"  Kiri  -  Red  - Shitty-hair  "





ALIGNMENT: Chaotic good

QUIRK: Hardening

AGE: 16 (default. AUs available.)

BIRTHDAY: October 16th

HAIR: -Black- Red

 Eijiro Kirishima is naturally a very strong, well-built and durable individual, even without his quirk. He has a scar over his right eye from an accidental childhood injury, and his time as a shield has earned him a handful of small and hardly noticable scars across his arms and body.

His hair is totally natural and totally isn't dyed or requires product to hold its signature spikey style. Nope. It's totally natural. 

He can and will beat your ass at an arm wrestling match.





Kirishima is a very extroverted and outgoing individual. His loud and boisterous nature can come across as a bit "much" for those who are not used to it at first, but Kirishima is easy to get along with. His "social butterfly" personality gives him an uncanny knack of pulling people out of their shells.

Kirishima is blunt and upfront. He will frequently give out genuine praise and compliments, but will also swiftly call out less-than-stellar behavior even to those he considers close friends. He holds himself to a moral code of chivelry and honor, and falls back on his "Fighting spirit" in times of doubt.

Kirishima is incredibly competitive despite the self-doubt he has in his quirk and overall abilities. He strives to train hard and push past his limits to be the best Hero he can be.



" The Sturdy Hero "



 Kirishima's quirk allows him to harden his body and turn his skin into jagged stone. This increases his physical strength and durability, and allows him to easily withstand things like extreme blunt force trauma, bullets, point-blank explosions, crushing force, piercing or slicing weapons, and falling from great heights.

His fighting style is geared towards close-quartered melee combat, using his fists, arms and body as both weapons and a shield. Eijiro is notorious for taking on a reckless and aggressive approach to a fight, charging head-on into battle and throwing himself into harm's way to shield friends and civilians alike.

He has learned to regenerate himself after taking devastating hits. The more hits he takes, the stronger he becomes. However, there is a limit to the number of attacks he can withstand before his quirk begins to give out. Kirishima is also prone to becoming fatigued after giving or taking numerous heavy hits head-on, and will struggle to keep his quirk activated after a certain amount of time.




Eijiro Kirishima's Ultimate form is known as "Unbreakable." He is able to done layer upon layer of his hardening quirk, therefore amplifying his strength and durability to the extreme. This gives Red Riot's "Unbreakable" a monsterous appearance with monsterous strength to match.

For his highschool timeline, Eijiro is only capable of maintaining such a form for up to 30-40 seconds at a time. But in that time, he is practically impenetrable. (For the Adult AU, he has learned to hold the Unbreakable form for up to several minutes at a time.)






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2. Viewer discretion is advised: POSSIBLE MhA spoilers (I do my absolute best to not spoil anything, but shit happens) foul language, violence, and talk of dark themes.

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4. Plotting: Actual plot spaces will be limited. I prefer to plan things OOC via inbox or chatbox. I would rather keep replies in the comments, but I could potentially do inbox.

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6. Have fun! 

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  • The boy was easily convinced, reactive, and easily excitable with simple motivations and incentives. Earlier he was truly dead to the world, oblivious to the awkward glances from passersby who figured that he was just a teenager so involved with his phone and his friends, a typical sight nowadays. To the young woman’s watchful eyes, however, that certainly took her back. 

    Of late afternoons in the deeper obsolete hallways of the estate’s phrontistery beyond the eyes of strict teachers, with the younger ones chattering about as they clustered around those who were engrossed with their devices, squeaking and chirping with indiscriminate excitement on every win. Their eyes shone in the dark – like marbles, and the smiles on their faces stretched ear to ear. Nights where a few old friends would laze and sit around with consoles, a mountain of junk food, countless rolled joints, and ice-cold beer. While the profanities shouted were beyond extreme, the lighthearted cheer remained. Even as a silent spectator it was a time well spent observing, and reminiscing between two timeless things, one she can always return to, and one she was now living without.

