"For The Pursuit of Immortality."


Kojo Major

The Middle-Aged Warlock

Allsnake Warlock

Who is Kojo?

A Librarian

A Living Taboo

A Prisoner of his own Flesh


The Preface of Kojo The Warlock

Kojo Major is an American-borne Warlock hailing from the great city of Cleveland. Like many other Warlocks, his destiny was decided at birth. However born from the branch family of the Major Family Warlocks, there was no real goals for Kojo to aspire toward such as family head, besides becoming a casual magic practitioner. From a young age he'd been taught, despite his bloodline, his blood especially was muddled. At least that was what his parents had hammered into him, as their parents did to them. This was because his great grand daddy had decided to marry out of the family, and not only that, but marry a woman of color. This was highly frowned upon. Since then his small branch family had always received the ire of the main Major Family. Luckily being a Warlock, becoming a mage was easy, yet becoming a full fledged Warlock...was different.

Warlocks in the world that Kojo comes from aren't very common. Warlocks are the products of mages mixing their blood with various magical creatures to produce powerful children. The more pure the blood of the mythical creature, the stronger the Warlock produced. However, through the generations, the blood can often become diluted. This means even though Warlocks are generally stronger than standard mages, the descendents aren't nearly as strong as their ancestors, not only that but a Warlock's spellcasting is restricted to 'Laws'. Thus Warlocks who share the same bloodline of a magical creature, create clans or familys in which they are all 'related'. The most pure family's within the clans are dictated as the Head Families, while those more diluted or lesser variations of a magical creature are considered Branch Families of a specific clan. 

However to compensate for weakening Warlocks, those who are dictated as the head of the family, usually the most pureblooded Warlock, are given blood that has been preserved for thousands of years or even longer to make their own power unmatched in comparison to other Warlocks of the same blood or against mages in general. Mages themselves can manipulate magical essence and perform spells varying across multiple branches depending on their own specilizations. However Warlocks, depending on their bloodline, can give a nature to the magical essence they manipulate that are called 'Laws'. Laws can also be called concepts. Warlocks can not only give the essence they manipulate the nature of the laws they weild, but also combine and reshape them to create original spells. Warlocks can only use the Warlock Spells they've originally created, they cannot use other Warlocks spells, yet they can all manipulate essence to use normal spells like other Mages. Not only that, but Warlocks are limited to two Warlock Spells per law. One when they have an understanding of it halfway, and a more powerful one when it could be completely comprehended. The more one comprehends, the stronger of a nature one could apply to their essence. Yet depending on the bloodline of the Warlock, they also inherited specific traits from the mythical creature. This depended on the individual themself, this is what primarily gave Warlocks the edge over Mages. Natural traits they were born with that a mage could never strictly 'learn'.

Kojo as a young man, was regarded as a powerful mage, however a very weak Warlock. Which was the case with most Branch Family Warlocks, especially in the current era. Each bloodline could awaken several different laws depending on the individual, some could unlock multiple. It really depended on the bloodline. While a Warlock could learn other 'Laws', it was usually unheard of because of the sheer amount of time and dedication to a law needed to obtain a law not naturally your own was astronomical, so it became myth and rumor. Kojo himself awoke the Law 'Devour'. While coming under the abuse from the Head Family, he mostly locked himself away in his own studies to become a more knowledgeable Warlock. The saying between mages of all caliber was 'For the Pursuit of Immortality'. It was also Kojo's own motto, braving abuse that was borderline assault, it was what got him through his younger years.

His first Warlock Spell came to him after he'd been ruthlessly beaten by his cousins, nearly to death. Feeling contempt and even envy toward them. Not only were his primary abusers the Head Family, but he also felt self-loathing and jealousy because he was treated this way because of his skin color. If only he could be like them, if only he could feel 'normal'. At least that's how his confused mind justified things. He wanted what they had, and it became inspiration for him after his recovery. When he'd hit that milestone, he'd already been in deep study on Warlock Spellcrafting, all to create a spell that would 'Devour' Laws. A smart young man like Kojo with the determination to both prove himself better and more capable than his racist cousins completed the spell, only possible through the use of his peculiar Law. He named the spell 'قانون الآكل' or 'Qanun Alakil'.

