Date 4/4/2022

Alright Is a safe word, it's indifferent it gives people an answer when I get questions" Isabo how are you?" It's become an automatic response I'm alright. It gives them an answer to there question so they don't ask any further questions. I learned along time ago that my feelings were to much for the people I care about. So alright has always been what I said. 

When honestly I was screaming inside, I am not alright I've said it so much that it's lost all meaning for me. Now it's just a hollow automatic thing to say. When inside I'm screaming I'm not alright, I'm tried,hurt and lonely. But outwardly I seem fine. Inside I cry in silence. An just once I'd like someone to see past my smile an my I'm alright.But every man I've ever loved when I do go past the alright an show my passion, desire and pain it's to much for them. Even sometimes to much for friends that I love too. 

So til then I'm just Alright and it's fine , sometimes being just alright is enough to survive with. 


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