Alicenne (Alice) Danyel O'Malley
Alias: Firecracker
Nickname(s): Al, Ali, Princess, 'O'Malley', Betta, Coach, Blueberry, 'Parole Officer Jolly Rancher', Twinkle Toes, Blue
Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland
Nationality/Languages: Irish/English
Alignment: Chaotic EvilNeutral

Age: 25
Birthday: October 29th
 Born: Scorpio Claimed: Leo
Occupation: Monster Hunter
Mental Status:

Health: 100%
Currently: Georgia
Thoughts/Concerns: "Yeah, date.."


Alice was born into your average family. Mom, dad, sister, chocolate lab named Hershey in the colorful language lands of Ireland. It was her fourth year when her crazy started. It was hitting ten o' clock one night, and the two sisters were in the bath. Samantha and Alice waited for a long time until they heard screaming from their mother and father outside the bathroom door; as well as snarls and barking from their dog, but as well as another. They didn’t budge for a long while until they finally got out to check. On the floor was their mother, dead. And on the mother was a beast. A monstrous dog that was unforgivingly devouring her mother. Their mommy and daddy. Alice was both terrified and mystified. She ran back into the bathroom to hide from the dog that barked and tore at the door with its claws. Eventually, the barking stopped, and silence took them for several moments. It was shortlived that they thought they were safe when a person dressed in a black cloak came into the bathroom and snatched Samantha from the crying Alice's hands. Pleading for them to leave them alone. Atlas Samantha was then dragged away screaming. Her screaming soon vanished, and so did she.

Alice was now completely alone, crying over her dead mother and fathers’ body. Blood getting all over her face and towel wrap. Her parents were dead, her sister was gone. She ran over, crying and pounding on the neighbor's doors for help. They answered to her yelling that a ghost dog with red eyes killed her parents and a cloaked man took her sister away. They were suspicious and investigated, finding her parents ripped apart on the ground. Of course, they didn't believe this girl. With blood covering her they could only guess the worse, but why was she the only one alive. So, instead of believing her, they thought she was a killer.


Of course, finding the little girl covered in blood would set anyone to think something wrong happened. And it did. Years in the mental institution served Alice well. Instead of helping her, they made her crazy, diagnosing her schizophrenic. They drove that sweet little girl into a life of hatred and isolation. She saw what she saw, she knew it was real, so why didn't they believe her?

For four years they kept her there before deciding she was well enough to find a family. So they started to put her into foster care. But those families didn't last long at all, they all became scared her. Of what she spoke and what she planned to do, they thought she was crazy. So bouncing from family to asylum, to family, and back was messing her up. She didn't want a new family, she wanted her old one with her mom, dad, and little sister.

At twelve Alice's being bounced around dug deep into her pending insanity. She started to become violent, merciless. She began hurting people. It was obvious that she wouldn't find a family, so when she was fourteen she ran away and stuck to her true search for the killers of her parents and hopefully the find of her sister.


After months of searching that lead her all the way to America, Alice found her sister, but she wasn't happy with it. Her sister was one of them, she was a monster. A Hellhound had been responsible for the death of Alice's parents. And sweet Sammy? She was protecting them. But she was also different. She was a monster. Sam repelled in telling Alice what truly happened that night and why she was a demon. Who the man was, and what the Hellhounds had been there for. And out of hate, betrayal, grief, and sorrow, Alice banished her sister, disowned her. Ending the loving relationship of the girl who drove her mad.

She departed with her sister with a few words,"Sam, ya better hightail yer ass back to Hell, lass; 'cause if I get me hands on ya I'll do way worse." Sam tried to change her mind, tried to make Alice take her back but Alice stabbed her instead. Sam disappeared, and Alice left with more hate than she ever had for someone before. This plummeted Alice into a world of loneliness. Why? Why did Sam say that? What was she hiding? Why did her parents have to die? Why?! Fucking why?! She would find out. But she could trust only herself, and there were monsters in the world only she saw so she'd have to end them. Kill them all. Monsters and humans alike.

It didn't' take long for her to get noticed by many people. And coming down to it the people who found her next were the people whom would help her. The Hunter Society took her under their wing at fourteen and three quarters. Taking her off of the map and cleaning her slate. She was trained and reborn into a new world, into a new light by eighteen. She would fight the evil to mankind and be free while she did it. Problem? Fighting her own insanity. And plotting the time when she finds her sister and kills her she's only twenty-four now, so she's got many years ahead of her.

Ya ever love someone so much ya wanna kill them? Welcome to Alice Land. Having had her sister turn herself into a demon really put the psycho into the hunter. And good reason. Alice put the tears and time into needing to find her little sister, and suddenly when she finally does it finds out that she was a fucking demon the entire time. That put a new level of hate in Alice. Not only was her sister chilling with the enemy, she never did a damn thing to recognize that they killed her parents and left her big sister stranded in an insane asylum. So what a better way to fill the anger than to murder the person who caused it? Alice is out for blood with Samantha, and won't drop dead until she is. This is a reason why Alice fights so that one day she can be strong enough to kill her sister. Both in heart and body.

