Name: Maleficent

Meaning of name: Maleficent is a portmanteau formed from the adjectives magnificent and malevolent. Her name means harmfully malicious.

Titles: Mistress of All Evil, Queen of Darkness, The Dragon Lady, Carabosse, & Wicked Fairy Godmother

Age: Old as dirt but she appears to be in her late thirties.

      Species: Dark fairy, sorceress         

 Birthplace: Fae realm

Skin color: Pale green

Hair color: Ebony

Eye color: Yellow

Height: 6'0" 

Residence: The Forbidden Mountain

Weapon of choice: Magical staff

Languages spoken: She can speak any language.

Voiced by: Eleanor Audley

Unusual features: Incredibly sharp cheekbones, black horns, & pointed ears

Markings: One scar to the left of her heart & two vertical scars down her back where her wings once were.

Family: Son named Malphas b. 1666

Maleficent first appears in the film Sleeping Beauty in King Stefan's castle by means of supernatural teleportation during the christening of Stefan's daughter, Aurora. Her appearance is preceded by a gust of wind and accompanied by a streak of lightning and her signature green flames. She is outwardly courteous but implies she is offended that she did not receive an invitation to the ceremony like the other fairies, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather.

When she asks the king and queen why she was not invited, Merryweather speaks up and tells Maleficent that she was "not wanted".  Shocked (or more likely, pretending to be shocked), she turns to leave this "awkward situation", giving the king and queen one last chance to make up for not inviting her, but the queen simply asks her if she was offended by this. Maleficent denies it, and offers to give a "gift" to Aurora to prove she "bears no ill will". Maleficent then says that Aurora will grow in grace and beauty and be "beloved by all who know her" as well, but to punish the king and queen for their insolence, she places a curse on Aurora, so that before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday, Aurora will "prick her finger on a spindle of a spinning wheel and die!"

Merryweather, who still has a gift she can use, weakens the curse so that Aurora will fall into a deep sleep instead, with only a kiss from her true love to awaken her.  The three fairies hide Aurora until her sixteenth birthday passes while an angry Maleficent realizes her instructions to her goblin minions were wasted for most of the sixteen years. The goblins focused on searching for a baby the whole time. Maleficent then blasts lightning at them in her fury and then instructs her raven, Diablo to hunt down the now adolescent Aurora.  

Once he succeeds, Maleficent visits Aurora on the evening of her sixteenth birthday in a form of a small, green, glowing light, that hypnotizes Aurora before luring her into a remote tower, which is where she pricks her finger to fulfill the curse. To ensure Aurora would not be immediately awakened, Maleficent and her goons trap Prince Phillip, Aurora's true love, and take him to Maleficent's castle in the Forbidden Mountain. She taunts Phillip before she retreats to her own tower and leaves satisfied, saying, "For the first time in sixteen years, I shall sleep well."

Once Maleficent leaves, the fairies free Prince Phillip of his chains and they escape the dungeon, fending off repeated attacks from Maleficent's minions, which are thwarted by the fairies' magic. Merryweather turns Diablo into stone as well.  Maleficent soon discovers that the Prince has escaped from her dungeon, and is even more furious to see Diablo's fate. She ascends to the top of her highest tower of the castle. She summons lightning bolts and spells to hinder Phillip, including a "forest of thorns", which Phillip is able to overcome. 

After teleporting in front of him, she tells him that he shall have to fight her, and "all the powers of Hell" and transforms into a huge dark dragon. Though she overwhelms him, and it looks like Phillip is about to meet his death, the three fairies transfer some of their power to Phillip's sword as he throws the weapon into her heart, fatally wounding her. As she falls forward, she attempts to devour him, but misses. Her heavy weight collapses a cliff beneath her, and she falls to her death. All that's left is her shredded robe, with the sword still embedded in it as it blackens. Little is known about Maleficent's birth aside from the fact that she was born in the Fairylands. She was found by a group of fairies in the hollow of a tree surrounded by Fae ashes. Those who found her assumed the ashes belonged to the child's late mother. Due to her ghastly appearance, the other fairies feared her from the beginning and viewed the little girl as a monster. They decided to call her Maleficent; for that was what the fairies saw in her future, malice and devastation.

