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ʍolǝq oS


 Vðr ßlððÐ

Ðððlß ɹð†¢ïΛ


"Chaos is a necessary piece of order."

Victor Volodimire Bluht Blood

26 | Scorpio ☼ | Witch/Vampire | CEO of Blood Corp | New York | Bisexual | Single 

 ✫ ✫ ✫


Can someone have a crippling hero and God complex while still being a self loathing depressive? Victor will make you ask all those questions and more. He can be cold, dismissive and rude, but he cares almost too much about the people around him. He often goes far out of his way for supernatural folk generally, even more so if he cares, but he prefers to keep sentimentality to a minimum and often treats life as if it is a business transaction. He is incredibly intelligent and masterful in many arts but his self doubt and loathing often holds him back. Victor is desperate to be seen and make a connection, but nearly incapable of reaching that state of trust with the people around him- in his eyes people use you or they leave. Usually both.




Obscene wealth: more money than any god would know what to do with

Shadow manipulation: manifestations through dark matter

Incantation Magic: learned spells of many varieties, limited only by knowledge and learnedness 

Apparition: teleporting short distances 

Angurvadal: 'sword of anguish' is inscribed with Runic letters which blaze in times of war, but only gleames with a dim light in times of peace. Summoned by magic at will. 

Vampirism: Victor does not see himself as a vampire and dedicates quite a few of his resources to attempt to 'cure' his 'condition'. The current suppression pills he is testing on himself limit his needs for blood, as well as any healing or strength derived from the vampirism. He does need blood, but not nearly as often and avoids feeding from people all together, seeing it as a intimate and frightful act. 




Victor was born into blood, taking his mothers life with the start of his own on a chilly November evening. His father, a German immigrant and cold hearted businessman, never let him live this down, blaming his son for the loss of the woman he loved, he swore her sacrifice would not be in vain- Victor would be useful. Victor was raised by nannies and tutors the finest money could afford. 

After all, the Bluht name came with wealth of its own, but upon leaving the failing German empire Stefen Hans Bluht wanted to better fit in and succeed in the American market, he had hidden away his lineage in favor of what he felt was a much more eye catching english word: Blood
A new empire, in his mind, and an empire he did build with a ferocity which earned its name- one he intended wholeheartedly for Victor to take over. He ‘prepared’ his son mercilessly, forcing schooling far beyond his grade, studying most of his childhood away. 

Victor avoided him, and avoided angering him by any means possible, but the anger his father felt for him was unrelenting and often crossed the line into horrific abuse of unspeakable varieties, actions Stefen excused under the guise of building a warrior, a machine of impervious callus.

Perhaps he would have succeeded in building his monster if Victor had not found magick. 

He was eight the first time he tried to make contact with his deceased mother, and though he was not allowed many hobbies and spent some of his later years in boarding schools he managed to hide the new world from his father. He managed to not only grow in it, but flourish. By sixteen he had made a provisional deal with a daemon Agremon. He would serve as a vessel for nearly three years, reaping the benefit of demonic power while paying its steep price. 

He graduated with his first bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering, not even this bringing pride to his fathers eyes despite Victor’s obvious genius. 

When Victor was sure he had secured his stakes in his fathers company he killed him, only a few months after his eighteenth birthday- becoming the youngest, wealthiest, CEO in history, overnight. 

The board of directors nearly revolted, the investors pulled out in mass, but before his twentieth birthday he had doubled profit margins, developing multiple patents of his own design which restored interest from investors. 

He became a celebrity, but he felt just as alone as ever. 

So he ran away, the only way he had ever known how to in the past, Magick. 

He experimented with drugs and drank himself into blackouts, but eventually Victor found community in a space beyond the realms of time, in a pocket dimension full of misfits like him. He joined a cultish military order, built around a egregore being, which helped free him of his demonic contract in trade of a new one. With this one he was given responsibility and power which he did not want to fumble, his desire to impress overwhelming.
But a young man of little wisdom and love, and far too much knowledge and power, he fell victim to manipulation, fell in love with an older man, Mick- a superior officer. 


He lost his position, and the only family he had ever known- nursing those wounds he returned to New York in order to run his own neglected empire in earnest. 

A few months upon returning Victor discovered two things: new love for an exceptionally normal man of his own age, Maxwell; and a brother, Jonathan. 

His father had a second family, one he had apparently quite cherished- but after the untimely death of the boy's mother his only blood relative was Victor… much to the young witches surprise. 

For a few years things were good. 

Victor played family and business man by day, and Master of the Dark Arts by night. 