Currently, Alice has a lead on Sam. She had been at a war with herself on if she was, in fact, going to kill her little sister or not. It's a thought that brings a strange sense of peace as well as well as fear. Can she kill her only living relative? Minus the fact that she is a monster? Either she can end Samantha O'Malley, or find a reason for her.


 Alice was the definition of crazy, so it would be easy that she herself looked the part. Alice got her mothers chocolate brown hair genes and her father's brown eyes; she is a cutie with an attitude of a Tasmanian devil. She has a healthy body, standing at the height of 5'5, Alice is slim and toned from her training and battles she couldn't be happier with herself at the weight of 125lbs. She changes her head of brown wavy ringlet hair often, going for colors that make her pop. Currently, her hair is more natural than it has been for some time. Now with her natural color growing in an ombre with azure at the ends; it has grown since her bobbing it, now around her shoulders. Nor does she allow herself to miss a beat. She eats healthy to maintain a good and strong body and head of hair. When fighting monsters, you can never be too healthy.

Alice tends to wear whatever she likes. After she began to get jobs to kill monsters and got some money she hands her own set style. None of the things the asylum nor the foster families made her wear. She always has a backpack on her to keep her slaying supplies, as well as clothing, she hasn't settled down, she only wonders about the world, slaying those monsters. She sports skinny jeans, hoodies, boots, whatever she likes. You'll rarely find her in a dress. Always dark colors and jeans. And for an odd reason that her birthday month is near Halloween, she enjoys the scent of pumpkin spice. She is always doused in the smell and carries it with pride.


Alice has two tattoos. One of an 'anti-possession tattoo' on her wrist. Then a swirl pattern tattoo from her right hip to the top of her back. The tattoo is a symbol, every hunter has it. Each is different and their own design, but each means the same. It's for honor, it's for protection, and as long as it's there, it's to now that each hunter is each others family. They protect each other and they love each other. They fight to live, they live to protect.

 The tattoo itself is coated in magic. Used from the blood of supernaturals it has many different wards and hexes to prevent harm to come to the hunters. The higher the level of the hunter, the more warding for different sorts of monsters. Alice has most and some. Being the rank that she's at she has lots of warnings, able to feel a tingle from the certain blood that is connected to the particular monster.

Even Alice is not without scars. Through her hunting, she has managed some scrapes and bruises, but none that are as deep as these such these: Alice has three diagonally parallel gashed scars on her back. They reach from back of her left shoulder to the end of her right shoulder blade. Another being a still tender round scar in the middle top of her right hand as well as her palm. Her back one was received by a demon attacking her, and the hand an angel blade.

Alice has an interesting personality. She's quick to anger but quick to help anyone who calls for it. Being a hard head she does not go down with anything without a fight. Sadly this could be bad for the other if they bump her wrong that day. She has a hard time trusting people. To see how she is that day it frankly depends on what side the person gets on, and how she woke up that morning. Alice is unpredictable, cocky, loud, and atrociously proud. She is guarded, headstrong, stubborn as hell and easily agitated if she is triggered. She can be sweet or deadly. Having her as a friend is a bittersweet feeling. Foul-mouthed and bitter most the time, she gets annoyed with humanity rather quickly because in her mind she has no limits if she's pushed she will go all out.

 Once she is used to a person enough to open up, one can find that she is silly, rather mellow, and a jokester. She's a down to earth person who thinks greatly of life and what people think of it around her. She's even got a caring side. No ones really took the time to see that part of her, so it is still a mystery. Especially with the matter that she was born a Scorpio, but true to nature she is a Leo.

||Likes: Sushi, Outer space, Scary Movies, Tea, Cats, Rainy Days, classic 80's music.| Dislikes: People with bad breath, people in general, You.||



Alice is insane. As explained many times before, but what is the total extent to that? What makes her insane? Well, when she was taken away that day to the mental institution they tried to calm her down, thinking that she was the one who had done it but she was putting the blame on 'monsters'. They put Alice into a mental institution to try and help her with her vivid imagination, but the more they did that the more she realized that they could not be trusted. Explaining her story only made it worse. She started to lose herself. She became a loose cannon. Becoming violent and dangerous she would hurt whoever told her that she was wrong and harmed whoever tried to come close. She followed this up to her current age and is not good with getting along with people for that matter.

Alice suffers from antisocial personality disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, and bipolar disorder (which causes her to suffer episodes of manic depression). She is also sociopathic, has chronic anger, and minor ADHD. She will get hit by anxiety from time to time as well to top it all off.