The dark fairy was born with an unusual set of horns and large black wings unlike any of the other fairies. Her features were pointy and her skin possessed a milky green pallor. Her abnormalities made her an outcast in the magical community and she spent the majority of her days alone reading spell-books and practicing various forms of magic. Although the fairies avoided Maleficent she managed to find comfort in her solitude. She also developed a fondness for ravens. It was not long before the other fairies realized that Maleficent was an extraordinarily gifted sorceress. By the time she was in her teens the young sorceress was already able to conjure spells far beyond what others were capable of. Her talents did not go unnoticed but when it came time to fill a seat on the Fae council Maleficent was denied the opportunity.

Maleficent's anger and frustration towards the other fairies festered within her until one day she snapped. The villainess managed to incinerate nearly half of the realm before she was eventually restrained. As punishment for her crime, the horned sorceress was exiled from the Fairylands. There are a couple versions of the story regarding how Maleficent lost her wings. Some believe her wings were taken as part of her exile from the Fae community while others believe a human is responsible. After her exile Maleficent spent centuries perfecting her spells and creating new enchantments to make those around her suffer. She developed an intense hatred for humanity along with nearly all living things and her malicious acts eventually earned her the title

Mistress of All Evil.

Interests: The Infinity Gauntlet, Dr. Strange || Sexuality: Asexual,  Aromantic  

"I will not be defeated by something as insignificant as love!"

 To put it plainly Maleficent does not possess a love life and she has no interest in having one. Her lack of desire for affection and love in general prevents her from getting close to others. The wicked fairy does not believe in true love and deems those who do as foolish individuals. Fauna comments at one point that Maleficent does not know anything about love or kindness or the joy of helping others. This is actually not the case. Maleficent knows about the emotion but she does not value it what so ever.

Most would describe the villainess as being asexual due to her lack of interest when it comes to intimate behavior. She has had a few lovers over the years but being the elegant woman that she is, Maleficent keeps this portion of her life hidden from others. The villainess uses others for her own personal gain, at times faking genuine care in an effort to get what she wants. It is unclear if The Mistress of All Evil has ever felt love simply because she refuses to allow herself to do so. 

Maleficent is nothing short of malicious and she is known for being Disney's incarnation of pure evil. She is a sadistic piece of work and her only enjoyment in life comes from making others experience pain and suffering. She lacks any sympathy and is known for her dastardly plans that often involve completely destroying the lives of others. While there are times when she can seem reasonable, Maleficent uses her wicked charm to manipulate others into doing what she wants. She is also incredibly spiteful which is evident by the fact that she curses an innocent child to die after not being invited to a celebration.

Unlike many of the other Disney villains, Maleficent is not comical aside from her dark sense of humor. She is also not driven by a lust for power or jealousy. Instead, her goal is only to cause pain. Despite her wicked nature, the dark fairy is an elegant woman with a high level of education along with an understanding of polite behavior. One of the quickest ways to set off her temper is to behave in a rude manner. Maleficent is also a strong leader which is evident by her role in the Kingdom Hearts game series along with the Kingdom Keepers book series. In both she gives orders to the other villains and is viewed as the central bad guy. Her minions are a legion of goblins and troll like creatures who serve her out of fear more than loyalty or respect. She is also frequently accompanied by her pet raven Diablo who seems to be the only creature that she cares for. 

She Fancies

|Making others suffer; she always delivers physical and emotional pain with a smile|

|A good cup of tea or glass of red wine|

|She is fond of dragons and developed a spell enabling her to turn into one.|

|Proper behavior and manners|

|The villainess enjoys the piano and is a talented pianist.|

|Maleficent loves to read. She is particularly fond of stories that do not have happy endings.|

|Winning; she can be a sore loser if things do not go her way|

|Birds, ravens are her favorite.|

She Detests

|Not being invited or thought of tends to put Maleficent in a sour mood.|

|Failure; she does not believe in second chances|

|Almost all living things get on her nerves. Naturally, there are a few exceptions to this.|

