“Once again...welcome to my house.

Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring.







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"Even if she be not harmed, her heart may fail her in so much and so many horrors; and hereafter she may suffer--both in waking, from her nerves, and in sleep, from her dreams. Yes, her internal turmoil, a war of the mind, it is what makes her into one of the more dangerous adversaries I have faced, thus far. Unpredictable, unrelenting, and completely merciless. I must take care, lest she foil my plans.”



"There may yet be things, many of the mind, things that he cannot grasp; such as the nature and virtue of patience, and the bountiful reward that can come from restraint of said power. After all, ambition is only ever as useful as the person wielding it.

The fall of many of our kind stems from this fatal flaw, yet I did not at all think that it would be the Achilles heel of my own son.

I thought I had done better, that I would not see the past be repeated...

In what hurry are they, they who have centuries ahead of them?"

- Dracula





You men and women are like ropes drawn tight with strain that pull in two different ways. Then tears come, and like the rain on the ropes, they brace it up, until perhaps the strain become too great, and the mind breaks. But King Laugh he come like the sunshine, and he ease off the strain again, and you bear to go on with the labor, what ever it may be.

You, Catherine, you will not be allowed even this for me. I will shut the door for all things good.

You'll be mine, or you will meet back again with the hand that shaped you.

- Dracula











Born doomed, the young Robin Harker was simply destined to become a vampire.

And while he fell in battle, he rose again as a bloodsucking fiend, taking the fall for his mother, unwittingly.


 Portrayed by:  William Moseley









The Kanima is a creature that is not born out of the hard shell of an egg, nor birthed out of the warm comfort of a mother's womb. 
No, the Kanima is created via a number of different ways.
It is in some ways, an abomination.

Underneath the tough reptilian scales however, the soul of Timothy remains.


Portrayed by: Luke Newberry

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Driven by Greed, Mircea eventually betrayed his father and set himself on the path of becoming the 'God of Death'.

Ruthless and completely insane, he is determined to bring down Dracula, whatever the cost.

  Portrayed by:   Tyler Hoechlin




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  • "Should I get the garlic?"

    Welcome back!


    * * 

     (Hello there yourself.   Shush you, no sorry is needed honestly.  Haha.   And, welcome back. :').

    P.S.:  I hope the post works for you!)

     * *


                                  With light finally surrounding them, Catherine looked around the place, the interior, the broken, falling apart structure as far and as wide as she could have, while keeping her guard up all the while.  Not because of the woman (as in that moment she didn't seem like a threat, especially after she had helped Catherine), but more so because of the vampire they still had within their grasp so to speak.  Restraints or not, the woman could not trust one as far as she could throw them.  While Catherine was not as familiar with vampires as this woman was, she had met two now, come face-to-face with two.  Seen, she had simply seen several others when they had invaded her home, or well around it at least, considering without her inviting them on in, they could not set foot in her home, thankfully so.  Rather than focus on that however, if the brunette was able to, she assisted when and where she could, with the lifting of that up onto the chair, and then strapping him on as securely and them some as one could go.  With the woman breaking the silence somewhat, the brunette took her words on board, and nodded to that.  That was true, Catherine had questions, but what surprised Catherine was that the woman had questions too.

    Or, did it surprise her? Should it really have surprised Catherine?

                                 No, not really.  They were two separate individuals who wound up in the same place at the same time, so of course questions were inevitable on both sides.  And with that, Catherine would be an open book, or attempt to be one, at least.  From there after restraining the man, or this creature of the night, she stepped back, allowing the woman to speak to the man temporarily, and Catherine's answer to that question, the one that the woman had posed towards Catherine, or anything at all, she refrained on responding to for the time-being. Vampires was something that this woman was used to? She fought them, went up against them to save others from death or being turned themselves? Or, what was her full story? How did she get into this? For Catherine? She can safely say she had never taken one down, not like the woman had, effortlessly to some extent.  Seeing one? At coming face-to-face with one? This was Catherine's first, correction second time at seeing one.