♥♥♥: As far as relationships go, Alice hasn't even made it past first base. She's a workaholic, who has time for affection and romance when the world is plagued by monsters? Alice isn't easy to tie down nor does she want to be. She's too selfish and emotionally damaged to care about anyone else. But there are ways; you just have to learn how to handle her.

|| Status: The Ultimate Single. || Interests: Mayb-NO. It's nothing to talk about. ||

"I'll never lose me virginity cause I never lose."



Alice has a strong set of wit as well as skills about her. Training at the HSHQ was nothing sweet and innocent. Alice put blood sweat and tears into her training and it was a lot of hard work. In her time there Alice is highly skilled in martial arts and hand to hand combat (she is very skilled in the art of assassination, having mastered arts such as karate, judo, boxing, wrestling and many styles of kung fu, incorporating gymnastics and acrobatics into her fighting style as she battles monsters), she also possesses computer hacking skills (she can hack into most computer systems without tripping any firewalls or security), skilled marksman (well versed in conventional firearms and has an uncanny knack for using miscellaneous hand-held objects as projectile weapons, and a sharpshooter) and ability to process lots of information in a short time (she studies for fun, learning all she can about a monster and what makes them tick. Finding weak spots on how to kill them and what they are as a whole.)

Inventory wise Alice will almost always have her backpack with her. A leather bag with various departments on it. In there could be pistol bullets, hex bags, first-aid kit, clothing, as well as a couple explosives for just in case situations. Lots of things that she has made herself but mostly she will pack it with things that are needed for her hunt. Always with her, she will be wearing her combat boots which have departments in them for her items. In her left boot is her wooden stake which she has many of them. In her right is her dagger. Her dagger is a jagdkommando integral tri-dagger. The dagger itself is fully silver and is blessed periodically.


Over the course of years, Alice has been given things that she just cannot part with. As a child, she was given a red leather-bound book that she's filled with her upbringing in the Hunter Society as well as monsters that she's encountered or studied. Along these lines, she was given a Christmas gift being a mug given to her by Kei. Along those lines there's also a necklace she gave him, she having the other side.

She's not all heartless, well. She probably is actually.


  • Kei (Grasshopper): Oh look, a kitty that she can't kill. (Though she has tried. Twice now.) Alice can fully admit that Kei is her best friend. He's been there more than others and taken as many hits as she can throw and he's still around.. for now at least. He is now under her as an apprentice to become a hunter. Something she wouldn't expect of him, but he's making those steps up there, and Alice is actually proud and happy to have him around for it. She enjoys his company (or maybe he's ears company since he's basically a cat.) But she'd be lying if she ever said that he wasn't important to her, she would be devastated if he weren't around.
  • Samantha Megra O'Malley (Hacket): Alice's younger sister. Taken as a kid by a hooded figure, she underwent a traumatic and traumatizing experience and came out a demon. Unaware of her whereabouts and frankly terrified of them, Alice tracks her sister, preparing to kill her when the time comes. Strangely enough, there is a hidden truth to why she was taken by demons and why her parents were killed. She refuses to tell Alice, but it is another reason why Alice must find her. 
  • Agnes (Miss Skellington): The death of Alice's mentor/father was a hard one for her to grasp. But it wasn't until she realized exactly who did it that it nearly pained her to do. Agnes, the daughter of her close friend Kei was the person who shot him down. Alice, though she respects her being his daughter, still cannot stand the fact that she freely walks. (She is looking for a way to permanently kill her.) Alice uses as much self-control as she can around the minx even if she has tortured her before. Alice does not know how much it hurts until she actually thinks about it, but for now, Agnes is free from her wrath... however long that lasts.
  • The HSHQ: Alice is ranked in a high spot for her sheer determination as well as knowledge and skill to get the job done without letting feelings get into it. She's a killing machine, and they know that. They love her for her talents but hate for her lack of remorse. She loves them and treats them, and any other hunter with a respect until proven otherwise.
  • Apollo (Q-Tip): Any vampire is bad news, Q-tip here is no better, possibly just better company. If he is a means to an end than so be it, but Alice can't deny that she finds some strange interest in him. Be it he looks like a bloody Q-tip with that bleached head of his or that he challenges her, and well, she challenges him right back. She doesn't need him around but perhaps the fact that they fought together there is some found respect there, but only time can tell how far it will go.

  • Neseva (Kid): Alice sees Neseva as a necessary evil. You can't live with her or without her. Alice grew up with Nes and now views her as a good friend and partner, currently training her in the ways of a Hunter. Nes is thin and frail but packs a punch in being able to read minds. Alice enjoys her, sometimes, others she wants to rip her head off, but she's one of the closest friends the huntress has and intends to keep her.

