" Kiri - Red - Shitty-hair "

17 years of age - Japanese - "Gifted" Human 



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Eijirou Kirishima is a strongly-built and durable individual as a whole. He worked relentlessly in order to build up his strength and gain his desired physique, so he takes a degree of well-deserved pride in his appearance. His strength lies in endurance, physical strength and brute force, granting him the nickname "The Bulldozer of Class 1A." 

On the flip side, he is not the fastest kid on the block, but he does frequently work on his speed, stamina and flexibility to try and make up for it.

His eyes are a ruby red, and truly the windows to his soul. Kirishima is an incredibly expressive individual, and his eyes never fail to reflect his true emotions.

His hair is naturally black and straight, yet Kirishima chooses to keep it dyed crimson red and spike it up to his signature lofty style. He'll wear his hair down if he is in the comfort of familiar spaces and familiar faces, and usually keeps it either tied back or pushed out of his face with a headband.
While it is common knowledge that Kirishima styles his hair up to the spikes, very few folks are aware of his natural hair color.

Hair holds memories, and for him, the red color symbolizes a new phase in his life that he can be proud of.

Kirishima's teeth are unusually sharp and resemble more of a beast's than a human. He is unsure where exactly the sharpness of his teeth originates from, but figures he may have inherited that trait from a member of the unknown side of his family.

In the MhA cannon universe, Kirishima's baby teeth were blunt like a normal human child's, and the sharp teeth came in as his permanent set. The number of times he had bitten his own lip, tongue or cheek trying to get used to them is next to countless.







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Loud. Boisterous. A "bit too much." Those are common words used to describe Kirishima's personality.

However, so are "Loyal," "Outgoing," "Trustworthy," and "Uplifting."

Kirishima is a highly social and very extraverted boy who is able to get along with just about anybody, regardless of personality differences.

He is fully aware of his rambunctious personality and habits of sudden loud outbursts. He is not ashamed of it, but he will swiftly apologize and keep himself in check if he gets called out.

Kirishima does not filter or conceal his emotions, and is ultimately a very bad liar if he tries to do so. He is very blunt and upfront, and holds no hesitation to comment on unsavory behavior.

Kirishima holds a true "Chaotic Good" alignment and by default, serves as the peacekeeper and mediator in various situations. Despite his passive demeanor, he is known to do a quick, 180 flip into an aggressive spitfire if one manages to prod the few "soft spots" he has. He never backs down from a fight or a challenge, even if his odds of winning are slim.

Overall, Kirishima holds himself to a mildly corny standard of chivalry and honor. He tries to model himself after a hero he looks up to by the name of Crimson Riot, even going as far as adopting the code name "Red Riot" in his honor.







7e6114f876841b500a7a146e06c5990d8c198072.pnj?profile=RESIZE_180x180  "-- AND NO ONE BEHIND ME IS GUNNA BLEED!"

Eijirou Kirishima - Code name, "Red Riot."

Kirishima is currently a student at a hero-run school for "gifted" kids, and works part-time at the Fatgum agency -- an agency that specializes in neutralizing threats and apprehending criminals with supernatural and superhuman abilities.

His own ability allows him to harden his anatomy and turn his skin into jagged stone. This increases his physical strength and durability, and allows him to easily withstand things like extreme blunt force trauma, bullets, point-blank explosions, crushing force, piercing or slicing weapons, and falling from great heights.

His fighting style is geared towards close-quartered melee combat, using his fists, arms and body as both weapons and a shield. He is notorious for taking on a reckless and aggressive approach to a fight, bulldozing head-on into battle and throwing himself into harm's way to shield friends and civilians alike.

He has learned to regenerate himself after taking devastating hits. However, there is a limit to the number of attacks he can withstand before his ability begins to give out. Kirishima is also prone to becoming fatigued after giving or receiving numerous heavy hits, and will struggle to keep his ability activated after a certain amount of time.


Eijirou Kirishima's Ultimate form is known as "Unbreakable." He is able to done layer upon layer of his dermal hardening ability, therefore amplifying his strength and durability to the extreme. This gives Red Riot's "Unbreakable" a monstrous appearance with monstrous strength to match.

In the MhA cannon universe, Kirishima is only able to hold Unbreakable for 40 seconds at a time before his ability gives out. With time and practice, he is able to mantain and fight with Unbreakable for longer periods of time. 

"Unbreakable" is completely and entirely impenetrable for the short time it is activated.  



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A M A J I K I 

 19 years of age - Ethnicity unknown, raised in Japan - Non-human





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Tamaki Amajiki is a very average looking young man at first glance. His build is suited for quick movements and athletic ability, while his sharply-chiseled and fair-toned features are often set with either a tense or a lethargic expression.

His hair appears black at first glance, yet it gleams a very deep blue with the appropriate lighting. Amajiki does not spend much time or effort styling it, which usually leaves his hair on the longer end with a mildly disheveled appearance. His hair type and curl pattern were always a mystery to him - and quite frankly, an exhausting one at that. Amajiki has ultimately stopped trying to tame his hair long ago, not that he tried very hard to begin with. 

His eyes are an indigo color that leans slightly into the purple shade. His gaze is often either averted or muted by half-lidded expression, yet Amajiki is known for a glare that holds the intensity of hellfire.

