“Once again...welcome to my house.

Come freely. Go safely.

And please leave something of the happiness you bring.







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"This -thing- is rather peculiar. I don't know what else to say? It's like a childhood fever dream become reality. 

Who knows what trouble this fox and I will get up to? And with my track record, and this being a literal bloody shadow, well I'm expecting this particular adventure to involve either murder, dark relics, or a trip to an unholy site for evil rituals. But I'm still holding on to hope for this being that one demon or evil creature who just so wishes to stay in and consume ludicrous amounts of chocolate, and watch television.

Who knows?"



“It is not often an opportunity such as this is presented, as when it appears literally on the front side of your homestead.
A boy, an instrument, a broken cello that I shall, I think, put together in due time.
Then, David, you I shall play until you dance to my tune entirely.
You will twist, you will turn, and you will sing my melody now henceforth.”

- Dracula



"In this world, he is the only thing that makes sense."

- Timothy




"Even if she be not harmed, her heart may fail her in so much and so many horrors; and hereafter she may suffer--both in waking, from her nerves, and in sleep, from her dreams. Yes, her internal turmoil, a war of the mind, it is what makes her one of the more dangerous adversaries I have faced, thus far. Unpredictable, unrelenting, and completely merciless.

I must take care, lest she foils my plans.”



"There may yet be things, many of the mind, things that he cannot grasp; such as the nature and virtue of patience, and the bountiful reward that can come from restraint. After all, ambition is only ever as useful as the person wielding it.

The fall of many of our kind stems from this fatal flaw, yet I did not at all think that it would be the Achilles heel of my own son.

I thought I had done better, that I would not see the past be repeated...

In what hurry are they, they who have centuries ahead of them?"

- Dracula


"I have crossed oceans of time to find this woman. She is altogether mine, and together we shall walk forevermore.

But even good metal can break when you try to put your might against it, try and bend it.

Nevertheless, what would be left shall serve me, and be mine to use as I so fit."

- Dracula 




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         1895 -Present


Born doomed, the young Robin was destined to become a vampire.

His mother, while pregnant, had been a victim of Dracula, and he had force-fed her some of his blood.

And while the fiendish King Vampire was supposedly 'destroyed' in the end, his blood remained in her and was passed on to her son, unknowingly.

And so years later during World War I and Robin was called, and fell in battle, he rose again from the dead as a vampire. Thereby he took the fall for his mother, unwittingly.


Now he is one of Dracula's lieutenants, an occasional anti-hero, and a magnet for trouble.


Portrayed by:  William Moseley










         1896 - ?


The Kanima is a creature that is not born out of the hard shell of an egg, nor birthed out of the warm comfort of a mother's womb. No it is created via a number of different ways, as when a magical transformation is interrupted, and a person's soul is confused and lost.

Timothy was one of these lost souls, filled with self hatred, and doubt about his identity. 

And so when he was resurrected by his vampiric lover in World War I, instead he became the Kanima, and he hid himself from the world underneath a tough reptilian skin


Portrayed by: Luke Newberry









      2001 - Present


A descendant of Robin Harker, Oliver, like his distant relative, is a magnet for trouble.
He’s part of the Harker family, a lineage that has been prominent vampire hunters since Johnathan Harker ‘slew’ Dracula in 1894. However, he was not allowed to participate in this lineage due to his asthma.
In defiance of his family’s order, one day, and tired of being left behind, Oliver went on a hunt to destroy a suspected Vampire anyway, taking three of his friends with him.
Sadly, he misidentified his target; it was a werewolf. And as a result of this blunder, he got bit, and all three of his friends he brought with him got killed. He narrowly escaped.
Since then he has spent his days in remorse and, on the night of a full moon, transforming into a bloodthirsty beast.

Portrayed by: Kyle Allen












1999 - ?


A seemingly average young man from suburban Sweden, Arvid has been thrust into a world which is not his own.

A world that terrifies and confuses him. 

Yet now it is his world also, for better or for worse.

And there may be yet things in his family's past, coming back to haunt him. For in his blood may lie a shocking truth about him.