Alice is a clean-freak.
Stylish on her clothing choices, she tends to stay pretty while being deadly.
She's a monster nerd. (Has a big book of supernaturals she writes in to better know them.)
She would love to have a pet cat but with her hunting it's impossible.
She loves midnight swims.
She fears one day she may be put back into the asylum.
She is oddly nice to other hunters until they piss her off.
She's practically asexual. But it's best to say she's demisexual.
Kids freak her out.

She has a photographic memory.

All the songs on her page represent her, her attitude and her all out thoughts on life.


Session One

Session Two

Session Three

"Why'd Ya Have To Go?"

[Bonus: Sam POV]

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Credits for references go to Supernatural, The Fever Series, and the Bloodline Series. A lot of others might be thrown in but those are the main spots.
Been Roleplaying since 2008; trust me I know what I'm doing.
Alice Danyel O'Malley© is copyrighted. Every personal detail of her has come out of my head, as well as any other characters I decide to bring in.
Alice D. O'Malley is portrayed by Lauren Calaway. I do not own her. But the pictures I edited, credit goes to me.
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  • Once the question was posed, Jason was on standby. It was spent trying to re-configure the chopsticks in his hand, getting the hang of it little by little. He still had… four pieces to go? Plus the rolls, if she so chose to count it. His eyes wandered back over to her on occasion to see what she had deliberated on. Quiet with expectancy, when Alice responded he… wait, what? Jason’s face went a little blank to the title, trying to register if he had heard her right. “The Princess Bride… huh?” He questioned once more in a ‘final answer?’ sense. Then again, it was a younger Alice they were talking about. The brown haired girl he’d only known from pictures… the movie was, expectantly, something he hadn’t seen.

    “Should’ve been around to tell me earlier,” He responded amusingly… but she sure as hell wasn’t wrong, was she? “But… wasn’t much of a dad, was I? Hardly a father.” Jason murmured in a sober tone. It came from a place of acceptance before regretting to the fact, but the ‘what-ifs’ floating in the air would be too much to go over in a night. What if he’d gone home that night, would he even be where he was now? And what of Alice, the Society? Even Naomi? Before his head could go any further down that path, Jason picked up his glass and took a drink. “Well… at least it’ll keep me busy. Out of that building, off the streets.” He responded neutrally. One woman’s upside was another man’s downside… He didn’t regret his decision any more or less. He’d live… maybe.

    Out came the Irish from her, just like that. Jason snickered. “Hey. Last I remember I know what it feels like… you busted my ass for calling you Princess and here we are.” He raised a brow. The next piece of sushi was to be picked up with less delay than the last. He was getting the hang of it, little by little. Come Hell or high water he’d get to the end of his plate. “I can handle it. I’m willing to. Because I’m sure before you start swingin’ at least you’ll be having a good time. If that costs me a suit? Then I’ll be gettin’ one for every day of the week.”

    One a day? How many hunts would it take to sustain that? While he hadn’t quite flinched at the first one, to a second he just might Jason raised the piece of sushi carefully, the sticks shaking the whole way yet, and took the bite. His second had been a favorite, thus far. The third didn’t seem all that different. He also hadn’t felt sick, like his stomach told him to be worried about. The man found himself sitting more casually in his seat, even, settled down into the environment as it had grown just a little darker outside.

    He made the mistake soon enough of looking over to Alice’s plate that was near empty- if not. Well damn. Once his mouth was clear he went for his fourth without much dawdling. The bite was taken as she spoke, sobering up the impatience in his head, as an effect. He was lucky enough to be kept with Alice. He was even more so to have Neseva present; the delays on finding hunts were likely minimal. Once he’d finished his bite, he looked down to the two remaining on the plate in front of him.

     “Yeah… you’re right.” Jason responded after a bit of silence to ponder on it. Despite all he’d been lucky. Goddamn lucky, for a year straight, in hindsight. He didn’t know what to do with himself over it.

  • Instinctively his scaredy punk ass sunk right back into his seat as he watched wide-eyed as his mother came busting in through the door, but as his mind was still very much looming over the horror of what he’d just saw his attention was quickly turned back towards his booth buddy, checking both her side as well as his for any sign of the ‘monster’.

    But it took only a mere shallow glance to make it clear that the dreadful corpse had indeed vanished, hopefully for good, and that it had taken with it the glistening red hunks of rotten gore that it had slobbered all over the table.

    All of this made it clear to Josh that it had just been a passing moment of gut-churning, horrifically vivid hallucinations, but nothing more, and it was over so fast he couldn’t really believe it to be truly over, and that the thing could pop up at any given moment.


    So once again Josh internally cursed his twisted schizophrenic mind which plagued him daily with gruesome pranks, the likes of which he’d have to somehow come to terms with eventually. Somehow. The new medicine helped, but it didn’t quell the madness entirely, and sometimes the pot stirred enough to spill, sometimes by a little, sometimes by a lot.