Amajiki’s ears are pointed like an elf’s should be, yet he can neither confirm nor deny the origin of this feature due to an unknown upbringing.









sun-logo-in-boho-style-symbol-simple-sun-illustration-design-png.png?profile=RESIZE_180x180 DEMENOR --

A “nervous black cat” is the best way to describe Amajiki’s personality.

Social anxiety occasionally hinders his ability to comfortably function in day-to-day life in areas with a high volume of people. Loud noises, crowds and the feeling of being watched or targeted are what grinds on his nerves in an overwhelming manner.

Amajiki has always been a skittish individual, even as a child. He is not certain of the true reasoning behind it, but he often gets very frustrated with his tendency to freeze up and blank at seemingly insignificant situations.

He finds it fairly difficult to truly trust people on a personal level, but he does tend to latch onto those who do earn his confidence. He looks upon his trusted few with extreme admiration, and will often place them and their abilities on a pedestal.

Surprisingly enough, Amajiki is a competitive being. While he may outwardly compare himself to those he looks up to, the thought of getting left behind drives him to work on ways he can surpass others in strength and prowess. His closest friends encourage this, and Amajiki owes a huge part of his progress to their confidence and trust in him. He fights on, for he would never dream of letting them down.

Times of extreme stress, times of chaos, and times where one does not have a single second to think… that is when Amajiki shines the brightest.

His weaknesses are also revealed as his greatest strengths, as told in the cannon MhA universe. His high-strung nature brings him a heightened awareness to his surroundings, a faster reaction time, and the ability to read even subtle shifts in facial expressions and body movements. He can easily catch a bluff and is very in tune to changes in the emotions of those around him, even if said patrons insist that everything is as it should be. His over-analytical mind plans out the worst-case scenarios and devises multiple plans and back-up plans to counteract situations should they go south. The desire to protect others outshines his desire to remain unseen – Amajiki’s own mind is his greatest weakness, and scenarios that omit his ability to overthink brings out his full potential.

Catch him off guard or target his trusted few - those two acts are the fastest way to find out why he ranks among the top three strongest in the entire school of gifted individuals. 







"No matter if you beat me or not-- 12342666468?profile=RESIZE_710x

sun-logo-in-boho-style-symbol-simple-sun-illustration-design-png.png?profile=RESIZE_180x180 -- THERE'S NO FUTURE FOR YOU."

Tamaki Amajiki - Code name: "Suneater"

Amajiki is currently reaching the end of his senior year at the same school that Kirishima attends. He has worked part-time at the Fatgum agency since the end of Freshmen year, and is set to be hired on as a full-time agent once he graduates. He and Kirishima work on the same team at the agency, for they are both mentored by Taishiro Toyomitsu, code name “Fatgum,” founder of the Fatgum agency. 

Amajiki’s abilities can only be described as 'unique.' He has the ability of Manifestation and Shapeshifting, allowing him to manifest the physical attributes of anything he consumes onto his own body. He is capable of manipulating these physical features, altering their size, their location on his form, and even combining several different manifestations together to turn himself into a Chimera-like being.

The process of learning how to control this seemingly limitless ability is… complicated. Amajiki must be completely and entirely in control of every part of his body at once, and must have the focus to manipulate his manifested features like they were his own limbs. His body can only handle so much shifting, and he will drive himself to exhaustion if he pushes himself too hard and depleates his energy reserves. Amajiki knows his limits and is in tune to his body’s warning signs, but he has been known to push past them in dire situations.

Amajiki can only manifest physical features of things he has consumed over the last week. Due to this, he is sure to regularly include very specific items in his diet. Items that contain the attributes that he is most familiar with, and items that hold the perfect combination for both offense and defense. These items include squid, rooster, clams, oxtail, rose and hawthorn teas.  

 His work uniform contains numerous small pockets which contain fragments of many different items. Before a mission or during a fight, he will consume the fragments of the item(s) he feels will have the most beneficial traits for the specific task at hand. He is normally more than capable of getting by with his usual list of features, but it never hurts to throw in something different once in a while.  






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October 16

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  • Maybe it was the tension that showed on her face, clear as day, or the potent stare of an incoming crowd, converging into one. As her head rifled through an assortment of what-ifs, her words felt like they did, too. Those were her boys in question. And yet that tacit apology from Fatgum was easy for Cassella to perceive, this was immediately returned with a quick nod at the introductions given. 

    It's okay. It'll be fine.

    The Illustres weren't very convinced. Thoughts were willed to a slow grinding halt, coming to a sudden stop the moment she heard Vanessa’s words. Excuse me, Ma'am, what the hell?

    Cassella blinked, mildly confounded. Perhaps she visibly relaxed, for she could hear the Illustres bristling in her head at how that caught her off guard. "And they say I'm always the unpredictable one, go figure!” she remarked. The genuine amusement that now laced her voice was palpable, reflected by the glint in silver eyes. At least she wasn't the one thinking of waving a gun around teenagers this time. Or actually firing that. Oh, this entire arrangement could have gone so wrong. Beneath flitting fair lashes, she glanced at the veteran just beside her. It almost seemed like her gaze instantly froze over the moment it did, that even as the grin remained, it was just as reserved and calculating. “Anyway, none of us knew where that was supposed to land and his response time was stellar. I hope that's proof enough!” And yet distractions just kept coming to introduce themselves– without any hesitation, the sorceress took the hand offered. 

