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  • Oh, bloody fuck. She was in no mood for this. Alice could already feel her hands shaking from the lack of food and sleep that she had. Her body was going to crunch under her if she wasn't careful. Now she had to fight off a crowd? The weapons that they held did not at all look sanitary, and she was scared that she would end up with some sort of infection if she got even touched by one. 

    Were they cannibals? Or just paranoid? Flashes of some indigenous pride coming after her for stepping foot on their remote island. She be damned that this be the thing to take her out. To Hell with it and them combined. If they wanted a few broken necks then sure, she would give that to them, seeing as they ran right through her warning she instead took the sudden burst of adreniline thorugh her again to think about her battle tactics and looked around for the first thing that she needed, a fucking weapon.

    Dark, icy eyes scanned them, then around the foothold of the dock. There were ropes and other crates. She needed a fish hook, something. When they got closer she paused to take them in again, exploit the weaknesses in each of them the booked it, her booted feet stomped on top of the wood of the dock as she did run. She looked for anything until something silver glittered in her eye and she was able to catch a long wooden pole; at the end of it was a hook that was likely used to pull in the nets. Perfect.

    She nabbed that in a run, then held her ground, at least this way they had to come to her, and she had nothing but the railing behind her with no fear of anyone sneaking up on her. 

    The lady with the knife was discomposed first. She was too close to push away with the butt-end of the pole so instead, Alice waited for the knife to get closer then sidestepped it, bringing the pole down on the woman's hand then stepped back to kick the lady over the rail and splashing into the shore below. If the water was deep enough or not was fully up to the world around them. There would either be a splat or a splash.

    The next man was next to which Alice spun the pole in her hand, turning the metal end up towards the rotted steel, hooked it then twisted it out of his hand, spun the pole again then slammed it down on the side of his head. It wasn't hard enough to kill, but hopefully to knock him out at least.

    Alice then readied for the next attack. It would likely be that they were closing in with nets and all. The hostile bitches; maybe they would just take a hint and go. It was only wishful thinking though.

  • ( You're very welcome! I think I have room for one more thread if you're interested in writing some time? ^^ ) 

  • Welcome back!


    // Honestly, if we start new or continue from where we had left off, I'm good either, or.  You'd prefer to pick up where we left off?  While I don't have the backlog of the thread, I recall where I had left Catherine at in the thread..  She had just arrived at that address given to her, to see something for herself I believe.  If it was Dracula to show up however, or something else was there that she had to see, I am not sure, but she was there waiting.  The address was given to her by the woman who was part of Dracula's family, though she offered to help her, if help is even the right word.  xD -

    Before that, I recall quite a bit, and even how it began, as in at the morgue.  Then, he happened to show up at certain times, say at her apartment, or wherever, so all in all, I still am pretty certain of where we were, or are at.   If you're happy to continue from there, then so am I. :)

    Feel free to throw a response in return, if you still have my last one, or a starter.. Either, or, whatever you do, I'll gladly follow your lead from there.  I look forward to continuing/starting this thread once more.


  • | She's doing just fine. We aren't together anymore, though, but we're still great, best friends. :) As for a thread, I'll let ya know if an idea surges for ya. |

  • Alice was utterly done with it all, to be honest. She'd been mentally tormented, or at least attempted by the fucking leech. The scratches on her stomach she hoped would not scar, she already had a few of those on her back, and she didn't want a good sport of them on her front too. Regardless, she charged clothing in rags and her knuckles bloody from her fight with the men. Where she washed up she didn't know, she only knew that she had to get out, get on land, get home.

    When she did eventually make it back on top, she was blinded by the sudden scar of light in her vision. She pulled up a hand and shielded her eyes. Chocolate spheres blinded in surprise then squinted. She could smell the sea, something she had not in some time. She could feel the cool breeze touched water touch her face. Then when her eyes got used to it, she looked on to the new that was beyond the dark under the deck, and she saw... indigenous people? No, that couldn't be it. They all were wearing what could be considered modern. but all the same different, plain, common. Not something that was seen back where home would be, however far it was. 

    From what she could see, she had yet to be noticed. Maybe she could sneak off and attempt to find civilization from there. Was this whole place just them? Was it an island without the common touch of the West? She'd find out. She needed to get out.

    Cautious steps were taken until the sudden quiet made her tired bones freeze and she turned her head comically slow to face the mass crowd. For what she could see, and ignore, that had burned something. A man, a vampire maybe. Good.  But now they were looking on her as though she were the enemy,  Her eyebrows shot up with shock, then downward again in a flash of anger and adrenalin that began to pump in her. It looked like yet another fight was about to take place.

    She did not live this long, fight this hard, beat odds of so many things to end up someone's crisp lunch. She looked around for anything, something that could be made a weapon. She'd had all of hers stripped from her. Was there anything on the boat that could help? She looked that way, then back to the crowd.