    But, heading back towards reality, Josh flipped his head sideways just in time to see Melinda tower over him like a great big monolithic statue of pure worry, anger and something he couldn’t quite pinpoint. If it was possible, he sunk lower in his seat.

    “I called you. Again and again, but you didn’t answer…” She snarled, her tone lowered to a whisper yet carrying the same amount of power as if she was screaming at the top of her lungs.


    The boy’s lips remained silent of course, a nervous hand tearing through his hair three times in a quick succession, all while avoiding eye contact at any cost.

    Melinda took a deep breath, shaking fingers pointing towards the exit.

    “We’ll talk about it later. Go wait in the car outside.” She ordered simply.

    “I’m twenty one ma’, I don’t need you…-” He rebelled, gaze momentarily lifted before being immediately slapped down.


    “THE CAR. NOW.” She boomed, upon Joshua slowly slid out the booth like a fox being driven out of its den.

    “I’m sorry...we’ll talk later…” He says, but not to his mother, then he walks out, leaving Alice and Melinda alone.

    Josh’s mother takes his place in the booth and she places her black leather purse on the table, painted nails caressing its smooth surface.

    “So, what is your angle, huh? You want money? Is that it? Publicity?” Melinda asked quietly, although some people were well within earshot and they had the attention of most patrons in there, rendering any whispering or attempts at being discreet, pathetically void.

  • When the word left her mouth, Jason gave a short laugh. It sounded unnatural as it had rolled off the Irish woman’s tongue, comical in his mind. It left a smile on his face, and a small shrug of his shoulders to be had. “Fair enough,” He responded. Tomcat confirmed, and onto the next question. “Haven’t seen too many,” Jason admitted. “Either didn’t have time for it, didn’t have the cash… we snuck in a few times, scraped the extra money together once or twice. Hell knows I’ve spent enough time in a movie theatre for the rest of my life.” The last part was muttered, even as his tone had grown no harsher. A brow was quirked toward her. “Alice, you have a favorite movie?” he’d ask curiously.

    When Agnes was tossed out there, the corner of his mouth twitched like it wanted to give a smile, but settled on bitter acceptance to it. His eyes were cast past the bar counter, toward the backsplash opposite of their seats. “…Her mother used to be a friend of mine. At least, I thought. I don’t know what she thought… I know we should’ve kept it that way. Saved the hell we put ourselves through.” There was that look again. Like he had dug up some old ghost- what did Alice call it? Inner demons? Jason cleared his throat and blue eyes rested back on Alice. “I was. I was a lot of things back then that I’m happy I’m not now.”

    He drank to the thought, then, even if a glass of water would have to suffice for now. Could he get Alice to get a glass of anything better? He’d have to see.

    He had to snicker at the notion in his mind. He was doing a lot of laughing that night, wasn’t he? “Well, I’ll protect ‘em from you, then. And I’ll make sure they keep their damn mouths shut. I know sure as hell I can’t prevent you from being Irish, O’Malley, but I’ll do my best to keep your hands off the top shelf. How’s that sound?” Would she be, though? What kind of drinker was Alice? Would he carry her out, would they be escorted out? He leaned toward those outcomes rather than the rational ‘one drink, and out’ option. Either way, not-so-deep-down, he was dying to find out…

    …and that required some coordination he’d better gather up quick. The objects were foreign in his hands, that much was evident. It was like watching a child pick up a pencil to write their name for the first time. The chopsticks, as he held the piece of sushi, seemed to tremble. The wrong move, wrong pressure and he’d drop it. Forbid the rice all come loose. They would never leave their seats. When he finally had it up to his eye level, Jason studied it for a moment before he followed suit and dropped it in his mouth.

    Along with the minor victory, as he chewed it, Jason’s expression was stoic. He hadn’t known what he put in his mouth, or which of the fish options he had chosen off his plate first. Deliberating for a short while as Alice took her second bite, deciding on whether he’d like it or not… well, the man had never been a picky eater. It seemed good enough for a second as he reset the chopsticks manually to restart his struggle. “Y’know… after everything,” Jason stated aloud as he put the rest of his focus on the next. He’d chosen a piece that was a brighter red color, next. “Waiting just ‘till the end of the month is nothing. But it feels pretty damn far.” Thud. He dropped that one, inevitably. Jason blinked. He got over his disappointment, reset his grasp on the sticks with a tap on the plate, and picked it up in a quicker timeframe than the first- still. Taking his sweet ass time as the chopsticks wobbled.

  • For a moment, his eyes fell on the counter purely to find some solitude from the question. Blue eyes were thoughtful, almost apprehensive. His face gave away little otherwise, just as he’d carefully trained it to do. “Yeah… somethin’ like it.” Jason answered in a quiet tone. He kept it at that. It might’ve been a story for another time; another plane ride to worry the people around them, or spoken with his eyes set on Alice’s ceiling, fingers tracing through his hair-  Ahem. Moving on.

