Vðr ßlððÐ


Name: Victor Xaviar Blood.

Nicknames: Vic, Blood, X, Prince Charming, Viccy, Vicky

 Height: 6’0

Weight: 175lb

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black (with patches of grey along the sides)

Sexuality: Bisexual


Stefen Hans Blodam was born in 1950 to a newly immigrated couple, the well off children of German automobile investors. He had an early interest in engineering and excelled in school; subsequently leading to his success in the field. In College he studied business and by the time he reached his thirties he had changed his name and started his own company. Blood corp was born under its founder's new macabre name and before Stefen's 40th birthday he had achieved millionaire status. 

Stefen met Lilith at the Gimaldegalerie in Germany, fell in love and stole the young woman's heart, and married her as soon as she would take his hand. It was not long before she was pregnant with their first son. 

Victor Xaviar Blood was born on a chilly November evening in 1996.  Unfortunately, after his delivery, Lilly Blood was the victim of a common bodily misfire. Uterine Atony prevented the contraction of blood vessels, thusly preventing her recovery and causing her bleedout. 

Victor’s father never forgave him for this, in Stefen’s eyes Victor was nothing more than a means of carrying his empire beyond the grave. He focused his fatherly energy on shaping his son into a cold calculating machine. Often rearing him with brutal abuse, emotional and physical.  

He smeared Victor with blame for his mother's death and was sure to make him think his own mother died hating him for it. Many of the staff in charge of Victor’s day to day care took pity on the boy and would tell him stories of his kind and measured mother; the only woman to ever temper his father's storm. They ensured young Victor that his father was twisting realities, that his mother had treasured their moments together and had passed holding her son in adoration. 

At the age of eight, conflicted, traumatized and distraught, he sought to prove his father wrong. He made his first plodding stride into the world of magick; he attempted to reach out to his dead mother. 

With his resources and persistence he was one of the most powerful dark witches in the western world by fourteen.

Surely the best in the world by the time he was sixteen, when- in an attempt to make himself infinitely more powerful- he made a provisional deal with the demon known as Agramon. 

The next two years of his life were spent ensuring he had a secure place in his father's company and will, while amusing the whimsy of his demon inhabitant. 

When Victor turned eighteen and he was sure that he would inherit the majority shares of his father's company, Agramon helped him to arrange the death of Stefen Blood.

With his newfound freedom Victor took up many new ventures. Changing the directive of his father's internationally recognized corporation from military grade weaponry to medical science and experimental biomedical engineering. 


He expanded his involvement in the supernatural world, among the Otherbeings Victor found a place, just beyond the fabric of reality- an island in a space between dimensions. 

Liminal and sparsely inhabited by outcasts of other realms, misfits of infinite power.
He became infatuated with a militaristic religious group bent on enacting the will of an interdimensional entity. It was the first instance he felt accepted into something and he was intoxicated by the cult.
But more than anything he was desperate to escape the contractual burden that was his demon, and he traded serving one entity for another. His power and potential was recognized by the new entity and the leader of his following. 

Victor became a Horseman, a General to the great Czar, and served the organization faithfully despite his personal questioning of its moral directives. 

Over the span of two years Victor's confidence in their mission began to wane and the malintent of the entity he served began to weigh on Victor.
Realizing he had stepped into the shadow of yet another evil force he began to question his own moral alignments. 

Elected as the leader of the Island’s government at the early age of twenty three he began to find footing for his own understanding of right and wrong. While his company was being ran back home by overworked assistants, Victor was trying to juggle the birth of a new unique society, and the uprising within the cult he had dedicated himself to.
He found himself romantically involved with a superior officer and butting heads with the Czar himself leading to his forceful expulsion from the closest thing to family that he had ever known.
After resigning from office and admitting his overexertion Victor returned to New York, forgoing the Island, to run his own company in earnest. 

It didn't take him long to realize there was plenty to be done on Earth. There were plenty that needed his help, direction, leadership, power and money, right in his very own city. Ever the man with a hero complex he began formulating ideas of grandure. 
He erected a new building, named the Garden of Idun, in the middle of Manhattan, a mission statement, the first of its kind, completely green with positive output. In fact with a lot of strings pulled and money slid under the table, he was able to power the whole block.  