Now, within the Major Family, there is a yearly debut of any who have mastered new Warlock Spells. There are usually hundreds of particiapnts and the entirety of the family is expected to participate, even the branch family's, or there would be a punishment. It was a short time after Kojo had created the Qaun Alakil spell, however he was not nervous. All were invited to see the spectacle of Warlocks of many ages show off their new talents, even other clans or family's of Warlocks. The Head of the Family was personally present. Yet everyone knew the real reason for such debuts. To manage and contain those individuals who had outstanding potential or prowess. It was also a way to find those who had potential to aid the family in it's own personal endeavors. Yet this was all work behind the scenes. Yet when it was Kojo's turn to demonstrate his knew spell, he was met with sneers and other derogatory remarks from other family members. At least, that was until his spell was activated. 

Once Qanun Alakil was activated, Kojo who was on display in an area that could be mistaken for a gymnasium, began to glow in a silvery white light. Not only that, but the target of his newly created spell selected the son of the Clan Head himself. A currently insignificant young man who was the spitting image of his more mature and robust father. He was a focus of Kojo's ire, having led the most severe beating of Kojo's lifetime that left him nearly dead. At first it was unknown what was happening, until veteran eyes noticed the flow of mana, or rather a specific nature of mana was being siphoned from the young man into Kojo. This prompted immediate action by the Head of the family, immediately overpowering Kojo with his own mana indirectly, resulting in a pressure that felt like gravity had inreased several times. Veterans were in shock, as well as the young son of the Head. Yet this only lasted a moment as a choir of voices began to erupt within the area. They were all silenced immediately by  a simple gesture from the Head of the family who gave the order for Kojo to personally see Kojo after the event reached it's ending. However, Kojo who quickly withdrew into the crowd after his display knew what was going on. He felt the raw killing intent of the Head in that moment of being subdued. He clearly wanted Kojo dead, or worse.

Kojo having taking notice of this, quickly escaped the event before it was over with the help of his parents and completely abandoned the family itself. Now having gone awol with his parents while being hunted by several family members under the Head, he immersed himself further into the occult arts. Not only a single branch nor path, but all that he could get his hands on. For a mage knowledge was power. While he was proud to have distinguish himself in such a fashion, he could only feel regret, involving his parents in his own petty affairs that now put them all in danger. He had only given the Head Family an excuse to 'purge' those who were had 'tainted' blood. The habit of running continued several years, until a rather unfavorable event had occured at the age of 24. 

At this time, he had progressed quite a bit in understanding his Law of devour, as well as slowly eating away at the laws of several other opponents he had encountered from the Head of the family whilst trying to fight for his life with his family. He had almost reached the pinnacle of understanding in terms of the Law of Devour. Yet, as things began to become more heated, he and the family decided it was best to split. His parents and him who were once inseperable were apart once more. Kojo decided to enlist in the military as a Marine. He thought it best since he assumed he would be deployed several places, however during this time period, the Afhanistan Campaign had been in full swing. He learned modern combat in the military, as well as an unsshakable resolve that was born in the heat of combat.

In Afghanistan he not only learned about the culture, but he also gained an unshakable resolve that allowed him to survive during the war. He often fought on the frontlines, but he never used magic other than small healing spells for himself here and there. Yet during the Campaign, without intentially trying to learn another Law, he slowly built and understanding of a rather taboo Law. Massacre. While it isn't mentioned in any mainstream articles, likely redacted, Kojo was apart of a unit that killed hundreds if not thousands of men in culmination. Years on the front lines had hardened the heart of Kojo and had made him deadly overall. He wasn't the leader of his unit, although together they were merciless in war. Kojo may not have realized it himself, but it was an outlet for all the anger he had been suffering during his short life. Years later he would recognize his rash decision to join the war as an impulse move of a confused and tired young man.

Now, having killed so many, and growing used to the death of both companions and enemies; Kojo had found the act of killing liberating. Similar to the effect of swearing, how it releases dopamine and relieves stress, he found the act of murder something of a relief. Each enemy he fired his gun at, stabbed, strangled, and even tortured appeared in his head as a member of the Major family he had abandoned and ran from. Quickly enough he began to even enjoy it. Morally it was sickening to an outside perspective, however with the atmosphere of his unit who justified the senseless murder as protection for the greater good, the line between right and wrong began to blur. That's when Kojo began to go off the rails. What really tipped the scales of his fragile morality was a letter received barely a year before the War ended. He got knews of the death of his parents in a letter, both killed in an extreme accident that involved a car crashing into a resturant they were having dinner at, and immediately exploding. Anyone would think this was a freak accident however he knew the truth. They were found and terminated with a car bomb. This was too rare of an event to overlook. Filled with both rage and sadness, during one of the last missions his unit was assigned he faked his death and disappeared, feeling as though his past and enemies were catching up to him.

