"There are a few who were lucky enough to escape Cybertron. One of these survivors was a veteran who like most, fled for humanity's cradle, Earth. And I've yet to find him."

- Optimus Prime

- Renegade Autobot - the White Mech - the Traveler - Transformer - an unearthly Machine - Technician - Demolitions Expert -




Alignment: Autobot




When not worried over the threat of capture or being seen by a stranger outside of his vehicle mode, Unity can be quite the jovial one towards those around him. Despite the occasional sass from him, he holds a surprising amount of selflessness to his allies and will not hesitate to take the heat for someone, whether it be mentally or physically.


At a total height of seventeen feet, Unity like most Transformers holds a bipedal and aerodynamic figure with a snow white paint scheme. There are two wing-like segments behind his shoulders where exterior plates from his vehicle mode fold up, a beak shaped head with a glowing cobalt visor, a pointed chest, and narrowed legs with edges at the front.

In vehicle form, he uses a 2015 Lamborghini Aventador Super Veloce as his facade while going out on public roads or settlements. Much like his true form he has a white paint job with secondary black on some details. The interior is mirrored after and feels exactly the same as its authentic counterpart, any occupants inside wouldn't be able to tell the difference. When active, that false V12 engine can still be heard normally at the press of the gas pedal. There are no distinguishable features on his exterior to make him stand out from others on the road.

Being a Transformer, an entirely different vehicle can be scanned at will to change into /it/ instead, usually it'll still appear white unless he chooses to change the color as well. It is unlikely he'll ditch his current disguise any time soon.


Writer's notes:

>Please keep in mind that replies can take a little bit of time if I go a couple of days without responding, that doesn't mean I've forgotten about you.

>I do mostly modern and futuristic themes with Unity. If this isn't what you're looking for when writing with me, I have plenty of other characters for different genres, PLEASE don't hesitate to ask me about my other muses.

>I welcome character ships don't expect smut from this one.

>Expect the occasional gore when there's action in our writing, just because I play a Transformer doesn't mean it's child-friendly or toned down. Mature themes is what I aim for.

>Do not kill or make me off my own character. Either I'll consider removing you or the roleplay will be over permanently. I came here to write enjoyable stories with other people, I'm not going to throw away all the hard work I've put into this character just so yours can make a name for themselves. But don't take this the wrong way, I /love/ action, but I strongly ask that fights be scripted most of the time otherwise it creates a lot of friction between writers.

>If you have an issue with my writing or find yourself bored, don't be afraid to come talk to me about it, alright? I can't help you if you won't be straightforward with me.

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  •                Once the car comes to an abrupt stop, Chelsea’s magnet disconnects to prevent Chelsea from being yanked around. She rolls off the car but slides to a stop on her feet in front of the car. She’s hearing this vehicle speak, but is having a hard time connecting the dots here. If her armor wasn’t covering her face she would have a huge look of confusion as she tries to understand what exactly the voice means. “Well how could I have seen you if all I saw was a car?!” She screams at him as he drives off and leaves her to find her own way home. “Sheesh, acting like I directly insulted him or something.”

                   She’s about to start figuring her way back home to Atlas until she notices the new headlights. She throws her arms down in a fit of protest. “Oh come one give me a break!” This just was not her idea of a peaceful night. She reaches to her left thigh and draws her shotgun once more. She begins to shoot at the headlights even though she’s not aware of how little effect it may have right now. She can only get two shells off before Unity is right behind her and demanding she gets in the car.

                   She looks back to see that the door has opened on its own, and there’s the body-less voice again. She lowers her gun and takes a glance back at the headlights racing towards her. There’s something she’s not understanding here and it’s unsettling. Her choices are to either face an unknown opponent or get in the car with an unknown ally. If she could even consider him an ally right now. Her choices aren’t very good, but she holsters her shotgun and runs into the car. Once in the car her helmet retracts back into her armor and she takes a quick look around.

                   “Okay mystery man, where are you? Where’s the camera? And how to do you have this much control over a vehicle from another location?” She’s got a lot of questions concerning this tech already, and she doesn’t even know what Unity actually is.  She’s even taken note of the armor capabilities on this car, and it’s scrambling her head on why anyone would do this to a car. Unity is basically something so far advanced that she hasn’t even attempted to grasp the concept of something like Unity even existing and she’s about to be drawn in middle of their war while trying to remain evasive to Mai and Lynn.

                   Times ticking and she doesn’t have very much time to prepare for the two demons seeking her out. She hasn’t stopped looking around the car for any possible cameras, but she doesn’t search much longer before leaning back in her seat and running her hands in her hair. “God, why is this night already so stressful?” She mumbles under her breath trying to understand exactly what kind of world she’s in. She then turns her head back to look at their new pursuers. “And who are they? I only detected one small squad of FBI. There shouldn’t be more so I don’t know what you’re getting me involved in but I have a pissed off green haired woman after me, and I’m not sure how much longer I can handle being on the run.” The last part was sort of sarcastic as she could handle running for a long time actually.