Portrayed by: Piotr Wasilewski


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  • The sound of water dripping and wet feet hitting concrete fills the silence between them. Zach feels ten years older in the quiet. His mind circles back around to recent events and the potential consequences of it all. Hopes Timothy doesn't notice the anxious way he flexes his fingers around the other man's hand and marches onward until he feels a tug that makes him stop in his tracks and look back through the darkness. Zach is frustrated because he knows Timothy is correct. Yet, they don't have many options even fewer when enemy forces are suddenly barrelling into the drains.

    "Don't worry," Zach says as he marches forward. There's not much to see down here in these depths. But he's feeling confident. Zach's other hand, the one not attached to Timothy, is stretched forward and dipping into the inky essence of his shadow. It leads him calmy into the depths, a dark beacon that feels safe and like home. Though it moves slower than Zach would prefer, he does not complain when it pauses fifteen minutes later near a rusting ladder.

    Tugging Timothy across to the side, Zach then slides his hand out of his and plants it on the railing. It doesn't feel particularly stable, but it should be enough. "Here might be good," he says, voicing ringing with too much confidence for a man blindly walking through sewers. Zach climbs up the ladder with careful movements, mindful of loose bolts and old welds. When he reaches the top, there is another grate. With an aggressive pull, he wrenches the latch off and shoves the grate away. Bright light filters into the sewer, temporarily blinding Zach. Once his vision adjusts to the light, he peeks through the opening and then swings his body to glance back down at Timothy. "Come up, we're good."

    Zach climbs through the grate first and has to wriggle to fit himself through. Once up, he turns and crouches waiting for Timothy to also climb his way up. The sun is setting, casting an orange glow upon the almost empty street. A kid on a bicycle across the street is staring at Zach with wide, disbelieving eyes. Zach sheepishly waves at him, then offers a hand to help Timothy the whole way out.

  • Tight. Gods be damned, when was the last time he has been anywhere this tight? 

    Being incorporeal in a few parts helped, and yet the jagged ends still dug through as he pushed on, finding no better reason to turn back. Some parts were even more narrow than the last. A sigh of relief escaped him the moment he was finally free. Not without a few small scrapes and possible bruises, but he assumed that it would have been worse if not for the methods that he was slowly relearning. While mostly unscathed, he could feel something cold, watery, and slimy trailing upon his back. Gross. David wouldn’t consider himself a squeamish man and yet a slight shudder still ran through him as he tried to inspect himself as much as he could, just before averting his eyes to his surroundings.

    Beyond the radius of the light, everything was pitch black. But in here, in his head, there was silence.

    So peculiarly tranquil, other than that light draft of breeze that ebbed and flowed like a held-back breath, dousing him time and time again with that wretched stench, making him wonder what crawled in here and died. A human, perhaps? Do some of Dracula’s underlings drag their prey in here when they could have patches of the castle for themselves? He wouldn’t be surprised, and yet he could ignore that.

    So quiet, that he could actually hear something scraping not too far off. It sounded like footsteps dragged on gravel, though the sight aided with magic can only reach so much. David could at least make out the faint outline of the walls nearest to him and a few steps ahead, other than the color that the firelight could bring. It was still empty– or so it seems, but what are the chances of seeing anything alive in here?

    So silent, that he could easily hear his own breath, and voices on the other side. Crueza’s initial taunting wasn’t missed, and from there, the young man already assumed that nothing good will happen each time the older vampire opens his mouth. That conversation felt like something he shouldn’t be listening to, yet couldn’t help overhearing, a deep frown already gracing his face as soon as he heard a  cruel, disparaging term used so freely. As much as he wanted to focus on the task at hand, questions still raced in his head, even more so when a name was uttered. Timothy.

    A lover, perhaps? That wasn’t any of his business now, was it?

    He was about to leave it be, taking several steps forward to take a headstart in exploring, trying to spot any other torches that he can set alight, and yet Javier went on. His voice had a way of cutting through whatever newfound calmness there was down here, and his words were even worse. What could he give up to be the one to wipe that smug grin off that face? It was downright sickening, almost enough to make him turn back if not for the obvious obstacle of a wall dividing him from the rest.

