by him frequently sitting another’s lap, giving frequent hugs, or ask to be carried in somebody’s arms.

Despite the dangers, frequent assassination attempts, and enemies made overtime, Abbitt is almost fearless when it comes to personally oversee independent investigations on slave traders. Burdened by the fact his mother was an abductee herself and likely died as one, he has since sought to prevent others from experiencing the same fate and feeling. 


With a degree in galactic politics and criminal justice from other civilizations, Abbitt currently works as an Ambassador for the Mici government, always going on diplomatic missions and meetings with other planetary leaders, in addition to trade negotiations.

As a completely voluntarily side career, slave owners and traffickers are privately investigated, with or without aid from other governments, depending on whether or not they’ll assist him. The aim is to find and give out information to planetary authorities on the whereabouts of slave rings to both shut them down and free the captives. Through Abbitt’s devotion, hundreds of people, both human and alien have been rescued before being personally rehabilitated by the diplomat himself.

When it comes to traveling off-world, a transport ship is provided. Around nine staff members are present, an advisor, one pilot, one engineer, a doctor, two stewards, one councilor, and two Mediators. (Personal bodyguards armored with non-pain-inducing and non-lethal weapons/devices.)


A common trait most Mici possess are lesser psychic powers. While not advanced enough to peer into a person’s thoughts for most, they can easily sense another’s emotions. Despite not being a full-blown telepath, Abbitt can be quick to see a hidden agenda to anyone he speaks with in person, which has made him rather gifted in telling when someone is lying in conversation.

With some training in piloting, Abbitt is very familiar with operating starships and other kinds of stellar craft, as well as some technical education.

Like all male Mici, Abbitt also holds an incredible amount of physical strength, whereas females are speedsters, enough to lift a grown, two-hundred-pound man off the ground.  Such an ability is only ever used in emergencies or when necessary.


July 7

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  • Feeling like it was safe enough to do so, Kyrah lowered herself further until she sat cross-legged on the ground in front of Abbitt. She propped herself up on her hands, shaking her head lightly at the other's question. 

    "I'm not human," she replied, and then leaned in to whisper: "I'm a werewolf." To put on a little show for Abbitt, she flashed him a smile as her top and bottom canines grew to about an inch long, coming to a sharp point at the ends. They were gone as quickly as they'd come though, so as not to spook the creature too much. "Oh, I don't think you want to see what's inside my head." She said it lightheartedly, but it was true; there was a lot of damage up there.

  • Kyrah had seen many a creature in her day - she even used to dwell with dragons and other mythical creatures...but she had never encountered such a creature as Abbitt standing before her. When he opened his cloak to reveal the multiple medallions hidden on the inside, her eyebrows twitched up in surprise. Impressive.

    She held her hand out to him with a grin, replying: "It's nice to meet you. My name is Kyrah."

  • A light giggle escaped from the lycan's lips in response to the other's squeak of delight. Her curiosity was only more peaked when she felt something...warm. Perhaps even a fuzzy feeling inside. She knelt down to the creature's level, her smile unwavering. "Perhaps we should start with introductions." Kyrah, as it turned out, was not much of a hugger...but if she did happen to make an exception, the Mici would be at the top of her list. 

    "What's your name?"

  • Upon hearing someone - or something - approach her from behind, the lycan woman's ears twitched as she concentrated on the sound. It was...quiet. Gentle. The footsteps sounded like those of a child's. Certainly not threatening. Kyrah did not turn around to see what was making the noise until her ears tuned in to the sound of a racing heartbeat. As her eyes focused on the little creature before her, a smile spread across her lips. She tilted her head in curiosity, reaching down to take the plushie from the extraterrestrial's hands. 

    "Of course," she replied, her smile unwavering. "Thank you."

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