  • As soon as the car began to move she had the plan to escape with it. She assumes some bystander just saw a car thrown and destroyed and must be trying to get away from the scene. It doesn’t matter to her the reason, just as long as she got out of this too. As the car passes by she runs out of cover and jumps onto the roof of the car. “Don’t stop driving!” She screams out as she places a magnet on top of Unity. The magnet is attached to her armor by a metal wire as to keep her on the car without her having to hang on with her hands. This way she could still fight if they’re being followed.

    Sure enough the FBI were chasing after them. Chels lays on her back now as to face the rear of the car. They’re in the black SUV that was just raining down led on her position not too long ago. “Keep your head down!” She shouts again, still assuming that there is someone driving in there. She forms a shield out of a black diamond material that comes out of her hands, and hides herself behind it. What comes next is a wall of bullets. It’s moments like these that she wonders what if her life had been different. What if she never signed up with a military organization that was hell bent on killing everything? What she be on the back of this car, dangling by a wire, and shielding herself from hundreds of bullets?

    Who knows, and she’s already fed up with it. She gets on her feet now and draws out her sword. At the press of a button a blue line appears at on the length of her blade. It was concentrated electricity. With one swift motion she swings her sword in an upwards motion towards the vehicle behind them. A wave of electricity cracks the street behind them as it travels in the direction of their pursuers, and collides with the black SUV. The electricity completely demolishes the vehicle, and probably even severally injures those inside of it. Along with several pieces of it falling off on impact, the vehicle also rolls over a few times. For now at least, she believes the worst of the night is over.

    She sheathes her sword and discards her shield. Now is the time for her to meet her knight in shining armor, who just might be scarred out of his mind with what was going on. Maybe it was another supernatural being that just didn’t want any trouble. No matter, she lays down on the roof of the car again, and peaks over to see the driver’s seat. Even with the tinted windows her HUD was helping her see directly into the vehicle. “So what do I owe-“

    And there’s no one there. She supposes it’s nothing too alarming. Atlas can move around without her piloting it, but that’s a robot. Why would anyone give this ability to a car? And if that’s the case, where is the person that’s controlling it? She’s still assuming that there is biological life in charge of this. She thinks that someone who loves their car modified the brains of the vehicle and gave it remote capabilities. At least, that’s the best she can come up with. She hasn’t thought the possibilities of this thing actually being alive.

    She sighs in slight frustration as she’s sure she’s not going to be getting in the car if there’s no one inside to open a window or anything. “Ugh, of course there’s no one in the stupid car! Why would my life be anything but normal for just a few damn seconds?” She’s assuming that she’s the only one there now and that no one is listening to her. Oh, but how her world is about to be turned over.

  • “How far will you go to protect what’s yours, Chelsea?”

    “This far.”


    3:00 AM

    Anchorage, Alaska





    She’s remembering what got her to this point. That fateful day when a man in a red coat came to her and asked her that question. On that day she answered, and continued to prove herself right as the years went on. Now? She’s in this fucking dumpster hiding from the FBI whom were sent by that same man’s daughter, Mai Ortega. She’s not sure when, but she must’ve kicked a puppy somewhere during her life to be constantly hunted down. Before Mai, it was just a crazy man with a sick fetish for seeing Warlords in action. The list just keeps going of supernatural beings hunting down this mad scientist for knowledge on how to break the skies open.

    Her thoughts are interrupted as a small brown mouse jumps on her leg. It’s nothing that frightens her however. Not to say she’s in tune with nature or anything. More like she’s seen to many monsters and demons to share any sort of scream for harmless creatures. Plus, she hears movement outside of her dumpster. There’s a slow crunch of someone stepping closer and closer to the dumpster, but no talking. There’s no way they know I’m in here. She keeps telling herself in her mind, but the slow movement towards her suggests otherwise. Maybe they don’t know she’s there, but are searching it just in case.

    No matter. This is how her night will go. She reaches into the pocket of her jeans and pulls out a blue metal ball. She has to time this just right if she wants to get a decent head start in running. The footsteps come to stop just a few feet from her. Then there’s a kick. “Really?” She opened her big mouth in reaction to how stupid it was that this elite operative of the FBI decided to start his search by kicking it. Did he even read a file on who she was? Well, maybe he did because she’s the one that gave herself up.

    “Chelsea Yamada you’re under arrest for-“ She didn’t want to hear it. She crushes the metal ball in her hand and it begins to materialize her armor. It solidifies into her armor, and she jumps to send a bolt of electricity into the man in front of her before he begins to fire. She then began to run down the alley her trashcan was in while a black SUV came chasing after her with red and blue lights flashing. A man’s voice shouts over an intercom coming from the vehicle. “Stop running!” As if she would actually consider that.