    The first she ever saw: The King Vampire.


    Evil of all evils.

                                 Things were out there, the woman knew that, she believed it, and for whatever reason, they seemed to gravitate towards her.  That in turn, caused her to gravitate towards them also or vice-versa, whoever gravitated to who, or what first.  Though the pull, it not a positive pull, it not for the reasons one would think.  Danger? She may seek it yes, or she had in the past, but those she gravitated towards were not her friends, they were not acquaintances, they were simply threats to her, threats that she could not afford to have in her life, they were her living nightmare or hell so to speak, on earth.  Shaking it off however, those thoughts in their entirety, the woman realized then she had been silent for quite some time, almost too long, that the woman might have been expecting a response from her.  If she was not currently preoccupied, that was, but the woman was silent a little longer yet, especially when she used water, one might say not normal water to wake that being up.  At hearing him curse, cry out in pain, and or whatnot, the woman eyed the other woman, before eyeing the creature again closely. "I believe you, but how do we pick out one from a crowd, when they look just like us, if you know the answer to that?" Signaling to the one strapped in that chair now, she did it in the off-chance it would speak. Catherine might have had an inkling that he was there for her, on a mission, as a messenger of the King Vampire, if it indeed wanted her where he wanted to her to be, not where she wanted to be - At the same time, she could not be sure, so just let the creature speak if he would.  Or, if not, then she would respond in time, though first, she waited. Before anything came from him, if it were to, she both responded and asked a question, or questions. "To answer your question, yes, I have come face-to-face with one before.  He was nothing like this one though.  He.. He was different."

                                 Without waiting on the woman to respond to that, if she would, Catherine immediately continued with her questions, "How many vampires have you come across? This is definitely not your first...?! How long have you been doing this, whatever it is that you're doing?"


  • It certainly wasn't that funny. Not enough to warrant that kind of laugh out of him either. Alice shot a glare, her face tired yet full of such a feral rage that she might have gone for his throat at that very moment. His sorry about it also sounded like shit. She would wait, and feist without tasting. Because she didn't need to taste it to know that it was food and water that she needed. And that with a full belly it might make it easier for her to sleep so that the cold didn't feel like it was going right through her and she might be able to stand a chance on her own if she were left on her own again. Which she would be. She needed strength more than all though, thus she would listen.

    Would she listen? No. No probably not. See, Alice didn't care about his sob story, this was just something to distract her while she ate. A buzz of white noise in the background that she could push into the back of her mind and disregard later. He was not important to her. None of the people on this island were. All she needed now was to find a good spot where she could leave. Getting him to flab his jowls about some obituary worthy shitty tail about his woes would be one of those. 

    Shit, she had a bad past too, she wasn't about to spout it for him to hear and call that civil. If anything she would take what she needed from the story, things that could wound him, tails that could lead her to making him hesitate, take him down easier. She needed a day, a single day to regain her strength then start about getting out of this shithole and out of the sight of him while she was at it.

    Alice chewed and drank, maybe she would even go for seconds. She didn't know. All was well until he kept getting brave and was trying to come closer to her. Her teeth snapped in her mouth each time that he did. She watched for a good second after that first time, then started again around everything in the kitchen and what could be used to get out. 

    She took note of the stove. Gas or electric? In a place like this likely gas. It didn't take much to spark a single flame, not with these old floorboards. She kept that little tidbit to herself. If burning this pathetic excuse of a cabin the floor was going to grant her freedom she just might go for it.

    She didn't need his bloody sympathies. She wanted to growl, she wanted to throw the spoon through his eye for even addressing such a weak way of thinking of her. She was not some cat cornered, she was a panther waiting to pounce. And she would. She needed to worry about self-care right now, however. And that was making sure that she could still stand up at the end of the night and be able to think of an escape plan in the morning without worrying about toppling over. 

