Hello! I'm looking for new people to write with. It is a must that you be 18 or older, as Andromalius is not the character meant for anyone under that range. I am quite flexible in terms of writing styles, I am accepting of one liners given that they provide enough information to work with, but generally I try to be a Para to Multi-Para poster (and fail miserably at times). I'm okay with many themes: Fantasy, Violence, 18+, Adventure, Action, Romance, and Comedy are my main preferred themes, but I can absolutely work with darker or more erotic themes.

I'm available throughout the day, so if you're interested, please send me a friend request and we can go over ideas for a play!


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  • Hello! I am totally up for being an RP partner! I also tend to do para's, as it's much more expressive. 
    Let me know if interested!

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