Welcome to my profile! Some of you may know me around here. I'm finally bringing some long-time side characters to the site! Happy to display them. When/if these characters become big enough to build their own profile, I'll do so. 


Multi-Para to Novella Style writer (I don't care how much you send, just no one-liners. Give me something to work with.)

I prefer plotting before we start a thread; at least to have a general direction and writer preferences. 

I rarely write smut. I'm not opposed to it, but I only do this if it is part of our story through character relationship building, etc. If you're just here to get your off - go away.

Writer prefers commenting back and fourth but can also send inbox messages.

--> Dark Fantasy / Fantasy

--> Blood / Gore / Twisted themes / Tragedy

--> Fantasy Romance / Twisted Romance / Fatal Attractions

--> Long Term


Please feel free to pitch me ideas. I love letting another person's character influence mine. Here are some of mine

--> Candice falling more into the supernatural world, maybe even getting turned into something i.e vampire, etc. 

--> Seth finding a romantic relationship??? Thinking on this one.

--> Teva and Jax are clean slates

--> Writer's block on Seren at the moment. Where to go next? 


The layout of this profile will change often. I'll more than likely be posting the layouts in the themes group on the homepage. If you need help with a code or want a layout, feel free to reach out. I can't always get to requests right away, however. 





Starcaller | 2nd in Command of Thet'Hea

"When Seren Dances, People die." - Amir

Single | Heterosexual | Not Looking

Character Music Vibes: Song ✩ Song

Origins: Seren was born into a middle-class family on the planet of Thet'Hea. Her father served in the King's small army, while her mother cared for her as well as several other less fortunate children. At the age of 10 however, Seren was selected to train under the King. Her control and magic capabilities put her directly in Amir's gaze. She trained under him for many years, and dear say may have developed a fatal attraction. Before long, she became Amir's right hand, his executor, his secretary, and on occasion his romantic partner. 

Past: For many years, Seren carried out her duties in the Realm of the Starcallers. She cared for her people and the land that once risked extinction in the first Great War between her King and Lucifer. Seren continued her work even as her King slipped deeper and deeper into his own madness. The King's expanse knowledge and paranoia of a second war became his downfall. A painful plunge into Seren's heart. Yet, an heir had entered the universe only years before Amir's tragic death. Tasked with training the child, Seren continued on, bound by her duties. 

Currently: Seren now commutes between Earth and her homeland of Thet'Hea. With the King's son now grown, her duties should have lessened. However, Vasharti has other plans. He's been residing on Earth since he acquired the throne. Seren is still holding the position of temporary King. In her free time, she meets up with Vasharti in an attempt to bring him back to his kingdom. Though she has to admit, the more time she spends on Earth, the more she's understanding his enjoyment. 


Starcallers are celestial beings, with primary control over the Stars. All Starcallers are purebred. Starcaller Genes are recessive meaning if another species is present the Starcaller gene will be killed off leaving the other genes to take over. Half-breeds aren't in existence. Seren retains most of the same abilities as her King.

Telekinesis: The ability to move objects with one's mind. This includes telekinetic blasts and waves.

Teleportation: The ability to move from place to place in seconds. Amir, the original King, created his own version of this which all Starcaller's now use. By folding the particles of space, Seren is able to travel cleanly, leaving behind no traces, dust or evidence. Only other Starcallers can detect her in transit.

Essence Sense: All Starcallers possess this ability. With their hereditary cosmic-silver eyes, they can see the dust and other cosmic particles surrounding everything.

Cosmic Creation: The ability to hone enough energy into a specific area to create stars, planets, milky ways, and galaxies.

Burst: A telekinetic type shield that consumes Seren's life energy in order to block virtually any attack. The shield is transparent and can only be identified by small transparent pulsations that emanate from our her. This ability causes terribly mental stress. Seren doesn't use this often.

Star Dancing: Seren's signature skill. Through dance, Seren is able to manipulate and maneuver stardust. She's used this ability many times to suffocate, herd, contain, and torture. Sadly, she is vulnerable during her performance. 

Passives: Immunity to Mind Control | Ability to breathe in Space | Immunity to Mind Reading / Control.

Fun Facts

✩ Seren doesn't understand a lot of Earth. She's never used a cell phone or driven a car.

✩ Seren rarely sets foot on Earth's surface, preferring to hover. As believed by the late King, Earth is filthy. 

✩ Seren as well as other Starcallers often wear Arabic / Middle East-styled clothes. While the Starcallers came first, it is believed that parts of the Middle East, adopted the Starcaller's attire when the species was once worshiped. 


Amir(The Original King) - Seren believed Amir would never die. He'd trained her since she was young. Her time spent with him and his power charmed her. As the years went by, Seren fell further and further into a secret love for her King. It was a love that was not returned. She continues to carry out his will even in his death. 

