I have noticed a lot of modern characters on these forums. Since I am in a rather fantasy mood, I thought I would meet at the middle and forget the difference.

Thus I am writing to see if anyone would like to join me in the forums (or dare I say in a realm?) on post-apocalyptic romp. Exploring the wasteland, but unlike the tropes we have seen of late: Fallout, The Walking Dead, or even our own slow burn-apocalypse; I want to throw back to science-fantasy. A genre perhaps imagined best by an old role-playing game called Gamma World. 8473032452?profile=RESIZE_400x

A shattered world, where fissures in the "Urth" have given way to reservoirs of sorcery and ancient evils. A continent of broken cities teaming with respources and monsters to guard them. Under an orange sky do armed bands of warriors wander, looking for supplies or slaves for their dark caravans. An Urth of automatic weapons, assassins, cults and magic. Crashed ships and compounds litter this world, all guarded by ancient tech or sealing charms.

We can start in the classic vault, in a combat zone, or descending into the belly of a long rusting heli-carrier.

Choose your weapon, be it an automatic rifle, a Zorg ZF-1 Pod, a tome of spells, or a razor-arm mutation- your platoon awaits...

In these Tales of After-Urth


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