    It was only when he noticed her that a brilliant grin finally made its way on her countenance, unable to hold back a laugh at the look on his face. “No, no, you’re fine!” She chuckled. “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to disturb you and your friends, that seems really fun. What are you playing?” One nearby seat was finally occupied and she finally sank down into the cushions. Gods, that felt good, sinking into a cushioned bag of beans. Even her bones felt that. With the amount that she was carrying and how it almost swallowed her in, she was half-buried in a pile of snacks, grocery bags, and wrapped warm sandwiches. His next question did seem to catch her off guard. She passed over a bottle of iced tea his way. "Really, Kirishima, do I look that haggard now?" Cassella asked.

    From the tone of her voice alone, she didn’t seem offended, more amused at the concern given. These kids were more perceptive than the adults give them credit for. "I'm alright. Been running around all day, and I'm securing a few things here and there as part of the prep. I’ll most likely feel better after eating something– I always do." She leaned back against the rest, her eyes pinned up to the ceiling before straightening up. “Huh... speaking of dinner. Have you seen Amajiki around?  I hope he’s been alright. If he hasn’t gotten anything I can drop something off his way.”

    From there, she started sifting through the things she has, trying to pick in a selection, only to indulgently go with an entire bunch to give away. “But anyway,” Cassella started once more. “I got a random question for you. If you don’t mind.” Metallic eyes glinted as she glanced up at him, before averting her eyes back into the things she was neatly stacking up. That sounded casual. “Kirishima, have you ever tried stacking up your abilities with something else? Someone else’s?”

  • “Sńe͠a̡ky~̷ ̴tipp͏y͘ ͜t̨oe̛…̷” 

    A furtive hum, that was one little thing that Cassella paid no mind to. Fatgum's insight did make sense for someone who kept her work discreet. In a way, she was relieved that it was set up that way instead of all other conclusions running through her head. And yet a grin graced her face at the mention of strengths– it was already obvious that she wasn't opposed to that at all. "I can look around the hotel's area and see if there are spaces out there should they need to demonstrate a few things here and there. Shouldn't be hard, it's a decent spot after all."

    Her gaze swept back to the two boys at the request, however. It wasn’t something that she found peculiar, no. If anything, the bizarre ones were the places that expected hunts from those who were younger than this. She would know. And yet Cassella nodded at that, keeping the promise to herself for the most part. 

    At least she still has the freedom to go all-in if she needed to. That was good enough reassurance, coming from the captain himself. 

    “I don’t doubt it,” she chuckled. “I’m already sure they’ll do so well, I'm not even worried!”



    Worrying should be a skill at this point, she knew she would own that. 


    The business card was carefully pocketed, in which she quickly exchanged her own. Cassella took the handshake, and it shared the same amount of weight and conviction that was left unsaid. She remained there as they left, happily waving away. “Take care, I’ll see y’all soon!”

    It has been a long day, for her at least. While there wasn’t much rest waiting for a mind plagued with the excitement of tomorrow and there were still a couple of appointments left for the day, Cassella was just eager to get back, gather her things, and get settled somewhere for the night. Their places getting booked beforehand was a pleasant surprise, their sponsors didn't go shabby for accommodations and went full out. She finally stood up to leave, hoping to make a quick getaway, only to be intercepted by a couple of other people in corporate uniforms who seemed a little too eager to chat. 

    Maybe she wasn’t that sneaky after all, beneath all that light.


    . . .


    The weather seemed to calm down slightly, even just for a while, with the downpour reduced to frequent drizzles. The rest of the afternoon's events went well, it seemed, hectic appointments and convenience store trips included. Cassella arrived later at the hotel than she wanted, and her first stop was already the dining hall to fetch something for herself. There were so many options and food to be had, though she figured that she could rejoice in that sometime after the entire operation was done. And yet that didn't stop her from ordering an assortment of things anyway just to be sure.

    Deeper into the night, the woman in that pale coat was a gaunt thing beneath all that fluorescent lighting, her eyes slightly bloodshot, always noticeably deep in thought if she was left on her own. It was when she was heading to her place that she finally noticed Kirishima in that little dining nook of his, his back turned.