    From the slightest touch down to the firm handshake, the ghost of a woman was fire-lit warm, ever so mellowed out like it was barely even a breath from the earlier display. "We always welcome the curious, Agent Wiley,” she laughed. That was neither a yes or a no, just a promise of good faith. “Happy to discuss this with you, should you ever want it.” All of that was nothing compared to how her face felt, however. The damned thing burned to the ears, pale skin tinted by scarlet, and perhaps she only had the pumping adrenaline and the fiery blasts to blame. 

    A superhero movie? Both youngsters can earn the credit, she was anything but. 


    S̻͈̔̀͌̓h͕̻̊͊͜ak̛͕ͯ͐ě̟͌ -̶̡̓s̷̉ͭh̲͈a͔k͕͐e?ͣ

    The reminder made her gently let go. She had to join the boys soon anyway. Turning to Fatgum, she grinned. Her bag on the nearby table skittered to her hands as if tugged by a string. “They're both playing with fire, and they're catching up so fast. I'm checking up on them, but I’ll be happy to send reports your way throughout until tonight.” With pleasantries exchanged came friendlier farewells, and yet even before she could walk away, she stopped. “Oh, one more thing–” 

    “They are still young, but they've been diligently walking me through what they can do since last night. I'd trust them both with my sanity and my life… and I hope you would, too.” With all uncanny seriousness aside from one team lead to another, once again, it's just typical cheery old Cass– seemingly misplaced in a strange profession involving life and death, blowing kisses as she jogged away. “We'll see you both later! With no random bullets, please!”

    t̏̽He͈̥̮ He͎̗͙̅͌ć̫̒̈́k̗͉̋̆͠?͎͇̂

    Nope, nope, we're not going through this.


    Hush it.

    She seemed calmer when she approached the two, but at that moment, it just felt like she was fleeing to a place that felt stable, and a whole lot less awkward. “I swear the getting along part is another world of stress than the objective itself,” Cassella started, now out of earshot. “Stuff like this happens a lot in the field, do try not to let it get under your skin.” That was always easier said than done. Her heart was still thundering in her chest, the familiar unable to help swat every strange flutter at bay. “If I have to represent both companies in every lifetime I wouldn’t need genetics to turn my hair white.”

    At this point, digging through her things felt like an appropriate reprieve. Through the mess of receipt slips and trinkets in her bag, Cassella was just happy to pull out packets of assorted protein bars. Finally, she gazed at Kirishima. Metallic eyes narrowed down to slits. “And you, when I tell you to take a breather if it’s safe enough to eat or drink something, you ain’t telling me no! No? No!” She quickly flicked the boy on the forehead. Once, twice. It was mild, befitting a scolding that's just as light. “I am not gonna have you dehydrated or low on fuel while you’re busy running around!"

  • That hiss of pain from him didn't go unnoticed. Her scans corresponded to this response just fine. If anything, the device seemed to be working smoothly– a new level of refinement than she could ever remember. As soon as she drew back to dish out the next assault, she was already met with a hail of debris, like a rushing blast of fire and brimstone. It pelted upon the blanketing barrier that she just conjured on a whim, with the smoke instantly devouring both of them from view.

    This. This is what this device was made for. Oh, she was so, so thrilled.

    Kirishima’s fist collided against the fading shield, sending out a flurry of blinding sparks as it shattered away into smithereens. That was perhaps, intentional. Cassella didn't waste any time grabbing this as a distraction to blink to the right, rapidly gaining distance at each flickering reappearance. “Did you forget?" She asked. "You're in one with this now!" Another blast left a pale outstretched hand, a bolting comet of fire intending to find its way home to him. Her hands were glowing, signaling another incoming attack. Yet even before it connected, it instantly fizzled out as soon as the gunshot rang out. The woman’s voice was sharp through the link, barking out a single order. “HOLD IT.”

    It was such a stark sound that stood out from the crackling scorch of the flames or the near deafening crash of the earth all over the place, that even the familiar almost popped out a head for a proper look. What met her gaze when she turned was the sight of the appendages, a vast array of tentacles tightly interlaced to form a defensive wall. Cassella couldn't even pause to catch her breath at the sight, she was already sprinting towards Amajiki to check on him. "Thanks,” she whispered. "Are you alright?" If not for the urgency of it all, she would have been completely speechless. Her eyes were still pinned upon his arm the moment those tendrils retracted. Even the protective shell gradually pulled itself back, until there wasn't even a trace of it left behind. To her relief, there was no blood shed, it seemed. 

    Truth be told, she didn't even know where that bullet was supposed to hit. That was the only time she finally tried to identify who their visitors were. Who was this guy? Certainly not someone she conversed with yesterday. On any other mission without flying banners that wouldn't have mattered. If the Illustres wanted to throw hands as a consequence she would have turned the other cheek. But that day was not today, their team captain was there, watching this entire exchange. She has the boys– she was already gently ushering them right behind her in case anyone gets trigger-happy again. Agent Wiley was there, in broad daylight and Cassella wasn't sure why she was there, to begin with– 

    Agent Wiley was there.