|There are few things in this world Maleficent hates more than love and romance.|

|Rude and impolite behavior|

|Being disrespected; disrespect Maleficent and she will make you suffer dearly for it.|

|Public displays of affection are vile in her opinion.|

|Being touched without her permission| 

Maleficent appears in the form of a tall, slender, beautiful, pale green skinned woman with a narrow face and a prominent chin. Her cheekbones are abnormally strong and her ears are pointed making them appear elvish. The dark fairy's bright yellow eyes are one of her most distinctive features. She wears a horned headdress that conceals her black hair and showcases her horns. The villainess also carries a long staff with a green orb at the top and dresses in a black and purple robe with a high collar and bat wing-like edges. On her right hand she wears a gold ring with a large black oval shaped stone in the center. She usually wears red lipstick and her sharp nails are always painted a crimson shade of red.

When she was young Maleficent had large reptilian wings, but they were taken  from her. She now has two vertical scars down her back where they once were along with a scar across her chest that came as a result of an enchanted blade. The villainess possesses the ability to shape shift herself along with others into what ever creature she desires. Her most common form of transfiguration is a dragon. The dragon Maleficent transforms into is a massive black beast with a purple underbelly and bright yellow eyes. Her teeth are as black as the scales on her back and the horns she possesses in her natural form are also present in this form.




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  • (ALright. I’ll leave it up to you if she knows of Freddy or Carrie. Though with how I have it in her story. Unless someone lived In the town where those two lived. Not many would know of them since the cops and people tried to remove any trace of Freddy to make people forget him and Carrie and what she did to the know. Is regarded as rumors.   Hmmm Alright. Probably will say that fredda May have heard of grim fairy tale or something about her but that would be it. A children’s fairytale.  Makes for a better reveal when they learn who and what the other is. 


    Ill work on the starter and send your way. )

  • (I liked the movie but then I also like Descendants. I guess since I each a lot of anime and fantasy horror stuff. I always liked the trope of a Villian turn hero or anti hero. Like vegeta and piccolo from dbz, hiei from yu yu hakusho,  Venom from marvel( in some versiond(, Spike from Buffy the vampire slayer, Damon from the vampire diaries- to some extant and klaus from the same show abd oroginals though he is still pretty villainous hahaha,  etc.  but there are some like the Joker and Frieza that I wouldn’t want to see become a hero and want to stay a Villian. So I get what you mean. 


    Showing up with a lich army might be amusing . Course as Daurgo just did. She sometimes doesn’t need to if the location she is going to already has a lot of buried dead bodies around. Cause then she can just rezz those for an instant army if she needs.   Daurgo would take time for her to replace so i wonder if Mal might try to convince the queen to leave him in her “care” or something. Heh. )

  • Suddenly, a figure bumped into Maleficent. Ty Lee looked and saw that it was a 12 year old girl with black hair (her bangs dangle over her eyes), wore green and yellow clothing, bands those same colors aground her wrists and ankles, was barefoot, her eyes were a misty blue, and was short. Ty Lee recognized her as one of her newest friends: Toph. She quickly ran forward and dragged Toph away from Maleficent.

    "Toph, don't bump into her like that." She scolded in a whisper. "She doesn't tolerate that."

    Toph nodded and "looked" in another direction as Ty Lee walked back to Maleficent.

    "Sorry about Toph bumping into you like that, Maleficent." She said. "It's just that..." Ty Lee motioned for Maleficent to come closer before whispering in her ear once she reached her: "Toph is blind."

  • Yeah, it sounded ridiculous, but it happened. Malory wasn’t going to take any chances by lying to Maleficent, she was sure that the sorcereress would know if Malory wasn’t telling the truth. Feeling on edge, Malory tapped her fingers against her knee lightly. She was still trying to think of ways out of the situation, but the best way she could come up with was to just do as she was told. Answer the questions, try not to be snarky, and don’t kill any more of Maleficent’s servants. Though that man was giving her the creeps. 