    Once on the street she makes a hard left and ducks down behind a line of parked cars. The SUV screeches to a stop, and out of the top of the vehicles an operative flips up a mini gun. At least three others exit the vehicle with weapons drawn. She’s going to safely assume that these aren’t human operatives. Mai wouldn’t send people on a suicide run like that. She’s probably dealing with vampires and demons. Maybe hybrids. She won’t know until the fighting starts however. She stands and breaks her cover while drawing out her semi-auto shotgun in her left hand. The first shot is an explosive round and it hits directly in the chest of the man that was closest to her. She ducks back down as the mini-gun begins to unload an unholy amount of bullets in her direction. Someone even picks up another parked vehicle and tosses it in her direction. Before it can land however the vehicle is blown up by one of the others. Chelsea drops to the floor in an effort to not get hit by any large pieces of shrapnel. “Damn, these people are persistent!”

  • A million thoughts seemed to pass through the femme's processor at once before she gave a slight shake of her head as she straightened her posture. She quickly looked him over, an old habit of hers whenever they saw eachother, his question snapping her attention to his pointed visor, which was currently pointed at the ground.

    "Life's been...inadequate." She answered honestly, his unusually quiet, although perfectly reasonable, demeanor making her spark ache as he glanced up at her. She couldnt lie to him, being one of the only flyers in the current Autobot forces had always been tough, but if she were honest to herself, it had been even tougher now that she was on her own. Her position of power helped, but it still wasn't the same.


    "And yourself? Surely you must have some interesting stories.." she encouraged, though her tone of voice didn't suggest such a thing. Her wing segments twitched as she awaited his possible answer, unsure of what to expect.




  • The femme flinched, having been deep in thought when he spoke.  Turning around, although she sighed in relief when she spotted the Autobot insignia, her optics widened in surprise when she recognized its owner.


    It had been a short while since she had last seen the mech, and even longer since she had even spoken to him, though to be fair they didn't exactly part on good terms.  

  • "How can you compare this cutie to that abomination!"

  • "Woi, Oldy, your girly screams can be heard to the next Decepticon base!"

  • || -beep beep because scraplets ♡- ||


  • Lance was always filled with the thought process of a madman when he used his powers like this. A high like no other. Adrenaline spiked at alarming heights all through him. It's no wonder you could consider the man an andrenaline junkie, living the life he does because he simply just can't get enough of it. He may have given up drugs and been living clean for some time now, but this was a kind of addiction he doesn't think he could ever give up. It's like an out of body experience, feeling something far greater than his own flesh and blood body; an ultimate power.

    The feeling is different with Unity, however. Where there's usually a lifeless machine, this was one sentient with a life of it's own. There's aconnection between him and whatever fuels the alien. He just can't quite explain it, but he senses it. 

    So.. peculiar.

    This power had effects on others it didn't quite have the effect on Lance. Most couldn't handle this velocity and could sustain injury and mild to severe sickness by vertigo. A feeling often like getting off a roller coaster you were forced onto. To Lance, it felt natural; a rush adrenaline that sent his nerves crackling with energy. No doubt, Unity would be affected on a different level to some degree. 

    Hearing the robot alien, Lance laughed wildly with a grin plastered on his face.

    This was fuck'n amazing.


    Eventually, he'd edge back on the power, a pull that'd be felt by Unity as the feeling ebbed to have them soon coming back down to a more stable and normal speed and.. much farther from where'd they'd been just..what - maybe three minutes ago? 

  • " Psh, of course I do."

    Riiiight. That might as well be his catch phrase for all of his life because if there's one thing Lance Callaghan pulled off well, it was bullshitting and cheating his way through life in the vents that he "knew" what he was doing. Call it sheer luck that he's still alive and well today.

    The speedster seems cool enough in letting Unity have most of the control, his skin still prickling t=with the sensation of power through contact of the alien robot. It was different, it was thrilling and nearly..addictive. Lance has an addictive personality, so watch out alien robo.  

    He's grinning a bit like a madman and all it takes is that okay go given by the alien lifeform to initiate his plan. It's not a difficult consept to accept that the world would slow down, that time might seem irrelevant in such a state depending on the rate of acceleration, but it's like fire that crackls along his skin, coming from deep within, his mutated DNA all but holding the control of the rate of their velocity oh so suddenly. Upon Lance's perception, the world was in slow motion and he was none the affected by it. Colors were obscure, sound gone except for the hum of a living machine and his own heartbeat. The world was practically his playground where he usually had the control to  pass others vehicles on the road, weaving through traffic at his own leisure with nothing and no one to stop him. Unity's Perception can't be counted for, but perhaps he saw it just the way Lance could, assuming the alien's processor was just that enhanced.

    It was exhilarating for sure having that power of, that control and the adrenaline always seems to come tenfold more than usual. 

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