    She felt her heart skip a beat. 

    Oh, what the hell. 

    With all distractions aside, Cassella seemed nonplussed, most likely pissed at the interruption, and hiding all of that was at the least of her concerns. If there was anything to be earned, however, was the realization that there was actually fire underneath Amajiki’s apprehensive exterior. “Well? That question ain't gonna answer itself, Mister!” she called out. An instinctive scratch at the back of the head briefly parted away tousled, dusty locks of dyed hair now revealing the moving, fluttering eyes at the back of her neck. Indistinct silhouettes of spectral talons already tried to push their way out of her back at the perceived threat, only to be gradually pulled back in at each clawing attempt. There was grace in restraint – and both host and familiar were drawn in polarized sides, the strife veiled away from the front. “Take a break, both of you. Red, especially you. Get some water.”

    Cassella made her approach, dusting herself down. "Never pegged you to be the dramatic sort," she sighed. "A hello would have been fine. Is this how we're greeting people now?”

  • That fireball was perhaps one of the most basic things that most would start with magic, but to see this sort of exhilaration was just refreshing. Perhaps that’s one of the boy’s talents, making a sorcerer’s mundane look more magical than it usually does. Cassella stood back to give him room to do it, thinking that she was prepared to extinguish anything if it went out of hand. 

    She wasn't certain if that was a mistake.


    Based on the heat map alone that flashed as a faint warning, this will be monumental. It almost felt like gazing at a ticking time bomb. “Ah fuck–” It was a split-second decision that had her drawing a step before Amajiki’s direction, creating a thin barrier of blooming light just in time against the explosion of debris. It seemed flimsy at first glance, but surprisingly durable enough without effort to withstand the force and the immediate proximity of the blast. It dissipated down as soon as the smoke gradually cleared out, and Cassella was left stumped, rubbernecked at the sight. Did she stutter? The woman tried to review her words, half wondering if she even implied anything about self-destructing. 

    I said chuck the fireball, not be the goddamned fireball, she wanted to blurt out. None of her receivers in the history of using the worm has ever dared. All of them, careful, all in pitch-perfect control. And yet Kirishima was a mess, the happiest, proudest mess she had ever seen right after an explosion. The last few seconds were the rushing roller coaster of absolute terror, worry, relief, anger and delight of the highest regard. And then there was that strange prickling feeling in her eyes. The dying smoke wasn’t helping. 

    There were no serious injuries to be had.

    “Holy shit, that… that’s beautiful.” She paused for a moment to wipe her eyes. “You scared the crap outta me– I thought we gonna have to fucking pick you up in toasted bits.” In between sniffles and laughter, she pushed back the fluffy locks of hair from her face. With the Illustres equally relieved, they perked up at the sight of two new spectators in view, prompting Cassella to look up. She didn't say anything about that. “We should take a clip to show your friends or something after all this. Ahhh, fucking hell. Do that again.”

    All was forgiven. A part of her was wondering why she would be worried, or if she has more reasons to be. Pulling back her hair to a half-ponytail, she turned, grinning. “Sunny, you can also withstand fire and light with that, do you wanna test it out on this guy? Come on!”

    Cassella didn't even wait for a response. Beneath the light filtered by clouds and the settling layer of dust, it seemed like she blinked out of sight. The first onslaught of light came forth when she reappeared a fair distance to the left, a barrage of sparks rushing through like a modest rainshower that followed a simple wave of a hand. That wasn't enough, the woman lunged through the flames, handing out the next blow through a wide slash of fire.

    “You don't have to keep defending, you can also attack!

  • It was that silence that spoke volumes, one that he didn’t need to continue. It was simply c'est la vie until one had to hear these protocols from someone so glaringly young. But it never was fair, and all that anyone could ever do was fight to let them have choices in the world that tries to rob them of such. At this very moment, they all chose to be here so no one else has.

    Even if they should just be worrying about their piling homework like the typical teenager, the next ominous algebra problem around the corner waiting to be solved by a bunch of heads pushed together. Or if the day’s cafeteria lunch has the classic favorite, and all other petty qualms that grown-ups can easily dismiss. Not the relentless onslaught of the worst possibilities there was. If their friends will see the next light alive. If the bodies of the people they knew will even be recovered to grieve over. 

    If they can truly go against the cycle to change the world one fight at a time or they're just another cog in the spinning meat grinder. 

    Thankfully, the boy was easily distracted. Not that there was anything anyone could have said or done.

    Not even after eons.

    “Oh shit, you got it!” The squeak that left her was priceless, and Cassella took a couple of steps back to demonstrate. One hand was instantly alight and although it was a couple of magnitudes stronger, it didn't matter, that little blaze was showing the excitement that she was trying to contain. All thanks to that mental image of a little firecracker cream pom, all bristled and barking its heart out. The woman was now equally ecstatic, pride bursting at the seams that no amount of self-control could wall it all away.

    With a show of both hands, she allowed the flames to lick the other, cleanly passing it along. “Have a feel of it! See if you can pass the fire along from one hand to the other without losing that focus. Try and add a bit more fuel to that and see how you go!”

