Name: Arthur Pendragon

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Origins: Briton

Country: Albion (Actual Great Britain)

Kingdom: Camelot

Nobility Title: King or Prince if set in the past.

Occupation: Knight

Marital status: Single [x], Married [] (Can be single if we play when he's not married to Guenevere)


Father: Uther Pendragon (Dead)

Mother: Ygraine Pendragon (De Bois - Dead)

Uncles: Agravaine De Bois (Dead), Tristan De Bois (Dead)

Paternal Half-sister: Morgana Pendragon


Arthur was born in 509 A-D to King Uther Pendragon and Queen Ygraine Pendragon in Camelot, Albion (actual Great-Britain in Wales). Ygraine was barren and Uther asked the High Priestess Nimueh for her help. Giving birth to a child with the Old Religion had a cost: For a life created, another one must be taken. It was Ygraine who was chosen to give her life for Arthur’s.

The year after Arthur’s birth marked the beginning of the Great Purge, a dark moment in the lives of the people of Camelot. It is unknown if other kingdoms followed Uther. Uther Pendragon had banished all magical objects, artifacts and had sentenced to death whoever was caught practicing magic. Thousands of people, old and young, perished by the fire.

Arthur was raised mostly by nourices and servants. His father was an authoritarian and strict man, treating him like a future heir to the throne. He loved his son but had difficulties showing him his love. Arthur learned the court’s manners, read, count, write, etc. He also learned the chivalry code, horseback riding and weaponry.

ad2b6e203bc58426c77f93915b420a60b0151c62.gif?profile=RESIZE_400xMorgana Pendragon came to Camelot when she was 10 years old. Her stepfather Gorlois of Tintagel, Uther’s best friend, died on the battlefield. Uther made Morgana his pupil and raised her like his daughter. 10 years ago, Uther had an affair with Vivienne, Gorlois’s wife. She gave birth to Morgana and Gorlois raised her as his own daughter. Arthur and Morgana were never aware of their relationship until much later.

1c7cefff2f0800e96e4c127498c27e486780f6a7.gif?profile=RESIZE_400xAt the age of 20 years old, Arthur met Merlin, a young 19-year-old boy, who came to Camelot while he was mistreating a servant in the castle’s court. He stepped to the servant’s defense, defying Arthur, and he sent him in the dungeons.

Merlin saved Arthur with his growing magical powers during a feast in honor of the 20 years of peace since the Great Purge. A witch disguised as a singer tried to kill the prince because the king had sentenced her son to death. To thank Merlin, Uther made Merlin Arthur’s personal manservant.

At first, the two men did not like each other, but as time passed, they came to like each other, becoming best friends, teasing, and making fun of each other. They trust and appreciate each other. Both showed they would give their life up for the other.

Arthur came of age at 21 years old and became the Crown Prince of Camelot, the last male to claim the throne of Camelot.

With the help of Merlin, Guinevere, Morgana, the Knights of Camelot and Gaius, the Court’s Physician, Arthur led missions for the Pendragon family, defending Camelot and its people from supernatural and human enemies. He also befriended Guinevere, Morgana’s personal servant. At first, the two of them did not like each other, but as time passed, they developed deeper feelings for each other. Arthur was also the victim of love enchantments, making him fall in love with Sophia Tir-Mor, a Shide Princess and Princess Vivian, King Olaf’s daughter when kingdoms were visiting Camelot to sign a peace truce. He also was forced to marry two princesses for the greater good of Camelot, setting to the side his own happiness.

Unbeknown to him, Merlin’s magical powers grew fast, and he became a powerful sorcerer. He saved his life and Camelot numerous times so that Arthur could become king and unite the land of Albion.

Morgana developed magical powers and grew scared of them. She sought the druids’ help and understood herself better. As time went on, she grew resentful of Uther and the manslaughter he committed during the Great Purge. She sought vengeance for this with the help of her half-sister Morgause Le Fay, a High Priestess of the Old Religion. They both tried to steal the throne.

a02db642dc85fba877d68838e2ba01f1c053334d.gif?profile=RESIZE_400xMorgana disappeared with Morgause for a year and learned how to control her magic. Uther searched for her all over Camelot. One day, Arthur, Merlin and his knights found her in the woods. She came back to the castle, acting like the sweet Morgana she once was while plotting to steal the throne with her half-sister. No one, except Merlin, saw it coming.

The first assault on the throne happened with the help of an immortal army of soldiers from an enemy. Arthur and his friends fled into the woods. They then discovered a round table in an old castle. Lancelot, Elyan, Sir Leon, Perceval and Gwaine were knighted and given the honorific title of Knights of the Round Table. Together, they took back Camelot. That year, Arthur discovered his relationship with Morgana. She fled into the woods, exiled from Camelot. Uther was traumatized by this betrayal and was inapt to rule so Arthur became prince regent instead.