At the end of the War itself, Kojo had mastered both the pinnacle of the Law of Devour and the Law of Massacre. After he went off the grid, he secluded himself until around the time he turned 40. He was living in siberia at the time, blending with the people as much as possible. Now, he didn't have anything like PTSD from the war at that time, human wars were simple for a mage in terms of survivability, however the nightmare of his parents burning in the car bombing haunted him for years. During that time he developed two spells regarding his Massacre Law, and also completing a spell that showed the pinnacle of his hopes and dreams after the war. He called the final spell within the Law of Devour: 'Taltuhum Alwaqt'. With his spell complete and years of actual combat under his belt as well aa a new Law he could manipulate, he decided to take his revenge. This was the turning point of Kojo Major. His descent deeper into the dark that had consumed his once frail and gentle soul


The Story of Kojo The Warlock

After he had steeled his resolve for revenge, Kojo would travel to Podandar, India. This was the birthplace of Ghandi, and oddly enough a man who his parents respected with all of their might. He was mortal and human, that was for sure. Yet, his parents idolized him for his philosophy and nature. All in all, his family was extremely open mindeed, a contrast to the rest of the Major Family that was built on tradition. He thought this were the best place to finally activate his ultimate Devour spell. Standing on top of a lonely temple, eyes dreamily staring at the stars and filled with hopeful tears; Kojo would riase his combat knife from the war and cut his throat, immediately activating Taltuhum Alwaqt: The Spell that Devoured Time.

Kojo would awaken at the time of the youngest memory he had. Held in the arms of his mother at a tender age of barely 6 years old. His ultimate spell reversed time to a point of his earliest memory. It was a complicated spell that he had worked years on, enabling him to retain his memory. Mages in general, and even more specifically Warlocks power ran existential deep. Warlocks in general increased their power via understanding of the world and creation itself around them. As long as one retained their memories, they could fully retain all of their power. So young Kojo had awoke in a time before all of his troubles and trauma in his mother's arms, fueled with not only resolve to protect them, but gain revenge on the Major Family which would completely reject him in the future.

He would not use his Warlock Spells and would generally repeat history exactly in the same manner up until the 'time' of his debut of his first Devour Spell. With power that would decimate his peers his own age as a young man now that he was reborn, he was planning to kill the Family Head as well as any whom opposed him with his power and knowledge he had gained in his previous life. Thus he would show off his first spell, just as the previous time, and once again the Head wanted a meeting with him after the event. Only this time he did not decide to run away and escape. He was confident in his abilities as a Warlock, not only that he had gone through war for nearly a dozen years that tempered him even further. He had felt as though he had a chance to catch the Head off guard since he was a young, impressionable young man at that time.

Immediately after the event, he met with the Head in his private chambers as well as his personal guard. Immediately Kojo released all of his Warlock abilities that he had tempered and all forms of spells that a young man his age should never have known in the first place. Albeit Kojo was showing an impressive feat, those Warlocks of the Head Family still immediately killed Kojo in the blink of an eye. It was too fast for him to realize what had happened. One moment he was attempting to use spells in tandem with his Massacre Law, the next it all went black and the figure of his mother's face was shown. Yet, this only made Kojo more determined. He followed the exact same procedure, working his way to the debut event only to be killed again and again repeatedly. His ultimate devour spell activated on each death, but little by little he learned more and more from each lifetime growing closer to his goal. Sometimes killing one or two of the personal guards of the Head, and sometimes even damaging the Head himself. One of the times specifically the Head mentioned how he would never allow a black man to evolve into the 'Almighty Serpent'. This brought a whole new plateau to Kojo.

Kojo having repeated his life hundreds of times had the body of a young man, but the mind of a man who had mentally lived for hundreds of years. Over time tweaks and alterations had been created, each lifetime becoming just a tad bit more powerful and eating away at laws of family members that were retained each life. A revelation eventually came and nearly 600 deaths at the hand of The Head. The Head had slipped up one time and explained the 'Evolution'. The Major Family came from a cross between the Major Progenitor and The Allsnake creature. The Allsnake was said to be the progenitor of all lizard and reptilian life. This included snakes, dragons, wyverns, wyrms, etc. The Allsnake creature itself came from the 9 Headed Dragon prophesized in the Bible. The Devil himself. The Evolution the Head spoke of was realistically impossible, but possible for Kojo because of his Devour Law. The 9 Headed Serpent, the Evolution of the Allsnake was an amalgamation of 9 specific Laws. Manually learning a law not unlocked naturally was rumor and myth but possible. Yet 9 different Laws, or even half of that was completely impossible to the minds of both Warlocks and Mages. Yet the Head seeing the young Warlock Kojo felt an existiential dread that prompted the need for him to get rid of Kojo because of his Devour spell that could realize the Evolution. The Head would not let a black man of all people Evolve, no matter how unlikely. These two reasons gave the Head enough reason to use all his power and resources to kill Kojo and his family. 

