Notice: This character delves into most varieties of sexual content. He is willing to test new things, and attempt to give his partners the best pleasure that they deserve.'

Please inform me of any triggers and boundaries that you, as a writer, have. The more informed I am, the better I can accommodate you.


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Character Age

Age: 14 Billion

Character Species

Celestial - Vice Type: Lust

Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

Hair: Black, like the space between the stars

Eyes: Golden-Amber, Luminescent - Can change color and brightness depending on his mood

Height: Six feet Eight inches tall

Appearance Of Age: Visually appears to be in his early 30's


Character Personality

Kind: Despite it not being his assigned trait, Andromalius has always had a kindness towards everyone and everything in the Universe.

Understanding: With the amount of knowledge that Andromalius has gained over the ages, he's more privy to what people are going to than others. Using his knowledge to understand their situations.

Empathetic: Andromalius is easily able to empathize with people, making for easier and stronger connections.

Knowledgeable: Andromalius, due to his lust for knowledge, has acquired a considerable mental and physical library of information.

Lustful: As per his trait, Andromalius is a very lustful being, mostly in the knowledge, adventure, and sex departments. He doesn't much care for power, as he has more power than any mortal could strive to have.

Character Likes

Knowledge: He has a long-standing love and lust for information he has yet to learn. He can spend months, even years, reading through books and online information to gain the knowledge he craves.

Meeting New People: New faces are a refreshing thing for Andromalius, he gets to meet a person and learn all about them, forging a connection.

Mysteries: Andromalius loves a good mystery, anything unknown that has yet to be made known is a fun challenge for him.

Interpersonal Connections: Andromalius loves making friends and having those connections, it gives him people to talk to and learn about, and ocassionally come back to and catch up with.

Character Dislikes

Bloodshed: Andromalius absolutely abhors violence against one another unless it's absolutely warranted, he does not like ending a life but will if he finds it necessary.

Overly Aggressive People: Andromalius can understand if someone is having a rough day and is being a bit aggressive, but if the person is aggressive by default, then he will not tolerate their behaviors.

Grudges with War, Famine, and Pestilence: Andromalius has a long standing grudge with three of the four horsemen. This is due to his disliking of bloodshed with War, the lust for food he's forced to create when Famine hits a populace, and just the overall horrors that Pestilence inflicts on societies.

Has An Understanding With Death: As much as Andromalius hates seeing creatures and people die, he understands that everything must come to an end, aside from himself and his Celestial brethren.

Character History/Story

The Beginning Of The Universe: A flash of color and energy, expanding at an impossibly quick rate. This was the beginning of what we've come to know as our Universe, the seat of everything that built us as a whole. I was created, along my 13 other Celestial brethren. We were separated into two groups upon our creation, inherently knowing we were categorized into Vices and Virtues, 7 of each. A way to keep the balance of the universe without one side having more power than the other.

The Bestowment Of My Vice: One by one, I watched my brethren get their traits. We were all bestowed with the basic traits needed to aid the universe and its creations to thrive and expand, ways to help growth and ways to hinder that growth when needed.

Fyrel: Virtue of Kindness - Horius: Vice Of Envy

Hexial: Virtue of Patience - Taerim: Vice Of Wrath

Corrialus: Virtue of Humility - Varius: Vice Of Pride

Alestia: Virtue Of Chastity - Andromalius (Myself): Vice Of Lust

Diona: Virtue Of Charity - Worrin: Vice Of Avarice

Gorallun: Virtue Of Temperance - Xanden: Vice Of Gluttony

Quintius: Virtue Of Diligence - Raedan: Vice Of Sloth

My Journey Through The Cosmos: Being the Celestial of Lust, it was my duty to make sure that every living organism in the Universe repopulated through lustful desires. That was my main duty, the rest were creating lusts for knowledge, adventure, and power. This helped to create historians, explorers, and figures of governmental powers, some which exist to this day. I've seen worlds grow and reach the ability to traverse the cosmos, where others died out almost as quickly as they formed. Some disappeared in the middle of their growth, histories left only by the books I had written on their existence.

Where I Am Now: It's been 14 Billion years since my creation, I've seen worlds rise and fall, be born and then die, innumerable creatures and peoples created and then ceasing to exist. I continue to spend my days, years, decades, centuries, and millenia wandering from world to world, learning about new and old societies, while continuing to expand the library within my home, which was gifted to me by Fyrel.

Character Inventory

Upper Attire: V-Neck Polo Shirt, Black Leather Trench Coast, Necklace with the Orion's Belt engraved on a stone of Obsidian

Lower Attire: Black Dress Pants, Dark Grey Socks, Black Dress Shoes

Character Abilites

Shapeshifting: Andromalius can shift into near anything that has existed or currently exists.

Teleportation: Andromalius can utilize the energies of the Universe to carry himself and his traveling companion(s) anywhere within the Universe.

Bodily Modification: Andromalius can manipulate his body in innumerable ways, but his favorite usage is through tendrils. They've come in handy for reaching the books he's placed on shelves taller than himself, and restraining his intimate partners during intercourse.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)


Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Rated R, 18+, Comedy, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Hello! My name is Ethan, and I've been a roleplayer for 14 years. I'm okay with any genre, though I tend to lean towards the more adult themes. Violence, Action, things of that nature.

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