” Let me play a song for you! ♪ ,, 





They/Them | He/Him | It/Its

Asexual / Panromantic!

Saltmoss doesn't actually know when he was born, and has changed his birthday many times: he's attempted to count the day he gained sentience, the day he met his parents, and the day he met the traveling music troupe. Eventually he lost count of which day his birthday was supposed to be, and stopped keeping track altogether.

✧| AGE
Like their birthday, they've also forgotten how old they are. While they only remember being on the surface around 20 to 25 years, disjointed memories have implied they've been alive nearly hundreds of years underwater.

Seaweed Leshy

While inclined towards spirituality, they don't subscribe to a specific religion. However, they are questioning, and could easily change this if they settle in one place for too long.

- "Common" / English
- "Sylvan" / Plantspeak or Faespeak

Freelancing. It does odd jobs across the world; whether that be performing for parties, delivering something across the sea, or committing espionage for a noble or higher up. It will do any spare chores or tasks to support it's nomadic lifestyle. While it prefers earning it's keep honestly, Saltmoss has stooped to criminal behaivor in order to get by when times are especially tough.






Jubilant and macabre, Saltmoss has an unrequited love for life, and an even bigger fascination for death. Their long-term goal is to be a famous musician in hopes to make themself known/reach out to other plantfolk, and mercilessly punish any human that begets the further suffering of plant life. Overly positive and bubbly, sometimes to the degree of naivety, traveling, learning and documenting about the world has become intrinsic to Saltmoss as they journey to find their people and feel comfortable with who they are.


  • Sociable - After an indeterminate number of centuries confined underwater, meeting new people is like a breath of fresh air for Saltmoss. While not always socially aware, they will always be eager to talk to strangers and make new friends.
  • Inquisitive - He could never seem to learn enough about the world, even when he thinks he knows everything. He blames the constant desire for knowledge and secrets as a coping mechanism for the sensory deprivation down below, but truthfully, it's his way of enjoying the surface above to it's fullest extent.
  • Artistic - Saltmoss has always seen the world at a vastly different angle, and he utilizes that in everything he does; especially when it comes to performance.



  • Naive - Despite experiencing many hardships, their positivity and optimism has repeatedly blinded their sense of judgement. While they've yet to feel the full consequences of dissapointment or betrayal, they continue to believe in the best of people-- even when it leaves them the most vulnerable.
  • Cruel - Saltmoss can be unnervingly cruel if it feels such malintent is justified. It's moral code is flimsy and constantly clashes, but the one thing it knows deep down is that if you wrong it or someone it cares about, you are granting it permission to make the odds even.
  • Small-minded -  Despite their artistic streak and eagerness to learn, there are certain opinions they hold that they absolutely refuse to budge on. While those doesn't apply to all of their axiums, when Saltmoss is convinced of something, it can be very difficult to change their mind.
  • Insecure - While they identify strongly with Plantfolk, through their repeated isolation and limited interaction with them, they don't know or understand what being a Plantfolk means to them.








  • Collecting pins, shells, and other trinkets from places of strong importance to them.
  • Playing the Accordion! Especially to an eager audience.
  • Soft and sweet foods that are easy to chew.
  • Speaking with or about fellow plantkind, even in passing.
  • Tarot, divination, or any spiritual games that show the future.






  • Being underestimated or belittled for it's cute demeanor.
  • Hecklers or destructive critics.
  • Swimming in briny ocean water for a little too long.
  • Tough and chewy foods; usually dried meats.
  • Apathy to the care and preservation of plant life.






10951886267?profile=RESIZE_400x ✧| SKILLS

Most of the skills they've gained came from being taught by the Tania Travelling Troupe, or the Risotto Pirates' cook.

  •  They've mastered the art of singing and playing accordion! They will often use these in combat or high stakes scenarios to serenade or distract assailants.
  • It wasn't uncommon for them to perform accrobatic tricks during showtime, and they take that skill with them directly into combat. Dancing, flipping, dodging and weaving are all on the table if you try to fight this creature.
  • Saltmoss is able to carry and wield most bladed melee weapons, and a small handful of guns.
  • They're capable of reading and writing in both Common and Sylvan. On top of this, in developing their rigorous plan to escape the Risotto Pirates, journaling and researching became a more passive skill they've retained.
  • Less so considered a 'skill' on it's own, but Saltmoss has been taught how to properly clean and care for a large ship.


