"There are a few who were lucky enough to escape Cybertron. One of these survivors was a veteran who like most, fled for humanity's cradle, Earth. And I've yet to find him."

- Optimus Prime


- Renegade Autobot - the White Mech - the Traveler - Transformer - an unearthly Machine - Technician - Demolitions Expert - 


Before his arrival came the W.a.r.


Long ago on a faraway world existed the Cybertronian race, a civilization of artificial beings with many astonishing technical capabilities and attributes. Before hostilities broke out Unity worked as a researcher for a weapons research facility, developing and assisting with experimental technology mostly. He was credited for aiding in the creation of the Space Bridge, a device capable of creating quantum corridors (portals) that could be used to travel almost anywhere.

Overtime, movements for equality were started by a lesser bot who served as a Miner due to being of a lower caste, this individual became known as Megatronus. He later gained supporters and sought to abolish the cast system by force. Cybertron was eventually plagued by a global conflict that lasted for centuries between two factions created in its wake: The Autobots and Decepticons. Their everlasting engages gradually let to the destruction of their own planet beyond any recognition to the point of becoming uninhabitable. Defeat was inevitable for the Autobots, who found themselves terribly out numbered and out gunned.

When called to serve, Unity was chosen become a member of the Wreckers, a combat unit of the Autobots consisting of only the most talented bots available. They operated outside the standard chain of command and took high risk missions that were nearly suicide, their equivalent of Black Ops. He worked as a combat engineer and demolitions expert until the war reached its peak. From there he met several of his closest friends: Bulkhead, Wheeljack, and Seaspray.

Their last mission together was to destroy the Decepticon warship Harbinger, which was rumored to be carrying a shipment of prototype weapons technologies. Several bots named Blackout, Hotshot, and Pyro accompanied him during the operation.The Wreckers were successful in breaking through the Decepticon line to reach the spaceport. By the time they got in, the vessel was already taking off with its high value cargo on board, forcing them to hitch a ride. After sabotaging the engineering bay, Hotshot was killed attempting to escape the Harbinger. Pyro stole a fighter while Unity rode inside Blackout since he could transform into a light dropship. To their misfortune, Pyro was shot down by fighters as the other two Wreckers fled together.


As if nothing could've escalated their situation, the duo returned to find their stronghold reduced to ashes, turns out the outpost was bombed while they were away. With their superiors dead, him and Blackout fled the planet after receiving news that an Ark carrying Autobot refugees was departing soon, all survivors across the globe were ordered to leave. Both bots headed for interstellar space in hopes of finding a safe haven. Just like their weaker counterparts, all surviving Decepticons left and scattered themselves across the known galaxy.


When it seemed like him and his partner would be scattered to the winds for all of eternity across the cosmos, they stumbled across what was to become their new home.


To their own luck, both Wreckers discovered a habitable world prior to setting a random course. Only moments after they came out of warp, Unity and his much larger ally were intercepted by Decepticon flyers. Blackout sustained critical damage during a skirmish in the planet's orbit and was on the verge of going up in one massive inferno. To spare his comrade, he ejected Unity from his interior while in vehicle mode in the form of a dropship, thus causing him to enter atmosphere like a meteorite. It was unclear whether or not Blackout survived, the last time he saw him was when he darted past a blanket of clouds while one of his thrusters was up in flames.

After making impact on a California dairy farm, the lone bot immediately got out of his crater in frantic search for his possibly deceased brother in arms. At the realization Blackout was no where to be seen and nothing on comm chatter, he managed to locate a road before learning that the azure and emerald marble he was on had a civilization living there. In order to keep a low profile, a passing vehicle was scanned by him to take its exact form, this ended up being a Lamborghini Aventador.


Under this facade, the rogue Autobot began studying traffic laws via Internet through his own helm. The next three years consisted of him roaming North America's highways in his new disguise, and without a need for any type of fuel, good luck attempting to stop him if you're a police officer. Despite his kind having the ability to tolerate isolation better than the natives of that planet, the growing solitude combined with the likely loss of his fallen ally began eating away at his core. Unfortunately for him, Unity was required to constantly keep himself concealed in vehicle mode, the only time he could transform without the fear of being discovered was on backwoods roadways or abandoned properties.

Currently he uses deserted underground complex located beneath an aircraft graveyard as safe house, where essential supplies, weapons, and personal belongings. Stored there in crates is Energon, a mysterious substance that acts as the fuel and life blood for all Cybertronians, without it he'd weather away in due time. Much of his time is often spent seeking out Energon deposits and materials for crafting new equipment or additional weapons should the time ever call for their usage. When not gathering resources, Unity frequently travels to nearby cities just to explore, occasionally he'll venture into other states.



Alignment: Autobot 





When not worried over the threat of capture or being seen by a stranger outside of his vehicle mode, Unity can be quite the jovial one towards those around him. Despite the occasional sass from him, he holds a surprising amount of selflessness to his allies and will not hesitate to take the heat for someone, whether it be mentally or physically.



At a total height of seventeen feet, Unity like most Transformers holds a bipedal and aerodynamic figure with a snow white paint scheme. There are two wing-like segments behind his shoulders where exterior plates from his vehicle mode fold up, a beak shaped head with a glowing cobalt visor, a pointed chest, and narrowed legs with edges at the front.