Despite the success he felt underwhelmed, he may have been succeeding among the human realm with his fathers company and money, but he felt disconnected from himself. Disconnected from his people. 
So he opened the Covenstead Cabaret in the basement, only accesable to those with magickal qualities by back alley incantation. It quickly became the talk of the supernatural town, a pennical in New York for Nyphs, Pixies, Vampires, and witches alike.  Functioning under strict armistice the Caberet welcomes all walks of Otherbeings as long as they abide by the rules of peace.


Feeling as though he could do more to buffer the supernatural communities effects on the human world, and premote the rights and wellbeing of unrepresented otherbeings. Victor began to focus his attention more on the formation of a response team. He took to the white board, and with Wyatt's help he began searching for the perfect group of supernatural leaders, granted they were all misfits the same as him. Orphans, dismissed, used or ignored, together they were the:


𝑀𝒶𝒿𝑜𝓇 𝒜𝓇𝒸𝒶𝓃𝒶

𝖁𝖎𝖈𝖙𝖔𝖗 𝕭𝖑𝖔𝖔𝖉

The Magician- Willpower, Desire, Creation 

Strengths: Master of the Dark Arts, absurdly wealthy, genius level intellect 

Weaknesses: Brazen, overzealous, stubborn, emotionally inconsiderate5017126080?profile=RESIZE_180x180

𝖂𝖞𝖆𝖙𝖙 𝕮𝖔𝖔𝖕𝖊𝖗

The Star- Hope, Faith, Rejuvination 

Strengths: Genius level intellect, high powered cybernetic limbs, exoscopic specticles of his own design

Weaknesses: Physically unfit to fight, nervous disposition, conflict avoidance 


𝕹𝖊𝖆𝖑 𝕵𝖊𝖋𝖋𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖊𝖘

Justice- Cause and Effect, Clarity, Truth

Strengths: Alchemy at will, expert marksman, skilled in hand to hand combat, potentially immortal 

Weaknesses: Strong moral alignment to 'universal balance', emotionally comprimised, stubborn and self hating



𝕴𝖆𝖎𝖓 𝕾𝖙𝖗𝖔𝖚𝖉

The Hanged Man- Sacrifice, Release, Martydom 

Strengths: Immortal, resilient, good humored, loving, loyal

Weaknesses: Rarely takes anything seriously, must have sexual intercourse to maintain health




The Fool- Innocence, Pure, Free spirit 

Strengths: Immortal, air elemental manipulation, dissipation 

Weaknesses: Naive, assumes the best in people, easily decieved 



Death- Beginnings, change, metamorphosis 

Strengths: hand to hand combat, (skin to skin contact is deadly for mortals), technically immortal 

Weaknesses: healing factor is slow and painful, emotionally aloof 


𝕭𝖑á𝖙𝖍 𝖀𝖎𝖘𝖈𝖊

The Chariot- Direction, control, willpower 

Strengths: strong willed, perceptive, water elemetal manipulation

Weaknesses: at the will of whomever is in possession of her pelt


𝕾𝖆𝖕𝖆𝖓𝖆 𝕭𝖚𝖓𝖆𝖙𝖎

High Priestess- Intuition, unconscious, inner voice

Strengths: Astral projection, chakral realignment, aura reading, material realm manipulation 

Weaknesses: opposed to violence, can physically defend herself but will rarely harm others 



Empress- Motherhood, Fertility, Nature 

Strengths: can converse with animals flowers and aid in their growth, intuitive, loving and kind 

Weaknesses: Often gives people the benifit of the doubt, always trying to give a second chance 







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  • (Hey, thanks for accepting! Realy interesting profile(s) you have here! You'll have to let me know if you want to write sometime.)

  • ||No problem! I'm sorry for my own delay, I was on vacation.||

    Casey felt herself shrink under Victor's gaze, turning more into herself, making herself as small as possible. Victor was a billionaire, crazy successful and could have whatever he wanted, that fact alone was enough to make Casey intimidated. She was a speck of dirt in his fancy underground bar, so wrong and out of place. She wanted to leave, but the promise of warm food and an actually bed to sleep in kept here there.

    Surviving was all Casey was used too, it's all she thought about doing. What else could she do? She was terrified of people, both from the negative experiences in her life on the street and the fear of being found out by anyone she got close to. It was hard to imagine herself doing anything more than wandering, searching for food and a dry place to sleep for the night. She didn't finish high school, obviously didn't go to college, didn't have any identifying papers, how could she possibly get a job? 