Morgana worked with spies inside the castle walls. Agravaine, Arthur’s uncle, was one. He died at Merlin's hand.

Uther died on Arthur’s birthday when a mercenary tried to kill him. He managed to hurt Uther instead when he tried to defend his son. Arthur sought the help of a sorcerer to save his father. Morgana had learned of this and had given a pendant to Agravaine. It would cancel the effects of the desired magic and decuple them, thus killing Uther. From then on, Arthur banned magic in his kingdom. The next mornig, he was crowned king of Camelot.

Morgana tried to steal the kingdom a second time and kept Gwaine, Perceval and Gaius in the dungeons, starving them and making Gwaine fight for food which he gave to Gaius due to his old age.

Arthur, who had fled into the woods once again with his friends, retrieved Excalibur, the magical sword, from the stone and took back Camelot, marrying Guinevere and making her queen of Camelot.


tumblr_p7ypppJzta1r0hmulo1_500.gifArthur is a very sarcastic person. He can be friendly at times, and he is easy to approach. He is an open-minded man, more so than his father Uther Pendragon was before him.

Arthur is arrogant and pretentious at times, but deep down he has a very good heart. He is very attached to his people whom he wants to protect more than anything in the world.

He is very reserved when it comes to his feelings and emotions. He doesn't like others to see him as vulnerable. The young man is ready to risk his life for those he loves and for just causes. He is even ready to sacrifice his personal happiness for that of others.

Arthur is very tolerant, but he has his limits and, when they are reached, he can be impatient.

When faced with a situation, he wants to explore all the possibilities before making a decision. He discusses the best choice to take with trusted people like the Knights of Camelot, Merlin, Gaius, and his queen Guinevere. He is also a very curious person and likes to discover new things.

Likes : Nature, honesty, loyalty, a good sense of humour, respect, peace, wine, food, training, his people 

Dislikes : Liars, cheaters, disrespect, war, tyranny, greed, spite and magic (with some exceptions)


Arthur is of average height and weight, around 6' tall and 176,37lbs.

His hair is dark blonde. They come just above his neck and small locks fall on his forehead. His eyes are a piercing blue. His stature is muscular, and he is in good shape due to regular hours of training.

Arthur is usually seen wearing red, beige, or blue long-sleeved shirts that he occasionally rolls up the sleeves with a brown leather belt around his waist. To go with it, he also wears brown boots and pants of the same color.

His armor consists of a thick red Haubert, a chainmail, a plastron, a shoulder pad on his right side, two gauntlets on his wrists and two black leather gloves with his brown boots and a belt of the same color to maintain his chainmail in place. Attached to it is a scabbard for his one-handed sword.



  • Expert swordman, greatest warrior in Camelot. He trains his knights himself.
  • Resilience
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Throwing weapons accurately
  • Handles well a quaterstaff, a mace and a lance
  • Stamina
  • Excellent leader and strategist.  


  • My face claim for Arthur is Bradley James. This is my take from the TV show Merlin from BBC.
  • I prefer paragraph and detailed posts. I don't like one liners. 
  • I don't have any preferences when it comes to genres, everything is perfectly acceptable, even R content.
  • We can set our plot in different times and places, it all depends on our preferences.
  • Plotting is always fun and so are AU's, but I don't like Multi-character profiles.
  • I am not new to roleplaying. I've been on Rolepages before and now here. 
  • I like proper grammar and good characterizations. I'm not a grammar nazi, but if I can't understand you, it might take some time for me to answer.
  • Do not God-Mod, please. Do not control my character without my consent. Injuries are acceptable though. Always ask before doing anything.
  • Do not Meta-Game, in other words, know everything without telling you. You read my message, but your character doesn't know everything, unless there is a good reason for that.
  • I suck at starters. If you do not mind, please, do so.
  • Chat? I am not interested. If you have Discord, I will love to plot and discuss with you. For role plays, I prefer comments or PM's.
  • I am not on here 24/7. I currently am a student and have a busy schedule. I will get back to you when I can.

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  • (Prime oh good at least I have that and can watch it. Thank you! I forgot that about the Black Knight... Elizabeth could get accidentally stuck back in time and she becomes the new Black Knight? At first Arthur could welcome her to Court, a woman knight? Not knowing she's killer )

  • Evangeline was an incredibly gifted witch with a passion for dark magic. Maleficent rarely allowed humans to serve her, but Eva proved useful on more than one occasion. Like all pawns in Maleficent's game her usefulness eventually came to an end. Her obsession with remaining young and beautiful clouded her judgement and made her weak. When she eventually asked the villainess for immortality, Maleficent refused to grant the wish. Denying the request managed to cause all of this trouble for the sorceress and now Arthur. Despite the turmoil, Maleficent knew she made the right decision.