    Maybe she could seduce him... Would he fall for a switch like that of her? Or would he think of it as Stockholm syndrome? Near starved and thinking that he was the last thing on this island that was her savior might jar someone's mind into thinking that she would not be able to make it to the next day without him. A human without others (save for the fish-folk that inhabited the island). Might be that she grew alone, and needed kinship, a body (one that didn't reek) as some form of a release. That could take days, however. Weeks even for that to set in, and she did not know how long she really was going to be here. If she did succeed in that, then maybe he would pity her, and she would want him to pity her. That way when death came and that switch did happen and she was the one to make the blow he would see just how stupid he was for underestimating Alice Fucking O'Malley.

    He got closer.

    Again those cold dark eyes watched him. If she was going to play the seduction card than she still needed to remain resilient and have the resolve to some degree. She needed to play her part. Be an angry scorned woman before turning into a curiously trapped one. Her knuckles turned white where she held the spoon and watched him, watched him finish his bible worthy story.

    A few chews later, stone coating every inch of her tongue she said, "an' while he's drillin' yer ass into the bed, ya watch a human in a cage on the side of you to be his next lil toy, is that it? I don' fuckin' care about yer sob story an' yer past. I care aboot me, an' the people I have te get home to." Her lips twitched into an ice prickled grin. "Ya think yer redeemin' yerself by lettin' this happen? Ya might as well be as fucked as him." The smile dropped and she stared holes into the bottom of her stew bowl that was half empty. She had to eat slow least her stomach roll over on itself. "Get the fuck away from me an' go lube yer arsehole up fer him again an' let me eat in peace. Am I goin' back to me dungeon after this er am I graced with a tub to sleep in?" A tub would be better than that place down there. Give her a pillow and a blanket and she would gladly sleep there. Speaking of tubs though... "An' bring me some fuckin' clothes to wear while yer at it."

  • *Creeps around* Let us wriiiiiiiteeeeee.

  • A few days? That was nothing for someone who had lived as long as Maleficent. Given what she had witnessed back in the village the sorceress already came to the conclusion he was worth a decent portion of her time. If she had to spend several days on the ship, so be it. The captain was given nothing more than a brief nod and a wave of her hand in dismissal.

    His words about the so called King of the vampires did not go unnoticed. Her company in the carriage gave him the same praise. Exactly what was so special about Dracula? His likeness was spreading. The more villages he destroyed, the more followers he gained. His kind spread like disease which repulsed Maleficent to a degree. Fortunately, her curiosity and interest in the species itself were driving her desire to meet the Count.

    Once the captain closed the door behind him, Maleficent slowly made her way to the back of the ship and took a seat on the edge of the bed, setting her staff down beside her. As always, her raven intended to accompany her on this journey. He sat at the top of the main mast looking out ahead of them with his wings folded behind his back. If there was any sign of trouble, he would alert her before any of the crew members got the change. The so called Mistress of All Evil was not used to traveling by boat. Centuries ago she would have flown the distance to the castle. Now teleportation was her favorite form of travel.

  • [ Ohh, I see! Got it. That's very interesting. And don't be sorry! It's all good! ]

    Brian's senses were already on high alert before he heard the snap. But afterwards, now he was almost certain that he wasn't alone here. Which wasn't good. Once he changed, he would have no control over what happened next. So it was crucial that nobody was near him when that happened. Time was running out and as much as Brian wished he could, he could not turn it back, or slow it down. So he forced himself instead to turn around and look for whoever it was who was obviously trying to make themselves unseen. But Brian knew better.

    He could smell them. Another person was here. The scent seemed human enough though something was very off about it. Either way, Brian decided to give this mysterious persona fair warning. If they insisted on continuing to play hide and seek with him, so be it. He'd have to talk to them from afar, he supposed. And while his voice trembled a little in fear, he managed to speak up anyway.

    "...h...hey! I...I know you're there. Whoever you are. I don't know why you're here and I don't really care...but you need to leave. Right now!" Brian said loudly, his voice echoing for several yards into the woods. This wasn't a threat. It was a warning, made from good intentions. Brian didn't want to hurt anyone, and he would do whatever it took to ensure that the worst didn't happen.