He opened the Covenstead Cabaret, a magical lounge, in the undergrounds of his newly erected Serenity Tower- a beacon of green energy and mind bending architecture built around the concept of bringing nature to the city. He started the Major Arcana, a group of young supernatural being whose primary mission was to help displaced youth of their kind and fight off those who wished to cause harm.
He built his empire of magic attop his fathers own empire of blood, he used the darkness of his past to fuel new initiatives, first in New York, then beyond.
But things are rarely good for long, an attempt on Victor’s life left him so close to death that his partner begged one of the Vampires they knew to change him, sure the only recourse for his state was such a drastic measure. 

Vampirism was not an affliction which Victor took to with any joy, and it put a horrific strain on his relationship with his partner.

As they danced closer to their wedding date, Victor found more and more that he felt like an imposter- pretending to be a hero, a leader. He had a family, he was to have a husband, he led a team of supernatural beings who trusted him and his company practically ran itself at this point. And yet he felt Max only cared for the hero he expected Victor to be, an image he could never uphold.

Victor was already unsure and isolating when his old superior officer resurfaced, he accepted his offer for drinks-  part of Victor wonders still if he knew what it would lead to..

How one drink would lead to two, how he would be encouraged to vent, told he was right, Max took advantage of him, Max wanted him to be something he wasn’t…

But being with Mick didn’t quell those doubts and fears, only sowed them.

With the sanctity of trust lost his partner left him, something which drove an inevitable wedge between Victor and his brother, who had taken to the much more motherly and nurturing Maxwell. 

In the aftermath Victor dedicated to his mission of building his empire, in the way he knew was best, and curing himself of what he felt like was a disease. 




 Victor lives in New York, in a penthouse in Serenity Tower, he runs his Biomedical Engineering company, and the Major Arcana; a group of otherbeings who help Victor to run his missions and reach his visions. 

Victor wants to unite the human and supernatural world, but realizes such a lofty goal can not be reached until there is structure to Otherbeing societies. Victor hopes by replicating Serenity in major cities across the world he can begin to build some foundations to a global community for Non-human kind, in the hopes of bringing them from the broom closet. 

This manifests in a lot of charity work on Victor's part, he seems to adore collecting strays and giving them homes in his tower. He rarely expects return, often he sets up Otherbeings for free, helping them to intigrated into human society better so they feel less of a need to harm people or themselves. 

Some are offered jobs with him, others are set up for success and end up leaving, some of those that he becomes closest with become inducted into the Major Arcana.




 The Fool


New Beginnings | Innocense | Free Spirit 


~4(years of physical manifestations) | Elemental Winds of the Southwest | No Occupation (close associate of Victor Blood) | New York (No home location) | Nonbinary | Demisexual | Single 


High Priestess


Intuition | Unconscious | Inner Voice 

Sapana Bunati 

21 | Cancer | Dreamwalker | Employed by Victor Blood | New York (Originally Nepal) | Bisexual | Single


The Empress


Motherhood | Fertility | Nature 


600 | Dryad | Employed by Victor Blood (Project Changling)  | New York (Original Grove: Allouville- Bellefosse, France) | Lesbian | Single



The Emperor 


Authority | Structure | Control | 

Neal Jared Jefferies 

45 | Taurus  | Alchemist | Former SAS, Freelance | New York (Originally London) | Homosexual | Widowed (not looking)



The Hanged Man 


Sacrifice | Release | Martyrdom 

Iain Neiall Stroud 

536 | Leo | Incubus | Freelance Photographer | New York (Originally Glasgow) | Pansexual | Poly (single)





The Middle Path | Patience | Finding Meaning 

Blath Uisce 

24 | Aquarius | Selkie | Employed by Victor Blood (Project Changling) | New York (Originally Lough Neagh) | Bisexual | Single



The Devil 


Excess | Materialism | Playfulness 


22 | Capricorn | Cursed (Demon) | Employed by Victor Blood | New York (Originally Vatican Rome) | Biromantic Asexual | Single 


The Star 


Hope | Faith | Rejuvenation 

Wyatt Arnold Cooper 

23 | Virgo | Human (Enhanced) |COO of Blood Corp | New York (Originally Boston) | Homosexual | Married 



The Moon


Unconscious | Illusions | Intuition


24 | Virgo | Servant of Loki: Chaos Witch | Employed by Victor Blood | New York (Originally Vanrdyrr) | Lesbian | Single 



The Sun 


Joy | Celebration | Positivity 

Ellula Ingwaz

26 | Libra | Akashik Librarian (Owl Shifter) | Sociologist Student | Atlanta (Originally Nigeria) | Homosexual | Taken 




