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• Please understand that I, the writer, have a full time job and sometimes might be absent for a few days. 

• No god-modding your character. 

• Respect is a really big factor. If I feel like you're not respecting me, or my character the RP will be dropped and you will be blocked

• I do enjoy dark themes most of the time, and even NSFW / Lewd only when the SL calls for it. Otherwise my RPs tend to be fairly smut free

• If you would like to implement some lewd scenes we can discuss kinks and limits in the inbox while we plot

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July 4

I am open to new roleplay threads

Threads are Open

Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Single / Bi / Switch

Character Appearance

Thai x American 

Feminine facial features

Lean but defined muscles


Single ear piercing usually a dangling silver inverted cross

Silver chain necklace 

Short hair, longer on top usually pulled back into a bun to keep it out of his face, though a couple strands still hang off to the side of his face

A small beauty mark above his top lip

Usually wears a scowl and looks mean but is quite the opposite 

Silver rings, three on each hand, his left hand has one ring on his thumb that he usually twists and fidgets with

Attire ::

Out on the town : Wears fitted black t-shirt and black skinny jeans with rips in the knees and a leather jacket

Work : 3 piece fitted black suit and black dress shoes

Home : Grey sweatpants and no shirt with large rimmed "Harry Potter" glasses as his friends call them

Character Personality

Reserved but cocky

Adrenaline junkie

Self destructive behaviors

Both smart and dumb as hell

While he tends to be upbeat and cocky most times, deep down he is an intovert, and when his social battery runs out he can get snippy. He gently bullies those he's fond of. Calling them stupid when they've done something reckless, but that word has a different meaning towards those he cares about. It's not meant to actually call them stupid but more so "Be more careful, please. I dont want something bad to happen." 

While he was loved by both his parents, they were neglectful of his emotional needs. Too busy with work for bedtime stories or consoling him when he's had a nightmare. So he isn't sure how to regulate his emotions, meaning his anger does get out of hand and he can turn agressive, though he is aware of it, he usually comes to the realization too late and the damage has been done.

Character Likes

Street bikes



Sweet food / candy

Attractive people

Pain ( receiving )

Character Dislikes



Spicy food

Hot weather 

Character History/Story

Markus has had a privileged childhood. His dad a CEO and his mom a lawyer had them well off in terms of money. He grew up in private schools, multimillion dollar home in a gated community and always traveling abroad.

His parents were well off in their careers and loved each other very much and gave him the kind of childhood every kid wants. While some kids were raised on survival he'd been raised on love, so he views the world form a very optimistic point of view

Despite being rich and never having to want or need anything his parents had always drilled into him to be humble. Be thankful for what he had because many don't have nearly as much so he's very down to earth and unless you knew him personally you'd never guess he had been brought up as part of that 1% of the human population 

Now at 20 years old he works at his father's company making a 6 figure salary annually and bought his own very large mansion in the hills on the rich / upper class part of the city. 

When he's not working he likes to take extravagant vacations and even treats his friends and significant others to that life of luxury he'd always been apart of. 

Character Inventory

He never keeps much on his person


His phone in his back pocket

His wallet in his other back pocket

Hair tie on his wrist


Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, One-liners

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Gore

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