    "This place won't be safe for you much longer....so....so you should just turn around and go back to wherever you came from."


                                 An explanation for now, the woman's take on this entire situation, big or small, Catherine listened and took it on board to the best of her ability.  'He's not dead.  He's just out cold, or something.  When he would wake up again? Where? Soon, or much later?' That and more would be revealed eventually.  For now, no further questions asked, the woman simply took a hold of the vampire's arms and shoulder, following the other woman's lead to guide him on out of there.  Following the carrying of this heavy vampire, Catherine seemed grateful they were closer to where they, or she would dump him, and nodded to the direction that had been shown.  Shade of green-hazel hues briefly traveled to where the woman had suggested, before she nodded once more and then assisted carrying him down those stairs.  Also nodding with their eventual arrival there, and to that safe, that there indicating she was more than capable of dragging or holding his body for as long as she had to, which she did, successfully so.

                                 Upon arrival at the bottom of those stairs, the woman's curiosity got the better of her as she looked around, over and over she would look around before her gaze settled upon that safe.  And, the way that the woman punched in the number combination of that safe, without even hiding it from Catherine.  Furrowing her brows briefly, wondering if this was a trap of sorts, but just as quickly as that look, and thought had come to her, it disappeared.  Not because she had been spotted, but because a soft splutter or two came from Catherine from the dust or more that briefly filled the space surrounding them, after the opening of that door.  Once it cleared out, and the door was open in its entirety, she blinked at first before dragging herself as well as the body nearer to that door, where she let herself look inside, rather intently so for what seemed like forever, even if it was only a second, or two at the most.  At hearing the woman speak while she was taking in that room down there, the woman broke herself away from staring to speak to the woman in return, "Adela.  Catherine.  I think I forgot as well, but better late than never."

                                 That was it, it seemed.  That was as far as that introduction and moment went, before letting the body go, seeing it be dumped as far as it could go into that secret passageway. 'Good Riddance,' she thought to herself, sighing in relief somewhat, even though he wasn't dead.  Blinking at Adela's request soon after, Catherine's eyes looked Adela's way questioningly, wondering if that was a real request.  Everything inside of her told her almost immediately that it was real, it was very real indeed.  And, just like that she had answered her own question, it seemed.  It still didn't change the fact however that Catherine didn't know her, and Adela didn't know Catherine.  'Was Catherine to stay in there alone with this vampire once inside, or would Adela follow, and be in there with Catherine, while they did indeed get around to finding out about one another with questions that had been planned?'

                                 Time to find out perhaps - The next few moments, nothing more, nothing less would reveal that. Shrugging a little the woman's way, her questioning look faded before she nodded towards Adela, "Okay, I'm going in. You'll follow behind me, I am guessing?" The brunette responded, while adding her own question soon after to then slowly make her down and inside that somewhat dark room.  A single backwards glance or two would be given before she finally turned her gaze forward permanently, to watch her footing every step of the way.  At seeing the body still laying there cold, she made a reasonable swerve or more around it to miss him completely, before then settling herself somewhere, a spot just for her, yet so she still had a full view of the doorway, "Now.. Your turn, Adela?"

                                 It was hard to read the woman's expression or posture, mostly due to the darkness surrounding her, yet also partially due to her knowing nothing about this woman.  What would come in those next few moments however, Catherine simply waited on her words, or actions, or both while looking towards her all the while.  This definitely wasn't how she had planned to spend her evening, but options clearly were not on her side, especially after what had been.  'When they would be once more, or if they would be?' The brunette did not have a clue. A dangerous waiting game, that is what this had become.  For herself and for Adela.  Or perhaps for her only, which was something she was used to day in, day out, if she was speaking or thinking some sort of truth here and now.


  • Every four weeks, the full moon rears its ugly face in the sky. And every four weeks, Brian is left helpless to do anything to stop his curse. As he walked through the park and the field behind his home to journey further into the woods, he wondered if this will be the time where his beastly form finally kills an innocent person. A day that Brian hopes will never come, but somehow feels inevitable. Like it's destined to happen, one way or another.