    No, too far.

    So instead she rose her hands, battling her stance out. Twelve, okay. Maybe a few were versed in actual fighting, and a few more that had weapons. She could use that to advantage. She just had to hope the adrenaline kept going through her blood and her body flexed off the sleep she desperately needed. Just a little longer. That's all she needed. 

    "Ya fucks better knoo that am no gonna stop until yer all bloody dead if ya touch me. Ya cannae back off now an I can be on me way, up t'ya." She hollered, attempting a warning to the people than waiting. Let it be a battle or not.

  • The swanky club overlooking the glittering lights of the French Quarter was nothing short of spectacular. In the fog of a hazy bayou night, it seemed to know nothing of the impending cold creeping along the rest of the country. It payed no mind to Jack Frost’s icy fingers and instead flourished under the ad nauseum warm weather. The Big Easy remained a hub of bustling activity, even this late at night.


    Low and heavy hung the moon, a silver beacon in a dark canvas of inky black void, lighting up the cobblestone streets and old, secret alleys. Melodic, soft jazz floated gently down every corner of the oldest parts of New Orleans. The magic buzzing excitedly in the atmosphere was undeniable, rich and as palpable as the city’s lengthy history.


    On one such lively street is where we find our lovely Huntress.


    The Hotel Monteleone sat on the corner of Royal and Iberville streets. The upscale, opulent motel was host to many a famous guest, many souls came in and out and as much money followed. The famous Carousel Bar, located inside, rotates slowly while guests enjoy expensive cocktails. A band plays in the corner, and the chatter is almost louder than the music. Located in the center, among the posh dress and ritzy patrons, sits a vision in red. Dark locks spill in carefully styled waves, and red painted lips move while she leans in to speak conspiratorially to a man dressed smartly in a tweed suit.


    He is not human, and the look dancing behind his baby blue gaze whispers of a hunger for more than just the charming woman he is speaking with.


    Unbeknownst to him, he hasn’t wandered in on easy prey. Eleanor Kane isn’t exactly here for pleasure, either. The drink in her cup only appears alcoholic, and underneath that pretty red dress are more than a few carefully placed blades. She has followed this monster here, a game of cat and mouse in which the roles are still yet unclear.

  • "My raven?" She had failed to take Diablo with her on this little outing. He was back at the mountain. At first she was curious how the count knew of her favorite pet. He had probably sent a few of his own pets to watch over her. How else would he know so much about her?

    "I view Diablo as a pet which I agree is more valuable than a servant. That being said I do not view him as a...child." Her eyes narrowed.

    "Explain to me how you know of my raven. Did you send some of your children of the night to spy on me?" The thought of Dracula having spies on her property angered the dark Fae. Hopefully he had a decent explanation. The complement that followed her question managed to catch Maleficent by surprise.

    "You expected less? Well that was your mistake." Of course she was magnificent. Maleficent had been given the title Mistress of All Evil centuries ago. The title fit her like a glove.

    "What did you expect? An old hag with a few magic tricks up her sleeve?"

  • "I suppose plague is an appropriate term." As she spoke Maleficent noticed the flames in the fireplace had been replaced by gangly vines. Before she could process what she had seen the flames reappeared. What sort of sorcery was this? Was this another attempt to impress her? The question crossed her mind and she took the glass of wine he offered her without hesitation. "So you turned this couple and watched as they spread your curse throughout the village?" Maleficent would have likely enjoyed watching something like that. By the time she arrived at the village all of the pain and suffering had already taken place.

    When he referred to the villagers as his children one of her perfectly shaped brows rose. "Your children? Do you actually care about these people now that you have turned them?" Maleficent hoped his answer would be no. The villainess had no interest in her servants. They did what she wanted and gave her what she asked for when she asked for it. The goblins were useful but she did not actually care for them. She took a small sip of her wine as the count spoke again leaving a lipstick mark on the edge of glass.

    "What exactly did you expect?"

  • Maleficent watched the fireplace for a few moments until she heard the count answer her question. He was a vampire and an old one at that. She had heard the term nosferatu before but was unaware vampires were the creatures lurking around the village. Dracula had created the dead using his own "curse" and it had spread like wildfire.  Soon enough the entire village was destroyed and littered with bodies.

    "A vampire? Well that would certainly explain the dead walking around. Did you turn the entire village or turn a few individuals and let them kill the others?" She found the whole situation rather amusing. He had created an elaborate display of death and decay just to get her attention. Clearly meeting her was important to him.

    "Yes, technically speaking I am a fae." She did not comment on the compliment he had given her but it did not go unnoticed. "I'll admit I am a bit impressed."

This reply was deleted.

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