    With a temper now fouled, perhaps he doesn’t need to venture that far. This was already a good enough space.


    . . .

    The torch was moved slightly, illuminating Robin’s quiet entrance. So he did decide to stay, after all? The vampire will find David scooting down not too far away with the torch in one hand, using a smaller chunk of a stone he fetched somewhere to scratch something upon the rough floors. Sigils and a multitude of symbols were laid out and layered upon one another, though it seemed that irritation was being quite the potent fuel for the rapid progress. The sorcerer didn’t seem perturbed at the sight of him as if it was the most common thing there was that he has ever laid his eyes upon. He looked rather concerned, however, and he only shook his head at the apology. “No– no, please don’t be. Are you alright? It’s easier said than done, but don’t let him get to you. He can’t even face the consequences without bringing Lord Dracula in.”

    Perhaps leaving the two behind was a bad idea, but was there really anything he could have done in Robin’s defense? The distaste lingered, and from whatever light to be had, that was visible on his face. “It’s not like we needed a chaperone to Iraq. Does it really look like we need some additional company for this mission?” Does it have to be that man? He didn’t seem thrilled with the idea, and yet he only focused on what he was doing. If it’s through their host’s command then there’s nothing to be changed about that, and hapless complaints shall fall upon deaf ears.

    For a moment, there was only the scratching of stone against stone. The quick, consistent grinding and gritting of the earth as more of those things were carved in. There were the periodic pauses of him looking back up to the dense, inky black beyond only to resume his work once more. He hasn’t heard any more movement from its depths ever since. “You know, I had a brother who was drafted as a soldier. I wish I could say he made it home, but he didn’t. Which war did you take part in, if I may ask?” While he sounded wistful, he was already finishing up, quietly muttering something about asking for candles in the future under his breath. 

    The result of this little handiwork was a crude, medium-sized circle fitting for a single person, shallowly engraved upon the earth by a hasty hand. It looked like a mass of uneven lines and mixed-up symbols strewn and exploded into different sections from the exterior to the center, ranging from the ancient to the ones that were tailored and improvised. To the one who made it, it looked like it could have seen better days, but since it was spun from memory, there was that odd sense of pride and David was still susceptible to that. The young man finally stood up after a moment of inspection and passed the torch to him. “Kindly hold this for me for a moment. This shouldn’t be harmful, but if you’re set on staying around… just don’t let the light go out.” There wasn’t any warning that tailed after that.

  • He would have stepped directly into the armed forces' line of sight had Timothy not hooked the crook of his elbow and jerked him back. Almost tripping on his own feet, Zach crashes awkwardly against the body that had yanked him. Quickly adjusts himself, nods in appreciation, then peers around the corner. Things are not looking good for either of them. He swallows a thick lump down his throat and tries his best to ignore the prickling sense of panic that threatens to overload his senses. Just what has he gotten himself into? Timothy had murdered somebody. This wasn't a game. Zach is defending a murderer of all things and if he is caught, his life is as good as over. 


    Searching for anything to help ground himself, Zach's hand winds back and squeezes around Timothy's wrist. Holds him tight like he is Zach's only lifeline right now. It feels like he is. Eventually, he settles back against their corner and looks over to where Timothy had gestured toward. His expression tenses at the storm drain. Barely large enough to fit Zach's wider frame, but probably not impossible. Their other options are less than desirable, so he nods, although reluctantly.

    He let go of Timothy's hand. Dipping into a crouch, he slots his fingers into the metal grid and pulls with enough force to lift it but with some gentleness so as to make as little sound as possible. There's a small clang of metal. Zach freezes, unsure if the sound has alerted anybody. When he hears nothing, he relaxes and places the lid off to the side. He makes a motion with his hand, urging Timothy to the storm drain first. It leads to a drainage system beneath the hospital foundation and smells of chemicals and blood.

    Following, Zach fits himself into the space by maneuvering his shoulders. But before he properly descends, he reaches for the grate and lifts it as delicately as he can, then places it back over the storm drain. Once more, the metal clangs and it draws some attention this time. Not wishing to wait and see if they find them, he chooses to skip the ladder and drop the few meters to the bottom. Zach rolls when he hits the ground to absorb some of the impact of falling. 

