NOTE: I am talking Dungeon Crawls & Sci-Magic only as a genre not a mechanic. I plan on doing it free-style. Yes, I am an old-school role-player but I adore collaborative story-telling.

  • Let us assume for a moment that Valdus is a character of fiction and not at all this user.
  • Valdus moves from worlds of fantasy, hard gritty, Black Company fantasy, to huge space operas that last months and years.
  • Sorcery is distinct, delicious, an ecstasy of conjuring and power beyond imagining.
  • Rumors exist of Valdus playing a notarial sorcery bent on domination of his chosen craft. Named Orleon Templeton, this avatar has relished in artifacts of power and sentient might.
  • Born a dungeon crawler in the 80's, Valdus has taken the crown of characters exploring the depths of imagine. Temples, mazes and caverns are home to his company of henchmen and misfits.
  • Far from being called hero, Valdus never preferred the paladin-type, or even a knight of renown. Preferring the protecting shadows, his profiles reflect death from afar. Magic and arrows are even better when they are combined.
  • Agents of Extraction in worlds that hold many secrets, Valdus lives for that calling.
  • Is this the character or the profile. It is all mixed up i this vast venue.
  • To explore with like minded writers is the challenge. The goal the lethal mixing of RP and fiction.
  • Never really knowing where one ends and the other begins.
  • For who are we to judge the difference between one and the other? Roleplay is fiction in action.


8481914500?profile=RESIZE_400xCharacter Name: Murkstav
Class: Dungeoneer
Physical Description: Murkstav, a adventurer clad in black armor, walks with strong confident strides. His senses, keen and sharp for years surviving in the wild, alert him to any disturbance.
Character Personality: Independent, fierce and tunnel vision when it comes to fulfilling his bounty. While he rarely works in groups, he will if the gold is shines enough. Suspicious, untrusting, he was born a thief and trained as a warrior- hired sword, professional extractor, and- at times- even a body guard. Bent on the accumulation of wealth and the value of the coin, some say Murstav would cheat death if the price was good enough.
Character Background: From beggar to mercenary Murkstav has lead a hard life either in the gutters holding a tankard or in tunnels holding a torch. He has lead a career that started as a beggar and is now a mercenary of some  reputation. 




"Damn this guy is Bradbury's tattooed man translated into Spanish!" - Jefe Santiago Evering, Chief of Angeles Crater

Completely covering his 6'4 frame, Hombre is a mosaic of Neo-Meshca tattoos. Serpeants, pyramids, Catholic Virigins, thorns, swords, cups, and pentacles swim about his skin. Bald and imposing, his tattoos appear to not only move but mask their host. Usually armed and grim, Hombre traverses the wasted landcapes of the Meshca Territory.

AGE: 32
HGT: 6'4"
WGT: 240

GENRE: Nuvo Meshca

EQUIP: Sonic Rifle, six guns, ammo.


Born in a world divided by the Great Wall of Americas, Hombre is the Guardor of Sanfe, one of the few cities to be preserved during the decaying world of the American Southwest. Years of nuclear testing, and racial tension, and migration (which the former United States called illegal immigation) exploded in a social and geographical holocaust. Cities like Phoenix and Dallas rapidly ran out of water and labor as thousands of Mexicans suddenly moved south of the border. The Wheel of the ages, El Calendario Azteca, appeared to have been correct.

After over half a century of sleep, the Empire of the Sun was returning, beckoning its scattered people, like kernels of corn, to return for the great harvest. In Mexico City skyscrapers were demolished to make way for Piramides, triangular edifices of stone and steel rising to the heavens. Once again blood flowed freely down the frescos and canals of the capital, in less that 100 years the mexictli empire expanded to make all of Centroamerica its domain. The Pared, Wall, of the Americas was erected not to keep immigration from going North, but preventing mutants, refugees and other carpetbaggers from going South.


The Dummy8481886070?profile=RESIZE_400x

220 pds

SUMMATION: A synthetic human unknown of history and psychology. Awaiting the input of skills and frame for the acknowledged scenario and party. 

STATUS: Cryogenic pre-deployment.

SKILL WELL: Prepped awaiting input of library and commands.

SPACE/TIME RESTRICTIONS: None, DNA & Psyche suitable for 97.5% humanoid population. Temporal consequences acceptable upon next generation. 

PSYCHOLOGICAL PRONOUNCEMENT: He likes guns. 8481954695?profile=RESIZE_400x

I am open to new roleplay threads

Threads are Open

Character Age

Perpetually 40

Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Rated R, 18+, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

“Know ye oh prince…”

I am an ancient role-player, far removed from the modern assembly-line roles of today. I first took the helm of warrior, the staff of a magic-user, or the dagger of a thief, my freshman year of high school. I hid from the 1980's in a Dungeons and Dragons Redbox, opening the lid only to watch Highlander, Dragonslayer or The Terminator.

My Saturdays were not spent at the mall or cruising the avenue. No, I spent my Saturdays crawling catacombs, diving dungeons and lurking in labyrinths. Together with the lost boys of my class, we expanded kingdoms, cracked treasure chest and looted the hoards of dragons

It is a difficult task in this Crescent City, New Orleans, a place where people role-play in the streets, living out their fantasies during a Festival, a Fete, or a Fat Tuesday. So here I am virtually role-playing, thrice removed (from my youth, in New Orleans, and on a computer) from the tombs and saving throws of my youth.

I think my character submission is more than enough information. I am an old old school player, raised in the 80's redbox edition. The older I get the simpler my rules become.

Ill probably play a dungeon crawler, a professional subterranean extractor.

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  • // I know I should've asked way sooner, but would you be up for writing together?

  • I added you. 

  • There's a chat for it? I'm still pretty unfamiliar with the site.

  • Oooh I see. I'll hope in a little later!

  • Simply by jumping in or if ye want to discuss any directions or elements. 

  • Seems interesting. How and or where would one start?

  • Thanks, I just finished up the profile. I think I doubled the story. I hope you enjoy it!

  • I am open to it all. My background is in RPG's but the older I get the less and less I want to bother with rules. Now I am free-form with the feel of RPG's. A tavern of characters, a fire in a mysterious wood. I had thoughts of a sci-fantasy world of magic and ancient modern weaponry. 

    Anything is possible. What are you itching for?

  • What did you have in mind?


    Also I will say this, I do play D&D so I am familiar with alot of the terms on your page and I can use a different character if we cant come up with something that suits both our current characters.

  • I have decided (once again) to try and do the thirty day dungeon over on the blog. Each day a different room. I use two perchance oracles that I have linked below:

    Dungeon Words @ Perchance

    The above is my inspiration for the setting, there is no real mechanic except the die roll of the imagination. The phrases are pretty much self-explanatory.

    and for resolutions of actions, thoughts or other random oddities I use...

    Passage @ Perchance

    While the word collections are not of my doing, the online oracle, a rather great task of cut and paste, was monumental.

    Dungeon Words
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