This revelation gave Kojo even more of a reason to kill the Head and the Major Family itself. He had realized that no matter what, the Major family would deny his and his close family's existence because of greed and racism. Now, you may think: "Oh resetting time each death? What a cheat and so overpowered". Yet, do you know the true horrow the true horror to such a power> It's one's own sanity. Once he had reached nearly 1000 resets, he had spent countless lifetimes trying to kill the family Head, despite growing stronger each time he was still so inferior. This taxes the mind and the soul if not existence. There was a point Kojo had given up all hope and simply repeatedly died and or killed himself out of pure despair. He was on a quick path to insanity. This would drive any man mad eventually. Thus he decided to change things up. His goal above all was to protect his family, so he would protect them by all means. This was a mistake.

Kojo reset and escaped the debut event that he had repeated countless times, instead of going to the military he stayed with his family a dozen times over than he had previously reset thanks to the Head of the Family. You may be thinking "Of all those times Kojo couldn't find some manner to overpower the Family Head and his Guards?". No, no he couldn't. Sure fighting a battle alone may have been a different story, especially since he grew in power. Despite there being magic and mystery, the power of numbers can always overpower the strength of one. Even if one or two die, or even a dozen, what can you do against a family of nigh-demigods who have a man who had attained near godhood as a leader? Kojo would later think back as these endeavors as hopeless and reckless. Just too stupid and angry to think things through.

Now while it is true he decided to protect his family and slowly strike at the Major Family, yet despite how many times he reset via death, his family died each and every time. A good majority before his eyes. Do you know what that can do to a person. Seeing your most loved ones repeatedly killed and tortured in and endless cycle of events that you can't completely predict? It was traumatizing each time. Over and over, he relived his trauma over and over again. Eventually he though the problem wasn't with his magic but him as a person. Thus he left his family again and continued the endless cycle within the Marines. Repeating the War ten thousand times over. Reliving the deaths of comrades and innocents in his carnage for more power to protect his family. It eventually broke him. Once again, just like his first life he began to embrace the Mage motto: 'For the Pursuit of Immortality'. Very few mages and Warlocks had achieved immortality. Either through spells that involved Laws or items found within or outside of the universe or dimension if they were strong enough. Eternity for themselves, never aging or dying. Most Mages or Warlocks imitated it with either simply prolonging their life time with possesion, life extention, specific Laws, and even spells that made them physically invicible. However all of that was nothing before True Immortality. It always ended in failure. 

Kojo assumed if he became truly immortal, he could eventually garner enough power to take down the Major Family and their associates. To put in contrast the odds against Kojo, the Major Family basically owned several superpowers from the shadows in his world. Thus their influence and numbers were pretty immeasurable. So he decided that maybe he could be hermit, live with his family completely off the grid in the mountains after a reset, gain the knowledge he needed slowly but surely to have his revenge over thousands of lifetimes. What Kojo did not account for were variables outside of his expectations. It took many resets via his Devour Spell but eventually Kojo was up against a Warlock who manipulated memories. Out of the hundreds of thousands of resets, it was only a matter of time before someone like that came along. During battle to protect his family, his opponent caused him to literally forget his family. Not only that Kojo died that very battle, resetting to his earliest memory without his parents. Being beat by his cousin to near death before the debut of Warlock Spells. 

While he retained his knowledge on spellcraft, his family was no more. He was an orphan in this reset because of it. His ultimate devour ability not only devoured time but brought into reality a world where his memories weaved the current world. It is true he has forgotten his family, however with the thousands of times he had repeated their presence was existentially deep. Each night he would dream of the trauma of losing them, nor did his hate for the family dwindle. Yet in his dreams his family that is lost every time, painted another stain in his heart. He eventually decided to once again to go on the run under an everchanging alias. He created a magical library whose books compiled the sum total of his knowledge. Under the cover of a normal library, to mages and any other magic folk it was a library that housed Grimoires that contained the magic he had learned. You could say it was like the Library of Alexandria, but a bit more fantastical in nature. Yet the Library is merely his lure, preyting on any and everything he can Devour 'Laws' from. He does not want to die under any circumstance again, because he fears what he may have to experience again. He now years for the Laws that can allow him to ascend, granting both immortality and the power he seeks to destroy the Major Family.






