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" If you wanna find out what's behind these cold eyes,

                          You'll just have to claw your way through this disguise...






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 I am no Demon..

No Angel.. 

Not even the Devil, himself..


I come from another world.. 

..A world where the trees stood endlessely tall, reaching the Kingdom above..

..A Kingdom I once called home..


..The lands below were dark and empty..

..The people.. the creatures.. they frowned all the time.. 

..I could not help them..

..I could not help even myself..




...And so I escaped.. 


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C R O W 




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  • The famous Catwoman decided it was time to broaden her adventures a bit and take a short vacation away from the burlesque club atmosphere. Jim had set her itinerary for the week. She had heard of other lavish cities that had certain things on her mind to steal at the gothic hour. But during the day she was to be doing photoshoots at places of interest as well as going to do some sightseeing to all the adult museums of the cultured world of forbidden taboo. Yes, that's right, those naughty museums that did not permit anyone underage for good reason like the Museum of Burlesque, The Museum of Sex, and the Musuem of Dominatrixs! By day Catwoman roamed out of her Catsuit and into her more starlite attire as the famous Irena Dubrovna, or her stage name, Miss LaPerm, burlesque Star to the Entertainment world. There she was to be the social butterfly interluding with other famous stars that crossed along her way or even with the fans. It was no secret that her photoshoots had been set up. So of course anyone who had an interest in a burlesque star might be in the area if they wanted a sneak peek and to possibly meet with her. 


    Miss LaPerm had brought an array of outfits to choose from during her photoshoots, as well as  her favorite pieces of jewelry and make up. Jim was to be handling the camera, lighting, and any other fine details of the trip both of her day and night work. But Neo’s presence would be absent for this trip. Someone needed to run the club while they were gone. Neo was none too happy about it as he wanted more than anything to go to the museums. But he understood his place was needed more at the club and that he could go at another time of his accord.       


    On the first day of shooting Jim arranged some photoshoots to be at an elegant private equestrian club that was for the wealthy only. People hung around to be able to chat with Miss LaPerm in between the clothing changes and photo takes.   


    It started out with horses but then went to other pretty landscapes of the area. This private club had a lot to offer for scenery.









    Finally toward the late afternoon they finally wrapped up and Miss LaPerm went over to the cattery table to find a piece of fruit to eat. She was still wearing her elegant and naughty outfit along with some very expensive jewelry around her neck as Jim went to put away the photography equipment. People would start to gather around Irena to talk with her on various topics. Everyone at the club was very sweet and polite and filled with curiosity about burlesque life. But little did they know of her alternate and hidden life seeking out information of what others had. From fine jewelry to money to even art. This crowd was the crowd to be around. 


  • tumblr_inline_onu5va0Zbs1tae3h3_250.gifv"What the FUCK!? Get off me! Do I look like Maleficent to you?"

  • 82e0db304985c3b40d1e28d67ed20a2f096e1859.gifv?profile=RESIZE_400x"Well HELLO there."

  • I think 

    Aleister Crowley 

    Would be proud of the mighty Crow that you are!


  • Pretty boy?  I guess I deserve that.  But still- that hurts. [Says without a hint of emotion.]

  • Hey, beautiful.

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