    When Arthur suggested discussing a plan of action, he was given a brief nod in agreement. Maleficent wanted to destroy Eva, but how could she do so without causing damage to Arthur's beloved kingdom? There was another problem to consider. For the past several months Eva had been sending members of her coven after Maleficent in an effort to obtain more of the fairy's blood. She set various traps and was growing bolder. More importantly, her coven was growing larger. The villainess could not avoid them forever.

    "Have you heard of The Veiled, Arthur?" She looked at Merlin for a moment curious if he knew what she was talking about. In order to create a plan of action, Arthur and Merlin needed to understand exactly who they were dealing with. "When Evangeline made her potion the first time, she gave it to her closest followers. She sent several of these women to my mountain with the intention of obtaining my blood. I killed each one, but they reanimated."

    A wicked smile formed on her face as she continued. "You see, the potion will make the drinker ageless, but if they die, the soul remains trapped in the body. Many original members of Evangeline's coven have suffered this fate, and their souls remain trapped in decaying corpses. These women wear black veils concealing their faces. She thinks more of my blood is the key to true immortality and the only way to perfect her potion." Maleficent's blood was a curse.

    "If you attack the coven, these creatures will be impossible to kill permanently.” Now Arthur could understand why Maleficent was tempted to burn his kingdom to the ground. “Only the original members of her coven have taken the potion. She dangles her eternal youth in front of the gentry in order to gain support. I doubt they realize she is unable to recreate the potion. She is using human blood, but this will never work.”

  • [I apologize for the late words from me. Thank you for liking my idea, perhaps Sunniva is returning to Camelot and he hears of her return, maybe she doesn't  know of Uther's passing?]

  • Maleficent watched in amusement as the two men bowed their heads. Arthur already had better manners than his father. He was smart to show the villainess respect. The display was enough to grab her attention and she was genuinely curious as to why the king wanted to see her. When the young man apologized for his father’s behavior the sorceress waved her hand in a dismissive manner. There was no need for an apology, and she did not want his pity. Arthur was clearly not his father.

    “There is no need for apologies. I do not believe you are a carbon copy of your father. For starters, he would not work so closely with a wizard.”

    She gestured to Merlin and listened as the king continued. A wicked grin formed on her face at the mention of Eva. She had heard about the little witch causing chaos in Camelot. Now it was clear why Arthur had traveled so far.

    “Your sister sought my assistance nearly a month ago. She wanted me to help her gain control of the crown.” A dark chuckle left her lips. “It would appear you have your hands full.” Maleficent watched the king as she continued knowing he was desperate. “You will be pleased to know I denied her request. As amusing as it can be, I am trying to stay out of the affairs of mortals.”

    When Arthur mentioned the war between Maleficent and Eva the sorceress sighed in annoyance. “Eva has become a thorn in my side. She keeps sending her lackeys after me to obtain my blood. She created a potion that has allowed her to remain young, but something went wrong. She seems to believe my blood is the only way to fix the potion. My guess is she is experimenting on the people of Camelot.”

    The king’s statement about protecting his kingdom made it clear what he was truly concerned about. He was not worried about Morgana or Eva. Maleficent’s anger is what concerned him. He was afraid the Mistress of All Evil would burn his home to the ground just to get rid of Eva. This was a realistic concern, but Maleficent was willing to make a deal if she benefitted in some way.

    “You think I will burn Camelot to the ground in order to destroy Eva.”

    She looked at Merlin for a moment knowing the sorcerer would do anything to help his friend. “It would appear you and I have a common goal. If you destroy Eva’s coven, I will not harm Camelot.”

  • oh thank you for the acceptance! I loved the Merlin show, I need to rewatch I hope its still on Netflix. I hope we might be able to do an AU or perhaps Elizabeth could somehow go back in time and be a evil knight, I remember I think a Black Knight? she could be sadistic and sociopath

  • Many of the goblin and troll-like creatures who served Maleficent knew of King Arthur Pendragon. He had never traveled to the Forbidden Mountain before. The Mistress of All Evil specifically told them not to disturb her, but how often did a king visit? Several kingdoms had sent knights and servants over the years to speak with the dark fairy. Their bones now lined the twisted corridors of her castle.

