Orinn Tarn

Captain of the Aspasia




Bounty Hunter








Physical traits

 Species: Half human and half Kathari

Height: 5'9" - 175 cm

Build: Slim and athletic with a defined chest, clawed slender fingers, and a thin furry tail.

Skin: Soft satin-like pale skin with mottled dark spots covering his shoulders, hairline, eyesockets, hands, feet, and tail.

Eyes: Dark scleras with light grey irises. In dim lighting, his pupils dilate to almost cover the entire iris, whereas in bright light, his pupils shrink to small dots.

Hair: Dark and very soft, similar to a cat's fur, and frames his angular face. His tail and elbows are covered in fur and he wears his hair pushed forward and to the side.

Notable Features: The most prominent feature may be his horns and elongated ears, hallmark traits of Kathari blood. His fingers and toes are clawed, and his tail ends in a furry tuft. 






Talents and Abilities

Agility: Being half Kathari allows Orinn to move at high speeds with immaculate precision. 

Strength: Having worked on a ship and handled heavy weaponry for most of his life, he's built up quite a bit of upper torso strength.

Ingenuity: Being part human comes with the inherent trait of Human ingenuity. He may not be too educated, but he learns quickly.

Intuity: Like humans, Kathari have fairly complex instinctual senses - though somewhat more attuned than that of humans

Electrokinesis: Orinn was born with a unique affiliation with electricity. He can sense electrical and magnetic currents and to some extent manipulate their paths with the help of specialised tools.




Survival skills: When Orinn was still young, he was left to his own devices and had to learn how to survive in a world that shows little kindness - especially to a small hybrid freak. He spent roughly two years surviving on a small mining colony before he made off with the Aspasia to pursue more lucrative endeavours. But even so, he's been mostly alone, save for a reptilian creature called 'Ketos'.

Technical know-how: Having spent 14 years with a crew of pirates, he's learned all the inner workings of both ships, weapons, explosives, and hacking devices. There are few things he cannot build in times of need. 

Charismatic: Orinn tends to be quite sociable and charming, with an element of mystery surrounding him. He plays himself up to be a dashing rogue who's been on countless exotic adventures. He's had to learn to be particularly charming to make up for his unusual appearance.

Gunslinger: Behind his playfulness and kindness lies someone who loves to cause as much mayhem as possible. Anything that can cause explosions will be right up his alley. He always carries two blaster pistols on him and is quick to draw. However, his favourite weapon is a grenade launcher with a top-mounted pan magazine which he calls "The Gorgon".





Overconfidence: Oftentimes, he'll overestimate what he can do, or at least underestimate the dangers of particular situations. He may be skilled, but he often ends up in trouble for not assessing the risks properly. 

Insecurity: Although he may come off as self-centred and conceited, it's mostly to mask the fact that he's very insecure about his appearance. Not quite human, not quite Kathari. He feels as if he doesn't fit into any group and no matter what he does, he'll always be too different.

Impulsivity: His Kathari genes cause him to be quick to act, sometimes too quick. It also makes him rather blunt and straightforward. Although he's quite charismatic, it's hard for him to make more meaningful connections due to his inability to restrain himself during conversations. 









Designer: VENN Corps.

Manufacturer: Coronet Spaceyards


Type: Light Freighter (originally), Pirate ship (Current)

Length: ~40 metres






 The Aspasia was originally launched as a small freighter-class vessel, intended to carry goods short distance between nearby colonies.
She's equipped with twin sublight thrusters paired with two interstellar hyperdrive thrusters that, together, make the Aspasia a surprisingly fast vehicle.
Due to this, she's able to swiftly breach planetary atmospheres to jump into hyperdrive to reach interstellar colonies in a matter of hours, or even minutes.
The downside to such powerful propulsion is that she needs to refuel frequently, making upkeep rather expensive if one intends to travel between star systems.
At the time of her launch, she was equipped with an extra cargo crane that could be used to transport extra cargo or to escort impaired vehicles. Although this function remains,
it's been retrofitted to house twin ballistic double turrets in place of an electromagnet. These ballistic turrets can penetrate most generated shields as well as cause minor hull breaches.
Where she used to be equipped with extra powerful tractor beams, are now two ionic railgun cannons capable of disabling other ships' and facilities' electrical grid.
Long-range communications antennae are equipped at the front of the ship, capable of interplanetary communications.
What was once a cargo container, has now been welded to the ship and retrofitted to serve as both cargo hold and crew's quarters.












Orinn's most loyal companion is a reptilian creature named 'Ketos' whom he rescued from a poaching ring, largely by mistake.
The two ended up making a great team and stuck together ever since, helping each other survive.

Ketos is a lanky reptilian with vaguely humanoid features. Their skeletal form may seem off-putting at first, but they're very intelligent and compassionate.
Ketos' tail makes up two-thirds of the body, and their neck is almost as thick as their torso.
Their bite is venomous and contains a slow-working toxin that dulls the senses and makes the victim sleepy.
They're a nocturnal ambush predator and prefer to stay out of direct light lest they become disoriented and weakened.









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