    Once he catches his bearings, he stands and turns toward Timothy. "You okay?" he asks, expecting a quick response. With one nod, he reaches forward without a second thought and grasps the man's hand firmly with his own. "I don't know how the fuck to get out of here, but I don't think we should sit here and wait, come on." Determined, he pulls on Timothy's hand and begins to walk in one direction.

  • 10569253264?profile=RESIZE_400x


  • "'Sent'... By Lord Who-now?" Vertebrae comes to an alignment whilst cranium tilts to a slight degree. Was Synova serious? Surely not, yet it was impossible to tell with a creature that lacked tangible facial structure besides ever-shifting shadow. Robin held the fox's regard, and level curiosity was submerged beneath every surface possibly formed within.

    "Why do I wish to accompany you? Hm..." Momentary silence followed, as if the beast himself dwelled upon that very question. Anatomy rose, and fluid motions brought the fox on top of the corpse beside him. Synova seated himself quaintly upon the dead man's chest and curled his tail around his paws.

    "Curiosity, I suppose. Or, maybe I want something from you, maybe I have something you want. We may be going in the same direction. I haven't quite figured it out just yet, but I'm sure the answer will come eventually~" Such a lengthy way of admitting that he did not know.

    "Now, then. Where are we headed, Robin? And what do you intend to do with your prey?"

  • Robin’s amused reaction was probably expected, but the uncontrollable flush of scarlet on that mortified face still came, perhaps the most color that could ever graze his complexion ever since he arrived in the castle. The first few days of meeting someone here and all he needed to do was embarrass himself, just wonderful. And yet all was somehow amended when something was presented, successfully diverting David’s attention before it became too awkward for him to bear. “Uh, thanks?” On cupped hands was a single bar of chocolate, which he eyed for a moment, only for him to light up when the brand itself seemed to ring any bells. This peace offering was pocketed away for later. All was good, all was amiably forgiven. 

    In a place like this, the regular things keep you sane.

    In a way, he would agree, that he did love the food here (and was partially bribed by that into staying), but how will one say that they’ve been through the complexities of sanity and the lack of thereof without opening a can of worms? Amusement gave way to curiosity regarding the books, though it was a matter that he wouldn’t pursue. “Very well, I’ll take your word for it.” David looked at the paperbacks curiously. They seemed harmless enough, but it seemed to matter a lot to Robin so he figured he can go along with that for peace of mind. That was until the vampire started pacing uneasily at his request. 

    Blinking the sunshine from his eyes, he only shook his head. On that face was a downturned, puppy-eyed look that just said please. “I can probably find my way back once I get a hold of what it’s like down below…” and whatever secrets kept therein, it’s something he doesn’t have to speak of. But then, the dead here are hardly even a secret anymore. He noticeably brightened up when Robin finally agreed, a reaction so misplaced when his request perhaps was laden with such ominosity that no normal or sane human would ask. David was quick to follow his steps before he changes his mind. “I wouldn’t oblige anyone to stay through the entire thing. You'd be free to leave as you wish and I wouldn't hold that against you.”

    That nature of magic didn't sit well with most people, after all, but that promise seemed genuine. If there was something that took David aback, however, was how this newfound confidence from the practice was starting to seep in, again, and he was not entirely sure if it was a good thing. He wouldn’t have uttered these words a couple of days ago.

    There was only so much noise that one can take before they either break or find some form of peace in the chaos. The sorcerer knew that he somehow still teeters in both, striding the fine line in between, but as Robin took strides and he eagerly followed like a flightless fledgling, taking note of their surroundings to memorize the path, it did feel like it was something he was slowly easing into. Whether it was because he was getting used to the constant whispers or he was finally treading the right path, he wasn’t sure. Goosebumps prickled on his skin as they went further, the air turned colder, yet no complaint was made. 

    One thing was certain, however – he was glad he wasn’t doing this alone. 