    The exterior of the castle was covered in an assortment of stone creatures all sporting expressions of pure fright. Turns out Maleficent had a habit of turning her victims into decorations. The king and Merlin passed by several guards on their way to Maleficent’s study. They all seemed surprised, and a bit confused to see him there. What business did he want with their master? The goblin led Merlin and Arthur past the grand throne room and to a large stone door.

    The goblin knocked on the door politely and waited for Maleficent to answer. She probably already knew they were here. The large stone door slowly opened revealing a grand study with bookshelves as high as the eye can see. There was a fire going in the fireplace and the Mistress of all Evil was sitting at her desk.

    “I thought I told you not to disturb me.”

    The fairy had killed goblins for less. She slowly looked up from the book in front of her only to see Arthur and Merlin standing behind her servant. The goblin bowed his head and introduced her visitors. She seemed so surprised that it gave her servant time to sneak out of the room. The villainess placed her quill down on the table and slowly stood up as the two approached. She recognized Merlin instantly and knew that the young man standing beside him was the new king. The two had crossed paths many years ago, but he was only a small child then.

    “Well, well, well. I was not expecting an audience with a king. What brings you here?" 

    Centuries of life meant there was very little that surprised Maleficent anymore. Arthur had heard tales about the Mistress of All Evil. He knew of her reputation and yet here he was. This had to be important.

  • [Forgive me but what of the rest I said, she could have been ward to Uther, was that good or bad for an idea? And Arthur could discover her secret that she is a dragon, when they both are older they could be allies? I will try my best to start, I am not very good. ❂ Sunniva mun]

  • [thank you for your kind words yes i would like to rp. Do you have anything off hand? I have something in thoughts at least, from Eragon he could be her rider? She is golden dragon, Queen of Justice - Queen of the Golden Dragon's, from there it could be she's Queen of the Dragn's I also suppose. Goldens are the noble and strongest of dragon kind. Perhaps they meet Sunniva is welcomed to Camelot, almost a ward of Uther but obviously he wouldn't know she's a dragon and for a time she could be unable to shift to her dragon body, a necklace or braclet keeping her from shifting. Later she could be free and Arthur could spot her shifting and keep her secret? I'm just trying to spit ball, please let me know if you like or hate anything ]

  • Eva Barlow will never forget the night she fled the Forbidden Mountain. She had worked under the Mistress of All Evil for decades in hopes of extending her mortal life. She was a gifted witch and consistently served the dark fairy without question. Where did that loyalty get her? She was nearing 60. When the witch finally did ask Maleficent for eternal youth, her request was denied.

    Furious, Eva fled to her room in the castle with every intention of not being there when the sun came up. She packed her most valuable possessions and concocted a plan to escape the mountain. 5010516c0ec511d765a573443454b9b3.jpg?profile=RESIZE_400xShe would need to wait until her master was asleep. Even with Maleficent dreaming away, getting past the guards would not be easy. Fortunately for Eva, one of the goblins intended on leaving the mountain as well. He aided in her escape that night even allowing the witch to sneak into Maleficent’s study and steal several vials of the fairy’s blood used for spells.

    She fled the mountain with Ivan and traveled to Camelot in an attempt to start fresh. Shortly after her arrival Eva started a coven and used Maleficent’s blood to create a potion capable of reversing the aging process. The first potion was successful resulting in Eva not looking a day over 25. She used her magical capabilities and persuasive nature to develop a following in the community. Several wealthy humans aided in Eva’s escapades in an effort to get some of the potion.

    Ivan stayed on as Eva’s personal bodyguard wanting nothing more than to destroy Maleficent. His ancestors had served the villainess for centuries and he despised her. The two bonded over their hatred of Maleficent and had every intention of returning to the mountain one day to confront her.

    Unfortunately for Eva, this day never came. Several years after she created the potion, the witch discovered a problem with her creation. After crossing paths with King Uther himself, a member of Eva’s coven suffered a fatal wound. Instead of dying, her soul remained forever trapped in her decaying body. She became a walking corpse and adopted wearing a black veil in order to keep her skeletal face from being seen. Desperate to avoid this fate, Eva started to put all of her energy into creating a new potion that would remove this unpleasant side effect.

    Just as before, Eva needed blood to create the potion. She had members of her coven kidnap dozens of Camelot residents using their blood in her various attempts to create the same magic. Her experiments created fear among the residents and soon enough they began to seek help from the crown. Something had to be done about Eva. She had become obsessed with cheating death and did not seem to care how many lives had to be sacrificed for her to achieve this goal.

  • 6bde2ffada7436525fa130c605790566c3116a7b.gif?profile=RESIZE_400x


    // Working on your starter! Your page looks great by the way. ^^

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