    It was a demonstration she had done so many times, for so many curious eyes. Today, it felt different. Where did she ever see that expression before? It almost felt like teaching the first steps of sorcery to a child. Hers.

    “You can chuck a fireball on someone’s face when you’re ready –” Aiming for a small strip of overgrowth before them, the release was almost instantaneous with a hasty flick of a hand. In a flurry of sparks and a splatter of fire, it landed, instantly torching off a chunk of moss and weeds on one sooted patch. It was quick to dissipate in command.

    “But really, that’s optional, if you want to bulldoze your way with it for extra damage in the worst situations with your quirk, that’s going to be effective, too!”

  • It must have been a bit of a shock to the poor thing who was now crouched down, trying to recuperate from the blast. Cassella wasn’t expecting anything less and yet it still turned out so much better than what she initially imagined, how she hoped that the young man was even able to see himself in the height of that glory. Would that make him believe? Would that at least open his eyes that the praises and the applause were never empty? The Illustres were the ones who were instantly worried at this, however, only a breath away from fussing.

    “̸͙͔̐C̴̏h̶̙̆̀i̷c̵̈́k̴i̷e̷̓?̷̷̀̍ …ro̸as̷̭̔t̵̄e̴̯̅̕d̸̉͗ c̴͚̓h̵̭̏͑i̵̭͐̈́ck̶̛̫ì̶̦̜ẽ̶̽?̴”

    “Let him rest,” she muttered with a grin. “He did great, he'll be okay.”

    A low hum was a response to that, but based on the sudden shift in her perception, the familiar was still keeping a watchful eye. Yes, even when the rest excitedly turned to Kirishima, bearing a flame they’d seen on their host countless times. The gleaming white shifted to orange just as fast as it left pale fingers, lighting up his palms in jagged patterns of stone.

    Truth be told, Cassella was expecting it to fizzle out as fast as it was transferred. The woman didn't mind at all, such was the way of things for the first time. The boy’s innate abilities and practices lay on an entirely different method, but the fact that it held out even a little while longer in his hands was already promising, that even as it flickered away, the eager curiosity never left that round face of hers. Emotions shifted through his face, clear as day, and Cass could only grin back in amusement.

    “Well, your trigger could be anything. Some of my receivers imagine themselves as a gas stove, turning the knob. But I'd highly recommend something more personal. Something easier to remember in a crisis.”

    “̴̦͓͐C̴̯̞͝h̶̾̊ì̸h̶͓͒u̴͗a̵̡̻̽h̷u̴̅͜a̵?”̴̣̚ The Illustres chirped the hopeful offer, and the woman almost snorted.

    “... or, you can also think of your friends back at the station for starters?” Cassella asked. “They’re energetic, they’re perfect, wherever they are I’m sure they’ll be waiting for you to get back home. Either way, your first held up quite a while. Let’s do that again!”

    Rubbing her hands, tongues of flames already started leaping out of the gaps of her fingers. She cupped her hands once more to cradle it, gradually passing the ivory blaze along. Even the bits that clung to her fingers were gently shaken off, sending a flutter of sparks.  “Steady,” she chuckled, her voice away from a whisper. “Breathe. Focus. There’s more of that in you now. You just need to bring it out.”

  • "What mistakes did you make?"

    How many times did she hear that, and how many more? Nevertheless, that chirpy tone was a breath of fresh air, far from curiosity plagued with dread or contempt. The woman didn’t answer, only preparing to anchor herself upon the mossy floor. The Illustres were dead quiet. All eyes upon Amajiki, alight with anticipation, and at that moment, Cassella was merely one of the crowd, perking up at the sight.

    The spark within his mouth was a brilliant, electric shade of blue.

    She will see the same spark of azure way back, and usually, that’s a sign that she has annoyed a pernickety dragon well enough that it was time to retreat. It wasn't always an easy feat. Oh, she will run, hardly ever dodging the sudden blast– she will laugh, she will yell about her hair, and complain about all the ruined designer clothes that she will have to throw out. If this would bring everything back, she knew, she would let that fire wash over her countless times– 

    –no matter how abrupt. Haute couture be damned.

    The moment the flames stopped, the woman was merely a silhouette alight, with a breath held back, in one with the inferno as she described. With a slow pat of her hand, the fire upon her clothing gradually dissipated. The blaze licking up the floor was soon to follow, extinguished in a hiss of smoke. From the bloom of the smog she emerged, at this point, all that was left was the flame that she was holding in one hand-- taken from the blue that was now shifting to white. Besides the evident damage on her clothes and the singed grounds, she remained pristine and just as pale, though a bit flushed from the warmth. 

    Gazing at the boy, at first, she looked worried. She then gave Amajiki time to recover– even baby dragons don’t get fire breathing right the first time. "Holy shit. You could have cooked me right there.” This gave way to a sudden rising cackle as she patted him on the shoulder.  “Well done."

    "If you ever wanted to explore more on this, muscle work could be great for starters. You gotta get used to something shifting in your throat and mouth as you breathe. You may even be able to spew poison out the further you get– ah, it's a great start!" She gestured for Kirishima to come closer to give the other some time to breathe. Excitement was an understatement, it showed in silver eyes that seemed to rival the sparks flying forth from her hands. "At some point… if you’d want, with this link you can do that, too. But here, here~ try to focus the warmth on your hands and hold this for me to start us off."

