Name: Isabo Amethyst Hendrixs

Age:  35 years old (Human form)

Date Of Birth: April 15th, 13oo Bc.

Place Of Birth: Paris, France.

Current location: some place new

Parents: Lilly Rose Hendrix & Viktor Alexander Magnus Corvinus (deceased)

Siblings: Jade  Hendrix-Sinn (twin), Aimee Hendrix (sister) & Hellyn (brother)

Relationship Status: Single 

Height: 5’5

Weight: 130lbs

Piercings/Tattoos: Yes/yes

Species: Vampire-Succubus Hybrid

Nicknames: Is,Isa,Bo-bo


Likes: Black and white movies, music, books, deep conversations, loyalty, painting, playing piano, coffee, hanging out with friends. Halloween.

Dislikes: Liars, broken promises, having to cancel things at the last minute, bad music, horror movies, mornings.


 Isabo and her twin, Jade, were born second youngest to Lilly & Viktor Hendrixs. Then came Luna, the baby sister. Their older sister, Aimee, and then their three other brothers who made up the Horsemen. Her mother was a direct descent of Lilith, the one who is the mother of all supernatural beings. Her father was an unknown Vampire of Origins who just so happens to save Lilly’s brother, Darius, from a witches blade on a the battle field. This is how he came to meet Lilly, and thus their relationship formed and evolved from then on out.  


Isabo and her twin, Jade, were born second youngest to Lilly & Viktor Hendrixs.


Isabo she had always known what was expected of her,from her parents and her Clan alike. She had to work harder than most because of the stigma of her birth. From one of the head Ruling clans, so there was always pressure on her to live up to a certain standard. Taking both her courtly and battle field training seriously, unlike her twin, whom was very whimsical and boy crazy. But as much as her mother wished Isabo had taken more her father. And her Twin Jade took much more after her mother. Isabo and Jade were like Night and Day. While Isabo Distained her courtly feeling more free while training her martial prowess. Her  twin avoided training every chance she got finding more joy in Court.


At the age of eleven Upon ever Frost ball that was held every year it was announced by her parent of her Betrothal to her friend and fellow trainee Jase, Who was from another ruling Clan Draxti who had a member on the council. It was a very old traditions. It was also that year, she was sent out to her first war. Her and jade both, they were in the same unit. No amount of training could ever really prepare us for the reality of it. The screaming, the loud sounds, the curses being tossed at us. And most of all the witches blades, watching my friends turn to stone just to be shattered around me. I was scared all this chaos and death around me, yet endured because i had to people were counting on me.  My heart beat in my ears as my thoughts screamed at me. I looked for my twin. I found her pinned down along with jase. I pulled out the twin daggers and lept at the under Fae. killing one then the other, But we had  lost alot of people that day. I was changed when we came back to Clan realm. I promise myself that I’d try to never lose another person, on my unit again if it could be helped.


As the years went by And we got older fight war after war, I kept my promise rising through the ranks quickly i was the youngest caption ever. And i grew a reputation for being brutal and cold to my enemy. “Icey death” it was a remark at the fact my eyes changed color, on the battle. When i was in a bloodied frenzy. Jade and I were always a lethal pair.  We were strong because we completed each other. She with magic and I with martial prowess.  But every time a war or battle ended and we came back home. I couldn’t sleep much. I’d often times wake up in a cold sweat and get dressed and walk down the cool halls of the castle, Occasionally laying my head against the cool stone.


It was summer night during a lightning storm that I would meet my best friend Crimson May. unbeknownst to me there was a war going on between Dark angels and witches right outside our realm. That was til i heard aloud cracking sound of magic and went to go investigate. We had heard about them before, but coming face to face with one  was very different experiences. I didn’t know what i could do for any of them but her, that seemed so much in agony, i helped her stand up while she clutched two necklace and got her through the portal. We grew up together from then on. Eventually she told me what happened. I felt bad for her. So i did what i could to make up for it. She helped me through it all,considering i was bad at expressing myself.



