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Reese is Hispanic, born in Ciudad Juarez and raised in New Mexico. He has medium brown skin, warm brown eyes and wavy black hair. He usually wears the same thing, A neutral coloured t-shirt or long sleeve, his dark blue jean jacket or his brown suede coat, and some black or brown jeans or khakis. He's always in his earth-brown lace-up boots too.  

Character Personality

First impression: Quiet and sombre. He has a tendency to pause and think before speaking, and when he does his voice is low and melodic. His Spanish accent is light but present but you can tell that he speaks English very intentionally and enunciates his words. When he's comfortable: He is straightforward and judgemental but not entirely honest. He doesn't enjoy lying but he will omit the truth if it makes a situation easier. He is kind when it's convenient and will leave if anything bad or uncomfortable is happening. If he has to stay he will clam up.

Character Likes

He is happy and comfortable most when he is alone reading or researching something interesting. When he is with people he loves he is still quiet but will open up about topics he's interested in or anything he cares about. He likes to drink in dark bars, take long drives on the freeway with Jeff Buckley, Bob Dylan or Johnny Cash playing, or sunbathe in clean green parks. He loves his twin brothers' cooking (excellent Mexican staples) and will plead ignorance in order to manipulate him into cooking for him.

Character Dislikes

He is a typical hipster without realizing it and he would hate it if anyone pointed it out. He hates a lot of things...loud people, attention seekers, and most modern music... but he has spent most of his adult life learning to tolerate these things.

Character History/Story

Reese and his twin brother grew up with an overbearing mother and absent father in a lower-middle-class household. He was his mother's favourite and his twin was rejected as a consequence, some of this may have had to do with his twin brother being gay and doing little to hide the signs. By middle school, his family was imploded by his father moving to California to live with his boyfriend. He struggled with his aggressive self loathing and depression as his brother rebelled against their mother and their homophobic neighbourhood. Most of their family issues are solved when leaving their town but his emotional problems and mommy issues stay with him.

Character Inventory

Can change based on AU

Character Abilites

Can change based on AU but intelligence and stealth are a given.

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Fantasy, Romance, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Comedy, Action, Adventure

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25-year-old Canadian English and History major looking to get some daily writing practice in and meet some new cool people!

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    Welcome to WR. Let me know if you would like to write or have any questions. 

  • Hey welcome Reese. Good to have you. Check out the Chat now and then, it's usually slow but eventually, you'll get to meet people. Been here for about a week and just now got the hang of this place. Looking forward to some fun writing. Hope to see you in a SL soon

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