Vasharti(King of the Cosmos)- Current King of Thet'Hea. Unfortunately, Seren has been stuck doing all his work while he wastes away his time on Earth. Seren trained Vasharti, yet he's already shown his father's strength and surpassed her. Now, if only she could get him to show some responsibility..






Cockatrice | Self-Proclaimed Servant of Jett

"Whaddya mean where's my money? I'm a fucking Chicken. So you buyin' me tacos or not?" - Ricardo

Single |  Pansexual | Kind of a Fuck Boy

Character Music Vibes: Song 🐔 Song 🐔 Song

Origins: Ricardo doesn't talk about his past much, It's understood that he was bred and developed in Hell. Conjured by higher-up demons, the mix between several of Earth's creatures lead to the hatching of the Cockatrice. Ricardo wasn't alone. He was among several other creatures crafted in the underworld. It's believed he has many siblings.

Past: His time in Hell was likely spent under command of Greater Demons and Knights. While Hell doesn't seem to define him, Ricardo does seem to dislike certain objects with a passion such as; collars, leashes, especially garden sheers, and their look-alikes. His story on Earth started only recently when he was rescued by a Son of Lucifer himself. In the back of a truck, chickens and roosters were pilled one on top of each other. Their destination? A Slaughterhouse. Among them, was Ricardo. An odd obsidian contraption was fastened to his leg. As fate would have it, the Rooster lept the side of the truck, connecting on the pavement with a clunk. The unconscious Rooster came to quickly, noticing a rather boring redhead standing over him. Communicating with the best clucks he could, the redhead eventually took the chicken into his arms and returned home with him. It was only then that the Cockatrice was able to convey the device attached to his leg. One his savior had seen so many times before. Jett broke the Demon trinket around the Rooster's leg, releasing the Cocktrice from his consignments. 

Currently: Ricardo has been freeloading. He currently follows his savior, Jett, around wherever the Son of Lucifer may go. He's taken to Earth well and loves partying, drinking, drugs, and flamboyant hairstyles. While self-proclaiming himself a follower of Jett, it appears Ricardo has ulterior motives. He heavily tries to convince Jett to return to Hell and reclaim the throne; but also wants to be under the man's wing for protection.


Ricardo is a low-tier Demon's toy. While the Cockatrice is a fearsome creature, they're nowhere near the strength of many supernaturals. Unfortunately, the rooster's pride gets the best of him more often than not. Whether the battle is winnable or not, the Cockatrice won't back down.

Ulterior Forms(Glamour): Ricardo has three total forms. His human identity, which he uses most. A simple Rooster of the Rhode Island Red breed for his second. Lastly, the fearsome Cockatrice. The Cockatrice is only unveiled when there is danger afoot. 

Spurs: Claw-like masses that protrude from his human fingertips. They're also present on Ricardo's other two forms in their respective locations.

Vemon: Ricardo can lace his Spurs as well as other appendages with his Cockatrice venom. It is said, simply expelling the venom can kill humans in the vicinity. 

Stone Gaze: The Cockatrice has the ability to turn creatures to stone with his gaze. It doesn't appear Ricardo has this ability active 24/7. Perhaps he has the power to turn it off and on at will. 

Passives: Super Human Strength | Vast Demon Knowledge | Super Human Speed | Minor Accelerated Healing

Fun Facts

🐔 Ricardo is extremely prideful and often takes hours to get ready for a night out. Perhaps what they say about the pride of a Rooster is correct.

🐔 Ricardo loves shiny objects such as jewelry, Christmas lights, coins, etc. He'll often get distracted when happening upon them.

🐔Ricardo loves spending time in front of the mirror as this is something he cannot do in his Cockatrice form, for he will kill himself. 

🐔 Ricardo hates weasels. 


Jett(Savior) - Jett rescued Ricardo from the demon trinket that confined him to his chicken form. Ricardo, being new to Earth has been clinging to Jett ever since. While he shows his respect to the Son of Lucifer and vows to serve him, Jett never asks anything of the rooster. Instead, it appears Ricardo is a nuisance. This doesn't stop him from continuing to bum money and food off Jett.





Geomancer | Guardian of the Gate

"Spell not working? Try a bit of Stardust next time." - Teva

Single | Heterosexual | Not Interested

Character Music Vibes: Song ⛤ Song

Origins: UC








Berserker | Wanderer with Unclear Motives

"I'll put some fancy quote here eventually" - Admin

Single | Heterosexual | Never Again

Character Music Vibes: Song  Song

Origins: UC





Human | Barista at Sanctum Cafe[New York Division]

"My real name's Candice, but my friends just call me Candii. What can I get for you, Traveler?" - Candice

Single | Heterosexual | Currently a Potato

Character Music Vibes: SongSong 

Origins: Candii has lived in New York her whole life, only leaving on rare occasions to vacation. She grew up in a foster home. During her stay, the workers treated her well. (Not like those poor orphans you see in the movies.) Money was tight for the small foster care. This led to the abrupt eviction when Candii hit the ripe age of eighteen. 