    Thanking Robin for the light, they proceeded to go deeper. The spiraling staircase was quite a pain, even for a man who was starting to get used to the castle’s staircases and the risky gaps in between. The only time that he was able to stretch somehow was when they were at the bottom, and even so, dodging various obstacles was still a thing, and the massive room they arrived into was a burst of relief. A brief moment was spared to look at the place in awe, taking his time to stare at the intense carvings of the statues in the place, before scurrying away to follow the vampire. The result to the edge of the path was a young man who was constantly trying to brush off the bits of soil and debris from his hair and his shoulders, to no avail. Before them stood this small, daunting aperture carved and weathered upon the massive rock barrier.

    Robin’s worry did make sense to him, perhaps the more sensible parts of him actually believed that he was right. But there was also the nagging feeling to take it up a notch, perhaps a near primal instinct telling him that from this point, it was only starting. Down here, it felt lighter, even with that lingering sense of dread. He was about to answer, but whatever he was intending to say way quickly halted.


    David sucked in a quiet breath through gritted teeth, turning a heel to look at this newcomer. His eyes were quickly fixed upon the dagger, hardly taking his eyes off the blade. The damned thing glinted beneath the warm firelight, all edges sharp and steely, ready to find a home on some unsuspecting flesh. Even though it was already sheathed away, the man remained tense, gripping the torch so tightly, his knuckles turning a shade paler.  His composure remained, however, cooly nodding in response to the introduction given. “Mr. Crueza. A pleasure.”

    No, he didn't like this man in one bit. That smug look on that face, words that just reeked of plain arrogance that he was all too familiar with, children of old nobles who had their worlds served on a silver platter. But being civil brought him this far. That peculiar talk about rankings certainly took him back to the good old days of the Dominion, though David doubted that this man would even have the slightest gall to spout the same things before Dracula himself. “Mr. Harker and I are not expecting some extra company today, but you are more than welcome to come along if you wish.” That came out as a meditative hum. “To be in the company of two esteemed people while roaming about? How thoughtful, Lord Dracula.Really, he shouldn't have. 

    What failures were they even talking about to have Robin scorned this much? That was not a good time to ask, and with that, he decided to get back to work. The light from the torch was cast in some places as if the sorcerer was initially gauging for any weak points that would cave in upon entry. Stepping close to the wall, a pale hand was held out. It wasn’t much to him, but using the dark to feel his way around in this cramped space was starting to become really handy. And so be it.

    It seems… empty? What lies beyond this point seems a little more spacious than that opening, however. "I think I will be alright," he shrugged. "I can head in first."

    How many times has he smelled decay before, he already lost count. Ah, that certainly unlocked less-than-pleasant memories that flashed in that head. But this body was reacting to it. Chiding himself for this newfound repulsion, David gradually worked his way in, knowing that he will adjust, in time. There was a bit of a struggle at first, but it slowly became easier. 


    Beneath the flickering radiance of the fire, parts and edges of his silhouette seemed to drift, limbs seemingly teetering between solid and wafting smoke, but perhaps it was only the trick of the light.


  • “I’ll be right back!!” Once they were at a dead stop close by their target, along with all three men making a beeline out of there for dear life, Abraham was quick to let himself out. Nearly slamming it closed behind him, he took off on both legs into a full-blown sprint, knowing there wasn’t much time available until that raging inferno would reach the vehicle’s interior.

    “Fuck fuck fuck!” He’d almost shout, having felt the scorching heat from that engine fire, which left him with a problem. Seeing that there was no other way, said young man decided to bite the bullet and yank that battered door open, thankfully its locks weren’t working since those men had to evacuate less than a minute ago. Upon doing so, he easily spotted Robin and wasted no time in grabbing him from under both shoulders before tugging hard.

    With a few audible grunts, the brunette successfully pulled him headfirst out of that burning car, then proceeded to haul him towards their cab. Having already noticed the blood on his lips, Abe was rightfully careful not to lean too close since a frenzy was anticipated, he better than to risk it. Soon, a door to the back seat was opened, followed by him lifting the Vampire inside.