    He shakes his head, sighing to himself in frustration and bitterness. Wouldn't it make more sense to just put a silver bullet in his mouth and put an end to this? Put himself out of his own misery? No. He had considered it many times but he couldn't do that to his family. The ones back home who still cared for him. He needed to stay strong. He needed to stay alive, but only for them.

    It was only one day every month. But what a terrible impact it had made on Brian's life. Nevermind that the transformation itself was excruciatingly painful beyond belief. Brian couldn't think of a single time where he wasn't completely dreading this time. Every now and again, life would be almost normal for him and he was allowed a small, merciful moment to forget about his curse and make believe that he was a human man, only for the crushing reality of what he was to return once more. It never mattered how deeply he tried to bury his secret, come the full moon....there was no hiding from it, or getting away from what he would become. It was so inevitable.

    But while Brian was venturing into the woods and beginning to take off his jacket, he couldn't help but sense that something or someone was nearby. Maybe it was just the unnvering paranoia he often felt around this time, but he could swear someone was watching him...or maybe following him. No. He was alone. He was almost sure of it. His anxiety was running again, and taking him along for the ride. That was all.

    Brian sighed to himself, stalling and hesitating with the zipper of his jacket. He hated doing this. It was so humiliating, even if he was the only one around for miles. But he had only gotten half way undressed when he felt that sensation once again. The unmistakable feeling of being looked at from afar. And he turned around to look at the darkness of the woods behind him.




  • (Eyy. It a lil short cuz I don't like writing on ze phone, but it here)


    Was it hope? That feeling of maybe. Just maybe. No. Was it fear? That. Feeling of maybe. Just maybe. No. 


    Virgil's breath grew shaky as tissue began to reanimate before his very eyes. Dead cells being brought back to life to replicate and regrow, like a universe left dormant. He could see every detail and for the first time in his life - he didn't know what he felt. This wasn't anger, sadness, frustration, desire, or mundane fear. None of the feelings he'd grown accustomed to. No, this was different. It was as if though his saviour was erected out of the very ground, but in the form of the Devil himself. 


    Was it hope? Was it fear? 


    His father's words rang through his anxious mind, and his eyes slowly made its way up his arm where blood had painted before. Blood is life. But what had he given life to? What could've been so terrible that it had forced his father to lock it away like this? Fear. Virgil's anxiety grew into regret - fearful that maybe he had woken a monster. Another monster. Fear grew into anger.


    His eyes glared at his very own body. The skin had grown grey and deformed - scarred by sheer hatred. His fingers were long and crooked, donned by claws like talons. He had done this to him. His very own fath… Dracula had done this to him. Dracula had crossed the line. Anger lead to hope. Dracula had done this to him as well. They had that much in common. A common hatred. A common goal. 


    "inimicus inimici mei amicus meus est?" he whispered with grovelled words. 'Is the enemy of my enemy my friend?' was a good question, but he said it more in hopes of pleading his case to whomever - whatever - was reanimating before him. Not that he expected the corpse to understand him. Maybe he said it to soothe himself, more than him. It is an Arab proverb, but Virgil always preferred Latin. It was easier to pronounce and spell. And Latin is universal, and traces of it are found in almost every language spoken in Europe. And unbeknownst to him, it would make its way even further in the centuries to come.

    But what would he do when his half brother awoke? What would he say? And would he be able to? His fa… Dracula had painted the man as a ravenous beast with little humanity. But then, were he, or himself, any different? Creatures of the night who prey on those not able to fight. Vampires. Leeches. Parasites. Life drainers. Was it even possible to be in a moral superior position when you feed on the life of other creatures? On humans - creatures with intelligence almost as complex as those of Dracula's kind. Humans, who are cattle with voices that can be heard and understood. Humans who were just like himself, only mortal. How could he think himself better than Dracula if he himself committed equal immoral actions? At least he would love his children, had he any. Maybe that was what could justify his current path in his undead life. He was aware of the moral complications of his existence. This was what made him better than Dracula. His father.