"A Second Chance is not a Gift, it is a Curse".

- Kojo Major






Kojo Major Powers

Allsnake Warlock Traits

// Allsnake Control - Provides a rather significant control over lizards, wyrms, reptiles, dragons etc. at his will. Those powerful enough to resist will see Kojo as a monarch of their species regardless.

// Energy Eater - Allows Kojo to eat and absorb energy via a black hole in his stomach. Not a literal black hole. Just a black hole the size of an average mouth.

//  Dream Eater - Allows Kojo to infiltrate dreams and bring others into his daydreams or hop into other's. Daydreams essentially enable Kojo to bring dreams into reality however he is only able to do that with others and not himself. Within a dream of any kind, Kojo is able to absorb Laws that may pertain to an individual more quickly. If the target is too powerful [Demi-God] or higher or a Dream specialized individual, they can become a 'Lucid Dreamer' and control all aspects effectively being able to harm Kojo within the dream or even destroy the dream to wake themselves up or end the Dream and mitigate Dream Eater entirely. 

// Nightmare - Allows Kojo to induce a sleeping target into a nightmare and feed on their emotionally energy, potentially causing trauma, PTSD, and other mental effects that can shatter the psyche of the target.

// Illusion Bringer - Illusions are easily conjured by Kojo affecting all the senses as long as he can either directly or indirectly inject his magical essence into them. These Illusions are extremely hard to break and most be met with an equal or stronger amount of magical essence countering Kojo to break these illusions. However one must be first aware of the illusion before they are able to counter him. 


Kojo Major Laws


// Devour [Concept]  100%

// Massacre/Violence [Concept] 100%

// Time [Concept] 30% - Takes 5 times the posts to increase 1%


Kojo Major Warlock Spells


// Qanun Alakil' - Allows Kojo to passively absorb Laws [Concepts] pertaining to individuals slowly. 1% for each post depending if the Law is present in an individual or in the environment. Once he reaches 50% of a Lawhe is able to imbue his spells with the nature of the law to give it a devestating effect. Once he reaches 100% he is able to create an ultimate spell and manipulate the Law entirely without limits. 

// Taltuhum Alwaqt - This spell is passive. If Kojo dies, he will completely restart life, devouring the timeline and starting over from his earliest memory. However most times, especially if in battle it will appear to the other that Kojo would have avoided a rather fatal attack. This is because he has lived life up to the point of the moment and made safeguards to prevent his death again. The others involved in the moment of death will likely not remember killing Kojo, depending on their own abilities. Some who are in a close relation with time may notice somethting amiss with the timeline.

// Ainfajarat Majzara - Passively this spell causes whatever attack uses to be afflicted within an area 10x the size/radius of the weapon he is using. I.E. Shooting a gun, the bullet's damage to the body depending on the strength of it will affect everything within a radius of 10x the size of the bullet.

// Madhabihat Alruwh - This spell must be activated with a cooldown of 10 posts. This essentially allows him to attack the soul with whatever attacks he uses with this spell. These attacks are greivous and can usually only be healed with effects that repair the soul itself.


Kojo Major Mage Power

 Essentially Kojo is able to manipulate magical essence to create phenomena and effects in the world like a normal mage. Having lived countless lifetimes he's learned magic from every branch and most religions. The only magics he really lacks in is extra-terrestrial magics or inter=dimentional magic. He is able to imbue his magic with a nature depending on the Laws he weilds, enabling him to essentially give an extra effect to his magic if he chooses depending on aspects revolving around the Law. However he can also learn spells and different magics he doesn't know with ease as long as they relate to the laws he can comprehend besides exact replicas of Warlock Spells. In terms of a Mage and not a Warlock he could easily be considered and extremely powerful Archmage. While Warlocks can draw on the essence of their being, they can also take from the nature around them, making him a formidable opponent or even a Fantastic Mage in general.


"Your Magic is Trash."

- Kojo Major

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  • You in our chat brah!

  • If you want to join our chat with any ideas or planning? 

  • Simply by jumping in or if ye want to discuss any directions or elements. 

  • I am thinking he might do well in our Torches and Tombs adventure

  • I just want to say this character is novel-worthy!

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