    Seconds later, the veteran reopened and climbed back into his front seat upon strapping their friend down with a few seat belts, having left his wrists bound. “I would untie him but he still be hungry. Don’t take it personally!” He’d say to them both, audibly out of breath when panting for air, his chest heaving.

    “I know a safe place we can go and feed Robin while we’re at it. Keep going North and take a right on Eastman. We’re going to my friend’s place on Albany street! Punch it!” Given that both authorities and the Fire Department were likely to show if any other motorists were to roll by, Abe gave him some directions on where they’d be venturing off to. From there, if Ralph didn’t already know where to find it, he’d guide him towards their destination.

    Suddenly remembering his failed attempt at summoning a certain friend of his earlier, he’d pull out his phone again to call him, placing it next to his ear.

    “Turn around and meet me back at the house, have some blood in a cup on the ready if you beat us there. I’m bringing us two special guests, one is in need.” This was accompanied by a very audible: “What’s going on over there?!”

    “I’ll explain when we get there.”

    . . .

    “There it is.”

    Not terribly long into their drive, they would eventually arrive to a forested location, then a gravel driveway that went into an increasingly open patch of grass. Where they ended up was a lakeside clearing, surrounded by a mountain range and vast woodlands, much of which had rocky terrain the further one would go.

    Up ahead was a two-story home, a rather large one. Upfront towards their right side was a separate garage, big enough to house two vehicles with some extra space inside. Behind it in the backyard was a storage building; how in the world could anyone afford such with property taxes? One would question. On the far left was a wooden boat dock connected to a little island on that same lake.

    Sitting there out in the open was a dark gray Lamborghini Murcielago: A high-end and rare sportscar that would normally kill somebody’s wallet just to pay for insurance.

    Should Ralph pull up and stop, Abraham unlocked his door, stepped out, then proceeded to open the one behind him. “For the love of God, please don’t bite me… Give me your wrists.” If Robin allowed it, his new acquaintance brought out a pocket knife to cut the fabric and free his hands, shortly before offering one to help him out of the car.

    “Glad to see that you’re not dead.”

    Having come down a set of wooden steps from the front porch of the house was a pale-skinned, onyx-haired man with golden irises, dressed in a highly decorative formal suit and dress gloves, in addition to black pants. Said figure, who was more than likely in their thirties from the looks of it, had approached them while holding a large, insulated metal cup, protected by a clear, reinforced plastic lid. If Robin could smell it, the scent of blood was present.

    “Yeah~ Same.” Already knowing what was in it, Abe had taken the Yeti cup and quickly handed it to the Vampire. “There’s more if you need it, drink up, don’t ask where we got it..” He’d encourage before introducing the two. “This is Gleeon. Gleeon, meet Ralph and Robin.”

    “I had a nagging suspicion on why blood was asked for.” The warlock openly said, followed by a response from his veteran of a friend. “Four blokes came out of nowhere while we were just chatting about history stuff and started blasting. Robin took all the hits for me with one guy getting shot in the head by me. Ralph and I had to chase them down to get him back, all those shots just about tore him up. They were vampire hunters, I think."


  • Timothy's abrupt stop on the staircase has his wrist slipping from Zach's grasp as the large man descends to the following platform before turning to look at him. He does not argue with Timothy's logic, nor does he bother to defend himself and his sincerity. Zach nods and chooses to understand this from the other's perspective. Surely this is all a shock to Timothy. Shock continues to thrum adrenaline through Zach's being and yet he is not the one sporting reptilian features and blood beneath his claws. It's nothing short of a strange tale where men become beasts and beasts become men.

    "I know," he eventually says, his voice even and calm. "It's okay, Tim. We'll fix this somehow." The details of how and when are to be determined at a later date, but this is a promise Zach keeps close to his heart. When questioned why he cares so much, Zach simply frowns; unable to understand. "Because I do," he offers. Straught-forward and simple. Then, he shakes his head and makes a quick gesture with his hand to urge Timothy to continue down the stairs. "Hurry up, let's talk later. We can't stand around here."

