"Monsters are real my darling Valentina, but they are not who you think they are. They are kind hearts who are not well understood, the real evil in in this world are men who try to demonize these poor souls."

Which is your favourite Elizabeth's costume? - Elizabeth Swann - fanpop

Juno was born as Valentina Castillo in 1708, Florence. Her mother was the daughter of a wealthy noble and her father was a renowned artist. She had an older brother named Mikael, who had no intention in being friendly with her. Not much is known about her father, but her mother Marie Anna was a popular socialite among her peers. The birth of Juno meant the opportunity to use her daughter to join a new family with more popularity. 

Since birth Juno was groomed into being the perfect bride for the perfect suitor. Maria Anna was very beautiful, and Juno carried most of her attributes well. She was tall with a narrow frame, which gave her mother grief seeing as men lusted for shorter plump ladies, her hair was long and always tediously pulled into intricate designs low on her head, her skin kept lily pale, and her irises pits of black. Many men came to gaze upon Juno's innocent beauty, but none dared ask for her hand in marriage. By the time she was 12 her mother had became increasingly angry with her daughter's lack of lovers.


It was Maria Anna who decided to seek out the help of a witch for her child, going deep into the woods in order to find lady Belladonna. Bella agreed to help the Castellos, but only in exchange for Maria Anna's next child. They agreed on the terms and Bella gave them a love potion to lure in wealthy men from around the world.

It only took 3 days for the first suitor to arrive, a prince of a small unknown country who offered gold and riches in exchange for 12 year old Juno. Prince Lexington was promptly married to her and they took a honeymoon to a secluded castle in the same woods Bella lived in. That's where Juno learned who she married. He revealed that all the treasures he presented to the Castillo's were fake, his story of being a prince also highly fabricated. He had only wanted to marry Juno because her beauty captivated him and he wanted no more than to kill her.

Lexington bound Juno, torturing her slowly over the course of 7 days. That's when Bella heard Juno's screams and cries, her morales forcing her to help the child. 

After murdering Lexington Bella took young Juno away, recognizing her talent for witch craft. Within a year Juno had learned everything Belladonna knew, in two years she perfected her craft, and in three she became a master witch. Her magic was spell based, luring the magical properties from her ingredients with soft lullabies was her secret. Magic was gentle, no matter its purpose.

Juno's paradise only lasted until her 19th birthday. That's when the townsfolk decided to ransack the woods and found the two witches living there. They promptly dragged them into Florence, where they were burned at the stake for their witch craft. 

That's when Juno woke up. Hundreds of years later she woke in a pine box, dragging herself from the earth. Someone had big plans for her, she just wasn't at liberty to know yet...


April 15

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  • [Thank you for the invite! I don't have any threads open currently, but if I do in the future, I hope we may chat.]

  • Aside from Assassin's Creed have not played in the European Theatre. But a good fantasy romp is a good fantasy romp. A lovely and casual slaying of evil and taking thier stuff-kind of writing? Let us see if we can plan something. 

  • Summer of 1716


    - The Papal States (What is now Italy) under the early, tax heavy reign of Austria -

    - France and Austria are in war -

    - French delegates are sent to Florence -


    Juliet casted her looks over the sea, a shining glint reflecting back on her bright, young face. "Père Charles? Why are we coming to this city?" A little Juliet asked, and her father turned from the railing of the ship, grabbing her hand as they approached the dock.

    The city of Florence was bustling today, and on the surface, there was this gilded view of the city. Florence was rich in history and culture, being home to the pope, Shakespeare plays, delicious food and art. People played with puppets in the street, tossed food around in trade, and talked loudly over music from street performers. Yet under the previous rule of Aragon, Spain and now Austria, the people have suffered. The upper class was angry with the rest of Europe, while unrest was growing in the lower class. Juliet could see it in the common people's faces as she walked by them, their hungry stares and glares hyper fixating on the silk of her dress and jewels on her neck.

    "The King of Austria has put hard taxes on the aristocracy here," Duke Charles started to explain, not looking at his child's face, as she looked up at him. He held her hand tightly. "They have not been able to sell or make any money that is not taken by the Austrian state. Due to the tense relations between our glorious kingdom versus that of Austria, it has been decided, in order to release that tension, that some french companies will sell here. La Couronne, our company, will be selling jewelry here. The money that normally will be taxed, instead, will go back to the Venice royalty."

    Juliet nodded in understanding. "So you'll be working a lot, Père Charles? What will I do in the meantime?" A bitter tone came in her voice. “Sit around with nothing to do? Extra lessons?”  A chuckle left her father’s lips. "You will be making friends, my little Jule. And, do not fret, for I will not be working today. Today, instead, you and I will go to a painting shop with an old friend of mine," Duke Charles said, tugging his daughter into a shop. She looked around at all the paintings. "They're very pretty. It smells old and dusty..." Her nose wrinkled. "Where are the other children?"

    “Patience, Jules,” He smiled. “There is a girl around here your age.”

  • |Thanks for the add!|

  • Thank you for accepting my friend request. Very interesting character and well written. If you like my char I'd love to discuss playing. 

  • (you're welcome, and thank you for accepting my invite. let me know when you are ready to plot, i read your bio, very interesting character who could do a lot of havoc and chaos if meeting the embodiment of chaos that is Lucifers own personal spawn :) )

  • https://wrealms.com/forum/torches-tombs

    Torches & Tombs
    Looking for some like-minded dungeon crawlers for a classic 80's romp through a deep maze of death and traps. High adventure, lethal sorcery and unsp…
  • Thanks for accepting my request!

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