    Perhaps it was the aftermath of the burst, but she radiated warmth. Beneath the radiance that she cradled, even her fingers seemed to glow. “My usual mistake is believing that I’m now far detached from it. You are more connected to this thing now than ever.” Cassella carefully transferred the flickering glow upon his hands. “Here ya go. Think of your trigger, take your time to breathe.”

    “Don’t let it die.”

  • Not once did the light ever waver, if anything it seemed to glow brighter at the presence of any uninhibited emotion. Eagerness, for one, seems to be working its wonders. It traveled in jagged patterns, gentle pulses of radiance spreading out its quiet warmth in waves. That’s what Cassella wanted to see. “Let’s go test that out then!” she whistled. “I’ll lend you my fire, my light, and my resistance to both, for starters. I think you'll get to grasp it in no time.” Beneath the brighter rays of the sun and the sharper shadows it cast, the pale statuette of a woman almost looked archaic. “You’ll be the war chariot that will carry on, wheels blazing. Stars will fall first before they burn you through."

    With hardly a second thought, she excitedly turned to their mentor, already on her tiny entourage to grab Amajiki along the way. "Hey, Fatgum! I'm gonna borrow your boys for a while!"

    . . .


    She was clinging to the boy, tugging him off with Kirishima in tow. Cassella was quiet at first, and yet she seemed quite happier now, dragging the two off to the center of the court which was a considerable and perhaps a safer distance away from the rest of the seats. It wouldn’t hurt to be careful. For someone diminutive, she was quite strong, as if she could sweep the two along in a hurry if she wished without breaking a sweat. “I wasn't even sure what I was expecting today, but you two are just smashing it." The woman was laughing now, a carefree thing seemingly leaving behind all aforementioned tragedies on the backseat. “And you, Sunny, I don’t think I can ever thank you near enough!”

    It was a quiet moment of serenity that intervened, all initial grief finally finding its conclusion. For years, she has waited. Sometimes all it took was the rarest of rares. “Even just for a moment, it feels like he wasn't too far away. He's still here, ready to kick some ass like what he always loved to do. Your quirk keeps things alive, even just for a little while– it’s like you’re meant to give them justice, another chance, no matter the purpose." Perhaps it was an unorthodox way of viewing things, but then again, when did she ever view everything conventionally with those many eyes of hers? "If I get a break after this maybe I'll resume looking for everyone. Maybe I can even find the cause. I was getting hopeless, but I needed that reality check after all." Patting the two at the back, she stretched slightly, rolling up her sleeves, gesturing for them to take the space.

    She held out her hands, showing an array of scars that were accumulated over the years. From patches of slightly discolored burns and silvery scars from lacerations or weapons, it was already a faded assortment. There was no glamour hiding them away anymore. “I’ll give you a few notes to remember, Red. Resistance as a term is actually a bit contradictory, it merely looks like it was the outcome. It’s all about understanding that you’re now in one with the element you’re both wielding and defending yourself against, knowing that light, fire, or heat cannot simply harm its own. The nature of your quirk probably makes this a bit easier, I'm confident you won't make the same mistakes I make. Along with your abilities, hopefully, this can alleviate the discomfort if you have to take on something more intense than usual. I'll show you in just a moment."

    "As for the fire, that one can be quite direct, whether it's your energy or actual material, give it something to feed and it's happy. Think of any situation, any person, anything prone to exploding– and let that thought be your trigger. Light almost works the same way, but it's a more complex spectrum depending on what you need." She glanced around as if trying to scale the rest of their surroundings.

    Seems decently far enough.

    “Suneater.” Her gaze snapped to the taller youngster with an approving grin. “The dragon you’re manifesting right now is capable of torching things out.”

    “If you can tap on to that… I need you to set me on fire~”

  • There was a time she saw those wings on the regular, and marveled at the strength of the whipping air beneath them. They were a little crooked and dented in some parts with a few scars adorning the leathery hide – old injuries that lived through battles long gone, some of them she had patched eons ago. Cassella had seen that same split tail smash against structures, leveling them into smithereens, and lash against an enemy beast of the same caliber. Lesser creatures and arms have fallen from it, countless more were rendered by those talons alone. An insidious killing machine, that dragon was once known. And while the glory of that has passed, it was a story that didn’t simply end. The detail and the full reign of the boy over it was impeccable, a human replica perfectly transcribing even the blemishes and scars. To many, it will be a grand display of power. 

    To the woman, it was a eulogy.

    Does he know how unyielding he will be to poison? Was Amajiki even aware of how much those scales have weathered, and how much more they will endure for him? Can he feel the fire coursing through him, ready to be breathed out on a moment’s notice? These were the questions that burned, things Cassella wanted to ask, yet found no words to do so. They felt shattered, closed in her throat that barred back a wretched breath. She was certain that her tears will most likely find their way out before they do, and for a moment so beautiful, there was no way in all hell that she will be ruining that.

    Not for a mentor who just seemed so happy to see a student step out of his comfort zone. Not for a boy who was cradling this newfound confidence after putting up so many walls. Despite the bittersweet anguish that came with it, there was closure to be had.