    Oh, that's right – she needed to briefly talk to the two. She has been in and out of places that she had to chide herself for almost forgetting something important. 

    Cassella made her approach, glancing around for another familiar face. The other boy was nowhere to be found. Primly walking across the place, she was holding onto a stack of wrapped sandwiches close to her chest as if at the moment, that was the most important bundle there was. “Hey! I thought Amajiki was going to be with you. I gotta give both of you something–"

    That victorious shout made her jump, and that also earned the looks of a few patrons and staff.

    He's busy, whoops. This could probably wait.

  • {// Page editing is a WIP }

  • Only detained. Argentine eyes squinted at this. It was a very specific word to be hung up on, but for a moment, that has her full focus, finding it absurd how one word could make it so much more complicated than it already was. Going all out was always a challenge on its own, but could at least yield permanent results. Simply seizing some of them, however, could be another story. The very thing that brought her here was the escapees after all…  who’s to say that it wouldn’t happen again? With these in mind, she allowed the general to explain further, briefly pausing as the question regarding the map was posed. 

    Despite all concerns, a part of her was already trying to tailor something to hide the devices away in the event that they were set up in the specific locations required. The only thing that managed to break through that grim expression of hers was the announcement that followed as everyone was finally sorted out into their groups. Cassella partly expected that she would be a part of the Sting operation due to the nature of her field roles, but the next lineup of names came in as a pleasant surprise. Taking her eyes off the description of the mapping device on her screen, she laughingly turned to Kirishima just as he was hushed down. “Take a look at that, I’ll get to see what you can do after all, in real-time!”

    Recon team “S”. This was how it would be for the next few hours until it was all over. She made it a point to take down notes about the other teams, flipping through the supplied blueprints as she goes, knowing that the other leads will be those she will also be in touch with for this operation.

    It could be a heavy mantle to bear… one that she didn’t seem to mind. For now.


     . . .


     The end of that meeting found her up on her feet, already one of those who were quickly and quietly taking advantage of the treasure trove of potential contacts. Among the few people that dropped by for a couple of questions or casual greetings, the woman was a ghostly thing that didn't seem to belong compared to the others that towered over in uniforms or decorated attire. There were hands to be shaken, business cards to be swapped, numbers and emails to be noted… and wishes to be said, no matter how uncertain.


    I saw your record in this profile, 

    it’s very impressive!

    It’ll be alright.

    Let’s all do our best.


    How many times she said those words today to random folks even before that meeting, and how many times she will say that in the future, she wouldn’t bother to count. This could be the first and the last time she’ll ever see some of these faces, might as well send them off that way. Cassella warmly bid her goodbyes when she heard her name, however, and gracefully skirted around two exiting people just to make her way back. “Sir!” A sprightly greeting, that was, though her movements were a whole lot more refined. "Please, just call me Cass! It's an honor to work with the three of you."

    She took an empty seat just beside their designated captain, neatly stacking her papers within reach. "Ah, that conference went by faster than I thought it would, I thought we'll be here all night."

  • With each passing shot, each batch of data was a wanted person with a significant profile, a long trail of crime, and brutal run-ins with the law. Each account from every testimony told of something grisly, spoke of slaughter or severe physical or psychological injuries for the lucky. Cassella wondered if she truly had to be here, on this seat, knowing that she didn't have a spotless record if tweaking it was out of the question. There were only a few differences between her and the people on this list, she figured, one of them was the reason to be. The hands that adeptly skimmed through the screen or the fingers that twirled a pen around weren't the cleanest for eons, and she knew, that whatever happens in this operation will only add up to it. 

    This was an age-old epiphany that never failed to resurface whenever she was in the company of those who she believed to be more righteous… not that she did anything much to change that.

    Preoccupied thoughts finally gave way when the last agent was called. This man seemed to be on the friendlier sort from what she had seen earlier– Fatgum– as he was called, easily introduced the boys beside him without delay. One seemed to be thrilled with the attention, and the other seemed very intent on keeping his eyes somewhere, anywhere that didn't have a person in it. The pale woman was quick to flash an encouraging grin, before turning back to her things, closely inspecting the new set of data that was before her. This person in the photographs didn't seem like she belonged with the rest of the unpleasant folk reported just now. Appearances could certainly be deceiving, her frown only deepened as she flipped through the next images, stumbling upon the surveillance video. “Are you seeing this?" 

