“Once again...welcome to my house.

Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring.







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Abraham Van HelsingJonathan HarkerMina HarkerThe BridesRenfield

Javier Dr. John SewardBruno Ikarov Erzsébet Báthory The Blood Countess Virgiliu Dracula

Mircea DraculaMalphasAdela


The Order of the Dragon The Order


The Demeter Final DeathThe Ichor DomainVampire LordThe TraditionsHumans loyal to Dracula





"Even if she be not harmed, her heart may fail her in so much and so many horrors; and hereafter she may suffer--both in waking, from her nerves, and in sleep, from her dreams. Yes, her internal turmoil, a war of the mind, it is what makes her into one of the more dangerous adversaries I have faced, thus far. Unpredictable, unrelenting, and completely merciless.

I must take care, lest she foil my plans.”



"There may yet be things, many of the mind, things that he cannot grasp; such as the nature and virtue of patience, and the bountiful reward that can come from restraint. After all ambition is only ever as useful as the person wielding it.

The fall of many of our kind stems from this fatal flaw, yet I did not at all think that it would be the Achilles heel of my own son.

I thought I had done better, that I would not see the past be repeated...

In what hurry are they, they who have centuries ahead of them?"

- Dracula


"I have crossed oceans of time to find this woman. She is alltogether mine, and together we shall walk forevermore.

But even good metal can break when you try to put your might against it, try and bend it.

Nevertheless, what would be left shall serve me, and be mine to use as I so fit."



You men and women are like ropes drawn tight with strain that pull in two different ways. Then tears come, and like the rain on the ropes, they brace it up, until perhaps the strain become too great, and the mind breaks. But King Laugh he come like the sunshine, and he ease off the strain again, and you bear to go on with the labor, what ever it may be.

You, Catherine, you will not be allowed even this for me. I will shut the door for all things good.

You'll be mine, or you will meet back again with the hand that shaped you.

- Dracula










Born doomed, the young Robin Harker was simply destined to become a vampire.

And while he fell in battle, he rose again as a bloodsucking fiend, taking the fall for his mother, unwittingly.


 Portrayed by:  William Moseley









The Kanima is a creature that is not born out of the hard shell of an egg, nor birthed out of the warm comfort of a mother's womb. 
No, the Kanima is created via a number of different ways.
It is in some ways, an abomination.

Underneath the tough reptilian scales however, the soul of Timothy remains.


Portrayed by: Luke Newberry

Photo edit by: this fabulous bean















Driven by Greed, Mircea eventually betrayed his father and set himself on the path of becoming the 'God of Death'.

Ruthless and completely insane, he is determined to bring down Dracula, whatever the cost.

  Portrayed by:   Tyler Hoechlin




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  • // Thank you for the approval, and information.  That I did yes. ^^

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  • 8438397255?profile=RESIZE_584x

  • 13766020?profile=RESIZE_400x"They were meant to be and there was no force in the world that was going to stop them from being together. He'd burn the world if he and she could be king and queen over the ashes."

    - Dracula


    // All is good, XD. Do not worry, I just hope you're doing okay with everything going on.  And, thank you, I will do that! :).  I hope this reply works for you.


                         Should Catherine be afraid not just of the vampire but of Adela too? For one reason or another, something about Adela began to worry the brunette in time too, (something she could not quite put her finger on), along with the vampire before them perhaps in the same way, or even more if that was possible.  They were on the same side though, well Catherine would like to think that, so was there for Adela, if she needed Catherine there for her.  Torturing this vampire, or trying to, or killing him eventually if that was the plan, what if it proved to do more harm than good, especially when in time, the woman did learn upon Adela's spotting of that ring who he served and who had sent him here to fulfill such a request.  When the games of hers started, then soon stopped because of something she had spotted on the vampire's index figure, the brunette blinked and inched forward, shaking her head with concern, but also something else.  "Adela.."  The woman spoke her name, but noticed the crucifix slip her grasp as it fell into the blood that was underneath her feet, while brows furrowed.