    The denial remained, and yet at that second, she knew… this was all that she will have.

    Cassella almost jumped the moment Kirishima approached her– so quietly absorbed in these sentiments that she looked quite confused when she faced him. The poor thing looked so concerned, and those scarlet eyes were almost watering. The only time she was able to comprehend what was going on with him was when she slowly blinked, and an all too familiar heat map of the person right beside her briefly flashed upon her vision. “Oh shit–”

    It was a shift of emotion so fast, akin to a heavy cloud rapidly eased and lifted away. All that was left was the warmth, and even Cassella's mood seemed to outwardly improve somehow. And yet the question still hung in the air, requesting an answer that caught her off guard regardless. “You could say that yeah. I served him in the war for a while, but I knew the big guy better than anyone. I do take pride in that.” Her voice was quiet. A friend. She could already imagine Draven dramatically protesting the idea. “As to what happened to him, I wish I knew. I've tried so many things and I don't really have a way of knowing. I lost a bunch of my friends at sea, I’m still searching for them now.”

    "The friends I've found so far think he's gone. The ones who fly aren’t always meant for the ocean, and I wasn’t there when it happened. I wanted to believe otherwise, but it's not looking so good." She leaned her cheek against a propped hand, still gazing at Amajiki as he fussed around with his newfound appendages. Or at least it looked like it, as it was just a blur in her eyes. “Sorry,” she chuckled, gingerly rubbing the back of her neck. “I didn’t think it'd connect so soon, they must have improved it.”

    There was silence for a while, with her wondering how she could shift this mood before the details were laid bare. But the boy was the easiest thing to distract, and the answer came to her just as fast. "Hey Red, watch this!” Cassella didn’t even open her lips, only looking like she was knee-deep in thought. And yet to the youngster, her whisper will reverberate just fine, as if she was everywhere all at once.

    Extending a hand, she tapped his arm, and light instantly bloomed beneath the skin upon contact, the faint radiance hounding after her fingers. It wasn't the pattern she was expecting, illuminating jagged features beneath that were perfectly stacked together. “Transmission is working just fine, you’ll be spouting light and fire in no time!” Cassella was clearly ecstatic. “You’re already indestructible as a base, but I’ll be sharing some of my stuff with you regardless. Would you want to check it out?" 

  • “It ain't bad on my end, it feels like how it’s supposed to. I’ve been using this from time to time so I know what to expect.” Her left eye can still feel every twitch, every burn, and it's taking conscious effort not to rub that. She wasn’t one to complain out loud in a moment like this as she took her seat. “It could vary on every host, but my receivers felt something common. They always said their hands feel a tad bit warmer than usual. If you haven’t dabbled in sorcery before, you may feel something cozy subtly running in your veins. You might even discern what your host was feeling at the moment until they catch on to wall it up. Nothing too big or distracting, that usually means it has attached pretty well and the link is working nicely, ready for transmission.” Once more, she was digging inside her bag. That thing was never short with a bunch of surprises, it seemed. “It’s a bit different with the hosts. The process of me passing some of my things to you isn’t complicated either! It’s as easy as a simple binding spell. Ah–!” Pale hands produced a small pack of fudge which she quickly handed to the younger boy. “Here, have a treat, you deserve it for the trouble.”

    For the things that she has presented, Cassella only grinned at Fatgum’s remark, once more finding her eyes pinned on the pouch that was spread out for inspection. The inner side has all the clear packets of all sizes, which she has clearly filled and labeled, tagged with a name and the year it was obtained. There was a piece that looked like it was pinched off from a shattered horn, two small vials of differently colored sparkling dust, and a couple of dark shards that seemed patterned with velvety scarlet undertones. There was an assortment of scales to be seen peppering the pockets – some in varying shades of bright blue, tarnished silver, and deep black. One rectangular container caged something that looked like a piece of a bioluminescent butterfly’s wing. On one corner sat a dark mummified piece of sorts on a soft bed of tissues. The others were more obvious oddities and parts – desiccated claws, glowing feathers in a packet that looked like contained firelight, a few small bones that were picked clean, a segment that looked like a rattlesnake’s tail, and charred pieces of something that looked like a shriveled leather pelt. 

    She visibly blinked, however, when Amajiki found the first item to inspect. While she knew a lot of those things by heart, some of them, she will just recognize at first glance. Draven’s.

    A hard swallow followed the forming lump in her throat. She was trying her best to keep a neutral face regarding the matter, eavesdropping on the conversation as Amajiki quietly voiced out his concerns. While she knew she could have validated these worries, a larger part of her psyche was more preoccupied. It didn’t feel like anything the time she was packing them up, why now? And yet a close eye was still kept as he nervously contemplated, only perking up slightly the moment this was popped in. He did it. 

    He actually consumed it.

    Even Cassella was holding back a breath, a little too hesitant to release it. Would he need water? Anything? Those silver eyes were pinned so intently on the older boy, not daring to miss anything else that would happen. The transformation was gradual, and yet it happened before her very eyes. From his hands that turned into inky black talons, the scales that grew forth from the skin and fluidly disappeared, to the growth of horns upon his head and the accents of black that now dotted his countenance, all of it was taken in. While it appeared sparingly so… the details remained, as clear as day– something that she knew she will always discern even with her eyes closed.

