Facts about Syrius (to be added to)

~Despite being the epitome of a ray of sunshine, Syrius is NOT a morning person. He's the furthest thing from a morning person. If you're fortunate enough to catch him performing his morning routine you'll be greeted with the sight of a man with his disheveled blond hair hanging over his face and groaning like Samara from The Ring. His robe and pajamas will be all askew and he'll probably growl at anyone that attempts to get between him and his morning tea. 

~Jumping off from the above, Syrius is an EXTREMELY heavy sleeper. It's next to impossible to wake him unless there's a life or death situation going on. And even then he can be slow to react. Only the Archive itself (and if he has one at the time his girlfriend/wife) can really get him to drag himself out of the dream realm and deal with whatever is going on. 

~Syrius' bedhead is both terrifying and lethal. Those who share his bed beware the hair, because you might get smothered by it. 

~Syrius has 'selective OCD'. His office is an absolute disaster but DON'T YOU DARE GET HIS CLOSET OUT OF ORDER!

~Syrius has never cut his hair short. He's always had regular trims to keep his hair healthy, but it's always been long. That being said he is open to trying a shorter cut, it's just never been a priority for him. Syrius' hair is also quite thick and wavy, and it's really good for frizzing in humid weather. 

~Syrius' favorite animal are chinchillas, but he's unfortunately too busy for a pet. 

~Syrius is immortal due to being bound to the Archive. No matter the injuries dealt to him he cannot die. Three times he's actually been hurt badly enough that the Archive had to regenerate his entire body. He absolutely hates it when that happens as he becomes very, very weak and helpless; and he needs help doing everything until he regains his strength and powers (which can take years). It's one of the few situations where his sunny demeanor disappears completely and he becomes a major grouch. 

~In the past, when he was young and naive, Syrius had a tendency to stick his nose where it didn't belong. In his attempt to be helpful he'd butt into situations that didn't concern him and he lost a lot of friendships as a result. Now that he's older and wiser, and barring certain exceptions, he never gets involved in another person's affairs unless he's asked to. One of the only times he will get involved in something that doesn't concern him is if it's a life or death situation. 

~Even though Syrius has a massive sweet-tooth, he absolutely hates soft drinks/soda. He can't stand the taste of them and some even give him headaches for some strange reason.  

~Syrius enjoys the outdoors but he has terrible allergies. 

~Syrius never learned how to swim despite the many millennia he's been alive. 



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