Past: Candii had enough money in her pocket for two weeks worth of hotel fare. Her stomach was empty and the business that was supposed to help her find a job was taking far longer than she'd wanted. This is when Candice was approached by another female. The woman saw Candii down and out but quickly gave her some advice. "Become a stripper. That's what I did." It wasn't long before the idea stuck with Candice. Only a few days later, Candii found herself at her female friend's place of employment. She worked at the unnamed strip club for close to five years before another job caught her interest. Sanctum Cafe. Candii had always had a fascination with the supernatural and what could be out there. Her nights were filled with fantasy novels, ghost movies, and occasional internet chat rooms dealing with supernatural information. Sanctum Cafe was part of this research. Before long, Candice got the job! It was an exciting day for the young stripper. From poles to serving fresh coffee she'd go.

Currently: Now at the young age of twenty-five, Candii has a small sliver of happiness in her life and her job. Her research hadn't led her astray. The whole Cafe ended up being a magical place. A hub of sorts for the supernatural and humans that dabbled in their affairs. The Cafe was even equipt with several backrooms of portals for traveling. Candice has only recently entered one for work commute. Now in her years of working for Sanctum, she's become aware and educated of many supernaturals. She's become an informant of sorts in the New York branch of Sanctum with regulars coming in to get the latest scoop. Ask her anything about the Supernatural, Creatures that go bump in the night, or the underground and Candice will probably have an answer. 


Being Human, Candice has no supernatural abilities and no defining strengths aside from normal human physics. 

Fun Facts

Candii often collects things supernaturals leave behind in the Sanctum Cafe such as; small belongings, hair, and residue on glasses. She uses these in her studies on the unknown.

Pry hard enough and you may find her notes on you.

Candice has begun to dabble in witchcraft but has no idea what she's doing. Nothing seems to be working.


Tempest(Regular) - Tempest is a regular at the Sanctum Cafe. While Candice doesn't talk to him much, she does know him and has interacted with him in the past. His childlike behavior and need to cause trouble detur her curiosity. However, Tempest is always at the Cafe and ready to help if something goes wrong or inadequate behavior occurs.







Descendant of the Watchers | Keeper of the Forest

"There's an old, deep magic in these woods which has seeped into my bones.. Or perhaps it's the other way around." - Seth

Single | Demisexual | Attracted to Fae and Animalistic Origins (Open-Minded)

Character Music Vibes: Song

Origins: The Watchers were fearsome creatures, eons old. These beasts were hulking giants that towered over treetops. Their forms a mass of distortion based on what they'd learned from life by peering through cracks in the void. Their only goal? To silence the existence known as life so that the beasts could once again slumber. To end all life. The primordial creatures almost succeeded by tricking a corrupt ice mage into a deal. In the end, she saw her ways and expelled all of her power to lock them underneath the arctic ice. The few watchers that remained fled, quickly learning to take the forms of the life around them. Trapped on Earth with no way back to their home of nothingness in space, The Watchers were forced to learn the ways of humans, animals, and life in general. Over hundreds of years, most of the remaining Watchers were sought out and destroyed, yet some survived. They lived, ate, drank, and bred like any other species. Decades down the family tree, we find Seth.

Past: Seth was born a Watcher. Less of a fearsome beast than his powerful ancestors had been. Through poorly selective breeding, the Watcher population had not only dwindled to nothing, but also weakened in strength. Though still a fearsome foe to most, Seth doesn't often engage in combat. Seth doesn't remember his birth, he doesn't remember his childhood or his past years. Like all Watchers, Seth awoke in existence. Clearly he had parents, aged similar to most, but couldn't remember anything but the forest. 

Currently: Seth spends most of his time in nature, preferring forest life over city living. He sleeps on forest floors and considers wild animals his greatest allies. Although, he's not opposed to spending time with modern folk. Seth has an appreciation for all life and deems humans the most interesting.


Being a Watcher's descendant, it is believed there are many abilities Seth has yet to reveal or even know he possesses. While each Watcher's power behaves differently, Seth's seems to have taken a liking to nature.

Green Magic: Seth has the ability to manipulate plants with his magic. This is his most commonly used ability both in battle and in everyday life. 

Chloromancy: Using specific plants, Seth can channel his magic to see both the past and present of said plant's current status. This means he can track through nature and acquire visions of the past. In rare instances, the plants can also warn him of a future yet to pass. 

Animal Manipulation: Seth can communicate with Animals, and he can also command most creatures at will. Both in combat and everyday life, Seth regularly fuses with animals, allowing him their abilities such as strength, climbing, claws, etc. 

Sending: Seth can perform rituals to send the dead off to their final resting place. This is done through soul absorption with Seth being the host. It is unknown to most where these souls actually get laid to rest. 

Passives: Super Human Speed, Super Human Strength, Natural Acceptance Among Animals, Somewhat Faster Healing Speeds than Humans. 




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