    “I–” she was quiet for a moment at his remark. “-- I’d imagine so, that piece belonged to a massive beast that has always threatened to toss and swallow me whole.” But never did. A chuckle actually laced those words. Her eyes seemed watery [***watermelon 🍉], but perhaps that could be blamed for what she did to one of them earlier. “How are you feeling? If you’d ever want to have more of that at some point, you’re in luck. I’m never short on those scales in particular.” There were copious amounts of relief to be had that nothing in that manifestation went wrong. There was a sense of this barely contained amazement. Pride. Nostalgia. Homesickness.


    It was the complex stab yet profound shift of tumbling emotion all compressed into one, on a very expressive face that still hardly gave anything away other than seemingly genuine smiles. “But that's impressive, Amajiki. It truly is! I think the dragon that it belonged to will be just as amazed as I am." Gesturing back to the open pouch, she nodded. "I made sure that none of these would be dangerous for starters. Some of them might not taste the very best, but nothing that a bit of water or juice wouldn’t chase down so you don’t have to worry! Think about this as a sample pack, I guess?” That perhaps implied that she herself tried to nibble some of these before as an additional test, but of course, she wasn’t admitting that openly. “If you’d need any further information about what else you’d like to try, I’d be happy to answer that!” 

  • Don't laugh. Just don't.

    That was proven difficult with the Illustres already wheezing in her head at how Amajiki responded. "No needles on this one for you, Sun, I swear." That was laughingly said, as she beckoned to the three. "C'mon, seats are over there. I'll get everything ready."

    With all paperwork and formal agreements done, Cassella was quick to prepare everything to get to work. The box from last night was quick to make an appearance. Administering the host in her came first, years and experience condensed in a few minutes, with the woman hardly even blinking over a syringe that seemed a tad bit bigger than it should be if placed in delicate gloved hands. Her familiar, though veiled, seemed to be quite helpful for sight without needing someone else’s assistance. Even the next part of the installation for the device to her left eye hardly earned a flinch– that didn't need any extra equipment– though that still warranted a moment of silence and a few eye drops. 

    One was for direct transmission, and the other was for supplementary visual feed and mapping. Both worked hand in hand together, she explained, and it only looked painful at first glance and everything will subside in time. One bloodshot eye aside, fortunately, that part was only reserved for the host, she did promise that a receiver will have it so much easier. Kirishima was up next, she gestured for the redhead to take a seat. 

    "You can expect slight tingling on the injection site, you may feel something moving at the first few moments. Some users reported a slight sense of hypersensitivity right after the device took hold, though that's mostly for mediums or those who rely mainly on their senses for their abilities. All of these effects are momentary and will go away as soon as it settles in, you might even forget that it’s there." Old needles and equipment were vigilantly disposed of and carefully replaced, each procedure that followed held to standard. "We've never had a reported case of allergic reaction through its history of use, it was designed to bypass a sensitive immune system in mind. I will sense it quickly if something is wrong and the chances of that are close to none, but it's a matter of what you'll be comfortable with."

    She wished she heard these things every time she used the same device. Information given so readily without conditions or coercion. A sense of security, no matter how little. The option to choose, no matter how bleak. These were the only things that she could offer for the boy, an entirely clearer path than she always took. Cassella was quiet for a while, her concentration apparent the moment the needle was angled and set. It was a quick, steady sting, as said, it was out in no time. A small printed band aid followed that, a gentle placement of small cartoon pandas after the entire ordeal. 

    And that's it. All they had to do was wait. 

    That includes her, who was now concentrating on the first pieces of stimuli she was receiving and slowly giving away. And from the other end, there was gradual warmth. It comes and it goes, like a deliberate throbbing flicker of a distant fire. They have hours on end to acclimate to that. 

    "In the event that something happens to me and I won't be able to take it out myself, I've already organized it with someone knowledgeable who could do it on my behalf. You can wait until expiry, but I have the contacts disclosed anyway should you need them, you don't have to worry about that part." It was something that needed to be said. A glaring possibility that she wished she didn't have to address, but did so anyway. That was all pushed aside as she proudly tousled his hair. "But~ you're all done! Congrats man, that's a pretty bold move! Give it around five minutes to settle and we'll get to the best part of testing that."

    With everything else cleared back and put away, the young woman was left digging through her things. A nudge aside here, one full reach there. One glance at Amajiki, and she slowly grinned, taking something out and sliding it over to the older boy’s direction.

    It was a small black bundle akin to a rolled up jewelry organizer, its detailed brocade exterior embroidered with gold and glinting beads, fixed tight by a small clasp. Some parts of the hem were threadbare, but that was the only indication of how old the thing was. Turning to Fatgum, she gestured to the pouch. "I asked Suneater last night if he'd be willing to try other things to base his manifest on, and I'm letting him decide if he'd want to pick something out. He wouldn't need to use any of these in this mission, but that quirk of his just had so much potential with countless resources out there. I don't have much use for some of these, he can have them if he wants them."

    "This isn't everything, but last night I curated a few things from my collection and my scrapbook over the years. These came from old assignments, from my travels and some friends. Give it a look, Amajiki. Let me know what you think."

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