    “No, I don’t know what they wanted to do. Sacrifice me, burry me, just have in a room to stare at—I’ve given up trying to think of why and I have no intention of going back and asking them.” Malory wasn’t too startled by Diaval turning into a crow, that was something she had actually seen before. Though, it was an ogre and not a person...And she already knew that Maleficent could change someone’s form or make it appear different with the troll she had just killed. 

    Malory looked back to Maleficent after watching the tea being poured. Though she did like tea, Malory had no intention of taking a sip from her cup. Because, yes, it might be poisoned. Listening to the description of the Diamond Coffin, she did find herself becomin slightly interested. Sounded like somewhere she wanted to go, if only to observe and not to start killing creatures. Though Malory was a hunter, she was a researcher as well, and she didn’t kill unless she needed to. Well...sometimes more than she needed to, like with trolls who were living on someone’s property and causing damage, even if they troll had lived there first. She needed to get paid somehow. And maybe that made her a bit heartless, but she still cared about most creatures, and would rather relocate something than kill it if possible. 

    However, it didn’t seem like those attending this secret bar were among the creatures she knew of, which were mostly unintelligent or chose not to communicate with humanoid beings. This was uncharted territory for her, and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to dive into it. 

    Blinking, Malory looked at the coin, observing its detail. She’s try to sketch it out later if she had the time. “I’m not from this area, and I don’t interfere with...the kind of creatures who would frequent a place like that.” What would frequent the Diamond Coffin? Vampires, wizards, demons? Malory had no idea if she had even encountered those before. At the subject of the tea, Malory was quick to share her opinion. “Oh I totally think it’s poisoned. To be honest, I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you.” Why would Malory have any reason to trust Maleficent? Other than the fact that Maleficent hasn’t really done anything to her yet...Aside from sending a troll after her, even if the troll was just supposed to capture her. They both knew that trolls were graceful or delicate creatures, it would have likely brought Malory back with a few big bruises and a cracked rib at the very least. 

  • As Rey's head lifted slowly from her pillow, she decided that this was all in vain. She wasn't getting any sleep tonight. The young woman sat up in her bed and stretched her arms up towards the ceiling. She was tired, but she also felt like a walk would serve her well. The fresh air was calling to her from inside the new Resistance base.

    After the battle of Crait, the Rebels had travelled to the Outer Rim and chose a planet they had never heard of before: Rishi. It was a tropical world full of different islands that seemed ideal for hiding until they could regain their numbers and resources. Rey used the back door and stepped outside; the salty air was instantly inviting and refreshing.

    Ever since Luke had joined the force, Rey could feel that her powers were suddenly growing. This seemed like a good thing, until she discovered that she could sense and feel the energies, thoughts and feelings of everyone around her. It was a constant sensation that she could not block out. This was why she could not sleep; her mind was too heavy with the burdens of others.

    Fortunately, Rey's walk was already starting to do some good. As she stepped across the moonlit beach, feeling the sand as she went, her mind was beginning to feel lighter. Soon, everyone else began to fade away, and she was left with her thoughts only. Rey sat down in the sand that reminded her of home, and did nothing but sit quietly and watch the soft waves in their mezmerizing pattern.

  • Maleficent had not asked the question out loud to Edward yet, however she would soon realize just how much and how deeply Edward had hoped and yearned for normalcy and everything that these sharp shears deprived him of. She may have even guessed how much he desired it from the wanting look in those deep brown eyes. Her words were simple but they had instilled hope within him, something he had felt perhaps once before but could not name or identify.

    The unfinished creature gave the interior of the stark castle a quiet and comtemplative look. He appeared to be thinking. But what thoughts currently occupied that elusive mind of his was a complete mystery. His expression gave nothing away. Not even a clue as to what he pondered.

    He did not ignore Maleficent's question, however. And Edward's eyes briefly glanced at the dust covered work table in that forlorn corner of the castle. It hadn't seemed like such a long time ago when his creator had used it to put him together. But in truth, far more years had passed from that time then Edward could have ever guessed.

    "Yes." That soft voice replied to her and briefly echoed across the dark castle.