    “Wi͡b̡bl͟y͠ f͢eeţ.̷..”

    “No, no, not the centipedes. Look deeper. Let’s slow that down.” 

    She did, as much as what that player would allow her. And yet even before it can even provide any proper insight, it was already cut off, each time. At this, Cassella could hear a low, drawn-out hiss, almost vibrating inside her head. "Tw̨itch̸y f̸a͟ce~ Ìnt͞en̸s͟ȩ!̧"

    What the hell was that supposed to mean? Both eyebrows shot up however as she finally heard about the extent of what those things could do– the casualties. How they were involved and tried to capture her more than once, only for her to evade it. What sort of battle took place back then?

    There was a collective rustle of papers as pages were turned, paired with a murmur of agreement in the crowd for the meeting to proceed the way it should. There were no questions to be loudly asked, with everyone at this point just eager to take on whatever assignment this would be. With her chair swiveling, Cassella quickly turned, gaping at the three behind her, her voice hardly more than an excited whisper. “You guys really get to keep those badass codenames!”

    That's totally not what she was initially intending to say with how invested and impressed she looked, but her queries regarding their case could be tucked in for later.

    “You don’t have them where you’re at?” One person in a uniform who was sitting beside her looked slightly surprised.

    “In the org? No, we go by identification numbers. We try not to make public appearances more than half the time, so they didn't see the point.” Cassella paused as she straightened back up. “I should press both councils to let us have some anyway."

    There was the last packet of the paperwork ready to be looked into, and without wasting any more time, she was already digging into that.

  • She only beamed at the redhead, tipping her head slightly before facing the front. There will be so much catching up to do for later, but at least that gave her something to look forward to. With the entire event finally starting, she was already into the task of viewing her documents, curiously peering at the screen as soon as the pictures were presented. A periodic pause was taken from time to time with her easily twirling a pen out to quickly scribble something on the sheet. With Agent Wiley’s case taken into account, she was next.

    “Thank you, General Sander.” With her microphone coming to life, the woman rose up. Beneath the gaze of everyone, she looked frail, although she didn’t waver. “I am Cassella Sullivan of the Seeker’s Consortium and Solomon’s Virtue. I’m a scout and field agent to both organizations, and I have four profiles of interest that I’m presenting today.” At least she sounded serious this time, but perhaps based on the enormity of the situation, the roles mentioned were just a simpler cover-up.

    “Last year I was assigned to help apprehend certain people from specific syndicates and we caught up to them in different places. Cohen Robertson and Cooper Gonzaga with illegal human and wildlife trafficking. Claudia Allister for organ trade and Peyton Morgan for acts of domestic terrorism.” That expression on her face remained indiscernible as photographs flashed on the screen. “Each one of them had very distinct anomalies that they fully used for their deeds and were quickly sent to be confined as soon as they were taken in. We were in contact with another association for that.” We thought it was the end of it, she wanted to say. The pen in her hand clicked sharply.

    But hey, when did it ever end?

    “Two months ago, they escaped containment in one night. Three of them through a vicious break-in and one through an ambush during the evacuation process. I was away and dispatched to deal with another case back then, so I was not part of the response team, but I received files and transcripts that I already submitted to the conference for distribution. The agencies participating here are authorized to access them for further stats and information, maybe others here will recognize those who initiated the breach.” She took a deep breath. Initially, she intended to present footages of that, but now she was actually relieved she didn’t. She expected interns in the place, though, she didn’t expect some people to be so young.  Her expression just grew dim from there. “The personnel handling the offenders at that time were annihilated, and the researchers that were conducting studies followed not long after. It was a massacre. There were periodic cyber attacks after that which were nullified quickly, but all were targeting a specific database that contained relevant material. Whoever was behind it didn’t want to stop with the escapees, they wanted to take down any viable information that they can get regarding the ones they broke out.”

