The List: Chaos Edition

Team name:Chaos Collective 

Team members: Synova, Merlyn De Aternia, Victor Blood

Which character will...

• Throw the first punch- Victor, his fragile sensibilities are easily offended, Though Merlyn would certainly be the one to pull the witch away, while Synova cackled in good sport.

• Steal all the bath bombs- These beings of Magic and Science have no need for such frills. 

• Get trampled by the crowd- Synova as a ruse to be carried would limp his trampled fox body to safety after a dramatic stomping. 

• Purposely tip over someone else's cart- Victor and Synova are petty chaos creatures who would kick a buggy at the first signs of disrespect.

• Accidentally tip over someone else's cart- Nobody, except perhaps Merlyn while she is attempting to drag Victor and Synova away from the purposely pummeled buggy. 

• Runs over a child- Even these masters of magick and darkness have hearts. No children were harmed in the making of this list.

• Get into a fight with their own team member- Alas, the conflict always starts with Victor and Synova, but Merlyn always has to tap in to make it end.

• Gets in line to sit on Santa's lap- Victor, who is quite bemused of Santa Claus, would never engage- however at his obvious discomfort of the idea Synova could certainly attempt to push him to try. 

• Climb the shelves to get an item off the top shelf- Synova, he has no cares for your silly ladders. 

• Has to help the character above get items off the top shelf- Victor, “Of course no magick can be used in front of all these people… I will give you a boost.” 

• Hijacks the intercom & makes a fake announcement- Synova, who was left alone for five whole minutes. 

• Waits in the car- None of the above- too full of directionless energy which needs harnessing. 

• Be the extreme couponer at the checkout- None of the above, what need for bargains do rich (wo)men have

• Pay with a jar of coins- Merlyn, more precisely a lofty back of gold coins, not legal tender in this realm but totally normal somewhere else. 

• Be the first to get fired if they worked at the store- Victor, a prissy boy who has always always been in charge of his own business, believes in efficiency and innovation, and would LOATH corporate chain policy. He would scoff and roll those stupid blue eyes and state "Thats dumb" until a administrator was forced to cut ties.

• Pepper sprays someone-

• Who shoplifts?- Victor. Just because stealing is fun. “Also corporate overheads actually factor in a certain amount of product loss due to theft and that if he didn't it would really be a waste of resources because often times excess overstock is simply thrown away.” -A lecture from Victor. 

• Who starts playing Marco Polo - Victor and Synova, after a short explication of the rules. 

• Camps out at the store before opening time- None of the above, the two fanciest boys (and to a lesser extent the Queen) would never allow a much. 

• Most likely to shop in an inflatable T-Rex costume- Synova, but only after losing a bet with Victor. 

• Most likely to be the streaker- Victor, after promptly Becoming too cocky and losing a counter bet to Synova.  

• Goes to the 20-item or less line with two carts full of items- All of the Above. 20 whats or huh? 

• Steals CDs/discs/games and leaves the empty boxes on the shelf- Synova doesn't steal them but he does rearrange them. 

Though Merlyn, in her grace, tips off a worker. 

• Get to checkout only to realize they HAVE to run back and get one more thing- 

• Which character just needed groceries?- Merlyn, but somehow it turned into a group trip. 

• Who forgets their wallet?- Synova, though little to worry about. He will conjure up some fake coin to cover long enough to get out the door. 

• Which character gets lost and ends up in the backrooms? Victor. He has a pension for falling into anomalies. 

• Which member has the closest Karen haircut?- Victor. Sad but true. 

• Which member has the most Karen personality- Also Victor. “But is it really such a crime to want good quality? I mean come on take some pride in your work.” 

• Who's idea was it to go shopping to begin with?- None of them can quite remember whose idea it was. But nobody wants to claim it at this point either. 

• Who actually finished the shopping list?

None of the above.


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