    An eerie pause of silence would serve to remind Edward just how different his home was now. It no longer whirred with activity in the same way it used to. But what was even more disheartening was that he was now it's sole occupant. Left alone in the black and blue shadows; stagnating in isolation and incompleteness.

  • The man before her was perhaps a bit underwhelming to be sure, but he had manners befitting one such as her, and as he had no intention of refusing her request, he quickly turned to lead her way.
    “Yes, my Lady, right away. Please, right this way.” The young vampire responded, almost immediately.

    They did not go the path back to town however, and instead dug deeper into the forest, where the trees grew thick enough that their spindly appendages were starting to claw at Maleficent’s clothing.

    Further and further in, they walked for what seemed like hours, and while Maleficent perhaps would tire a little, as was the case for most living beings...the vampire did not, and looked ready to traverse through the woods for yet a day or two more.

    With nothing but nightly crickets to listen to, the company grew stale, but luckily enough; they reached an end, where the forest suddenly stopped, and a road began, hugged by a rich countryside that knew nothing of the plague that still haunted the town nearby.

    “We wait here, my Lady.” The bloodsucker explained, walking up to a large stone which had moss clinging to it like green snow.
    He removed his jacket right quick, and draped it over the rock in case the wicked woman wanted to rest her feet for the next hour that they were going to spend there.

    “Please, if you want.” The man said softly, walking a few steps away then, giving her some space to herself, but staying close enough if she had some questions, or orders to give him.
    An hour later….

    Silence then clung to the air like a houseguest that had long overstayed his or her welcome, that was of course until the thundering of hooves broke through the silence as a pair of mighty stallions now galloped into view, dragging behind them a large, ebony carriage.

    The wind wisped these fine equines manes into the air like flames, and their strong muscles rippled from under those freshly groomed pelts, which wore the same color as the night sky. These steeds had lineage dating back centuries no doubt, purebred obviously to achieve absolute perfection, as per their masters request.

    Coming up on the two, vampire and fae, the horses came to a sudden halt at the crack of the whip from the coachman, who tipped his hat graciously out of respect seeing Maleficent.
    Though he did not say any kind words of reverence, or even a greeting phrase for that matter, he remained respectful in the way he carried himself, a feat not easily done non-verbally.

    “The carriage will take you to the eastern shores, where a ship lies in harbour, awaiting to take you to his country.” The vampire explains softly while the mute coachman jumps down from his high up position, moving to place himself by the door, head bowed in calm veneration.

    “I wish you good luck, and may you travel safely, my Lady.” Said the vampire, door now slowly opening for her to step inside, where soft red cushion seats awaited her, as well as a few rare treats such as chocolate and caramelized apples, as well as various meats and wines.

    It would be a long journey it seems.

  • "Heavens no. Do you really believe I'd go through the effort of being here just to insult you?"

    In response to the minor accusation, a brow of his own would be raised for a brief amount of time. Her unforeseen guest wasn't fond of the concept behind self-righteousness either, and that was made known through his rhetorical question.

    "If you insist, Darkscales."

    Seeing this as some sort of challenge, his right arm would extend out before turning a hand upside down. In his palm would be a simple flame, which grew into a cobalt inferno fully under his control, being the Pyromancer he was in his human facade. Those same blue flames would shift to create animations of humanoid figures holding rifles, other draconic beasts, and himself facing off legions of men and other creatures, depicting what resembled a mass conflict of sorts spanning across much of the globe. The most diabolical scenes were of him ordering passenger ships to be torpedoed, and him personally incinerating an entire city's worth of civilians in feral form.

    "I could tell you the countless stories behind everything, but it would be a long discussion. Unless you don't mind those."

  • “Most likely back in her kingdom or on the move to conquer more lands or new worlds. I suspect with my absence, she is very likely creating new servants to serve her and possibly looking for my replacement if she doesn’t plan to come looking for me.   She may have been my master and gave me the power to have my revenge but I was nothing more then a pawn. Welll no. More like a valued knight.  I don’t know how much you know about liches and dragons but a Draco Lich.  A dragon Lich.  Is a creature of the highest value.   Liches and Necromancers do everything they can to get one of my kind to serve them or even become one. “


    Daurgo closed his eyes and concentrated for a bit. he was silent for five minutes or more and there was no sound except heavy breathing coming from him and the air began to grow colder and frost over. Soon a rumbling sound could be heard before pouring into the location that Maleficent have brought them too, a large number of undead goblins and other creatures came inside. 