She helped me get over many obstacles in my life, Jase death, mine and jades parents death, though we dealt with it in different ways. And the ascension to take over and rule the clan with jade. She became my trusted advisor and confidant. Jade and I always had different view on how the Clan should ran and when we fought crimson was there to help us understand each other.  She was even named Godmother to my first children. Kraken now there is a man i will alway remember. He was there father. An ancient who feed on both the supernaturals and humans alike. After the birth of my Children, i hung up my swords, and Replaced them with motherhood.


I taught and carried on the tradition of my Clan  with my children. Had adopted my baby sister lunas sons and raised them as my own. It wasn’t til later that one of my greatest shames would come and the one to bring it was my own daughter. Twin to Eleazar. I had to banish her into the human realm. To live or die as she may chose. To ensure my Son didn’t turn out like his sister i kept a closer watch on him.  It wasn’t til years later that I meet the love of my life, Tyde I was introduced to him By Crimson, the brother that she thought she had lost. We got married in the garden. We said our vows, pledging undying love, but sometimes love isn’t enough.  A few years after our Daughter Lara. was grown he broke my heart in the cruelest of ways.


It nearly destroyed me, I opted to drink instead of deal with the pain i felt from such a betrayal. It was then at that moment i brought a silver chain, and put both our wedding bands around my neck as a reminder to never let it happen again. But still I couldn’t handle being around my Clan and the politics were just grading. So I stepped down and gave Jade full rule over the clan. Moving to another dimension, for a fresh start . it took me a while to find a place . But i came to find a great place two block from the beach. I brought all the stuff i couldn’t bare to leave behind. And started living my life here meeting the locals. It was then I meet another We met in the inn on the Island one late winter’s eve. I thought he was my second chance at love, unfortunately that wasn’t true, Like most of my relationships it went up in smoke, leaving in it’s wake heartache and lots of tears. It was then I added a third Ring to the neckless.







Rules :No God modding.Do not emotionally or physically misteat my character.She been through a lot and I'm barely coming from sabbatical.If you have any questions , comments, concerns, please feel free to ask me in private.Also there will be mature and sometimes graphic content. So just a word of warning.


June 22

Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Love interest: none currently

Character Appearance

Height: 5’5 Weight: 130lbs Piercings/Tattoos: Yes/yes Hair: shoulder length Eye color: amethyst ( but changes with mood) Body: has sultry curves. Wears necklaces .

Character Personality

Firey, passionate, intelligent , romantic, stubborn, willful, odd sense of humor, depression.

Character Likes

Black and white movies, music, books, deep conversations, loyalty, painting, playing piano, coffee, hanging out with friends. Halloween.

Character Dislikes

Liars, broken promises, having to cancel things at the last minute, bad music, horror movies, mornings .

Character History/Story

Isabo and her twin, Jade, were born second youngest to Lilly & Viktor Hendrixs. Then came Luna, the baby sister. Their older sister, Aimee, and then their three other brothers who made up the Horsemen. Her mother was a direct descent of Lilith, the one who is the mother of all supernatural beings. Her father was an unknown Vampire of Origins who just so happens to save Lilly’s brother, Darius, from a witches blade on a the battle field. This is how he came to meet Lilly, and thus their relationship formed and evolved from then on out.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, 18+, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I'm 31 and from america, And I'm female obviously.

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  • (hi thank you so much for accepting my request would you care to plot?)

  •  “Neither. Gotta catch up with ‘em before I leave… renew my lease on life for a while.” He responded nonchalantly, fondness lacking in his tone. Cryptic yet, wasn’t it? A story for another time. Or never, if he had his way. Regardless he’d have to make his way back by the end of the night.

    “One hell of a day.” Kei repeated her words, questioning. He left it be when she went on to speak. A wayward glance was sent over to the mentioning of the shop. He didn’t know much of coffee other than the pitch black substance he poured into his cup in the mornings. “That’s right.” He answered rigidly, making it out to be the end of things.