                         At seeing, at experiencing of what came next from the vampire who clearly had the upper hand once more, she stepped closer to the woman at her side a little, but then in front a little more again while watching the vampire listening to him speak from beginning to end.  With his request, with what he wanted Catherine to do for him, she had to scoff at that but then her lips pursed together as shade of green-hazel hues rested upon him, the look inside determined to leave him here and to rot or suffer, or whatever else may happen.  At the same time, was she conflicted? He stayed here forever, or he got free, innocents were going to die regardless, just not at Javier's hands, but Dracula's, even if not directly, but by those he had turned over the years to now call his family.  How could she Catherine one person just stop all of that? Or even two, herself and Adela stop that? It wasn't even possible, was it?

                         Shuddering briefly on the inside, not because of Javier but because of the King Vampire, she remembering her one or two face-to-face interactions with him especially the first inside that morgue (which was far too close for comfort, but she somehow managed to escape), the woman truly hoping there would be no more, but wishful thinking that would be.  Removing the King Vampire's face from her mind just as quick as it entered, her eyes rested onto Javier.  Was she considering to let him go for information, but then knowing blood and more will be on her hands when he goes free again to kill hundreds, thousands and so much more, or if not kill them, let the population of vampires grow to eventually surpass the human population, if it had not already. Whatever had briefly flickered within her gaze, it faded as she stared at him in a controlled manner, strength and determination within her while he was chained so to speak.  "I can't do that, I can't let you go, not yet at least. You think you have what I need to know, or what I want to hear, then you tell me what I need to know first. Then we will see what happens."

                         Catherine wanted to stop the suffering in the world yes for the ones still like her, human and not like him, forever immortal and dangerous.  But, she needed information first - Right now, even chained he was in control, because of the information he could feed to her, but she needed it (or did she?), so would remain there for as long as it would take to get it.  Briefly the woman stepped back not because of Javier, but for Adela's sake if the woman was still there as she asked, "Adela.. Can you hear me, can you talk? Are you able to say anything else, or do anything else?"  Unknown if anything would come from Adela, and so she turned forward, facing him with arms folded across her chest, that meaning she was making no move to let him go, or not yet if it might be a possibility at all. She wanted to hear him talk, fill her in as much as he was able to.  From under her dark lashes, she peered towards him with partially narrowed eyes almost as if that look of hers alone could protect her from what was about to come, even if she knew here and now, nothing could protect her.

                         In silence those eyes of hers waited on him to speak, demanded it almost, like she sitting across from inside an interrogation room, asking questions to a suspect. She swallowed lightly once or twice however, trying to keep unspoken and unseen fears at bay as she tried to have some level of control in this situation, despite knowing now what she knew (That he was one of Dracula's and forever would be, which is why he had been sent). Standing there, she waited on what would come next.

  •  SO, profile under construction. Pardon the extreme mess, it is temporary.

  • Alice clearly didn't have the amazing hearing of a vampire. Being human and all. A woozy human who likely would go for fifths with the stew before she felt like her body would be strong enough for anything. She could sleep for a day, one long deep resting sleep where the world would be forgotten and a place where she likely would not wake up from if she fell asleep in the wrong place and the wrong time with the wrong people. 

    She wanted to believe that she cast enough fear (or rebellion) into Robin that he would not do anything to her while she slept, or that she would trust him at all to allow herself to sleep around him. 

    That was for a later time to worry about, however. For the time she went back to eating. He didn't seem like he heard her. Focused far too much on something going on outside, and perhaps something moving around in his head the way that it was going for him. Alice wouldn't pick it up for some time, not around her chewing and the sounds bouncing off of her skull and filling her ears. She peered at him from time to time. Making sure her own hide was okay and that he was not using her eating as a distraction to attack her by any means. 

    Whatever turmoil that was moving through every brain cell of his immortal head stopped both for he and Alice when she heard the tap on the window and whipped her head to the grubby disgusting face that was behind it. Perhaps that's what he had been so focused on. What he was looking forward to. Waiting for this man to show up so that Robin could hold her down and he could have his way with her. Her dark eyes narrowed, ignoring the man behind the glass, the only protection for now from the so-called chief though she had no clue of it. Only that there were now two enemies to deal with.