    Continuing with the descent, they finally make it to the final floor. The door is left wide open from when Zach had plowed through it earlier and broke the hinges. Out in the entranceway, Zach can see the body from earlier that had been left near the elevator. He pulls in a breath and dares to poke his head out the hallway. Tilts his head when he confirms he can no longer hear the sound of a helicopter. It is quiet.

  • There was no offense taken to the redacted piece of information given. In fact, he would have been very unsettled if people around him were suddenly too trusting, it would feel so foreign in a place like this where even the walls had ears and eyes. For now, all the other details seemed to suffice, just enough to keep him thinking, just enough to calm a set of tattered nerves that evening. There were questions, but when did they ever end? When was the curious ever satisfied?

    David was able to push all that aside, more than happy to be in less volatile company for the rest of the night. Mr. Harker – Robin seemed to be a decent man by far, a presence that he found rather friendly after a while of deducing, which will definitely reward with earnest accounts that he felt safe to put out. 

    As the evening ran deeper where they both needed to retire, no amount of reassurance could chase away all the bizarre things that haunted him for the rest of the night, and the others to follow. He doubted that this confectionary-loving vampire can do anything about that.

    Through the days and the daylight he spent running around without much time to spare, a corner of his quarters already transformed into a tidy nook of paperwork. An old, slightly yellowed map was laid out on the stone wall, most likely fished from the crannies of the library that he has been scurrying around in, with all details carefully attached to the specific places enumerated to him. Starting from Brasov, following through a trail of places, there was no shortage of information accumulated and rewritten in a short time. There was a growing pile of books borrowed, though some were often switched to new ones.

    It stops in Baghdad.

    For now.

    . . .


    Maybe Robin’s reappearance was completely unexpected. Or maybe he was just way too preoccupied, trying to cram all sorts of information in a space of a few days. It was an effort to keep a straight face– what supernal senses won’t miss, however, was the way that the book jumped in David’s hands, the shadows that briefly flickered upon his feet, or how he held back a breath as he took a moment to look up at him, lips slightly parted in awe.

    No burst of fire, or even a puff of ash. Oh, no, that would have been very, very bad.

    Perhaps daywalkers here are more common than he thought.

    “Does everything and everyone in this castle just jump out of thin air?” that came out in a hitched breath, faintly a pitch higher than usual. “I was just about to look for you. Please don’t tell me you can read minds, too.” Even so, relief was apparent in his voice as David finally grinned, turning the shabby article in his hands. “I do like reading, yes, but a few days won’t be enough to go through what the library has.”

    The one on his hands was a frayed textbook of Mesopotamian Arabic, which he didn’t really hesitate to show at all. “I felt like brushing up on what I remember with the language would be a good idea. I could be outdated– Iraq hasn’t been in the places I’ve been for a very long while back, but it’s something than nothing at all. The others… uh, well -” He glanced down at what he was holding. The handwritten notes in a uniform script, a thicker book about Romania’s current geographical layout, and some bits and pieces about the language– perhaps the only thing that looked out of place was an outdated record from Latvia. “Do you think Lord Dracula will mind if I borrowed a few books for the trip? I’ll try not to take too much.”

    It didn’t take him long to tidy up his things, papers carefully pressed in between old pages for later. David did seem to be the organized type, refusing to leave any mess behind wherever he went. Whether it was out of habit or just courtesy as a guest, it would be hard to discern. Within moments he was up, dusting himself off with the bits of fleecy snow that stuck through his coat.

    “I have a few things that the people have kindly provided through request. The hired hands here have been very kind.” The initial language barrier was no easy feat, but he managed. He was no stranger to that, it seemed. For a moment, David was quiet, as if carefully picking through his words, but found no other way to do so. “I need to enchant them, however. Nothing too fancy, just enough to be useful. It wouldn’t take much time, and it’s something I can handle, but I would need a contained space to work.”

    The thing was, he knew he could have easily just followed the voices, slipped in and out through places, but didn’t out of better judgment. They beckon the strongest during the night, squirming and writhing through the cracks at every chance it gets. Begging to be heard… begging to be used?  “I hope this request isn’t too outrageous, but I was wondering if you could lead me to the crypts? The dungeons, or anything of that sort? It would be a good place to start.”

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