    A hand raised, brushing dark locks from his face. As he did so, the bone that held its permanency there withered away like dust. Particle by blackened particle split, hidden partially by the hood that was worn. It seemed to return to the world around it. Into the dark, the atmosphere.The result was a smoother, stern voice. The sarcastic dialect was unmistakable, yet. “Times have changed. What can I say.”

     “In the least… you didn’t have the shittiest day of the people in the club tonight.” Kei commented. There was far more pride seeping into his tone than empathy for the wolf he’d left behind. “A city of thousands gets a little smaller when humans are cut out of the playing field. Still didn’t think I’d find any familiar faces.” Now blue hues cast a glance over, a brow quirking as he thought over his words carefully. “It’s… a job. One that allows me to do what I’ve been doing but for different reasons. Better, reasons.” He added. The speech he’d been given by a certain Irish girl entered his head with a smirk to follow. He shook it off and looked ahead to where the bar’s sign protruded out just above the doorway. “I’ll… be around a little while. Depends on where I get sent next. If I find any scrap jobs in the next day or so.”


    For the time being, the door of the next bar was pulled open. He cast a final glance back as he held it open, before passing through. The space was calmer. One could hear themselves think, have space to move around. The occupants were human for as far as he could tell.

  •  “I ain’t one for an audience.” He was quick to respond. The answer was… well, half valid in the least. Unanticipated, no. Anticipated? Perhaps. Witnesses to a job that paid itself off by silencing people seldom ended in good favor. “Clever girl.” Kei responded. He didn’t think so. One more glance over his shoulder. Ear quivering underneath his hood, catching no sounds out of place from the usual.

     “I've been absent… busy.” He responded shortly. “Out of the city the last year or so. Had things pullin’ me elsewhere.” Elsewhere being… an understatement. On that night he was back in the city, and thus, there they were. “Picked up a quick job or two. Check on the theatre, see if it’s still standing. I've got a little 'date' with a ghost. Don’t know if I’ll be staying long after that.” His words ended cynically to the last bit on his 'to-do' list.

    Pondering it to himself, he didn’t slow pace for another couple blocks or so. Would the wolves be able to track him from there? If they had the right scent, it was possible. He’d leave it to deal with when or if the time came. He was back in his city. He knew the streets, he knew the atmosphere. The kind of place where he could jump without having to think about asking why. “You been doin’ anything, other than clubbing?” Kei’s head cocked to the side some.

  •  “Yeah, and if it wasn’t? Then what the hell were you gonna do?” Kei questioned, head cocked slightly to one side as he went about it almost challenging. It didn’t matter, one threat was eliminated for the night. He knew that in the least with how both lingered in the alleyway. The club’s presence still a little less than a couple blocks away yet was breathing down his neck as a sign he had to move. Tugging at his being impatiently, a flick of the end of his tail denoting it.

    An audible snort came from the man whom was seemingly starting to walk already. “…it isn’t a mask. It’s as real as you see it and it ain’t coming off with a tug. You wanna test that, you’re going to lose your fingers I promise you.” If hollow sockets held emotion, the amusement would have been present. “One kill ain’t enough for you tonight, hm? If the fucker would’ve waited a little while longer to take a drink you and I wouldn’t be here.”

    He would have been long gone… or so, in theory. He could have been. The pull for watching it all play out was too high for it to be reality.

     “They’ll come… I get ten blocks out of reach, and I’m gone.” Kei stated, an air of confidence lingering in that raspy tone. A hood was pulled over his head the closer he brought himself to the alley exit. Tail hidden at his waist and covered by his coat. “If I’m going anywhere tonight, it’s the next bar. You want to be an alibi there, feel free.”

  • There was little left to be done but to listen for a name, if one was offered. Until he heard further, the man stood still as a statue. The hair on the back of his neck risen from the information as he processed it. The name… familiar? The face, even in the dark, something vaguely familiar all the same.