    “I’ve been informed that they were sighted in this area, now involved with whatever operations they are having here. My initial review of the paperwork says that this information was correct.”

    With a slight nod, she took a step back from her desk.

    It's not like she wanted to start things off on a darker note, but that went by without a hitch.

  • (Here! I am blessin' you with my presence and some banter after my break!)

    Todoroki nodded his head slightly as Kirishima seeemed to be okay with getting soba. As long as the other was okay with it! He didn't want Kirishima to simply be getting soba because he was. That was the last thing the icyhot male wanted! 

    Icyhot wouldn't admit it, but he did enjoy the company of those he felt comfortable with too. Especially a certain green haired classmate of theirs. When they finally settled on a plan, he would nod his head and continue on their journey with Kirishima.  


    When they entered the store, Todoroki took a moment to check his phone before looking towards Kirishima as the other spoke. As the redhead seemed to make a beeline for what he needed, the half-and-half male stopped when he heard the commotion. "Kirishima." He said in a monotone voice. Attention rolling away from his classmate and towards the direction the commotion was coming from. 

    Narrowing his eyes, he watched the situation for a moment. No one seemed to be stepping in to help the woman. Whether or not Kirishima heard him and stayed he didn't know because his attention was fully on the man that was currently screaming at the poor cashier. 

    As the man seemed to lean over the counter, that's when Todoroki moved forward. "You shouldn't talk to her like that." He said from behind the man as he moved towards the other. Due to the fact he didn't know what type of quirk the man had, he knew he should be caution of the other. He could hear the whispers of some as he walked by. The son of Endevour. Sometimes he wished that wasn't what people said when they saw him.

    "Why don't you back away from her and the counter? Or you're going to have problems yourself." He warned, eyes narrowed. 


  • Quite a small world, that was, but then this lifestyle has a way of gathering people one way or another in an assortment of circumstances. This was the perfect definition of small talk and yet Cass was just happy to have a tiny piece of normal at that moment. This boy just looked so excited, obviously not one to completely contain emotion.

    "Oh, just earlier today? Damn, that's far!" Pale eyebrows shot up in surprise as she glanced to the ones he was with. Upon being noticed by his mentor, she grinned, casting a sweeping glance around. "Hope the jetlag ain't so bad!"

    "I've been around the area for a while now. Two weeks, give or take. Doing a few field reports and some errands until I'm called here!" And to think that she almost wanted to ditch the entire thing all together, now she was now glad that she didn't. "I hope you and your buddies back there have been alright. Things were getting crazier recently."

    Momentarily gazing up at the time, she took a seat just in front of them. It wasn't much, just enough for a bit of talking and setting up her own things.

    "So! Have you recognized a few others around here so far?"

  • “You know you can say no, right? You can come home with me! Like the old days after you ran away!”

    As swells of rain pounded on in torrents that completely doused the streets, Cassella found herself sitting shotgun inside a black Mercedes, her gaze distantly pinned on the misty roads that led up to a certain university at the distance. Heavy droplets raced against the glass, and from time to time, the woman glanced down at her phone and the trail of digits she had on hand. Even entering the school grounds already had security personnel positioned in places, keen on checking identifications even before arriving at the hall itself.

    Was she happy about the arrangement? Knowing her, in this weather, most likely not. Is it a good excuse to evade something else? It definitely is. 

    “Noah, if I truly want to say no you wouldn’t find me anywhere.” Silvery eyes darted along as she faced the driver, a young man with a mess of dirty blond hair. He beamed at her, brightly so, a grin that would have mirrored hers on any other day. “And I wouldn’t even consent to be picked up at this time.”

    “It’s better to be early, Cass! Can’t bear the thought of a sister getting late.”

    “The meeting is starting in two hours, and you should be worrying about your flight when this storm dies down. You’re even more excited about this than I am.”

    “I mean I would rather drag you to the airport with me, by the foot if I should, but duty calls you more often than you call home!” Noah was laughing. That lopsided grin was contagious, and the passenger only shook her head, obviously not immune to that. “You gotta tell me about how it goes. I can pass it along to the folks back home for you!”