    As Alice laughed, Jason cracked a smile to it. His brow raised, and lips split to actually grin as a laugh was given but never left his chest. “…If I say yes you’ll tell me I’m a dog no matter which way. If I say no, well… worst case scenario, maybe I don’t like movies.” Damned if he did, damned if he didn’t. In the least, that was what he was used to. He raised his glass of water up for a drink, clearing his throat as he set it down. “Neither are true, so say when. I’ll even let you pick the movie.”

    The bell had rung for their food, earning Jason’s attention at the unfamiliarity of it. As the dishes were set down, he scanned over the bar as if he hadn’t seen them prepared moments prior. When the man’s attention went to Jason, he did similar in shaking his head, content enough that he’d ordered something that didn’t look too questionable in his eyes.

    He could’ve jumped out of his skin when she laughed, wondering when he’d ever heard her cackle so loud. A curious stare was earned from the man, yet soon enough he knew just what had caused it. Jason gave a slight grin of defeat. She had a goddamn point, he’d admit. Plenty of mornings, he didn’t feel all that tall from drinking. He wouldn’t even speak to his accolades and misdemeanors prior to it. Rather than admitting, the man still shook his head. “I’m not sayin’ whether you are or you aren’t. I’m saying you could. So do somethin’ you wouldn’t, tonight. See how it is. You know, I’m about to.” A gesture was made to the plate in front of him. His eyes traveled to the chopsticks afterward, then back to Alice, looking at her like it was a cheap joke. “I can take apart a gun and put it back together... Chopsticks can’t be any harder.” He answered in confidence.

    The chopsticks were taken in hand, how he assumed they went anyway- which took long enough in itself. As he reached for the first piece of sushi on his plate, near immediately the sticks crossed and he found himself resetting it. Then again. Shit. The cat wouldn’t look away as he finally made contact with the sushi piece, lifting it up slowly. All the while, it was a damned miracle it was staying in place

  • Now and again, Jason’s eyes flickered back toward the counter where their meal was being prepped. It was the first time he’d seen it, and his eyes piqued with curiosity as they went along with it. From one piece to the next. All the while wondering what raw fish would even taste like, to begin with. It was something quiet to study in a place that was full of white noise otherwise… other than the woman he had been so lucky to get through the door that evening.

    While Alice was deep into her head over the issue… Jason was off in his own. A calm demeanor hid all apprehensiveness that was housed in the man’s head. He was in a place he’d never fathomed entering before in his life, until then. On the other hand, the circumstances were enough of a cause to wipe off a resting scowl and replacing it with something at ease. Even a smile seemed favored at the corner of Jason’s mouth up until the notion of the missing tie was brought up.

    To the response, Jason shrugged a little. He’d go as far as backtracking and answering a second time. “I’m just not a fan of having things around my neck.” He stated, just a bit more truthful. Quite a bit less harsh, while he was at it. “Though… I’ve made an exception before.” He pointed out with a quirk of a brow. A smile followed as he directed it off toward the chefs and their work briefly. Up until he posed his question.

    “Yeah?” Jason mused, brow wrinkling and a smile on standby midst the corner of his lips. For once- a reference he’d caught up on? It was hard not to know about it. Not... that he truly knew anything about it. “It’s not what I’m looking for.” Jason stated matter-of-factly. As if she needed the reassurance? He hoped not.

    “And you could, y’know. It’s a night off, after all, go ahead and try a big-girl drink. I’ll get us home alright. Promise.” His eyes skirted to the bar off to the right briefly, where a small handful of chairs were occupied and the bartender seemed at a lull. Blue hues then returned to the table, casting Alice a look that was almost playful. Jason inspected the chef’s work, which served as his own ‘something new’ for the evening. “The night’s all yours. Might as well enjoy it.”

  • Making it through the tide of actually ordering his food? As to what he had ordered, Jason hardly knew. It couldn’t hurt him. It certainly wouldn’t kill him. A picky palate with food had never, by any means, been something he owned by choice. His incompetence 0ver the matter slipped away as their order was taken and Jason eased up a tad. He cast a brief smile her way, then looked past their seating toward the other side of the counter.

    In comparison to his own, Alice’s order came in near half the time. To his surprise, the order was started none too far away. He watched as the chef was on his first piece to prep, eyeing the movements of the knife as he did so. He wondered just how many times he would have cut himself attempting. Feeling Alice’s eyes on him a bit late in her investigation, his head turned where it had once been content watching the early preparation for whatever was being made. Blue hues would meet her stare, if she wasn’t too careful about avoiding it.

