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Welcome to the February 2023 Raffle Event! There will be three winners for this blog-based event, and the deadline is February 28th, 2023


Did you know there are different types of love? Share a scenario when your character experienced one of the following:


🤍 Eros- [EH-rows]: The romantic love shared between lovers. It is passionate, sensual, and attractive on both a physical and mental level. The word "erotic" is derived from the word "eros."


🤍 Philia- [FEE-lee-uh]: The ancient Greek word for "affection," and the chosen love of friendship. Philia is the love shared between friends. It is comforting, familiar and has a different degree of intimacy than the Eros form of love.


🤍 Storge- [STOR-ghay]: The love that a parent or guardian has for their child/children. Storge love is described as the most natural form of love. It is safe, nurturing, and familial.


🤍 Agapē- [ah-GAH-pee]: A benevolent love and desire for good will towards another. It is often described as the type of love a god has for their creation, and the love a person has for nature or those less fortunate. It is a protective love that does not depend on filiation in order to be shown. It upholds the "Love thy neighbor" morals.


🤍 Lost Love: All things must come to an end. Has your character ever tragically lost a lover?


🤍 The one that got away: Did your character have a love interest that simply did not work out? Was your character the one that got away?




- Choose one of the six prompts above and write a blog about your character's experiences with it. If you want touch on multiple prompts with one character, go for it! Just be sure to keep it one blog per account.

- State which prompt (or prompts) you are writing about in your blog

- Include either "Motus Animi Event" or  "2023MA" Somewhere in your blog title

- Tag your blog with 2023MotusAnimiEvent

- Post a comment below when you have posted your blog!


- Each blog entry will be entered into the raffle

- The three winners will be announced after the deadline. Mar, our site owner, will then contact the winners directly to gift them their gift card codes



- The first place raffle winner will receive a code for a $25 Amazon gift card

- The second place raffle winner will receive a code for a $15 Amazon gift card

- The third place raffle winner will receive a code for a $5 Amazon gift card

- All prizes are sponsored by Mar



- No explicit +18 material. Mildly suggestive nature is acceptable, but please remember that minors could be reading your blogs, so keep it closer to PG. Please contact an admin for clarification if you are not sure what is passable. Any writer that violates this rule will be asked to remove and edit their blog. Failure to do so will result in blog disqualification and deletion 

- 500 word minimum

- One blog per account 


Happy Writing!


🤍🌕 R E S U L T S 🌕🤍


Thank you all so very much for your participation, we enjoyed reading all of your blogs!

Without further ado, here are our contestants:


And finally, our winners















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