Reflection | Reckoning | Inner Voice 

Jebediah Buck Kezar 

24 | Leo | Lycanthrope | Psychology Student | Atlanta (Originally Covington Georgia) | Homosexual | Taken 



The World 


Fulfillment | Harmony | Completion 


~900 | Imp | Hive Mind: Leader of Mimics | New York | Pansexual | Poly (single) 








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  • (Sure! There is one at MI6 that knows about what he is and gives him intel about the supernatural beings and such so he could get information that way but by all means please do fill in! I think we have the gist of it for now. Would it be alright if you could send us a starter? I would but my brain has been mush lately, I've been sending out so many starters I can't think straight right now haha. I can but it would take some time.)

  • (So like Vic is meant to stop him then they know of Vic's true intentions but perhaps Vince stops and hears him out? It honestly wouldn't take too much to over throw Vince as he tries not to fight anymore like he once did so long ago, not intentially at least just doing the job. Perhaps he can also just see Vic as a threat after hearing him out but eventually succuming to the plan in a un-trusty alliance of the sort as Vince knows the destruction people have caused but he also isn't a fan of the supernatural even though is one himself and he tries to stop Vic secretly the way Vic is trying to do so with working his way into the government a double twist of the sort?)

  • (Oh that sounds fun and yes haha I just noticed your face claim getting a better look. I love Matt and Chyenne together so I made them the demon duo that terroized Vincent his entire childhood haha. Perhaps we could play on that a dopple ganger or had switched vessels and Vincent mistakes Victor for Ramiel? That's one small tid bit idea but I read over that your character is trying to unite the species of sort to co-exist. Vincent was chaned against his will, lost everything and somehow has finally over the centuries grew to love his maker and make amends as his maker as much as he despised for the longest time and still somewhat does , it is all Vincent's doing. Vincent had destroyed Ambrose's life alltogether when he was a vampire hunter, Vincent killed Ambroses maker and lover and destroyed their kingdom then Ambrose came for revenge and made Vincent watch as his colony was killed off one by one and then his wife and kids. After some time and Ambrose finding out about the messed up past and upbringing Vincent had ordealed its then the two started opening up to one another and about their regrets and making amends. Vincent stil doesn't like what he is but most importantly has not accepted himself for who he is. Vincent is all about trying to make amends and wanting peace though working in MI6 as a spy he does take out threats, mainly just killing those of threats to peace and feeding off of them. Vincent does drink out of blood bags, he keeps his identity as a vampire secret and he one day hopes for a cure though is afraid of losing his power at the same time as there is a part of him that loves the power and abilities a vampire life has given him. Perhaps he can work with Victor to bringing peace and with his connections in MI6 he can make Victor's dreams become closer to reality.)

  • (Hello and thank you for accepting my invite. Let me know if you would like to take on a thread and start a plot!)

  • Heya, Sorry that reply took a bit to get back to ya. I've been up and down with a sickness. Had some procedures done on Monday last week, so waiting on some results. I hope that reply works. Hopefully, I can start cranking them out faster.

  • I'm truly sorry to have kept you waiting on me :( 


    But you'll probably find her if not at a beach throwing out her guys due to the sight of the ocean, then you'll most definitely find her at an underground fight...she kinda enjoys beating the crap out of someone if given the chance of course 

  • [Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I had an unusually busy time recently.

    I wonder if our characters could have some kind of mutually beneficial relationship. Maybe Victor will be curious to know about Zach's 'affliction' and Zach comes to trust Victor enough to let him experiment in the hopes of learning about himself. It's a difficult line to walk, what with Zach's insistence on wanting to be normal and his general distrust in anybody who finds him interesting because of his condition. I think we might be able to make it work. We'll need details, however.

    If you're brewing other ideas, let me know. Or, if you want to add or make some changes to anything I've said, please don't hesitate to say so. Thanks for the patience, looking forward to hearing back from you.]

  • (I have some ideas we could you with, but the details such as how, why, and where eludes me yet. But Virgil is very flexible for the most part through the mid 1700s and up to 1890 to early 1900s. After that he's flexible again, that is, modern eras. Are there any particular situations you'd have in mind?)

  • Thank you for the request 

  • -- Greetings and hello there! --

    (You have a very intriguing character there, and I'd love to write, would you have me

    Specifically, if you're interested, I'd love for Virgil and Victor to meet as they could have an interesting dynamic given their very different pasts and perspectives)

This reply was deleted.

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