    She promised she would. There was even that tiny playful affray with the man not really wanting to open the doors to let her out.


    . . .


    A few distances away in that hall was a small pale figure close to the doors, already loitering in the venue for gods know how long, with a few periodic breaks for the university cafeteria or vending machines. She was already sorted out, checked, and verified through more than twice, but other than the tight security keeping the entry logs, nobody else seemed to notice that one ghost of a woman in an ivory fleece coat, wisps of white hair tucked warmly into a knitted pastel bonnet, always scurrying about in kitten heels with a snack or two (coupled up with a few excuses), until the time that many others were now milling in to choose specific spots.

    It was a sea of unfamiliar faces and a few stern familiar ones were far in between, all gathered for a meeting cloaked up as some annual academic symposium. There was something big in the works, she kept on hearing. Conversations were hushed, but most were laced with either anticipation or worry. It wasn’t the first time this year she had to attend something this tense, but perhaps it was all in the numbers today. In a way, she will admit that she was thoroughly impressed.


           … matćh ̸s̢t̨i͘c̡ķ

    It was a low, purring murmur that broke her reverie, resounding from the back of her head. A droning chorus of scratchy throats, as if it was affectionately trying to reel her in and just… doing its best. Cassella didn’t say anything– not that there was something to be said further when the announcement came, successfully taking the attention of the crowd. Ten minutes. There were hushed whispers that came forth as the others fumbled for their belongings or shifted around in their seats.

    The woman was no exception to this, already fishing her devices out from the depths of a crammed bag as she quietly greeted one of the friendlier staff who walked over to collect her things. Tags were placed in until –

    Me̷̡͏r͜r͏͘y̶̨̧ Ma̛͠tć̶̕h͞͡s̵̨͡t̵̛͜i͢ck͏̸̸!

    That sounded like a very ecstatic, disembodied squeal to her ear that she nearly jumped, her phone bouncing in her hands. Apologetically handing this over, she fished for her tablet, another battered thing that was cracked and dented on the edges. None of her electronics were able to last that long, it seemed. With that, Cassella was sent on her way, finding the need to stand on her tiptoes to look for empty seats, making a mental note for some reprimanding.

    Most at the front, before the massive screens, were already occupied by the most eager. Or those who didn’t have much of a choice, coming along with specific groups, representatives, and superiors.  There are still a few spaces here and there, a bunch of people she knew she had never seen before, a handful that she might have seen in photographs or research that finally succeeded in piquing her attention, that familiar sight of a red-haired boy that reminded her of that random little quest to the police station with a lost wallet– 

    Wait a minute.

    That’s the boy with the wallet! 

    So that’s what they meant. Cassella doubted that anyone would forget that striking shade of red.

    There were still a few empty chairs just before the last row, and she was already scooting over to occupy one. That’s just her, really, typically nonchalant over most things, but will definitely cave in at the sight of a friendlier face. Will he even remember? Oh well, it wouldn’t hurt to say hello.

    “Kirishima~” Her voice was a quiet little chirp as she turned, gray eyes twinkling. “Fancy seeing you here! It’s been a while, how have you been?”

  • {I realized that I owed you banter! Here ya gooood~ I saw where you mentioned being busy, so take you time! I hope things are well for you though. ^^}

    Hawks couldn't help but to snort sortly. "Just Hawks is fine." He replied as he lifted his hand. Truthfully, he was going to ruffle that hair but decided against it, so he skillfully pretended to wave off the formalities. "I've heard about you. Keep up the good work!" He praised the younger hero-in-training.

    Hearing the response, he hummed a bit. "Say no more." He stated then looked down the alleyway. Stepping back, he spread his wings. He lifted his hand and pressed two fingers against his forehead then doing that little wave type thing before flapping his wings. "I'll take the sky and you take the ground. I'll guide you." He said before flying high enough that he could see above the alleyway. "I don't see them yet but lets -- there they are!" He stated, starting to fly after them but made sure to stay in view so Kirishima could follow. 

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