    The question was presented, and Jason blinked. He cast a look down absently at where a tie should have been, eyes thoughtful. It was a minor white elephant to his attire as if the fact he was dressed in a suit wasn’t a major flag in itself. “I guess I’m not too keen on putting a noose around my neck willingly.” He answered simply with a shrug of his shoulders. But oh, he had tried a time or two. Anything that hard to put on properly wasn’t worth the aggravation.

    With one more look about the interior of the place. “Well, Alice… did I do alright?” He quirked a brow toward her afterward. He was enjoying himself thus far, that was a given by his expression. It was all an adventure he’d never been on before.

  • Agnes' hair had grown out slightly longer than it had last time. She seemed more at peace as well, as if time away from the city did her good. She was in a fresh t-shirt and shorts, it was summer after all, that she made sure of. Dancer hadn't changed much either, but he seemed more at ease to see her than he did last time. That made her grin, knowing she wasn't always a violent mess in his eyes. 

    "Yeah, I'm ready, got myself in shape too. Food sounds pretty good right about now." Agnes commented, then walked beside him. She held her hands behind her back as she walked, one hand grabbing her other wrist.

    "I think I can say I'm fine, besides being trapped down there." She'd say playfully with a light chuckle. For his next question, she shrugged. "I'm not so sure, I don't think a lot of people are waiting for me out there. It's gonna be, more or less, reclaiming lost territory after a year."  Agnes explained. "What about you? How have you been? Have you attempted dancing yet?" She would tease lightly and redirect.

  • Jason’s lips had a way of falling closed when she cast another intense stare his way. He wasn’t sure how many of those he could handle in a night. His eyes wouldn’t stray from it, they seemingly couldn’t. Hindsight, nothing in his life had truly taught him how to handle it… so he’d make due however he could. The statement would hang in the air successfully when he couldn’t come up with a smart remark in decent time. Alice had earned her silence. In the meanwhile, forcibly he set his eyes forward again as his imagination was retracing those words with care.

    A seat taken, a glance around the sushi bar acquired. Aside from that, Jason was as lost as he would be if he simply appeared in the place. He knew fast food. He knew pizza places. He’d never eaten at a place that didn’t supply free refills and had certainly never worn a suit to get dinner, in the past. The weight of that fact settled on him heavily as he read over the menu… with how many times his brow lowered and raised, how many tugs came to the corners of his mouth… he settled on water as a drink, seeming safe enough, putting the order in alongside Alice’s while the waitress was still there. With not knowing what he was getting, hell. Maybe he’d need it. Who knew.

    The call for backup was finally given to Alice. A bit of a helpless smile came across his face when she laughed, but the fact of the matter was, it was inevitable. Jason held the menu down flat, then. He leaned just a tad closer and slid it between them, listening from then on.

    Did he want raw fish? Did he want cooked? His brain had an immediate answer, but it was a trick question. They were in a sushi place after all. As he fretted over the difference between sushi and rolls …he should’ve taken notes. Silent up until she prompted him with a question, he hung onto that silence for a few ‘reassuring’ moments afterward. “…Get a platter. Got it.” Jason concluded. Nigiri. Five pieces? He looked over the menu once more and was none the wiser on what of those to choose.

    When the time to order came, he did just that. Letting Alice go first, he commiserated over the cryptic text on the menu for a little while longer before starting his own order awkwardly. Nigiri sushi it was, with his five chosen simply by what was easiest to pronounce on the list. He added on shrimp tempura rolls in addition, once more picking purely by name. No harm in trying. How many times would he get sushi in his life anyway? Who knew. He hoped maybe just as often as the woman he sat beside.

  • Jason quirked a brow when she mentioned the fast food chain. His nose wrinkled to the fact briefly… not that he had eaten off any healthier, growing up, but it wasn’t McDonalds. Not until the streets anyway. “One helluva introduction…” Eyes on the road, Jay. “The whole thing. I might’ve not been at home for long, but I always knew where I was…” He snuck a glance over to her regardless. “I’d never left my home city before you got ahold of me... but when I did, at least I had somebody that wasn’t going to steer me wrong.”

    Would he have ever left without it? Chances were damn slim. There was no telling. Leaving the city was one thing, leaving a continent was another. He had thought there was no going back when he left home, but that didn’t mean the old house wasn’t a drive away. Not a flight. Yet… maybe in both of their situations that had never quite been an option.

    A glance was cast back to Alice at the tone she spoke the single word. It was, in a sense, a loaded gun with the way it dropped off her tongue, the barrel pointed in his direction. He caught her stare, his expression falling as far less stern as a result. He was hanging onto her words before any more were even spoken, and they were lucky. Lucky for no immediate cars nor brake lights ahead. Down came the rain on his parade over the matter of the dress. Jason’s lips pursed. Imagery and the contest were having a fight in his head. Goddamn. He would’ve wished imagery was winning outright. Eyes on the road. He snuck a quick, haphazard glance. He was hiding whatever disappointment or dismay he had… well, as best as he could.