    Satisfaction and safety were lacking in her life. But she was surviving. What more could a monster like her have?


    She opened her mouth to say something when Victor started to bud his farewell for the night, but closed it, only nodding sprightly. Casey didn't know what to say really, and honestly all this talking was becoming tiring. It was been so long since she had held a conversation with anybody, and Victor was right to say that she was frazzled. Frazzled indeed, Casey's world was just turned on it's head in the past couple of hours. Overwhelmed and tired, she just wanted to sleep. And eat. 

    Casey didn't go back to her room to wait for her food, she continued to wait at the bar until the generous dinner was brought out to her. She noticed Iain, sitting far away in his own booth and watching, but she didn't wave him over or go to interact with him herself. Instead, she just picked up her glass and her plate and went back to her room, careful to balance the plate so she wouldn't spill when she had to use the keycard to open her door again. 

    The rest of the night, for Casey at least, was spent with quickly eating her steak dinner, embarrassingly--to no one but herself, since she was alone--licking the plate clean, not a speck of food going to waste, before curling up in the middle of the bed, under the soft covers, and falling asleep. Usually, she was hardly able to stay asleep, waking up at the smallest sound out of fear, but this night, in the silent room and in the most comfortable place she's slept in a very long time, she was dead to the world. Nothing could rouse her, not even when she shifted in her sleep into a fox, wrapped up in her clothes but still sleeping soundly. It wouldn't be until past noon the next day that she would wake up.

  • ||You're welcome, sorry about replying back late. I did have minor ideas in mind. With Neal, I wasn't sure if his story was at the point of him already tracking down the spirits that took over his family, but if it isn't that could possibly be a common goal between our characters and how they might meet. Of course Axel would be trying to find the spirits for different reasons, and perhaps he would also be intrigued by the fact that Neal has the philosopher's stone.

    The other little idea that came to mind was Axel attempting to reap the soul of one that ends up in Victor's cabaret, and chaos from there ensues. Azrael and Iain came to mind for this scenario, but whomever you think will fit the best is fine if you prefer this idea ^^ Hopefully one of the two sounds interesting.||

  • {No, you hadn't actually. I think we did? I cannot remember quite at the moment myself}


  • ||Hello, thanks for accepting my add. If you ever want to write together feel free to let me know. ^^||

  • {She's enhancement by experiments... Yes she could have knowledge of the supernatural, also doubling as an Monster Hunter as well possibly. I like the first idea though, 99 being hired for an hit on Victor but getting caught?}

  • [[I'll have something send your way! :) ]]

  • {Hm yes, I like Neal and maybe Iain, and Azrael? I'm not sure, do you have an idea? I apologise..}

  • {Hello, Ive return from vacation. If your still interested in writing maybe we could inbox and talk about it?}

  • Casey sighed softly, picking on the frayed edge of her sweater sleeve as Victor spoke to her. It has been a long time since anyone had been genersous to Casey, since she's felt safe anywhere. She didn't feel safe here, but she did feel better than she would have on the street. Especially on the street in New York City. She had previously had no idea where where she was even going to sleep that night until she ended up here. This was all a lot for her, and it would probably take a while for her to actually feel comfortable here. But she wasn't planning on staying that long, just for a couple of days before she figured out where she was going to go next.

    "I don't want to be here long, I--" She stopped herself from continuing, not even sure what she was going to say. That she didn't want to take up space? She was okay living on the streets? That she just didn't want to be around other people? Casey didn't know, but they were all just excuses, not real reasons for why she shouldn't stay. "I'd just like to eat in my room tonight." She said instead, and that was true. She didn't want to eat at the bar or in front of Victor and Iain. She wanted some privacy to herself that night.

    "A selkie?" She asked, more to herself than Victor, since he explained what it was a bit anyways. She just hadn't heard of a selkie before, but that wasn't surprising. She knew only of the more common supernatural creatures in movies and books and television. That's how Casey placed herself as a shapeshifter, or just shifter, someone who could change into more than one animal. Casey scoffed a little, thinking about how she was marred by society and didn't have a place. She had no real plan for herself and her life other than making it from one day to the next. No point of thinking of the future where she couldn't have one. "Well...I hope it works out for you." She said, because she didn't know what else to say.

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The idea…"
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As a young boy he had spent years in isolation, tucked away in…"
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