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Project Study Echo

Class Designation: Muspelheim

Sub designation: Hive mind central processing

Apendage Designation: Mimic


Grade 8 Conciousness

Power Level: Unknown 


Very little is yet known about the origin and history outside of anecdotal tellings from the beings' mouths themselves. Some electromagnetic and radiation readings suggest a similarity to what Blood has coined to be Chaos Beings. OtherBeing from a planetary region edging the Primordial Point, the raging Rosenstein Bridge at the center of the universe, so closely that they experience TimeSpace fluctuation. 

Both physically and metaphysically powerful beings, though often loose on concepts of morality and existential meaning due to loose connections to physical existence. 

It is believed Designation Echo can propagate more mimics from any host body large enough to house the transition, humans are an optimal size for take over but not the only option. 

Shared consciousness seems to be controlled by the primary body, not always connected to all of the mimics input at once but able to pick and choose the channel. The mimicss themselves seem to have some level of autonomy and self consciousness, even when their vessel is taken over by the mainstay consciousness, that is Echo, they seem to remain housed as a secondary personality. Death of a mimic does seem to cause distress and even pain to other members of the hive mind. In the event Primary host body is destroyed, new host bodies can be procured by Mimics without loss of cognitive ability or memory. 


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