    A moment or two passed afterwards before the knife pulled away, returning to his belt. Kei pushed off to put distance between the two, standing closer to the inside of the alleyway. “Y’know, I should have killed you from the approach alone. I thought bloodsuckers were supposed to be apex hunters after all.” He stated, rather matter-of-factly. There was some venom spat with the raspy tone in which the words left his throat. “Hit two birds with one stone for the night, even.”

    “... it’s been fun and all, but I need to get the hell out of here.” He muttered semi-sarcastically, all the while his shoulders turned and he started continuing onward. No questions about it. Each set of footsteps caught by ears lingering as pinned back were due to set him on edge. The further from the club and the better off he’d be for the night.

  • The scent was there to follow. Something... mottled. Human in essence but tainted all the same. He had been denounced as 'not worth the bite' by vampirekind in the past due to it. A pinch of demon seemingly like tasting vinegar in the human sense- not that he knew much about either end of the comparison. He wasn't all that upset about it either. It was followed only by the vague scent of the wolven man he had sat by. The liquor once on his breath. Gunpowder, if one was paying close enough attention.

    A slight of hand, the knife put in its place. The edge felt yet not close enough to bite the skin quite yet. When the time came, if fate turned that way, there wasn't an ounce of hesitation to the hidden expression that was now mere scarred bone. He wasn't about to lose his life tonight. Not over a follower, not over a slip of their tongue even if they were to keep walking. He was certain of it. Heart rate. Breathing. The spontaneity, it all edged his old tendencies to say just fucking do it. 

    ...the sound his head made inside would have equated to car tires braking. Not a word was spoken to the assumption, and yet, the grip he had on the knife changed slightly. As did his breathing. Frozen as a statue for a moment before he re-gathered himself. His mind was reeling, collecting the faces he knew when none of them seemed to match.

    He hadn't been living stable in the city for a year now. Prior to it, those that saw his face were on a short list or tolerable people, or dead. The long moment of a pause, and he exhaled. "Who the hell are you?" Did it matter? He had to be moving. Wolves moved in packs after all. They were bound to have left by now.

  • There were no signs of slowing. Not that he was sprinting, either. While he sorted through who the follower was, his mind flickered from each person in the bar. The voice was female, undoubtedly. Narrowing down the list. He moved briskly down the chilly streets passing by a stranger or two merely taking a smoke outside. Before he could have a glass and turn in for the night… he had to clear his trail.

    The second shout was heard, he paid no attention. Had there been humans in the bar? He didn’t think so. Only a human could be clever enough to call out after their target, wouldn’t they? No matter how cynical he thought of it, he still had the issue of a follower. His fingertips twitched at his side as he kept on walking. Taking inventory of what he had with him.

    In the least, the night was in full swing. The streets pitch black to the point where he could step back against an alley wall and be lost to the world. Lost to the follower… if she were human. If she were anything that tracked scent he would have trouble. Decisions, decisions. 

    He had turned the corner before her. The moment she would do the same he was seemingly gone, and yet, he certainly hadn’t gone elsewhere. When she had walked far enough into the alley, an arm reached out. Grabbing by the neck, ripping her off her feet practically with the force he aimed to put into it. She was pulled backwards into the dark, the edge of a knife pressed firmly with intent to move if needed.

    “You’re gonna keep walking, or you’re going to lose your head. Got it?” A low, raspy voice uttered.

  • The scream of the woman had split the air like the sound of a gun going off. There was no gun however. No blood, no outer signs left within the place to tell the story of just what had happened. All that was left was a man on the floor lingering in whatever he’d eaten last. A knocked over stool, and a glass upon the counter that held what remained of the man’s drink. The stranger that had disappeared from the barstool beside had waited to see none of it happen. The sound of the first scream in the place came as the back door was swung open carefully and left to fall shut on its own.

    Was he pleased with himself? Of course he was. A rare occasion where the cards in his hand were dealt as near perfect, and he was going to drink to it on his own once he had worked his way from the club and the hysteria was left behind.