    His expression smoothed over, as did his voice, with a hint of suggestion to it. Closer to velvet than the sandpaper it was usually. “So then… that would mean you dressed to be noticed tonight. Hm?” She didn’t have to tell him whether she was… Just like he wouldn’t have to reassure her it was working.

    No matter the hell he had raised for himself in the car, he left it at that and eventually managed to get them to the place. The door was opened when he felt slight relief when she didn’t race to open it. The fact put a little more drive within his step as he pulled the door open. Alice got out, his eyes followed the motion. The addition of her heels caught him off guard similar to Neseva’s change in height, to a different effect altogether. The door was shut after her, a coy smile on his face. It was still pleading that he wouldn’t fuck this up.

    Jason walked alongside, one hand in his pocket, the other hanging loose yet it wouldn’t reach for hers. There were only so many sappy attempts before she’d break, he had a feeling. Not that he wouldn’t run through traffic to, if she offered. The last door was opened, and the atmosphere inside the place would swallow them in to the tune of quiet instrumental music that subtly filled the gaps where the white space wouldn’t.

    From there on… well, he hadn’t thought that far ahead. Grateful that they were simply ushered to a seat, he took a bar stool beside Alice and settled down while on standby for their server. His eyes swept about the space, mainly to the counter before them. While he didn’t look it, it didn’t take much to make the cat feel out of place in the establishment. He’d never sat down in a place like it.

    Soon enough, a woman strode toward with menus in hand, dressed in proper attire to match the establishment. A warm, sophisticated smile was cast their way, and two menus were set down before them. A moment was granted to decipher drinks as she strode off, and almost hesitantly, Jason looked to Alice before opening a menu.

    He… He recognized letters. That was where it seemingly stopped. Edamame... Maguro… Omakase? What he was certain of, is that the cryptic phrases represented food. Or so he hoped. When even the minor explanations in parenthesis were lost to him, it was fact that he was simply staring at the piece of paper handed to him. Jason pursed his lips, snapping out of the fact that he was suddenly lost in space. A weak smile of defeat had to be given not long after. “Alice… you’re gonna have to help me out, here.” He murmured under his breath.

  • “Damn near, I’ve done some shit for the sake of survival I’m not too proud of. But I made it out alright.” …homeless, scrounging the streets, cursed, and a mass murderer to be? So maybe ‘alright’ was something relative, with how his past seemed to snowball up to a certain point. That ‘strut’ had been the real deal up until it wouldn’t work for him. It didn’t, he moved on. He didn’t dwell much longer as Jason let out a snicker instead and glanced over to her as he drove. “What can I say. A cheeseburger’s hard to pass up any day. You didn’t give me too much time to weigh the options, either.” …approximately a few seconds or so.

    “How many of them have gotten the honor of seeing you in a dress like that?” Jason questioned shortly afterward. He felt his odds were alright in saying so. He was driving. They had their reservation. Furthermore, he’d have a hard time finding a hiding place for a weapon any closer than the bag with her in the seat. He thought it freely when outside the mind reader’s reach.

    Once the car was parked, the keys had been pulled and shoved into his pocket. One hand on the door, he awaited Alice’s answer. When he had it, a quiet huff left his chest and a brief smirk wouldn’t be missed. “Just as long as you’ll let me, I’ll be there in a heartbeat.” He answered. As if to test that, only a second would pass after before Jason had his door open and was getting out. He made his way around the back end of the car, a small spring to his step as he did. So maybe he was being over the top… Maybe not? He hardly knew, but he knew he couldn’t afford to be going under, either.

    If she hadn’t already barreled her way out of the car with his prior statement, he would be there to open it. If she had? Well, he was on standby to wait for her anyway. Eventually, when one or another came, the directions in his head took them out of the ramp. The sky hadn’t truly started to darken yet as he walked them toward the sidewalk outside, approaching the line of storefronts, yet they wouldn’t go far. The front doors and windows of the restaurant were boarded up decoratively, a front patio outside lingering with just a few tables worth of occupants chattering, one waitress tending to the table furthest back. The printed signage beside the main door read ‘MF Sushi. Atlanta. Suite 6.’

    Approaching it now just as curiously as Alice might have been, Jason pulled the door open for the second time that evening following making the reservation. Holding it open for her adamantly once again, he then followed her in. His name was stated at the counter to the right, a nod from the woman behind the small desk given as the reservation was found. Meanwhile, a bar counter was dressed and stocked elaborately to the right with near full occupants. The seating in the sushi bar seemed none too far behind, a few blank tables here and there. Otherwise, quiet chatter went back and forth within each tablespace, which would lead off toward the left further into the space. It was four stars. Possibly even five, attracting the crowd to match… plus two Hunters.

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