    "Hanc ego nunc agam. In contra te. Est malignitas tu." Virgil hissed between his long, exposed teeth. His eyes, a fiery yellow. This wasn't to save anyone. He didn't do this for the better of the world. He did this, not because it was justified, but because it was justice. Justice didn't necessarily have to be justified. It wasn't right. But it had to be done. It was revenge. The words he had spoken; 'I'm doing this now. Against you. To spite you', reflected very well his acknowledgement of his deeds. It was personal. It had always been, but before he had tried to justify going behind his father's back by stating that it was to free others from his tyranny. But he was too much alike his father. He realised this now. He boasted the physical appearance as a representation of what his father was on the inside - a monster. 


    And the best way to fight a monster, was with two monsters of your own. Virgiliu and Thanatos. Flourishing Death. Hopefully it would be enough to bring the monster down.




    Unless he awoke something worse...

  • Oh, the poor fool. Did he not know that the exact opposite reaction of telling a woman, much like herself, to shut up was really going to work? Alice had chronic anger since she was was a kid. Some things like that just did not go away and would never go away. She was red in the face even before he got to the famed, 'I'm the only thing you've got right now," speech to the point that she spat in the air so loud spit went flying from her teeth. "Am sorry, did I ask you to fuckin' mansplain me to shut up? Yer nothin' but an annoyin' bird with no bite. Befer ya wanna try some shit like that with me ya wanna be findin' out exactly who the fuck I am, lad." So much for that. 

    "Ya wanna preach yer own shit then go to a church, I shut the fuck up on me own bloody terms, no' to a posh sunuva a bitch like you who thinks ya cannae throw yer weight around. Sure, ya might be the only one here right now who is no' trying to murder me on hand, don' mean that I gotta respect ya fer it. Get yerself a princess if ya wanted someone silent."


    Goodness, that was a way to put it. Sugar was only a temporary high, one that would do nothing to help her and only sap her strength later if she decided to have any of it. She only had one thing in mind, then another if she felt safe enough for it. Maybe the bathroom. Those were pretty fools proof, she could sleep in the tub, just give her a pillow and she would feel great. She thought of this while she ate. He was right to think that the food would go appreciated. It was something only to keep her body going, she didn't care what it tasted like. Any mushrooms if there were picked out. She hated the brown little things in there and a one-celled fungus was not something that should make people go yum. Alice did not cook herself. Which was easy when you were on a salad diet or stew. She often ate out, but only at the healthiest places. Sandwiches were easy to make, as were garden salads. Didn't take rocket science. But something warm like this helped to fill her belly and make her feel stronger. That check. Water, check. Now just the sleeping part was needed then she could devise a way to get the hell out of here.

    Fist, one would need to learn her enemy.

    Right after he stopped talking friendly with her. For everything, he said her chewing became faster and her glare more feral that was set upon him. This wasn't how the whole captive thing worked, didn't he know that? Or was he desperate enough to want to have something civilized to carry a conversation with that he was trying with even her? Whatever, let him talk. Her mind was steaming already with ways to get out and run for the hills. How well that would work? She didn't know that yet. She would give it her best shot. No way was she ever planning on just sitting here idoly and letting whatever play out play out. He'd be tootin' to think that she would.

    She drank the water down to the middle of the glass then continued on with the stew again. He bragged about no weight gain, she pitched her question, then she waited as he went on to elaborate whatever brainwash those people were under to have them stay on some shitty place like this. liberated, that's a way to put it. Now they were bending over backward just to get a whiff of his ass and was pretending that it smelled of sunshine and daisies. This would work in her favor though. It looked to her the people were salt poisoned idiots. they only knew attack, no strategy. She could work with that. Make it in her favor. She only needed time to think about it. be it that gun was apart of the plan or not. "An' you? Why did ya run into Mr. Bleh bleh bleh? No by choice I assume."

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