    Keeping stride, when a voice called out from behind a tension went through him. He felt a subtle pit in his stomach rising yet his head wouldn’t turn back. Picking up his pace, he was heading around the corner of the building, heading into the neighboring alley with some distance to go up ahead. Ignorance was bliss... mindfulness was a bitch, but he kept his hearing sharp on whomever had left behind him.

  • There was no telling what the club held that night. Nor whom was inside it. He knew a vampire when he saw one, most times. Whether it was by complexion, mannerisms, or so on. Others wore their skin proudly, glamours taken down once they passed through the door. Even yet beside him... without supernatural senses, the longer haired man that sat on the bar stool closest- whom was hollering across the bar, he knew was a Shifter of sorts. Perhaps wolf. If it wasn't an earthy scent to tip him off, then it was the mannerism and dress. He had sat down before the half-demon himself had entered, taking a seat beside with tact in doing so.

    All in all, the club was a haven for night life that didn't quite fit in with the human definition of normal. A place to shed a false skin in a world where they were dumbed down to not do frighten to the 'superior' race. Furthermore in his opinion, a mixing bowl of what were some of the deadliest creatures that walked. He wouldn't have always seen it that way. A year or so off the streets was all it took for a change in perspective, and yet some things never changed. To him, the club was nothing other than too damn loud. It was a space where he'd found himself at poor odds. He knew that. He was one accident away from the human he once was and yet, he was none too far off either. 

    For one of those rare occasions, the drink in front of the man was left alone as he continued his scan around the place. When the door opened, he'd look over his shoulder briefly. Assessing before turning around again. His fingertips tapped on the surface of the bar in a near-silent motion repeatedly.

    He'd been lucky. So damn lucky. An empty seat at the bar was one thing. A seat any closer to his target and his job would be done for him. All it took was a slight of hand where he had held his breath and hoped for the best that the eyes of the apex predators in the room hadn't caught it. The sound of the club drowned out these thoughts regardless. From the corner of his eye he watched the wolfish man beside him lift his glass. It hadn't been the man's first drink, he knew it by counting. His expression changed none when he watched as the Shifter took a deep swig from the liquor in his glass and set it down.

    By that time, he was sliding his own glass across the bar as still half full. Standing up from the bar stool he heard towards the back hallway. As he walked down the hall, the curse was allowed to take over, a hood pulled over his head... traces of a less-than-pleasant, yet almost familiar energy emanating as he did so.  Towards the back door he went. 

    The Shifter's glass tapped the bar surface. It settled for a mere ten seconds or so before suddenly- the man tipped back with a wretching sound and fell off the stool. The music wouldn't stop for the man but heads had definitely turned in alarm. A woman's voice heard crying out in shock, running over to the scene frantically while he meanwhile struggled, coughing, vomiting, and sputtering. Within the next minute or so he lay still. Dead on the floor with the seat next to him empty. 

  • It was merely ten o’ clock.

    The sound of bass reverberating within the space which the man had promptly labeled as packed even with it being the ‘early’ hours of the night. The lights in the space were dim. Those which existed were lit with colors that shifted now and then from the light displays within the place. Hunched forward, oddly tensed in the space, and likely the least relaxed person in the space, he’d taken a seat at a bar stool of all places. With those whom came and went, preferring their drinks for on the floor filled with occupants or the booths in the corners, he had managed to snag one with ease.

    The night was young. He certainly wasn’t getting any younger by sitting there. Whether there was ‘work’ to be done or not, a drink sat in front of the man. Whiskey of their strongest variety mixed with a soda of some sort. Near empty he raised his hand for another when the bartender came around and let his eyes do another sweep. He wasn’t here for the leisure. A firearm in his jacket and a mix of other items  midst his clothing proved as such.

    Still. The bar was a mix of things, the supernatural energy flowing through the air, seen as strangers passed. Within the space there was an unspoken law of neutrality. That meant little towards the tension in the air.

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