In vehicle form, he uses a 2015 Lamborghini Aventador Super Veloce as his facade while going out on public roads or settlements. Much like his true form he has a white paint job with secondary black on some details. The interior is mirrored after and feels exactly the same as its authentic counterpart, any occupants inside wouldn't be able to tell the difference. When active, that false V12 engine can still be heard normally at the press of the gas pedal. There are no distinguishable features on his exterior to make him stand out from others on the road.

Being a Transformer, an entirely different vehicle can be scanned at will to change into /it/ instead, usually it'll still appear white unless he chooses to change the color as well. It is unlikely he'll ditch his current disguise any time soon.


The Arsenal:

                                                                         Cosmic Rust Gun:

Exactly what it sounds like. This mid range weapon can be extremely volatile when coming into contact with any form of metal, which instantly decomposes it and will quickly spread across its target. It holds very low impact and focuses solely on corroding whatever it hits, assuming the victim is either in a vehicle or encased in some alloy.

                                                                             Plasma Repeater:

A cybertronian's equivalent of an assault rifle. The repeater utilizes ionized gas and compresses it into small projectiles, it's rate of fire being roughly ninety rounds per minute. Due to its plasma-based shots, it relies purely on heat to melt through its target. This oversized rifle was personally gifted to him by Bulkhead, a friend of Unity's who served with him in the Wreckers.


Author's notes:

>Please keep in mind that replies can take a little bit of time, if I go a couple of days without responding, that doesn't mean I've forgotten about you.

>I do mostly modern and futuristic themes with Unity. If this isn't what you're looking for when writing with me, I have plenty of other characters for different genres, PLEASE don't hesitate to ask me about my other muses.

>I welcome character ships don't expect smut from this one.

>Expect the occasional gore when there's action in our writing, just because I play a Transformer doesn't mean it's child-friendly or toned down. Mature themes is what I aim for.

>Do not kill or make me off my own character. Either I'll consider removing you or the roleplay will be over permanently. I came here to write enjoyable stories with other people, I'm not going to throw away all the hard work I've put into this character just so yours can make a name for themselves. But don't take this the wrong way, I /love/ action, but I strongly ask that fights be scripted most of the time otherwise it creates a lot of friction between writers.

>If you have an issue with my writing or find yourself bored, don't be afraid to come talk to me about it, alright? I can't help you if you won't be straightforward with me.

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  • " Psh, of course I do."

    Riiiight. That might as well be his catch phrase for all of his life because if there's one thing Lance Callaghan pulled off well, it was bullshitting and cheating his way through life in the vents that he "knew" what he was doing. Call it sheer luck that he's still alive and well today.

    The speedster seems cool enough in letting Unity have most of the control, his skin still prickling t=with the sensation of power through contact of the alien robot. It was different, it was thrilling and nearly..addictive. Lance has an addictive personality, so watch out alien robo.  

    He's grinning a bit like a madman and all it takes is that okay go given by the alien lifeform to initiate his plan. It's not a difficult consept to accept that the world would slow down, that time might seem irrelevant in such a state depending on the rate of acceleration, but it's like fire that crackls along his skin, coming from deep within, his mutated DNA all but holding the control of the rate of their velocity oh so suddenly. Upon Lance's perception, the world was in slow motion and he was none the affected by it. Colors were obscure, sound gone except for the hum of a living machine and his own heartbeat. The world was practically his playground where he usually had the control to  pass others vehicles on the road, weaving through traffic at his own leisure with nothing and no one to stop him. Unity's Perception can't be counted for, but perhaps he saw it just the way Lance could, assuming the alien's processor was just that enhanced.

    It was exhilarating for sure having that power of, that control and the adrenaline always seems to come tenfold more than usual. 

  • " Fair enough."

    Lance watched as the alien mech transformed, eyes widening like a child entering a candy shop for the first time. That grin spreading along his face again.

    " Cooool.."

    He nods about the aliens preference to keeping control. Okay, he kinda wants that control, but totally understands the need for that control especially in what he's going to do. Here's to hoping the mech can handle it, though.. Lest they both get killed, but he keeps that bit to himself. It'll be fiiiiine.

    He approaches Unity, climbs in and carefully reaches for the steering wheel, just running his fingers along, but not activating his mutant abilities yet, of course.

  • Reaches with his cybernetic arm to rap on the hood/leg of the robot. 

    Ding ding ding.  "Honey, I'm home!"

  • " I wouldn't say a "controlled" substance, but.." Shrugs and grins like a hungry shark. 

    " I can show you. It won't hurt, promise. I'm pretty adept in my powers by now. "


  • " Oh pleeeease, don't act like a baby! I'd probably be like a drug to ya.." Considering that theory, he looks at his hands. Hmm, would it? How would his powers affect the robot alien?

  • " So..that ride." - grabby hands again-

    ( dammit you came on literally after i left lmao)

  • " Eh. I never particularly fit in to the norm, so I'm bound to have abnormal responses." Griiins. 

  • " Oooooh--fuck me.. Okay, but this is even fuck'n better! " - A goddamn kid at a candy shop- "Jus..y'know don't kill me? I can be a cool human, I promise and I don't yap like others, so your secret is totally safe with me. Scouts honor. " -Fun fact, yes he was a boy scout once upon a time, so when he says this, he means it and not that he's just got three fingers deep in a gal....well not recently anyways.-

  • ....- kicks his shoes off- :| 

  • "Ooooh, let me drive you" -Grabby hands-

This reply was deleted.

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