Most (if not, all) the abilities listed come from Saltmoss' intrinsic nature as a Seaweed leshy, rather than something they picked up from someone else.

  • Just from clutching or holding any part of a plant, Saltmoss can speak to other plants of any species.
  • Like all plantfolk, they can photosynthesize! If kept away from the sun for more than a week, they enter a state of 'starvation,' and begin to wilt and die.
  • They have stretchy gutweed on their wrists, upper arms, thighs and ankles that he frequently uses to grapple. They can extend up to ten feet.
  • In most instances, they can see through low or dim light clearly, as though the space were fully lit.
  • Given that Saltmoss is a plantfolk of the seaweed variety, they can breathe underwater and easily swim as fast as they move on land. 





Thank you for stopping by! One more song before you go? ,,

Hey hey!! This text box is a MASSIVE wip, but I wanted to drop my plans here so I wouldn't forget what I wanted to use it for.

On top of my roleplay rules and preferences, I have a lot of overarching story for the Tania Travelling Troupe and the Risotto Pirates that I wanted to flesh out, so I wanted to drop a few potential muses here in the case a scenario needs more characters/other folks were less interested in Saltmoss.

-Tania Genesis
-Laurel Honeystone
-Captain Addison Rice
-Dick "The Diabolic" McNabb

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  • Raiya’s regard was unwavering, yet a slight tilt of her head reflected the bemusement she felt towards both their proclamation and the extraordinarily skittish nature that came along with it. The sound of approaching footsteps further accentuated the truthfulness behind Saltmoss’ tangible desperation, and the elf’s frame adopted a degree of tension while she turned her attention towards the door. 

    Her eyes fell back onto the cowering creature, and a decision was made. 

    “Don’t move.” 

    A few words were quietly muttered under her breath in an unintelligible language, and the raven then leaned down and momentarily touched the floorboards. Thin lines of glowing blue shot across the floorboards from where her fingertips touched, and promptly zipped towards Saltmoss and surrounded them in two circles around their feet. The circles seemed to rotate in opposite directions while some sort of script formed in the space between them. Another line of script appeared along the outside circumference of it all, before a nebulous haze rose from the outermost circle and encased the creature in a semi-transparent dome of pale blue. The dome was tall enough for Saltmoss to stand up if they so wished, and served the purpose of concealment of both body and energy. Saltmoss could see out, yet they were invisible to all outward eyes. 

    The entire process took only a mere few seconds, and Raiya made her way over to the front desk while the dome took its form. Despite her collected exterior, a growing sense of unease settled somewhere within while she pretended to busy herself with a stack of papers on the desk. What exactly was going on here? She did not allow herself time to assume, for whoever stood just outside the door would be revealing themselves at any given moment. When they did finally make an appearance, she would lift her head from the feigned task and offer a polite smile. 

    "My apologies, but we are closing up for the night!" She greeted them with a friendly tone. “We will be opening back up in the morning if you wish to come back.” 

  • A vague aroma of wood and a mirage of incense tinted the air with a soothing, exotic air.  Visitors would be met with a hoard of artifacts that were arranged in picture-perfect fashion; Feathers that spilled color into the area, crystals that quietly glinted with every motion, antiques, pictures and statues stood motionless while skulls of various animals stared with hollow orbs.

    The silence that the evening-time brought was a cherished thing from time to time. Raiya had learned to tune out the background sounds of the city long ago. The raven-haired woman was lounging out on one of the couches in the farthest back corner of the bottom floor. Book in hand, she read in silence while the day descended into its nocturnal chapter.

    The ting of the bell pulled her out of whatever trance she was in, and the elf looked up and at attention. The following slam made her jump, and sent her senses bristling as a result.
    Huh, perhaps she forgot to lock the door. The raven looked over at a small stone statue of a gargoyle that sat motionless on the table before her. That is all she needed to know.

    With a quiet sigh, her metaphorical hackles lowered while the woman arose from her perch and made her way to the front. Raiya's eyes scanned the vicinity for any sign of movement- whatever or whoever she was expecting very much did not match the sight that the elven was met with. Her eyes widened slightly as the green creature came into view. Despite their outward occupation of merely browsing through the shelves, something seemed off. Something seemed wrong.

    Regardless of that feeling, Raiya quietly cleared her throat in order to announce her presence. A casual smile was accompanied by eyes of the sharpest blue that retained a steady gaze upon the newcomer.

    "Is there anything I can help you with?" Feathery tonalities were offered towards the newcomer.

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