    These creatures were all servants of the Mistress of Evil. Servants that died via by her own hands for failure and various other reasons and Rhodes who died carrying out her will.  They were here now, in various stages of rot and decay and all stood perfect still around them. Daurgo had something of a smile on his face, apparently pleased with himself and she would find out why. 


    “I was worried I lost this power upon regaining my original flesh and blood body but it seems some of the Lich powers have not fled from me. These are the animated remains of all your former servants from within the surrounding lands. Just those close by, those from on these lands would have taken more time to summon.  You see a dracolich is a very powerful type of Lich.  I was an important weapon to the Lich Queen and I had to serve her. With you it’s a choice, with her, it was slavery. All the dead are enslaved to her. We serve her wether we wish it or not. Free will is an illusion. I suspect your servants serve you out of fear for the most part or other reasons but I suspect you do not have the power to forcefully mind control and enslave them to your will.  With my former master, I was forced to serve her though I served her willingly, I suspect if I ever dared to defy her or rebel, I would be unable to do so or leave on my own terms. “


    ” I think becoming alive severed my connection to her , for I can no longer hear her voice or feel her in my head.  Maybe I am a fool but I like to think that with you. I would be held with more value then all your other servants, even if just becoming a personal treasured pet to you.  With you, my mind is at least my own, with her, it wasn’t.  You two are similar.  She cares little to nothing for her servants as I’m sure you are the same. Except maybe with the exception of that pet bird of yours. As you can see by what I did here. I would be of very good use to you, use that would you feel that saving me was a very good decision. For as humans would say. I bring a lot to the table. For instance. I can revive your dead servants. So that you can have them serve you even in death and be one even more disposable for you as well.  


    I fully expect her to come looking for me if only because a dracolich is very very hard to come by and therefore I have way more value then the Cannon fodder that serves in her legions. After all, how many dragons does someone have in their servitude these days? Not many. Especially not with the humans driving us closer to extinction with each passing day.  Or maybe serving you is the same as serving her and it leaves me with little reason to care. Trade one master for another who is almost exactly the same in terms of evil temperament and perhaps, power.  I can see many similarities between the two of you. If such an emotion was possible for either of you two, I would dare say you two would hit it off or even like each other.  That is of course, if such an emotion was possible or embraced by the two of you but I suspect such things are beneath you both.  


    My Mistress. .... How do you wish for me to address you? I should ask that now.”

  • Malory didn’t like all the questions about her sword. To her knowledge, there was nothing terribly magical about it, but it was a very prized possession of her. If she were to lose it, she didn’t know what she’d do. It couldn’t just be replaced with another sword. This one was...special. Hers. Thinking about that, she laid her hand protectively over the hilt of it. “There’s not much more to it. Over a decade ago I was kidnapped by some dwarves, they dressed me up and put me in a sacrificial coffin with this sword, and I have no idea what they were planning to do with my after that since I was rescued. I took the sword with as a consolation prize. The blade hasn’t dulled since I got it.”

    That really was all there was to it. Malory was led to believe that the dwarves made the sword, since they were known to be expert metal workers, and if it was made by someone or something else, she didn’t know who. Hell, she still didn’t know why the dwarves had put her in a coffin like she was goddamn Snow White. 

    Malory quickly turned to the new person who had entered the room. Apparently a servant of Maleficent, which didn’t surprise her at all. Of course an evil sorceress would have a few servants hanging around. Malory also had no intention of drinking the tea that was placed on the table. Not to be rude, but there was no way for her to know that the tea was safe. Even if Maleficent drank it—again, she was a sorceress, and Malory was a human. 

    “The Diamond Coffin? No, never heard of it.” Looking back to Maleficent as Diaval left the room, she arched an eyebrow. “Should I have?”

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