    The Chief reminded her of a komodo dragon, the mouth teaming with venom that could kill in a single bite and blind with a smile. Like the one, he was giving Alice, whom she ignored to keep her eyes on Robin. He was the only threat here, after all. She could dispatch the Chief with her hands, it was the vampire that had far more strength, even with adrenaline running through her could be overpowered by. 

    The enemy. Everyone was the enemy.

    Eventually, the face of the man left the glass and it didn't take a rocket scientist to know where he was headed to. Alice shot up from her seat the second he was gone, and turned her back on Robin for just a second, she didn't even care that he left his seat to go and help let the man in most likely. Not when she flipped through every drawer and cabinet to help herself. To put something into keeping herself alive. She grabbed plates and bowls and threw them on the ground by the doorway, making obstacles for both to maybe trip on. She found forks and laid those out on the table to use as projectiles when the time called for it. All this in a matter of seconds, all this and then--

    '"TRAITOR!"' was boomed that stopped her cold for half a second. She took up the defense once again, going for the rusty gamey hammer that she'd brought up from down below and held it up by the makeshift sleeve handle she's made to protect her hand from it. She watched the doorway and saw Robin once again walking. She halfway heard the sounds of the man screaming. About Master, about dust, about Robin who came in cursing messily enough, it would make a child giggle.

    Her shoulders heaved as she felt the liquids of the adrenalin move through her veins once more. To her shock, he went off in a ramble about how underqualified he was. Or at least, maybe he was done with it. Alice wanted to think that she'd struck a chord in his thick head instead. Her eyes dropped to whatever he was handing her, squeezing the hammer tighter. He presented her with the handle of the gun. Alice's dark eyes went between him and the gun. Then out the doorway where the man would soon be making his official debut. She snatched the gun from him and checked the safety, the rounds, then looked at him as she shoved it into her back pocket.

    "Why?" She asked. At least she wasn't shooting him or swinging the hammer. She would save the gun, save the bullets. She would need as many as she could get in order to escape. If she could. After this fight. Because despite the adrenaline, she could feel the waning body like a setting sun. She'd be out of juice soon. Or so her body would lead her to believe. She herself was far too selfish and stubborn to let that happen. Food built her up a little higher, but sleep? She was bound to fail if she went any longer without it.

    Resting the hammer on the table, Alice went for another plate and broke it against the surface of it. Laying the sharp shards in hands reach of it along with the forks. More to use. And something to throw and slow the chief down when he did make it inside. Hopefully, it would be only him. That or his yelling would draw the attention of more of the deranged people of the island. Like worms ready to flock where there was trouble afloat.

  • The villainess remained in her chambers for the majority of the day, only stepping outside when the sun went down. The cool night breeze felt lovely and she did not mind the lack of view. A storm was obviously brewing, but this was not one of her design. How well would the ship fare against a strong storm? The question lingered in her head as she walked along the deck. Traveling by water was completely new to her. She ignored the crew for the most part, but took notice of what they were doing. Like her, they all sensed a storm coming and she was pleased to see the vampires preparing. Once she caught sight of the captain standing by the wheel Maleficent decided to join him.

    "I assume you have experienced a storm onboard before?" She wore a look of clear displeasure on her face making it clear she had started this conversation out of necessary, not desire.


    The so called Mistress of All Evil remained below deck for the majority of the storm. She had no desire to protect the members of the crew. If the ship sank at any point she would simply vanish and return home adding this adventure to her list of pointless voyages. Fortunately for her, the ship managed to survive. When she walked up on the deck the following morning the water was completely still. There was no evidence of the storm from the night before. More importantly, there was no sign of the crew. Where had they gone? Could they have all died in the storm? It was possible, but wouldn't she have heard something from below? A few screams maybe? She made a point to check the entirety of the ship before coming to the conclusion that she was all alone. This was a disaster.

    Before she could create a portal to return home, Maleficent noticed another ship heading straight for hers. This could not be a coincidence. She had failed to see a single ship thus far. Instead of conjuring a way home, the sorceress stood still tapping one of her crimson nails against the orb of her staff waiting patiently to find out who the other vessel belonged to.

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